After reading some of your begging and pleading posts.

I am willing to give this board another month if you lot can cobble together 2 moderators to control this board and allow it to be a pleasant place to visit.

Lets see if anyone wants the job and you can all agree they will do a good job



I think it might be time to wrap things up on this board.

i am sure you guys will be able stay in touch somewhere for your banter, but my overall feeling is that there is too much negativity on here and new members are scared off after a few posts.


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Some amazing parties and so many memories

Thank You


If you attended one of the Vagabond’s events during this year’s Winter Music Conference in late March, you might have noticed that at times the music sounded almost nostalgic, with some of the DJs peppering their sets with classic tracks that in retrospect were rife with sentimental meaning.

There was good reason. Those DJs were in the loop on what the public – and even the staff – didn’t know: This would be the final Conference for the Vagabond.

After six years, and amid recent rampant rumors, the popular Miami nightspot is officially closing its doors, effective today (Thursday, April 24, 2014).

“It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that the time has come to bid farewell to The Vagabond,” says Carmel Ophir, the club’s heart, soul and co-owner, along with Rodney Mayo and British superstar DJ John Digweed. “It’s been a little over six years, and this chapter is coming  to a close. That doesn’t mean that the book is over, but this particular chapter is.” Unlike many other South Florida clubs that simply crashed and burned, the Vagabond’s demise is strictly for personal reason

The physical building located at 30 NE 14th Street in Downtown Miami is sold and will become a new venue with a new name.

“We are selling it, so I will leave the venue for the future operators to describe and disclose," Ophir said. "But it is sold, and there will be new operators with a new venue and a new name."“It’s been an incredible ride,” he says. “The artists and DJs who have played there over time have felt that they were at home there, and it just seemed to matter a little bit more on the soul and substance level, whenever they would play.Co-owner John Digweed, who played The Doors anthem “The End” to close out his final set at the Vagabond during WMC, was so fond of performing there that he recorded the performance and is releasing it as part of his “Live In…” compilation CD series. The three-disc “Live In Miami” set, subtitled “Last Night at the Vagabond,” drops May 26.

By Michael Hamersly

For this weeks party we have decided to pipe the music from room 1 into rooms 2 & 3 to take some of the pressure off the main room and make it more comfortable for everyone.

We are down to are last few hundred tickets so don`t leave it to late to get yours.


John … r-special/ … _hp_ref=tw … hn-digweed  for some exclusive pop up broadcasts featuring the best of #Transitions

plus Show 500 will be broadcast live from here as well

Full of coats ?

BedRob wrote:

glad you enjoyed it John, what was the cloakroom like ?

Top Night

Thanks to everyone who made it down

I loved it



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Bedrock Records Autumn - Winter 2013 Mini-mix … inter-2013

This Pig&Dan EP has been massive for me for the last few months … el/1213983

Tickets on sale now … ;p=bedrock

Great to be back in Room 1

Good vibes and fantastic crowd

Nice way to round off the year on a really high note.

Really happy with 2013 with 2 x Live in albums and a Versus project with Mr Muir plus some amazing gigs across the globe.

Thanks for all your support this year with all the gigs and releases.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and all the best for 2014

John smile