As we get close to returning to Heaven on Easter Sunday
I thought it might be nice to reminisce about some of the best tracks
from that period from 1998 to 2008 also some of the best guests over all
those years.
I am always for looking forward and not focusing on the past
but that monthly club night was not only very special to me but thousands
of young clubbers who turned up late for work / Uni on friday or missed it completely.
Friendships were formed on that dance floor that still last today.
I am so excited to be going back there after all these years and having Danny open
will probably feel like we have never been away.

Would love to hear about some of your favourite moments / tracks if you can remember !

mullykid wrote:

Another highlight - Beacon Fault Lines (Dauwd remix). I was humming it all day today! smile

Sure you was at the same party - as I did not play this or for what you dream of on friday.

Top night for sure

This was freezing but amazing


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JohnDigweed returns to @thisisgorilla 04.04.15
Tickets On Sale : Weds 10am

Another mega night

Check this out

i jumped the gun

It was like this for 4 hours straight !

Massive reaction to Bedrock on Easter Sunday at Heaven

I have got a plane ticket if that helps you gus


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I nearly didn't make it last night as I have been ill in bed all week with the worst Flu I can remember. It was a struggle to get out of bed last night. Originally I was due to start at 2am but after 5 days in Bed the thought of playing 6 hours was not on the cards. I had been looking forward to this for months and can't believe i take weekend before off and get sick as a dog! fabric agreed to le me start later to take some of the 6 hour set off my shoulders.
I still had an amazing time and the crowd was really up for it, so thanks to everyone who made it down.
fabric is such a great club and a real pleasure to play at.Next Time i will be 100% to do the proper extended set.



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PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the outcome of tonight's decision fabric will be open this weekend and in the immediate future. … -s-license

Really Happy with this Album

Hope you guys like it as much as everyone on the dance floor back in October.




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I am on after Craig until close

get there early as Mr Richards is an amazing DJ


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I am playing an extended set

Who's in ?

Capturing the electric energy of John’s last ever gig at Toronto’s Legendary Guvernment Nightclub. The ‘Live In ‘ series goes from strength to strength Featuring 43 of the best Underground House and Techno featuring tracks and remixes from Sven Väth,  Audion,  Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann, Âme,  Michael Mayer,  Adam Beyer, Marc Romboy, Carlo Lio,  Guy J, Stephan Bodzin, Pan-Pot & Vincenzo, D’julz,  Nic Fanciulli,  Alex Niggemann, Luca Bachetti,  Just Be, Shlomi Aber, Christian Pommer, Gorge & Nick Curly, King Unique, Fairmont, Patrice Bäumel , Nick Warren and many more

3 x Cd
4 x Limited edition Vinyl


Pre - order here

Preview cd 1

CD 1
1. Miss Melera - Faith - Einmusik Remix
2. Stephan Bodzin - Sungam
3. Guy J - Once In A Blue Moon
4. Thodoris Triantafillou & CJ Jeff - Verona - Dario D'Attis Dubstrip Mix
5. Nicolas Masseyeff - Vero
6. Franck Roger - Wanderlust - Jordan Peak Remix
7. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger - Casa Bulga
8. Kerb Staller - Four Fingers - Thugfucker's Lio's Wide Shut Rework
9. Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder - Fatty Boy
10. Hyenah - The Chase
11. Hugo Featuring Comadisco - Blue Days
12. Azimute - Where is The Magic
13. S.K.A.M. - Mystery

1. Sunshine Jones - The Sun
2. Marc Romboy - Hypernova
3. Wareika - The New Beat Generation
4. Just Be - The Early Years
5. The Tweaker - Easy Tiger
6. Gorge & Nick Curly - Lost Together
7. Sebastian Kommos - Understanding - Frank Mauer Remix
8. Livio & Roby - Ananda - Luca Bachetti Endless Remix
9. Nick Warren -  Alta
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Gigawave - Fairmont Remix
11. Shlomi Aber - Tel Aviv Garden - Nic Fanciulli Remix
12. Pan-Pot & Vincenzo – Fiction Inc
13. Constar & Stefny Winter - Finding Yusef – Selway Feedback Dub Remix
14. Just Be - The Magic Rock
15. Guy J - Candyland - King Unique Remix

1. Quivver - Paper Lunch
2. B'utiza - Baphuma Ezulwini - Christian Pommer Remix
3. Ryan Crosson - Close To Danger
4. Sven Väth - L'Esperanza - Âme Reinterpretation
5. Alex Niggemann - Tarkus
6. D'julz - Remember
7. Francsico Allendes - Human Design
8. Breccia and Sebastian Markiewicz - Myth
9. Audion - Motormouth - Carlo Lio Remix
10. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann – Agua feat. Xenia Beliayeva
11. Adam Beyer - People Understand
12.  Patrice Bäumel - Mile High Gang
13. October - Homo Sapiens
14. Odessa - Donna
15. Audion -  Dem Howl Feat. Troels Abrahamsen - Michael Mayer Instrumental Mix … CqPEDwmt4w

What an amazing party at the Bedrock ADE party at Melkweg on 17/10/14.
Great sets from Guy J & Pig&Dan. Here is a clip of me in the mix with one of the
best light shows i have seen in years, Who needs LED, CO2 and confetti when
something like this can blow your mind.

What a party …


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Must have been a good night i did not play the 16Bit lolitas

roger wilco smile

Ahad Adump wrote:

Anyone notice the inflatable shark stuck on the DJ booth? Found that to be a good touch by whoever did it, added to the surreality of the night. The 16Bit Lolita's track sounded good with that Funky Green Dogs sample "Deep in my soul", probably the only tune I recognised.


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Back for another great party at Melkweg alongside
Guy J
Tickets available here … nl_melkweg

OCT. 5, 2014
“Spark” is an even better introduction to the abundant dystopian talents of John Twelve Hawks than “The Traveler” was, maybe because it’s less gimmicky and does not include a heroic breed of fighters called Harlequins. And maybe because Mr. Twelve Hawks (probably not his real name) has become a much better writer since “The Traveler” kicked off an elaborate Orwellian trilogy that, thrillingly as it began, eventually bogged down in subplots and digressions.
Clearly exhilarated by the fresh start that “Spark” affords him, this author creates a much simpler premise that forges a breathless action plot out of many of the ideological tenets of the “Traveler” books. Its main character thinks of himself as a Spark inside a Shell since undergoing a drastic Transformation. Translation: He had a bad motorcycle accident and believes that even though his body can still walk and talk, he is in fact dead. His idea of a good time is to nail a stake to the floor, attach himself to that stake by a string and walk in perfect circles.

No, that’s not the exciting part of “Spark.” And neither are any of the traits that put our hero (who goes unnamed as he narrates most of the book) in the realm of high-functioning autism. He hates being touched. He experiences no emotional responses other than curiosity, boredom and disgust. He has programmed his phone with photographs of 80 faces, each one signifying a different human response, like joy or pain or fear, so that he can tell what reaction he is eliciting in others. He has the perfect job qualifications for a hit man, and that’s the occupation he has fallen into.
So when we first meet him, he is at a stakeout in Brooklyn, watching a Russian businessman named Peter Stetsko park his car. “Look right. Look left. No one was in the street. I walked over to the car, held up the phone, and compared Stetsko’s photograph to the reality in front of me,” he tells us. “Then I raised my weapon and shot reality in the head.”
As in earlier books by Mr. Twelve Hawks, this protagonist lives in an ominous, technology-dominated world where machines aid or spy on all aspects of life. Sometimes, they can do both, and the few free souls left in society fear that a takeover by artificial intelligence isn’t far away.
There are “bash mobs” and Luddite gangs that arise to rebel against the forces of technology, spying and totalitarianism, freedom fighters who like nothing more than stomping on the equivalent of Google Glass. Mr. Twelve Hawks, who has become famous for his anonymity, publishes treatises on these matters at, which is embraced by the good guys in this book’s plot.
At first, we follow the hit man around the globe as he goes from assignment to assignment, describing the physical experience of being an automaton in the spooky new world. It is a dystopia in which money buys everything, especially youth; the main markers for the poor are now signs of aging even more than signs of starvation. The hit man observes all this unquestioningly and takes his orders from a woman he knows mostly long distance. Since he is exceptionally crafty at executing these jobs, part of the fun is in watching him improvise. One very worthwhile detour involves his taking voice coaching to acquire a lower-class British accent so he can pose as a workman to get onto an estate outside London by claiming to be a delivery man for something called Jolly Good Fellows. What corrupt mogul would say no to that?
The woman who coaches him has a beloved dog. And dogs turn out to be the hit man’s first soft spot. He rates them highest on the pyramid of life-forms, and his archenemy is a fellow hit man whom he once caught savagely torturing a canine victim. This, like every bread crumb Mr. Twelve Hawks drops during the course of this story, will come to matter greatly.
Midway through the book, it becomes apparent that the main character — who is beginning to think of himself as Jake, his pre-accident name — is regaining his humanity. That Spark is beginning to catch fire. It’s possible to pinpoint the moments in the story when his amorality is pushed too far, or the man inside him is actually moved, or he just tastes something that has flavor; one way or another, the robotic killer begins to think about what he’s doing. Because this man was always very, very smart, the part of the book that puts his brain to full use truly gallops.
Mr. Twelve Hawks sets up the battles in “Spark” as more than simple combat. His appeal lies in his pairing of one system of belief against another and letting them duke it out. There is someone here who tries to justify actions with this: “Everything that goes on in the universe is a physical process that involves boson particles that have an integer spin such as one or two, and fermion particles that have odd, half-integer spins.” By everything, this person means everything. Whoever is on the other side of the argument must hear it out and can’t dismiss it out of hand.
And how many dystopian thrillers give René Descartes a significant role? Descartes’s “Cogito, ergo sum” comes up repeatedly as a matter of crucial important in a world where artificial intelligence grows more powerful every day. Does the fact that a computer thinks means that it exists? Think you can answer that easily? Not so fast: John Twelve Hawks would like to spend a lot of “Spark” mulling that over with you.
The book’s cover art is unusually intricate. Here’s why: The artist is Michael J. Windsor, whose credits include “The Da Vinci Code” and other work by Dan Brown.
By John Twelve Hawks
out now … er-bedrock