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The highly creative, Paris-based, Romanian electronic music composer and DJ, BOg, returns to Bedrock again with his dynamic 3-Track ‘Moonlight EP’. The EP’s title track and ‘0901’ are also highlights on the 67 track 5xCD  ‘John Digweed – Live In Brooklyn, Output NYC’, the forthcoming 9th edition of the much-lauded mix series, available now to pre-order, exclusively from:

With the ‘Moonlight EP’, BOg is raising his creative bar ever upwards, each of this trio of new musical masterpieces showcasing his unique talent. The instantly addictive melodic groove and sparkling energy of ‘Moonlight’ shows exactly what the young Romanian is capable of, with its hypnotic subtlety. ‘Eternal’ ups the energy quotient with its powerful groove and increasingly twisted arrangement and the spirited end result is no less enthralling. Finally, rounding off the package in style comes ‘0901’, introducing a deeper shade of darkness and warped funk into the proceedings, a combination that is sure to turn heads everywhere.

Having been deeply passionate about music since childhood, BOg has risen to his current prominence through releases on the likes of Crosstown Rebels and Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled label, in addition his regular Bedrock outings. At the end of March he will also release a track on the new ‘Secret Weapons’ (Innervisions) compilation album. His DJing skills have recently seen BOg perform alongside John Digweed and Eagles & Butterflies at Mexico’s BPM Festival, and he also will support John at his forthcoming show in Bucharest at Kristal Glam Club. This summer BOg will grace the decks at the Electric Castle Festival (Romania) alongside Dixon, Ame, DJ Sneak, and other scene luminaries. A young man to keep an eye on perhaps?

With a release archive stretching back over 20 years, including EPs on Rekids, NRK, Cocoon, Flash and Gigolo; its fair to say that Artform boss and respected ‘veteran’ of the scene, Jamie Anderson, has been there, seen it and got the label t-shirt.

Or has he? Because today signals a first for the Berlin based Brit, as he makes his Bedrock debut with a deadly new double-header, ‘Event Horizon’ / ‘Bahia’.

An electronic chameleon, Jamie is as adept within the realms of deep house as he is turning out titanic techno. His brace for Bedrock explores the space between the two. Event Horizon with it’s dancing synth, straight kick and rasping hats is backed by the deep throbbing groove of Bahia’s tribal toms and stabbing keys.

Darren Emerson twists his own groove on the remix of Event Horizon. Accentuating the kick, he roughens and chops the original synth to create a raw and hypnotic swing. Impressive work and a fine addition to Anderson’s first Bedrock outing.


Montel returns to Bedrock with a brand new heavyweight brace in ’Shadows’ and ‘First Light.’ Tracks, he tells us, that take influence from his time spent at the centre of some of the worlds seminal dancefloors.

“Clubs like Twilo, The Tunnel and the early days of Ministry of Sound and The End still play a big part in inspiring my music today. I suppose it has a kinda nostalgic vibe.”

Those heady times and long weekends soundtracked by the driving sounds of Tyrant, S-Man, Peace Division, our faces lit by the single ray of Tenaglia’s spotlight as the drums kicked at our sternums. That same energy and power exudes from both tracks here. Raw, atmospheric, heavy on the groove and hitting like a pile-driver. As Montel says…

“I’m not looking to re-invent the musical wheel. It’s all been done before. I’m here to have fun, dance and play big tunes in big rooms.”

Released Feb 27th on Bedrock records … ep-bedrock

Last year was a breakthrough year for Khen. One that most would fantasise about. Racking up accolades in form of a Beatport number 1 album on one of the most coveted labels on the scene and playing packed shows in Buenos Aires, London, Budapest and Belgrade, he’s gone from obscure up-and-comer to budding star.

Khen already has a steadily growing flow of supporters including Pete Tong, Kölsch, Sasha, Nicole Moudaber, Dixon and Guy Gerber already singing his praises. He's been named one of “25 Artists to Watch in 2017” by leading US Publication Dancing Astronaut, alongside Yotto, ANNA and Enrico Sangiuliano, whilst many of the other key music publications have shown their support over the past 12 months.

With an emotionally charged style that blends early 2000s progressive with house grooves and elements of techno, Khen’s trademark sound has caught the attention of labels like microCastle, Sudbeat and Lost & Found. Now, he can add Bedrock to that list.

February 27th sees the release of his three-track ‘Baby Steps’ EP. With groovy percussions, thumping bass-lines and mesmerising emotionally laden melodies, the ‘Baby Steps’ EP is an impressive Bedrock debut. From the delicate, yet powerful energy in ‘Baby Steps’, the thumping, driving groove in ‘Mountains Air’ to the serene and Electronica-esque ‘Pareidolia’, Khen displays an impressive breadth of production technique and maturity in his soundscape.
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Homegrove wrote:

2 hours from Easter Bedrock 2008 for Transitions 650. Pretty sure he's played 4 hours from this before? Sometime in 2008.

Edit: Yep, August 2008. Still on Kiss100 back then BTW.

recycling or my mind is going

Who do you think mixes the show you plank

Dermatron wrote:

Whats going on with the two best of mixes mixing?? Dunno who did it but im guessing it wasnt who usually does them.

Back for another extended set

Pre-sale tickets available now:


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Thought I was going to be toast when the lightning kicked off.

Three great tracks from Stelios

Having returned from an extended musical hiatus to deliver April’s excellent ’33.3’, label favourite Stelios
Vassiloudis returns to double up on his former ep and close out 2016 with another fine three track selection
in ’66.6’.

Stelios’ powerful and dynamic productions have established him as one of Bedrock’s melodic masters. His tracks and remixes are essential tools for the creative DJ. Those who seek to forge intimate sensations and stories on the dancefloor, be it through emotive soundscapes or segueing into tougher territory.

66.6 delivers yet more of these crucial cuts. The moody purring synth of 'Blood Orange’ opens the EP with an unnerving deepness, before we’re introduced to the almost industrial stomp and pulsing bass of ‘Slippy’. Somewhat oddly named with its spikey melody and rough edges. Finally Stelios orders us back into the depths as we’re held within the sultry cinematic confines on La Quarantaine.

Released 16/1/2017


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there will be 50 of these for sale at the club tomorrow night

Released November 14th on Beatport

Bedrock are proud to welcome Martin Eyerer, Mihai Popoviciu and Markus Homm to the label with their excellent double-header ‘Get Down / Ok Cool’.

With all three artists working with Martin’s mangement agency, its a suprise to discover that our new brace of tracks are the first from a debut and impromptu studio session. “We stepped into the studio after a gig together in Markus’ home town” says Martin. “Right from the start it was an easy and flowing session, bouncing ideas off each other.”

Having built the bones of both, the tracks were then bounced between the trio to completion. Renowned for their organic grooves and perky percussive skills, Mihai and Markus gelled perfectly with Martin’s peaktime proficiency to deliver two bruising Bedrock hits.

Less is most definitely more on lead track ‘Get Down’. A brooding bassline, spritely but sparse synth melody and spoken ‘Get Down’ vocal work together, with a sprinkling of shimmering cymbals, to create a dark yet warm atmosphere. Dim the lights, launch the strobe, find a speaker and Get Down. On the flip ‘Ok Cool’ lets us know that everything’s gonna be alright by wrapping us tightly within its buzzing bassline and drifting synths.

Bedrock 18 - Signals (3xCD)

‘Bedrock 18’ compiled by John Digweed consists of 2 discs showcasing 21 exclusive tracks from some of Bedrock’s favourite artists and some exciting new names on the label’s roster, in a DJ-friendly unmixed format, along with a 3rd disc featuring the new artist album from chilled maestro C-Jay. The album will be launched at a special 18th birthday party on 19th November 2016 at Ministry Of Sound, London, where John Digweed will be joined by…

Exhilarating new talent is given a voice through the melody infused, bottom-heavy club sound of Polish Manchester resident Sebastian Markiewicz; the deep and atmospheric aural landscapes of Brooklyn NYC’s Sam Jaspersohn; Amari’s melody-rich hypnotic beauty; and the distinctive emotive atmospherics of French newcomer Kontakt.

Innovative experimentation flows freely through Darren Emerson’s foreboding beatless reprise of ‘Fanfare’, whilst Quivver presents two takes of unrivalled electronic research. The wide-ranging influences, and beautiful and unusual music of

Brazilian duo Daniela Caldellas and Daniel Albinati’s Digitaria project, is juxtaposed by Guy J’s mind-bending ‘2026’. All stick to the script that electronic music should have no boundaries and creativity and feelings are the only things that matter.

Highly creative collaborations come from Budapest’s Márió Domján (a.k.a. Collective Machine) and Austria’s Philipp Straub, alongside Gabriel Rocha and Juan Carlos Villalba’s dynamic Tiefstone vehicle. D-Nox and Frank Beckers unfurl their distinctive sound steeped in detailed rhythms and mesmerizing harmonies, while a slice of tremendous hypnotic techno comes courtesy of Ryan Davis & Microtrauma.

Bedrock stalwart Phil Thompson (under his Moonface moniker) brings his unique deeply delicious grooves to the party, grooving perfectly alongside the understated beauty of Greek musical maestro Stelios Vassiloudis, and the heavy hitting techno funk of the legend that is Dave Angel; whilst Marc Romboy unleashes his deeply disturbing remix of Emerson, Digweed & Muir’s huge ‘Fanfare’.

There’s also a bounteous array of dynamic club tunes from the likes of Geneva-based man with the midas touch Lee Van Dowski (who also adds his remix talents to Eagles & Butterflies appropriately titled and rather large ‘Murder Was The Bass’), the firing percussive funk of CJ Jeff, and the acid tinged attitude of Spain’s Uner on display.

A distinct bonus to the exceptional and diverse talent on display throughout ‘Bedrock 18’ is the inclusion of C-Jay’s chilled ‘Echoes’ album as a wind-down final disc. C-Jay’s debut artist album ‘Backslider’ was released on Bedrock back in April 2016 gaining much critical acclaim, and here he presents his next unique artistic step further forward.

“It’s a really, really personal album - hence the album title – I think that what one has done in the past, echoes throughout one’s life. Whatever you do, brings you where you are now. It might be tagged as chillout or ambient music, but actually its not 100% that, its just me being me, making something no one else does.” – C-Jay


01. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - Fanfare - Darren Emerson Reprise
02. Quivver - Mumbo Jumbo - Reprise
03. Sebastian Markiewicz - Sensation
04. Collective Machine & Philipp Straub - Hold You In The Moment
05. Digitaria - Revenge Of The Fantasy
06. Emerson, Digweed & Muir - Fanfare - Marc Romboy Moving Atoms Mix
07. Amari - Cult Vision
08. Moonface - Across The Gulf Of Space
09. Guy J - 2026
10. Lee Van Dowski - 8H24
11. Eagles & Butterflies - Murder Was The Bass - Lee Van Dowski Remix


01. Quivver - This Was - Reprise
02. Stelios Vassiloudis - Volver
03. Tiefstone - Kratos
04. CJ Jeff - Side Effects
05. Sam Jaspersohn - Islands
06. D-Nox & Beckers - Mondays
07. Uner - The Dock and the Elevator
08. Ryan Davis & Microtrauma - Recurrence
09. Dave Angel - Inside Out
10. Kontakt - Wild Forest


C-Jay - Echoes

01. Finko
02. Trip
03. The Experience of Love
04. Equanimity
05. Carte Blanche
06. Bonus track: BackSlider Part 3 - C-Jay’s Endless Ambient Remix


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my set starts at 12am


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It's been a while

Ticket link … tended-set … 7602442649