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First Video from Argentina gig …

No Benson's here !

Here we go

The biggest and longest 'Live in' so far, running just under 8 hours this is a continuous mix from
the start giving you a good idea how things went down in Montreal last year. The packaging is really amazing this time round with Malone design delivering one of his best yet and orders from the Bedrock shop are Numbered and Signed by me. There is no vinyl this time round.

This will be the last one for a while so hope you like it.


Pre- order here

Minimix - … x-preview/

CD 1:
01. Induction - Epitrachelion
02. Mohlao -
03. Esteban Adame - Rise & Shine
04. C-Jay - BackSlider Part 3
05. Recondite - Tame
06. Christerk - Snowhaze
07. Jemil Deep - About Drugs - Dejvid Remix
08. Recondite - Baro
09. Alek S - It's All Good
10. The Unhottest - For Sale
11. Mr. Dello - All That Matters
12. Viers - Hiroshi Kano
13. Patrick Chardronnet – Slowmo
CD 2:
01. Wayne Duggan - Experiment 1 (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix)
02. Recondite - Undulate (Lawrence Dub Version)
03. Sei A - You Can Bring
04. Simoncino - Dub Theory 1
05. Ed Ed - Monti
06. The Unhottest - Job Lose
07. Dovim - Ectoderm
08. Smash TV - Cascadia
09. Ashworth - Braun
10. Smash TV - God Key
11. Tigerskin - This Place is Empty Without You
12. Dovim - The WOW Signal
13. Ulf Bonde - Blossom For Me
14. Whitesquare - Daylight
CD 3:
01. Of Norway - Love Is Over (Terje Saether Remix)
02. Moonwalk - Breath
03. H2 - What Is - AFFKT Remix
04. Def Mike - Come Right Here
05. Toni Varga & De la swing - Black Train (Darlyn Vlys & Hearthug Remix)
06. Martin Eyerer - The Rolls (Funk D'Void Remix)
07. Nuiton - Way Out
08. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Temporary Sanity (Cornucopia Remix(
09. Raw District - Within Our Gates
10. Simon Garcia - A Hot Drink In The Desert
11. Nick Curly - Reverie
12. Leonardo Gonnelli - Tonada - No Asking Dub
13. Scan Mode - Panama Jaxx 1.1 (Darkroom Dubs)
CD 4:
01. Nuiton - Flashback Feat. Diel
02. Martin Landsky - I'm A Bitch - Basement Dub
03. Timid Boy - Shout Him (Stacey Pullen Remix)
04. Clarian - Fear and Self Loathing (Hunter / Game Remix)
05. Hunzed & Harvey - Cala Salada (David Mayer Remix)
06. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - We Will Return (Joeski Dub)
07. Bedrock - Santiago (Joeski Remix)
08. Guy J - Rhythmatica
09. Andre Lodemann - Leaving The Comfort Zone
10. Mita Mita - Wishing To Survive
11. Guy J - Octavia
12. Eagles & Butterflies - Fireworks
13. Blond:ish - Inner Jungle
14. HVOB - Tender Skin - DJ Tennis Remix
CD 5:
01. H.O.S.H. - Cilantro
02. Guy J - Release Me
03. Clarian - Absence
04. Joop Junior - Sofie_Lucie
05. Lee Van Dowski - Quasar 27.3
06. Remcord - Saed - Ramon Tapia
07. Eagles & Butterflies -
08. Tigerskin - Hippies
09. Marc Romboy - Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
10. Lee Van Dowski - If Only Jack Was
11. Simon Garcia - Ataraxia
12. Noir - Lumière
CD 6:
01. Clarian - Fear and Self Loathing (Christian Burkhardt Remix)
02. Popof - Serenity (Noob Remix)
03. Joseph Capriati - Fratello (Dubfire Remix)
04. Bedrock - Emerald (BOg Remix)
05. DJ Dozia - Pop Culture (Joris Voorn Remix)
06. Dave Angel - Scorpion
07. Mike Griego feat. Amber Long - Sofia (Guy Mantzur Secret Mix)
08. Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar
09. Eric Volta & Gaika - Until I Dissolve (Deetron Remix)
10. Agoria - Independence (Stephan Barnem Remix)
11. KinK - Cloud Generator
12. Pan-Pot, Martin Eyerer & Abby - Muddy Walls
13. Eagles & Butterflies - Murder Was The Bass
14. 3 Channels - Alphabetti Spaghetti
15. Adam Beyer - What You Need

We also have done a small run of these for the store and re- stocked the hoodies as the temperature  is dropping now.

Its been a while since I played in the box

Tickets will be released this Wednesday at 9AM'




finished at 8.25am

smallman1 wrote:

Absolutely brilliant.

Left fabric at 7.30am.

Lets see your favourite







Club gig





How many gigs  attended - U.K.

How many gigs  attended - Abroad

Benson Award - Did you make it t the main act or leave early ?

I am sure I parked it here ?


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Amps wrote:

Even John knows his place...



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j.p sykes wrote:

2-12 I believe... heavy.

11 hours would make it 1pm finish

not many pulling a benson over in Montreal

How good was that party last week

Thanks to everyone who made it so special. … … e-previews

you can have the drink tokens that Benson missed out on


Any advice On Deportment , Carriage, Sartorial matters  and Tone When Attending The Insane closing Party @Pacha On Mr Digweeds Guest List?.

Im Firmly In the Frankie Fraser Mode of Thought on this subject.*

He said of his Mentor Billy Hill, "That he Always dressed immaculately , NEVER overstated of Garish , Whether in the Company of Prince or Pauper , Billy Would never let you down."

"Lovely overcoats, Subtle Plaids, Dogtooth , Prince of Wales check or  Tweeds when  playing bridge with Lord and Lady Docker or striping The keen edge of his blade with a made to measure chiv across the arse cheeks a rival , this king of the asphalt jungle was a man of all seasons in 112-13 ounce summer fabrics or denser 118 ounce tog."

" Billy would occasionally boast a ticket pocket and a high yield wool blend of 160+  , when taking his Dear Mother for tea at the Ritz, whom he dearly loved."

As for Addressing the man himself, I believe 'John' is the most appropriate Name to use, Given indeed,  that it is his Name.

  Although it suggests some kind of relationship has been forged on a previous encounter with 'John', (which  it had on 31/12/96 at the Alexandra  palace in the VIP area back stage , when Sasha was wearing a ribbed crop top), I Very much doubt 'John' remembers me.

Moreover , 'Diggers' and 'Uncle John' may prove to be to flippant  and 'John' may take a dim view and thus demand the most severe penalties By playing Lost tribes 'The Gamemaster'

'Digweed' of course Is out of the question,  as this raises images of Malcolm Mcdowell in 'IF'  and Flashman dispensing Fags to toast Marshmellows in their pants.

So, In conclusion,   'John' , Heavy weight chalk stripe , with little or no bleed into the fabric, And  a 6 inch Parrying Dagger in a  concealed pocket of the Lining would seem the way forward unless any of my friends on here can proffer advice to the contrary.

*please note ,  Frankie Fraser  may have been misquoted, in fact,  i made it all up while bored fucking shitless at work.


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You didn't miss me

You left early

all future guest list requests out the window

benson wrote:

Yeah I did. Completely sober. But missed JD!

Will be making up for it next Thursday

Pacha was ace. Airy, roomy, cool.

Some nice grooves from MK

Let me know if you need guest list sorting eddie


having a listen while i dust the west wing of my leafy north chingford estate.

its rather good.

i'll be in ibiza for the closing 'insane' party . where i shall be feasting on all the major food groups. … n-preview/


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Whats your thoughts on this. … off/?tw=dd

Thanks for all the positive comments on the mix.
I had played Ultra earlier on that night and banged the shit out of it
I then got stuck in traffic getting across the bridge to South Beach.Turning up 5 minutes
before I was due to go on all a bit flustered and rushing to get my first track on.
After 6 amazing years at The Vagabond I was wondering could the party live up to the previous
WMC events in a different venue. The vibe from the crowd from the very first record was unreal
and by 3 tracks in I new the night was going to be something special. The build over the first 2 hours
or so was incredible with the crowd pulling all those trippy tracks out of me. There seemed no rush to up
the tempo and as the groove chugged along I was almost hypnotised by the reaction.
I could have played for 12 hours if they would have let me as I was having so much fun.
It was a very special night and I am glad it made it as one of the best “Live In “ albums I have released.



Interested to get your thoughts on the latest in the series




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wait and see