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Will people be allowed to smoke & drink, or will Danny stamp his little feet about that over here too...........

The No Smoking rule was a New York City rule, punishable by a $1,000 fine per incident at a club or bar.  Vinyl/Arc lost its liquor licence, which is why there was no alcohol there.  Neither of those things had to do with DT.  Surprised people still make uninformed comments like this after its been discussed ad nauseum on messageboards.  DT didn't stamp his feet about anything at Heaven in November 2004, he just played a blinding set that night.

In any case, I will be there for this.  Just caught DT at Space, Ibiza, and he played one of the best sets I've heard from him since he last played London.

Fabric's got an uninspiring lineup.  I'll be hitting up a house party.

Can't say I'm a big drum n' bass fan but this mix is fvckin QUALITY.  One of the better CDs I've heard in a while.

How long is Vibe playing for?  Last time he was here he played a very short set.

It's crapola, imo...


it came from somewhere though mr O-moron, how can anyone be so up themselves.

Its like the americans they interviewed on the thursday in new york saying they were scared of taking the metro IN NEW YORK?!! :shock:

How are the two statements comparable?  What's your point?  I understand the sentiment expressed by many New Yorkers.  The security and surveillance on the New York subway system is virtually non-existent.  There are garbage cans all over the place where a bomb could easily be planted.  Many subway platforms are not really under watch by personnel.  It could easily happen there just as it did here.  I'm surprised it hasn't already, but unfortunately, I think it's only a matter of time before it does.

Also safe.  I live right next to Aldgate station.  I woke up late for work today only to see the madness when stepping out of my door.  Still a pretty chaotic scene here.  Was working at the World Trade Center during 9/11 and now here for this.  Deja Vu.

Happy Birthday dude.   smile

It links to M3U files, which my friends are just text files, which contain the direct link to the mp3 file.

If you want to keep any, just download the M3U file, open it up, copy the location of the mp3 file, paste into your browser, and voila, save to HD.

Might save his bandwidth for you to download once, and play off your local machine instead of repeatedly returning to play the mixes. Plus you can ipod em smile

sorry im lost, how do you do that?? I downloaded the link but when i open it i just play it??! am i being an idiot :shock:

Open the m3u file in any text editor, like notepad, and there you'll find the url to the actual mp3.   8)

It's back online.  smile

Really, who cares about the accident? lol

She's absolutely stunning.

Big disappointment imo.  I loved Involver, but this CD put me to sleep.  I'll give it a few more listens to see if it grows on me, but not into it at all right now.

I'll probably be at Hernan myself this weekend.   8)

For me, Layo and Bushwacka in April.

I suggest listening to the commentary to the left and bottom of the video which explains why other methods of handling the situation may not have been as safe.  She was under arrest for driving with a suspended license, the officer grabbed her wrist and she pulled away i.e., she was resisting arrest.  The officer then warned her and she still refused. 

Police are generally entitled to use non-lethal force when a person is resisting arrest.  The second shock while she was on the ground may have been too much, but I don't think using the taser in the first place was out of bounds.

Every mix through 15/5/05 here: … t.css#dir1

You can only stream from this site, but you you can always use a stream ripper to record a particular set.  Enjoy. smile

It's a fake set.  It's actually Danny's to Back to Basics cd.

You must have hell of a salary.

well, he does have a pound sign at the start of his name! - '

How bad is your workload?  I just completed my 39th hour in the office without any sleep.  That's a workload!  :shock:

This will be my last night out for a few months.

I'd love to hear Pappa on that sound system.  Though they don't really fall into the prog category, I'd throw in DJ Vibe and Chus and Ceballos in the mix as well.

All my friends back home had nothing but positive things to say about S&D last night.  Glad you had fun.   smile

Just buy a ticket.....

Yes, just buy a ticket.  Sasha nights are some of the busiest, if not the busiest, nights the club has.  It's not worth queuing up unless you want to get there when the club opens, and even then you'll be waiting on an enormous queue.

And don't wear any nice shoes or trainers for Sasha, unless you don't mind them looking minging after a couple of hours.

I'll be at L&B!

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