Artist: Lonya & Alley Cat
Title: Bedtime
Label: Sound Avenue
Cat#: SA038
Releasedate: 2013-07-07
1. Original
2. Jay Tripwire
3. Wes Straub



Written by Mitch Alexander
By all accounts it's been a great year for Lonya. The Israeli producer has continued to push cutting edge electronic music on his Asymmetric Recordings imprint and his productions have appeared on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat Music. The 38th release on Sound Avenue finds Lonya returning to the label for his fourth overall appearance and a new collaborative single. The Israeli producer has teamed up with a mysterious new studio partner by the name of Alley Cat. The result of this newly paired duo's first studio collaboration together is entitled 'Bedtime Stories' and it comes with remixes from Jay Tripwire and Wes Straub.

The 'Bedtime Stories' original gets underway with a powerful framework that's adorned with smooth shifting tones and a soft hypnotic underbelly of aquatic keys. A short break brings the glistening keys to the forefront and the powerful groove soon returns along with a wealth of harmonic swells which breathe an air of melodious psychedelia into the mix. Following a blissful main break the seemingly endless cascade of keys drives the emotion higher along with a series of interwoven chords and heavenly pads which offer an unforgettable conclusion.

The first remix is supplied by Jay Tripwire who is making his debut appearance on Sound Avenue. The storied 15 year career of the Canadian has seen him maintain a contemporary take on electronic club music both in the studio as a producer and on the dance floor as a DJ. Jay's discography is meticulously kept and showcases releases on Pokerflat and Hypercolor. For his 'Bedtime Stories' interpretation Jay has stripped the original right down and delivered a funky, late night gem of a production. The delicate hypnotic lines, poignant hits and mesmerizing rhythms lead to a wealth of fresh electronics which ignite the track as the main break approaches. Following the tastefully crafted interlude and drummy build the records second act furthers the musical boundaries set by the original with a finale of profound emotional depth. Definitely one of Jay's most magical studio creations to date.

The second and final remix on the release is provided by Wes Straub who is also making his debut on Sound Avenue. Residing in Calgary, Wes Straub has become of Canada's most sought after production and DJ talents. He's headlined clubs across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico as well as the world famous island of Ibiza, Spain. A permanent staple in Calgary's burgeoning nightlife Wes has had the honour of sharing the decks with Markus Schulz, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Max Graham and Laidback Luke. A pivotal moment in Wes's production career came in 2013 when he was announced as the winner of the Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten (New World Punx) remix competition. He has since gone on to appear on a variety of top imprints including John OO Fleming's JOOF Recordings and Glenn Morrison's Morrison Recordings. For his 'Bedtime Stories' interpretation Wes has reworked the best elements from the original into a deep trance construction that's full of great emotional energy. The stripped groove lays down a solid foundation and allows the heartfelt melodies to carry the track into the main break. The tasteful re-entry sees the melodies getting washed away and the dynamic groove slowly rebuilding for an invigorating conclusion.


support smile
Original is great thnx good luck
nice work on the tripwire mix
full support
Jay Tripwire standout for me! Solid work...
Very nice original
good stuff here!
huge atmospheric progness!! Thanks
Great release. Especially like the original version here.
Wes Straub remix does the trick
Strong work by everyone involved.  Downloading them all!
lovely progressive
Wes's mix even though not for me I'm sure
it'll get played by many. Overall sweet release!
Super beautiful tunes smile
Digging the remixes the most. Cool contrast between the more
easy going Tripwire mix and the full on Straub remix, well done!
Original for us. Massive tune!
jay on the money

Join the Sound Avenue Remix Contest by remixing Han Haak's "Slaves In Transit" More info here: … in-transit
Previous finalists of our remix contest are now label regulars such as Matias Chilano, Beat Syndrome, Matias Vila,.. Competition ends on sunday 27 july! Good luck & be creative!


1ste place
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- Use Samples from recordings that you don't own

Play: … ch-may2014
Download: … 4/download

01 Formel - Kolyma [Einmusika]
02 Dj Koze - Amygdala (Roman Flugel Remix) [Pampa Records]
03 Dj Tennis - Floating Boy (Self Portrait) [Life And Death]
04 Tilt - The Hurt (Tr20 Remix) [Pro B Tech]
05 Dnyo - Shine On This (Kobana Remix) [Proton Music]
06 Tim Penner - The Tunnel [Proton Music]
07 Mihai Popoviciu - Paper Box [Poker Flat Recordings]
08 Corei - Sinestesia (Donatello Remix) [Baires Records]
09 Solee - Ditzingen (Dan Caster Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
10 Roger Martinez - Totality Symbol [Sudbeat]
11 Ferdy - Why (Verve Remix) [Particles]
12 Oliver Lieb - Caldera (Scotty A Remix) [Proton Music]
13 Derek Howell - On Swift Wings [Particles]
14 James Gill - Sphinx (Matias Chilano Remix) [System Recordings]
15 Lom - Analogue [3rd Avenue]
16 Sailor & I - Tough Love (Juan Deminicis & Martin Etchegaray Remix) [Cdr]
17 Lanvary - Alaska (Phonic Scoupe Outro Remix) [Stripped Recordings]
18 Maceo Plex - Conjure Balearia [Ellum Audio]
19 Gusgus - Crossfade (Maceo Plex Remix) [Kompakt]
20 Jamie Stevens - Tribe Of The Disco Kings (King Unique Remix) [Tulipa Recordings]
21 Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union - Nitro Cannon [Golden Wings Music Label]


Remixed by:
Matias Vila
Antti Rasi


Soundcloud: … rescue-me/

I love the release, good remixes but the original is fantastic.
Antti Rasi Remix sounds great. Thanks
Nice to see fellow finns keeping the 90s flame alive.
Matias Vila remix is dope
Original and Antti's mix are gooood, thanks
Great release. Support
Matias Vila remix is my fav here
Original and Matias Vila mixes for me!
loving the matias remix.. smile will play.. boom
Wonderful tracks. They all have a very unique feel to them without
straying too far from the dancefloor. Matias Vila remix for me. Thanks!
Antti Rasi remix for me!
Matias Vila Remix for us
Nice music!. Antti Rasi Remix for me. Thank you
original mix for me
matias for me!
Matias Vila is my pick here, thanks!
Excellent pack. I enjoy all of them.  thanks
Really liking the Ambient Mix!
Very nice EP, Matias Vila for me! Thanks for the Download!
Matias remix is interesting!
great job from Mati!
very nice ep. Thanks
great release

Artist: Sound Process
Title: The Unthinkable
Label: Sound Avenue
Cat#: SA029
Releasedate: 2013-12-09
1. Original Mix
2. MUUI Paranoid Remix
3. Pole Folder Remix 

Youtube: … greUvHxL0w

Review by Mitch Alexander
The Sound Avenue imprint has always stood for excellence and as 2013 draws to a close the label finds itself presenting one of its strongest releases of the year. The labels 29th overall release sees Juan Goya aka Sound Process returning for his seventh overall appearance and a second single. The Buenos Aires resident and long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo has been one of Sound Avenue's biggest and most consistent producers. Juan's 'Simple Chords' (released in December of 2011) was the labels fourth ever release and he quickly followed that with a remix of Nikko.Z's 'LA' later that very month.  Juan's new single is entitled 'The Unthinkable' and it comes with remixes from Pole Folder and MUUI.
Sound Process' last appearance on Sound Avenue was an exceptional interpretation of Andrew McDonnell's 'Patience Of Envy'. It showcased an even deeper sound for the Argentine which has carried through to his newest studio creation 'The Unthinkable'. The foundation of the record is rooted with a character filled set of wobbly bass tones. The rumbling groove gives the composition an immense presence and should prove very effective on the dance floor. Juan's always been great at showcasing very simple elements and making them sound profoundly special. The lead rhythmic tones here are further proof of that; the dynamic tension they provide to the rumbling groove is quite striking and just a touch epic but in the most elegant way imaginable. The momentous build of the record fuses a blend of  shuffling drums, striking tones, haunting atmospheres and fresh vocals which lifts the composition to a smooth and classy conclusion.

The first remix is provided by Pole Folder who is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. The Belgian producer rose to electronic music stardom in 2001 when a string of productions including 'Apollo Vibes' and 'Dust' were signed to John Digweed's Bedrock Records. The label then commissioned Pole Folder to record his first studio album entitled 'Zero Gold' which was released in 2004. Further productions for Frisky Records, Proton and Baroque solidified the Belgian producers place amongst the electronic music elite. More recently Pole Folder helped launch Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's Kunai imprint with a remix on the labels inaugural release. It turned out to be one of the Belgian producers most talked about productions of the year as it was charted by Guy J, Cid Inc. and Luke Porter. Pole Folder's 'The Unthinkable' interpretation showcases his creative musicality as he's transformed the track into a timeless piece of musical soul.  The drum heavy groove delivers the dynamic punch you'd expect and as the gradually building harmonic themes begin to take shape there is a real aura of something special happening.  The smooth bassy foundation and emotive chord changes heighten the senses for the introduction of a sultry sax riff. The emotionally gripping and forever enduring line takes the composition into timeless territory and will certainly be Pole Folder's most sought after remix of 2013.

The final remix on the release is provided by Patrik Carrera aka MUUI who is also making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. The Dubai based producer has been one of 2013's top new production talents. MUUI's EPs for Outside The Box, Baroque, Change Audio and Spring Tube have all been exceptional and he's provided a top notch interpretation of 'The Unthinkable' to close the release out. The aptly titled 'Paranoid' mix takes 'The Unthinkable' into deep, dark and dubby territory.  MUUI's uncanny knack for creating infectious rhythms and psychedelic landscapes has transformed the track into a real dark room gem. Patrik has really struck a chord with electronic music fans this year and he looks to move into 2014 as a producer on the brink of something huge.

very good all mixes work
Liking both remixes thnx for sending over . good luck!
The remixes sand out for me on this one. Thanks.
massive Pole Folder Remix!
Muui remix sounds interesting but the Pole Folder is my favorite, what a trip! (again)
MUUI remix for me. Thanks for sending!
Pole Folder Remix is my fav! Good work on the original & Muui Remix too!
Great release. Thanks
Pole Folder is great! thanks
Pole Folder remix is unreal
Original and Pole Folder mix, dig. Will try for the radio show, thanks!
Pole Folder remix is probably the one I'd play in my sets.
will play
Original + Pole Folder for me. Thanks!
MUUI remix for me smile
like them all 3 full support on this release
MUUI mix is nasty, PF mix worth every second!
both remixes are great, thanks
Great pack! Original and Folder remix for me. thanks
great ep , really like all the mixes
Nice Release guys! Pole folder remix is coool smile
Pole Folder remix is stunning!!! chunky rmx from muui as usual!
Pole folder mix

Progressive Collection Vol.2 feat originals & remixes from Andrew McDonnell, Navar, dPen, Beat Syndrome, Mitrinique, Tvardovsky, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Scotty.A, Mehmet Akar and many more!

Beatport: … -2/1196400

Full Tracklist:
01 Andrew McDonnell - Patience of Envy (Navar Remix)
02 Mitrinique - High On Chocolate (Deepfunk Remix)
03 Antrim - Life to Peace (Dale Middleton Remix)
04 Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic - Follow Me (Scotty.A Remix)
05 Mitrinique - Earthbound (Original Mix)
06 Beat Syndrome - Myths & Magic (Original Mix)
07 dPen - Cold and Flu (Mehmet Akar Remix)
08 Amethyst, Lenny Lenoks - The Race (Beat Syndrome Daytime Edit)
09 Omar Fayyad - The Future (Original Mix)
10 Yunta - Perpetuum (Original Mix)
11 Antrim - In the Wind (Original Mix)
12 Luis Bondio - Vintage Colors (Travis Macdonald Remix)
13 Arnim - Dark Rose (Original Mix)
14 Progress Inn - Splice (Original Mix)
15 Sound Process - Simple Chords (Nikko.Z Remix)
16 Criss Deeper - Voyager Spark (Ewan Rill Remix)
17 Benzene - Never Enough (Original Mix)
18 Erdi Irmak - Emptiness (Original Mix)
19 Tytt - Best to Smile (Jacob Seville Remix)
20 Yunta - Mindstroke (Simon Firth Remix)
21 Guido Percich - Bitterroot Range (Original Mix)
22 Yunta - Mindstroke (Tero Civill Remix)
23 Vinayak A - It's Just Your Imagination (Original Mix)
24 Matias Chilano - Aura (Original Mix)
25 Nevee - Steel and Stone (Beat Syndrome Radio Edit)
26 Matias Vila - Volviendo Al Principio (MartyOn & Jorgk Munuera Remix)
27 Michael A - Paint Venice (Original Mix)
28 Namatjira - Sequoia (Original Mix)
29 Travis MacDonald, Mauro Norti - Spectra feat. Ashley Benjamin (Tvardovsky Remix)
30 Diego Poblets - Parallels and Meridians (Original Mix)

Art Of Illusion EP
Sashke / Carfre / Kensa


SOUNDCLOUD LINK: … lusion-ep/

The 28th release on Sound Avenue finds label head Dominique Heyninck (Madloch) once again reaching into the far depths of his A&R abilities. Sound Avenue is not only presenting a new artist to the label but also the world as this is the debut release for an exciting new producer from the Netherlands. Patrick Krom aka Daraspa sent a demo into Sound Avenue when they were searching for new tracks for their 'We Are The Future' compilation. Dominique was so blown away by the freshness of what Daraspa had sent in that the only thing that made sense was to offer him an EP release on Sound Avenue. Oh and the amazing thing is Patrick has only been producing for 18 months! Daraspa's debut EP for Sound Avenue is entitled 'Art Of Illusion' and it comes with three brand new original productions.

From the moment the EPs first offering 'Sashke' cuts through the air you can tell there is something special here. The crisp beats, cool hypnotic rhythms and wavering synths all meld together for a hazy blur of electronic energy. As the piece builds the waning atmospheric backdrop and shifting harmonics conjure up some impassioned emotions which sets the piece even further apart. The delicately grinding energy and almost sentimental or nostalgic themes which flow through the composition are what dance floor memories are made of. You hear people talk about electronic soul, well this has that in spades.

The second composition 'Carfre' offers a funkier and more spacious framework. The rolling groove is once again accented with alluring atmospheres and vibrant electronics which heighten the senses nicely. This leads to the main drop which is an expertly crafted interlude of trippy proportions. The deeply mesmerizing break is complemented with a trail of the alien-like vocal lines which sets the stage perfectly for the return of the thunderous groove and ultimately a heavenly conclusion. 

The third and final composition 'Kensa' closes the EP out with a tasteful disposition. The well textured beats, wobbly electronics and crisp claps lay down a great vibe early. As the track builds waves of ambience soon engulf the groove for what results in a spiraling vortex of hypnotic rhythms. This leads to an expansive break which slowly weaves its way through the atmospheric tension and waves of wobbly bass tones. Once the kick drops back in the rolling energy builds to a momentous conclusion that rounds the EP out nicely.


Sashke on this one.
good ep
solid work, sashke standing out more
Sashke is a nice trip
Nice EP! Thanks for the music
Cool! Carfre sounded the most interesting to me.
Sashke for me. Will try for the radio show, thanks!
Sashke I will play.
nice Ep, Sashke is my fav.
very good stuff thanks.
interesting and insiring
Carfre and Sashke sounds pretty good! might try! thanks!
Solid ep, thanks.
wicked release
Full support!
nice music! thanks
Excellent EP! Really digging Sashke. Cheers
Beautiful tracks
great tunes, def will play Sashke and Carfre , thanks for sending
cool ep
Sashke is great
very very good!

Various Artists – Crossing Borders, Vol.2
Label: Crossfade Sounds
Cat#: CSCOMP003
Releasedate: 2013-09-02
Style: Deephouse, Techhouse, Techno
Compiled by Madloch

Beatport: … -2/1146733

1. Simon Firth – Black Gold
2. Dontknower – Domo Arigato
3. Jacob Seville – Rocketman
4. Anthony Yarranton – The Lounge
5. Brian Bonchor & Dconstruct – Smokers Corner
6. Sean McClellan – What You Need
7. Shawn Rubens – Basiell
8. Pedro Sanmartin – Forthcoming World
9. Christian Ulstrup – Two Point One

Review by Mitch Alexander ( )

Crossfade Sounds first label compilation 'Crossing Borders' was released in February of this year. It was a release that really set the label apart in terms their music policy. The refreshing mix of styles and the general unpredictable of what was to come next was what made it sound so fresh. Now almost 8 months and 12 releases later Crossfade Sounds has grown into one of our favourite imprints. Dominique Heyninck aka Madloch looks after the A&R duties and he's done a remarkable job under covering some as yet unheard talent. Each successive release seems to feature fresh and exciting new producers that the majority of electronic music fans would not have been familiar with. The labels second installment of the 'Crossing Borders' series is out this week and it features nine new productions from a selection of producers who are slowly becoming the face of the label. Simon Firth, Donknower, Jabob Seville, Anthony Yarranton, Brian Boncher & Doonstruct, Sean McClellan, Shawn Ruebens, Pedro Sanmartin and Christian Ulstrup all have contributed some outstanding productions here.

There is a wide range of styles and moods explored throughout the collection. Whether it be the percussive, grungy and hopelessly funky 'Black Gold' from Simon Firth or the moody electonica piece 'Two Point One' by Christian Ulstrup the listener is sure to be taken on an interesting ride throughout. The productions of Anthony Yarranton, Pedro Sanmartin and Jacob Seville are really standouts for us and could all be singles in their own right.

Anthony Yarranton has enjoyed a major resurgence this year. The deep sounds that are now coming out of the UK producers studio are perfectly in line with the current electronic music trends and he's been quite prolific this year with 12 releases under his belt already. His contribution to 'Crossing Borders' is entitled 'The Lounge' and it's one of the strongest productions on the collection. The drummy groove, unique vocal stab and energetic sweeps create some wonderful momentum through the first half. Tasteful piano themes get dropped in several times for a refreshing change of pace while the rhythms build mightily through the centre section of the record. The composition comes to a cool climax with some subtle variation in the piano sequences while the dynamic sweeps and pulsating rhythms seem to rise even higher.

Jacob Seville first appeared on Crossfade Sounds with his remix of Tytt's 'Best To Smile' which was released in May of this year. The Spanish producer has contributed his latest original production 'Rocketman' to 'Crossing Borders' Volume 2. For those that loved the unique funkiness of Jacob's 'Best To Smile' interpretation you're going to love 'Rocketman'. The undulating foundation is made up of some of deepest and deadliest bass stabs we've heard in a while. Tweaked just right the funky underbelly carves out a massive groove for the warped sounding electronics to work over. Jacob has created a variety of cool hooks here which smoothly weave their way in and out of the framework. It's the light air of melancholy which really strikes us though; the effortless sounding atmosphere is the perfect contrast to the mean sounding foundation. Brilliant work from Jacob.

Pedro Sanmartin is another producer we discovered this year thanks to Crossfade Sounds. The Spanish producer remixed Dontknower's 'Bobby Cooper' just two weeks ago and now he delivers his first original for Crossfade entitled 'Forthcoming World'. Pedro has crafted a fat, dubby techno track that really rocks. The beefy beats, smooth stabs and rhythmic claps really standout and give the track quite a large presence. Subtle harmonic shifts through the centre section combined with some suitably warped synths more than delivers an intense climax. It's one of the more unique tracks we've heard in a while and further proof that Pedro is destined for great things. Crossfade Sounds continues to amaze us with each successive release. Most electronic music fans are certainly well aware of Sound Avenue which has its place among the progressive house elite but there is some unrivalled brilliance happening with Crossfade Sounds as well. If you're looking for new and exciting electronic music then there is no reason not to be following them. Highly Recommended.

Future Motions ft Leo Savan - The Way You Look

Remixes by:
Mehmet Akar
Beat Syndrome

Genre: Techhouse, Progressive House

Beatport: … ok/1112458


Support by:

Played the original in his Soundgarden radioshow & livesets
Good package!
very nice
Cool original
Nice groove on the original
Beat Syndrome's version for me. Cool tune. Thx!
Like the original
Mehmet's remix rocks!!! Beat Syndrome delivering quality like always as well.
There are some great ideas in the Original mix! Sound Avenue is always quality!
All mixes are amazing, strong ep
Good stuff. Thanks
Will try Mehmet Akar's!
Woah, this is big. I think this is immediately one my favourite SA releases. Can't
Wait to throw these down!
Yes Lovely!
Wont play but nice Mehmet remix!
All mixes are really sweet. Original & Mehmet's probably are the versions that grab
me the most but definitely one of the better prog-tinged releases I've heard for a
while. Smartly done.
Superb work from Phil here! Top work from Mehmet on the remix as well! Standout!
Nice sounds, thanks!
Original and Akar rmx sound great!

Mehmet Akar - Take Care Of Yourself EP (Sound Avenue)

Beatport: … ep/1083912

Support by:
Cool tracks!
Take Care is fantastic ; )
Great! I'll play for sure. Thank you
Very good stuff! 2 & 3 for me
Cool grooves - will spin this weekend - thanx guys
Perfect! Thanks
Excellent, well done!
Really feeling this actually!! Classic chord progressions style, but done
with a lot of class and interesting production skills. Supporting defo smile
Great Release
very emotional
Edge of Nowhere is great melodic tune! Support!
Beautiful music from the Turkish maestro.Mehmet is very talented indeed.
Great release of Mehmet. 'The Edge Of Nowhere' is propably my favorite,
really like the vocal here. But full support for the whole release!
Nice vibes and good emotions in the tunes. Mehmet Akar has been
making some really nice music lately.thanks for this ... booom
Very nice, the edge of nowhere is my pick here
Sounds good! The title track is my fav
Nice release. Thanks

Play: … -barcelona
Download: … a/download

My set from the first Sound Avenue Labelparty in Barcelona @ Slow Club.
Many thanks to Weekend Sounds Agency, Matias Vila & Graziano Raffa !

Tracks in this set from Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexcile, Future Motions, Mehmet Akar, Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks, Luis Bondio, Juan Deminicis, Gav Fraser, Beat Syndrome, Cactus Twisters, Guy Gerber, Stephan Baz Baz & Shamique, Layo & Buschwaka, Moby, Daneel, Sound Process, Simon Firth, Julian Marazuela, Matias Vila & Alberto Blanco, Terje Seather & many more!

A new compilation with the best Sound Avenue Tracks featuring originals & remixes from:
Petar Dundov
Eelke Kleijn
Marc Poppcke
Sound Process
Nikko Z
Luis Bondio
Chris Fortier
Paul Hazendonk
Marcelo Vasami
and many more

Buy here: … -1/1017850

Remix edition: … es/1013133
With remixes from
Travis MacDonald
Simon Firth
Beat Syndrome
Guille Quero & Sound Process
Mauro Norti

Sound Avenue Christmas present smile

Available via this link: … 0904689418

Play: … th-madloch
Download: … h/download

01 Kasper Bjorke - Bohemian Soul feat. Laid Back (Tambien Remix) [HFN Music]
02 Stimming, David August - Sexy Biest (Gui Boratto Remix) [Dynamic]
03 Sound Process - Simple Chords (Simon Firth Remix) [Sound Avenue]
04 Oliver Schories - Sunset (Newbie Nerdz Remix [Der Turnbeutel]
05 Koreless - Lost In Tokyio (Andy Arias Remix) [CDR]
06 Julian Marazuela - Cuentos Electronicos (Alberto Blanco & Matias Vila Remix) [Soulfire Downloads]
07 Dzim - Limits (Rodrigo Mateo Remix) [Dopamine Records]
08 Kay - Goodbye Buenos Aires / [Electronic Tree]
09 Feri - Motion Sickness (Tip D'Oris Remix) [Stereo Enchained]
10 dPen - Cold and Flu (Monster Of Density Remix) [Sound Avenue]
11 Rich Curtis - Lower My Voice (DYNO Remix) [RELEASE]
12 Tvardovsky - Heaven & Earth (David Granha Remix) [Liquid Grooves]
13 Juan Deminicis - Can't Sleep [Outside The Box]
14 Erdi Irmak - Seamless (GRG Remix) [Sangria]
15 Yunta - Empire (Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union Remix) [Sound Avenue]
16 Beat Syndrome - State Of Illusion (Matias Chilano Remix) [Crossfade Sounds]
17 Scarlet Ibis - Gavid Duetta On LSD (Deepfunk Remix) [Mesmeric Records]
18 16Bit Lolita's - Nuclear Power Plants [Bits & Pieces]
19 Lank - Plastik Lastic (Jimmy Van M Remix) [Alterimage Recordings]
20 Dio S - Black Tear (Levente Remix) [Electronic Tree]

Sound Avenue Radioshow; every month on:
2nd tuesday @
2nd wednesday @ GoldenWingsRadio
2nd thursday @ InsomniaFM
2nd thursday @
2nd friday @ Protonradio
3rd monday @ TM Radio

Your track in the radioshow? Send your promo to dominique (at)

Play: … vember2012
Download: … 2/download

New music from Steve Bug, Mitrinique, Sound Process & Guille Quero, Erdi Irmak, Audiojack, David Granha, Nikko Z, Dale Middleton, Beat Syndrome, Andre Sobota, Rich Curtis, Verve, Paul Lennar, Ryan Crosson, Tale Of Us, Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks, Nick Curly and many more! Tracklist coming soon..

Play: … mitrinique
Download: … e/download

Marc Poppcke - Yellow (Nhar Remix) / Crossfrontier Audio
Tvardovsky - Jailbrake / Stereo Paradise
Simon Guttierez - Hide (Erdi irmak Remix) / Soulfire Downloads
Nicolas Ruiz - Slow Eruption / Crossfade Sounds
Marcelo Paladini - Stages Of Life (Zan Prevee Remix) / Green Snake Records
Matias Chilano - The Chance / Liquid Grooves
Kevin Yost - Bionic (Bottom Mix) Joy A Sorrow
David Calo - 22stunden / CDR
Neil Browne - Litlle Humans / Whose Haus
Digital Mess - Thanos / Sublimation Records
Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks - Warsaw (Marcelo Vasami Unofficial Remix) / CDR
Kramnik - Mongolium (Nick Warren Remix) /
Audiotox & Watson - End Of A Nice Day (Soulwerk Remix) / 99%recordings
Dale Middleton - Awake / Outside The Box
Eelke Kleijn - Rauwdouwer / Sudbeat
Cristior - Crystals (Guy J Remix) / microCastle
System Index - Poodle Moth / Crossfade Sounds
Denis A - Black Sun (Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z Remix) / DAR
Kraftwerk - Vitamin (Alex Araujo Unofficial Remix) /CDR
GG - Steady (Navid Mehr Remix) / CDR

Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks - The Race (Crossfade Sounds 004)
1. Original Mix
2. Beat Syndrome Remix
3. Beat Syndrome Daytime Edit
4. Alessandro Diga's Rees Remix


Full previews here:

Support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Deepfunk, Barry Jamieson, Dibby Dougherty, Pena, Microtrauma, Darin Epsilon, Martin Garcia, Chris Fortier, Nick Varon, Nick Stoynoff, NameSpace, DarkSoulProject, Baunder, Daniel Mehes, Paul Hazendonk & so much more great djs!

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Mitrinique's Crossfade Sounds has been building some nice momentum over the last 2 months. With their previous 2 releases earning club and radio support from Hernan Cattaneo it won't be long before Crossfade is equally as powerful as the duo's Sound Avenue imprint. The label has its fourth release this week and it features the debut of Amethyst and Lenny Lenoks to the label. Cseke Ferenc aka Amethyst and Lenny Lenoks both hail from Szekefehervar, Hungary. Amethyst has appeared on a wealth of quality techno labels such as FLU Records, Crosstech Records and Crossworld. Lenny has had just one release thus far which came courtesy of the Peak Hour label in 2008. Amethyst and Lenny's first collaboration together is entitled 'The Race' and it comes with remixes from: Beat Syndrome and Alessandro Diga.

'The Race' original begins with a punchy, percussive groove that's accented with smooth flowing tones and an air of anticipation. Some quirky hypnotic lines fade into the mix just as the track breaks down briefly, the organ-esqe sequences carry the track with a cool, undulating wave of energy. As the modulation on the lead line intensifies the track reaches a second drop where some filter action drops everything out for a brief second before the rolling wave reappears for a smooth yet brain teasing finish.

The first two remixes are supplied by the Canadian duo Beat Syndrome. Hamed Safi & Navid Mehr aka Beat Syndrome have already appeared on Crossfade's primary label Sound Avenue twice so this marks their third overall appearance on the Sound Avenue label collective. Beat Syndrome have a had a huge year in 2012 as the duo has earned recognition from Hernan Cattaneo and also Beatport as they once topped the famous 10 Must Hear Progressive House releases with their 'Fantasy' EP on Movement Recordings. For their main interpretation of 'The Race' Beat Syndrome have delivered a supremely cool late night vibe that comes with big muffled bass stabs, rising tension filled tones and a hazy, gaseous like backdrop which lays down some amazing atmosphere throughout the track. The main hypnotic line from the original is used very sparingly as we just hear cleverly placed sections of the mesmerising construction throughout. Beat Syndrome have also included a 'Daytime Edit' version of 'The Race' which is backed by a much more stripped down and punchy groove than the duo's main mix. The smooth rhythmic tones are a touch more pronounced and overall the atmosphere is much lighter which really allows the impactful groove to breathe just a bit more. Either way you've got two outstanding versions from Beat Syndrome who continue to impress us big time.

The final mix on the package comes from Alessandro Diga who is making his first appearance on Crossfade Sounds here. The Dutch producer has just comes off a remix of John Axiom's 'My Little Friend' for Baires Records and he has also appeared on Darin Epsilon's Perspectives Digital and Paul Hazendonk's Manual Music which are two highly respected imprints. Alessandro's 'The Race' interpretation begins with some extra large bassy swells, aquatic electronics and some nice metallic shakers. The first drop serves to introduce some heavily textured ominous sounding atmosphere along with some panning synth sheets which sound absolutely deadly. As the track builds some big chord changes come over the bottom end which prove to be very compelling as the composition approaches the main drop. The bassy swells lay centre stage here amidst the aquatic drops and gaseous haze before a brief drummy build brings the groove back to finish out what would have to be one of Alessandro's most unique creations to date. Best release on Crossfade Sounds to date? We think so!

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I started this set at 105bpm and build it slowly to some climaxes. You can hear every genre in this set! Downtempo, Dub Techno, Deephouse, Techhouse, Progressive House,... Full tracklist soon available at

Tracks in this set from: Kollektiv Turnstrasse, Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile, Layo & Buschwaka, Bruthko, Ariane Blank, Dale Middleton, Justin Martin, Brendon Moller, Beat Pharmacy, SpecDub, Francesco Pico, C-Jay, Deepchild, Booka Shade, Audio Junkies, Lonya, Midland, Madloch, Deepfunk, Marc Poppcke, Beat Syndrome, Travis MacDonald & Mauro Norti, Terje Seather, Guy Gerber, Marcelo Vasami, Cristior & many many more!!

Full tracklist!
Kollektiv Turnstrasse - Schwindelig (Minoru Remix)
Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Japanese Snowbell (Day Mix)
Latia - So Bad
Brann - Evacuate (Jelle Kuipers Rmx)
Layo & Buschwaka - Close To Me
SpecDub - Sunday History (Aero Remix)
Bruthko - Missing Dub
Pablo Bolivar - Meltdown (Beat Pharmasy Rework)
Sonarpilot - June Dub (Brendon Moller dub 1)
Layo& Buschwaka - Delta Ahead
Shahrokh Dini - Jass It Over (Afrilounge Remix)
Dousk - Stel Remix
Adam Fierce - We Rise We Fall
Ariane Blank - Declaration Of Love
Hanfry Martinez - Sunday Gathering
Cesar Caballero - Funketeao (Omid 16B Remix)
Deep Future - Black Cat (Niko Schwind)
Justin Martin, Pillowtalk - The Gurner (Danny HAze)
dazle middlle hommage
tvardovsy - jailbrake
letthemusic, UTRB - don't let me down (guy j rmx)
Franseco pico - something with all jay rmx
Poison Bro, Miusha, - Alien (tvardovsky)
Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks - The Race (Beat Syndrome Daytime Edit) / Crossfade Sounds
Audio Junkies - life in tokyo
Omar fayyad - the future (nikko z remix) / Crossfade Sounds
Audiotox - + watson - end of a nice day - andy arias rmx
Deepchild - virgin killer eddie c
Markus ohm - city ohm
booka shade - honeyslave
cat n dog - they fronton ft monty
xpress 2 - eats everything
midland - 101
tom middleton - penrose
Satoshi Tomiie_Backside Wave
Luca C Brigante - Flash of Light feat Roisin Murphy (Blondish Remix)
Mauro Norti - Last Day (Oliver lieb remix)
kramnik - nick warren remix
terje Seather the train eelke kleijn remix
eelke kleijn - kitten of mass destruction
Loquai - hgh voltage - silinder rmx
Beat Syndrome - Tsunami / Sound Avenue CDR
16bit Lolitas - Blanket
Madloch - Colorshock (Marcelo Vasami Rmx) / Sound Avenue
Cristior - Peter Dundov rmx
Mitrinique - High On Chocolate (Mauro Norti Remix) / Sound Avenue
Deepfunk - Talking To Yourself
Denis A - Black Sun (Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z Rmx)
Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia - Erks (Marc Poppcke Remix)
John Axiom - My Little Friend (Luis Bondio Remix)
OMB - Sea Air (Silinder Rmx)
David Granha & Gai Barone - Amir (Gai Barone Remix)
Audiotox & Watson - End Of A Nice Day (Soulwerk Remix)
Dale Middleton - Awake
Fefo - Semillas (Luis Junior Remix)
Travis MacDonald - Time Sense (Beat Syndrome Remix) / Agara Music
Casa Flava - Eterna (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
Tilt ft Maria Nayler - My Release (Ben Shaw Rmx)
L3D - Symbol / Crossfade Sounds
Terje Seather - Ef
MANDY - Twisted Sister
Lenny Lenoks - My Soul Is Gone / Crossfade Sounds
Guy Gerber - Steady feat Jaw

Feedback appreciated if you listen or download this set smile

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Omar Fayyad - The Future / Crossfade Sounds
Tvardovsky - Feel Of Godness / Stereo Paradise
Paul Hazendonk - Sunburnt (Mehmet Akar Remix) / Manual Music
And.Id - Cut 1 / Mobilee Records
Terje Saether - Ef / Sangria
Mauro Norti - Last Day (Oliver Lieb Remix) / Wide Angle Rec
Mauro Norti - Aphasia (Travis MacDonald Remix) / Wide Angle Rec
Smfm - twisted (Guy J Remix) / Push It Records
OMB - Sea Air (Silinder Remix) / 99percentrecordings
Travis MacDonald & Mauro Norti - Spectra ft A Benjamin (Madloch, Yunta & Beat Syndrome Rmx) / Sound Avenue
Rodrigo Cortazar - Cassiopeia (Luis Bondio & Cesar Lombardi Remix) / Baires
Guy Mantzur & Stephan Bazbaz - All Over Music / Sudbeat
Kevin Yost - Persistence / Lost & Found
Audiotox & Watson - Once Again (Soulwerk Remix) / Aegyptia
Fefo - Semillas (Luis Junior Remix) / Mooseekaa
letthemusicplay - Don't weigh me down (Guy J Rmx)
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Violence (Marcelo Vasami Rmx / Movement Rec
Tuxedo -Encanta (Li-Polymer Late Night Mix) / Liquid Grooves
Namatjira ft Royal Sapien - Fallin (Dub Mix) / Lowbit
Beat Syndrome - Tsunami / Sound Avenue

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SOUND AVENUE 006 with MITRINIQUE (September 2012)
Paul Hazendonk - Sunburnt / Manual Music
Pig & Dan - Amy / Soma Records
Juan Deminicis - Moonlight (Karl Johan Remix) / Lowbit
Layo & Buschwaka, Cevin Fisher - Dancing In The Dark (Guy Gerber, Tennis Remix) / Olmeto
PrinsJan - Safari Of smiles Hi-FI mystery school rmx
Kevin Di Serna - Transition Of Ligh (Dark Soul Project rmx) / Bermudos
David Granha - Akenathon (Li-Polymer Remix) / Liquid Grooves
Luis Bondio - Vintage Colors (Silinder Remix) / Sound Avenue
Saschienne - Unknown (Mario Pucci Unofficial Remix) / CDR
Travis MacDonald - Time Sense - Agara Music
Cesar Lombardi - Everlasting / Movement Recordings
Timmo - Soliloquy / Strange Town Rec
Timmo - In A Cage / Strange Town Rec
Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Japanese Snowbell (Guy J Rmx) / Sudbeat
Rodskeez - Viviera / Sounds Of Earth
Li-Polymer - Supernatural / liquid Grooves
Guido Perich - Saja / Per-vurt Records
Madloch - Colorshock (Marcelo Vasami) / Sound Avenue
Omar Fayyad - The Future (Nikko Z Remix) / Crossfade Sounds
Dio S - Paradise Not For Me (Danny Lloyd Remix) / Balkan Connection SA

The 5th Sound Avenue with Mitrinique radioshow is online!
A lot of oldschool progressive house in this edition!

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Pablo Bolivar - Behind Me / Galaktika Records
Ink-Fushion - Soitklein / Stellar Fountain Records CDR
David Durango - Parametric Soul / Soulfooled
Metronomes - Myspace / Movement Rec CDR
Tvardovsky - Dream (Martin Etchegaray & Sebastian Lah Remix)/ Per-Vurt CDR
Kieran J - Time Is Now (Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia Rmx) / 99% Rec CDR
Yoram - Into TheLIght / Outside The Box CDR
Yoram - Alternating Current/ Outside The Box CDR
Khen - Deeper Trigger / Lowbit
Mindlook - Drowned In The Mood / Baires Records CDR
Ewan Rill - Dramatic (Reflection Soul Remix) / Mistiquemusic CDR
Neil Browne - Last Night (Vipul Remix) / Who's House
Nat Monday & Jay Welch - Waiting (Facundo Mohhr & Sound Process Remix) CDR
Rodskeez - Close Your Eyes / Vapour Rec
Guy J - Lost & Found (Sahar Z & guy mantzur rmx) / Lost & Found
Andre Sobota - Time (King Unique time Enough Dub Mix) / microCastle CDR
Diego Iglesias - Step Back (Allesandro Diga Rmx) / Liquid Grooves CDR
GRG - Stretch (Luis Junior Remix) / Replug CDR
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Maneuver (Guy Mantzur Remix) / Mesmeric CDR
Noa Romana & Deersky - Phoras / Mistiquemusic CDR
Noa Romana & Deersky - Metamorphosis (Scotty.A Remix) / Crossfade Sounds
Jaksa Pavicevic - Filthy Lucre (Stass Drive & Salt N Sugar Remix / Sangria Rec CDR

Lots of unreleased tracks in our latest radioshow!

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Visionquest, Tale Of Us - Equilibrio [Cocoon]
Ariane Blank - Don't Mess with The Tooth Fairy (Marc Poppcke Remix) [Shoes Boys & Bags CDR]
Timo Garcia, Manu Delago - The Hang Track Pt.II [Compost Records]
Simon Firth - Winter Solstice [Hype Muzik CDR]
Guy J - Genesis [Cocoon]
Nick Curly - Underground (Andy Arias Remix) [CDR]
Elliot Wright - Rise On High (Jamie Anderson Remix) [Sideways Recordings]
Sebastian Markiewicz - Phantom (Sirenize Remix) [CDR]
Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks - Race [Crossfade Sounds CDR]
John Drummer - Wait For You (Mitrinique's Stripped Down Remix) [Steller Fountain CDR]
Dave Shtorn - Magic Moments (Eelke Kleijn's Magical Dub Ride Remix) [Indigo Music]
Fran Von Vie - Albatros (Blusoul Remix) [99% Recordings CDR]
dPen - Vasanizome (Chris Fortier Remix) [Sound Avenue CDR]
Matias Larrosa & Bramus D - Guest House (Audiotox & Watson Remix) [Liquid Grooves CDR]
Mitrinique - Earthbound [Sound Avenue]
Madloch - Colorshock [Sound Avenue CDR]
Fran Von Vie - Albatros (Audiotox & Watson Remix) [99% Recordings CDR]
DNYO - Fringe (Charlie May Remix) [Selekt Digital CDR]
Juan Deminicis - At Hell [Sound Avenue CDR]
Daniel Stefanik - Everything Goes Green [Cocoon]


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Second episode of our monthly radioshow!
Every 2nd tuesday on United Radio:
Evert 2nd thursday on InsomniaFM:

Pawas - Ego [Night Drive Music]
Glimpse - Our Friends (Martin Dawson Alt-Dub Mix) [Pets Recordings]
Sireneze - Uncompromised [CDR]
Dibby Dougherty - Morning Light (Re-Drupre Remix) [Flow CDR]
Guy Gerber - One Day In May [Visionquest]
Juan Deminicis - Loathing [Soulfire Downloads]
Juan Deminicis - Panic[Soulfire Downloads]
Mitrinique - Mind Crossing (Audiotox & Watson Remix) [Mistiquemusic CDR]
Mitrinique - Mind Crossing (Original Mix) [Mistiquemusic CDR]
Samotarev - Beyond The Cloud (Simon Firth Remix) [Green Snake]
Dave Brody - Eclipse [Labyrinth Music CDR]
Hermanez - It's Been A Long Time [Trapez]
TJ Kong, Modular K - end Game feat Edward Capel [Kling Klong]
Pig & Dan, Mark Reeve - Violets [Bedrock]
Steve Slight - Hydroplan [Sound Avenue CDR]
David Chong - Corsican Brothers [Outside The Box CDR]
Hypnotic Duo - All Over Again (Dark Soul Project Remix) [Pervurt Rec CDR]
Prosis - Inner Guidance [Underground City Music]
Knox, Ghosting Season - A Muffled Sound Of Voices (Bubba's Clear Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
Josif - Lady B's Plea [Culprit]

Recordings from the monthly Sound Avenue Labelnight. This time with special guest TASH from MOVEMENT RECORDINGS ! His set starts at 2h38m
Lot's if exclusive stuff in this mix, enjoy!

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01 Of Norway - Hedone feat.Ane [Conaisseur]
02 Oliver Schories - Janna [Parquet]
03 Eelke Kleijn - Levensgenieter (Mehmet Akar Remix) [Outside The Box]
04 Tiger Stripes - State I'm In [Get Physical Music]
05 Freaks, Stella Attar - We Move [Rebirth]
06 Hartmut Kiss - Flaming Passion (Guy J Remix)[Definition Records]
07 Wehhba - Human Interface [Lo Klik]
08 Gui Boratto - Destination: Education (Tale Of Us Remix) [Kompakt]
09 Maher Daniel, Michael Gracioppo - Osaka Love Thief feat. Standard Fair [8Bit]
10 Of Norway - Blot Ditt Eige Lam (Of Norway Version) [Darkroom Dubs]
11 Rene Breitbarth - Bounce 2 [Deepdata]
12 Lonya & Audio Junkies - Mr.Nice Guy [Sound Avenue CDR]
13 B.I.G. - A Promise (Dark Soul Project Remix) [CDR]
14 Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile - Japanese Snowball (Manuel Sofia Remix) [Sudbeat]
15 Mike Griego -  People Change (Mono Electric Orchestra Remix) [Replug]
16 dPen - Vasanizome (Chris Fortier Instrumental Remix) [Sound Avenue CDR]
17 Noa Romana & Deersky - Endless Future [Mistiquemusic]
18 Oliver Schories - Saturday [Parquet]
19 Mehmet Akar & Dr. Avalance - Marmara (Matias Chilano Remix)[Per-vurt Records]


Show on Insomniafm: Sound Avenue / Every 2nd Thursday of the month at 15:00 CET