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no but i did see the Dallas, Tx Delta Heavy , and was one of the best gigs i've  been to still to this day. I've still never seen THAT many people unite together as one. Right at the end when everyone thought it was over,  sasha dropped cosmos "Take me with you dub" and the place lit up! that was magic.  digweed of course rocked it as well! powerful!
...yea, where is this DVD? Man, I would love to have a copy......


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gotta be john digweed hong kong.  my fav.

oh my god, what a crazy night! thanks so much for coming to dallas! Im truly humbled at the fact you showed up after all the hoopla that american airlines ran you through. Even got to meet you and say thanks at the after party. Man, what a treat. I hope to see you again in the dallas for a full set asap. thanks!, Jeremiah. TX