Should be a cracker of an evening if last year is anything to go by. That mix of Ian's is very good.

Mrs M wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

...will do my best to get to this

Would be great if you could smile

As this is the very last party tickets are flying and we expect it to sell out pretty soon so please buy your tickets now if you want to come. … NREQ3MCN68

email to transfer without fees.

Would be good to see you mate if you could make it down....

You had any of those tracks mastered and completed yet?

Got a huge amount of tracks to download for this already. Always a belting night when Jody's on board.

Nice one mate - we'll hopefully be heading down with a few people.

liquitech1 wrote:
Warren M wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

On the d/l....looks very tasty indeed!

Let me know what you think mate.

Its a great mix Warren....very nice track selection & flow....that Milk & Honey track is excellent as is the Tripwire one

Started following you on the cloud...nice one wink

Cheers mate - I'm putting together tracks for a new mix at the moment. Should be up next few days. Thanks for the follow smile

liquitech1 wrote:

On the d/l....looks very tasty indeed!

Let me know what you think mate.

dutchy101 wrote:

Great mix Wazza!

Cheers Paul. The tunes are very housey and perfect for this weather. BBQ, beers chilled, music turned up smile

Mrs M wrote:

Not long to go now.  The sun does usually make an appearance at our boat parties so we  are hoping for some on Sat smile

Which boat was it last year (Ossia) where the rain was coming down sideways as we boarded and then within 10 mins it was glorious, only to rain again before clearing for a great afternoon....seperates the wheat from the chaff!

Was busy onBeatport last night - I have got some absolute belters for the afterparty....

New mix from me...deep vocal techy stuff a plenty..... … udio-promo

Dekay & Burridge - Fur Die Liebe
Terje Saether - Scared
Joachim Pastor - Braumstig
SBTRKT - Hold On
Andrea Alcangeli - New Color
Good Guy Mikesh - Milk & Honey
Deep Future - Life Without Melody
Jay Tripwire - Sad & Beautiful World
Adi Dumitra - Accesoriu Organic
Moritz Ochsenbauer - Fuck Face
Los Suruba - Mantis
Crazy P - Changes

PS - for anyone who's not able to make the Twisted Audio boat party on Sat (details on below link), I'll be joining Dan Harwood and Andy Newland for the Twisted Audio Afterparty at Dan's Zigrid House Party 9pm till 3am


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Very cool Dan. Looking forward to catching up and playing on Saturday...

Really looking forward to enjoying the boat and then playing at the afterparty. Was busy listening to more tracks last night......

Unbroken1 wrote:

..who's deffo going then?


Good mix mate. Nice to be able to listen to it in 1 go as well....

Moojaa wrote:

Nice mix smile

Cheers. Trying to do a few mixes this year as only done about 3 in the last 10 years smile

steelydan72 wrote:

Gutted I can't make that as its the same day as my 40th party

40! Jesus.....

That's a real shame mate.

cjb001 wrote:

some nice tracks on there Warren smile

Cheers Carwyn. Some great music around at the moment - just putting some stuff together for another mix at the moment...

Although there's not much action on here anymore,  thought it was worth a post......

Sebastian Davison - Last Love Found (Original)
Solomun - He is watching You (Original)
Motorcitycoul - Cipher (Jay Sheapard 2nd Mix)
Jay West - Smile (Original)
Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road (The Revenge of Strings of Fife Mix)
Austra - Beat & the Pulse (Steffi Bass-Break Dub Mix)
Motorcitysoul - Hatohay (Move D Mix)
Patrick Lindsey- What I Remember (Original Mix)
Blond:sh - Truth in Me (Original Mix)
Martin Roth - Deep Style (Original Mix)
Nicolas Masseyeff - Mugen (Original Mix)
Booka Shade - Scaramanga (Dusty Kid Mix)
Mario & Vidis - Changed (John Talabot Private Mix)


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Had the same prob, but after the first attempt I just logged on via my phone and had no worries paying first time on that, then just used the dl manager on the lappy for the rest.

Same as - seems ok now though.

Had this on rotation for last few days - great stuff.

Nice one Damien on tracklist.

Hope you had a good Christmas and all the best for 2012. Hope to see you soon mate.

I'm really enjoying it Damien - listened to it twice now. belters on their but esopecially liking the track around 1 hour 32 mins.

Anything worth a mention on the production front?

Cheers guys. It was a fun old day all round.

The levels are slightly out (bass) which isn't ideal but otherwise I'm fairly pleased with it.

It was a blinding afternoon. Think Sarah has asked him to put it on Soundcloud.

Babak Shayan
Sebastian Davison
Lukas Greenberg
Greenville Massive
Mano Le Tough