fletcher wrote:

If its a 3am finish i cant really do it - on account of living out in the sticks now, and theres no way im driving...

Just kip at mine

I havent been to Bedrock for 3 years, but I will be coming to this one yikes)

In time honoured tradition I am going to get absolutely battered

Looks ace.

Is it really 1 hour 79 minutes long!

Is that the Fletch off here?  I will download tonight

Everyone should have schizophrenic taste is music

As long as I enjoy what I are listening to I dont really care who is playing and how they are playing it.  I am as happy listening to Digweed as I am to Shy FX or Tim Exile.

I personally enjoy mixing across major genre's (as anyone who has seen my record collection could testify) and I have major problems on beatport/dj download because i have to browse through about 5 different genre's to find records i like.

Stick it out

Has anyone ever been to Exit festival in Serbia (or wherever it is???)


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Judge Jules - ace

fletcher wrote:

I went 2000 and 2002, not been back since. Meaning to go each year but keep finding other things to spend my money on. Cant really see me going this summer either really, if i do, it will only be a long weekend.

Long weekend - that sounds like a challenge

For me it's got to be the ravilicious: Alan Titmash - Nostalgirave

Featuring 82 'rave classics' in about 6m30s.


Mike - how did the launch night go?

Let me know when the next nights are as I am still up in Warwick from time to time for my course



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What i can remember...

Jonathan Lisle - The art of modern mixing
DJ Surgeon - Live @ Glade
Andy Newland - Classic Wedding Mix
Armin van buuren - essential mix (its ace - honest)
Klute - Fear of people
Matthew Dear - Leave luck to heaven
Michael Meyer, Harry Klein - Kompakt 5 hour mix
Sigur Ros - ()
Muse - All their albums
Ricardo Villalobos - Salvador & Alcachofa
Son Kite - Perspectives of...
Swayzak - Loops from the Bergerie
Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Miss Jenny wrote:

Im going to get legless

ahoyahoy Excellent - that's what we like to hear


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I am doing 4 sprint triathlons this year, they are based somewhere near London.  Will fish out the details if you are interested Roberto

Gabba, Happy Hardcore & Speed Garage all in one night, sounds f*cking ace.

Fletch - you about for this me old mucker?

Jay Grant wrote:

Contrary to various rumours, this is not the last Twisted Melon

Aaah - that makes me feel a little better that I wont be able to make it at the weekend


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No matter how good the friday line ups are I always have a better time on Saturdays

Following on from last weeks 1st ever CD only mix, here is my 2nd ever CD only mix. This one starts of with techy house and ends quite progressive.  If anyone listens to it let me know what you think.

Mixed on Numark CDN22 & Gemini PS626 -----> high tech in these parts guv!

01. Alex Neri-December (Original) [Tenax Recordings]
02. Jimpster-Square Up (John Tejada Remix) [Buzzin Fly]
03. Loco Dice-El Gallo Negro (Original) [Ovum Recordings]
04. Rene Amesz Peter Gelderblom-Climb The Wall (Dub Mix) [Little Mountain Recordings]
05. James Zabiela-Weirder Science (Original) [Renaissance]
06. Alter Ego-Gate 23 (Lost On Arrival...) (Alter Ego Dub) [Klang Elektronik]
07. Zwicker-Monkey Mood (Original) [Get Physical Music]
08. BarBQ-No Words (Dub Mix) [Spinifex Records]
09. Smsound ft.Bradford Willoughby-People (Original) [Blue Bass Records]
10. Sven Weisemann-Slices (Original) [Liebe Detail]
11. Campari-Campari (Main Mix) [Azuli Records]
12. Aural Distortion-Next (Original) [Tsuba]
13. Darius Pogosssian-Shreded Memories (Original) [Fiberline Audio]
14. Martin Eyerer Toni Rios-Duende (Lost in Robert Babicz Space Remix) [Kling Klong]

http://www.mixdepot.net/DimitriValentin … 09-21).mp3

I got it on Tuesday but not listened yet.

The London Elektricity live CD/DVD is ace too

I will just finish downloading my purchases from djdownload and then i will listen

fletcher wrote:
Evil Doris wrote:

are tickets available yet?

Can you still go Chris?

I am still going probably, although I am running the Nike 10k on Sunday morning

are tickets available yet?

I've not really mixed much int he past 6 months but now I finally have broadband I am loving downloading tunes (legally of course).  So, here is my first ever CD deck only mix.  My kit is pretty basic (Numark CDN22) so there are no clever tricks, just good tunes. 

It starts off with some start of the night music but progresses.  If you have time to download and listen please let me know what you think.  Enjoy.

1. Darius Kohanim-Revitalized (Vital Dub) [Hunya Munya Records]
2. Pablo Roma-Broken Cells (Coldfish Deep Dub) [FeralCode Records]
3. Nic Hogendoorn  Eelke Kleijn-Gamma Fix (Original) [Spinifex Records]
4. Segeke-Deeper Side (Elon Remix) [Arabica Recordings]
5. Kupon-Zoom Out (Original) [Curfew]
6. Cristian Paduraru-Confidance On The Dancefloor (Original) [2LS 2 Dance]
7. Guy Gerber-Mogly (Original) [Cocoon Recordings]
8. Kamisshake-Chilli Freak (Original) [Ocean Trax Records]
9. Jeff Bennett-Impression (Jamie Mchugh Synth Vox Mix) [Spinifex Records]
10.Maderfotor-H.P. Baxxter (Original) [Ware]
11.Nic Fanciulli-Lucky Heather (Original) [Renaissance]
12.Dumb Dan  Rasmus-Ljus (Patrik Bjorkman Remix) [Dumb Recordings]

http://www.mixdepot.net/DimitriValentin … 09-16).mp3


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I think they got rid of it when they did the redesign a few months back