What do you think?  Here's the nice album cover.


Thoughts, comments, etc.

CD 1 is super-smooth, too smooth for some.    I think both cd's fit more with the renaissance sound than SK's Everybody (though thats a great buy also.)  If I was stuck on a desert island I'd take the Cattaneo set.

im over here in the states and i love house music. i havnt met anyone who likes it as much as I do or has the cd collection i have. it gets lonely sometimes... I wish i lived in london instead of connecticut.

is the scene in the UK chill nowadays?  if ive got ID and some cash, can I get into whatever club and see my fave dj's? or is it more complicated than that?  are the best clubs 21+ (im 19)



hey people. im new, so dont flog me.

Sasha Ibiza for me was a defining moment. I'd have to say its the best.  But, the 24:7 series is pretty kickin,... if you like melodic baselines (which i didnt know existed) get the Burridge 24:7.

But yeah, sasha ibiza.   san fran is ok too.