can i get an link to download a mp3 version of this set, please?

Most Certainly loving Gridlock .... one of the best Bedrock tracks in sometime......

^^^^  YES!!! I second that.... a new mix would be great..... that chart looks pretty sweet....

^^^^^^ agreed Brother Brown remix is their 'weakest'...

I love the remix of Orbital though... one of the best tracks on GU 13

Alot of people may tell you it a track called Virtua Trancer, but it is actually POB-Bluebottle, i think they have it on beatport. Just look up POB......

cool track by the way....


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i would totally buy this if it wasnt $15K, fuck.....

cool technology though......


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yeah, i have been bitchin about this mix on various forums. cd 1 is pretty decent, but the mixing is not good. he just kinda jumps into each track. cd 2 has some good tracks, but no flow or programming at all. i listen to it, but it is just not that good a mix cd at all. the ableton thing may or may not explain his terrible mixing, i mean listen to Sasha's new mix cd, it  sounds layered and properly mixed even though he is using ableton. i recommend buying Therapy Sessions Vol.3 first, like i did,something to fall back on. Lexicon Avenue's cd is the shit and Dave Seaman's is pretty good too.


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fuckin said they aren't sending it till the end of november( i pre-ordered). was the US release pushed back?


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i like cd 1, cd 2 has some good tracks, but it is not put together as a set very well. Cd1 is pretty good though, worth the purchase price. this is not the strongest GU release by far, but it is still a good cd. It is full of vocal tracks, but that is what Sharam is known for anyway. I bought it, and was not expecting it to be GU06 or anything like that, but was nicely suprised that i do like it well enough to have been playing it pretty consistently. BUY IT.

I am about to listen to this again right now.....
after GU 6 Sydney CD 2,Disc 1 is still absoultly brilliant!!!!

i recently got a copy of this cd again, Beautiful and one of the best mixes ever.


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Hey Phil, I am having trouble finding the link to download your new mix.
The link in the download section on your site does not take me where i can find it. Please help....

agreed. pole folder's mix is one of THE best mixes i have heard so far this year and there has been alot of good mixes this year. Diggers show has been VERY consistent this year, between his live sets he has been playing, and his guests' mixes(ie.Nick Warren,Jon Lisle,Pole Folder,ect).


electro, sound more like Sasha. Diggers current live set are his usual(Yeah!) deep, dark progessive house sound. The Fabric cd is a little more on the tech, (dare i say electro-y) side. big_smile  still love Diggers music and talent either way.

any chance this was recorded? big_smile

it is not that i don't agree with him on alot of things, but he is just pushing his own ultra-Leftist agenda. i think if you present facts, you should either be completly unbias or not voting for either Bush or Kerry, vote for independent candidates, and make up you own mind.

as i was kinda stoned yesterday, i forgot about these

Pole Folder & CP - Apollo Vibes
Pole Folder & CP - Dust
Fortunato & Montresor - Imagine (pole folder mix, or Chris Fortier mix: easily my favourite track ever; so beautiful and entrancing :pimp  big_smile  big_smile)

anything by pole folder and CP is the shite and is instantly a classic

pretty much all of them are the shite. as far as my favs.:

Moonface-Between Worlds(EP)
Yunus-Invasion EP
Tone Depth-Rumblefish
Bedrock-Emerald (all mixes)
any release by Dousk

there is about 5 more or so i really like, i just can't remember right now.

hope this helps

Moonface live @ Easter Bedrock

1. Aural Imbalance - Aural Navigation - Deep Space Recordings

2. Deep Space Organisms - I've Seen Things - Feat Jahkbass

3. Stefan Gubatz - Wasserbett - Phono Elements

4. Morris Audio City Sport Edition - Echopilot - Fragile

5. Morris Audio City Sport Edition - todd bodline

6. Minimal Man - Chicken Store - Six of One - Perlon Records

7. Lucien-N-Luciano - B. Remix for Amal - Peace Frog Records

8. Morris Audio City Sport Edition - Echopilot - Fragile EP

9. Zarl Zeiss - Berlin New York - Red Antenna

10. CSM 8 A Selway

11. Jeff Bennet - Nite Wanderer - Triebstoff

12. Construction Kids - Snapshotz - Choke Records 12

13. Timeless Bandits - Hose Down

14. Brett Johnson - right turn left turn

wonderful mix, Phil. One of the best this year. lots of energy and complex tracks. Cheers. big_smile  8)

tracklisting anyone? big_smile

thanks so much, Phil. downloading now and looking very forward to listening to it. big_smile  big_smile


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top 5:(no particular order)
John Digweed GU19 LA  big_smile
Nick Warren GU24 Rekjavik  8)
Sasha GU09 San Francisco
Sasha GU13 Ibiza
John Digweed GU14 Hong Kong

what the fuck are you talking about?
this mix kicks ass, i am listening to it right now.
sometimes his mixing can be a little off, but this set is pretty flawless.

everyone fucks up every now and then, but Nick Warren is definently the shite still big_smile

i dont care if he puts voice overs or something along the lines of what Diggers does on his show. it would not ruin it for me or anyone else, plus it will keep those assholes that rip people off  form doing anything.


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Michael Moore is just as bad as fuckin Bush, his movie is so far to the left that it is nothing more then pinko propaganda. he only makes the case that the anti-Bushites like to push. this brainwashes people with the same kind of rethoric that Dubya uses. don't run to the Demonrats(democrats), just because Bush is an idiot. vote independent parties.