This is a mix that happened by accident really. I just thought i'd play a few old records for a change. But what I ended up with is a mix of records that I am very happy to, not only own, but have the plesure of even hearing. (sorry if this sounds a bit deep!) This, I belive, is the music that I love/have grown up with, summed up in one mix. Most of it is old, and subsequently you would of heard it before, but theres bits of new(ish) stuff thrown in there for good measure. (I'm Such a Hippie!)

2eq - Lactive Placid

Aba Structure - Illusion (Fungus)
Momu - The Dive (Lo

I got my copy for

Thanks again to once again for hosting with the mosting (!?) Quite happy with this little mix, had just spent about ?80 in Massive, and felt the need to put it to some use...

(please note, you have to be registered to before u can DL this set, and it only takes 2 seconds) … EQ_-_Storm < left mouse click to reach DL page.

2eq - Storm

Alex Dolby - Untitled Valley (Mantra vibes)
Jase from outta space - Do what you want [Infusion sky mix] (navigation)
Yunus & Subsky - Erotic Sumo (Red flag collective)
Matthew Dekay & Proluctors - Gods answer [DK]
Steve Porter - Vodka Cranberries [Original] (Nu republic)
Ashtrax - Digital reason [Ogenkki clinic mix] (Deviant)
Powerplant Ft. Trout - Turn it to gold [Madoka's faded memories mix] (Deep)
Flash brothers - Ways [chris Salt mix] (Silver planet)
The Youngsters - Smile [Sasha's Involver mix] (F Communications/GU music)
Petter - Tone Diary (Border community)

Feedback would be nice! Thanks guys

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hi guys and gals, i just need a bit of advise...
i've just moved 2 croydon and i was thinking of going to bedrock
on thursday.
where exactly is it and how much of a taxi journy would it be?
as u can probably guess, i've never been - so any help would be great.
thanks in advance!

A bit of an older mix, really just a test, but some nice records though... feedback would be appreciated, although i know it aint perfect!! … amp;lid=76

holden v's pound - kaern turned (easy access)
ashtrax - digital reason (devient)
rouzbeh delavari - innerstructure (deep)
indigo child - underwater (silver planet)
white room - strapped (bedrock)
medway & cusick - neutrix (saw)
spooky - andromeda (netwerk)
soul mechanic - c'est robotique (rip)
katcha - touced by god (hooj)
loudeast - sondo profundo (shinichi)
bracacio & aisha - looks like a star (bedrock)