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Haha!! You guys crack me up!

Problem solved,I discovered the bpm editor

smashdad wrote:


Nor do I have any immediate idea as to why you bought said tunes.


Nah it's 122bpm but as soon as I loaded it it jumped to 160 odd!


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Alright chaps? Long time no see!

Just a query.

Anyone have an idea WTF some tunes I get off beatport have a ridiculously high bpm that is absolutely unmixable?? Is that the idea-so that they're meant to be unplayable??


Nice trip down memory lane there!! I could go on and on.


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A couple of new ones for when you're really bored.

Hades (Tony Dee Remix) Kaiser Souzai
Gordo (Kevin Over Remix) Tony Casanova
Quasar 27.3/ Lee Van Dowski
The Sigil (David Mayer Remix) MATRIXXMAN
Sekater/Rafael Cerato
Servant(Ruede Hagelstein Remix) Alice Rose
Tell Me Why Feat.Stereo MC's(Danny Daxe Remix) Terranova
Leather Face/Odd Parents
Just Can't Stop/Loco & Jam
Let Me Tell You/Jimmy Edgar
Converse/Ken Hayakawa
Carpe Diem/Vinyl Speed Adjust
Lute Trills/Sonic Future
Kepler 186F(186Fetisch Mix)Terranova


Skin & Bones Feat.Lydmoor & Bon Homme(Karl Friedrich Mix) Terranova
The Wanting/Just Her
One/Kiko,Olivier Giacomotto
Servant(Ruede Hagelstein Remix) Alice Rose
2001/Third Son
If Only Jack Was Here/Lee Van Dowski
Leather Face/Odd Parents
Phoenix (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix) Solee
Kepler 186F(186Fetisch Mix)Terranova
Momentum/ ANNA
Dollar Bills (Re.You Remix) Juan Ddd,DJ Smik
Tell Me Why Feat.Stereo MC's(Danny Daxe Remix) Terranova



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Haha!! Love the way when I'm mixing I think it sounds great-then listen back and hear all the fuck ups!!


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Haven't listened yet,but sounded pretty damn good at the time.All tunes bought this morning.

1.  Come See Me feat.Kieran Fowkes (Raphael Cerato Clapper Darkness Mix)/This is I
2.  The Wanting(Original Mix)/Just Her
3.  2001(Original Mix)/Third Son
4.  This Time(Sei A Remix)/Adam Port,Jennifer Touch
5.  Dis N Dat(Original Mix)/ANNA
6.  Momentum(Original Mix)ANNA
7.  Keplar 186F(186Fetisch Mix)/Terranova
8.  Phoenix(AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)/Solee
9.  Dollar Bills(Re.You Remix)/Juan Dodd,DJ Smilk
10.If Only Jack Was Here(Original Mix)/Lee Van Dowski
11.Impressions Of A Dawn(Alba In 4/4)(Original Mix)/Luca Bellerini
12.Lute Trills(Original Mix)/Sonic Future
13.Quasar 27.3(Original Mix)/Lee Van Dowski
14.One(Original Mix)/Kiko
15.Gordo(Kevin Over Remix)/Tony Casanova
16.Hades(Tony Dee Remix)/Kaiser Souzai
17.Skin & Bones Feat.Lydmoor & Bon Homme(Karl Friedrich Mix)/Terranova


Cheers Smashy-knew I could count on you!!

Enjoyed your limited edition mix!

What you guys think about the sound quality...actually general overall quality. Just recently got back into mixing after a ten year absence,using an extremely amateur set up,(virtualDJ8!! Free download lol) but thinking about upgrading to traktor or equivalent. Saying that, for my situation it suits me fine.The only thing that pisses me off is that I'm mixing one handed on my trackpad,which as you all know is extremely limiting. Any recommendations for controllers and programs I should be looking at? Opinions are very welcome.



Also bear in mind I usually get progressively inebriated while mixing!! Laughing emoticon..

Big Fella wrote:

I will be filing mine in between Telford and Uttoxeter.


Tbf,I got the fcuk out as soon as I was 18.

Only joking Ahad!!

I saw the photos on facebook.

Which one were you then?

Hot asian bird? Shit pony tailed guy? Or sick looking dude?

Judging by your pneumonia ,I'm guessing the latter..

Thought about going to this Ahad.

Then i looked at the line up.

Gave it a massive s to the proverbial.


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Tracklist to follow.


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Feedback would be most welcome....But go easy on me chaps!!!


Die Anderen(Original Mix)Kolsch
Walls(DJ Tennis Remix)Art Department
Zulu(Original Mix)Gardens of God
E45(Original Mix)Kolsch
I Want Everything(Rafael Cerato Remix)Chocolate Avenue
Orbis(Original Mix)Shall Ocin
From The Air(Original mix)ANNA
DerDieDas(Original Mix)Kolsch
Birth(Ja Mix)Stephan Bodzin
Closed System(Original Mix)Gold Ryan,Tapesh
Stolen Memory(Original Mix)Guy J
Juno 1(Original Mix)Gardens of God
Return to Mono(Original Mix)Pig&Dan
H(Original Mix)Stephan Barnem
The Hard Parade(Original Mix)Sasha Carassi
Genesis(Original mix)Hunter_Game
Step 1(Original Mix)Carreno is LB
Ambiences(Original mix)ANNA
The Road Feat.Gregor Schwellenbach(Original Mix)Kolsch


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Seeing him on friday night. Last time I saw him play was b2b with diggers at the sw4 afterparty in 2005.
Not expecting much tbh.Hold tight for feedback.


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So I move to Hong Kong on the sunday. Wednesday night I find out he's playing the saturday night!!! How chuffed was I???

Had an awesome night. Introduced John's music to one of the natives and she loved it.

What was that vocal tune he played about an hour before the end? I'm not really into vocals,but this tune was immense!! The whole club exploded!! Seemed to go on for a good fifteen minutes,but I could be mistaken...

Definately the best I've heard him in a long time!!

Just seen SimonR's vid in the Toronto thread. 'Tis said track!! That video doesn't do it justice as you can't hear the monstrous driving bassline. Incredible tune dropped at exactly the right moment- almost brought tears to my eyes!!

Cd 1= Not my cuppa tea.

Cd 2= Fantastic.

Been after this for the last ten years!!!!! Had it on minidisc back in the day but lost it or something.

One of my favourite mixes.Ever!!


01. Jas - Dirty Carnival Music [SAW]
02. Tijuana - Groove Is In The Air (Simons Sweepapella(acapella)) [Bedrock]
03. Cirque - Cirque Music Volume 2 [Cirque]
04. Jimmy Van M @ Sanctuary - Sanctuary (Brancaccio and Aisher remix) [Bedrock records]
05. Unknown
06. Sean Cusick - Paraiso Obscuro [Viscous Discs]
07. Sumantri - Diversion [Pod]
08. Tone Depth - Rumble Fish [Bedrock]
09. Deep Amok - Shades [Bedrock Black]

That Cusick tune is indeed sick!!!

Ace times.


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smallman1 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

When you are talking about ones footballing credentials, watching your team winning Ole Big Ears in the flesh cannot be beaten.

Anybody who hasn't done this lacks gravitas IMO.

Couldn't agree more BF.

Fairly sure we're the only ones to have done so on the board.

Apologies in advance if I'm incorrect.

Sorry mate,I was in Istanbul for THAT final!!


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Fuck! He's only playing at Rex tomorrow night...school night an all...leading into my birthday.. ..
What to do...what to do....hmmmm


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Actually prefer his december mix.

Is it wrong to think most of the individual tracks are pretty shit.....???

Just goes to show why I'm not the best dj on the planet.

Fantastic release......but I gotta be honest..cd's 3 and 4 don't really do it for me..at home.I'm sure in a club I would love it,but listening on my headphones at home it just sounds a bit flat...maybe i'm asking too much,or probably i'm getting too old!!!!

However,I think cd's 1 and 2 are awesome!

Disappointed that the two monsters he played in Paris in july weren't included.And if I'm honest I would have prefered to have bought his three hour set in paris,as he absolutely destroyed the place.It doesn't sound that way on this release.

****Having taken my head out of my arse,cd4 sounds much better.And infact that 303 track is indeed one of said monsters that blew the roof off over here!!

Amazing how these tunes sound so different in a different environment.Also of the unmixed tunes,I would buy maybe one third of them to mix with.Compliments to diggers for making them all sound ace in the mix.


If the first minute's anything to go by,this is gonna be immense...


I'm drunk!

About to listen to cd4.

For the first time.

I'll keep you posted.