Tangerine dream did a lot of work on the GTA V soundtrack - think this is one of theirs (although this is a DJ Shadow remix)


>> 08. [034] Royce Allen - An Aborted Fetus Wrapped In Cloth & Placed Gently In A Prada Shopping Bag

WTF? lol.

His EM debut from 2003 ish is one of the best ever.

Good work fella!


Big Fella wrote:

Hannu provided a link.

* download * link.

anyone got a download linky? Soundcloud came up blank. Ta.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

EX_MACHINA. Imagine an episode of Tales Of The Unexpected with hot naked android vixens in it. Some of whom are Asian. And you even get to see some of their fannies. l was fixated and rock hard throughout. Now I'm off to give my missus one. 8/10

Aye, saw this, this morning. Smart decision by the director to pack a potentially boring diatribe on the dangers of AI with loads of naked stunner chicks.

Also 8/10

MattBlack wrote:

Sometimes i think people have an over romanticized view of having kids, if they knew how much hard work is involved they might not bother but fair play do those who do it, im far too much of a selfish cunt myself

I thought that but then realised it was bullshit - loads of people have more than one kid knowing full well what it involves.

I love being a Dad - hard work but best thing in the world - and that's from someone who was really cynical about it before I had them.

Just got through part 2 -  cracking stuff.

Someone has spotted most of part 1 on SC already.


"We've had a mammary relapse"

you stay classy there Sun.

fletcher wrote:

Records dont seem to keep their value but decks do.. especially technics.  Been keeping my eye on some ebay sales and a set of 1210 mk2 will go for £850 no problem.

Really? Fucking hell - better get on it. Cheers!


smallman1 wrote:

Is this set any cop?

It's class.

oooosh that last track - holy moly big_smile

nah no tracklisting - which is a shame as it's amazing - best set I've heard in ages.


Very nice.

https://soundcloud.com/jimmyvanm/jimmy- … nniversary

Decent - hour 2 especially.

Presto wrote:
Wally wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Poor Keeley.

Indeed - here you go:

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/keeley- … 91122.html

Thoughts and prayers...

*Scroll, scroll, scroll*

FFS. What a useless article without pics.

Pants back on there dude.

Big Fella wrote:

Poor Keeley.

Indeed - here you go:

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/keeley- … 91122.html

Thoughts and prayers...

MattBlack wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

whatever happened to Keeley Hazell btw?

She's in some new movie I think, she went to Hollywood to try and make it as an actress

I heard it was more as a screenwriter - she was whining on the huffington post about hollywood rejecting her because of her past history of getting the bangers out and how she should be able to move on without it coming up - conveniently forgetting that if she hadn't been a pin-up girl she'd probably be on the tesco checkouts unable to finance a life of hollywood screenwriting.

Join the games industry - we're getting a kicking from femi-nazi types at the moment.

It's beyond ridiculous.

My favourite part is the new words they are making up - look up:


http://time.com/3666135/sheryl-sandberg … rruptions/

Basically, if you're a man, feel bad about yourself.



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Nick Sneddon wrote:

Oldham told him no but he thought they meant yes, sos hes down there at the training ground this morning




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Ive got watkins black AM sonewhere (but would have to go exploring to dig it out) Give me a shout if no one else sorts you out

dutchy101 wrote:

Happy New Year to you all Bedrock brethren. Just  back from hospital where my wife has given birth to my first born son. Sorry Ed, couldn'tbring myself to call him Reg in the end. NYE doesn't get much better than that. Have fun whatever you're up to. X

My son (my first) came along on December 29th 2013 - best feeling in the world when they came home on New Years eve last year.

You've got a fun year ahead!