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Boring wrote:

This thread is clearly going to end well.

Surely that's kind of the entire point?

Turns out I'm the cunt's trick.

But I knew that already.

I asked around - none to give dude - soz

Anyway, listening to LISB, Cosmic Cowboys - Capricon - Sounds like a low fi version of Marst - Control room - like almost the exact same beats



Finally managed to get through all this - really enjoyed it big_smile

There's a magnum double caramel that should be illegal too.....

Since we've got no problems with spoilers in this thread, here's one for next weeks episode.


Homegrove wrote:

I'm of the minority who thinks the first Terminator-movie is still the best. Humanizing the T-800 never worked for me.

T1 is defo the best terminator flick.

Raspberry magnums are basically the crack cocaine of the ice lolly world.

They were on special down at tescos so got a box and became hopelessly addicted.

Now theyve ramped up the price and i've had to pimp the mrs out, sell all my possessions and perform acts no man should to feed my addiction.


<polite golf clap>

poirot wrote:

What about all the childrens lives its destroyed?

Collateral damage wink

But seriously, these games are clearly marked as adults only so the fault doesn't lie with the developers.

Big Fella wrote:

Has Bedrock a rubbish kids computer game section as well?

lol big_smile

My last game:

http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/new … rds-51900/

Full list of Grand Theft Auto V record-breaking achievements:

1. Best-selling action-adventure videogame in 24 hours
2. Best-selling videogame in 24 hours
3. Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion
4. Fastest videogame to gross $1 billion
5. Highest grossing videogame in 24 hours
6. Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours
7. Most viewed trailer for an action-adventure videogame

Finally laid the ghost of Driver 3 to rest wink

Just kidding chief - No, I don't work for Bedrock - but the simplest solutions are usually the correct ones - might have been a mare mix but probs licensing - Occams razor and all that.

poirot wrote:

So what we saying? Diggers didn't have a mare of a mix ? Do you work for his PR dept Wally?

Yes - worked for Bedrock since it started.

poirot wrote:

Had to have a day off work today to recover LOL Which gave me chance to listen properly. Whilst it is a superdoopa mix, can anyone tell me whats going on between tracks 4 & 5 on CD1 the Dauwd remix and Drifter remix? Sounds most un-Digweed like? Call me old fashioned amongst all the adoration, but its completely out of key.

Maybe its the point where he had to scramble security after noticing SimonR was in attendance. Again.

I think the odd tune gets cut out here and there, presumably for licensing issues. Can't pull the entire project just because you couldn't get one track.

IIRC, there's a mix between tracks on Toronto that has female vocal samples in it that only appear once or twice and then never again  which points to the same thing.

Such is life.

I'd already seen it.

Just think it's a cunts trick spoiling the episode for people who hadn't seen it - even if you wanted to talk about it, anyone who'd seen it would know what you were talking about without you having to write it out for no apparent reason other than because you could.

Oh and two shotgun blasts, one at point blank range suggest he's not coming back - you know they use different shots in trailers than the actual show, or <shock horror>, they were actually doing misdirection by including shots of him that aren't in the final show?

Unless the scenes with Colin Farrell are flashbacks eh Zachstar, as the show *frequently* does.

Bit of a cunts trick spoiling the episode there like (putting "spoiler" two lines above before spilling the twist of the episode does not count)

Take more fucking care next time.

Rave Lizard wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Somebody had a flag of Kim sucking the other guy's dick from Kim's movie and was holding it up during Kanye's set.

I heard Nick Warren got the same during Way Out West, but with Petra on the flag.

No you didn't.

Homegrove wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Ex-Machina - summary: man with beard invents sexbot & drinks beer


I only dream of unventing sex-bots.

Watched Safety Not Guaranteed last night on Netflix. Liked it a lot. It's a small indie time travel romantic comedy by the Jurassic World-director. Shot beautifully, and great acting from everyone except for Abrey Plaza who is exactly the same in anything she's in.

fucksake, just checked -  not available in UK - netflix really is shit isn't it? They seem to only get movies that flopped or didn't even make it to the flicks.

Variety mag says the first three episodes are the same quality wise so dont be getting your hopes up.

My bairn got hold of my copy and took several bites out of the box. He says it's delicious. Best one yet!

Beijing Dave wrote:

Really enjoyed about half of the first season, but it didn't have the right ending - should have been a collapse of the rotten state institution (a la our BBC/royalty paedocult) rather than going all shit and supernatural with all that green-eyed spaghetti monster bollocks.

The McConaughey-Harrelson double header was admittedly inspired for much of it though.

I thought it was going to have been Harrelson committing the murders all along or something else. Was surprised at the ending.

I think it got cut from 12 to 10 (or whatever) episodes half way through production, hence the hail mary, never in a million years, fucking stupid "hey, that guy was painting fences green 20 years ago, it must have been HIM!" solution.

Jurassic World - 7/10 - could have been so, so much worse (in fact the people who put the trailers together want shooting as they made it look awful and it wasn't) so was pleasantly surprised

Aye, that's a cracking tune that is.


Cracking mix - one of the best you've done in a while



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Been using Uber for 6 months and think they are great - better service in every way and cheaper - what more could you want? Better for the drivers too apparently as there's no risk of being mugged anymore since they don't carry cash.

Got told off an Uber driver than the only reason why any driver doesn't like Uber is because they are fiddling tax with the cash in hand whereas Uber pay taxes before paying the driver. Oh and loads of foreign ones not liking it because they are expected to have a conversation with the customer rather than sit is silence.

More power to them.

Having said all that, being a driver for Uber is like Turkeys voting for Xmas since Uber are one of the biggest investors in self driving cars. So eventually they'll all be out of work too.