Need to watch it again to render a proper verdict as I was knackered last night but thought it was a bit of a disappointment TBH - it's decent, looks gorgeous with Roger Deakins cinematography but it's got a very bare bones script and rather oddly changes focus from the main character to another character 15 mins from the end so you're kind of going "eh?". It almost felt like the setup story for another movie or something.

Seen Apparat live before and it was top drawer.

Rusty Nails being a highlight.

Defo go and see them.

Currently putting up my hardcore techno / gabba vinyls up for sale...

Turns out they are worth a fucking fortune.

Anyway, quite enjoyable flicking through some of them (most of them are just noise to be fair)

jamie wrote:


Was expecting a shitty gangstar flick and it was better than I thought it would be mainly due to Tom Hardy actually being quite unnerving when playing Ronnie.


Check out Bronson if you get a chance. He's top notch in that too.

Wipe off 300 million in debt, get the administrators to sell the assets to a shell company set up by the owners. Resume operations as if nothing happened. Textbook.

Time for another "Did you know"?

Did you know Mount everest has a "rainbow road" which is a stretch where all the tourists (in their multi coloured jackets) have keeled over and died. Tru Fax

The Revenant. 8 grizzly bears / 10

Looks phénoménal and Leo goes all in (literally in one case)

Worth checking out.

Terry wogan owned a limousine company which was contracted to transport all the celebrities around for Children in need. He pocketed fuckloads of money for every one. Thats charity! Lol

monostereo wrote:

I still enjoy listening to Airdrawndagger and the more incidental music he made with Charlie May.  I'm keen to hear how this stands up.

Hold tight for thousands of identical DJ Barry Shitpeas McRemixes flooding beatport over the next 2 years.

I heard DJ Barry Shitpeas was an awesome warm up DJ

So just as he (fucking finally) gets back on form rinsing it out for a couple of months he releases....... A chill out involver album.

Ffs. You couldn't make it up.

I like how he gets to have his own custom name for it though. Must be in his contract demands. Wouldnt want to blend in with the crowd Alex would we?

His 6 mix was aces though so judgement is reserved. Was wetting my panties in anticipation of a two disc balance that blew the doors (that second BPM set is defo classic sasha quality) off but nnnnoooooooo.

smallman1 wrote:

Looks like Millsy's head's been put in a vice.

Charlie M? You make me pop your fuckin' eye outta your protect that piece of shit? You dumb motherfucker!


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Olive skin mate - I tan beautifully. lol big_smile

Cheers for the advice - we're not sure when we're going - just fancy a good hol - so stick a pin in a globe job. looks awesome for chilling doing fuck all.


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Cheers dude. Will investigate.

Why? Just because they are for the more rowdy crowd or just not much to do except get messy in various ways


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What's Bangkok like for wholesome family style shite - looking into holidays at the mo - thinking a week in Bangkok and a a week in Koh Samui but will have The Kommandant and sprog with me so will be being well behaved.

Scott Bradford - Shindigs resident is a tremendous warm up DJ - used to pitch it absolutely perfectly for the headliner to take over every time.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Anyone that cant warm up properly shouldn’t be let anywhere near a dj booth imo

e.g. Scarlette Ettienne warming up for Sasha and dropping Energy Flash at Matter? lol


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Sure the bedrock faithful are thrilled to see Grimes on there.


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Hey, is there a link to:

DJ Kotilehto @ Bar Kuka 23.1.2016 biisilistaus.

somewhere? Can't find it. Been searching for literally milliseconds. Ta.

djdiggers wrote:

This will be the last one for a while so hope you like it.


Ordered - Looking forward to it - really pushed the boat out with the 6 CDs. Kudos.


Not a bad picture to open a thread to but fucking phew I'm not at work right now.

Anyone know what the last track is on that LNOE NYE mix? It's gets the Walton seal of approval.

Sasha LNOE / BPM sets.

Didnt think i'd ever be writting that name in this thread again but there it is.

millsy23 wrote:
kiz wrote:

6 cds that's insane!!!!

How can anything in the series beat 6 cds?!

7 CDs!

Lol yeah Millsy but where's he going to go after that? There's no way to beat that! Didn't think of that one did you?!