Holy fuck. ETC out of retirement. Make sure to register on the new place dude.

Dermatron wrote:

Oh stop fucking whining will you, you fucking crying cunt. Jesus if any fucker needs a proper fucking straightner its you. Such a selfish little shite.
Everyone is happy to take it that its the end of the road but guess who? Fucking me me me NSFWally. Crying little pissant.

LOL - STFU Dermo.

Poster who's relentless negativity most directly responsible for getting the board shutdown : Dermo with Bantdad in 2nd.

Early bird tickets on sale now. Should be grand. Was class in May this year.

Dr2DJ-(NR) wrote:

Brilliant night.

A S&D masterclass

Reminiscent of halcyon days seeing Sasha and John at Mecca (The Arches)

Aren't they supposed to be announcing a gig in glasvegas soon?

Any ideas? Not a long clip sadly. Was too busy going coco bananas at this point.

First time at WHP, really liked it. Very cool place. Literally (the open air along the side of the main room helped keep the temperature down a notch so it wasn't a total sweat fest - grateful for that) and figuratively. Other than the inevitable sound bleed from room to room in places.

Didn't think the wanker ratio was any higher than usual - actually thought the majority of the crowd were up for it and pretty friendly. Bit of a sausage fest mind lol.

Music was generally awesome but everyone (Steve Parry, Christoph, Fanciulli) seemed to be rinsing it out (or rather ramped the pitch right up) from the off. Way too banging in every room from the "warm up" guys. Heard Halle Bopp an hour and a quarter after it opened for example in the main room - supposed to be a remix but don't think it made much of a difference after being pitched up to fuck.

Fanciulli was his usual style (not my thing) and he brought it down a bit for his last 20 mins - including some daft breakbeat tune and then S&D's first half an hour was a bit anti climactic after all the DJs belted it out but after that, Sasha dropped an absolutle monster trance style track with a proper hands in the air breakdown and from then on they just belted it out. Amazing stuff. Loved it.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself. One of them nights where everything clicked. Was great to see a few old faces and some of the regular crowd again.

Top evening.

Amps wrote:

Was boss. moer details when I finish puking.

What he said.

Top, top evening.

Homegrove wrote:

That wasn't so long.

Try harder!

Where's the pre-party for this?



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Grant wrote:

He's done us proud Wally, without him, we'd have paid double that.  At least

Ah of course - God bless 'im.


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No no no - Our Lord and Savior Boris Johnson definitely said they could "go whistle".

There must be some mistake.

Felch Aid wrote:

Be nice to see the old cunts who went to Leeds at Easter.

I was there and shall be at this too. Not so much of the "old" please. "cunt" is pretty accurate though big_smile

Cracking mix - don't think you can attribute his rise in form directly to teaming up with Diggers again though - bit of a stretch. He's been back on form for a while now - before his and JD started their gigs I reckon.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

If the reports are damning, then obviously they have been cooked up to look bad.

These are the governments own internal reports. Why would they cook them to look bad? They have literally no reason or motivation to do that?


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Yes, but we've taken back control!



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So just yesterday we

- Lost the European Medicines Agency (to Amsterdam - directly attributable to Brexit)
- Lost the European Banking Authority (to Paris - directly attributable to Brexit)
- No longer have a judge on the international court of justice.

All going swimmingly innit?


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Trade will go on, but at what cost? If we return to the time of tariffs then we'll be taking a hit and prices will inevitably raise. Ultimately, it'll be the consumer who loses out.

Already losing out Dan

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/b … cf43720417

But lets not listen to experts or anything.

Rinsing it out so far. Some lovely stuff.

https://soundcloud.com/philmoonfacethom … h-nov-2017

SW:TLJ to be 18 certificate in an unusual move from Disney:


Homegrove wrote:

The movie might have been a flop in America, but not in Finland. A month later the room was still packed, and it was far from the smallest in town.

Reddit Box office reckons US marketing and worldwide marketing were handled by different companies. US marketing wants shooting while everywhere else deserves a pat on the back.

Turns out yanks can't appreciate intelligent and subtly created artistic finesse. Who would have thought eh?

Homegrove wrote:

I know you will never get it, but there are differences to the quality of pop corn movies.

Free for the rest of the weekend, so decided to go see Blade Runner 2049 again. Stupidly excited about it.

Good man. Picked up so much more on the second viewing.

https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comment … _requires/

"How much cocaine would $2100 get you?"

"Enough to become Darth Vader"


Looking forward to the EA AMA later today