… mp;theater

I'm proper fit too btw.

Just got this in the mail - sure everyone is up for it aye?

A mix from Ishome - that lass I posted a mix from in the original Kiasmos thread. … lusive-mix

Cool! :-)

Homegrove wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Battle of Five Armies was shit. And this is coming from someone who actually quite enjoyed the first two Hobbit cash ins most of the time.

It must be earth shatteringly bad. Still, 5 stars in Empire.

4 actually. Martin Freeman was really good though.

What was wrong with it Hannu? Seems like the hardest one to fuck up out of the to see it this weekend - feel the same way about the first two so going with some trepidation now - fucker! ;-)

Is there a track cut out of the mix between 2 and 3 on CD 1? There's a female vocal sample that's only used once and sounds really familiar from another track I've heard recently.

CD 1 is decent but drifts towards the monotonous repetitive sound in places (in particular, track 4 after an excellent opening 3 tracks) before getting back on track.

CD 2 is class.

CD3 kind of lost me the first time but going to give it another listen. (does CD 3 follow on from 2 directly - sounds like you can hear candy land mixing out as 3 starts).


smallman1 wrote:

It is no disgrace to get dumped out of a champions league group that features Basel and Ludogorets.

Off the charts.... big_smile

Nice effort but Argentina is still the tops.

smallman1 wrote:

Do we have Uber in the UK?

Jesus H Christ Rhouses!


Uber only just hit Leeds last month - really impressed with them - massive kick up the arse for the incumbent "it's almost an inconvenience for us to pick you up" taxi companies.

fletcher wrote: … r-mix-2014

A *perfectly* timed promo mix from the man-like Moonface.  Diggers please take note and get him on board for the warm-up please! This mix is great.

WARNING! - May contain Kiasmos....

I know there's some neanderthals on here that have a problem with that.

oooosh that track on 5 mins on CD 2 preview - All hail the return of prog big_smile

Don't listen to them Millsy - a man at the top of his game always attracts the naysayers...


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Homegrove wrote:

New (very similar) username.

huh? Surely what happened last time will just happen again?


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How come - has he reached a deal with them about taking down mixes for copyright / limited space?

A mate chucked this back over to me after I forwarded that Kiasmos vid onto him:

Also good

Purchased - great shout Millsy.



Just go and see it. Its class.

>> I Break Horses - Faith (The Field Remix) (Bella Union)


EMs have moved to Fridays now yeah?

Gonna have to chuck my hat into the ring here and say mine is up for grabs in the new year if someone is interested?

Been in paid storage for many a year now and I won't ever be used them again. Can use the storage money to buy Wal Jnr things instead.

Probably a couple of thousand including all the monsters from the time 2000 - 2010 ish.

Anyone interested - they are currently in Newcastle so you'd have to collect them.


Charlie May Balance 2xCD (Ambient & absolutely rinsing it out).

Live in Miami - Was moving house when it came out so never had a chance to go through it properly. It's alright but a let down after Argentina. Here's hoping Toronto returns to form.


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Anyone who wants it send me a PM.


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Yeah I've got it (well, this: anyway - dunno if that's the mix youre looking for).

Can't vouch for it's quality but it sounds like it's play-outable. (320kbps)

What's a good, free sharing site these days?



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strummerjones wrote:
faible wrote:

7. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger - Casa Bulga

Great classic prog

Will this ever be available ?

Pretty sure ive got a digital copy if it. I'll see if i can dig it out.