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Yant meant without discos Ed....

TitianWarrior wrote:
Wally wrote:

Yep - will be at the pre party and the main event.

Not sure what I'll be wearing - maybe a pink ice cream t-shirt affair...

Not doing the match then Wally?

nah, bollocks to it - too far to go - it's all about priorities innit? smile

Yep - will be at the pre party and the main event.

Not sure what I'll be wearing - maybe a pink ice cream t-shirt affair...


New mass effect getting an absolute shoe-ing in early previews. sad

If you're wondering what the music is from that avengers trailer thing btw it's

These guys seem to be Marvel and most of hollywoods' go to guys for trailer music smile

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Wally wrote:

Millsy Wank Material...

Two parts? Just in case you needed part 1 explaining in a bit more detail? Behave.

You'll be there day numero uno at the midnight showing with your avengers hat, t-shirt, pants and boxers on.

Millsy Wank Material...

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Neil Blomkampf was supposed to do a sequel to Aliens - ignoring Alien 3 and Resurrection completely.  Michael Bein and Sigourney were in board, but with the success of Prometheus, 20th Century Fox didn't want to step on Scott's toes.

has the Blomkampf film been shelved completely then?

That's what he replied when a fan asked him about it a few months ago.  Never say never, but considering what he did with District 9, it would have been great as opposed to the hackneyed shit that Scott puts out.

You can't really look at District 9 without taking his other films into account.

District 9 was his first film and his vision for about a decade before it got made - see his short film "Tetra Val" on you tube which is partially where it came from:

District 9 was great but it had years and years of prep (and also Peter Jackson / Weta productions helping him out) - his other films without that have been average at best and no where near as good so it's debatable if he would have produced something brilliant.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

anyone played the new Zelda yet? I would take the plunge but theres no way I can justify laying out 300 odd sheets for yet another console

No but from what I hear from people I trust, it's the real deal.

Get a second hand Wii-U for 120, buy zelda for 50 then flog then both back for 100 so you've only paid 70.


Appreciate the compliment though Hannu wink

Homegrove wrote:

You're not Benson, ask Digweed for a guestlist. He might relent, and I doubt that has a closing time.

I tried in the bedrock Easter thread - it fell on deaf ears.

Guess I don't know the secret handshake lol wink

Unfucking believably I'm double booked for this - Newcastle VS Leeds at St. James, then on the train to get to the club for about midnight.

Anybody know if there's a last time of entry for getting into the Mint - might have to bail on the match. :-\


Currently playing dishonoured 2 - amazing game but seen it before with the first one. Just doesn't seem to be clicking like the first one either. Still early days. Hoping it'll get better as it goes on and the second playthrough with a new power set should be interesting.

millsy23 wrote:

New Zelda does look rather spesh. Not sure about that Switch malarky mind you.

Buy it on Wii-U - it's supposed to be the superior version anyway and you could pick up a second hand one from Cex for about a quarter of the price of a switch.

Has that link been taken down too?

Anyone got a rip of this? Ta.

Going through Live in Montreal again - forget how good it is big_smile

Logan - good but not as balls to the wall amazing as the reviews make out. 8/10

Is it a comp or ep?

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liquitech1 wrote:
TitianWarrior wrote:

most of my mates will prefer to go to Soak presents FAC51 The Hacienda w/ Derrick Carter / Francois K rather than seeing Diggers.

..tough break, although to be fair Carter & Francois K is a top alternative.

I've managed to rope at least one mate in, so it looks like I'm coming smile

Good man - see you there big_smile