mr rossi wrote:

Just got the Mrs a new Hoover.Beaut.

My mate got his Mrs a vileda super mop for her birthday once and then got her the accompanying bucket for her Xmas pressie.

A true hero of our times.

The Mrs gets a box of milk tray from the nearest petrol station on Xmas and that's FINAL. None of this black friday bullshit.

MattBlack wrote:

Must be that time of year again

Not nice to disrespect the struggle of homeless people there Alex. </moral outrage>

I really like it - you get "fuck me, I'm actually IN star wars" moments when playing it which is good enough for me.

It's a casual MP game though - there's not that much to it - so if you're into proper hardcore MP stuff then it might be a bit lacking.

If you just want a bit of fun, it's ace.


steelydan wrote:

good call smile

steelydan wrote:

looks like Smalls is coming out of that Asian Women's head.

He was at spike island too you know?

poirot wrote:

Haha as i said before I only listened to it briefly on a laptop. I thought it sounded ok. Then on a proper listen on a proper system it was awful.

Poirot  = the doris on the left.

poirot wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Some people will never write Sasha off. Never.

Ive only written Sasha off once. About 15 years ago.  Everyone bar the South/North Americans and the eastern Europeans are tired of the shite he puts out. Fabric dropping him is a nail in the coffin. I said a bit back (much to smashys disdain) that he's not relevant anymore and hasnt been for ages. IMO of course.

You were all over that RA mix at first.

Then you came to your senses.

dutchy101 wrote:

Some people will never write Sasha off. Never.

I remember having a full of discos conversation in a club one time discussing who the better DJ was - Uncle John or Sasha.

I said that when he's on form, Sasha can destroy anyone but then it hit me that he'd not been on form for about 4 years at that point.

That was 7 or so years ago - can't say he's been on form at any point since then.

If they haven't by now, surely a duff studio comp release (i.e the perfect platform to showcase your skills) will finally do it.

I wonder how many times sasha knocked balance back, back in the day (or if he was just out of their budget range completely)

Definitely got the aura of a once legendary actor, well aware he's on the downward curve of his career doing any old film to stay relevant.

Not doing fabric this year must have burned a little bit for example.

Who knows, maybe the threat of obscurity will motivate him into doing something special but since a studio comp is going to be immediately compared against his GUs, the odds are heavily stacked against him.

Then again, release something shit and people will finally write him off completely. I reckon everyone on here (i.e the target audience) will be of the "we'll see what the reviews say" before jumping in for example. Especially after that joke of an RA mix.

Get Charlie May on the phone, pay him whatever the fuck he wants and unleash 2D's of sink destroying majesty. Simples.

Wasnt saying they are cheap to do, just a lot cheaper than the 2CD studio style releases.

MattBlack wrote:

Sasha has always got to go one better though, he did the Involver series as he felt that the old style mix cd was passe and everyone was doing them so he wanted to remix all the tracks on it so they were more exclusive. What he needs to realise is that Diggers has proved with his live in series that you can do a decent mix cd with some upfront tunes and a few known tracks and it will still sell

hmmmmm, not really.

The mix comp is dead and has been for years now - too many free mixes of comparable quality these days and piracy is too easy now. Only genuine acolytes of the DJ in question will buy a two disc comp these days. Balance keeps going because all the other competition have dropped out the race and they have taken chances on up and coming DJs or people you would generally class as being producers rather than DJs. People who still have the hunger or something to prove so knock it out the park given the chance. (Having said that, theyve released some utter dross too)

With such a reduction in sales, the production costs of the CDs needed to come down or they had to stop altogether. First the stylish covers on (renaissance) CDs got cut, then we switched to "novelty" disc 1's with the DJs generally doing chillout mixes so people couldn't just download a similar mix etc etc.

Uncle John is a very astute business man. He worked out a way to release comps without having to spend the time (two months ish) putting them together and cutting licensing costs by generally using stuff from bedrock.

It's not that they sell any better or even as well as the old 2CD comps used to sell - it's that they are cheaper to produce so profit percentages are comparable.

if anyone fancies a game of the old BF:SW on the PS4, add me - "GeordieWally"


no teabagging mind.

Grant wrote:
Wally wrote:

I really think MP games need optional age filters so people can play with others who aren't going to spoil the experience for them.

I think that too, it's odd they haven't sorted that out.  I can hold my own in MP games, but my skills have definitely been on the slide over the last ten years or so - I'd be a daddy on that.

Reduces the number of available players in a pool so takes longer to get into a game - for some people that's a game killer so it's why it's generally not implemented.

millsy23 wrote:

Wally, I assume you are responsible for the GTAV MP experience? Hackers everywhere, running amok. It's got your fingerprints all over it.

It's got my name in the opening credits. lol wink

Around the 2m48s mark.


TitianWarrior wrote:

I was mulling over getting a PS4 this week (the new 1TB bundle with Uncharted, GOW III and The Last of Us), but then I realised that I've completed all of them multiple times on my PS3 (didn't do TLOU, tried the demo and found it far too tense roll). The only other games I want are Batman and Driveclub (already done GTAV on the PS3, I haven't quite finished it though, I'm sort of stuck at the last big heist/raid/whatever it is!).

I'll think I'll wait until the inevitable slim version.

I don't do multiplayer so unfortunately have no need for Star Wars

you need to buy some more records dude wink big_smile

millsy23 wrote:

The Division looks good.

It does but it requires team work - all the videos have the staff playing and talking to each other as if they are actual marines on a mission and what not. When you play it like that, it works really well.

The problem is when you get online with joe public and you have some 12 year old who's more interested in teabagging you and fucking around and spoiling it for everyone or people who've played the same bit before so want to skip past it all and whine at you when you want to watch what happens. Shit like  that is why I play SP mostly.

I really think MP games need optional age filters so people can play with others who aren't going to spoil the experience for them.

TitianWarrior wrote:
Wally wrote:

The fucking postman took my battlefront:SW back to the fucking postal depot instead of putting it through the door the useless cunt.

Can't pick it up until tomorrow earliest.

I'm rather unhappy at this.


You can't tell smile

Stamped to the post office this morning to pick it up. lol.

Was talking to one of the dev team last night - apparently it took 18 months to make and the team didn't do any overtime on it at all other than the environment / level designer guys - that's really impressive.

I think they were also told it HAD to be out one month before the film so I'm actually pretty stunned it's as coherant as it is.

Fuck the naysayers - if you get the star wars / battle of hoth experience you've been waiting for since you were a kid watching them in your jimjams that's good enough for me.


millsy23 wrote:

I have to say wally. GTAV is absolutely fantastic. I know I'm late to the party ( never been one to pay full price for games) but fucking hell what a game.

Cheers dude, aye, it's a genuine masterpiece alright - definitely the best thing I've ever worked on from a final quality perspective (was one of the worst for overtime and nearly killing myself to get it out the door though).

Seems to be one of the only main AAA titles still standing TBH - MGS V fell over, Fallout is more of the same as last gen which is unacceptable really - COD is totally hit and miss these days etc etc.

Deus Ex is looking shit hot though - although they've just delayed it for another six months until August next year.

The ghost of Driv3r no longer hangs over me! lol wink

The fucking postman took my battlefront:SW back to the fucking postal depot instead of putting it through the door the useless cunt.

Can't pick it up until tomorrow earliest.

I'm rather unhappy at this.


liquitech1 wrote:
Grant wrote:

Star Wars out tomorrow.

I'm massively on the piss from Thursday to Sunday, which is a little disappointing.

...the reviews haven't been great, Grant... I'm baulking now

Au contraire - the reviews haven't been great because they all want stupidly complex upgrade trees and equipment grinding and other hardcore-play-it-for-10000-hours bullshit that makes these games a nightmare for people who just like to casually drop in and out.

This review is music to my ears - all his bad points (tuned to be accessible to anyone, simplistic blaster with no load out giving advantage over any other, no in depth upgrade tree to grind through and get better stuff) is perfect for a MP noob who just wants to drop in and out on occasion and get "the star wars experience".

Can't wait.

millsy23 wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Golden Eye was released 20 years ago apparently. Is it really that good everyone makes it up to be? All I can remember from it is that Famke Jennsen is insanely hot in it, and that Sean Bean dies. Which is not saying much.

fucking great on the N64

Best multiplayer game ever imo. Got me through my third year at uni. That and weed. Nothing more satisfying in life than sneaking up on your mate as Nick-Nack and Karate chopping his shins.

Take it to the games thread. wink

I work down the road from where the london bombers came from - beeston in leeds - fortunately it already looks like a bomb has went off there so there are much bigger targets to go after before they get to me.

smallman1 wrote:

That last sentence of yours made me laugh Wal.

Hastily edited in after realising the rest of it wasnt much cop. Defo needed script rewrites.