Presto wrote:

This ain't prog?

It's as prog as it gets - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

After struggling to keep up with the story on True Detective Season Two once a week have decided to wait until a few more episodes of show me a hero have been broadcast before jumping in.

Watched Amazon Prime's pilot "The man in the high castle" last night - pretty good - Reckon it'll go on to great things (some people are saying it could be Amazon's "House of cards") if they keep the quality up. Also gets a bonus point for a blatent nod to bladerunner (both are based on Philip K Dick stories and have Ridley Scott involved in the production).


Been through this again - actually think it's pretty decent - could have been far, far worse.

Overall I quite enjoyed it - it was more tech that handbag house which is good - I think it really needed a couple of "Big hitters" to break up the flow a bit - On Balance, he dropped tunes like that Beach Kisses inbetween all the four track trickery and that's missing here. Very skillfully put together though.


Inside out - thought it was an absolute masterpiece - definitely my new fave pixar film.

Big Fella wrote:

Looks good that, do like Olivia Coleman, search out a low budget film she did called Tyrannosaur

Very good indeed.

That is a good flick.

Open page. CTRL+F "Exposure" - goes straight to comments section. Close page.

Henry Saiz still flies the prog flag.

Nick Sneddon wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Ditched Microsoft and went to Sony for the next gen and can sleep well at night knowing this was a spectacular decision.

yeah Microsoft and console just doesn't sit right with me

The 360 is a beast of a console and defo the best of the last gen. Its all about sony and ps4 this generation though.

303 abuser wrote:
Wally wrote:

He's a multi millionaire from the advertising revenue his videos generate ...

fair play i guess, but that's what's wrong with the world.  who watches this stuff?

People who like to point and laugh at the fat gamer guy?

(without realising they are contributing to the ad revenue he makes)

Fair play to him imo.

BedRob wrote:

Love the sticker art in the background, really brings the room to life

You're laughing but that's "Fat Francis" aka Boogie2988 who runs his own youtube video channel: … cR1-ttTdOg

He's a multi millionaire from the advertising revenue his videos generate and he's happily married apparently.

seanc80 wrote:

Overall 6/10 for the season. Decidedly forgettable.

Total agreement - I stopped caring about spoilers / started checking my phone rather than watching properly around episode 5.

3 companies at five years each and working at two studios while at Rockstar.

smallman1 wrote:

There's a whole world out there lads.

You just embarrass yourself with comments like that Ed.

We get it. You don't play computer games. Your loss.

Moved in with a guy from work one time who said he'd pay the council tax since his name was on it already so I should just give him the money (you can guess where this is going). He had a reputation as a yes man fuckwit but I was on a different team so hadn't seen it myself.

6 months later and we get a court summons saying he's not been paying it (despite me paying him every month).

Don't think I've ever been so angry - literally shaking with rage - dragged him out of work and made him go directly to a cash machine while listening to him bleat on with excuses and how he didn't have the money so it was pointless (I'd been wondering where he was getting the money for his new games consoles and clothes - case closed) - cash machine paid up straight away (surprise surprise) and that settled it. Despite generally deploring violence, it was definitely one of the only occasions where I felt violence was a reasonable and proportional response and I was prepared to beat it out of him.


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Lol. Who was dog man again? I thought it was flares.

>> What a fucking disaster of a cunt

Defo gonna add that to my repertoire of insults.... lol big_smile


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Studio head at first company I worked for was a woman who is affectionately known throughout the games biz as "pure evil" which I'd find it hard to disagree with.

When the first plane hit the tower in 9/11 everyone stopped working and started watching the TV in horror, knowing the world was never going to be the same again. Not her - she was going around asking people if the TV licenses were covered for them and telling them to turn them off.

We all got made to sign new contracts at one point but she accidentally sent around the version with modification notes in them where you could see the original one from the company wasn't that bad- it was her modifications that had all the c*nty clauses in them. Sign or lose your job. Lovely stuff.

Even better is the rumours she was only given her position of power because Daddy financed the company on startup.

Have to say the majority of the "shop floor" women I've worked with in games have been great though.

poirot wrote:

You are just crazy wally. I bet you wear odd socks on purpose too. You rebel.

You knows it - Wally.O.G.

Was sitting in Ibiza airport at 2am and had to be in work in Cambridge for 9am once.

Just didn't occur to me to take the day off. That was a fun day. … e-full-set

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smallman1 wrote:

The new Tampa Impala album - Currents.

Smallman1 - At the coalface of the musical zeitgeist.

You mean Tame Impala.

Ouch. Lol.

Usually I would never have any need to compliment another man on his production abilities.

And today is no exception. wink

Decent. smile

What a lovely thread to start the weekend.

Aki watch... … ial-role/#