Find Avery a bit hit and miss but will be checking this out.

LOL - sorry Hannu - I'm a busy man.

Boss Mix so far.

Five and a half hours worth of JT.

smile … house-2016

Late night tales DJ set at Film Four's summer screenings in August. Nice.

More from David Holmes Late Night Tales: … mccullough

The three tracks they've released so far have been awesome - setting itself up to be top drawer - Olafur Arnaulds LNT is my album of the year so far. smile

Tangerine Dream with new member Ulrich Schnauss apparently.


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steelydan wrote:

No photos of scantily dresses females as Wally will lose his job and we'll have another 10+ pages about it.

have as many as you like, just make sure they're cleared marked as such.

La Nausee wrote:

Wally will be around with the latest edition of The Watchtower to show them the evil of their ways. Set them to rights.

Repent sinners!

smallman1 wrote:

She'd get eaten alive on here.

And remarkably couldn't even post a picture of her strawberries up due to recent events.

Long as it was clearly marked as not suitable for wally, I'm happy.


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Dermatron wrote:

Im sure if Diggers gave a single flying fuck about Gus posting his flange he'd have done or said something ages ago. He obviously doesnt. Just like everyone else.


Homegrove wrote:

Yep. Still this makes sense for me. Should've been done earlier.


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millsy23 wrote:

Calm down Wally. You're a nice chap and I get where you're coming from. We're just ribbing you mate. It happens.

Perfectly calm thanks. Some people are just ribbing. Some people most definitely are not. We'll call these people "the usual suspects".


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Boring wrote:

Whoa! What's happened here?

Wally,  I wasn't being serious about you being banned. I'd rather the board shut down than anybody lose their job.

I'm sure everybody is fine with the new rule - they're just ribbing you for it.

My reply wasn't aimed at your personally Boring. More of a general missive to the board and a response to some of the more intellectually challenged replies in this thread.


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BedRob wrote:

Lol, Fucking hell, someone's taken the jam out of Walter's doughnut

Not at all dude. Message boards are a distraction for me and don't get me riled up in the slightest. I have more important things to worry about.

TBH though, I think you've hit the nail on the head here.

I like this place but it's just a distraction for me. "The bantz" can be decent and keeping up with Uncle John, the people I've met over the years and getting links is handy but ultimately it's nothing I couldn't survive without. The people I'm close to on here I'm friends with on FB anyway and I can get links from mix cloud and soundcloud.

On the other side, you've got people who spend their entire lives on here 24/7 and don't appear to have anything else in their lives and seem to think as a result, they own the place so anything that goes against what they think the board should be gets the invective we're seeing in this thread.

Newsflash. You don't own or run the place. Uncle John and the mods do. The mods agreed with me so how about if you don't like it, you stop browsing if it doesn't meet your T&A demands?

If all the people in this thread who are actively kicking off left, the board would almost certainly be a better place as it's exactly those chaps who nearly got the place shut down last year and regularly dish out the most abuse on here to begin with. Funny that.

There's the door lads. Tell Hannu you're leaving if you can't post T&A pics. See if he reverts the rule.


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Wireless headphones that cost 160 quid apparently? I nearly fell off my chair.


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Made a little logo for you guys for your cause.


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Dermatron wrote:

Fucking LOL Proper dummy spit that is.

Come on guys, grow the fuck up eh?

Not at all - just a dose of reality - clearly some people on here need several shots of it.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Harrison Ford will be in Episode VIII - with or without boobs.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I've heard a leak that suggest he is in it and I'll be paying up.

The deal was any new footage wasn't it? Which is a shame as the leak I've heard gets you the money on a total technicality. sad



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Boring wrote:

the board has clearly spoken.

You're not wrong. The amount of pathetic whining from some of the people in this thread is off the map: "Wah! I can't get T&A on bedrock anymore! Halp! halp! I'm being oppressed! <sob>"

Grow the fuck up and have a word with yourselves you embarrassments.

It doesn't matter what the board says. What the mods says, goes and they've agreed with me.

You would have thought uncle John threatening to shut the place down last year because of the levels of cuntery on here would have made people realise Bedrock isn't your living room where you can do whatever you want - it's a public message board forum and part of Digweeds' business.

Maybe, like most places of business, they've realised nudity and random *unmarked* threads being NSFW isn't helpful for business since it stops people from browsing and can be off-putting to new members (especially women).

As for banning me, not necessary at all - and I didn't do a U-turn Dermo either - I asked for clarification on the board rules. If Hannu had said NSFW material was fair game I'd have left voluntarily. But the mods (and I get the feeling this was a decision reached by consensus rather than me coercing Hannu into it so maybe stop singling him out) didn't did they? Is it not sinking in why that is?

Deal with it. All the porn you want is all but a few clicks away anyway.


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Lol @ the new sig Hannu.

I did everything in my power to kee Fabric open. Signed that petition like there was no tomorrow. For all the good it did.


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Sarcasm not your strong suit Dermo?


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303 abuser wrote:

isn't this a bit of an over reaction to one complaint?  wouldn't a simple nsfw tag suffice?  if it's really that sensitive an issue, try not surfing the internet on a work station.

A superlative idea - in fact one so great I suggested it myself in the offending thread already:

Wally wrote:

Another NSFW post pretending to be SFW. Thankfully no one is here in the office at the mo.

I'll all for pics of sexy women but can these get flagged up please? (Altenatively, maybe have a board rule about not filling posts by Diggers announcing stuff full of naked women).


As Hannu said, he doesn't want to flag posts by John as NSFW and this should have been done earlier.

As for not surfing at work - It's a music forum, not a porn site. You want that kind of stuff, go elsewhere. Thankfully the powers that be seem to have seen it my way. Wonder why that is?

I tell you what gets me - I whinged about it in the thread and it all got ignored and forgotten about but then Millsy and Dermo had to start the double act routine which is what brought it back to attention and got the new rule in place. If they'd just left it alone it would have been forgotten about. Good work fellas.


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Dermatron wrote:


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Dermatron wrote:;la=en-US&amp;w=174&amp;v=1-201604111410


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Hop_Head wrote:

If you could post the SFW vs NSFW guidelines up as a sticky ASAP Hannu that would be a great relief for a lot of us.  Cheers.