Dermo and Smalls in no taste shocker.

That tune I was looking for on 45 mins is:


Luke Fair's latest bring the beats live set. (it's on soundcloud / in the mixes section). Quality.

smile … 6926389378

Police running a dedicated op to get Fabric shutdown.

I'll just remove that tin foil hat completely. … st-13-2016 … st-13-2016



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Another NSFW post pretending to be SFW. Thankfully no one is here in the office at the mo.

I'll all for pics of sexy women but can these get flagged up please? (Altenatively, maybe have a board rule about not filling posts by Diggers announcing stuff full of naked women).


Someone's having a giraffe with that picture.

dubman2 wrote:

Choon! big_smile

Any ideas what the track on 45 mins is? Lovely.

Billions - enjoyable enough. Will be checking out season 2 so probably the highest praise a TV show can receive </Kermode>

All mouth and no minerals. The Assics running shoes give it away.

jules72 wrote:

Watched Eye in the Sky (Helen Mirren) 7.5/10....decent film, although the content seemed tad silly - the risk reward of a large number of deaths (carried out by suicide bombers) vs one collateral damage death is pretty obvious.

Yep, felt the same - there's just no way they wouldn't have thought fuck it and nuked the place. … ham-zahran

Some lovely chilled stuff in here. smile

Grant wrote:

Get out of it Wally - you've seen Superman versus Batman voluntarily, so you're opinion counts for very little, surely?! <insert winking yellow face>

I refused to go see BvS and still haven't seen it - maybe there's hope for me too. big_smile

Spotlight is excellent - there's hope for you yet Grant.

jules72 wrote:

Ordered the new Deus Ex - weekend sorted

Bought it yesterday - can't wait - last one was amazing. big_smile

smallman1 wrote:

I gave up after the first paragraph.

Yeah, you do come across as someone with the attention span of a five year old. … 8322799707

That tin foil hat theory I came out with a few pages back defo isn't sounding so tin foil hatty to me after reading this.

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mullykid wrote:

Nice one!!! My music for the morning... What a TL!

one of the best Diggers sets imho

So good he went fucking ballistic when it got leaked on line IIRC.

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Wally wrote:

No Man's Sky out today - anyone been playing it? Sitting on the fence until the reviews come out as there just doesn't look like there's that much to do after the first 10 hours or so.

I quite fancy it, but I'm going to wait and see what the general consensus is first.

...same here, I've watched some vids today and depending on who was playing gave a diff perspective. Sometimes it looked terrible, other times amazing. A mate watched a live Twitch feed yesterday and to quote him - "fu*k that, a game for kids & dorks." I've waited for ages and I'm a dork so..

Seems to have been a bit of a whopper has NMS - getting a slating for not delivering on almost any of it's promises.

Not that I like to diss my fellow game devs but this is fucking funny.

Even more happy hardcore - fucking love this track - never tracked it down back in the day which is bizarre as Next Generation was like the Bedrock of happy hardcore - can't believe I missed it.

Maybe all is not lost

But you never know what's said behind closed doors and if it's just paying lip service to the issue. Wasn't he elected with protecting London's club scene as part of his manifesto?

In london, that's probably a cool 800 a month - 1600 for windows.

smallman1 wrote:

Wally confirming that he's Team Truth's CEO.


Just saying it's not beyond the realms of possibility is it?

Someone really wants that place turned into flats.

Not to get all Tin foil hatty but if the council / police wanted to get a club closed, I imagine they would have easy access to piles of super strength / dodgy ingredient drugs they could flood the local area with by dispensing them to the various dealers they know about through a third party.  Sit back, wait for couple of deaths, then blame the club who aren't allowed to provide drugs testing safety kits.

It must have really narked them when the license was renewed a short while ago is all I'm saying.