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I was in Edinburgh last week and most of the people I was working with are bricking it about their jobs as they are in finance and, like RBS, their main client base is in England. It has the potential to rip the heart out of Edinburgh as it's wall to wall financial institutions up there.

I got told that since they'll be an emerging nation, they'll be given an international credit rating to match (i.e. do not lend to in any circumstances) which is going to crucify loads of businesses. The Yes campaign say it won't happen but it's easy to say that when it's not you lending the money out...

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You can stream it here -

Decent smile

Most of the sites I've been reading today say it's a 7/10 at best and they've deliberately limited what you can do so they can release shiny new things as DLC later. sad

Still it's early days - it might pick up.

BedRob wrote:

Real edge of the seat stuff this

Please post a full review of the game at some stage tomorrow...assuming you're not too tired after camping out all night

Oh do fuck off.

The clue is in that "World exclusive" part of the link.

While it sounds decent, it's standard practice to offer a good score if you get to review something first.

Amps wrote:

It's multi player only???

Thats that fucked off then.

You can play it SP if you want but it's been designed from the ground up to be an MP game - even the president of Bungie said so.


"From the beginning we designed Destiny to be played co-operatively" - Jason Jones.

Amps wrote:
Wally wrote:

It has to be said, I've got a bad feeling about it TBH - everything I've seen so far points to it being a lukewarm experience

How so?


1) No early press reviews - while it's more common these days and can be used to generate buzz, it's also the sign of someone who doesn't believe in their product. They've also put out a press release saying "early reviews won't experience the game properly" which is code for "if they says it's shit, they're idiots <take ball home>".

2) It's MP only - there's a _lot_ of people who don't care for MP games and all the shit they bring - when they work properly they are majestic but generally the killer to filler ratio isn't high enough.

3) The core shooting gameplay is nothing new - it's been done hundreds of times before - the USP of it (it's a console MMO!) is kind of meh - MMO's are dead on PC except for Warcraft. They also take years and years of effort which the console crowd won't put in. They'll move onto the next COD as soon as it comes out which will fuck Destiny as it's a one trick pony.

4) Some of the videos I've seen of it have some of the most cliched, awful game design choices in them - the magic barrier that stops you progressing until you've killed X enemies - bleugh.

I'll be keeping an eye on it but I'm sceptical.

It has to be said, I've got a bad feeling about it TBH - everything I've seen so far points to it being a lukewarm experience and targeting towards a very specific subset of gamers (the MP, MMO loving crowd). MMO's are basically dead on PC and have yet to be proven on console - it's a massive, massive risk.

I've also not seen much advertising for it - when we released GTAV we had things like:

in just about every major city on the planet. I've not seen anything like that (and Destiny cost about the same as GTAV to make / is on the same kind of scale).

I hope it's a winner, I know several of the team and they've worked bloody hard on it.

That Critical phase remix is immense. big_smile

Amps wrote:

Walter, what games do you recommend for the PS4?

Dunno dude - haven't bought a next gen console yet as I've got no time anymore since the bairn turned up.

I'll be going for a PS4 though - Destiny is the next big game (out today I think) so that could be worth a look - cost 500 million to make and market so it better sell gangbusters.... … ry-saiz-en

is getting me through - some absolute gems in there.



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Let's not go down that road.

Waste of time and energy.

Lets keep on thread.

I should have been a mod.

3 out of 4 aint bad. … -the-month

So far, it's on par with his legendary Resident Advisor mix.



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Wally wrote:

Anyone know what the track is on 47 mins on Transitions 519 (Digger's hour at Freeze in April) - it's down as the district from anjuna beats but it's clearly not. :-\



Feel free to share that info H

Anyone know what the track is on 47 mins on Transitions 519 (Digger's hour at Freeze in April) - it's down as the district from anjuna beats but it's clearly not. :-\


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My thoughts go out to his family and all the other members of Take That.

You're laughing but.... … 1407831491


MattBlack wrote:

And looks like your mate might make the sequel too Si

Nicely spoiled there Matt.



New Daniel Avery mix - cracking: … ery-aug-14

One for grant, Guardians of the galaxy. Class. Thoroughly entertained.

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well that came as a shock. surprised diggers let this carry on.

hopefully we will get some decent mods in but i nominate presto

Haven't you heard, Presto is a professional software developer now (like me). He is a God among insects (like me). You'll be lucky if he even acknowledges your presence from now on and has no time for moderating the bedrock board (like me).

Any decent albums out? Last year we got Moderat II, Ulrich Snauss' new one and Boards of Canada Tomorrow Harvest (best album of last year) - can't think of any released this year.

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Ah.....memories. Smashdad may appreciate as he's the only person on here with a taste for prog breaks IIRC. Used to smash the back doors off this back in the day. The breakdown on this is wonderful.

Cracking tune - used to love it.

Sounds ok - better than digitalism which is officially the worst comp I've ever heard. Absolutely dirge.