2013-08-02 - James Holden (Border Community) @ Spezialmaterial, Club Zukunft - Zürich (Switzerland)

His albums might be the most self indulgent tripe known to man but I love his mixes when they get released.


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Just discovered London Grammar - the doris in that has got a beautiful voice and is quite a fitty too. Some lasses get all the luck eh?


Went down to see Fulham vs Newcastle. Jezuz Christ. The day out was awesome but the footy was absolute dirge.

First season was decent right up to the last episode which had a daft ending which didnt make sense. Would recommend it though, there's certainly worst things you could spend your time watching.

On the other hand though, the crowd need a shared focal point so they all face the same direction and respond to the same thing otherwise there's no atmosphere at all. Doesn't have to be the DJ but it's as good as anything.

Hats - you can get tunes where the kick drum is really wide or has an echo or something on it so you can get the tunes quite far out of sync without realising it. Matthew Dekay's tunes used to be notorious for this madness.

So hats every time.

Still reckon his digitalism comp is the worst comp ive ever heard.

smallman1 wrote:

3 - Geordie

And a very merry "fuck you" to you too (pet)

Don't they have "Darkie day" in Cornwall?

Enough said.

Thread disappoints. Thought he was going to say a yacht or gulfstream jet or personal island or something.

*i've* got jon talabots dj kicks ffs.

Try harder next time Ed.

Dermo wrote:

yeh I think thats common practice. My mate here owns a ironing business which you may laugh at but when you realise he rinses about 70k it ain't so amusing. Anyway he has the same issues so he just literally pisses it up the wall on nothing useful.
He buys lots of gold jewellery with it though, as he's Indian and doesn't mind looking like Jimmy Saville.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21994873 this the guy?

Marketing departments. Generally completely talentless, take all the credit fuckers. If the product sells well its because marketing did well, if it bombs, it was an inferior product. Nothing what so ever to do with the clueless fucking drivel used to try and sell it to the public oh no. Cunts.

Oh and there must truly be a special place in hell for the marketing cunts who see something funny on the internet and decide to stick it in their adverts. Parasitic cunts.

M83 - Oblivion soundtrack

Danny tenaglia - digitalism

Its fucking awful.

Dermo wrote:


Anyone know how this one ran and what its odds were?

Lol :-)

Homegrove wrote:

Look back a page or two. In my opinion it's amazing. Stellar work from McConoghey and Harrelson, and episode two also has the most beautiful pair of breasts I've ever seen on TV.

ha! definitely.

It's excellent - I can't remember the last time a show got off to such a good start - all four episodes have been really impressive.


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Max Cooper is due a comp too - his mixes are always the biz

New one he's just posted on FB:

https://soundcloud.com/factmag/fact-mix … 14/s-mwwQH


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Charlie May needs a 2 disc comp.

Think that crystal ball must be a bit defective there Ed.

health and safety "award" from the council?

Chelsea to stuff Newcastle. We usually do well against them but for reasons outlined already (remy out, cabaye gone) we are only going down the table from here on in.

My fave chippy is one called Eric's in North Shields owned by a guy called (believe it or not) Eric who is a scarily fanatical Elvis fan. The chippy is covered floor to ceiling with pictures of the king and pics of Eric on his jollies to Elvis' grave and meeting people associated with him like band members / relatives and what not.

A most surreal experience every time you go in but despite having lived in most parts of the uk I've still not found one as good.

Consider the gaunlet thrown down BF.

smallman1 wrote:

I've got a horrible feeling we're going to slip up against Newcastle.

As always, you heard it here first.

With our only striker suspended, our very best player sold off and of course, Joe Kinear leaving <ahem>.

You could just be right Ed.

a bit of judicious googling has just found this one

Many thanks for the invite ETC - You can be my wingman any day.

I did some digging on the harddrive when I got in and found 45 mins from the Nigel Dawson set I was on about. A mate tried to tape it from the radio (remember those?!) while I was there but screwed it up a bit - the tuning was out so the sound quality is absolutely appalling - but it might raise a smile or two.

Oh and if anyone can ID any of the tracks then feel free - #6 is a beast of epic proportions.

https://soundcloud.com/allan-walton/set … is-do-that