Nice - summery beats - just what the nice weather called for smile

wrongun wrote:

great mix.  would love a download so can blast it out in the car / gym

will give you a decent ish download of anything on SC.

As long as sting is in the reboot all will be well.

In honour of BR's new trailer:

Taking "making of" to truly mental levels of anal retentiveness:

Strangely interesting and appreciate the dry sarcasm of:

This speech, improvised by Rutger Hauer during the scene’s filming, is universally acclaimed as one of the most moving death soliloquies in movie history. However, as a thing constructed solely from words coming out of a mouth, it is sadly typographically insignificant, and is therefore of zero interest to those of us here at Typeset In The Future.

This is in stark contrast to the neon TDK logo just over Rutger’s shoulder, which I think we can all admit is pretty damned spectacular


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digitalfix wrote:

Spoiler: Deckard dies.

He'll be back for Episode 8.

Only 200 days until I'm $50 richer big_smile

(Actually, I've heard you've won the bet on a total technicality)

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Blade Runner is one of the greatest Sci Fi films of all time, Star Wars is one of the greatest kids Sci Fi's of all time

Trying to play chess with a pigeon there Nick, just ignore him.

ha - that soundcloud link has been taken down lol

3 stars from empire for covenant. Swerve.

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Homegrove wrote:

Saw few, all positive. But first twitter-reactions usually all are, Batman vs Superman was a masterpiece according to those.

Ha, no guide at all then!

Depends on when they get released - I wouldn't take twitter reviews from the premiere as a good sign.

When you and Norm next out and about there TW?


twitter reactions to alien covenant are up now if you go searching.

Really enjoyed it - always like the man like when he's playing at a festival and just rinses it out.

Homegrove wrote:

Review embargo for Alien Covenant ends 6 days before release which probably means the studio thinks it will review well.


It's not just about the final review embargo any more though - there's either been no pre-screenings for this at all or there's an embargo on non-spoiler twitter reviews by the press.

Just as a comparison,  Marvel lifted an embargo on non-spoiler twitter comments for Captain America : Civil War a month before release.

I dunno - The Empire preview made it sound good and it's written by John Logan who is a really good writer so it could be decent but it just looks like a rehash of the first one and Prometheous was truly awful so probably going to swerve unless the reviews are amazing.

I wouldn't take the embargo being lifted 6 days before release as an amazing sign and get your hopes up. … pril-2017/

TL on the page.

erik.b wrote:

It's a fucking gaping plot hole mate.

You have no idea what a plot hole is do you, Mr. Massive Cunt?

Wow. If I'd not seen it yesterday I'd be thinking Eric is a whopping cunt right about now.

Fortunately I did so he's downgraded to massive cunt instead.

GOTG2 - Just back from this - really enjoyed it. On a par with the first one I'd say. Equally funny. The plot is a bit simpler (dunno what Hannu's on saying it's over stuffed like AOU) but the heart is stronger. Recommended.

Not after the IDs this time but there's some monster tuneage in this one.



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Tracklist: Albrecht La'Brooy - Louis' INFORMATION GHETTO - Finder Of The Planet Auntie Flo - Remembrance Pink Floyd - Careful (KOESTER Edit) STEREOCiTI - Rouse Out Information Ghetto - Mental Harp Ed Ed - Lancer Hyde Edmondson - Flamingo Tripper Baba Stiltz - XXX200003 Librarian - I Hope We Can Live On The Moon Someday Funk Fox - Grey Clouds Way Out West - Set My Mind (Luttrell Dub Remix)

Apparently - if you can decipher it.

Took the bairn to the flicks for the first time to see "The Boss Baby."


Literally the greatest film of all time.


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Absolute class.

Thanks for the link.


Anyone recognize this one?

Been absolutey hammering "Horizon : Zero Dawn" over the last four days. Loving it. smile