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Maybe the World Health Organisation had a point...


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No one hits bigger than Uncle Bazza and NCable

Betoko might see it differently.


He hit you as well Matt?

Lego movie didn't get nominated for best animated picture - Big Hero 6 (basically scooby doo with a 150m budget) won.


The doris from that "Chuffed to beats" video is easy on the eye.

Clicked on the link to see if her name was listed - it's got the photographers website & portfolio instead:

Jam packed with stunners in lingerie - must be a hard life taking piccies like that all day.




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Women look better with makeup! News at 10!

Really missed ETC on here recently. big_smile


Take the edge off Monday.


Henry Rindhoops wrote:

You have some exquisite tastes, Wally. Very similar to mine. Would really be interested in seeing your Asian Babes collection sometime.

Bedrock Board - last Friday.

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I was 25 at the time. A trip like that would probably kill me now.

So you had a few beers with some strangers, 'a meal' in McDonalds and were tucked up post-gig following the boat home.

Yeah mental one Hannu. I'd say you were crawling the walls in work the following week.

Aye, i bet he didnt dry hump a sofa in fabric while completely mashed or anything.

Fucking loved this.

The thread I mean.

Not the mix - that was ghastly.

Saw Gone Girl for the first time at the weekend - been listening to the OST all week - class album.

nice - could see me prog-benchpressing like a mofo to that tune on 28 mins....

Some nice tunes but never gets out of second gear. Having said that, i didnt like his resident advisor mix at first and think its a borderline masterpiece of a mix now (apart from one absolute clanger of a tune) :-)

Aye, lego movie is excellent. big_smile

I don't get why we don't see more bootlegs of classic game theme tunes - there's some stellar music from games out there that could do with a prog workout.

Ncable wrote:

That video is funny, but let's not be too cynical. Get in touch with your inner child for a few minutes. My five year old daughter has spent an entire weekend watching Let It Go on You Tube whilst prancing around the room wearing a towel as a cape and singing the lyrics word for word.

I'm talking about watching the damned vid, like, two hundred times, until I'm tearing my hair out. She's not alone. Little girls love Elsa and love that song.

The director of Frozen issued an apology to parents for the singing and repeated viewings of "Let it go" they've had to endure because of her.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/disn … it-go.html


Big Fella wrote:

There isn't a bad Pixar film, lets be honest.

Cars 2 would love to have a word with you.


Absolutely terrible from start to finish.


half way through and loving it. big_smile


mr rossi wrote:

Is anyone going to make weed legal?
Vote Winner.

The greens want to make discos legal.


Tangerine dream did a lot of work on the GTA V soundtrack - think this is one of theirs (although this is a DJ Shadow remix)


>> 08. [034] Royce Allen - An Aborted Fetus Wrapped In Cloth & Placed Gently In A Prada Shopping Bag

WTF? lol.

His EM debut from 2003 ish is one of the best ever.

Good work fella!