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EMs have moved to Fridays now yeah?

Gonna have to chuck my hat into the ring here and say mine is up for grabs in the new year if someone is interested?

Been in paid storage for many a year now and I won't ever be used them again. Can use the storage money to buy Wal Jnr things instead.

Probably a couple of thousand including all the monsters from the time 2000 - 2010 ish.

Anyone interested - they are currently in Newcastle so you'd have to collect them.


Charlie May Balance 2xCD (Ambient & absolutely rinsing it out).

Live in Miami - Was moving house when it came out so never had a chance to go through it properly. It's alright but a let down after Argentina. Here's hoping Toronto returns to form.


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Anyone who wants it send me a PM.


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Yeah I've got it (well, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09KmX0u746w anyway - dunno if that's the mix youre looking for).

Can't vouch for it's quality but it sounds like it's play-outable. (320kbps)

What's a good, free sharing site these days?



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strummerjones wrote:
faible wrote:

7. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger - Casa Bulga

Great classic prog

Will this ever be available ?

Pretty sure ive got a digital copy if it. I'll see if i can dig it out.

One of my all time fave prog tunes. Monster.

Could be worse, One of our most famous fans is a horse punching benefit fraud. A true example for us all. :-/

Big Fella wrote:

You'd defo miss me, Wally smile

Not after that chip shop revelation dude - me and you are done professionally. big_smile

It would be better if we had a big fella section where you could fuck off to and mope around on your lonesome....



heard live? 1 - Daft Punk and their place on the list is questionable.

Fecking hell - getting old.



Make computer games - I work at Rockstar - on GTAV and the upcoming next gen versions mostly.

fletcher wrote:

In fact, its a better Boards of Canada album than the tripe that was "Tomorrow's Harvest" they released last year.

Heresy! Tomorrows Harvest is fucking class.


lovely chilled out mix from Dosem.


The Mrs and Wally Jnr are away tomorrow night so gonna stick this on and give it the full appraisal then without distraction.

Anything less than the genre re-defining masterpiece some people are labelling it as and there's going to be a tantrum.

Fuck it...


Prepared to give it a chance - thought season 3 was slightly better than 2 and it's still got really high production values.

Enjoyed last nights episode although nothing much happened - think you can get episode 2 from the web since it's been broadcast in the states already. (actually, since you can buy the whole series on apple store you can probably download the whole thing).


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Good news then. It was a fake story some news sites got caught out by and ran. Its not happening.

liquitech1 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

doesn't always have to be about clubs & prog..

I'll pretend I didn't read that.

I'll be at Clint Mansell on sunday night..

Hold tight for feedback!

Just been to see him at Manchester. Top drawer. :-)

John Talabot - 4 hours dj set @ Naturel Beach Club (Scheveningen) - decent - i imagine if you're into that sound it's a brilliant set.