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Where did you download it fron Wally? Could only find the CD

Bought it on CD for the car and iTunes (because I'm a lazy fuck who couldn't be bothered ripping it)

Went through this and pleasantly surprised - usually suspicious of label comps as you generally wonder if the tracks are so good, why haven't they been released already but this is cracking. Everything given a shiny polish update by Saiz and there's no doubting the quality tune-age on the label.


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seanc80 wrote:


And you can go and have a wonderful time good sir.

ha - Indefatigable. Good on you Ed. smile

Must be living in opposite land this week - thought was dull as fuck.

https://soundcloud.com/desert-hearts-re … a-dahl-075


Ticket purchased big_smile

Maybe anyway....

https://twitter.com/ErasedTapes/status/ … 6476313601


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smallman1 wrote:

Proper nightclub tackle.

Think that's why I wasn't that keen on it - more of a live set than a desk listening set (for me anyway) - probs would have been awesome being there.

Being regarded as a fail state by the rest of the EU could be catastrophic like - very chilling.

millsy23 wrote:

that BI article makes for grim reading. We're dead in the water.

We've taken back control Millsy.

No more bendy bananas on our watch!

"The people I talk to are just really sad about it. It's like a friend who goes off the rails and you offer to help them and they turn you down," Bullock, who is currently based in Brussels, told BI.

http://www.businessinsider.fr/uk/former … ay-2017-7/


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roberto wrote:


Fucking doing away with credit and debit card surcharges! Utter cunts! Can't wait to be shot of all this and paying my hard earned % to that smashing chap O'Leary again.


Theresa May has already stated that we are taking this further than the EU regulations, to include American Express and Paypal payments.  Sorry to piss on your bonfire.

Quite happy about the Paypal bit, always annoyed me when places like Boomkat added a surcharge for using it.

May is going to be gone by October so I'd not pay her much attention.

Superhero movies are shite

https://soundcloud.com/last-night-on-ea … 16-120mins

Currently at the hour mark - can't say it's blowing my skirt up that much.


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Grant wrote:

So this hit show has got dragons and Ed Sheeran singing in it?  It's more reminiscent of The Muppet Show.

Coldplay and Sigur Ros have also been in it before.


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flights and hotel booked. smile


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"Ross from friends" was on a poster for some event I jogged past yesterday.

must do to keep coming back here.

Homegrove wrote:

That was almost spoilerific.

I dunno - Villenerve gave an interview in Empire this month that seems to contradict some of the stuff shown in that trailer.

I've got a feeling this is marketing making it look all action packed and leading you down one path when the actual film is going to be quite different.

seanc80 wrote:

My point being that you have claimed that it's personal taste. Which is garbage in my opinion.

If something is shite well then its shite Wally.

Just because some fuckwitt claims that its not to your taste doesn't mean its not shite. It just means they like shite.

If you say so boss.

I wish I was part of the too cool crowd - I'll just have to struggle on going to see movies I enjoy on a regular basis. Oh the humanity! sad

seanc80 wrote:

Am i now an artist?

Sure. Just not a very good one. big_smile

seanc80 wrote:

One has artistic merit. The other does not.

The correct analogy would be listening to Britney Spears and then listening to Digweed.

Everything creative has artistic merit - it's your personal taste that's making you say one doesn't. It really does. People put time and effort into creating something that didn't exist previously. It has artistic merit by definition.

Someone like Britney Spears (or lets say Rhianna as a more modern example) has the best choreographers, writers, sound engineers, costumers, PR etc etc in the business working for them.  It's personal taste to say she's got no artistic merit and a lot of people would have the opposite opinion to you.

Just because something is commercial and mainstream doesn't mean it has no artistic merit.

seanc80 wrote:

Every second film released is a comic book fiasco or a kids film/animation.

The rest of the films are absolutely shite.

Is nobody making decent films anymore?

A while ago, cinema executives adopted a "Go big or go home" atittude - why make a 70 million character based thriller and get 200 million back when you can put 200 million in and try to get a billion back?

So special effect driven bonanzas have totally pushed more adult character stuff out the door. It's a shame but you still get the odd one.