Nice one big_smile

MattBlack wrote:

Finally got round to seeing Kingsman last night, probably the best film I've seen so far this year, if you liked Kick ass you'll love it

Saw it on Saturday - wasn't in the best of moods but I didn't rate it anywhere near as good as Kick Ass which I really enjoyed - - 3/5.

Amps wrote:
Amps wrote:

Afraid not Walter, but I'm sure if you search for something like 'sasha at the bomb 97' it'll be out there somewhere. If not, let me know and I'll see if I have it on a drive somewhere.

Here we go: … ngham-1997

Good work fella.

That is indeed the one. That last tune is a stormer. Any ideas bedrock?

Amps wrote:

Afraid not Walter, but I'm sure if you search for something like 'sasha at the bomb 97' it'll be out there somewhere. If not, let me know and I'll see if I have it on a drive somewhere.

Cheers!. Pretty sure ive got it on tape. IIRC the last track is a bona fide sasha monster that never got ID'ed.

Amps wrote:

From that Sasha tape. Same here, bought a few pennies on discogs, still a massive fave for me.

Have you got a link to that mix there please dude - ta. … ruary-2015

Pretty decent.


jamie wrote:

Siting with my poorly daughter and just told her to cheer her up. She answered with

'I know Dad, my friends told me days ago. Get with the times'


When I was working on GTA V, one of the dads on the team told me he was talking to his  5 year old daughter and saying "did you know daddy makes games for a living and works on the biggest games in the world?" to which she replied "yeah, shut up daddy, not interested - help me with the colouring in" lol.

Unbroken1 wrote:

...sharing a bifter in the back room of Zoom records in Camden with Paul Daley & Neil Barnes and cadging a white label of Release the Pressure.

The prog equivalent of sticking the kettle on for Moses while he sat down to digest the 10 commandments for the first time.

we are not worthy <bow>


Max cooper EM and Jon Hopkins LateNightTales cd

millsy23 wrote:

bet you still instinctively took your top off

The very first time I went out clubbing properly to Shindig (aged 17 i think), I took my shirt off and tucked it into my pants - about 15 mins before the end, after wandering all over for hours, I realised it had dropped out so I had to leave the club at 5am and stand in the taxi queue freezing my tits off with hundreds of people looking at me like I was a lunatic - gave everyone around a right good laugh.

From that moment on, I decided the top would be staying on in clubs from then on - Geordieness be damned!



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Fadas - Breaks N Banter (obviously).


millsy23 wrote:

I know it's cheesy as fuck and way off trend and all that, but I've never seen Bedrock go off quite as much as when Digweed dropped 'Lovely Day' for the first time. Summer 2002 IIRC.

Conversely - I've never been so fucking sick as I was when I saw Diggers at the Love parade party in Newcastle and he opened with that.

It was about a fortnight after his Essential mix creamfields set where he opened with Crystal and proceed to absolutely blast it out for 90 mins so was looking forward to much the same - had been bigging it up to my mates about the driving, fierce yet emotional prog we could look forward to.

And then he drops that handbag house p.o.s - my mates were "wtf is this?" - he recovered a bit later on but by then the damage had been done. sad

TBF though it was the first time I'd seen Sasha play out and he played an absolute stormer (dropped Rapture (which was unreal when it come out) and Tocharian - La Cuna IIRC) so not all bad.

Moment - Diggers ignoring my offer of a handshake and nearly getting pushed to the floor and trampled on by the security who were escorting him to the box before his set. I really felt like we were connected wink

Tune - Usually I was in too much of a state to remember specific tunes but I remember being completely boxed and going for a wander one time and coming back to find my good mate Diggers belting out Micahs' remix of Slacker - Psychout which was pretty cool - Jon Lisle dropping Morgan King - Free (Orbit remix) out as part of a warm up set and taking it off back to breaks afterwards sticks in the memory.


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smashdad wrote:

Maybe the World Health Organisation had a point...


MattBlack wrote:
furry wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

No one hits bigger than Uncle Bazza and NCable

Betoko might see it differently.


He hit you as well Matt?

Lego movie didn't get nominated for best animated picture - Big Hero 6 (basically scooby doo with a 150m budget) won.


The doris from that "Chuffed to beats" video is easy on the eye.

Clicked on the link to see if her name was listed - it's got the photographers website & portfolio instead:

Jam packed with stunners in lingerie - must be a hard life taking piccies like that all day.



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Women look better with makeup! News at 10!

Really missed ETC on here recently. big_smile

Take the edge off Monday.


Henry Rindhoops wrote:

You have some exquisite tastes, Wally. Very similar to mine. Would really be interested in seeing your Asian Babes collection sometime.

Bedrock Board - last Friday.

seanc80 wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I was 25 at the time. A trip like that would probably kill me now.

So you had a few beers with some strangers, 'a meal' in McDonalds and were tucked up post-gig following the boat home.

Yeah mental one Hannu. I'd say you were crawling the walls in work the following week.

Aye, i bet he didnt dry hump a sofa in fabric while completely mashed or anything.

Fucking loved this.

The thread I mean.

Not the mix - that was ghastly.

Saw Gone Girl for the first time at the weekend - been listening to the OST all week - class album.