Progged wrote:

well that came as a shock. surprised diggers let this carry on.

hopefully we will get some decent mods in but i nominate presto

Haven't you heard, Presto is a professional software developer now (like me). He is a God among insects (like me). You'll be lucky if he even acknowledges your presence from now on and has no time for moderating the bedrock board (like me).

Any decent albums out? Last year we got Moderat II, Ulrich Snauss' new one and Boards of Canada Tomorrow Harvest (best album of last year) - can't think of any released this year.

millsy23 wrote:

Ah.....memories. Smashdad may appreciate as he's the only person on here with a taste for prog breaks IIRC. Used to smash the back doors off this back in the day. The breakdown on this is wonderful.

Cracking tune - used to love it.

Sounds ok - better than digitalism which is officially the worst comp I've ever heard. Absolutely dirge.

millsy23 wrote:

oooh. Last one I listened to was the Pacha one mate. =Link a brutha up.

Well shit - it is the pacha one - a new one to me, cos I missed it lol.

What a fucking dime bar :-\

Yeah, guess so - soundcloud has got more music than you can get through.  (New Labyrinth mix up btw mate if you've not seen it)

Still, always something about getting your mitts on a new release, used to get 4 or 5 new cds a month or so.

Anything? Realised I've not bought anything for a while now other than the soundgarden. must be some other stuff getting released?

millsy23 wrote:

This one Ed. Bought immediately on Beatport. … eo-preview

This Mike Hulme is rather talented. Another one of his coming soon.

Superb sounds and only heard of him today.

Quality stuff from the Millsy.


MarcusGraham wrote:
Wally wrote:

What's the first tune off that?


Some fella has commented on the mix "Doves Fly Over"

Did a search, couldn't find out.

Cracking mix though.



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MarcusGraham wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

It was called "story if my life" or something. I tried to find it yesterday, and I seemed to have lost it during my last computer change... Anyone have it?

Is this the one? … rtier-pt-1

What's the first tune off that?


John Debo mix - decent … ar-orlando

klooptheloop wrote:

Pappa's mix from Darkbeat's Boat Party has been on all this week for me. … april-2014

Cracking mix.


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Bet Big Fella is distraught he's revealed his big chippy secret and the board isn't closing.


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Good stuff Hannu.


Never had one. Think there's definitely something a bit off about the whole alias thing TBH.

Big Fella wrote:

While everybody is getting things off their chest.

Confession Time

I have never owned a chippy.

ROFL - unbelievable! Stitched up like a kipper...

shaunstrudwick wrote:

I thought Helen_A was just another alias tbh

Maybe an uncle John alias used to make up his mind - Kudos to all  the "get your tits out" commentors.


Why not just update the forum software to a newer version that includes "ignore" buttons so people dont have to see any posts from people they dont want to?

end of an era indeed. Been a member around a decade i think. Jeez. Been a cracking place while it lasted. Really handy for music and keeping up with things going on in clubland. Some funny banter as well on occasion.

If we're talking Bill Hamell remixes we have to bring up:




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>>  In all the years I've lived in the UK, I have never come across people like this.

Not to be picky Hel, but some of the people on here don't live in the UK which explains why you've not found them.

Nick Warren - The Soundgarden Vol 1 - s'alright - was hoping for two discs of ambient since it was crowd funded but it quickly drops ambient and moves straight into prog.

First half an hour is absolutely stellar stuff. Kudos


One for Grant - the new X-men flick - decent - 8/10.

Nigel benn? Didnt he dabble in djing for a bit.