smashdad wrote:

Might have to change the name of this next time to 'Between Halloween and Easter Mix Swap'...

That would be more appropriate. Guilty as charged, I'm afraid.

Kumquat wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

Quivvers remix is better Imo

for a change he hasn't used the out the box Quivver soundset he's used for the last x years...

Hopefully a sign of things to come.

i have to check the remix twice when I heard it, no standard quiver sounds at all.

steelydan wrote:
Klub Foot wrote:

What was your reply to Graham, Dan?

It was on a friends wall on Facebook. I thought it was a harsh statement and i'd encourage people to read Bill Brewster's 'last night a dj saved my life' rather than have a rant. The blokes 50 odd...ffs

Lives on Koh Samui now running house nights over there

S.T Rudders - I completely forgot about this, I'll get something together by this coming Christmas.


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kiz wrote:

Yep different Yunus.

Awesome stuff early nineties..slightly similar in style to Guy J...moody deep chugging style.

Same Yunus actually. He had a forced hiatus from music as he he was required to complete Military Service for his country.

erik.b wrote:

No worries dude

Me too please geezer.


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kiz wrote:

Man I miss wavs the same way I miss vinyl.

Just dug out some old mixes I did around early nineties and the analogue wav sound is so dearly missed.

What is an analogue wav sound?

Daniel Avery is playing here in Sydney this Saturday. I may well go.

smallman1 wrote:

The thought of getting kippered en route to Australia is horrendous.

Are you flying cattle Ed or have the company shelled out for Business?

Merry Christmas all. Hope you have a good one, wherever you may be.


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Presto wrote:

For once in my life I did actually get some sleep post-clubbing. A rarity for me, I know.

Simon - are you going to give us all a gander at your custom T-shirt?


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roberto wrote:

The new 'merica?

It's all murder here, shootings there, babies down drains.... fuck that shit, Smalls, you might want to reconsider!

Welcome to Middle Earth... how long you here for?

Glad you both enjoyed it.

Kev - The track at 50 mins is Derek Howell - Interstellar Homecoming [Proton Records]

smallman1 wrote:

Have iPhone's made it to Australia yet?

If not, I'm going to be absolutely ledging it in Melbourne with my iPhone 5.

Tin can and stings here Edward. You'll be rocking a polished Heinz baked bean can.


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smallman1 wrote:

Hope you're A ok chief -

All good pal, thanks for checking. my office is around the corner from Martin Place but still far was enough away. As Tom mentioned before, I headed home around 1pm.

You got your dates sorted for Melbs yet? Let's get a party weekend sorted.

I haven't posted any mixes on here for ages so thought i'd take this opportunity to do so and post a link to my latest offering recorded exclusively for Sydney's Deep House Space.

Enjoy. … steve-marx


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millsy23 wrote:

Marxy getting amongst it

hahaha. Dirty fucking roid bogans.

When are you going to draw names Kev?

Ncable wrote:

Since JD was waxing lyrical about 'Craig' on here a couple of days ago, I wondered if anyone on the board remembers a short lived little night in central London in the twilight of the nineties with these three scallywags on deck duties? Was in a basement bar that held about 50 people, a brief stroll from Baker Street station. Was post-Tyrant as I recall and prog breaks was just breaking through with Wide Angle etc.

Always plenty of faces and a great little vibe with some stunning music. Anybody (apart from Comster) have any memories of this?

Our crew hit this most Sundays, and was held a bar called lowlife owned by a friend of ours. Remember seeing DJ Hyper for the very first time at this night.


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smallman1 wrote:

Can't wait to kitchen sink it up with some of the boards Aussie personnel!

PS We throw bath tubs out here mate, so you better get yourself into training. BOSH!!!

Tom - once you have dates sorted. Lemme know.



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smallman1 wrote:

Will be there with work for 3 months as of late Jan.

Can't wait to kitchen sink it up with some of the boards Aussie personnel!

Excellent Stuff Edward. You will of course have to come and spend a weekend at Cafe del Marx in Sydney. What date are you arriving in the country mate?

lolz.. Hows tricks Pleb?

Surprised there is no SD capability and you would hope it supports USB3.

Happy Birthday chief.