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..so, not the 'definitive' mix then wink


The remix package includes the Original Mix and the Ambient Mix.

or perhaps it is already Friday in the Phantom zone.


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Rules out most of you cunts on here.

smallman1 wrote:

Has the 'Drowning Man' gag been done yet?

Several times Edward.


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Regarding the sound, it has always been residential noise limits, what the fuck do you expect in park the middle of London surrounded by houses on its circumference.

BM won't be starting till Tuesday either because of thunderstorms, hail and flooding.

Tracklisting looks ace. Can't wait to hear it.

Nice one Dave, downloading now.

Meat Liquor was my favourite place for a burger in London, they also did mean buffalo wings and cheese fries.
Another great place is Elliot's Cafe down in Borough Market.

Great tune. No idea on the artist/title though.

Grant wrote:
stylustrouble wrote:
Glen wrote:

Does anyone make tunes that fucking go over 122Bpm anymore?? Christsakes..

Not supercool and not supergroovy but some rambunctious raucous rave noise.Try this for size....

Fucking hell ST, that's terrible!

Good lord Grant, that is truly horrendous, although I can see the wannabe cool DJ's here in Sydney playing this tripe in a warm up. Lolz

Cheers for the heads up on the Boilfer room set to Damo, sounds amazing.

In terms of the slower beats, I have some friends that have been running a night in Melbourne for nearly 3 years now and the BPM's rarely get over a 110, so it is certainly nothing new.


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Impossible to put it down to one

smallman1 wrote:

Going to be rocking one of these for Bedrock 16 -


Ed's alter ego Edroid


What a cunt using the personal statement regarding the incident to promote his music. Of course he is sorry.

https://pulseradio.net/articles/2014/08 … -statement

Great set from both Carwyn and you of you and thanks for being our guests.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

right - this is a very 'strudders' question but...

if I've purchased the track do I own the rights?



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DuFunk wrote:

Hernan charges a fair bit local promoters weren't able to get him on the same budget they had when they booked sasha, digweed, howells, warren & seaman nights but im sure flying from argentina and all the connecting flights maybe the stumbling block also.

He lives in Barcelona and is about to move back to Argentina.

Keep up Loopy, he has already moved. tongue

Live in Miami is excellent Wally, defo worth the purchase. Alongside that the only other DJ Mix I have purchased is Nick's Soundgarden which you have already mentioned.


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spinnerlg wrote:
Presto wrote:
Yant wrote:

Presto - Fantasy footy now open for next season.

Had my team and league set up on Wednesday. wink

Code for the league is 1385-784. If you don't like a bit of fun during the season then don't join.

Last season's standings:
http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … 55#p590955

In, as per.

^^ what he said


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erik.b wrote:

Vestax PDX 3000's have had midi for a few years now


They have also been shit for years too. Worst decks I have every tried.

Keen to have a demo on these when they come out. I sold my 1210's 5 years ago because I was skint. Terrible decision upon reflection.

Traktor have embedded functionality into their track analysis algorithm that identifies if the track you are loading has been downloaded from an illegal source and combats this illegal act by tampering with .wav analysis so the tune will not display correctly in the GUI. It also sends the users details to PRS (for copyright breach), so expect a knock on your door soon.


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No Chippie though.


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Skydney wrote:
benson wrote:

I'm guessing with the obsession with female anatomy that phil opian is the same person or has that already been established?

I really have lost what is going on

Biggsy  fessed up to that one.

I figured BF was being amusing when he 'fessed up to being Opian - I got a couple of unsolicited PMs from Opian a while back - based on their content I'd assume BF couldn't possibly have sent them...

Hard to know who's who on here these days.