Ben Wand wrote:

That artwork says heads-down, sophisticated tech funk from the deep zone to me.

I really hope that it is whole 5 hours from Vagabond as it was soooo fucking immense.


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nice one mate, just in time for the weekend.

just had listen through this, there a few tracks I heard at Cameo/Vagabond in here.

Had a listen to their Essential Mix earlier, it's OK in places, but thought the last hour was pretty dull.

discombobulated and rhadamanthine


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MattBlack wrote:

Joking aside it makes you wonder why people would do this to themselves

Especially when it looks like it reads 'You only live ones' what a fucking pelican.

millsy23 wrote:

53.30 is Spooky - New Light (Strobelight Mix)

He's added a bit more to the Strobelight mix, sounds a bit more punchy halfway through. .

As he has done to the mix of Little Bullet that is on this mix, it's lot crispier than it was before.

Beijing Dave wrote:

while fat pissed up Jacqui (54) from accounts somewhere keeps pinching your arse every time you walk past, to the raucous mirth of her younger colleagues.

Horrific job.

I bet you still sneakliy slipped one into the lovely Jacqui when you were on a staff night out and you were the last out 2 drinking. wink

But to get back on track my worst job was working for a garbage company when I was 18. I started at fucking midnight and had to jog behind a garbage truck whilst grabbing the household bins and emptying them in the hopper and then returning them to the footpath.


I went to stag do in Berlin in May 12 and we ate at this place. Its really nosiy, excellent selection on beer and monsterous schnitzels.

You will need to book though.

In terms of drinking, Oranienburgerstrasse is a good place to start as there are loads of bars there.

By all means try and get to Panorama Bar, but you will have to play lottery on whether or not any of you will get in.  We ended up a place called Arenaclub, which is on the river in Treptow Park. Music was ace and pingers were off the scale too.



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wowsers 78 tracks marathon there Loopy. I am downloading this now,

You forgot narcotics officers and parking wardens

King of re-Spin.

millsy23 wrote:
Skydney wrote:

Rodriguez Jr.

Yes, yes and thrice yes. His recent effort 'Nausicaa' is a fantastic slice of laid back house.

yes its a boss track.

check out his remix of Oliver Shories - Be.

Mihai Popoiviciu
Rodriguez Jr.


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liquitech1 wrote:

I had to message Mark to tell him I won't have time to do anything for another few weeks so it's pointless him waiting for me...if somebody else was looking to do a swap and has a mix at the ready maybe they can step in?..

...apologies Smashdad, too busy with work and a house move. Great idea though, looks like there's a pile of top mixes to pick from, thx everyone for sharing cool

there's always next Christmas tongue

He will need some assistance painting his kitchen pink.

Dermo wrote:
simonr wrote:

Hopefully Dermy will tell us how this is:

Hmmm not seen this. But saying that I avoid all Australian tv. Especially Australian made programmes, so i'm probably not the best to comment.

having been back just over a year, I would have to agree, aussie TV is fucking rubbish. However with that said,  the first and third series of Underbelly were both very good, so have no reason to think this will be shite.

simonr wrote:

Hopefully Dermy will tell us how this is:

It hasn't started yet and no air date has been adverstised at this stage. Good that the producers have managed to retain most of the original Underbelly cast and that the whole story can now be finally told, now that all of the court imposed restrictions have been lifted.

Have to agree with you on Telstra, they are without equal the worst company on the planet.

loopdokter wrote:
chuffer wrote:

Q - how are you going to cope with the impending Canadian bans on Marmite and Irn Bru?

I'm not Aussie

Thank fuck for that.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

recommend me some good steak restaurants

anyone been to Hawksmoor in Spitalfields?

Goodmans in Mayfair Strudders. (better than Hawksmoor imo)

chuffer wrote:

Did the Fade remix come out in the summer? Must have passed me by.......

The Oliver Lieb mix has to be one of my favourite prog/trance tracks of all time, seems like Guy J's tried to emulate that one

nope it is being released with the Overture remix on his Lost and Found label soon.


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khankra wrote:

Ha - on its way today mate! Just had to get rid of the DT's...

and a fine fucking mix it is too mate, been on repeat since you sent it. Cheers Kanky.

I still have that live on Ben Nevis CD too.
It started off banging and just got more banging from each tune was mixed in, I am sure it made my nosebleed.

today was struggle. However to cheer myself up I booked my flight to Miami for WMC in March, seemed the only sensible thing to do.