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I highly recommend the ACS too. I have some custom moulded specifically to my ears with both 15db and 25 db filters.

can the under 6's please sort out their differences and stop wetting the fucking bed.

Beast of a mix.


https://soundcloud.com/guy-j/guy-j-live … -july-2014


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loopdokter wrote:

Speaking of Spooky, is Charlie May still kicking about?

What's Duncan Forbes up to?

Charlie is still making music and remixing (recently remixed Barry Jamieson's Stars) and DJing.
Duncan however I haven't seen in yonks. The last time was at Glasto in 2010.

monostereo wrote:

The funny thing with Natasha Bedingfield is that she sang the vocals on this beast of of tune back in 1998 when she was about 14.

Phil Opian wrote:

$60 a month. Australia is well backward for net speeds too. Only ADSL2 no fibre.

too true dat. I pay $145 a month for Telstra cable but I get 100MB

All over this Edward. John is out here 2 weeks after not the week before.

Also seeing Hernan for his Sydney and multiple Melbourne shows in a few weeks.

Pre-ordered it this morning and can't wait for it to arrive.


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simonr wrote:
Skydney wrote:

1. Mike Griego & Stas Drive - Mocca Sunset

Bosh !

Can't wait for that 'Sofia' Mike Griego track on PlattenBank Records.

me too, Mike has been producing some awesome stuff recently. Expecting Hernan to dropping some of his new bits when he is out here at the end of the month.


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I haven't partaken in this thread for yonks. So here are mine.

1. Mike Griego & Stas Drive - Mocca Sunset
2. Jay Tripwire & Grant Dell - This is the Future
3. Trinity and Beyond - Drifting Moments (Jamie Stevens Remix)
4. Dusky - 4T4
5. Simos Tagias - Counting the Days

simonr wrote:

Fantastic ... sounded great at the Bombed Out Church and smoked out AN.

AN zee Genie.

Indeed it is. BOSH!

Unbroken1 wrote:

..so, not the 'definitive' mix then wink


The remix package includes the Original Mix and the Ambient Mix.

or perhaps it is already Friday in the Phantom zone.


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Rules out most of you cunts on here.

smallman1 wrote:

Has the 'Drowning Man' gag been done yet?

Several times Edward.


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Regarding the sound, it has always been residential noise limits, what the fuck do you expect in park the middle of London surrounded by houses on its circumference.

BM won't be starting till Tuesday either because of thunderstorms, hail and flooding.

Tracklisting looks ace. Can't wait to hear it.

Nice one Dave, downloading now.

Meat Liquor was my favourite place for a burger in London, they also did mean buffalo wings and cheese fries.
Another great place is Elliot's Cafe down in Borough Market.

Great tune. No idea on the artist/title though.

Grant wrote:
stylustrouble wrote:
Glen wrote:

Does anyone make tunes that fucking go over 122Bpm anymore?? Christsakes..

Not supercool and not supergroovy but some rambunctious raucous rave noise.Try this for size....

Fucking hell ST, that's terrible!

Good lord Grant, that is truly horrendous, although I can see the wannabe cool DJ's here in Sydney playing this tripe in a warm up. Lolz

Cheers for the heads up on the Boilfer room set to Damo, sounds amazing.

In terms of the slower beats, I have some friends that have been running a night in Melbourne for nearly 3 years now and the BPM's rarely get over a 110, so it is certainly nothing new.