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Stanton release str8-150 and st-150 super decks!

It seems that every major turntable manufacturer is trying to out do the other by releasing a high end pro deck.  Not to be left behind in this battle, Stanton have released their new range the str8-150 (straight tone arm) and the st-150 ('S' shaped tone arm).  Packing a market equalling (same as Citronic's pd-45 ultima) 4.5kg/cm torque motor it's no lightweight!  Constructed from a heavy duty steel chassis and a rubber base it's should provide exception isolation.  Other features include an improved key correction facility, start & brake adjustments, S/PDIF digital out, Phono/Line outs (key correction only works on line out) and +-50% pitch range.  This adds up to yet another exciting turntable to add to the ever growing list!

[b]The success of a digital system that allows CDs to be scratched and mixed in the same way as 12-inch records could mean the death end of DJs using vinyl, a top DJ and record producer has said.

The system, called the CDJ-1000 and produced by technology company Pioneer, has been designed to replicate as much as possible a traditional vinyl deck, but taking advantage of modern digital technology.

The decks, which have already won a number of awards, have been given great approval by Erick Morillo, boss of Subliminal records and one of the most influential DJs in the world.

"I'm letting technology take over," Mr Morillo told BBC World Service's The Music Biz programme.

"With the introduction of the CDJ-1000 I feel like there's a whole new way of DJing these days."

                                     Live remixing

The key to the system - which resembles a small version of a vinyl deck - is a grooved, touch-sensitive jog wheel, which allows records to be stopped and scratched at any time.

Until now, the inability to do this was one of the key reasons DJs had shunned performing with CD decks.

Deck has a memory card that recalls edit points for tracks
Additionally, the system has an internal memory that can remember cue and loop points, and allows tracks to be remixed live.

"When I'm DJing with vinyl, I'm bored now," Mr Morillo said. "With CDJs you can loop the records at whatever point you want.

"I take my filters and I'm remixing records on the fly."

Pioneer say that they developed the system with DJs to try and tackle the problems encountered when using traditional CD players.

"What we did here was look at all the objections that DJs had against using our existing range of DJ CD players, and basically overcome them," Pioneer spokesman Martin Docherty told The Music Biz.

"That's why this product has been so successful, and it's now the industry standard across the world."

i checked and it's good .... but i don't know if it will have problems in future

Hi guyz .
I just got a new turntable ... RELOOP RP-2000 mk3 !

I want to ask you about it ... is it good?  :?:  :?:  :?:  :?:  :?:  :?:  :?:

Hi i work in a label and found these new realeases.... :

Artist: Jean Jacques Smoothie 
Title: Keep It Movin
Label: Plastic Raygun

Artist: Sander Kleinenberg 
Title: 4 Seasons (Disk2)
Label: FFRR


Artist: Master H 
Title: Dont Stop
Label: Soma


Artist: Nick Rafferty & The Coalition 
Title: Fake In It
Label: Honeypot



Artist: Thomas Penton 
Title: Cliffhanger (Disk2)
Label: Tune Inn