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Ticket purchased smile


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Tickets on sale 1st August - http://www.seetickets.com/event/bedrock … ton/807688

Fabric 75 - Maya Jane Coles

Ger_Stokes wrote:

All the talk of cream back in the day reminded me of this mix that I've been listening to on repeat over the last while, well worth checking out....

https://soundcloud.com/samuel-lamont/cr … uel-lamont

I prefer this 1...

https://soundcloud.com/samuel-lamont/ch … -reunion-7

Pretty much anything people like Steve Lawler remixes, always just OK, but nothing really ground breaking.


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Unfortunately, I've never seen this guy live and I don't think he frequents the UK too much nowadays sad


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Time is flying by far too quickly...

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=35084

As always, will be on this.


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It's Numark though...

Well I suppose that's Kiev off my list of places to visit anytime soon!


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Don't see the point of these really.


The Ambient disc (Disc 1) of Bedrock Structures 2. Absolutely perfect for chilling out today! smile


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Decisions decisions....

Anyone care to post their team?



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Groove Armada – Essential Summer Groove

http://www.discogs.com/Groove-Armada-Es … ase/283666

Frankie Knuckles Presents Tales from Beyond the Tone Arm

http://www.discogs.com/Various-Frankie- … se/4147072


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His Fabric CD maybe?


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My favourite track of 2014 so far and also features in my June podcast.

smallman1 wrote:

Not one photo of two 1210's and a mixer.


Presto on page 7.


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This should be a good starting point - http://www.whathifi.com/news/best-on-ea … uy-in-2013

iTunes / SoundCloud / Mixcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Blogger

Ryan Gibson - Bushido Deep Podcast 012 (June 2014) (inc. 1 hour guest mix - Damion Pell)

01. Ryan Gibson - Accident on the Picadilly (Intro)
02. Kvazar - Space Debris [Adx Records]
03. Sonartek - Drum Trap (Teets Remix) [Yoruba Grooves]
04. Dubfound - Simple Antics [3rd Wave Music]
05. Proudly People - Little Helper 126-4 [Little Helpers]
06. Bolumar & Proudly People - Infectious Collab [Act Natural Records]
07. Seraphine - Another Boring Love Song (Alvaro Hylander Remix) [DeepWit Recordings]
08. Ben Teufel - U See (Mr. Deka Remix) [Antura Records]
09. Jacopo Lotti & Franko Lopez - The Living Glow (Proudly People Remix) [Innocent Music]
10. Lot & Self D feat. Spankj - Exile (Synkrone & Edgar Mark Remix) [Admaiora Records]
11. Monika Kruse meets Pig & Dan - Natural High [Terminal M]
12. Saints & Sinners - Pushin' Too Hard (Wehbba Remix) [Systematic Recordings]

Damion Pell - 1 Hour Guest Mix

01. Robert Babiczb - Duba (Guy J Rmx)
02. Bjork - All is full of love (luke branccio & Bruce Aisherrmx)
03. Michael jansons - Tunnel vision (Rich Achmed rmx)
04. Seth Schwarz - Elysium (mollono. Bass rmx)
05. Scott James & Mike - Photon
06. Kassey Voorn - Search & Destroy
07. Anton Stellz - Get Wild
08. Alberto Sola - Acid Rhumba
09. Scott James & Mike Robia - Coral
10. Shall Ocin - Forgive me (edu Imbernon rmx)


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Best link I could find: http://www.tsmplug.com/boxing/froch-vs- … line-free/


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Actually starting to look forward to it all now! smile

Agreed, Elysium was dreadful. One the better sci-fi films of late was 'Ender's Game' imo.

Fabric 74 (Move D). Certainly one of the better releases of late.

Dermo wrote:
millsy23 wrote:
Dermo wrote:

Gotta ask why on earth would you want to watch that kind of shit with that kind of cunt in it Millsy? Kind of deserve everything you get.

Fair point. I think I 'acquired' it on a whim. Never again.

Ryangibson says its an absolute stormer of a film. You sure you watched it? LOL

I stand by my opinion and still say that it's a good film. Heaven forbid someone's opinion would be different to another person, let alone someone off this board.

Watched 4 films over the weekend:

The Secret Life of Walty Mitty - Really enjoyable and made a nice change to watch a film that didn't involve the world coming to an end!

Anchorman 2 - Absolutely dog shit. The 1st one was just about watchable, but this was dreadul, very unfunnny.

That Awkward Moment - Pretty crap, avoidable.

Godzilla - Surprisingly pretty good, obviosuly, heavy CGI throughout, but the ending was a bit 'meh'.