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Plays the black card...check
References Hitler...check
Swears repeatedly...check
References the KKK...check

What an absolute weapon.


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Surely worth another watch...


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See you later 'Arry!

simonr wrote:

Having a laugh with these:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Technics-SL-1 … 1722156432

More so with these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Technics-SL-1 … 1722156432

At least 2 hours a day (On my commute into work) and then maybe for an hour or so most evenings listening to new music to download.


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Nasty being the operative word here. Pretty terrible if you ask me.


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My favourite crisps...


shaunstrudwick wrote:

never gonna happen imo

and would be massively shite.

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Ryan Gibson - Bushido Deep Podcast 013 (January 2015)

01. Aural Imbalance - Dragonfly (Maps Of Hyperspace Remix) [Statis Recordings]
02. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Tom’s Just Because I Kate Remix)
03. Juan Zolbaran - 3AM [Baile Musik]
04. Alejandro Fernandez - Vision B [Baile Musik Silver Edition]
05. Sonartek - Boss On the Boat [Monday Morning Records]
06. Dennis Cruz - Slow Motion [Be One Records]
07. 000 - Trk6 [Amam]
08. Emery Warman - Manifesto (Dennis Cruz Remix) [Noexcuse Records]
09. Synkrone - Move With Us (Glico Remix) [Mood Indigo]
10. Timid Boy - Extasy (Rhadow Remix) [Time Has Changed Records]
11. Maximiljan - Tim O Tool (Julien Sandre Remix) [Time Has Changed Records]


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Never understood to fuss about Hawtin, the stuff he plays bores me to tears!

Good read. Cheers for posting!


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At the moment, pretty much saving as much possible to buy my 1st house in London.

Business Analyst for the trading division of a large energy company


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MarcusGraham wrote:

Fuck their DJing, i've no idea who or what they are, but credit where it's due, they have some fucking good names.
Here's my favourites:

1. Infected Mushroom
2. DJ Angerfist
3. Bingo Players
4. Knife Party
5. The Chainsmokers
6. DJ Snake
7. Noisecontroller
8. Da Tweekaz
9. Borgeous
10. Wildstylezs

Seriously, have a word DJ mag, half these are made up surely?

The only I've heard of on that list are Infected Mushroom, as they are/were very big on the psy trance scene.

Surely Andriy Shevchenko has to have a mention? Signed for just over £30m back in 2006 (Which was a record at the time). Played just 48 games in 3 years and only scored 9 goals.

As per, it'll be a last min decision as to whether I go or not. The benefits of having Fabric 1st membership smile


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On the subject of Howells, definitely the best warm up set I've heard at any of the Bedrock birthdays from the last 5 + years.

Nice set.

Sounds like it's this version of Hale Bop from last year - http://www.beatport.com/track/hale-bopp … on/4791440


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Had a really enjoyable night. Turned up just after midnight with the Mrs for her 1st prog night and her 1st comment was, "Am literately one of about 10 women here?" So some things will never change about Bedrock nights!

Josh Wink - Played some brilliant stuff, but was a little all over the place at times, however, his last 45 mins or so really got everyone going.
Digweed -  Solid. Not the best I've heard from him in recent years, but still decent enough. Am I imagining this, or did he play 'Moby - Into The Blue (Buzz Boys Main Room Mayhem Mix)' towards the end?
Pig & Dan - Relentless and perfect for the final 2 hours.

Electric was by no means perfect sound system wise (I think my ears were starting to feel the strain by the end of Digweed), but unlike Fire (Which I can't stand), you weren't constantly moving out of the way of people or had any huge bottlenecks trying to move between rooms, floors etc.

Really looking forward to this and he was spot on the last time he played at Fabric. My 1st tube is not until 7 am, so I'll be hanging around until at least then.


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The fireworks in Vegas NYE last year were pretty impressive!

All over this.


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joeyp wrote:

Having my stag doo in the smoke in December.

Friday until Sunday and hoping to incorporate uncle John at Fabric if it happens (any ideas)

Currently debating the plan other than the above. Wanting good food, good bars and potentially something to do (not paintball).

Answers on a postcard.

For a stag weekend, I'd try and spend a day/evening at somewhere like this:

http://www.bavarian-beerhouse.co.uk/ind … ntowerhill

or this:


Pubs and bars wise, I'd go for one or combination of the following areas:

London Bridge / Borough Market - For your traditional style pubs or dive bars
Clapham - Good bars and you'll probably be able to find one of the late bars playing some decent music
Hoxton / Shoreditch - If you can put up with the hipster, fashion / art student crowd.
Islington - Bit more upmarket, but still plenty of places to drink
Soho - Strip clubs (I assume at least one visit will be on the cards?)

Just stay clear of the West End.