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You're better off using a double edge razor, will save you money in the long term, blades are dirt cheap and means you can use a new one for every shave


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I buy all of my suits (and shirts) from Charles Tyrwhitt, as their slim fit cut seems to suit my body shape and I've never been disappointed with the quality.

Lived in Houston for a year a couple of years ago. Back then when there was a downpour, the amount of minor flooding you'd see around the city was way too high, so it's no surprise that they're unable to deal with what's hitting them now.

Happy Mondays

Grant wrote:

It's not that bad for getting into town mate - Jubilee and Bakerloo for starters and it's a reasonable cab home.

Agree with Grant, Kilburn is on the Jubilee line and you're able to get into central London within 10 minutes from there.


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Couple of places in London are now selling this on tap, very nice!


Overnight bus journey travelling from Hanoi to Da Nang in Vietnam, driver was an absolute mental case driving at stupid speeds on some the worst roads known to man.

No ltd edition luggage tag versions available?

Freefall - Skydive

steelydan wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

I assume you mean The Spaceflight Remix, if so, then I've got it digitally? I didn't think is was too difficult to get hold of.

That’s the one mate, but the commercial release ripped out the sample from Once Upon A Time In America unfortunately

the one your after is on Ashley Beedle's Black Sunshine Records

This one?

https://www.discogs.com/Disco-Evangelis … ease/97539

Nick Sneddon wrote:

£15 on De Niro by The Disco Evangelists - still cant get it digitally

I assume you mean The Spaceflight Remix, if so, then I've got it digitally? I didn't think is was too difficult to get hold of.


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Frankie Goes to Hollywood. ffs!

Dermatron wrote:

I did. So fuck you all.

As always, I'm sure Ed was there too.


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Dermatron wrote:

Fat Fwank is going to Hollywood to be a film star LOL Who the fuck tells these dopey cunts its an option? Are they so drunk on money, wealth and good times they think fuckers want to watch them in films? Beckham did the same and to be fair he's a fuck sight better to look at then boring cockney lisper Fwank and he never made it. So fuck off Fwank. You twat.

I swear that I read this week that he was starting his coaching badges?

Squidgy wrote:

Haven't seen the film, but looks pretty good.

Watched this on Netflix before Xmas. Solid film.

seanc80 wrote:

This came up on my FB feed this morning.

300 lids and it pisses in the face of 90% of the watches in here.


Please tell me that you dropped 300 notes on it? big_smile

You couldn't pay me £300 to wear it.

Now this is a watch - Built in calculator and TV remote FTW


seanc80 wrote:

Look, it appears i am a philistine when it comes to watches, as not only do all of the above look like something that my old man would wear, but 3k for the privilege of wearing anything similar to the above, is a completely foreign concept to me.

I can understand to some extent someone who splashes out on a nice shiny Tag or something but any of the watches above are fucking ludicrous looking, no?

Am I alone here? lol

Let me guess, you're currently rocking a Rotary or Fossil watch?

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

That's a proper watch Ryan... nice one.

Cheers smile

Currently got my eye on a second Hand IWC Mark VX, which you can pick up for under 3K. Classic style, not in your face and gaudy looking like a Rolex.


Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean



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https://feelmybicep.bandcamp.com/track/ … e-tape-mix


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delged wrote:


I really fancy seeing Loco Dice but £28 is lumpy....

Ticket prices do seem to have gone up across the board, but I suppose they've got to try and make the money they've lost back somehow!


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Pretty much seen every DJ I've wanted to see live over the years, however, very embarrassingly, I never managed to catch Laurent Garnier play.

dutchy101 wrote:

Ordered my TV. Mate had a scheme through work where he gets a 6.5% discount on Curry's e-vouchers so got that on the go too. Arrives on Sunday. Cannae wait:

http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-hom … 2-pdt.html

I have a 4K Samsung TV myself, tis very nice indeed smile


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http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-enter … 30111.html