chadmc wrote:

or this one...:)

That was in my folder. More than happy to put it back in there within the next couple of days.


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MattBlack wrote:

So people who have been queuing for the iPhone 7 might not even get one, lol … 32066.html

What an absolute weapon...

"Looking around, everyone's pretty pissed off," he told Mashable Australia. "It's a bit frustrating that I sacrificed my HSC (higher school certificate) lessons and school for this."

Grant wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

Stephen Hawking
David Attenborough
Maggie Smith
Helen Mirren
Judi Dench

LOL, fucking hell.

Sorry, I missed out John Digweed.

Stephen Hawking
David Attenborough
Maggie Smith
Helen Mirren
Judi Dench


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Thought it was a Wunderground style dubbed video at first, but unfortunately not... hmm


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Grant wrote:
303 abuser wrote:

they seriously need to fix the format of this tournament.  i can't remember a worse bunch of games and a winner as poor as portugal.  there is no way a team who can't win a game in the group stage should advance.  yay for the mouth breather.

Greece 2004.

At least Greece managed to actually win more than 1 game over 90 minutes!


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Macs are certainly not immune to OS software fucking up things. I've refrained from upgrading to El Capitan on my MacBook Pro as it still doesn't work with a lot music related hardware and software (i.e. Traktor). My 2nd gen iPad is also now slow as fuck due to recent versions of iOS.


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Will probably give the previews / mini mixes a whirl once they're released, but in my opinion, the whole series should have stopped 10+ years ago. IMO the last decent GU was from Danny Howells back in 2005.

MattBlack wrote:

I have binned my Z1 off as since the last firmware upgrade it has been behaving very strangely, the right hand gain knob seems to have developed a life of its own and and onscreen it moves without me even touching it while also my USB connection cuts out intermittently. I have tried everything i can think of including upgrading my OS X then having to downgrade it again as i got loads of other problems which were unrelated and after going on the NI forum it seems other people have been having similar problems. I am thinking of getting a K2 but in the meantime have had to go back to my old controller.
NI have been absolutely zero help though and it seems they are so focussed on their new stems technology they have forgotten about everyone else

Can highly recommend the K2 smile

Dermatron wrote:

Well i'm guessing its 192 at best then. Intrigued to hear it now. Hint hint.

I would upload it, but I can't access Google Drive from work.

Dermatron wrote:

Are we having it that its actually a proper digi copy? I'm under the impression it was one of those Beatport ripped vinyl's like they do. Im not sure it was ever digitally released.

It sounds like a digi copy to me, although it could be done with being re-mastered.

Unbroken1 wrote:
ryangibson wrote:

The original was on Beatport, but if it's not on there anymore, then I'll upload it tonight.

..that would be terrific, cheers wink

In there now smile


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Not seen live, but I recently watched 'Paul Chowdhry - What's Happening White People' on youtube and found it very funny!

Unbroken1 wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

...Remake 'Bladerunner' anyone?

After a proper digi, not a rip if possible smile

Wouldn't mind that one myself, especially with the Till we meet again vox

..nah, just the original track if poss

Nick Sneddon wrote:

I've definitely got the C&J remix

...Chris & James? not really a fab of theirs tbh Nick

The original was on Beatport, but if it's not on there anymore, then I'll upload it tonight.

Like several people have already mentioned, I'd go with the K2.

I have a single one myself, customised to the point where I can set up beat grids, control 3 channels (I don't see the point of using 4), effects, filters etc. Some people like to have 2 of the units connected together to minimise the amount of time you skip through layers, but if you set the controls up correctly, then you very easily get by with just a single one.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet smile


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smallman1 wrote:

Didn't know you were a Doris Ryan?

Fair play.



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shaunstrudwick wrote:
Grant wrote:

Is this going to wank on for another 7 months?

Episode 8 isn't until December 2017

At least Rogue One is released in December 2016 though smile

In my opinion, there are some examples where the 1st album wasn't necessary the best:

Chemical Brothers - 'Exit Planet Dust' followed by 'Dig Your Own Hole' and then 'Surrender'.

Fatboy Slim - 'Better Living Through Chemistry' and then 'You've Come A Long Way, Baby'.

Primal Scream - 'Screamadelica' is their best work (3rd album).

DuFunk wrote: … cBwU4sy.97

Hernan and Saiz pick 3 of each others best tracks.

Few questions about MOS is the surrounding area of the venue dodgy!  Will there be taxi floating about around 5/6am?  Staying in Waterloo is walking distance but probably not a smart idea!  What's the Bouncers like no one appeared to have problems at the bedrock night as I will obviously be looking to have a few pints before hand.

Elephant & Castle is a complete shit hole, the sooner you get away from there, the better.

Skydney wrote:
ryangibson wrote:
Skydney wrote:

I'd love a copy of both these too please Kev smile

I'll put them both in there is nobody else has by this evening.

thank you.

Both now in the shared folder.


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fadass wrote:

Don't know why you say that Grant. Spurs play better football than Leicester by a mile. Good young players, great coach, play the game the right way.

United went out like a light after playing well for 30 mins but I think Spurs had the bit between their teeth & momentum while we were just chasing a consolation.

Fair play to them, hammered united in the end.

LvG taking off Rashford and replacing him with non other than Ashley Young, was a masterstroke of the highest order.

Mata's face on the bench was also a picture after the goals starting flying in.