The last Sasha night at Loft Studios back in November 2012 was decent , so I'll be sure to pop along to this as well! … 0-11-2012/

poirot wrote:

Doesn't do enough mixes imo. Would have loved to have heard his set at that Cream reunion. Was hoping it was recorded and surfaced but it never did. Shame. There's not that many proper pioneers of a sound still knocking it out to the same standard but he is.

Not this one then? … am-reunion

1. Buying a house
2. Holiday in Sicily

Although a lot of them are good compilations, none of them I would say are groundbreaking.

Agree with the previous comments, very well put together, but just pretty dull.

I actually prefer the Art Department mix from a couple of months ago.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Ahh, always thought Tilt was Parks, Wilson and Quivver.

Between 1993 - 2002 (So basically when they released anything worthwhile)

Yant wrote:

Most seaside places in the UK are horrendous.  You have the odd exception like Brighton which is saved by the Universities that are there and the Cornwall/Devon coastline which is lovely all year round.  Camber is nice also.

Everywhere else is pretty much toss.  Especially out of season, they just attract bums and winos.

Special mentions to Blackpool, Great Yarmouth and Skegness; all absolute karzis and affluent breeding grounds for the tracksuit brigades.

fletcher wrote:

Bradford was the most inhospitable plade I've visited in the UK.  Corner shop man was positively hostile, I only wanted some Quavers.  He must have assumed I was a racist and wanted to rob him.

...and then charged you £2 for the crisps.

My current place, which will be 5 years this November.

BedRob wrote:

Tower Hamlets  - most depressing shithole area in the country

Newham is by far a bigger shit hole than Tower Hamlets imo. At least there are a few decent areas of TH i.e. Some of the Docklands, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields etc. Whereas, Newham could do with just being bombed.

Currently wearing this. Pretty simple and unfussy.

Doncaster - Absolute dump of the highest order.


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Felch Aid wrote:

constant bbc arse kssing and purring of every artist annoys me.

The only non arse kissing comments I heard were from Jo Whiley. Probably due to the fact that she no longer works for Radio 1 and therefore, is able to actually have an opinion.


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Although I'm usually not that keen on fruit flavoured beers, a mate of mine recommended Purple Haze, so I tried a few the other night and it was pretty bloody good as the Raspberry was very subtle. Unfortunately, it didn't have the same affects as it's illegal namesake!


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Had a BBQ / family get together last Saturday and one of my cousins had a case of this with him. Tis good stuff!

I'd only previously had the Brooklyn larger, which is also a decent tipple.


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millsy23 wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Does buying vinyl make you more of a music lover?

the fact the cover is produced in coconut husk/faux leather/velvet etc. Proper need to have a word.

or worse still...a picture disc


One of the dullest DJs around.

Saw him at a WHP several years ago - Warm up DJ played a blinder for the first couple of hours, Ame was solid for the next 2 and then this clown manages to fuck things up after 30 minutes. Thankfully, Adam Beyer played a blinder afterwards.


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steelydan wrote:

do people still drink Stella?

If you can actually get hold of some exported from Belgium, then it's quite enjoyable.


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Pub close to my work has starting selling this on tap. Lovely stuff!


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Homegrove wrote:

My go to-summer beer.

They sell that crap in Weatherspoons and at shite festivals in the UK. Says it all really!


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Ale wise, I'm partial to a few pints of this.

If you can get hold of some of Sierra Nevada's other beers, then they're worth checking out.


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They sell it in bottles in most supermarkets, but if you can find Moretti in a boozer on tap, then it comes highly recommended.


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After doing quite a bit of research on controllers, I went for one of these in the end. Inexpensive, well built and doesn't take up hardly any space. You can assign each of the buttons, pots etc over 3 layers and it also allows you to connect multiple units together. Highly recommended.

Shameless I know, but I've played this at a few BBQs and it always seems to go down well. … ths-stevie