roberto wrote:

so you've been a miserable bastard for the past 7 years?

You have me confused with Dermo.

Parks and Wilson around 2001/2002 were excellent - are they still around?

What is your opinion for the best musical eras of DJs ?

Sasha - 1996 - 2001
Digweed - 2001 - 2003, 2004 - 2006
Kleinenberg - 2001 - 2003

Any others?

Great track. 

This board resembles of a group of cranky old grandpas who forgot to pack their walking sticks and are still bitter about it.

mikemiller wrote:

Jamie is great, but there's no need for the amount of olive oil he drowns everything in, or the amount of seasoning he uses. Far too much salt. All for not measuring, but his pinch of salt is a small handful a lot of the time.

Fair enough comment.  I think most people do not add enough seasoning, so he's trying to compensate to make sure they add an adequate amount.

Jamie Oliver makes cooking accessible to the average bloke.  He does does not confuse you with fancy measurements or hard-to-find ingredients and has a genuine passion for it.  I had never cooked before I watched his "30 Minute Meals" videos.

Respect for the man, unlike that Marco twat.


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Anyone supporting the English cricket team needs their head examined.


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Got this over the weekend. 

Shockingly bad mix, lack of flow, jarring transitions.

Very surprised when I listened to the individual tracks - most of them are very good.

Looks like Sasha has finally lost it completely.

Killer set by Thom.  Enjoy the baby FX at 23:00

What a fantastic mix!!!  A lot of thought and effort went into this - respect, man.

Pay no attention to the critics, just jealous wankers.

Presto wrote:

Cramming 300+ tracks into an hour leaves me with feelings of meh. As great an accomplishment as it is, it's more a chinstrokers delight rather than something that would be fully appreciated by people outside of that.

I wonder why it's not possible to only comment on the totality and sound of the mix instead of the number of songs contained within it?  Not sure anyone but a chin-stroker would be concerned with that.  Should the number of songs even matter, or are we just slagging it off because we couldn't do it ourselves?

Mimsy wrote:

Tunes are, after all, created to be listened to in their entirety.

That's strange, I almost thought that most songs in dance music were specifically designed so that they can be blended into other songs.  Oh well roll


Brilliant batting by the Irish, destroying the completely pathetic, arrogant-yet-useless English team.

Best piece of cricket for ages :-D


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Say what you may but the English Team did an *outstanding* job of passing the ball to Algerian strikers at every opportunity, without fail.     And when you have a chance, kicking it 15 m over the goal from different angles is a great tactic!    Looking forward to new "highs" of England Football in the next game !!!

In the "old days" Platipus was one of only a few record labels spinning out new tracks.  Today there are thousands of labels and artists with tens of thousands of tracks.  This market suits DJs using Beatport to directly sell their warez - what is the point of a record company for dance music anyway?


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Any old cunt can make excuses.

It takes a man to apologise.  Good on ya Simon smile


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Squidgy wrote:
monostereo wrote:

fucking hell.  we worship at your feet you trend setting taste maker.

That's not what I was getting at dickhead

OOohhh the love on this board is just so infectious.  Makes me warm and cuddly!

Back "in the day" of this board (aka 2001-2003), John used to reply to the emails of punters, thanking them for their support.

Does he still do this?  If not, what changed?

benson wrote:
Delirious wrote:

John Creamer at Bedrock.  Every mix was flawless and he had the crowd in his hands.

not being funny but were you actually there??

It was broadcast on KISS at the time.  It sounded like 2 cats being tortured while being run over by a trainwreck.

John Creamer at Bedrock.  Every mix was flawless and he had the crowd in his hands.

Die Antwoord is taking the world by storm - perhaps Diggers will use in his set?


Really liking this - thanks smile


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Holy crap, this is going to be amazing !  Digweed FTW !

Love Tripod..  Love Digweed.

psweeney wrote:

most people drink in the Bleeding Horse Pub beforehand

Will be there, drinking up a storm before entering into the Digweed(tm) Vortex(tm).......  Hope to have a relentless, dark set of epic proportions...!

So where is the pre-Tripod-meeting point?  smile