Sad to hear that Miguel Ferrer has died at 61.  He will always be Bob Morton to me.

A fountain of footballing knowledge is our creepy.

It won't come as a surprise to anyone, but I'm a BMW driver.

BMW 520D M Sport.

monostereo wrote:

Is it possible to buy an expensive watch that isn't fucking massive? I was toying with the idea of buying one a while back but just found all the recent Tag etc to be a bit vulgar looking.  1960s vintage watches seem to be a bit more tasteful.

Not a fan of the IWC i posted on the first page?

Guess it depends what you mean by massive.

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

shoes that essentially look like they're made for children with down syndrome.

Let's not start reducing ourselves to this level.  It's not nice and not necessary.

To me it sounds cluttered and messy.  Not my cup o cha.

millsy23 wrote:

What would you say is your bestest 'premium' label to wear around town to show off your wealth and status, Yant?

Porsche.  Obvs.

40 minutes in and it's an absolute horror show so far.  A real mess.

Which is surprising as he is probably my favourite DJ over the last year or so.

As long as that ring piece has Rolex stamped on it i don't care.

When you know more about kicks than about quality timepieces it's time to have a right fucking good word with yourself.

Yay! we won something! … tory.shtml

Looking forward to the open top bus parade through the streets.

You should've said mate!

That makes all the difference!

Got to be a wind up.  Either that or Sean isn't aware that its a rip off of an AP.  Which in itself is cheap and tacky.

The 33.  7/10

Fuck knows how you could cope being down a hole for 65+ days.

So who would we say is the worst diver ever?


Ban request for Stevie G coming up then.  That'll learn him.

I know there are two sides to every argument and the case will always be argued against someone hitting the deck as being deliberate, but sometimes it's fucking blatant and obvious that the player has tried to fool the ref.

In those scenarios, where there is no doubt there should be a retrospective ban.

The filthy, cheating cunts.

About time too.

It has been noted, Derms.

What annoys me the most about yours and several others contribution to this board is the constant negative putting down of other posters opinions.  People are different.  How about just acknowledging the fact that not everyone will have the same opinion of things as you do and stop commenting on it every time someone makes a post?

It's getting fucking tedious to say the least.

Cheers Derms.  Would be nice if you could hold off on posting until you have something positive or interesting to add.

Which would mean never.

Someone told me the other day that the system used that automates the DLR was old technology when they put that in 30 years ago.

Tube drivers.

So much debate guys!

For an absolute snoozefest of a game.

Lol @ Costa.