Homegrove wrote:
Phil McRrackin wrote:

Saints and sinners - pushin too hard

Not looking forward to yet another remix of this.

This is disgraceful. Brilliant prog classic!


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I'm pleased because John suggested that Montreal was likely to have been the last one for a while.

So nice to see another one. Not really up to date on cutting edge tracks these days. Can someone more knowledgeable about such things comment on the tracks listed? A lot to look forward to?

Too obvious, Liqui.



joeyp wrote:

Touch of Ozzie about him these days.


I thought they called it aceeeed?

Not a restaurant but i've just sampled some of the cakey delights of Rinkoffs in Mile End.

Fucking hell they're good.

Make sure you ask her to contribute to the Loopy foundation, won't you mate.


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Resigned apparently.


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Does this clownshoe that you refer to, carry a motor vehicle related motif by any chance?


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Beijing Dave wrote:

What a 'roll' model. LOL.



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What a role model!

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Nicely done Ed. Thought she lowballed you at 7 though.

Points deducted for a massive gregory, obvs.

steelydan wrote:

For what?

eating that Ginsters pie? On national TV....legend

No, for being on the bench as a sub, eating a pie, on national TV.

Not my fav Homegrove mix, but some nice moments in there.

Cheers as per usual, H.

Cracking effort by the reserve keeper.

Squidgy wrote:

Infini - sci fi horror. looks pretty good, acting is pretty bad and the plot has a shedload of holes... seems like it was appealing to the gamer audience with a mix of doom, dead space and aliens vibe linked with a bit of 28 days later. also, looks like they had a lot of ideas that they ditched as they went through the filming lol. still watched it to the end, though i had a ton of questions after it.

a very generous 7/10. i.e. it's not terrible, but it's not great.

I switched it off after 10 mins.

Fucking brilliant.

Made my already good day.

When Harry Met Sally 9/10

Chick flick, yeah.  But a good one and it kept the missus happy on Valentines.

Loved the live 2 hours. Cheers John.

Happened to be in Primark over the weekend getting some bits for the boy.

I noticed that they were selling mens crotch drop joggers.  Fucking hell.

smallman1 wrote:

Something is seriously amiss if your left back gets injured and it all goes to pot.

When Spurs lost Kane we struggled, when Spurs lost Alderwiereld we struggled, when Spurs lost Dembele we struggled.

Title winning sides seem to be able to cope better than we do when we lose a key player.

Beijing Dave wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Watched the liverpool game, fucking hell they owned Tottenham.

Tottenham are much like Liverpool, don't have the quality throughout to make a sustained title challenge and when their best players are missing it shows.

In this case, Danny Rose, has been superb all season from what I've seen.

Agree with that.  We lose a player and we look like a totally different side and can't cope.

Someome tell this bloke to STFU.

Not you, Wally.