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smashdad wrote:

Best £1 I've spent in years - same again next week Yant...

I've been round our sun now 39 times and if there's one thing I've learnt over these years, it's never bet on Spurs to win.


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I feel partly responsible.

That resonates with me massively, mate.

Smallsy is going to be offended though, as you've just described his immediate family and his usual weekend rundown.

Farage licking his lips.

He has told them exactly that.  Good on him.


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Can't see how their shaky defense will be able to cope with Chelsea's abundance of attacking options.


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Yant's weekend fixture predictions.  You're welcome.

L West Ham – Man City W
D Liverpool – Hull D
D Southampton – Stoke D
L Sunderland – Arsenal W
D West Brom – Crystal Palace D
W Swansea – Leicester L
D Burnley – Everton D
W Spurs – Newcastle L
L Man U – Chelsea W
D QPR – Aston Villa D


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The lad deserves a run of games.  Much better upfront than he is in goal that's fo sho.

Only at spurs could you score a hatrick to be followed by going in goal and conceeding with a clanger.


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spinnerlg wrote:
MattBlack wrote:


Some strike from Lamela

Good hit, but who had the bigger crowd this week... Spurs or Citeh?

I've never seen WHL so empty.  Was stood right in front of that Lamela shot.  Turned to my mate and said "did he just do what i think he just did?".

Birlliant goal.

Kill me.


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Top form today mate.

God bless you, Edward.

Smalls, kitchen sinking it in his smalls, when he was small.

Big Fella wrote:

Clearly went for his balls.

Flowery Twats wrote:

Somebody please post a video of Cantona kung fu kicking someone's face off, Roy Keane behaving like a rabid dog, Ronaldo spitting at Robbie Savage, Ashley Young diving or numerous players surrounding the referee like brattish children.

First player ever to be sent off in an FA Cup Final? Wore the red of Manchester.

The United Way.

Dunno.  I saw Danny Howells talking about it on FB today and it made me think of this thread.  When i looked through the list i realized i'd seen most of them.

This is more like it;


There's a lot going on behind those eyes.  The John Lydon of Chingford.

Speaking of transformations, Rene Zellweger has gone from this;


To this;


smallman1 wrote:

The same can be said of the 'Tottenham way.'

Small clubs in desperate need of some sort of identity.

And getting it all wrong in the process.

I cringe whenever i hear 'The Tottenham Way'.  What might that be mate? by 'The Tottenham Way' do you mean doing things completely unprofessionally and two-bob, showing a quick glimpse of decent football for a couple of games, followed by delusions of grandeur from the fans then getting spanked 9-0 by the local rivals followed by utter outrage when the talisman player is sold for a small fortune to line the pockets of the board?

If so, yeah.  That's the 'Tottenham Way' alright.

I'm in.


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millsy23 wrote:

double booking

Either that or Mrs Black is lezzing it up whilst Matt is a kip.


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Do you not have any spoilers for this thread, Shaun?


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MattBlack wrote:

i was asleep

So was she mate.