Mickyd wrote:

Ncable, Nolan considers Caine a lucky charm and intends to have him in every film he does from now on.

Hannu, difficult call on Nolans best, Prestige is very good but also consider Memento & Insomnia, both very good films as well.

I'd like to have seen what Nolan would've done with Star Wars.


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Yep. Really enjoyed it.

Prestige is great. Grant probably hates it.

Star wars is going to be a disaster.  I have no faith in jj Abrahams to deliver anything other than a movie that's visually spectacular but weak on plot, suspense and intrigue.

Paul Denton wrote:

Who wants to read you lot harping on about elections on a music forum?? That lad asking for another forum wasn't such a bad idea was it in retrospect? First thread to go in it would be mind numbingly boring gash like this.

That or a bottomless pit forum for anyone wanting to discuss politics to jump in to.

No one is making you click on the thread?

Just as no one is making you click on the footy one or the movies one.

Anyone voting for that twat Milliband wants to have a strong word with themselves.

In fact, come to think of it he perfectly represents his party.


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Cheeky little free kick from Eriksen last night.

Looking forward to beating the chavs in the final again.

Have fun ed!

Ex_Machina looks great. Looking forward to seeing this.

Big Fella wrote:

Also lets forget the defo peno that Costa should rec'd from the Skrtel challenge.

Which he shouldn't have been on the pitch for, as it was after the stamp.

Iirc he also had 2 or 3 pops at Skrtl and another one at Gerrard.

Doesn't change the fact that he looks 54 years old.

Which Costa incident were they highlighting because there were several last night.

This isn't going well, is it.

Big Fella wrote:

Hazard has one of those Joe Cole fat arses which i assume gives him great balance, same as Aguero.

Clearly good for a low center of gravity.


Like the look of Zouma.
Their keeper kept them in it several times.
Costa is a nasty bastard.
Hazard looked superb.
Hopefully Fabregas isn't too badly injured as he's in my fantasy team and i need all the help i can get.


Emre Can is a liability
Skrtel played well
Coutinho played well
Henderson is impressing me more every time i see him play
Sterling holds the ball up very well
Balotelli is useless, greedy and overweight
Rodgers is clearly some sort of midget of modor proportions

Big Fella wrote:

From the little i saw i thought Chelsea didn't really get out of first gear.

Not for the want of trying though. They were opened up a number of times but dippers weren't able to take advantage of thier chances.

One of the better games I've seen this season.

Yep already being discussed in the tinnitus thread.

Some interesting points made there Smashy. A lot of which I agree with.

Grant wrote:

Heck? Did they fun my wife?


That Emre Can is absolute bobbins.

In fact Emre Can, can't.

I'm here all week.

smallman1 wrote:

Politics are religion are the only two topics banned at the afters.

Liquitech's two most favourite topics!

millsy23 wrote:

Yeah. Take it slightly into the red when recording, normalise in audacity by a fraction of a DB, and get an iRiver.

Genuine lol.

You can change the letter 'L' in election to an 'R' and it makes it erection.


Anyone but Labour.