My driver takes me everywhere I need to go.

Yeah if anyone knows of a DL link then please post it.

This is one i'd like to keep.


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Uplifting wrote:
Big Fella wrote:
Uplifting wrote:

My family members lol will work in ibiza, so I'm gonna visit da isle early next year. Will be fun! smile

You banging any decent fanny at the mo MG?

No, I'm unfortunately at work right now. lol


Nothing quite like the sound of a monkey screaming.


smallman1 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

That ice bucket challenge sorted the wheat from the chaff.

MattBlack, Strudders and Yant all did one.

Incredible scenes.

Delighted to disappoint. Went nowhere near it.

Dark Meat wrote:

Haha spuds are so fucking shit. Id like to see a graph with money spent v how shit over the last ten years. Would be hard to split these mugs and the dippers I imagine.

Also Clive Allen is one of the thickest people on the planet.

I always console myself with the line "at least we're not Liverpool".

Cheers me up no end.

On another note, thank fuck we don't have to play Chelsea every week.

simonr wrote:

Can't give an end of year track yet in case a belter comes out.

smallman1 wrote:

We should be sweeping sides like Spurs aside if we have title aspirations.

Two bob side.

*Waits for tonight's result before replying*

Dark Meat wrote:

It wont affect you getting a new one torn though.


Nothing worse than the misplaced optimism that comes after an excellent display in the previous game, only to be brought back down to earth via a good 5-0 shoeing from a local rival.

Big London derby tonight.

One is rich in history, has a massive following and is always entertaining to watch.

The other is Chelsea.


Babies, babies, babies.

"True house music is an instrument of god.  It can change your soul."

Treat yourself, Edward.  Only £10.

Nothing says debonair like a £9 haircut.

Big Fella wrote:

FAO Matt Black

MVP is an Americanism for Most Valued Player, you know a guy who keeps the board going in tired times, a person who likes to keep the board neat and tidy and is generally the life and soul of the board.

He doesn't own a chip shop anymore, is another clue.


Just pleased that we are all still here to be able to have such a prestigious award ceremony.  Things got a little hairy at one point this year...


Stu 'The Rug' Mills.

smallman1 wrote:

This film has got massive swerve written all over it.

I'm swerving it purely on the basis that it's not in the movies thread.


Nowhere near as good as some have made out IMO.  A decent flick but not particularly intelligent or thought provoking and didn't really get me emotionally either.


Fucking great. … -17th-2014

Bedrock Board Thread of The Year : So many to choose from.  Best post has to go to the bedroom DJ set up 'naked reflection' post.  Had me in tears, that.
Person you would most like to share an ale/line with : Anyone!
2014 Newcomer Of The Year : Bedrob
2014 Tune of the year (ONE ONLY) : Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo's Flight Home)
2014 Best/Worst Alias : Alias' are for cunts.
2014 Finest Glenn moment : Any mention of Essex and i'm in.
The boards best KLANG merchant : Smallsy, obviously!
The Bedrock Board's Best DJ (apart from John) : So many great DJ's on this board.
Finest Pro-Mix Posted on the Mix Section (link required) : Thugfucker or Job Jobse Burning Man mixes are boss.

Job Jobse - … p?id=59641
Thugfucker - … p?id=59600

Finest Amateur-Mix Posted on the Mix Section (link required) : Loved Marcus’ The Other Side mix and Millsy’s Mixed Nuts, but Hannu’s set with Aki A is my fav
Unfunniest Board Member :
Funniest Board Member : You lot all crack me up.  Honorable mentions to Millsy, Glenn, Henry.
The person who's posts make your face melt : Loopy
Your most enjoyable night out whilst listening to repetitive dance music 2014 :
Which past former member would you like to return : bring back European Chris!
MVP forum member, you know the one who is always bringing in the funnies, from the North West area :
2014's Biggest Owning :
One forum member you just cannot get along with :
Which member has the worst taste and in what : Strudders! i love you!
Which banned member should be allowed to return, if any :

FWIW i liked this trailer.


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My eyes! Noooooooooooooo!