Really upsetting.  sad

You could always try this;

Having a kip in a club is a little odd, i must agree.

Custom title for DPM i think?

smallman1 wrote:

I can't believe Wenger's going to stay on for another 2 years.

Good for everyone else I guess.

Is this confirmed? fucking lol if so.

millsy23 wrote:

Fc 1 and 2 are classics. Also rate mississippi burning while we're talking good Hackman flicks.

Mississippi Burning is a brilliant movie.  Dafoe is great in it too.

Written in Smallman Stylee.

Nice review there, DPM.

Yeah love the French connection and agree, Hackman was great in his day. He is Lex Luther!

I think he means Lallana, Dave.  Liverpool and England footballer.  Apparently.

Hope that helps.


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Did Sasha stick to form and interrupt his mix half way through to tell everyone about how he wallpapered his front room last week?


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Did you play it from the back tees?


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Lol just do what everyone else does on here, Amps and tell everyone about it even though no one gives a flying fuck.

Would love to play it. I see Rors tore it a new arsehole today. -7


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Don't think tonight or tomorrow is just selected groups mate. Should be full coverage.


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So I think we'd all agree that no one is having a better weekend than me.


Never said it was going to be fun! (other than the golf part and spending time with the boy).

fadass wrote:

Tidying up the front garden... it's not exactly a 'plan' is it. Lol.

I'm having some breakfast & I might go buy some groceries.

I'm planning to do it this weekend, Fads.  Hope that helps.

fadass wrote:

Yant is Alan Partridge, isn't he?

Ah ha!

Tidying up the front garden Saturday morning, babysitting for my sis in law on Saturday afternoon, fuck all in the evening.
Playing with the boy on Sunday morning then off to The Worlington Golf Club in the afternoon.  Looking forward to that!

Grant wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

whats a proper film, Dermo? a film is a film, its all entertainment innit

a proper film has subtitles everything else is just garbage right?  lol

A proper film is one that is aimed at adults.  90% of the film released these days it utter fucking tripe and I'm being generous with the 90%.

Subtitled films tend to be the cream of films from other countries, so are often very good for that reason alone Strudders.

What a load of fucking nonsense, Grant.


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The entrance to the cockring is around the back.  Apparently.


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fletcher wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..the Bulldog is some dump but other than that it's a brilliant European city. Something for everyone. The outer suburbs are great to explore also.

Bulldog as in the hostel?
Stayed there, twice.

Me too.

Been to the dam countless times over the years.  Great fun as a 20-something.  Not sure it would be quite the same as a 40-something.

Think it's fair to say that the bedrock board is blessed with a lot of DJing talent.

Always a mix around to have a listen to, that is put together intelligently and is interesting.

Great stuff all of you!

Seem to recall good remixes of Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill?