shaunstrudwick wrote:

if we're calling out guilty Guetta pleasures i do like a bit of Titanium and that Aviici Sunshine mash up with 'say my name'

(prog credentials in tatters - lol)


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smallman1 wrote:

Is this essential mix any cop?

I'm enjoying it.  Worth a listen IMO.

Of the recommendations so far in this thread that i've listened to;

Silicone Soul - forgettable.
King unique - forgettable.
Danny Howells - Superb.

Looking forward to listening to Jose Padilla next and also the Ten Walls mix from last weekend.

So far, my top EMs are;

James Zabeila's 'Moon' EM
Guy Gerber
Deep Dish


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Looking forward to giving this a whirl this week.


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ukhursty wrote:

Hearthis just need to get an app on the go now and we'll be back in business.


Heather? the bint.

Surprised no one has gone for Danny.

I prefer wind.

Point Break.

Fucking great.  When they remake this a little piece of me will die.

Thought I'd bump this thread. Been checking out a few of these when I can (still working my way thru). Still got the Padilla, Silicone Soul and King Unique ones to listen to.

So if you were to list your all time top 5 EM's which would you go for?


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MattBlack wrote:

Ill stick with my Rotary thanks

Astounded that this one has slipped under everyone's radar. Hidden under the wing of Rhouses' birthday shenanigans, no doubt.

I'd rather draw a watch on my wrist with a felt pen than wear a Rotary, Matt.

Have you tried walking it off, Ed?

Love that one, Smashy.

@greatestquotes on Twatter is well worth a follow for anyone that likes this kind of stuff.


"If you're ever on the golf course in a storm, just hold up a 1 iron.

Not even god can hit a 1 iron".

Lee Trevino.

You've never seen The Shining?

Fucking hell.

Loved the end of The Shining too.

Loved the ending to the original Planet Of The Apes.  Also Inception ending was great with the Totem.

What would you say is the greatest movie ending ever? some crackers out there, fo sho.

Fucking funny lady. RIP.


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Big Fella wrote:

You been in Edmonton Glenda? … 11800.html

Quite horrendous.

Yeah i'll definitely be buying.  Got a K&D sessions feel about it.

Transitions 521

Pig&Dan album preview this week.  Sounds nice.


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Great stuff.

With all the success that throwing billions at little old Chelsea has brought, at least the fans have remained grounded and free from arrogance.  As seen in the post above from young Edward.