smallman1 wrote:

A doris at a football game is a wasted ticket.

You had eleven of them on the pitch yesterday.

Ledging it on the golf course as per on Saturday and Monday.

Will spend Sunday with the bubba and Mrs Yant. Lucky them.

Rothmans / Capstan Full Strength


Son Heung-Min

Horrendous name.

Maccabi v Chelsea will be fun.

Lots of love.

Loops you absolute lemsip.

Why are fines and punishments in general so lenient in the UK.

As you say, make the fine a significant one in order to ensure that it is enough of a deterrent.


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Obviously because it's degrading to bitches everywhere.


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Is there any point in buying a 4k tele?

There isn't any 4k content as far as i'm aware.

monostereo wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Time to buy, gentlemen.

Surely you mean sell?

I have some cash to invest but i'm holding off for the mo.  A correction is overdue.



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From: Bangaloreg

smallman1 wrote:

Congrats to all of those who've had children this year.

Thanks smallsy.  Means a lot.


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smallman1 wrote:

That's a tranny Rhouses.

My first reaction too!

Fucking munter.

One whole year Dave? The stories you must have.

Of that there is no doubt.

Just glad Ed was around to point it out to us all because heaven knows i had no idea at all.

Clearly rattled.

So would any club that has a bottomless pitt from which to buy from, Ed.

There's no gravitas in it, so stop pretending that there is.

Rooney's early season form?

We've played 2 league games. 2.

The whole thing is a farce and i want no part of it.

Watched the first episode of Zoo yesterday.

Should've called it Zzzzzz.

That's got transfer deadline failure written all over it.

smallman1 wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

40mil for Stones... fuck me... Desperate times.

Way over the odds if true.

When has that ever stopped your lot before mate.

That's not really funny is it Dave.

We agree on two things movie related in the last 24 hours, Grant!

Maybe you're taking too many meds for your leg?

It looks it.