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Brilliant stuff, Glenn. Fucking lol.

liquitech1 wrote:

Classy joint...


I wonder if the English equivalent of Heisenburg and Jessie are in there cooking.  But cooking skag.


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millsy23 wrote:

Just to clarify Jase. There's no 'best GIF poster' award.


Fuck.  Can't find a .gif that's suitable enough to show my disappointment.


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Good lad.



Streaming now, Damo.


Let's just hope that 'Best .Gif' is a end of year awards category.  I need to win something.

2nd series of The Fall is proving to be just as good as the first.

Also enjoying some lighthearted entertainment with Micky Flanagan's Detour De France.  Very funny.



whats the little box called on the back of a sky dish ...'the councils'



In other news, Dave Whelan is a massive racist.  And also factually incorrect in his statement, to boot.

This is a belter of a mix.  Cheers H.

One of fav's this year.  Odd Parents - Learn To Fly (Maceo's Flight Home);

Not quite.  I still have all my own teeth.

haha this is kind of like arguing over whose shit smells nicer, isn't it Jim-bob.

Jim-bob wrote:

Watching this shit only encourages them to make more. Same as Big Brother.

Both much preferred than fucking x factor.  (Celeb Big Bro BTW, not the one with nobody's in it)

millsy23 wrote:
Yant wrote:

Just be thankful i'm not entering, Stu.

I'm always glad you're not entering me Jase.

I'm just pleased my punctuation is better than Dufunk's otherwise I'd be in trouble there.  A comma means everything. 


joeyp wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

I think that will happen when he starts playing players on form and not past repuatation

He's just played Stewart Downing for a start. For me that pecker wouldn't get a look in.

Your not  a noble for engel and man are you?

reminded me of this. 

Just be thankful i'm not entering, Stu.

Michael of Norcross wrote:

A joke that people like this are made rich and famous.

Not sure she is either of those.

joeyp wrote:

Diggers should get involved here.

What if he didn't win....the shame.

Wilshere, or "Mr Glass" as i affectionately like to call him, is best suited to that 'Pirlo' position.  Playing a little deeper in midfield, picking the ball up from the defenders and spraying passes around.


It's snow joke, Hannu.

Beaten by Joey Essex.

A sentence no one wants to hear.

I was going to suggest that she should take a good long hard look at herself but i'm not sure she'd be able to find a big enough mirror.