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3 injury prone players who have hardly played all season, whilst one of the best players this season misses out.

Fuck off woy.

Homegrove wrote:

CD came in the mail today, hopefully someone did the tracklisting for iTunes when I rip it, no way I'm writing all those tracks there myself lol.

They did.


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Everyone already knows that Woy will royally fuck things up regardless.


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That's the spirit.

On the flip side they also have the displeasure of looking at you walking around with a hanky tied around your head and a string vest on.  Black socks too.

Most uncomfortable heat i've ever experienced was in Death Valley.  Just couldn't stand in it for too long without needing to get in some A/C somewhere.

I've experienced hotter in Dubai, but that was a humid heat so you were soaking wet the second you stepped out the door.

But Death Valley was hotter and drier heat.  Horrible.  No wonder so many settlers died trying to cross it.


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It's a car show, Milky.

So yes.  There were cars present.  Fast ones.


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The old Top Gear was great.  The format worked.  This was truly woeful.  Chris Evans basically doing his worst Jeremy Clarkson impression.

It was like another countries bad attempt at Top Gear.  Cannot understand why they didn't take the opportunity to change the format up and give it a new lease of life.

Surprisingly, Matt LeBlanc was quite good.


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The new Top Gear. Awful.

I played golf with the head of Hitachi the other week.

Told him I prefer Sony.

Must say i do love a wagamama's.

Thanks Matt.  Nothing to do with which one you prefer the taste of, of course.

Matt Black, he speakA Da Trut!

And the bleedin' obvious.

Only one fizzy drink a week for me.  Maybe two at tops.


smallman1 wrote:

Good to hear you're running a marathon Yant!

Not a marathon.  THE marathon.

Yant doesn't do things by halves.  Except his bedrock username.

Love that WoW track.

Bodeans is ace.  Like the one at Tower Hill.

What's everyone up to?  looks like the UK weather may actually hold up for a change.

Tomorrow - general garden chores in the morning, followed by ledging it as per around my golf club in the afternoon.
Sunday - meet up with friends for lunch
Monday - TBC, may take the boy to the coast.  The wife can come too if she behaves herself.

Mine wasn't signed either.

Think i'll live.

Glad we finally agree on something, Fads.

Homegrove wrote:

The transition from Energie to Fungus....



smallman1 wrote:

Nandos was bang on last night.

I'd wager it was more 'cheeky'.

Said it before and i'll say it again.  The greatest CD collection released by a DJ ever.

The only snag i have (and it's a very small one) is that the last track from disc 6 doesn't flow straight into disc 7.  But how could it.  Disc 6 was originally supposed to be the end so it was edited as such.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff John.  Thanks.  Listening to it right now.


Hung like a Hoover and from Vancouver.

When women go through childbirth they get a rough idea of what it's like for men to get a cold.