Yeah I think you're right Dave.

Wasn't his brother mark on transitions recently?

Hope that helps.

Except for the first one i found the Bourne movies a bit shit.

The first one was excellent though.


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I reckon Dave is like Belloq from raiders of the lost ark.

Linen suit
Panama hat
Dislike for anyone and everything
Makes yours and probably his own face melt


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Who the fuck would've said "yeah let's put the stripe right down the front, up the torso and around the arms.  That'll look good".

Do you lot watch a movie once and done, never to be viewed again?

Or are you someone that is fine with re-watching movies? if so which ones have you watched over and over?

Big_Fella wrote:

Not that many players who have actually stood out this season apart from Vardy really.

Aguero possibly...

I know it pains most of you to say it, but this lot in particular have been sensational this season;


Not to mention Lukaku, Barkley, Payet, Ighalo, Deeney

The Zabiela one is boss.

I even had Pret crisps, Ed.  Splashed out.

Big_Fella wrote:

We have our telly on the wall, a few months ago our six year old nearly pulled it off the wall cos we didn't have on the programme he wanted.

Mines messy, Paul.  Not ungrateful.

Toddler finger prints constantly in the right hand bottom corner of my lounge telly.

The little angel.

Squidgy wrote:
smashdad wrote:
fadass wrote:

Memphis has been worst signing in the premiership all round this season, I'd say. Can anyone beat that?


Papy Djilobodji

Got to be Falcao, surely.  Fucker hasn't even played.

This has made for some excellent lunchtime reading whilst eating my pret Sandwich.


Other than a DBS there's nothing I currently want. Been on a spending spree recently and bought everything I wanted.

I'm a very content Yant.

Cheers mate. Likewise.

smallman1 wrote:

Leicester will not win the league.

As always, you heard it here first.

You're a fucking lemon, Ed.

You didn't hear it here first.

Yep. Thought it was OK actually.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Kammy and Ben do a decent job of hosting


They're fucking atrocious.


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wrongun wrote:

Like those.


Nice one, BF.  Some corkers on there.

Mixcloud is the preferred choice, for me.  Much better than Soundcloud or that other cack app Soundflake.

Mixcloud cache's a large chunk of whatever i'm listening to so i can continue to listen uninterrupted when underground.

Couple of things i was hoping the West Ham faithful could help to clarify for me.

1.  Why is it everyone's last chance to see an FA cup game at home? are you lot that certain that you are going to lose?
2.  Do you know how to spell the name of your own ground?


not far off.

Yeah H.

People even stand next to each other at bus stops over here.  It's wild.

Gary was smart enough to realize he's too much of a wet fish to ever attempt football management.  Stick to what you're good at.  Presenting and Crisps.

Don't know what it is with these ex-footballer types these days.  Neville was probably the best TV pundit i've seen for a long, long time and created a superb name for himself in the process.  Yet he decided to take the Tim Sherwood route and dive straight into top flight management with zero prior experience.  Neville was odds on to take over from Woy but i'm not sure they'd touch him with a barge pole now.

As you say, Derms.  Reputation now in complete tatters.