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So who's goner win the league.

Not as clear cut as it was at the beginning of the season is it.


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You don't have the success across Europe that Maureen has by being lucky fellas.

There's no doubting he's a terrific manager but he's also an absolute bellend.


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Fucking great seeing that small time club struggling. Spent billions they have.

mr rossi wrote:

Basil Fawlty

Good shout, Rossi.

Of all time.

Don't forget it's the greatest league in the world, fellas.

Isn't it lovely to see Chelsea struggling.

Love some of the tracks he releases.

Good thread this. Like it.

That's all.

Terrible spelling and punctuation.

Love the England advert. giants.

Lovely to see new money getting put in their place.

More interesting to see a table of top goal scorers in major tournament football as opposed to including all the Mickey Mouse friendly and qualifying goals.

poirot wrote:

Took me ages to find it but I bought this poster when i was 11 and my mum made me take it down because I was too young. Jesus what an investment. Billy Joel needs shagging. Proper strumpet.


This is her today at 59!


Proper class. Good pick mate.

I'd definitely have Shearer and Lineker ahead of Rooney.


Always liked Justine Dean in Grange Hill back in the day like.

Mission impossible rogue thingy.


Good action movie but not in the same league as the recent bond stuff.

Surely I can't be the only one on here that finds Madonna grotesque.

^oh yes.

BedRob wrote:

Watching lovely Kelly in Weird Science used to get me harder than a truckers elbow


I like the cut of your jib, Robbo. Smoking hot. Absolute troll now tho. The years have not been kind.

Whereas Julia Roberts still looks stunning.

England kidding themselves again that they stand any chance at all when it really matters.

MattBlack wrote:

The added CGI in episode 4 was truly awful

I'd go so far as to say it was laughable.

steelydan wrote:

I've not seen one piece of merchandise for the new film? Years ago you'd get loads of figures and spacecrafts, but this one has given us two short trailers?

Can't wait though smile

One of the worst scenes in cinematic history.

They really should just scrub those movies from existence and pretend they never happened. When I come to showing my boy these films I won't be showing him the first three that's fo sho.

Fingers crossed this new one is up to scratch.

I bet there's a massive ex-pat community on Tatooine.