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erik.b wrote:

I like it here. Decent people (bar a small minded few), good for music/mixes/beatport codes, you know the score

Sadly those few sour it for a lot people and the tone on here changes a lot. Bullying is a strong word but in some cases it's true, it's mostly quite heavy banter, I work on a lot of sites and even your average builder would wince and some of what is passed off as #bantz.

like Presto says, message boards are kinda old hat and to have a place like this is kinda cool and it would be nice to think it's gonna stay... but something's gotta give....

Agree mate.

Yant wrote:



Just goner leave this here.

I'm inclyned to agree with you there, Smallsy.


There's only one way to settle this, Millsy...


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New trailer for the movie Creed looks rather good.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3076658/?re … 4048728089


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That's the look i'm going for, Dutchy.

The pot bellied, middle aged man look.

It looks horrendous and just as bad as the last couple of offerings.

As already said, 1&2 are great.

2 was a little special for me personally, being 14 years old and travelling across the U.S of A at the time with my family, back then we didn't have 'tinternet etc and know anything about the second movie.  So me and my brother going into the cinema to watch it were blown away when Arnie turns out to be the good guy! (soz if i've ruined that for anyone but get tae feck).

In other news, good to hear that BTTF won't be remade.  There is some justice in the world after all.

Living the dream, Stu!

(Will check out your mix later)

Best 'Live In' release by a mile.  Every disc is superb but the 3rd one (yellow) is genius.

As Shania Twain said, let's go girls!

Don't know if anyone has noticed but he keeps following me around the board.  It's turning into a bit of an obsession.  Proper melter stuff and clearly has too much time on his hands.

If he wasn't such a cunt I'd be flattered.  But he is, so I'm not.

Yeah I've though about it long and hard, Dave.  And the best way I can articulate this is the simplest.

You're a fucking bell end.

Always worth a repost when the opportunity presents itself.



https://soundcloud.com/evil_concussion/ … lub-prague

"I want to work with Brendan Rogers"

Said nobody, ever.

Good signing for them, even if an expensive package.

He's a grafter.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Easy there Yant. Your one will be part of the problem soon as well.

Fuck him.


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Isn't term time an absolute god send on the roads, fellas?

A real pleasure driving to work during those weeks when the little fuckers are not clogging up the roads.

Don't know if it was just luck but I was able to pick out the .wav file from most of those samples.  A considering I suffer from 24/7 tinnitus I think did ok.  lol

But overall there really wasn't much difference at all.  Not that would make you want to go after a specific file format for all of your music anyway.

Just doesn't suit the PL.  But don't let that stop Chelsea spunking a load of cashola on him.  He can be their new Torres.

No doubting his quality, just not suited to the PL.


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Dan Harwood wrote:

Yes, but she has settled down, is married and has kids. Hence the was........

Don't let a little thing like that stand in the way of Dave's continuous and feeble attempts at bullying, Dan.

Check out the prog I mentioned above Glenn.  It's on catch up at the moment and is probably right up your street.


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smallman1 wrote:

Going to buy Smallman Snr some Chelsea Football Club lycra for Christmas.

As if I needed another reason to run cyclists off the road.

Why are you reading the daily mail mate.