File under cunt, i'd say.

Surprised this isn't getting more love.

It's excellent.


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Unless i'm doing something incorrectly, if i switch on Apple Music on my iPhone, music is only available when i have a data connection (whether that be Wifi or 4G).

Which is rubbish.


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Absolutely scandalous if that is the case.

Pleased you liked it, grh.

This is a good read. … em-notice/

No need for any comments Grant, Derms, Dave etc.  We get it.  cheers.


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Liverpool fans finding something to moan about? surely not.


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smallman1 wrote:

It's all going to fall apart for Spurs, you just know it.

The bigger beasts will restore order next season and they'll come 6th or 7th.

As always, you heard it here first.

Quite liked it.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Massive gregory!  Must be a Chelsea thing.

The level of skill in the spanish/german leagues is definitely higher than the premier league.  Their better sides are better than our better sides.  At the moment.

But the unpredictability of results in English football is what makes it so entertaining to watch.  Anyone can beat anyone (with the exception of Villa).  Not sure you can say the same about those other countries divisions.

The pace of English footy is also incomparable to other countries too.  It's relentless in the Premier league.

Listening to this at the moment.  Very nice.  Very nice indeed.

I'm actually not that bothered about the cards and lack of discipline last night.  Shows that the players won't be rolled over and will stand up for themselves (something lacking in all previous Spurs teams).  Massive learning curve for them this season that will hopefully put them in good stead for our title challenge next season.

Anyone else still not think that Leicester's win is the greatest sporting achievement of all time? some suggested that Forest's was greater but i'd beg to differ.

Like a dagger to my heart, Derms.

Don't be a moron, Rob.

Grant wrote:

How many Spurs games have you been to Rhouses?

Spurs fans are just as big a bunch of bell-ends as Chelsea.

Bell ends? perhaps.  A matter of opinion of course.  But racist, nasty, horrible people? no.  Not in the slightest.

But don't just take my word for it.  Read it yourselves. … -title-win

Dermatron wrote:

Yeh spurs showing it went to the right team. Classless cunts just like Chelsea. Been great if someone had blown that place up last night.

Sorry but you just cannot put Tottenham and Chelsea in the same bracket.  At all.  And it's a complete nonsense to even suggest so.

Chelsea are a bunch of racist, anti semitic scumbags.

Congratulations Leicester City. Quite amazing achievement.

Phil clearly on the blob today.

Not sure what you're referring to mate. Haven't gone all "Ed Smalls" and started acting like my team will win the league by default. Quite the opposite.

Did I? Where's that?

Clearly one you are not. There is a reason why Everton didn't sell Stones and why Brom didn't sell Berahino at the start to the season.

Do we really need to argue about it? Good. I prefer it that way. No word with myself required.

I get that. As much as it may surprise most on here, I'm not actually a thicket. I know that there are bigger clubs in the country than Tottenham with bigger followings and trophy history.

We are on a good path at the moment. Long may it continue and hopefully the club can move up a level with a new stadium in place and regular title challenges. Remains to be seen if the club just end up fucking up the potential being shown. Again.

See i'm not so sure mate.  The football landscape has changed and money doesn't have the influence it once did.  Clubs don't necessarily have to sell anymore.  Money will only get you so far, building a group that want to play for each other and work well together isn't easy to find and certainly isn't something you can just go and buy.  which is wonderful for the game and exactly what it needed.

I think the Spuds will be there or thereabouts for a while.  IMO

Lol very good Derms.

New sponsors in Nike next season. New stadium on the way. Football at Wembley in the interim. CL to look forward to. Another title push next season. Lovely.