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millsy23 wrote:

Seems to be the place where the DJs give it their all.

Yeah was goner say the same mate.  So many good sets coming out of Burning Man.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

Sue him for what exactly?

Quite.  I'll sue you for making me look like a dick.

And to be fair, Trump needs the money.


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Yeah enjoying this.


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I think we all know what the 'C' stands for?



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Playing golf with Teddy and Darren Anderton on Wednesday.  That is if Darren can get to the club without injuring himself.

Massive KLANG.

He was shit as Spurs manager though.

Cheers checking it out now.


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BedRob wrote:

NLD was shocking...............and more injuries....groan

As expected it was all Arsenal, possession-wise.  But i'd say Spurs had the better, more clear cut chances to win it (better one-on-ones on the break).

Arsenal players look like they're made of glass.

1-1 was about right.


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smallman1 wrote:

Arrogant little prick too.

Fits right in then.

Yeah rolled back the years yesterday. Was supoib.

Noticed the ultimate full kit wanker yesterday whilst watching the North London derby.

This bloke even went to the trouble of wearing a captains armband too.

http://metro.co.uk/2014/09/27/arsenal-f … h-4884385/

Robert Miles, Children

It's the reason i'm pleased he's getting smashed, Dan.

Is it wrong that i'm pleased Poulter is getting smashed?

Just call me a cunt, BF.

TBF, I was reading on my phone and didn't read Wrogun's post properly.  My bad.

Maybe i've got the wrong year then?

Is wrongun not referring to the Space opening party with Sasha / Digweed? come to think of it, that was more like '03....

Major Reg incurred here.

Pete Tong @ Homeland '99
Creamer @ Bedrock
Jeremy Healey @ Es Paradis

Good start for Europe.

wrongun wrote:

FFS .........I can't believe 02/09/2001 hasn't been mentioned yet 

In summary it was a night 'in association with Bedrock' as well as being Sarsha's birthday gig

Sasha & John Digweed (DJ'ing together - 9pm terrace and 1am inside)
Plus Jimmy Van M & resident Steve Lawler
(I found the flyer when moving recently but being a fuckwit cant post it)

Think a few others on the board were there as its certainly been mentioned in the past.  Basically 4 hours(ish) on the terrace, followed by another 6 inside

Yep I was at that too.

dutchy101 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

2001 was the Sunday England beat Germany 5-1, we were staying in San An and couldn't be arsed getting a taxi to Bossa so went to Judement Sunday and they had foam cannons and my mate had nipple rub on his white shirt (yeh shirt) and he had two big blood patches.

I missed the game because the missus couldn't be bothered watching it and wanted to sleep before the night. thought fuck it, they'll only lose. Also missed the terrace set for shame.

Going off topic now but I was in New York that day and walking thru a packed Times Square I spotted a bloke in an England shirt coming in the opposite direction amongst the sea of septics and asked him what the score was. I believe my response was "fuck off you lying cunt". Or something like that.

I'll be doing more than just having a listen.

Will be downloading it and keeping it on the iPhone.

Fo Sho.

Yup my first ever Space experience was that night too.  Tenaglia 5 hour set followed by the Sasha set that the GU album was based on.

Changed me from a Trance lover to a prog one.

Good times.

Madstock II was fucking great back in '96.

The day of the England v Spain quarter final IIRC.

Delightful mix mate.


Massive reg?

I think so.