There is something magical about the Falafel and Hummus combination.

Give peas a chance.

smallman1 wrote:

Need to leave it to the professionals Yant -

I'm a regular visitor of the one on Eastcheap.

it's an intriguing one.  But i fancy a draw.  Especially at 40-1.

fadass wrote:

Sing when you're winning, Fam?

Tru dat, blud.

The Shallows. 1/10.

What a load of old tripe.

RIP Ugo. Very sad news indeed.

Pumper&Dumper wrote:

The guest mix by Christoph is how I wish Sasha would play sometime. Driving power prog with a touch of yesteryear.

Yep. His mix is better than Sashas imo. … -christoph

This is good.

It does, Ed.

Nice to see Chelsea's arseholes twitching.

Tribe untouched by any civilisation- Man Utd shirt. Definitely.

Qantas never crashed.

Cutting edge track selection as per.

GregWhelan wrote:

Flew United 5 times last summer, didn't have an issue on either flight. Was actually impressed with their in flight entertainment options.

In flight fight club is all the rage nowadays.

Interested to get more reviews from folk.

Ratings out of 10? comparisons to other Live In's?


United Airlines crew arriving for today's flight;

WTF is all this shit about then.  Beat someone senseless then throw them out the window?


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Winning by only taking 4 days annual leave but getting 10 days straight.

Losing by spending it decorating.

Thor is shit.

Haha feels like it sometimes mate.


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skirt isn't short enough imo.

Groundhog Day. 9/10.

Fucking great.



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Nice little earner on Casey and Schwartzel's top 8 finish. Doubled my money.

Brilliant final round with some breathtaking golf. Delighted for Garcia. Wouldn't put it past him to win another major this year.