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^if ever there was a post that screamed jealousy it's that one.


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Human Traffic was excellent. Captured some great moments that most of us can all relate to. The job you hate, the girl you fancy, the random conversations whilst off your face with total strangers, the euphoria, the come-downs, your mates.

Did it well IMO. Anyone that's expecting a clubbing movie to be deep and meaningful are just being pretentious.


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Just to clarify, those are the type of trainers that tramps and postmen wear.

Keeping it real, fellas.

It's about the MPG and the boot space these days.  Makes the hunnies wet.

What's your criteria mate? What you looking for?


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Picked up these beauts during the week in preparation for the summer and my yacht which is anchored off of the Seychelles somewhere.  Majestic.



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They absolutely scream "I've given up on life".

I know, coming from the king of trabbs too!


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That's up for debate, Grant.

Just make sure it's all at 128 bpm.


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Fucking great idea! i'dve loved a pair of them when I was a kid! rollerblading in your trainers? what's not to like when you're 10?

Just flicking thru the Shuh catalogue (some classy stuff in that shop).  Came across these beauts.



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This is my kind of thread.

Always worth a rewatch just to remember how cringeworthy it was.

Yup not saying he's not a nice guy.  Seems very down to earth and not up his own hoop.

But his acting isn't great.

Constantine was hideous, Shaun.


I hear the Chelsea parade is going swimmingly.  All 70,000 of them have turned up.



Because it's you, Matt, I don't know if you're joking or not.

Did Keanu Reeves act well in anything?

The only things he was ok in were movies where dialogue was at a bare minimum.  Devils Advocate / Matrix.

Grant wrote:

When I re-watched it a few years ago, it made me cringe near constantly, it's a terrible, terrible film.  Nothing nostalgic in it for me.

You'll be surprised to hear that I don't agree with you! haha

It screams 1991 to me. And if you take it for what it is (an action movie from the early 90's), then its a good one.  Just like Lethal Weapon (late 80's).

Grant wrote:

There's another film getting a massive swerve.  They should call it Pointless Break!!!

The first one is so bad to watch as an adult.

Don't think many of us are re-watching Point Break for its artistic merit, mate.

Great nostalgia movie that reminds me of my yoot.

Point Break remade.  Here's the trailer.  Actually looks half decent and don't know why they didn't just change the character names and call it something else.  Make it a movie in its own right.  Looks ok;

One wouldn't fly and the other was left footed.

Cracking tunage.

Utd spent the most last season.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Yant wrote:

Throw enough shit and I guess some of it will stick.

Real ground breaking stuff that Chelsea are doing there, spend as much as you like until you win.  Genius and so fulfilling.

we seem to have taken a slightly different approach:

spend a shit load and win fuck all

the whole 10 year.anniversary of Istanbul makes the recent failings all the more despairing

Ancelotti contacted by all accounts - doubt he'd go anywhere near us tho

Yes, you have.  As have others (Spurs / Utd).  But they are not on the same scale as Chelsea.