Yeah i try to pick a mid week, last showing to avoid said cunts.  But it doesn't always work.

Wally wrote:

When people go to the cinema in China it's more of a social thing with the film being background noise. People talk and use their phones freely.

This is every cinema experience i've had for the past few years.  I'm not in China.  As far as i'm aware.

Batman v Superman sounded shit from the second someone pointed out to me that it was actually being made.

I had little interest in watching it then and given the appalling reviews i have zero interest in watching it now.

Not got round to see Deadpool yet.

Watched Ex-Machina the other night. Not bad. Posed some interesting questions about AI.



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Always thought there was something a bit "Stephen Kings IT" about good old Ronald.


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Bet he gives great cuddles.


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Sweet! cheers JD.


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Just look for the adult shouting "weeeeeeee!" as he heads down the slide in the play area.


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Jesus fucking mother of god.

Do they have wheels on the bottom that come out when you tilt your foot back?


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No such thing.

Did someone say pointy shoes?


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You had to be there, Ed.


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Probably has epic living room curtains and armchair doillies to die for.

What's not to like?


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The man has a certain joie de vivre.


I'm bored already.

You're blaming Walker for the state of England's football in Euro2016?

Give over.

Those players were good enough to beat all of the teams in our group, Iceland, and also give France a good run for their money.

The problem wasn't the quality of players mate.

Dier, Walker, Rose are probably the only players to come out of this farce with any credit mate.

So up ye bollix.

Kane and Alli didn't play well.  At all.  Granted.

monostereo wrote:

Does anyone honestly give a flying toss who manages the England team next? We've had highly regarded managers, we've had poorly regarded mangers. We've had fat managers we've had thin managers. The result remains constant.  Expecting a different outcome "next time" is the definition of insanity.

IMO the problem surely lies with the mediocre pool of "talent" the manager has to choose from.  Let's accept the fact that we as a nation are a bit shit at tournament football until some better players (eventually?) come through and lets move on.  I'd like to see us field a team comprised of championship players next time, or perhaps midgets?

Nope, nothing wrong with the quality of the player IMO and the ones coming through will be just as good as the previous ones and even better at retaining the ball properly - something that will be a product of English youth coaching over the last 10 years.  The players will be more similar to spanish and italian footballers than they ever have been in the past.  But that's not the issue.

The issue has got to be down to pressure and mentality.  Don't get me wrong, as Lineker said yesterday, the pressure in other countries such as Spain and Italy are just as intense (if not probably more) than in England.  The problem is how we handle it.

The problem with this campaign in particular is that we have been led a merry dance all the way through - a piss easy qualifying group, followed by friendlies where we should've been setting up a way of playing.  Instead, our manager continued to play with formations, resulting in the players not understand their roles and responsibilities in the side.  I actually thought we looked half decent going forward in the first game against the Russians.  I just knew that the second the defense came under pressure we would fold.  And we did.  Those group games really didn't test us at all and we still only picked up 3 points with a last minute goal.

I put the blame firmly at the door of the FA for their continued incompetence in hiring the wrong people all the time and not forward planning (if planning at all).

I'd pick Hoddle, with someone (perhaps Shearer, whoever) as his assistant who will step up once Hoddles time is over.  That way everyone already knows who is next, no arguments, we just get on with it playing the same style as before.  Continuity.

Germany did it with Klinsmann, so why shouldn't we do it too.


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Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Not so much trabbs, but I recommend "joggers". Really allows trabs to pop.

Can I recommend that We replace Yant at the bridge with Rhouses please after this.

lol Wally!


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*high pitched scream

"You don't have to be beautiful. To turn me on....."

The artist formerly known as Yant.

Lovely to see the Scottish representative begging yesterday. William Wallace would be proud.

I'm not adverse to Shearer having a go, personally.

Wenger? Fuck no.