Carried on shagging knowing he had HIV?


Grant wrote:

It's still pretty amazing that he's survived all this time, isn't it?

Are you a fucking idiot, Grant?

No I didn't think so. So don't say stupid shit.

Grant wrote:

So Bond DOES escape torture. These new Bond films are forever coming up with new plot-lines. I like it.

My point exactly.

At least with Casino Royale his torture was interrupted by Mr White, followed by a prolonged period of recovery. Well written storyline, like I said.


I just hope that there's a major plot twist to be revealed in the next movie that brings the final act from Spectre into line. Because it was weak.

Bond escapes torture easily even though we are told that the torture will change his personality for good.
Bond blows up Blofeld's lair without seemly doing anything.
Bond captures baddie with a handgun shooting a helicopter.

If not it was weak as fuck.

poirot wrote:

Hasn't it been decided only Casino Royal was half alright though? That fucking last one where it ended in Scotalnd was fucking shit beyond belief.

Each to their own of course and all that, but Casino Royale is, IMO the best Bond movie ever made.

Football is dull.

The new Di Caprio flick looks awesome.

smallman1 wrote:

Yant you seem to have forgotten something.

Spurs are small time and irrelevant.

Pathetic club who don't have enough minerals to bother winning trophies.

Happy to bank a top 8 finish year in year out whist watching your biggest rivals (Arsenal and us) deliver the goods trophy wise.

A club for idiots and wannabe's.

And utter truncheons like yourself.

The utter beauty and irony in that quite accurate of posts, Ed, is that before Chelsea started playing a different game to everyone else by buying whoever they wanted for whatever they wanted, your summary there was exactly what Chelsea were. And will be again when Roman walks away.

Hope he's still in charge for the Spurs game.

Lest we forget that Jose is 'special', Jamie.

The absolute hilarity that all footy fans across the country are expressing at the expense of Mourinho at the moment surely shows how absolutely detested Chelsea are. And for all the wrong reasons. Certainly not for what they have achieved. No one likes Chelsea, their fans or the way they have conducted themselves over the last decade. Long may it continue.

No offence, Ed. I think you're a righteous fellow.


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Anyone else occasionally have lucid dreams?

I do. Occasionally.

^agree. Never found Vic particularly funny. Bob was always great.


Spectre. 6.5/10

Not a bad Bond movie, by any means. But in the Daniel Craig series it's the third best IMO. (Or second worst depending on how you want to look at it).

It just felt flat to me. I wasn't gripped by the storyline and the blofeld character didn't really do much. Daniel Craig is great, the action is great but the storyline is lacking for me.

poirot wrote:

Would be great to think the players stopped trying because of the way he treated her. They are far too selfish and thick to do that though.

Don't think it's overly complicated why they are not performing.

1.  They are overpaid and have no motivation this season.
2.  Don't think Jose is a particularly good man manager.  Can't fault his tactical nous, mind.

Not going to sit here and list a load of movies mate. But i'll give you one to start with if you like?

The Shining.

It's lovely seeing Chelsea struggle.  Like the good old days.

Boring wrote:

Have there been any good horror films ever?

Plenty.  But horror movies are very subjective.

^for once I agree with you, Grant.

I hear It Follows is meant to be good.

Who gives a shit how many pages a thread you created has got? Proper div mentality.

Movie rating thread - 176 pages.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

I thought Skyfall was dogshit, was so looking forward to it as well

have you been to that Cinema before Yant? its dead plush, pricey but worth it. will prolly give it a couple of weeks then head down there myself

No it'll be my first time. Pre-booked so really looking forward to it. Don't mind paying twice the price if it's worth it.

Still don't understand how Sherwood got either the Spurs or Villa jobs in the first place.  He has/had zero managerial experience.

Now he has two massive failures as experience.  Well in, son.

Loved Skyfall & Casino Royale.  Think Daniel Craig is a brilliant Bond.

Booked up to see it on Wednesday at the Everyman Cinema in Canary Wharf, so looking forward to it.

Trailers look good.

EDIT: Oh, and Christopher Waltz is also all kinds of awesomeness.

You fucking knows it.