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Well in, Zackster.


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Joanna Lumley for example still looks elegant, even at the ripe old age of 70.


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Homegrove wrote:

People age. Shocking.

Yes, but some clearly a lot worse than others.


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How hot was Kathleen Turner in The Man With Two Brains.  Look at the hack of it now!

Kelly le Brock would be the other one i was thinking of off the top of my head.

Yep just listened to John's hour on 631.  Brilliant stuff.

Haven't listened to the Re. You mix yet.

Dan Harwood wrote:

Take it from a Gooner. Keep schtum until the points are in the bag, trophies are in the cabinet. You wont hear jack from me until we come 4th or finish higher that the scum year in year out.

I'm saying nadda, mate.


smallman1 wrote:

No way Spurs are winning the league based on what I saw last night.

Vincent Janssen looks like he's running in treacle.

Didn't see the game last night but from what i read we were very, very fortunate not to lose.  Good first half followed by dreadful second half.  Mark of a decent side though that we can play badly and still not get beat.

I still don't think we've played particularly well yet this season (perhaps the Citeh game) yet we are the only side unbeaten.

Eriksen, Lamela, Alli, Kane all still yet to find some form, so i'm not too worried about anything at the moment.

Yeah that was a doosy.

Fireworks should be banned.


May i suggest peppermint tea to help with the pains, Dave.  It'll pass.

"I love the excitement of a nil nil"

said no one.  ever.

No, Creepy is just gifted and sees what none of us mere mortals can't.

While Creeps sees a tactical tussle between two powerhouses and defending at it's very best, each manager showing their skill and resilience at nullifying the opponents tactics, the rest of us see a big old pile of steaming horse shit which was hyped up beyond belief, being played by overpaid cockwombles.

Do me a fucking favour.

Both sides were shite.  And that's that.

Job Jobse please.


Zero entertainment except for one Pogba cross that the massive necked Swedish cunt couldn't convert and a shot from outside the box from the scouse dwarf.

Glad this has lived up to the hype.

Anybody who gave money in the first place wants their fucking head examined.

smallman1 wrote:
dubman2 wrote:

It maybe worth just spending a fiver and getting the magazine & cd.

Pay for music?


haha genuine lol from me.

Have to say, i do like the term 'pissant'.

tis a great cuss.

Probably quicker to list the things loopy HASN'T done.


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Grant is, unquestionably, the Victor Meldrew of the Bedrock board.  But he's OUR Victor! and we love him.

Well said, Rhouses.

Shut up.


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Grant DOESN'T like Halloween, everyone!