Breaks is the new prog.


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My apologies if I had misspoke, or overstated with my reply.

Got mine this morning smile

Once again, I can breathe easily. Until the next time.

Couldn't find the whole damn thing. Rude.

Still waiting for it to be delivered. UGH.

Hope you enjoy it smile … g-november

01  Eugenell - Tilda
02  JonQPublik - Thicker Than Water
03  Globo - Breakdown (Meat Beat Manifesto mix)
04  Hernan Cerbello - Hiding Place
05  Hernan Cerbello - The Southwest
06  Paul Mad - Mary Ann (Deltano's Bloody Mary remix)
07  Dauwd - Jupiter George
08  Onur Ozman - Between Your Arms
09  JonQPublik - Black Magic
10  Dark Sky - Voyages (Francis Inferno Orchestras mixx)
11  Paul Hamilton - Volt
12  Chicola - Addikted (Guy Mantzur remix)
13  Max Cooper - Woven Ancestry (Lusine remix)
14  JonQPublik - Caught in the Wind


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Thank you, on all accounts wink


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I'm probably going to hell for this, or worse.


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My second album is now available at beatport, October 19 for iTunes et al. Please check it out!


Just. Wonderful.


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Most recently:

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Enjoyed. Different.

Deadline by Stephen Cooper. Started off with predicable, canned humor, but it became surprisingly good.

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. Interesting idea, but not very exciting.

Behind Closed Doors By Elizabeth Haynes. I really enjoy all of her books. The new face of British Crime fiction?

Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes. Hypnotic thriller. A bit devious, especially the end.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Fairly typical dystopian thingy.

California by Edan Lepucki. Same as above, but with a touch more style.

Babayaga by Toby Barlow. Wonderful. Witches and spies in post-WWII Paris? Very, very good book.

Currently reading The Man from Beijing by Henning Mankell.


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chromosome_junction wrote:

No-one on this? Thinking about starting it...

I've been tempted. Tempted further after seeing a trailer for the movie adaptation; I'd like to read it beforehand.


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snowstorm wrote:

Terribly written piece of garbage. Reminded me of Hemingway, woeful, boring vomit.

12 years.

Mix of tracks available for free on soundcloud. Could have called it el-cheapo mix,
but some producers may not have appreciated that.

01  Horatio - Legends of Tomorrow
02  Matt Caine & Isis Graham - Daydreamer
03  Dousk - Just Once
04  Deepfunk - Silence of Waves (GMJ mix)
05  Estray & Stanisha - They're Erasing You
06  Oxia - Harmonie (Alberto Blanco & Marcelo Paladini remake)
07  Marcelo Vasami - Zeit
08  Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation (Kobana & Yane3dots 'Private' mix)
09  Navar - Clean Sights (SeamLess Beat remix)
10  Experimental Feelings featuring Luiza - Ahora Mandas Tu (rework 2015)
11  Alex Niggemann - Don't Wait (Alberto Blanco & Marcelo Paladini rework)
12  Biologik - Afterlife (2015 remaster)

pre-ordered, looking forward to it.

Unfortunately had to skip out on the Toronto CD's because of the accident, never knew where money was going to come from. Have since achieved a fuck-all attitude. So, Yay.

I am entirely disappointed. This thread has lived up to my suspicions.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

... this ... wonderful. … g-2015-mix

00  Intro
01  Ciprian Stan "Don't Let Him Breathe" Body Parts
02  Crocodile Soup "L'Homme Mystere" Baile Musik
03  Reverse Commuter "They Move So Slow" Hallucienda
04  Alex Niggemann "Boujuma" (Matthias Meyer remix) Soulfooled
05  Timid Boy "Wired and Uncomfortable" (Chaim remix) Tenampa Recordings
06  Phonic Scoupe "Eagerness" (Chris Fortier remix) Stripped Recordings
07  Thomas Stoffer "The SW" Happy Days Records
08  Silat Beksi "Keep Calm" Mulen Records
09  Mr. Deka & Dubfluss  "Ruffle One's Hair"(Alex Kid remix) Moan
10  Primal "Boundaries" (Christian Löffier remix) Just This
11  Abyss "Mix on the Road" (Sasse remix) Tulipa Recordings
12  Cajuu "Whispering" (Mihai Popoviciu remix) FEEL RAW
13  Kaiserdisco "Ondinas" Budenzauber
14  Adrian Hour "IWANNA" Mindshake Records
15  Cari Lekebusch & Zoe Xenia "Fly" (Sascha Dive's Svek Life remix)
16  Autotune "Mama Must Wait" Dantze
17  Andreas Henneberg "Bandala" (ANNA remix) Voltage Musique Records
18  Sasho Derama "Shark in Venice" DSR Digital
19  Steven Cock "Cycles" AMA Recordings
20  DJ Nukem & Zano P. "BNC Dub Street" Tulipa Recordings
21  Samu.l "Matter" Say What? Recordings
22  Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy "Tasio25" Selected Records
23  Kaiserdisco "Jet Stream" KD RAW
24  Giorgio Gazigristos "White Rooster, Red Background" Tulipa Recordings
25  Sinisa Tamamovic "Mood" Kraftek
26  Joe Mesmar "Emotions on Fire" Different is Different Records
27  Acumen "Between the Lines" (Matthias Meyer remix) dig dis! Series
28  Rashid Ajami "Reasons Why" Cajual Records

Still recovering. It hasn't been fun. But, I threw together a chillout mix. Not necessarily mixed,
but just a lot of stuff I've been enjoying lately (and one of my own, sshh). Hope you enjoy it too.

01  Arenaria - And Then There Was Light
02  Jason Thompson - Frontier
03  Elpìs - Aokigahara (Desire)
04  Carbonates on Mars - Sonic Rainbows of Venus
05  JonQPublik - Blippopatamus
06  Venture Through The Gray - Wonder
07  Stubs - Drifting
08  YZ1 - The Spiral
09  Homeless Balloon - Northern Lights
10  Firewood Poetry - Fossa
11  Rusha & Blizza - Laplace
12  Saboteur - Osaka
13  Dopedemand - Two People One
14  My Midnight Heart - Solace (Ersin Shen Chill Out Mix)
15  George Maple - Vacant Space (Pnkhaze Flip)
16  MeYou - Blackbird
17  Escape By Night - Isla Del Mar (Sensual mix)


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LOVE LOVE LOVE his music. It's very rare that I hear something from him and be unaffected or displeased.


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Thanks all. Unfortunately, computer is on second floor, out of reach (and I'm not supposed to do stairs. I'd love to, though. Maybe I'll ask one of the roommates to move it down to the 1st floor. I had intended to do the mix swap, even culled some new stuff from here and there, but getting that done now is unlikely. Surgery on Wednesday, should the swelling be down enough.

Thank you for the well wishes smile I've been in a foggy kind of boredom yesterday and today. Reading some of the things on this board have helped entertain me.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays coming up! Peaceful, Joyous, all that Hallmark happy shit smile


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No Christmas fun for me this year. I was walking in a crosswalk  to get lunch on Wednesday when I was hit by a truck. Fractured fibula and heel bone. Someone in the ER said it looked like a firecracker went off inside my foot. Estimated 3 months to recover.