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jamie wrote:

the result on Monday and the game today just shows how crap this liverpool team are against poor opposition.

Fucking hell. Really? It was a completely different game. De Gea's performances in particular.

The balls on Mourinho telling Conte he was out of order for celebrating after the way he celebrated beating Liverpool a couple of seasons ago. The guy is a complete and utter weapon.


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That's got to hurt Jose.

***Sid James laugh***


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That's why I only fly Ryanair. You know you're barely flying on fumes as you come in to land in Ibiza. Girona


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Uh oh......


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Rhouses, is your conscience called Jiminy Thicket, perchance?


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Mouhrino doesn't half set his teams up to play some dogshit football. De Gea deserved man of the match. Nobody else really stood out.


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Shhhhh Henry, don't ruin the surprise


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Presumably it will turn out to be this one: Emerson, Digweed & Muir - Fanfare - Marc Romboy Moving Atoms Mix


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An important point to remember is that there is a lot of potential change in other countries on the horizon. Germany have an election next year and Merkel is not looking very popular there right now according to the polls. Merkel not being involved in the EU will be a huge blow to the whole thing. The cracks are already beginning to show.

http://www.politico.eu/article/angela-m … d-cdu/amp/

France have an election on the horizon as well.

The USA are having an election in a month. Whatever the outcome, things are now getting very dirty and neither candidate is going to look like a good President when they win the vote. This will undoubtedly provike a market reaction.

At least in the UK, we have done the referendum and we know the outcome. There will be no 2nd referendum and this is clear. Article 50 will be triggered in Spring next year. We have our new PM in place.

Personally I feel the EU is going to collapse in rhe next 5 -10 years at most. The single currency is a major flaw in the whole set up. With the Italian banks in 600 billion deficit, Deutchebank on very shaky ground and the situation with Greece unresolved it will not be long before other countries take a look at the thing and want out as well.

Britain leaving was always going to bring a bit if pain in the immediate aftermath, but the economy should well have recovered and be on the rise when the EU goes tits up. At which point, honestly, would ut be a good idea to have open borders with the rest of Europe? We don't have sufficient infrastructure to support the amount of people we have in the UK as it is.


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As much as I despise Tesco, I actually applaud their fingers up stance to Unilever. If these companies were never prepared to pass on their savings to customers when rates were going the other way,  why should they be able to pass on the additional costs when things change. It's not as though they're banks and can do whatever the fuck they like.


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roberto wrote:

nah, you're quite right. I'm sure all those experts in things like economics are wrong

(I don't include any cunt who's in government in that group - cos let's be honest, if you had two cells to rub together, why the fuck would you go into government when you could make a mint in business)

Would Mervyn King be classed as an expert? Perhaps evan an impartial one.

I was just going to start a thread to say the same same but different thing


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With the Italian banks in €600b deficit, Deutchebank looking like it's on the brink, Greece going to default sooner or later, possibly Italy and Spain to follow, just how stable is the Eurozone at the moment?


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Mervyn King pretty much said the same thing:

https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theg … id-samsung

The collapse in the value of the pound since Britain voted to leave the EU has been described by Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, as a welcome change.

Lord King, who ran the Bank during the 2008 banking crisis, told Sky News: “The economy was slowing somewhat before the vote and we are in a position where the rest of the world is not offering us much help.

“So, from that point of view the fall in sterling is a welcome change.”

His successor at the Bank, Mark Carney, has called for an investigation into last week’s “flash crash” in the pound, which dramatically slumped on Friday to just below $1.15 – its lowest level since March 1985 – before jumping again in a matter of minutes.

Carney asked the Bank for International Settlements, which represents the world’s central banks, to review the events which took pace in the early hours of trading in Asia on Friday.

King, who left the Bank in 2013, said shortly after the EU referendum that he had been baffled by a warning that there would need to be an emergency budget in the event of Brexit.

Commenting on the pound’s sharp moves since the vote, he told Sky on Monday: “The whole thing has generated reactions which are over the top.”

Some economists argue that a fall in the pound could force the UK economy to rebalance towards more exports because British products become more competitive on overseas markets when the  currency is weaker.

Jimmy Saville will be turning in his grave, Amps. All horny and shit.


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His previous career as a dinner lady coming back to haunt him.

I was over at a wedding in Donnegal in Ireland a few years ago.  The wedding was in a place called Muff and would you believe that they have a diving club? You couldn't make it up.


Ive used the HD 25 IIs for years, well until someone swapped them for their I's at a gig I was playing a couple of years ago. The I's are still doing the trick so haven't repurchased any II's yet

Sweet, cheers bud

Howells mix of Donna Summer I Feel Love anyone?


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I think a lot of it was down to itunes and the fact you had to do everything through that. Admittedly this was the iPhone 4 so a while ago. Not sure Itunes plays such a pivotal role any more.
Samsung is just so much easier for what I want to do on my phone. Plus the constant changing of chargers etc with Apple to force you into buying more and more apple products really rubs me up the wrong way. How many music docking stations etc have been sold and now can't be used in the way they should begin


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It takes a little while to adjust to Samsung adter Apple. Would never go back to Apple, even if you paid me

It was definitely December.