Hahaha. Don't ever change, Glen.


i remember watching a 'Bendover' gonzo scud flick in the 90's . Pascal the chief stud was going to town on a high rise single mum who was taking it to the hilt . fucking to keep the 2nd bar on her electric heater on so her kid didnt get pneumonia or something ..i dont know i was wanking myself half to death with a tube of e 45 out of my nut. But halfway thru Pascal grimaced and told the bird on the end of his hulking phalus to 'Wear it'...ive never forgotten it. halcyon days.. i still knock one out 20 years later on the strength of it.

i realise this has fk all to do with my thread, but ive got to go to a dinner party in 15 minutes and i want to open up my veins rather than go.

Yes I approve


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Accident waiting to happen. Corporate fucking bollocks.


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sylvianorth wrote:

Free Download: Art Department - Robot Heart (Donatello edit)
https://soundcloud.com/talesfromthehear … department

Yes, yes, yes mate. This is fucking lovely.


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liquitech1 wrote:

..agree 100%, Chuffer, but as shown by the events in Athens and on other occasions, ticketless fans either filled legitimate seats beforehand and/or contributed to extra numbers. 23'000 extra in Athens and that was a few years ago. Find it hard to believe that on this day alone everybody had a ticket. As I said before, I'm ignorant but the bigger picture given from the Liverpool side seems highly erroneous.

Edit: I said seats which in the case of Hillsborough is untrue.

What happened in Athens was nothing short of a fucking disgrace and it really pisses me off to this day. Of all of the clubs in the world, considering the Hillsborough and Heysel history, you'd expect the fans to have learned a lesson and not behave in a way that could have led to another major disaster. Fucking idiot neanderthals.


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Grant wrote:

I've been to over 500 football matches over 30-odd year period and I'ver never, ever seen anything like that footage.  I've been to semis, I've been to fucking tiny shit-holes and even through the 80s.

Fine, the jury came up with their verdict - I don't have to accept it, I think they were wrong.

I think it's fairly safe to say that this was a perfect storm with a number of contributory factors all playing a part. A major issue was allocation the Lepping Lane end to the Liverpool fans in the first instance.


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BedRob wrote:

As Grant said, I find it implausible that the Jury would not have been influenced by the massive media coverage and the public campaigns/outpouring of grief that this issue has attracted

If you went to any first division game (as a standing spectator) in the 80’s it was the same every week. Most people used to leave the pub at 2.45, after getting in there around 11.30am and get to Highbury where there was the same problem week , week out, of fans pushing to get in the ground in time for kick off, it was just as bad when you used to actually get onto the North Bank, that was not the fault of the police, it was our fault………..the fans. I was crushed several times this way, and at away games, but again that was my fault for not trying to get to the ground well in time for kick off

All most of us here are saying that the police made critical errors, but had the vast numbers of LFC fans not turned up just before kick-off (with tickets or otherwise) the likelihood is this tragedy would not have been so severe, or maybe not happened at all. You can post all the links to media outlets you like but I won’t change my opinion of it

True. The kick off should have been delayed by 15 minutes. Madness to think that this wasn't done. The police officer in charge had a major flap on a number of critical decisions. What I don't understand is why the police officers who were regularly in charge of games at this stadium were unable to make some decisions for themselves based on the usual protocols i.e. closing off the entrance to the central pens when they were full.


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There was a known issue with the entrance to the two central pens at Hillsborough and the former Police Officer in charge of games at the stadium used to close this entrance when the central pens were full. This did not happen on the day of the game in question. Undoubtedly there will have been ticketless fans there, but its impossible to quantify how many there were. There was space in the two outer pens and this is even referred to by the commentator at the game.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Lol - great post Glen hahaha. Welcome back chief. Glad you had a good holiday mate

One day we'll meet Dutch, one glorious, sunny insane day..

Deffo mate. Need to get this sorted.


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The one I got said "I'm scared too"


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Typed in a pair of fishnet gloves


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Lol - great post Glen hahaha. Welcome back chief. Glad you had a good holiday mate


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Hahaha. Fucking hell. If this thread sees 3pm this afternoon I'll be amazed.


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Only a couple of  posts away from someone turning off the gas, I'd wager.


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You wear his trabbs and all Rhouses


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So it was the aids that got him in the end.


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Just getting around to listening to this now. Not feeling it at all. Doubt I'll even bother listening to it a 2nd time.

Every single ticketed event you attend today will have scores of touts selling tickets outside. These touts will buy un-torn tickets back off security staff and resell them on, over populating stadium capacity. It was no different then, it is no different now.

Here is a useful and short video explaining what happened that day:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_aud … 3/36103823

Firstly the police should have delayed the start of the game by 15 minutes.

Secondly, the central pens should have had officers / stewards posted on the entrance diverting the fans to the other not so full pens. It's safe to assume that people making their way into the central pens would not have realised the situation until it was too late and they were themselves part of the crush and unable to get back out as others piled in behind them.

None of this is rocket science, it was a major fuck up.

I'm not saying there weren't drunk fans whop turned up at the match without tickets - I'm sure this is the case at all games - even today.

I'm not sure what evidence bar staff from surrounding pubs could have given to assist with the enquiry, Ed, other than to say that they were serving alcohol to football fans who were drinking / drunk before the game, as they do, week in, week out. Unless I'm missing something here?


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BedRob wrote:

West Brom, I fucking salute you....in other news, lets hope the following leave Arsenal in the summer

Wenger, please fuck off )most likely upstairs
Walcott, Please fuck off

Big Mert
Gibbs - before he gets injured again
Wilshere - before he gets injured

Of course none of this will happen and Wenger will be allowed to see out his contract, and again place his faith in the players that have failed him year after year

Seems as though the Ox is going to be shown the door this summer.


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smallman1 wrote:

Dutchy me old mucka, I've got some advice for you chief.

You should buy another pair.

Haha. Any tips Ed?


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Can't find mine exactly, probably because they're so old. Bought them in 2009 and still are in absolute mint condition, so not bothered to buy another pair since.

Can't even find a great picture of them, but this is as close as I can find.



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Saved yourself a massive comedown there, Joey. Every cloud

I think that's a fair comment - thought that about a lot of his stuff myself as it goes.

A Break in the Clouds is probably my favourite Holden production. Immense.