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I hope Ranieri had the sense to put in a huge payout for sacking when he renegotiated his contract in the summer.

mr rossi wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Anyone else watch Russia's Hooligan Army on BBC4?

Meanwhile Alexi Smertin is appointed head of racism investigations for the 2018 World Cup after saying Racism doesn't exist in Russia

The man gets results. Fair play

A couple of bangers and then a curry like the imfamous Fadas night

Grant wrote:

Having seen the trailer and watched Sandra Bullock being spun around screaming her head off, I decided to swerve it forever.

Haha yeah, that was my thoughts on this initially and probably why it has taken me so long to get around to watching it. Bit of a ridiculous storyline, but looked immense on my new 4k TV.

Finally got around to watching Gravity last night- thought it was great.  Was pleasantly surprised.

Snedds,  is that Ultimate Sports still going? Seems like they've taken down the sign up page. Just as my other subscription finishes ffs

jamie wrote:
Boring wrote:

this is gold!

Massive lols at Arsene 'Bloodclaart' Wenger

If only there were a chart for this

Lol. It better fucking not. The table is at 9.

Thanks for the suggestions folks. The Gin bar is amazing.

Went here for dinner last night which was immense.


Just checked where thr wife had booked dinner for tonight and it's Claytons Benson. Lol


Went here last night. Amazing. Highly recommended if ever in Bath

The Wahacca on Charlotte Street is pretty good


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smashdad wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..was thinking of all the tecnhophobe purists who usually say "what happened to just rocking up to a dj box with your box of records and a pair of technics" during that clip.

Indeed.  They looked suspiciously like Vestax decks too - that wouldn't go down well with those of the 1200 persuasion...

Defo Vestax


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Lol -  that's ace


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I doubt even Bale would have bailed us out yesterday. Grim


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Tongy's clapping well out of time there. Explains a lot as it goes.

Going next weekend. Anyone got any good restaurant / bar recommendations?


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Squidgy wrote:

Costa should've put the game to bed. Wasn't a great save from Mignolet - it was a crap penalty

I meant to say at the end, but agreed, Costa should have done better. Could have gone either way really

Fucking hell Wally, there's 2 sensible (well 1) suggestions for you from Shaun and you get the arse with him. I feel like posting some tits in response.


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What the fuck was Mongolet doing for that free kick? Great free kick to be fair, but annoying it was never a foul in the first place. Firminho should have put the game to bed.


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steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Looks like Branna is off.

Tremendous servant but time to go.

Excellent player....pains me to say it. Wish we'd had him.

Likewise. I'd have bitten his arm off to have him at Liverpool.

He did indeed. Very interesting discussion about him and Danny Boyle falling out for quite a while because he got the hump because he wasn't cast in The Beach

Graham Norton had Danny Boyle and the Trainspotting lads on his show on Friday night. Was really good.


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Yeah but they're all baddies. We expect this from them - not the goodies.


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Not a bad thing really,  no cup distractions now so we can concentrate on winning the league