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Fucking lol.


Dan Harwood wrote:

I always thought that Sasha used to loop two copies. He dropped this at the first Northern Exposure launch party at MOS and I had a moment.

'Twas this one:

Lol. It gets worse. Gatecrasher Millennium sounds bobbins.

dogmanstar888 wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

PvD - Gatecrasher Millennium - dropped Robbie Williams Millennium after the gongs

This sounds awful, what a way to see in the new millenium ... whatever happened to the PvD of 1997

Didn't he punch someone who had scaled a pillar of the tent that night? Was sure I read  they had to turn off the music and get the bloke down and for his own safety he had to be taken into the dj booth where he was met by a very angry PVD who had missed the millennium countdown to play his mix of Robbie Williams. Probably was doing everyone a favour without even knowing it.

He played 4 till just after 8 and was utter shit apparently.  Train wrecking all over the gaff. Guess he had a good night after Sankeys.

Watching Liverpool defending a 1 goal lead at the end of the game is like hearing your uncle Terry creeping up the stairs as a child. You can close your eyes and pray to God as much as you like, but deep down you know something horrific is about to happen.

Lol. Someone let Glenn know Ed Smallman's hacked his account.

Bedrock 10 was indeed up there.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

An absolutely epic tune as I think anybody on here will agree.

I think the Bedrock production peak was the Luzon remix, personally ...

Whilst I loved The Bagio Track at the time I listened to it a few years ago and the love was gone. It just seemed too long. For What You Dream Of pisses all over it from a great height.

Wasn't it Deep Dish?

Since JoeyP mentioned Pryda in the other thread, I decided to take a listen back to this:

liquitech1 wrote:

Absolute tune. Got it on 12"

Lol. Just what a 15 minute tune needs. What a cunt.

joeyp wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Isn't that just the full version?

I suspect it is. 15 minutes in all its glory

No, he looped the breakdown. CDJs had just come about from memory. He loved the loop function

CDJ's had been out for a while before then. Relive it if you want here:

Big Fella wrote:

Isn't that just the full version?

I suspect it is. 15 minutes in all its glory

Dave Seaman has had a reg every time I've ever seen him. Remember him playing Canvas on NYE about 10 years ago and he played some truly horiffic mix of Depeche Mode 'I Just Can't Ge Enough'

millsy23 wrote:

I'll dance to the washing machine if the yokes are good.

Funnily enough, you could pick any set I saw in Ibiza 2005 where evey DJ played the above and Pump Up The Jam in every set. Fucking horrendous year in Ibiza.


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Haha only messing mate.


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smallman1 wrote:

What's the best site to stream this through?


Sports Lemon is usually good for golf, Ed.

Must admit I'm disappointed that this conversation isn't happening in my 'Golf' thread gents.

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … 44&p=6

In terms of clubbing it is without doubt Digweed at Fabric in June 2004. Fucking mental night. Off the scale.

Big Fella wrote:

2001 was the Sunday England beat Germany 5-1, we were staying in San An and couldn't be arsed getting a taxi to Bossa so went to Judement Sunday and they had foam cannons and my mate had nipple rub on his white shirt (yeh shirt) and he had two big blood patches.

I missed the game because the missus couldn't be bothered watching it and wanted to sleep before the night. thought fuck it, they'll only lose. Also missed the terrace set for shame.

I was there for that one too. Mike Monday's mix of DJ Remy Radiate got a spanking that year.  played at that night too.

It was class. Sasha started with Fibonacci Sequence and it blew my mind at the time.

I'd wager Sasha will be doing the same, Shaun.