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So it was true! I should have more trust....  I thought that tune was good. he ripped the arse of it by the end, but first time i heard it i didn't know what was happening.


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Heard a story that on Sasha's birthday when he was on the terrace at Space, Junkie XL came out and gave him Cowpander for the first time. He listened in the headphones and smiled then played it last tune. Sounds like a nice story but could well be bullshit....was anyone there?


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Haven't heard any of Jons cd's but his set in Melodica in Dublin wes the best I've ever heard. Not only twisted beats but some serious, wicked melodies as well. I'm def gona pick this one up.


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Please tell me it's not true that Digweed has lost his show to that    commercial bastard Tiesto. The top 100 dj poll is a joke, the slots that Sasha, Digweed, JZ, Sander K, Satoshi Tomiie, James Lavelle, James Holden etc. are in compared to the cheesiest dj's on earth are ridiculous.


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I was about to recommend James Lavelle to you until I read the last bit. Lethal cd isn't? Think Martin pretty much summed up who you want to hear apart from maybe James Holden. Nick Warren's global undergrounds are class, and Sasha's latest is unreal.

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Sasha Involver is an absolute masterpiece, it's so melodic and the production is incredible. Satosi Tomiie's is the definition of progressive and Nick Warren's have been brilliant. I gotta give it to James Lavelle tho, a really diverse sound and wicked beats.