Am pretty much a noob @ this but the best I ever heard was Moshic playin' his UK debut in Edinburgh last year. (This year?)
Only heard Sasha live maybe 4 times and aint been impressed as yet.
Diggers was ace at Colours @ the arches earlier in the year but I think sasha was burst (again) and couldn't finish his set. :

Well I'll be there @ Pacha on the 23rd.
My wife and I that is. big_smile
Just look for a mid 40's bald specky gimp wi a dance bunny on his arm big_smile

We will most prolly be at DC10 on the monday too (20th), we have quite a heavy schedule but I would imagine we will make that as well.

Musta been a class joint  :shock: Spare toilet roll?

surprised no-one has mentioned leftism?

You just did m8.  smile

God, Now I'm scared.

Kosmas Epsilon roxxers.

Big time big_smile

Kosmas Epsilon roxxers.

|_()|_ I thought it said 'mingers' in the title.

DC10 you big girls blouse

I resemble that remark.

This is just sooo good.
Worth stayin' in on a friday night for.
Manipura and likwit...superb.

Sounds good but Deep Dish play The Liquid Room in Edinburgh that weekend.
500 mile drive v's 30 mile drive.
Deep Dish win.
Look forward to Desyn on his return to Edinburgh.

Edit. Wrong date.

Ach! Forget Monday, I'll just stay in bed.
Space it is on Sunday night

Cocoon or Manumission, not sure which yet on the 20th.

Excuse me?? I dont think you should be unsure about which of these to attend imo.

Richie Hawtin =

Sven Vath =

Damn these decisions.

Attention Deficit Disorder v's AirDrawnDagger?

I wonder...

Brighton? I say to Brighton.

she only found out because the hybrid address she invented was actually real, and the people living there wrote to her asking to stop redirecting mail there

roll   roll   roll   roll

Words that rhyme with judge: 

drudge, fudge, grudge, budge, mudge, nudge, rudge, sludge, smudge, trudge, adjudge, begrudge, misjudge, prejudge, chocolate fudge,

lol class post.
but you missed out 'tosspotwanker'
Ooops, that didn't rhyme, sorry.

Well I'm gonna be at DefMix @ Pacha on the 18th.
Cocoon or Manumission, not sure which yet on the 20th.
Renaissance @ Pacha on the 23rd will be a must so I'll be there too. smile
Maybe see you there.

What would be your chouce of a single CD if you were trapped on an island indefinitely?
(Please no i-pod quips, 'cos I dont have one sad)

As good as John is, the most perfect 60 minutes of mixes I've ever heard is the second half of Moshic's Essential mix for Radio 1. Right from the 60 minutes in mark.

So that's my choice Moshic Essential mix, disc 2.

Always enjoyed Desyn at the Liquid Room when he played.
Gotta give this a listen soon.

Keep up the excellent work


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Aye...its quite good.

dont forget Pussy @ Helsinki