'see, some of this is ace imo - but then you get tunes that go on for about 10 friggin minutes of noise... take the track all through the 40-47odd mins. Dull! And this is the sort of track that stops me dead in my dancing shoes. I do find it infuriating cos I love and loathe some of his music in equal parts. At his best he is prob one of my fave djs but then he lobs the odd mindnumbing blippy/techy pile of shite in and tbh I dont think anyone else would get away with it.'

The one before Babicz - Sin? I actually think that's one of the best tunes in the mix. And the one that starts at about 17 minutes, bloody hell what the hell is that?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQWUdcvT … search=taz

I'm proud of them that they got where they got. I've much prefered watching Australia play a controlled, attacking passing game than the dross that England have been serving up. Just a pity we lost cause of a cynical cheating Italian cunt - it's exactly the kind of thing that makes the game unpopular back home. Still well done boys and mark my words the more popular the game becomes in Australia the further we'll go in the future.

Get in.

It should be compulsory listen to this, its amazing. Cracking mix from one of the best there is.

It'll only be streaming until later tonight though cause its from last week.

Sevan, could you please get another link up for this.


She was at Bedrock wasn't she? This bird sounds alright to me.

Sevan, could you please get another link up for this.


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It'll be Pig & Dan - Retox, Gabriel & Dresden - Eleven + Audiofly X - Get Lost.

Extrawelt - Titelheld
Oxia - Domino
Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit
Audiofly X - Get Lost
Norm - Foco (Dub)

Best DJ there is right now IMHO, get down there. 8)

I thought Switch was doing ok, not amazing but ok, until he played a record which I remember saying to Macca at the time was 'the worst record ever made.' Its pretty hard to come back from that.

Sevan didn't see you on Friday, what time where you there?

'twill be Jimmy Van M.

Indeed, very much enjoying the stuff Digweed has been hammering out the past year or so.

the_man_himself, have you heard the new Tool album? I think I'm gonna have to give it more of a listen, its alright but nothing near Aenema.[/quote]

Enjoy, people. I will be at Turnmills and Fabric respectively. smile

Likewise mate.  8)
I'll see you at Fortier next for sure.
BTW, could you PM me the link to that Jesse Somfay mix you were talking about. Cheers.

Yep had a great time. Managed to get a bit of a second wind when I got back to Brighton and ended up and the Bleeps all-dayer at Polar East and then on to Ocean Rooms. Didn't even need to get pepped up.

Looking forward to coming down to the one in June.
Ben, enjoy Radiohead tonight.


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Definitely a bit of a relief if it comes off I reckon, I mean McClaren? Curbishley? Psycho????? WTF was that about? I'll certainly be happy all this tabloid led 'we invented the game and I'll be damned if we're gonna let a bloody spick manage our team' bollocks doesn't influence the selection of the best possible candidate available, which looks like Scolari to me.

Nice one mate. Looking forward to this weekend, I reckon I might need it after my first week in my new job.  smile

Yep. Let's do it.  :twisted:

West Brom are gone so its between the Blues and Pompey, tbh as much as I'd love the bluenose scum going down I'd rather keep the two days a season that actually feel like they mean something atm so I hope Pompey go down too. Also Rednapp's a twat.


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Also I don't wanna sound like a whinging guestlist prima donna but we know for a fact we were on the free list and we were asked for

Does anyone know why a lot of the "free guestlist" on thursday had to pay to get in?? Loads of my friends and I were on a free list and were all told that we had to pay

Christ the new Avus as well, WTF is that about?  :twisted:

Actually I thought it descends into the absolutely huge Lump and Metope - Libertango not to mention Holden's Darkest Star remix but each to their own I guess. This set is amazing its from the Loft apparently, really wish I'd been there.

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