Get your ears round this the bicep guys no how to throw it down.

A mate recently bought a Moog and holy shit there is some serious raw sounds out of it proper Bodzin stuff real eye opener.

fadass wrote:

That DeGrasse chap is bang on. I came to exactly the same conclusion after half a bag of ketamine one night. The secret of the universe was laid bare before me. But I couldn't remember it an hour later.

There is irony in the fact that trips like that can make some people more spiritual and have some sort of belief that we are part of something even bigger than a god.  I've came back from an ego death and it wasn't an enlighten one scared the shit out of me probably because I wasn't ready and didn't go with it!  Was like being stuck out in deep space alone for eternity with no identity to one self!  Maybe if I went with it I would of got sucked into a worm hole and it would of been all good but I was back to reality at some party in Strabane.

I was more positive until I seen Switzerland got 27 points from their group and really should of qualified ahead of Portugal.

NI vs Switzerland

Denmark vs ROI

Bring it on.

Getting home what's not to love.  Poor Kerry second most beautiful county behind Donegal!;-6.0;4&l=gust

Cork and Kerry getting it big time already according to this over 100mph gusts.

Anyone watch Bojack Horseman it seems funny enough.

MON trademark tactics low has worked the charm so far.  All the nice football by Wales but no real cutting edge.

Possession counts for nothing it seems.

In Fairness Scotland did try and get the ball down under him and he has a point they are a small side have been for along time.  Unlike us and ROI we score a lot from set pieces and are more physical and direct sometimes its the only way as the home nations will never compete with European sides in possession.

Tierney is destined for great things and if Strachan didn't look over Griffiths earlier in the campaign they probably would of made it to playoffs.

Dermatron wrote:

Funky defo on the crack pipe. What a mess.

Ill be cheering in the Micks come Monday. Cannot be doing with the Welsh cunts.

Meaningless match last night we were already qualified for the playoffs due to Scotland going out you nounce!

Grant wrote:

Can you talk me through the difference?

Sectarian songs are banned at Windsor have been for nearly 20 years now.  Voted no1 fans in France for there behaviour is another.

You must be confusing Rangers fans with Norn Iron, if that's the irony your alluding too, there is a massive difference.


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Jim Jefferies hits the nail on the head.  Those vids have went up a few million since vegas.  Quite a few thick yanks have walked out when he brought this up on his stand up shows.

I think most neutral fans are dreading England fans going to Russia lets be honest as they cant drink soup and get involved in the crack, pack of knuckle draggers.

You can say fuck all today derm what was that last night at a half empty Wembley.   Fair play to Scotland threw everything at Slovakia and got what they deserved hopefully they will make it.

fadass wrote:

You're not British, you fuckin clown.

Enlighten me lol not irish either then!

I've no time for you childish bullshit man,  barely bothered reading that but what stuck out was us being ruled by England I'm completely happy with that more proud to be British than you probably so you need to rethink that bitterness to towards England comment.  I am just stating the obvious England are average just like the rest of the home nations.

Your talking bollocks man thinks its safe lol Ive been threw a 2 year goal drought with NI in early 00's if its stick you think I'm avoiding your wrong there.  Its a big night of football and its probably one of the biggest matches on tonight I think it deserves a mention.  You head is in the sand also in terms of that England squad they don't perform for their country like they do for their clubs and even at that they aren't world class players yet they are made out to be if that isn't over rated what the fuck is.

I think you forget the size of your nation if you cant see the achievements of a 1.8m country.

Dermatron wrote:

How can you be overrated and underachieving? Ya tit.

England seems to manage it!  Players that are overrated in the league that have no passion for the national team.  NI got to the last 16 of euro's a major achievement, being beat by an inform Wales side not much wrong with that,  but ever since then things have gone from strength to strength.

You really want to get into this Derm with that shower of piss overrated  England team the most underachieving side on the planet and look at the shape your their group wtf!