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Really link? 33 dj's didn't see digweed.


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Fk it heading over on sunday for few days staying in bora bora apartments maybe not the best idea but it was cheap.  Question is are u better buying a ticket online for circo loco or turn up a 4pm and pay at door.

Prog weapon there didn't no Noir was capable of that!


Brynjolfur - M25



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Awh watch it for the nice scenery Grant hahaha.

Sasha playing Lush 20th anniversary on 10th sept,  him and digweed playing together at a festival in kent the day before can only hope!

Happy days lads, cheers.

It does look like its located in the worst back street possible definitely not be easy to get a taxi after.

http://www.ministryofsound.com/magazine … cBwU4sy.97

Hernan and Saiz pick 3 of each others best tracks.

Few questions about MOS is the surrounding area of the venue dodgy!  Will there be taxi floating about around 5/6am?  Staying in Waterloo is walking distance but probably not a smart idea!  What's the Bouncers like no one appeared to have problems at the bedrock night as I will obviously be looking to have a few pints before hand.


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I thought Willett would have a bit of character about him certainly more duller British players out there.  Remember few years ago he was hard to watch on European tour did moan a lot very vocal to his caddy.


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Kaymer must of lost an arm or something, major winner still in top 50 was 200/1 at start of the week.


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Kaymer E/W 175/1 worth a punt.

Nice wee hoodie ordered.

Vinyl started off good but has got really silly and cringe towards the end.

One thing you can say about hernan he has always stuck to his roots in his music never got taken by any trends,  one true prog dj left from the older sound.  Not so sure on Saiz nowadays some of the sets I heard are hit and miss.


http://www.ministryofsound.com/events/c … fbH9Zo5.97

Two weeks to go, anyone off here going?

His last gig is in Belfast, going out with a bang pardon the pun!

Venue seems good, cant wait for catteneo and saiz next month.

https://www.mixcloud.com/northernmunky/ … arch-2016/

Nice and moody sasha is coming into a bit of form again!


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zackster wrote:

he fell apart during a gig in boston. he disappeared from the booth and never came back. shortly after his twitter (or some other socail shit) said he was dealing with daemons aka rehab. that's the last id heard of him.

DJ'ing has to be the most nightmare of a job if your going through that, you basically have to quit for good to stay away from the temptations!


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Pretty sure he made an appearance at that radio1 Ibiza thing last year embarrassed I know that but as said he was a proper party guy was seen in the crowd on numerous occasions doing the dc10 marathon around 00-04.  Was famed for his Ibiza tv appearances on channel 4 around that time hanging with emerson, yousef and co.

Half a tab of acid can be way more fun very euphoric and a lovely glow over things and not taking you to far from reality,  always found the next day you were totally revitalized unlike pills were u felt disconnected with the world for days after!

Looks like Frampton will be waving at McGregor when they both cross flight paths in the atlantic, back to dublin for mcgregor hello Vegas for Frampton.

It doesn't say much for irish boxing then mate as Frampton will probably go down as the best to come out of here by the end of his career.  Not many can say they are a double world champion coming out of a tiny shit hole in western Europe.  If he beats Santa Cruz it will prove a lot of doubters wrong that's for sure.

liquitech1 wrote:

..terrible fight. Shocking boxing standard on show. I hope DuFunk will be staying up to watch McGregor at the weekend in order to cleanse himself of that fiasco.

Quigg was mostly at fault for this, at least Frampton tried in early rounds and did break Quigg's jaw in the forth.  Serious tension surrounding this fight you wouldn't off blamed them for being cagey as whoever lost was gonna miss out on going to the big time.  UFC is just a circus no thanks!