… 27th-2002/

We've all got a little nostalgic of late on here, so here is my tipple standing in the crowd as a 17 year old for this pre party 7-9pm only a few hundred people but sheer madness.

john bon digweed wrote:

in deep space ..abandoned...any crew?...negative!

the stage one  separation probation officer..

TILT's remix always got me:

Although according to smallman1 the quote is: "CABIN CREW? NEGATIVE" LULZ: … 26#p598026

Cleaned up and mastered better imo, extra bit of percuss and synth'ness thrown in.

He did one with Joel Mull which is decent allow abit forgetful, as for james teej i liked some of his solo stuff picked up his latest track inside remixed by simon garcia quality stuff.


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Derry's very own Burning Man Temple designed by there artist David Best put together by local people.  Getting burnt this weekend not our usual type of bonfire here bit more arts and culture! … B000089IZV


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Beijing Dave wrote:

I have never been to Ibiza, except as a little'un on the quiet side of the island.

Don't feel like I'm missing much to be honest.

Your probably not so many things i dislike about the way island is now in terms of music/clubs doesnt feel as hedonistic anymore but maybe thats hitting 30 for you.  What interests me is the sun holiday yet the clubbing aspect is there if you want it.  Probably look to stay in Es Cana or Santa Eulalia.


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Euro worth 70p this could be tempting this year, flights out of dublin cheap with the exchange rate and take into account ticket prices and drink prices less of a rip off.

300 early bird tickets gone in 15 minutes!

Danny played a special gig on saturday night in derry for charity was also a 10 year reunion of the Lush board members top top night the bloke is a legend found time to speak to most of the old heads.

Alot of the chicago/detroit guys are prob still bitter towards the europeans esp germans thinking that they stole there sound and re-edited there samples i.e. derrick may and blake baxter used to go on alot about this.  Sorry guys the europeans basically made the detroit techno sound more innovative after you's stole it originally from kraftwerk and tangerine dream!


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Fowler, Els, Garcia, Westwood more to follow for this years irish open in Royal County Down should be good.

Sharing a mates track bit of old sckool piano chilled feel.


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Lottie was great at dc10 around early 00's played some great jackin house also took over from tong a few times.  Tim deluxe had a No.1 was on top of the pops! Did a few underwater comps with emerson which are still worth a listen.

Lottie, John Carter, Guy Ornadal, Tim Deluxe, Fergie a few others who went of the radar.  Surely they have to seek other careers must be quite depressing this kind of demise.

Could make the trip down seeing the euro is so weak at the moment!  Never been whats the venue like?


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Depresses me to thinks its about 8 years since i was in a club when everything went truly off and it was memorable,  rarely head to club nights the last year or so always find myself being a grumpy bollocks slagging the sound system, resident djs or kid clubbers.  Also sets i would normally listen to are quite mellow now and found in most warm ups but to many of these kids residents don’t have a clue how to warm up these days!

smashdad wrote:

I'm confused - I'm listening to Matt Dixon's Festive Swap mix (and very good it is too) but I can't work out what name he posts under on here - any ideas?!?

Big old mix though - proper muscles - deserves a shitload more attention than it's had so far - about as far up the collective Bedrock musical alley as it's possible to get I'd suggest - love to see a tracklisting for it... … ct-mix-two

Totally agree, proper prog what bedrock used to be all about.  Epic stuff towards the end.

Listen to this most days in work, progressively gets more electronic towards end of the week,  loads of great classical, ambient, experimental, emotive stuff earlier on in the week.

Disney: Alice in Wonderland (1951) 5/10 - Talking plants, mushroom houses, talking door knobs, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb abit to much information to take in when you are entering into the known!

Good wee proggy mix by mark cooney sublime mixing couldnt fault it.

mr rossi wrote:

Just hope DuFunky gets the tracklist right.

Coming from someone who didn't put his name forward!

PM sent to Mark Cooney.

DJ:  Dettman
Producer:  Matthias Meyer
Film: Nightcrawler.