Found it.

What's the track at 51 mins?  Love the chord progression.

People are saying The OA is ripping off The Leftovers so may just have to give it ago.

Finished the first season of The OA pretty hard hitting fantasy reminded me of Donnie Darko and no doubt the writers had some sort of acid trip ego death in their time!

Yeah id like that one played at my funeral.

Thought it would be a bit lost without the synths and electric guitar's but this is rather good and average age of the crowd is probably similar to this board.

You're nan's clio go like that then!

Clio 172 weighing 800kgs,  how could you mix those two up.

hitachi wrote:

Pity you still haven't got that motor, DuFunk.

I'd have raced if I had a decent tune up on my motor on the day and was around your neck of the woods. I've been at 110bhp and can easily tune to 115 so Japanese toy cars like that do make me laugh. I don't mean to be rude.

I wouldn't waste my current build on anything you've got now though. It would be a no contest for you.

Don't no if your being serious what have you got?

I picked up a 94 Celica GT 180bhp after that one, better handling decent bit of power.  It is an expensive hobby.


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Two unlikable guys but Haye will fuck him up Shane McGuigan will have him more than ready.

Chisora table throwing yesterday.

The hoff and Clarkson with the same perm. … SwOyJX11ah

Must be some sort of guidance on them I'm not the only one to have that on the listing for the same part.

That was probably ahead of its time back then!  Couldn't slate a Toyota family hatch that lasted 7 track days under serious pressure before the drive shaft broke the japs can build cars to last I tell you!  I will likely have to throw a lot of those parts in recycled bin but the car only cost 400 quid with mot.

Those watches are to classy for Dermo now.

Thanks for checking out my back catalogue,  RIP my old track car. … 1555.l2649

Bedrock 10 Past, Present & Future. … 1555.l2649

Bedrock 14. … 1555.l2649

Bedrock 12.

Hope he's keeping well genuinely as I got a pm from him regarding depression and how I didn't get the illness a few months ago!

Didn't no he was a bike guy, hopefully see his team over at the NW200 sometime soon.

Only thing I will question is this whole VIP thing which they say is killing Ibiza for the average Joe.  Ushuaia aint the problem Ibiza has always been an overpriced bollocks of a place and space were guilty of fleasing us too.


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Higgins is rolling back the years of late, witnessed this yesterday at my first ever snooker match!

Rise of around 8 degrees on average in the artic is the worrying thing.  We need a wake up call and it may come in harsher winters and more rain fall esp in uk and Europe.

For any amateur producers here's a wee challenge for you, good practice.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Countries have to get like Denmark and become renewable

Thanks for clarifying that, DuFunk. Oh, by the way I work for a Danish oil company.

Well that Swedish guy must be well off the mark?  What percentage of Denmark's energy is renewable.  Germany seem to be leading the way also.

You can argue all day if you don't believe in climate change but burning fossil fuels is a thing of the past and is not sustainable.  Countries have to get like Denmark and become renewable and if you don't agree on the temp rise you should agree that not having to breath in as much carbon in the future would be beneficial to our health.