Robert Owens 'Bring down the walls'
Adonis 'Do it properly'
Chip E. 'If only you knew'

Rules should be 85-88 trans-atlantic jackin house!

Count me in should get this done by wednesday.

Seen him last year wasn't really my bag far to tough and not enough layers in his stuff for me.

Apart from the digweed night on the 20th there is no other night that stood out for me unless your in to dnb and urban garbage.

Can't wait for this now, should be stuck in room 1 most of the night looking forward to joy orbison most of all but simon baker is also playing some good stuff. … -promo-mix

Jim-bob wrote:

Just got back from Interstellar. What a load of drawn out, over-hyped, over dramatic, American dream, yank drivel. But what's the point in dissing it though when every immature empty head on the planet still wanting to be a spaceman when they grow up will love it to bits.

Monarchy playing yet again the only person he knows how to play. Himself.

Hyperbole rubbish with a walking 20 Lambert & Butler calling the shots. Waste of 3 hours.

Have to agree, this will go down in history as the most overhyped film ever not a patch on a 2001 a space odyssey more of a mission to mars.  Almost like every reviewer was bribed to give this 5 stars.

Excited for tonight which is usually a bad thing in football, even a draw should give us a strong possibility of automatic qualification.  Scots vs ROI should be interesting probably alot of confusion for many it being at celtic park!

Obvious and probably mensioned 'Release the Pressure' doesn't get much better than that.

Chicken and fish diet fuck red meat fuck artificial preservatives, Aloe vera tonic is the best detoxicate 2 shits per day.  I have never been over a 32 waist rarely exercise.


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If that was a dig pretty poor grant.  Some people are more hands on than academic, manufacturing jobs are still very popular here and are well paid most of the guys in these trades left school with very little.  90% of whats taught at school is completely useless, technology or even art should have more relevance in school than some subjects.


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Id be a saver never been in the red.  Started working at 16 put money by for a deposit on a house, mortgage at 24 still only 28 looking to have the mortgage paid of by 40, semi retire by 45 get a part time job or buy and sell some cars to keep me, live of the savings allow cash isa's are pretty shit at the moment.

Higher education is overrated eps here were high end jobs are limited best thing my parents ever done was force me out to work at 16.  Only thing is my plans of early retirement will ultimately be fkd if i have kids.

Shame was on C4 last night, a severe case of hangover horn your man has.  7/10.


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The fall starts back on 13th Nov on bbc, into season 2 of arrested development great laugh.

Out of curiousity what are the drink prices like in fabric?

Derry has the biggest halloween carnival in europe so if you do head out not dressed up you feel like a tube, personally hate it for a club night most people have been on the piss all day and it turns very messy by 11pm,  people with no care for the music at that point.


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Big Fella wrote:
jamie wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

I was in Ibiza in 1984 - beat that?

San Antonio was a shit-hole then.

building sandcastles on the beach with mummy and daddy doesn't count.

It was my first holiday with the boys. San An had a 3am curfew even then cos the jocks were wrecking the place.

I've never been on holiday with my folks TRUFAX sad

At the height of football hooliganism i find it hard to believe the english didnt reck a few holiday resorts!  Found it funny when i stayed in san an back in 2010 when the WC was on and england were playing USA, they ran around the hotel with the stars and stripes declaring hate for the english yet some of them were rangers fans who saw themselves as british and loved the queen!


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His mixes are bloody awfull any i've heard.  Think tong plays alot of his stuff on essential selection.


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Futureshock 'Sparc' into Scorchio in quite a few comps back then, hard to believe its 14/15 years tunes sounding as fresh as that.


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Conforce 'Depth Over Distance'
Dance Spirit 'Jardin'
Stelios Vassiloudis 'Kwai'
Redhead 'The Omen'
Adam Beyer 'Darlek'
Julian Jeweil 'Los Pistolos'
Talal 'Arythmika'
Tvardovsky 'Found Myself'
Who Made Who 'Hiding
Youandewan 'Fm Jam'
Leon Vynehall 'Pier Children'
Outbox 'Feel Your Love'
Nick Holder 'Space Traveller.

Full on techno verging into deep/moody stuff ending with some deepy house, not perfect esp track 8-9 myself to blame for little time on decks.  Will add the d/l link tonight.

Yeah was autumn not a great time to go don't even think they have a spring or autumn just jumps from summer to winter!  Have a mate in fort mac earning around 40k a year in the oil fields had little quals no experience but got a job through a contact, sounds great but he says its a awful dirty redneck of a place to live!  Allow being in the commonwealth helps alot.

loopdokter wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Toronto is famous for fuck all as with many canadian cities apart from snow sports!  I'm not the biggest fan of london but when it comes to culture, architecture, social scenes, music, film, creative arts you will struggle to beat it.  Ireland kicks well above it weight in those too.

Didn't you once openly admit to me that you've never been and were stuck in Calgary/Edmonton?

Took a visit to it whilst we were staying in London, ON.  I was more amazed with edmonton to be honest lovely city and not to far from nature, Banff and that but again didn't strict me as a city full of great music/social scenes, interesting people or history was just very normal i think cities there are missing a bit of character!  But you're economy not many better no wonder so many move there for work.

Toronto is famous for fuck all as with many canadian cities apart from snow sports!  I'm not the biggest fan of london but when it comes to culture, architecture, social scenes, music, film, creative arts you will struggle to beat it.  Ireland kicks well above it weight in those too.

Winston Bogarde.

As for hutton bit harsh he's been very consistant for villa and scotland of late.

Wee NI are having a Lafferty.