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http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0 … -rack-pack

Good watch this, pity snooker does not have these hell raisers no more.

Love this kind of shizzle,  modern stuff has been boring me of late this stuff can be so refreshing.


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Selby was poor and has been for a while don't no how he is still ranked no.1,  Robertson is by far a better all rounder and will show Ronnie up if he doesn't bring his A game.   As for Allen don't no why he bothered turning up last night awful performance will always be a nearly man in snooker.


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The crier returns again!  No getting away from the fact the sport needs him, days could be numbered for snooker on bbc.

MattBlack wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

We are you friends 5/10.  Not as EDM as I thought it would be.

Terrible music, worse acting and a script that made Human traffic look like Citizen Kane, oh and Zac Effron was a total bellend. Apart from that it was terrible, 3/10 (for Emily Ratajkowski who can't act for shit but is nice to look at)

I expected it to be even worse low found it funny that they did discuss the production side of things a bit.  I watched Eden the other night possibly the best clubbing film ever great soundtrack.

We are you friends 5/10.  Not as EDM as I thought it would be.


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Scott Waites is the only player with real potential left in it, had problems with his shoulder since he won the BDO in 2013.  Maybe when bbc pull out it could be the final straw for the BDO?  I hope for the life of me the snooker doesn't get pulled.

poirot wrote:

LOL look at the fucking weather. No way im going out. Fuck that.

Jesus it must be bad in Mordor, the trolls won't be out tonight!


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So this is 100% confirmed apart from the venue looking at cheap flights Thursday to Sunday, pity its an international break by the looks of it would of been handy to take in a match.

Top tunes I only got 5 that I repeatedly played this year.

Listening to part 3 now a few slightly cheesey drops but I must say very enjoyable party vibes.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-i … t-35026066

Think that photo was JZ after he couldn't get on the decks in derry,  down with terrorism!

She surprised me when I saw her recently was quite energy filled techno had a good flow to it and she dropped age of love towards the end.

Jay Kauffman 'Fader' was a good one.

You made the assumption Fadass relating to some how I'm the orange loopy how that doesn't bring religion into anything I don't no.  I was talking about how the lighter weights in boxing are far better to watch.

Btw I'm an atheist and not in the fucking orange order ffs.


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Fadass i'm disappointed in that comment, Frampton maybe from tigers bay but he is married to a girl from across the divide in Belfast which gives him a cross community element here just like McGuigan did when he won a world title as he is married to a protestant.


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Heavyweight fights are usually crap to watch.  Its all about Frampton vs Quigg in February gonna be a tasty one, Frampton will rip him a new one then its all about Rigondeaux who will be a big task, to prove he is the best in the super bantamweight division.

Count me in!

Some serious weapons pulled out on that garnier closing party set.  Blackwater, Lucky Heather, French Kiss, Hardfloor and that's only a half hour in.  Lucky Heather still sounds great haven't heard that in about 7 years.

https://www.mixcloud.com/ed612313/laure … on-240109/

The End was definitely all about Garnier, Harlem Nights were great there too.

Pullen's hour is rather nice surprisingly.

https://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/tr … ey-pullen/


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Agree with the fact the US Government have fuelled these groups to be created by what they have done to these countries for decades, but you are getting a lot of hippies stating that the US government have directly created ISIS to keep world order and shit like that! A lot of illuminati bullshit.


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I'm not falling for all the deep conspiracy theories by people that have taken to much acid.  The US government did not fucking create ISIS lol.


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Hardcore went onto around 95 got really bad towards the end,  thankfully Kellys changed its name to Lush in 96 and went the trance and prog route.  Still mad footage from those days.