Sasha finished his set of with his remix of bad kingdom the other night.

Funk D'Void - Lambo (Juan Deminicis)

Loving this.

Get the black taxi tour!

Big Fella wrote:

Where are the hot hatches hanging DF, I'm rocking a corsa hire car?

Wait til the weekend BF you will fit right in with all the portrush cruisers on there annual easter get together.

a holder of a Republic of Ireland passport, residing in Northern Ireland is classed as a resident of NI, not a British citizen

Yet NI is apart of the UK, yet alot of these people possibly either work for the UK government, claim there benefits or pay there taxes its fucking ludicrous that these people are not seen to have any connection with british citizenship.  A recent poll showed that 80% or there abouts seen themselves as Northern irish or british so fk all that non sense times are changing.  The good friday agreement was corrupt in my eyes after all the crap that has recently came out it helped murders run free and get into government.

NI is apart of the UK i pay the same rates and tax to the queen as you do, i can live and work anywere in the uk without needing any kind of clearance due to having a uk passport even the NI folk who have ROI passports can do also as they are still seen as british citizens.

Not if you have a brittish passport.

Trust me I’d rather live here than London, 1000 immigrants/asylum seekers entering it on average every hour no thanks.

mikemiller wrote:

Half my family are from West Belfast and I'm proud to say Norn Iron is a fucking shit hole

Fk thats grim would of thought anywere outside of West Belfast would be seen as paradise to them.

BedRob wrote:

Always had a cracking night in Belfast when i travelled up from Dublin

Couldn't understand a fucking word anyone said mind

Are you for real! West of dublin you need subtitles known a few people from tralee who used to rave in derry sound people but the english wouldnt have a hope of understanding them.

BF portrush is abit of a dump tbh much nicer wee places in that area portballintrae, bushmills on route to causeway worth checking out and its all about the golf courses,  if your there until monday why not make the short trip to derry/donegal to see sasha!

RMS is a car forum BF were i posted those pics, but obviously the url didnt work on this dated board.

Great rhythms straight out of berlin.

House and techno was basically dead by 92 in chicago and detroit even at its peak radio stations wouldnt play it, thats why most of that crew jefferson, saunders, knuckles even hawtin by that time were mostly in europe for gigs its no surpise that the yanks haven't heard of him.

ThermalBear added to line-up,  Sell-out on the cards just like digweed last year.

So many of these guys are getting found out this season for the average players they are, Rafael has to be one of the worst right backs in utd's history forget paul parker.

Yeah they were but if utd dont make it into europe next season at all it will surely effect there co-efficient points and sure to have tougher groups in the future.

HA kinda funny how united end up with the top seed at this stage now that fergie is gone better get used to it no more easy draws in future.

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Since 2007 ibiza has been getting shitter and shitter every season apart from dc10 which stayed true to itself musically the rest have been getting lost to commercialisation its all about berlin creativity and musically and everyone knows it and the people are a hell of lot nicer and open minded than the spanish and tourists who hit ibiza.

smallman1 wrote:

Listening to Seth Troxler's Mixmag effort.

Left of centre but quite agreeable.

I dont do drugs but that tuskegee track is obviously made for an acid trip.

Old 2011 podcast from jane fitz all i can find to stream at work but bloody nice.

Have you seen the squad he inherited! No new manager out there could win the league with them.  Always respected the guy for being an ambassador of the milk cup over here due to having family from portrush cant say the same for MU was an ABU from a very young age have had some good laughs this season long may it continue!

Big Fella wrote:

John Kelly was always a floor clearer.

Correct on this pretty shocking, seb was ok but i spent most of the night in listening to local guys loads of great prog and house played even abit of tech/goa trance. … spx?id=403

Boom!  This will knock the cobwebs out and get you set for the weekend.