Bit like brexit guys why not join the one already up and running.

'No return to the borders of the past'

Get joined mate, new one is taking shape could be a nice fresh start haha!

ukhursty wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Never really used reddit? Is it a good option?

Always seemed like a right mess when I've ventured onto it, or is that because I'm using it incorrectly?

Took me literally 5 mins to sort this out.

If anyone is up for it, then get on it, otherwise it didn't cost any money or time!

Doubt if anyone is willing to shell out for the proper job and host it on a sever?

Good shout!

None of this in the ring then?  Has he lost the plot of late flat out on the Michael Caine?

Hearing great reports about this any vids?  Fair play to Diggers seems up for doing the longer sets.

Derm it would do you good pal sort that ego out a bit!

Frampton did seem very rusty the other night started great first 5 rounds but ran out of stamina but that's prob what 10 months out does to you.

Duffy and mcclean top scorers wouldnt of been near the playoffs if not for the two players the fai nicked!!!

It'll be from a Londonderry man probably too!

Lot of effort put in there!

It couldn't be located in a worse place anyway good luck to England fans and ROI fans if they make it.

We are shit but at least we kick above our weight just like ICELAND!

Best in Britain what are you on!

Couldn't be more proud of the players last night they gave everything and we are only out due to the ref in the first leg.

He had a bit of a swing before the kick that's the only thing.  Protection is the only thing hit someone the wrong way after the bell in boxing can be dangerous but this is another level of nuts.


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What's your view on that incident liquidtech?  When the ref stepped in and your man still kicked him in the head with no way of protecting himself?  Had mates who follow it said it shouldn't of been stopped.


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Have to say it was more entertaining than the boxing that was on sky earlier,  crap card crap atmosphere.


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What about the incident of the low blow and your man still kicking him in the head in the other fight!  Not for me tbh!

First episode is really good about his rise with chic and disco.

Another two time world champ from Belfast well done Burnett!

Get your ears round this the bicep guys no how to throw it down.

A mate recently bought a Moog and holy shit there is some serious raw sounds out of it proper Bodzin stuff real eye opener.

fadass wrote:

That DeGrasse chap is bang on. I came to exactly the same conclusion after half a bag of ketamine one night. The secret of the universe was laid bare before me. But I couldn't remember it an hour later.

There is irony in the fact that trips like that can make some people more spiritual and have some sort of belief that we are part of something even bigger than a god.  I've came back from an ego death and it wasn't an enlighten one scared the shit out of me probably because I wasn't ready and didn't go with it!  Was like being stuck out in deep space alone for eternity with no identity to one self!  Maybe if I went with it I would of got sucked into a worm hole and it would of been all good but I was back to reality at some party in Strabane.