Listen to this most days in work, progressively gets more electronic towards end of the week,  loads of great classical, ambient, experimental, emotive stuff earlier on in the week.

Disney: Alice in Wonderland (1951) 5/10 - Talking plants, mushroom houses, talking door knobs, tweedle dee and tweedle dumb abit to much information to take in when you are entering into the known!

Good wee proggy mix by mark cooney sublime mixing couldnt fault it.

mr rossi wrote:

Just hope DuFunky gets the tracklist right.

Coming from someone who didn't put his name forward!

PM sent to Mark Cooney.

DJ:  Dettman
Producer:  Matthias Meyer
Film: Nightcrawler.

Ok, Looks like my only option is to buy traktor pro to be able to record internally at 320kbps.  Audacity will only let you convert down to 192, 128 or wave once you record at highest output.

I'm about as irish as you are american mate.

Question,  I'm using a mixtrack pro controller with virtual dj only records to 192kbps my tunes are 320kbps is there anyway i can convert to this on audacity or other software?  Can't be arsed subscribing to pro a monthly bill i don't need!

Gyllenhall plays a good nutter, similar to taxi driver in a few ways, which i found very overrated this was far more edge of the seat stuff.

Nightcrawler 10/10 best film i've seen in years has to be watched on big screen.

The place is abit of a nightmare lads!  Terrible layout zero atmosphere maybe apart from bday weekend, contending with the whole security issues sniffer dogs, getting your balls felt up also searched on way out wtf!  Full of foreigners well suppose thats london in general apart from the taxi man i cant recall talking to any true londoners!  We would show you's a thing or too about how to rave!

Robert Owens 'Bring down the walls'
Adonis 'Do it properly'
Chip E. 'If only you knew'

Rules should be 85-88 trans-atlantic jackin house!

Count me in should get this done by wednesday.

Seen him last year wasn't really my bag far to tough and not enough layers in his stuff for me.

Apart from the digweed night on the 20th there is no other night that stood out for me unless your in to dnb and urban garbage.

Can't wait for this now, should be stuck in room 1 most of the night looking forward to joy orbison most of all but simon baker is also playing some good stuff. … -promo-mix

Jim-bob wrote:

Just got back from Interstellar. What a load of drawn out, over-hyped, over dramatic, American dream, yank drivel. But what's the point in dissing it though when every immature empty head on the planet still wanting to be a spaceman when they grow up will love it to bits.

Monarchy playing yet again the only person he knows how to play. Himself.

Hyperbole rubbish with a walking 20 Lambert & Butler calling the shots. Waste of 3 hours.

Have to agree, this will go down in history as the most overhyped film ever not a patch on a 2001 a space odyssey more of a mission to mars.  Almost like every reviewer was bribed to give this 5 stars.

Excited for tonight which is usually a bad thing in football, even a draw should give us a strong possibility of automatic qualification.  Scots vs ROI should be interesting probably alot of confusion for many it being at celtic park!

Obvious and probably mensioned 'Release the Pressure' doesn't get much better than that.

Chicken and fish diet fuck red meat fuck artificial preservatives, Aloe vera tonic is the best detoxicate 2 shits per day.  I have never been over a 32 waist rarely exercise.


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If that was a dig pretty poor grant.  Some people are more hands on than academic, manufacturing jobs are still very popular here and are well paid most of the guys in these trades left school with very little.  90% of whats taught at school is completely useless, technology or even art should have more relevance in school than some subjects.


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Id be a saver never been in the red.  Started working at 16 put money by for a deposit on a house, mortgage at 24 still only 28 looking to have the mortgage paid of by 40, semi retire by 45 get a part time job or buy and sell some cars to keep me, live of the savings allow cash isa's are pretty shit at the moment.

Higher education is overrated eps here were high end jobs are limited best thing my parents ever done was force me out to work at 16.  Only thing is my plans of early retirement will ultimately be fkd if i have kids.

Shame was on C4 last night, a severe case of hangover horn your man has.  7/10.