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in the oil fields


Ebola fields necessary for a richie hawtin set 25 minutes inception.

Yeah was autumn not a great time to go don't even think they have a spring or autumn just jumps from summer to winter!  Have a mate in fort mac earning around 40k a year in the oil fields had little quals no experience but got a job through a contact, sounds great but he says its a awful dirty redneck of a place to live!  Allow being in the commonwealth helps alot.

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Toronto is famous for fuck all as with many canadian cities apart from snow sports!  I'm not the biggest fan of london but when it comes to culture, architecture, social scenes, music, film, creative arts you will struggle to beat it.  Ireland kicks well above it weight in those too.

Didn't you once openly admit to me that you've never been and were stuck in Calgary/Edmonton?

Took a visit to it whilst we were staying in London, ON.  I was more amazed with edmonton to be honest lovely city and not to far from nature, Banff and that but again didn't strict me as a city full of great music/social scenes, interesting people or history was just very normal i think cities there are missing a bit of character!  But you're economy not many better no wonder so many move there for work.

Toronto is famous for fuck all as with many canadian cities apart from snow sports!  I'm not the biggest fan of london but when it comes to culture, architecture, social scenes, music, film, creative arts you will struggle to beat it.  Ireland kicks well above it weight in those too.

Winston Bogarde.

As for hutton bit harsh he's been very consistant for villa and scotland of late.

Wee NI are having a Lafferty.

Good shout some nice pads on there, always good for a bit of carry on.


Very tempted considering the return flight is 38quid out of derry.  Anyone reccommend anywere to stay that is cheap the best i can get is 113quid for two nights in and around the barbican, i no there is little around there to do but you are only a 10 minute walk to fabric and not far from liverpool street station were the coach will drop off from stansted.

6 points out of 6 couldn’t be happier for wee NI best chance we'll ever get to qualify for a major tournament again bring on the greeks.


Even using basic chord scales major and minor improves the sound of your chords drastically, as these experts will say the only reason writing random chords in and them not sounding to bad is because your using a synth try them on a piano and see how muddled they sound no point just trying to get lucky with writing chords that will waste far more time than actually learning some theory.


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Listening back to some of the prog from 98-02 you can clearly see that the mastering/engineering has improved vastly nowadays, with every man and his dog being a producer now the competition has seen the quality of the music go up but you do have to weed through alot of crap to find it. 

One thing the odd stuff had going for it was freshness and possibly the fact that with vinyl a tune got played a heck of alot more and had a chance of becoming a classic.


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Andy Arias---Before The Action (Stas Drive Remix)

Stas Drive is on fire at present.

Along with East Cafe, alot of producers hernan champions get very little or late releases on beatport frustating with so much guff to weed through on there.

I mostly stick to predator tbh and have got to no it pretty well quite user friendly the other two could be throw aways also sore on cpu.  Predator and albino3 and ill be happy both seem rather good for melodic stuff i agree with collecting to much can hinder same can be said for the people who watch to many videos and don’t get hands on enough personally cant sit through many tutorials myself.

What VST's u lot using?  Recently picked up rob papens pack predator, blade and blue2 are fairly useful.  Only been at it intensely the last 4 months and arranged my first full track few wks ago so up to speed but now its all down to creativity and maybe learning some music theory then jump on the hardware.  Its certainly not for the faint hearted respect has to go the guys like saiz and guy j who seem to know some theory and avoid using loops/samples.

Killer Joe 8/10.   Think this is were McConaghie became a good actor since then he been deadly in most roles this is worth a watch not as clichéd as most crime movies and a funny twist at the end.  Oh and Juno Temple fkn hell this girl is cute as fk.

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I'll dance to the washing machine if the yokes are good.

Funnily enough, you could pick any set I saw in Ibiza 2005 where evey DJ played the above and Pump Up The Jam in every set. Fucking horrendous year in Ibiza.

Big year for electro house that one, Most precious love also got played to death but i tell you one thing id have that any day of the week compared to whats big over there now.  At least dc10 and space were keeping it real over there at that time plus you could even walk down the san an strip and hear decent tunes out of bar m and savannah not anymore.

Can't say there's much to shout about on there.  Grabbed a few of chris fortier's chart really does take a few hours to spend 20 quid on there these days so much crap about.


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Pity there is such gap between him and a few other idiots tongue.

May not be accurate but yesterday was a bad day for snp i dont think they expected those big companies to go public on the matter and ofcourse if it comes to risk of job losses the people on the ground will change there opinion. 

I don't think the people realise how well of we are with the public speding in the union even with the cut backs there's no way scotland will have better welfare and heath care on there own in the future.

No vote is a good bit ahead in recent poll it seems, shell and bp will also pull out if its a yes bad day for sammond yesterday.

I’d be for an independent Norn Iron but giving our local government the power would ultimately end up in a mess.  An all ireland isn’t the answer either economic wise ROI couldn’t afford us nor want us after their bail out, sticking with the uk is the current answer even with all the cut backs in the public sector which had to come the economy is beginning to boom again here and that is all down to the money given by the government to economic development agenise like invest ni who have brought in 10k jobs in last 2 years.  I can only see scotland being worse off in the future if they vote yes.  I'm 25% a scot myself so id be disappointed if it happens the connection between here and there run very deep.

Not able to make it due to a cricket match! Should catch it at the pub with a few pints.

http://www.boxnation.com/subscribe/?gcl … wwodYYcA_w


For anyone into boxing this is going to be a big one.  World title fight 16000 people outdoor venue in titanic quarter.

Can't believe you have even sat down and watched this crap to reserve this judgement phil! your only excuse is your women watches it but even then you could nip out and do some DIY.

Behrouz 2004.

Tricky Moreira "Together" (Blue Elephant Recording)
Sandcastles (Ibadan Recordings)
Magik Johnson "Something For You" (NRK)
Peace Division "Take Me I'm Yours" (Low Pressing)
Tiga "Pleasure From the Base" (CDR)
Abe Duque "What Happened" (Abe Duque)
Steve Silk Hurley "Back to Jack Your Body" (DJ International Records)
Peace Division "Deeper" Junior
Niki B & Christion E.F.F.E. "Behind the Fame There is a Person" (San Recording)
Oliver Berger "Kit" (Dutchie)
Mathew Jonson "Magic Through Music" (It Is What It Is)
Elias "Moist" (Jose De Divina's Rmx) (Stomp)
Danny Sullivan "DHR Baby" (CDR)
Sultan "Shivers" (Yoshitoshi)
Roman S "Horn" (CDR)
Jarrod & Gilbey "Monkey Trousers" (Choo Choo)
Andro "Invisible" (Cyber)
Juan Mejia "Vox Off" (Dutchie)
Danny Tenaglia "The Voodoo Doll" (Twisted)
Yosh "Do What You Want" (UNO Recording)