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I do get the feeling hot since 82 has abit of EDM about him, his music for me is noticably heading the wrong direction.


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Hernan charges a fair bit local promoters weren't able to get him on the same budget they had when they booked sasha, digweed, howells, warren & seaman nights but im sure flying from argentina and all the connecting flights maybe the stumbling block also.


Need cheap audio interface to run my KRK's and the above seems suitable but need to be positive it will run them, There are two inputs two outputs and seems judging by photos the two outputs at the rear are for big RCA stereo jacks?  If you no any cheaper ones that will do the job let me know!

Gary oldman in Leon.

Dusky's RA isnt to shabby.

Under the skin 7/10.

Probably the weirdest film ive ever watched some shocking horror moments, scarlett johansson plays the role perfect really seductive has to be seen.


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Thursdays at pacha look good, space line-up's have gone to shit apart from carl cox tuesdays and Enter.  Sundays at Ushuaia maybe worth checking out.

Terry and Cahill were the best defensive partnership last season it is quite laughable that he wasnt used.

Its misery supporting any of the home nations but with England it must be almost worse considering the expectation level.  Best/richest league in the world is more a hindrance.   Uruguay are smaller than scotland ffs and look what they produce British football needs a new approach.


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Top course good arguement that its even more scenic than the royal allow not fully a links course.  Worth checking out castlerock's course also which is nearby.


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Great to see the open back at royal portrush after 60 years long over due!

The boiler room is a tendency to be aimed at the horse crew.

So much mindless techno, thinking they are cool because they like stuff so repetitive, dark and weird if they weren't baked off there face on so much K they would realise how non musical this stuff is.

Few examples below




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Turn forward to 2014 BF and its PMA and a death bed.


Super Flu 'Jo Gurt' Stephen Bodzin remix.



1. Space Dimension Controller 'First Glance'
2. Franc Spangler 'Painted Lady'
3. Marcus Worgull 'Flying High'
4. Dense & Pike 'Colt'
5. Recondite 'Psy Psy'
6. Terje Saether 'Blinded'
7. Ida Engberg 'Silhouette of a ghost'
8. Resmann 'Thursdate' Steve bug remix
9. Marco Plex 'Conjure'
10. Martin Patino 'Ruta 5 Daso Remix
11. Ian Pooley 'ComputRhyhm' Dixon Remix

http://www.mixcloud.com/povilas/deep-di … 3-10-2003/


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There used to be loads in the north and donegal but not so many now, obviously dublin has loads and is abit OTT about it to cater for tourists and when i say irish bars i mean ones that have live irish traditional music.  I could only find two whilst in Galways recently.


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Ironic when in ireland you'll struggle to find an irish bar in cities, everywhere has gone very cosmopolitan for the better.


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Bryan Adams and Bieber on the loop at canadian weddings bit of reverb and flanger jobs a good'un.

http://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast- … 415#submit


Line-up /
Âme (Innervisions-Berlin)
Ben UFO (Hessle Audio)
Derrick Carter (Classic-Chicago)
Karenn (Sheworks-Blawan & Pariah (live))
Kölsch (Kompakt (live))
Magic Mountain High (Move D, Juju & Jordash (live))
Max Cooper (live)
Move D (Source - Smallville)
Pearson Sound (Hessle Audio)
Space Dimension Controller (R&S Records)



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Is there Predictive text on this board or something?  You two stop copying millsy and swerve on.


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Best type of cat Serval they will eat your dog!