Golovkin Alvarez is a unified super fight and no talk about it.

Some really good fights have been almost overlooked since this pantomime.

Cant wait for this to fall flat on its arse and we can get back to real fights.

Now that's what you would want to witness live!  Nowadays you can cut any sound sample of a track from youtube edit them on audacity or ableton and use them in sets way to easy!

Explain to me how he was able to loop and edit some of those tracks way back then?!


Day before Drumcode Festival best weekend of raving you'll get in Ireland this year!


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+3,  Rory back to Even fuck sake JP needs to have more words!


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Kutch off to a flyer today was about to do him yesterday but ended up betting on Sullivan ffs.

seanc80 wrote:

Dufunk that looks absolutely diabolical. You are obviously taking the piss.

I hope.

Never judge a trailer Sean!  That new Will Ferrell one looks crap but I'm hearing good reviews.

Colossal 8/10.  Worth a watch good laugh def have a thing for Anne Hathaway.

30m for Michael Keane what is going on with football these days, if he is worth that I bare to think what Harry Kane is worth and no chance is he even world class.  EPL going backwards.


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Some big names coming over to play this to get some practice in before the Open.  7m prize fund becoming the flagship tournament of the European Tour these days.

steelydan wrote:

I'll bet Sinn Féin are delighted with all this.

Cant wait to see what Aul Gerry makes of it,  pressure is on SF now to get Stormont up and running again as the money will only be released when devolution happens,  which will be a set back for their United Ireland plans.

In a nutshell yes the money will have to come out of some were so it would be seen as a bad deal for the rest of the UK!

millsy23 wrote:



That party don't take their seats in Westminster!  DUP for their critics are shrewd at negotiating and that is a fair chunk 1.5 billion altogether.

Extra 1 Billion for NI don't no how DUP pulled that one off!


Was 6 months ago but good chance it is a stunt couldn't be as bad as that!

After watching the leaked vid of McGregor getting his ass handed to him in a sparring session against a nobody its proof this fight is a complete joke!


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Who's going to train McGregor for this.  Surely has to have something up his sleeve to get at least one punch in!

monostereo wrote:

It's not all bad.  If anything the Cons working with the DUP is a good thing. 

Can't say I know an awful lot about politics in Northern Ireland, but from what I've seen on telly the DUP at least seem like a reasonable set of blokes:

Gotta give to Harry there got the accent down to a tee.  Part Gerry part Paisley.


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Watched this last night real eye opener to all the strange events that have been happening the last few years.  We really are living in a fake reality in the west.