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Count me in!

Some serious weapons pulled out on that garnier closing party set.  Blackwater, Lucky Heather, French Kiss, Hardfloor and that's only a half hour in.  Lucky Heather still sounds great haven't heard that in about 7 years.

https://www.mixcloud.com/ed612313/laure … on-240109/

The End was definitely all about Garnier, Harlem Nights were great there too.

Pullen's hour is rather nice surprisingly.

https://www.mixcloud.com/johndigweed/tr … ey-pullen/


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Agree with the fact the US Government have fuelled these groups to be created by what they have done to these countries for decades, but you are getting a lot of hippies stating that the US government have directly created ISIS to keep world order and shit like that! A lot of illuminati bullshit.


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I'm not falling for all the deep conspiracy theories by people that have taken to much acid.  The US government did not fucking create ISIS lol.


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Hardcore went onto around 95 got really bad towards the end,  thankfully Kellys changed its name to Lush in 96 and went the trance and prog route.  Still mad footage from those days.

Only noticing that now lol thought it was the best of the Home Nations squad.  No wonder that team assembled are so shit!

Pat Jennings for sure should of made it, England keepers of that era where pretty shit.  Weirdly Chelsea doing poorly has made me a little more passionate this season Derms!

Big Norm Whiteside!  Gerry Armstrong should of been in there too ffs.

Dj diva's acting like that need a right kick up the hole.  DJ'ing is hardly a high skilled profession having a massive ego about it is laughable.

Won't be able to make it to this, heading to Stamford Bridge on the 9th for the Porto match.

Rip off airline pricing around that time of the year nothing cheaper out of NI than 125quid.

Unto season 5 of the wire gets a lot better when they got rid of Barksdale and Stringer Bell (Elba) in season 3, cant understand a word from wee Snoop but some of this Baltimore code/slag is closer to Norn Irish than you'd imagine.

I'm in same book been thinking about this for my birthday.  £450 got me from Dublin to Calgary surely it should get Loopy to London and back check skyscanner.


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What next for Elba he's had a go at djing and rallying both of which he was pretty shit at.

Canadian's are minted, best economy in the world!



What about this?



Billy Mitchell is a tout!


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Well you guys were right about Calgary not to much to get up to apart from being an alcoholic whilst I was there!  Went to Canmore one day lovely little place great views of the mountains and checked out some lakes etc, also checked out Habitat whilst Todd Terje was playing cool little place friendly atmosphere was probably the hightlight of the trip along with checking out a few strip clubs and pulling a thai.  The mass size of the city is incredible compared to Belfast or Dublin allow Downtown itself is very disappointing in terms of nightlife.

More to come mate not bad for 1.8m population split between rugby, Gaelic and cricket.