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I'll dance to the washing machine if the yokes are good.

Funnily enough, you could pick any set I saw in Ibiza 2005 where evey DJ played the above and Pump Up The Jam in every set. Fucking horrendous year in Ibiza.

Big year for electro house that one, Most precious love also got played to death but i tell you one thing id have that any day of the week compared to whats big over there now.  At least dc10 and space were keeping it real over there at that time plus you could even walk down the san an strip and hear decent tunes out of bar m and savannah not anymore.

Can't say there's much to shout about on there.  Grabbed a few of chris fortier's chart really does take a few hours to spend 20 quid on there these days so much crap about.


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Pity there is such gap between him and a few other idiots tongue.

May not be accurate but yesterday was a bad day for snp i dont think they expected those big companies to go public on the matter and ofcourse if it comes to risk of job losses the people on the ground will change there opinion. 

I don't think the people realise how well of we are with the public speding in the union even with the cut backs there's no way scotland will have better welfare and heath care on there own in the future.

No vote is a good bit ahead in recent poll it seems, shell and bp will also pull out if its a yes bad day for sammond yesterday.

I’d be for an independent Norn Iron but giving our local government the power would ultimately end up in a mess.  An all ireland isn’t the answer either economic wise ROI couldn’t afford us nor want us after their bail out, sticking with the uk is the current answer even with all the cut backs in the public sector which had to come the economy is beginning to boom again here and that is all down to the money given by the government to economic development agenise like invest ni who have brought in 10k jobs in last 2 years.  I can only see scotland being worse off in the future if they vote yes.  I'm 25% a scot myself so id be disappointed if it happens the connection between here and there run very deep.


Answer Code 'Request Thermal'
Omar El Gamal 'Kanaka' East Cafe Remix
Arnas D 'Careless'
Cristion 'Crystals' Stat Drive Remix
Dave Shtorn 'Last Chords'
Madben 'Your little voice' IOD Remix
John Drummer 'Forgetting' Marcelo Paladini Remix
Bicep 'Nrg106'
Yunus 'Meeting Molly' Guy J Remix
Super Flu 'Jo Gurt' Stephan Bodzin Remix
Ian Pooley & Magik J 'Piha'

Not able to make it due to a cricket match! Should catch it at the pub with a few pints.

http://www.boxnation.com/subscribe/?gcl … wwodYYcA_w


For anyone into boxing this is going to be a big one.  World title fight 16000 people outdoor venue in titanic quarter.

Can't believe you have even sat down and watched this crap to reserve this judgement phil! your only excuse is your women watches it but even then you could nip out and do some DIY.

Behrouz 2004.

Tricky Moreira "Together" (Blue Elephant Recording)
Sandcastles (Ibadan Recordings)
Magik Johnson "Something For You" (NRK)
Peace Division "Take Me I'm Yours" (Low Pressing)
Tiga "Pleasure From the Base" (CDR)
Abe Duque "What Happened" (Abe Duque)
Steve Silk Hurley "Back to Jack Your Body" (DJ International Records)
Peace Division "Deeper" Junior
Niki B & Christion E.F.F.E. "Behind the Fame There is a Person" (San Recording)
Oliver Berger "Kit" (Dutchie)
Mathew Jonson "Magic Through Music" (It Is What It Is)
Elias "Moist" (Jose De Divina's Rmx) (Stomp)
Danny Sullivan "DHR Baby" (CDR)
Sultan "Shivers" (Yoshitoshi)
Roman S "Horn" (CDR)
Jarrod & Gilbey "Monkey Trousers" (Choo Choo)
Andro "Invisible" (Cyber)
Juan Mejia "Vox Off" (Dutchie)
Danny Tenaglia "The Voodoo Doll" (Twisted)
Yosh "Do What You Want" (UNO Recording)


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As much as i wasn't a big fan of the minimal this was quite good and the guy was on top of his game around that time,

Didn't he have a bad trip on something and wasnt able to finish a set one time!

Crabs have been used for sea fishing bait so i saw a slight relevance.

Having to travel at least 8 hour drive to see a landmark or even a full day to see the coasts of canada is a major put off yes it has its beauty around alberta and vancouver and better summers than here but at least in the uk and ireland maybe england excluded you are always within one hour or two of a coast and world class natural beauty.

Shore fishing by the way on the rocks/pier not on a boat.

Going to portsalon in lough swilly donegal basically the mouth to the atlantic seems to be popular for cod, haddock, pollack, coalfish.  Have fished on the north coast before with the common worm and caught something but im told the salty water kills them quickly.

Looks better than his masters series one.  Compared to his podcasts his comps are always going to be abit more power prog as you call it.

Does anyone fish on here?  Needs some recommendations for live bait for sea fishing.


He actually was a big Ecstasy user in the 80's and has blamed it for his depression in interviews but i don’t think it can inherit you bi polar.

18-24 is a difficult time you really can get carried away with both, my worry was the disco biscuit i got carried away when i was 20 thinking that everything made far more sense because of it i.e. life and music but really it made me and my friends less social and became a house party thing fk going clubbing oh and the comedowns fk me some dangerous thoughts were had back then it took 5 days to get bk to normal or to even listen to the music i love for some reason.

Could of went either way but lucky enough all my friends moved on after that 6 months stint, yes they all have the odd drink or binge now but tbh the danger of depression or going for something alot harder are far far less.  Maturity isn't a bad thing at least you now have direction i don't think id swap it to be that age again if i could!


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Annie Mac show on C4 last night about the EDM explosion was a hard watch in places but i didn’t realize just how much this non sense has blown up in US especially at WMC which must be avoidable these days.  Tiesto made 22m last year and avicci rumoured to get 7 figures for some gig.  They do say that there is a drip down effect and that dance music as a whole has never been healthier.

Problem with hangovers is you tend to eat rubbish to try and recover that is the mistake, basically try to eat normal healthy food and drink plenty of water and you should sort it out alot quicker, getting your end away is a definite must also.

I dont binge quite as much anymore usually stop at 4/5 pints so i can wake up fresh as a daisy the next day but on a average club night about once a month would usually have 6 magners before and 3 double JD's and coke in there.

Keeping an eye on bidding for a 2nd hand M-Audo Fast Track Pro they seem highly recommended.