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Nice to hear a bit of Frankie to end on the boat yesterday smile

I flew German Wings a few weeks back to Romania. Plane was strange with propellers at the rear. Plane was so small even I banged my head a few times on the overhead lockers.

Psych tests and social media monitoring of pilots can't be far off. Do they already get breathalyser beforehand too ?

Cool. Think it would be another decade before L&D got into gear with it. Still play the Clockwork album. The two remixes on that Parachute sub label from last year are great.

Kumquat wrote:

Chasing Kurt - Running Searching (Michael Gracioppo Remix)

Finally getting a release hey ? Michael told me it's on a different label. Life and Death had wanted some changes to it. Hope the version that comes out hasn't been messed around too much.


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Been out on the ale with Dermy and Marxy yet Ed .. or have they given you a wide berth ?

Nick Galemore - All Goes Wrong (Original Mix) [Kindisch | KD080]
Chinaski - Futuresex (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson | PLAYRJC035]
Arp Aubert - Moshislongo (Original Mix) [Ki Records | Ki-014]
Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur - Sad Robot (Musumeci Remix) [Bedrock Records | Beddigi60]
Renato Ratier - Out There (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) [Get Physical Music | GPM299]

Although he does go to pieces in the box.


Track at 9 mins on vid two is tasty.



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Ncable wrote:
steelydan wrote:

gutted I never went Twilo]

Never mind fella, have contacts who heard Sasha drop one of my tracks first hand at Twilo and reported back 'it sounded awesome on that system'...


Norm by any chance ?

Martin is a fine DJ and has made some nice tracks. John's also give him several Transitions guest mixes and has him warming up so he gets the exposure .. but limits himself to South America.

To get a Bedrock release he'd need to stand out from the crowd with his productions. There's a lot of paint by numbers prog out there, my advice would be to come up with a great track that is different and catches the imagination more.

Also, be adaptable. Why limit to one label ? Think about what the likes of Traum/Mobilee/Poker Flat etc. might sign. Or work with producers from Europe on collaborations etc.

Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy - Tourist Trap (Visionquest Remix) [Rumors | RMS005]
Stephan Hinz & Pan-Pot - Tension (Original Mix) [Second State | SNDST007]
Sea - Young Lovers Searching Stars (Original Mix) [System Recordings | SYS2852]
Lambda - Hold On Tight (Wehbba Remix) [Alphabet City | ALPH0080-6]
Howling - Signs (Radioslave & Thomas Gandey / Last Communication Remix) [Monkeytown Records | MTRXCR001]

Vince Watson - Paradise.

Pure class.



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All that syndication down the swanny.

Doh Maria's behaviour was crazy.

Grant wrote:

You've played Bolton twice and Blackburn once, two of those games at home and all you've done is score two goals in the final ten minutes away at Bolton.

That's shit, isn't it?

Fuckin hell Grant ... magic of the cup etc.

Blackburn were v resilient today. Hats off to them.

Bradford to win it.


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Heard this and thought of Chingford !

https://soundcloud.com/martineyerer/eye … ick-get-up

What about Prague .. Czech beer, Czech Birds + better value expense wise ?

Lol at the bloke with the shades on .. unless he's blind.


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Bought mine Thu night but tend to grab weekly + hold bin still ok.

I'm on classic, are these Pro issues ?

Very very good to be fair.

1m miles away from the Kwab rmx and Hot Turd abomination.

Well it is a superfood and great for marathons dontchaknow.