steelydan wrote:

Remix - Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra (Laolu Remix Edit) - Too Much Information

This was released Dec 2015 Dan.


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MattBlack wrote:
jamie wrote:

does anyone know how to remove the orange 'Upcoming' tracks from your 'My Beatport' page?

I want to see music that I can buy from other websites now, rather than in a few weeks...

I dont think you can, its quite annoying though having to scroll through all the tunes you cant buy to get to the ones that you can, hopefully they will change it so its a separate feature

There's a Pre-Order on/off button in 'My Beatport' and 'Tracks'  ... next to results per page.

At least you can get discounts off pre-orders and see what's coming by toggling.

Dan Harwood wrote:

Saturday night has sold out already sad

Probably mostly from people that have never been.


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Great to have ETC back .. and on fire.

Been to Elland Rd a few times. Gets cold in the stands. Always a good atmosphere.

Was last in the away end when Karl-Heinz Riedle bent a last minute curler into the top corner for 2-0.

Never had a good Samsung product .. And that was before they spontaneously combust.

Moyes and Van Gaal had better points returns at this point having spent far less and not been 'special'.

Gordon Taylor always looked like a wrong'un ... along with David Davies

jamie wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Fucking hell, Joris Voorn in Stereo. yikes

I still haven't made the trip there - have been tempted a couple of times by Lee Burridge but both times he was booked he had to cancel due to flight issues so I'm taking that as a sign.

It's a hell of a drive for me but it will have to be done at some point soon.

Anyone wants to head over for a visit let me know and it will be the kick up the arse that I need to get me up there.

Porter Airlines from Billy Bishop

Dermatron wrote:

I get the distinct feeling Boring is right. Everything has been done and done well. Where's your next Nirvana coming from? your next Joy Division? Your next Sex pistols? Has there even been a new fucking sub culture in music recently?

I used to listen to tonnes of jazz, but the problem for anyone coming through is its impossible to beat what went before. Miles Davis, Hancock, Weather Report re-invented and set the bar from the 50s to 70s with the best musicians out there, and no sax player can ever get beat to Parker or Coltrane. Only EST really did anything exciting since.

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La Nausee wrote:



Lol - and that, my friends, closes the case. File sent to the DPP, charges to follow.

To Live & Die is a great film, the bloke from CSI going off the rails and a brill car chase + captured LA differently to other movies at the time.

The Revenant 6.5

Bear scene and cinematography aside, felt like I'd endured more than the grimacing Leonardo by the end.

fadass wrote:

Black Mass. bang up to date with my movie choice as per.

A ripping yarn. Solid movie. 7.5/10.

Great film and casting.


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Top night. Thought it was a belter of a set, dark and deep build and picked up pace later on. Crowd seemed v decent. I imagine if you're sober man club crowds can be annoying.

Great to see so many faces out. Benson and Dutchy on top form too.


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Bespoke tin foil Comerverses


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Bleep and Boomkat great alternatives.

Bleep does 24-bit WAVs and discounted EP packages, Boomkat is 99p for mp3 and £1.10 for WAV.

CD1 Minimix here >> … review-cd1

Wrong thread Kiz.

Been enjoying the tracks on Compatible Music who feature recently on Transitions. Went back through the promos they sent, the labels really upped it's game of late.


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I'll be there ... approving doggie's latest batch of new stealthy recruits. If he's reading this ... fit birds in tight skirts with big boobs represents the optimum chance of success.


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Ed ledged it at the afters post social.

Actually a very nice chap.

Homegrove wrote:

this is a bit bland swoosh techno

New genre coming soon on Beatport

Really like this one :

Sam Jaspersohn - Islands (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records | BED18]


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Those are usually user specific ... think my 3rd BP ID hasn't been used in ages.

smallman1 wrote:

Heading here for lunch tomorrow -

Hold tight for feedback!

Looks like somewhere pensioners go ... are you taking Granna Smalls for afternoon tea ?

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Hop_Head wrote:
zackster wrote:

simonr has to be in the mix for helen-gate. unless i missed something, that whole thing was never cleared up.

He had a discussion about Flares and the Bedrock Board with a strange woman in a nightclub.  What do you need cleared up?  Case closed.

Yep, Helengate takes the cake for me.  SimonR - goes MIA, Diggers gets involved.  Proper Scooby Doo detective work from Dermo. 

Honorable Mentions:  Wally Whoppers, Small-loops, Furry being Furry, and Big Fella going full crackers.

Do I get a trophy ?