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Now that pic as cover art would quadruple the units shifted.



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Audiofly - Analogue Devotion [Crosstown Rebels | CRM165]
Frankey & Sandrino - Hubble (Original Mix) [Mule Musiq | MM202]
Cleveland - Rio (Original Mix) [Permanent Vacation | PERMVAC 150-1/-2]
Monkey Safari - Boris (Guy Mantzur Remix) [Hommage | HOME018]
Dave Seaman - Nightfalls (Chymera Remix) [Selador Recordings | SEL050]

Not quite sure what the Hammers were aspiring to this season. Thought they would have aimed to spend well on the pitch to fill the stadium on European nights - rather than follow a Whexit strategy.

Try saying that after a few pints

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Klopp will be proven to be a great manager.

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Klopp out?



The caller is a buffoon - the type of idiot that calls up a radio after a few beers and one bad result then makes a prick of himself.

It goes downhill after hour 1 .. stick to the 1st hour.

Thought you'd be doing Woodstock Ed.

'Lingala' coming on ADID great too. Also sounded like a remix of it too yesterday or very cleverly played with another track to boost the dynamics.

Always good to get a bad performance out of the way early. Needs to get Can back in the team and find a top MF to play alongside him. The defence wil get better. They can't get much worse.

Great little club in Rotterdam. The DJ booth moves back on a track to extend the venue. C-jay did a very nice warmup. Circus tent in the dam excellent as well. New Chymera remix coming on Selador getting a few plays.

All new music. Nice club. Fun night and great to see H out. 

Will be back. Berlin is ok.

And we met Hugo ... I think.

All new music. Nice club. Fun night and great to see H out. 

Will be back. Berlin is ok.

Just posted your pic and mobile no. on a Berlin cruising site H.

Well in profit this summer and LB position aside, feels like the squad is stronger. A strong 7th on the cards.

See you 2mrw then Hugo.


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John Monkman - KISOMMA (Martin Roth Remix) [Beesemyer Music | BYM002]
Sasha - Vapour Trails (Kiasmos Remix) [Late Night Tales | ALND4301]
Atelier Francesco - Dead End feat Astrid (Tim Green Remix) [Cityfox | CF028]
Tone Depth - Memory Man (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music | SB097]
Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov - Differentiator (Original Mix) [Cocoon Recordings | COR12"141]

Should have slung it on the Wenger Boys. Higher odds too.

City looked pedestrian yesterday and got out of jail with the OG. Pep's brand of exciting football may not translate to the prem after all.

There was a suspicion on my part when Helen registered that it was the person hacking accounts, and that they had gone to the trouble of hacking a FB account too. So Helen's account wasn't approved at first. It seemed strange that she would get involved with a board of middle aged blokes squabbling and excessively using the C word.

She came over to me at bedrock MoS and asked if I was a mod. I recognised her from the FB profile, asked if she was Helen .. which she confirmed. I promptly apologised and said we had had issues with the board, and had been suspicious. I agreed to get things approved and checked in with her on FB too.

The reality is with all the hacking we are highly suspicious of people posting, and anyone new to the board. That's a sad state of affairs. Just as it is said hacker keeps coming to a place where they aren't really wanted when their energy and endeavour could surely be best served elsewhere.

Having met Helen, and it being at a Bedrock event, her credentials are fine by me. If she's involved with a clandestine op with doggy, then fair play for their enginuty.

Many things pan out including use of a French IP. Helen also has a very good command of English, from memory although can't recall is she was a Brit working in France as our conversation was brief.

Anyway. If you see Helen at a future Bedrock event be nice and introduce yourself ... not sure on her kitchen sink creds or whether there's an automatic invite to the afters at Eds.

Kind of all I've got to say smile so will lock this one.

What happened with Loopy's flight in the end ... did all get refunds or was he $$s up from you saps ?

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LOL. Wasn't having a pop mate.

According to reports Kone up next for Everton. I had to Google that too. And it came back with lifts, FFS.

£5m at Xmas and now £18m from a club that were nearly relegated. Crazy.

Has Wenger mislaid the key to his chequebook drawer during all this madness, or is he just sat at him mumbling about austerity measures and fiscal prudence.

Re-watched Amadeus. 9.5/10

Still amazing, as is the score. Tom Hulce is annoying at times, but i suppose that was the point.

Also there aren't 3 x Rs in Anniversary.