Torn a new one. We look like tourists happy to be there, have a few snaps with Ron & Co. and get the odd shirt.

Lack precision and any belief. Not surprised, we didn't buy players to compete at prem level, let alone with RM.

Felch Aid wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Sunday was supoib.

Dixon and Ame played from 1.30 - 7pm and absolutely nailed it.

Some of the tracks coming through that soundsystem were immense.

Big tings a gwan.

Completely agree. Bailed out around 6 am after a few hours of Klock and Dettman in room 2 which was punishing. Only downside was the foul smell of male ravers - lads have a wash of your pits before going out. The missus was not impressed.

Ed was (un)fresh from marathon.

La Nausee wrote:

Behind Enemy Lines. I never thought I'd watch Owen Wilson in a film and actually wish it was one of his "comedies".
And whatever happened to Gene Hackman after Popeye Doyle? Condemned to spend the rest of his career playing army colonels or Presidents or some such shite.
Lex Luther aside, of course.

Mississipi Burning was good at the time. Heist too (low key David Mamet film). The Conversation (1974) between his two FC stints is his best work.

Hustle ... very average. De Niro was good though.

Dan Harwood wrote:

Fuckin hell ... what a racket.

Awful 'performance'.

Boils down to poor transfer strategy.

Ballo would have been needed even if we had kept LS because speed players like Sturridge always get injuries. Not going in for Higuaín as soon as Suarez wanted to go tells me the club are clueless at a senior level ... further backed up by the fact we seem to make buying a goalie our priority every 1 or 2 years.

Is he on holiday or still serving a ban ?

True, we didn't look hard and based on the area Stereo's in I'm sure that insider knowledge would have helped. We were surviving and a few hours sleep after Guv before a 12.15 flight and decided to sleep before Stereo as it was going to be a long one.

I found Toronto to be very impressive - nice city and love the waterfront. Will defo be back when they put that Phazon in their new club and get Steve Dash over. Montreal is more sketchy in parts and definitely has character + a hell of a lot of lap dancing bars no ?

Only one visit, but Stereo is on par with, or even ahead of fabric ... sorry smalls.

Overall imprsessed and will be back.

jamie wrote:
simonr wrote:
jamie wrote:

Seems most on here have never sampled a decent Barolo or Brunello

<shakes head>

Brunello's over-priced, for Barolo you need to pay a decent wedge.

Top tip is to hit a wine merch and go for a less high profile native grape e.g. Aglianico del Vulture … ctCD=VU104

no such thing as a decent wine merchant here (as such) as the sale of all booze controlled by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and they sell through their own retail sites. No chance of a late night bottle of vodka from Abdul in the corner shop here or 3 slabs of lager for 20 quid from tesco's here. As impressive as their shops are (The Beer Store has a massive, massive selection of beer available), it's a ball ache for sure.

We couldn't get a decent drink before Stereo + didn't have the forethought to grab a bottle and mixers beforehand.

jamie wrote:

Seems most on here have never sampled a decent Barolo or Brunello

<shakes head>

Brunello's over-priced, for Barolo you need to pay a decent wedge.

Top tip is to hit a wine merch and go for a less high profile native grape e.g. Aglianico del Vulture … ctCD=VU104

Big Fella wrote:

Oh come on lads, it got the CN tower.

They wanted $35 to go up that, we went for a beer instead.


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Öona Dahl & Jonny Cruz - Oceans [Hallucienda | RGB4]
Sunshine Jones - The Sun [Hallucienda | RGB4]
Mihalis Safras & CJ Jeff - Insomnia [Material | MATERIAL077]
Polar Inertia - Sonic Outlaws [Field Records | FIELD13]
Just Be / Bushwaka! - Healer (Remastered) [Oblong Records | OBL12002]

True BF. At least with a CD you tend to put the item on and not flick though.

Homegrove wrote:

8,5 hours. Might be good for the next Live In-album. He played a stormer in Toronto apparently too.

Sure did. Guv was a Phazon sound system (same make as Twilo) - 5.5 hours set sounded amazing. Didn't think it would be bettered but Stereo's system must be pretty much the benchmark for clarity.

Music both nights was some of the best I've heard. Tonnes of new music plus a few classics thrown in, B.B.E. - Hypnose, POB - The Essence (Clanger Mix) Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix) plus Âme's new remix of Sven's L'Esperanza and a huge new vocal played both nights that's the best thing I've heard this year.

Toronto is a great city .. didn't see it's most famous board native though. May have been sulking after I jinxed them at the Hockey.

Top top night .. amazing sound in that place. Crystal clear, plus lovely to meet Mr & Mrs OkiDokie.

Will be back next year for another 1pm+ finish.

The Howeller has played a kwality set every time I've seen him .. even to 30 people in a back room at Pacha last year.

Plus he has a decent back roster of CDs.


John Digweed
Ben Klock

Looks pretty good.

BF has a nice set of Laura Ashley's in his gaff.


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Phil Kieran track is ace.


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10 points wrote:

We had too much to drink that night, so we only managed to stay until 4 am. From what I can remember, the sound was brutal... the bass was so vicious that it made red bull and plastic cups dance on a bar counter.
like I said earlier in my other post, josh wink is not my favourite dj, and to be fair his set didn’t change my mind about him. I thought it was to up-tempo for a warm-up set and he was banging the dark and dirty techno without any consideration that he is not the main act and there is more to come, which would be completely different to what he was playing. Nevertheless, when he finished - finally.. John stepped in and he was great as always but because of Wink I couldn’t enjoy his set as I would normally do. What I have learnt during that night is the importance of a good warm-up, Josh fucked it up for me and if John ever books him again, I will make sure I will skip his set. Who plays banging techno in the beginning of the night – that bloke lost his marbles.

I thought JW was excellent - hopefully he'll release some on his Profound Sounds show so people can make up their minds. … /358452-01

Visions of Diggers announcing "this next one's a real furniture tearer" on Transitions big_smile