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Ha ha since when did the Mancs and Chelsea become the paragon of virtue. Manchester is a horrible place, must have a fair amount of the scummiest parts and people per capita.

V few of the Chelsea rent boys will live in that area. Ed and his hot chocolates are the acceptable face of a horrible club. At the other end of the spectrum, which are we saying are the nice clubs and rattle waving fans in this country ?

Have a great trip Ed.

jamie wrote:
simonr wrote:

Costa is just a horrible cunt.

now you know how everyone else felt about Suarez

Perhaps. At least Suarez was a magician with the ball.

Courtois is a beast of a goalie. Costa is just a horrible cunt.


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You think you have it bad .... look what someone in Sankeys did.

Lil Louis Official Fan Page
Dear Manchester.

I know you wondered what happened on Saturday. I’ll explain. I was really excited to play for you, thus, deeply disappointed that I didn’t. As usual, I landed then went to Soundcheck. As we were about to leave, this idiot came into the booth and without notice, decided to show off a new toy (a very powerful fog or horn machine), which seemed 12 inches from my left ear. As he shot it, the compressed air that blasted out was louder and more shrill than anything I’d ever heard. It hurt so bad, I jumped in the air and screamed. The pain was followed by an intense ringing and muffled silence. The left side of the room went dead, and I couldn’t hear anything except that ring. I was taken to the hospital, where I spent the night being passed around a bevy of doctors including an ENT specialist. I was diagnosed with SIHL (sound induced hearing loss), a permanent hearing loss, and given a strong steroid medication. I haven’t been able to easily walk straight (my equilibrium is off), so I can’t work out, hold down food, and I’m nauseous and lightheaded. I’ve gone from sleeping two hours a day to being in bed for two days.

I am fucking upset, because this idiot, (a manager no less) should have known better. And not only did he prevent me from playing for you, he may have ended my career as a DJ and Artist. I’m not looking for sympathy, but to prevent any new rumors from milling, instead of handling it privately as usual, this time I’m sharing the details.

Musically yours,
Lil Louis.

Sean Cusick did a v nice takeover in 2001 while John was on tour. As did Chris Fortier:

smallman1 wrote:

Nothing will change the fact that the two most horrendous clubs in England are Liverpool and arsenal.

Go wave your limp free flag Ed.


Out 02-Feb w. Quivver rmx included.


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Sotela & Javier Portilla ft. Emalaine - Your Eyes (King Unique Remix) [MoonChild Records | MOON31]
Talul - Ghost (Original Mix) [Kunsthandwerk | KHW010]
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Void (Gui Boratto Dub) [Suol | 538014575]
Max Dahlhaus - Above (Original Mix) [Beachcoma | 4250644867477]
Silent Servant - Mechanics of Emotion [The Corner | COR-10]

Having a laugh with these:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Technics-SL-1 … 1722156432

Invites have gone out.

£460 on the end.

Stunning voice, nice remix.

BOg has a big string of releases, including a new Bedrock EP, his own label and also made the final of the Burn Studios Ibiza workshop. Pretty decent credentials.

A comp is an ok idea. But the last winner was from somewhere like Nova Scotia rather than here when the entries were judged. Even if it was linked to this forum (which I can't see happening) it would have to be extended to anyone - a link into Mixcloud is more likely.

Plus someone has to wade through and judge them.That needs hours & hours given that a voting system could result in an EDM abomination.


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The warmup in Sheffield played a rave version of a Cotten eyed joe Irish jig before sasha the other year.


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steelydan wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Dublin's has so many good nights on...most of them are free. I play at Ukiyo on Exchequer  Street sometimes. Great little spot...messy smile

hehehe....that's gas, myself and the missus go there for the bento lunch special now & again! let me know the next time you play there and I'll drag a mob along if we're about!

Mental in there.....Japanese restaurant that turns into a rave Den smile

What's not to like !

Been some nice releases over the year end & now.

Price boost if he doesn't celebrate either ?

Those comics are ace BF


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Unbroken1 wrote:

...lol at 'boring' & 'desperately unfunny', relative to you two he's a fucking comedy god.

As Millsy points out, clearly some folk on this thread still bitter from him having bent them over and shoving it up them dry

Says the Russ Noble of the board smile

Anyway hope he returns.


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Wouldn't mind seeing back. He's desperately unfunny .. but miss his banter all the same.


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Atapy & BOg - Strung [Bedrock Records | Beddigi58]
We Need Cracks - Signals [Traum Schallplatten | TRAUMV183]
Hunter_Game - Bermuda (Speicher 83) [Kompakt | KOMPAKTEX83]
Kitkatone - Ten Times Huger [Arts | A011]
Round - Glass (Original Mix) [Hivern Disc | HVN025]

Nice to see the Howeller is playing smile