2 x stonking remixes, been waiting nearly 12 months for the E Top one !

Out today >> https://www.beatport.com/release/goliat … es/2100530

A slow burning anthem: the holy grail of all producers. A tune that keeps building and building momentum gradually and naturally To the point crowds singing the bassline back when you drop it. This is the case with Gregor Treshers Goliath. Released February 2015 on Bedrock, its been smouldering ever since. The Frankfurt DJ considers it up there with A Thousand Nights and About A Good Place as one of his most successful tunes in his career so far; its distinctive hooky bass riff capturing moments and imaginations as more and more DJs exploited its unifying charm. Over two years later, Gregor and Bedrock present two precision-tailored remixes that add to the Goliath story.

French techno OG Emmanuel Top, a man whose records inspired Gregor to produce in the first place, takes the lead with a 10 minute monolith that doesnt even hint at the riff for the first four minutes. Focusing on the machine funk rhythm of the original and turning it inside out, Top lets it sizzle for as long as possible before suddenly dropping the full musical scope of Goliath on us mid way.

Alan Fitzpatrick, a man who doesnt need much of an introduction to fans of mordern Techno, also subverts the original in an equally remarkable way. Allowing himself to be taken in a whole new direction by the pads, a new topline and is added to create an entirely new experience that still instantly brings home the original tones and feels of Goliath. Remixes that build on the original and take it to entirely new pastures: The momentum continues.

Announcement hopefully next week.

Concrete I'm afraid.

Homegrove wrote:

That's a tidy line up. Tempted to max out my Visa and get flights.


Fly to manchester for WHP !!

4 hour set.

smallman1 wrote:

Save your bangers for Fabric H.

Get to spend some time in glorious London while you're here too.

All sorts of winning.

No fabric this year I'm afraid.

Bit of a beast this one ..

https://soundcloud.com/scitec/dubfire-r … wood-remix

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smallman1 wrote:

For once I'm speechless.

My work here is done

ha ha


http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/ … s-11198902

Let me tell you a couple of three things

https://www.beatport.com/release/xpande … an/2106405

Martin Eyerer - The Lake (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records | Beddigi105]

Germanys multitasking maestro Martin Eyerer, has (for more than 25 years) criss-crossed the globe as a highly respected DJ, whilst as a Producer hes amassed a catalogue of more than 150 releases on the worlds most respected labels. His excellent Frequencies collaboration with fellow countryman Patrick Chardronnet was an unmistakable highlight on John Digweeds recent namesake 3xCD compilation. Now, Martin Eyerer returns, flying solo this time with a stunning Bedrock double-header.

The Lake is an immediately infectious delight, as Martin steadily adds subtle layers of percussion to create a glorious, hypnotic, hip-swinging groove, before dropping everything back and introducing striking melodic stabs. Nothing is rushed, nothing is overdone, everything is perfectly arranged - the mark of a master producer at work. The creation of yet another irresistible groove by Martin, with a distinctive playful swing based around an evolving percussive masterclass, sees his second track Rethink bounce sparsely underneath catchy synth motifs in supremely confident style.

As a pioneer producer, Martin Eyerer has evolved with the times, believing that being an artist means existing in a permanent state of change, development and evolution. This is clearly evident through his various Bedrock excursions and those on his own much respected Kling Klong label (founded in 2005 with partner Rainer Weichhold).

After moving from Stuttgart to Berlin in 2012 Martin (along with Jade Souaid and Tassilo Ippenberger) also opened the Riverside Studios a burgeoning hub of creativity that is home to many of the citys finest talents. As an expert mixing and mastering engineer, he also relocated his own studio here and installed his restored (and legendary) Amek M 3000 Console that was formerly owned by Pink Floyd in the 70s. Its no wonder that he has become not only a legend in his own right, but also a producer that the worlds best artists are always keen to work alongside.

Release Date: 11 September 2017

It was less than that, I shopped round. Also see it as an investment in a piece of audio equipment that will last me.

Just got this http://rupertneve.com/products/rnhp-hea … amplifier/

Rupert Neve a legend for his products. Very impressed with the sound quality, also with the Dragonfly Red DAC.   

Mané's foot was dangerously and recklessly high ... it's the sort of situation where the goalkeeper hesitates and you get a goal.

In this case the GK was courageous, they both went in 50/50 and first man there won the ball getting clattered in the process. Now it's a red I'm guessing most strikers will pull out.

If the goalkeeper had pulled out and Mané scored I wonder if the goal would have stood, or a free kick and a yellow ?

Also, if Mané got there first and Emerson took him out would the goalkeeper have been carded, or a foul given in his favour because the foot was high ?

Similar challenge today was a yellow. But Mané gambled, injured Ederson and ran the risk of a red regardless of intent/going for the ball etc. So it was a red.


Beijing Dave wrote:

Argentina are massively struggling to qualify too

Could go into a play off ... against New Zealand. So guessing not too much of a struggle.

While you're being all Smashy.

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...ace label, I have all of those ep's, used to absolutely love this one:

wow .. love this

Never a dig copy online when you want one.

He's got his priorities right ... adding and other 1,000 seats instead.

Your Poirot user name was banned.

He was never for sale.

A lot of things driven by Pep Segura who was part of the Liverpool setup under Rafa as head of the academy and (rightly) felt poorly treated when he was promised a job that we went back on when Buck came in. Shows what a shambles we have been. Segura is highly regarded and back at Barca.

I can't blame him at all. But we are a different proposition now we're pretty stable. We don't  have to sell players and happy to stand our ground. So Barca have ended up weakened by not pursuing other options and waiting to see if the situation improves in 12 months.

http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/foot … 23351.html

The Suarez biting saga ensured they got a good deal. It's naive if them to assume we'd accede even despite them getting underhand with PC and Dembele to push things further.

smallman1 wrote:

Can't see fried bread being served anywhere Mono?


Did you start with a bit of Caramelised Pink Grapefruit and end with a Wiener Kaffee and 'whipped cream' all over your chin Ed ?

smallman1 wrote:

Having him around could be detrimental if he's sulking / not interested / not bothered.

Wenger or Sanchez ?

Steve Bould can't add much to the setup.

smashdad wrote:
simonr wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Barkley decides to leg it half way through a medical at Chelsea after agreeing personal terms plus a transfer fee of £30m being agreed. Lmfao. What the fuck?

drug test lol ?

Yeah, of course - that'll be the reason why... 'lol'   roll

Meanwhile spending £35+m on a substitute whilst refusing £130m+ for a player who wants to leave...?

That's the fucking 'lol'...

With you not caring about the game I hope we get to miss you bleating on the subject smile

Cheer up Smashy .. the CL group stages are soon. Bonus of Arsenal fan Tv Thursday edition too.