smashdad wrote:

All bullshit and nonsense aside - none of you lot could apparently wait to get rid of Rodgers

Agreed - couldn't wait for sure.

smashdad wrote:

and almost all of you got your way when LFC appointed the man the fans wanted - and none of you liked the results Rodgers was getting with the players given to him

Klopp will be proven to be a great manager. He has inherited the worst Liverpool squad of any manager in recent times + then injuries hit and he has had a huge fixture list.

smashdad wrote:

but his record matches favourably (!) to that which Klopp is achieving with same the players given to him...

Well, more players got injured e.g. Ings was our form player and Coutinho has been out. Plus Klopp has performed better in competitions like the 2 x cups. Plus has gotten the likes of Allen doing more and given youth a go as well.

smashdad wrote:

Where next?

Build a better squad with players Klopp wants and train what's there. He will formulate his own team in time.

Hope that helps.

Thoughts and prayers with the smaller Manchester club. Hopefully they can back LVG with an extended contract. Or sellotape Jose's shredded letter back together.

Like the 12" version, but  for me, other tracks on the album stood out as being stronger at the time.

Daso & Pawas - Decide (Original Mix) [Soulfooled | SFLD017]
Paride Saraceni - Cold Summer (Original Mix) [Truesoul | TRUE1273]
Rare Movement feat. Disco Channel - Rare 011 (Original Mix) [Cadenza | CADENZA106]
André Lodemann - Going To The Core feat. Nathalie Claude (Dave DK Remix) [Best Works Records | BWR015]
John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Thomas Gandey - Machine (Kiko Remix) [Definitive Recordings | DEFDIG1602]

smallman1 wrote:

Everyone would like a John Terry at their club.

A trophy winning behemoth.

The full kit wanker of Champions League Finals.

Homegrove wrote:

I'm going to be in ADE this year. So, if you want to buy me a beer for being a stellar moderator, Bedrock-party will be the place to do it.

Moderators annual do.

ADE is pretty much 24 hours ... got out of Bedrock and ended up at some Maceo Plex/Agents of Time thing on the top floor of a hotel, then after HC/NW it was Kerry Chandler/Martin Buttrich downstairs at a random place before 2 hour kip then a flight

Air BnB good if someone will rent to you (owners can be sceptical and worry about parties noise & breakages).

MUUI - Vrijeme (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier Audio | CFA043]
SAAND - Mysterious Power (Powel Remix) [Sol Selectas | SOL037]
Lee Van Dowski - Elle (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records | MOBILEE159]
Luca Bacchetti - Fireflies and Crickets ft. The Box (Original Mix) [Endless | NDL0142]
Fort Romeau - Seventyfour (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson | PLAYRJC 039]

What's the latest re Loopy ?

Flight bought ?

That and 'Open Myself' (Diggers at 60 min mark) two of the best tracks out over xmas.

benson wrote:

If Kiz needs any tips on how to get to see Uncle John I'm always happy to provide a step by step guide of how to fuck it up

Did make me chuckle.

kiz wrote:

Simonr what the hell you on about being a loon?
I asked a simple question by putting a feeler out there as sometimes someone knows something before it comes on the fb twitter etc, which I don't use.

Stop being so arsey and lighten up.

You've got a few days off to consider the exam question. For your own good smile

I checked your profile to determine if your user name had been hacked. The email has a fb profile so maybe use for tour date info and updates ?

kiz wrote:

Oh leave it out Smak Dad.
Your one to talk with your double standards lol

Btw are you from the same class as Milky ? Or perhaps become molested as you've aged ?

Go back to the playground you chimp.


Behave or I'll have to ban you. You're coming across as a complete loon.

Honestly, do you expect bespoke London shows tailored to your diary ? Time to get a grip on reality.

Either (1) get a train (or flight) to another UK gig or abroad , or (2) attend one of 3 main club gigs that happen every year at Easter, first weekend in October or just before xmas. If you need to plan far ahead these dates will work for 2017, 2018 and 2019 calendars.

There are also dates coming up in Liverpool (2 hrs on a train), Newcastle or Dublin. Or Amsterdam if you can handle a 1 hr flight.

Failing that it's London .. on a Thursday, with an early enough finish to give you the rest of Easter off.

Failing that replay the Be@tv stream. Given your struggle with logistics that is perhaps the best option.


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Went to a Bt freebie at Cream the other year. He was meant to play 90 mins but turned up 30 mins late : which turned out to be because he had a 60 min pre-mixed set. Lots arm waving and fist pumping, no mixing or use of headphones. He also proceeded to dial in horrendous EDM versions of every track I've ever liked of his.

He's just following the pay days and easy commercial money. In many respects, I'd rather he made a few $$ than some others.

About time Villa went down for everyones sakes.

Homegrove wrote:

Tigerskin's This Place is Empty Without came in 2012 Uncle John. wink

there was a 2015 special vinyl re-issue when Hippies came out … descent-ep

See you at sasha Ed.


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Avoid the Ya-Ba


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Hi Iffy, great to hear you are making music smile

Used to listen to a lot of jazz, but the quality seemed to tail off. However, this album is great and swept the end of year lists:

Kasami Washington - Epic


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Homegrove wrote:

he's done a "home listening" mix when people probably would've preferred a club mix.

i.e. it's pretentious and if it had sasha's name attached everyone would be saying it's utter shite.

It's listenable and kind of interesting on first play at least .. won't be buying many of the tracks though.

This is tasty though:

So Man United start doing shite and the excuse is the english games dying a death.

Fuckin hell.

starcreeper wrote:

Watching Strudders catching a sliver of light and getting giddy is a sight to behold every year. And check out the boards resident casual racist, Simon fucking R, telling it like it is, LOL

Go back to rubbing ointment on mens legs Vic while pondering the virtues of LVG.

Vegans with a sever nut allergy must hate xmas.

poirot wrote:

Klopp has no hope and he's going to get found out. He underestimated the task. I give him a couple of seasons of tenth place and the dippers will be calling for his head thinking they deserve top 4 and nothing less for such a massive club.

Found out ? Not sure what you're blathering on about. He's only been in the job a short while, coming into a team that lacked, confidence, had injuries that continue, a pile of fixtures and a squad bought for a previous manager with the help of a clueless committee.

He always tried on play down optimism on the basis there's a big enough job to do.

There's no getting found out. He's a bright bloke, with a good track record that's a couple of months into a 4 year contract. He isn't a miracle worker. But most fans feel he will do a good job in the end.

Success in football ebbs and flows. Not sure where you get the 'deserve' part. But Leicester presently deserve top 4 presently, on total merit.