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I don't think so .. just pay a radio royalty via the Station.


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MUSICLOV3R - for 15% off

Little gem from xmas time

Belter from Coutinho & great character from us today. Plenty of energy even though the team only got back at 4.30 am Friday.

Daso - Your Room (Original Mix) [Luv Shack Records | LUV0152DIG]
Primal - Hurricane (Lulu Rouge Remix) [Just This | JUSTTHIS001]
Martin Landsky & Marco Resmann - Lava Dub (Original Mix) [Upon You Records | UY090]
Locomatica - Laborum (Vince Watson Bassline Dub) [LCMTC | LCMTCE01]
John Digweed & Nick Muir vs jozif - Groove Del Verano (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) [Bedrock Records | BEDVSRMX04]

amazing week of music, tonnes of choice !

Unlikely to join the big boys.



Only 10% but class it as an extra track or 2




typical west ham humor.

love it.
well done lads!

Stamp civility into football campaign .. nicely done smile

Bring back Rafa !

Embarrassing from JM. Strongest squad in the league and can buy most players in the world when Roman wants to.

Yet whinges like a girl about the ref each week because he (JM) hasn't done his job well enough.

millsy23 wrote:

Two to one he wheeled out the 'do you know who I am?' Line at some stage.

Probably AKA's himself as Aphrohead too .. just in case that worked.

Bouncers probably still seething from GU034.

It could all be misconstrued as him just having a big ego.


He shouldn't have turned up dressed like the cat off Red Dwarf.

Van Bonn - Bliss (Original Mix) [Traum Schallplatten | TRAUMV185]
Helly Larson - Waiting (Original Mix) [Lucidflow | LF075]
Ian O'Donovan - Coral (Original Mix) [KMS Records | KMS192]
Daniel Avery - Platform Zero (Volte-Face Remix) [Phantasy Sound | PH 42]
Steffi - Treasure Seeking feat. Dexter and Virginia (Diep Version) [Ostgut Ton | OTON085]


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http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2015/02/jozef- … ss-vessel/

That's exactly the sort of Gene Wilder Stir Crazy racist comment we expect from you Chelsea fans.



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https://soundcloud.com/chris-fortier/fa … remastered


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Unbroken1 wrote:

...alreet Ed? hope you're enjoying Oz

Two in the pipes as it were... I'll hopefully get my long overdue Festive mix swap contribution (for 303 Abuser) uploaded in the next couple of days, much more laid-back than my usual tackle, and as I've missed a couple of months on the live mix front, trying to sketch out a monster house mix from a growing collection of great recent stuff too.

You'll be the first to know chief wink

Xmas mix still not out. Fuckin hell, even Sasha's quicker than that.

Lake People - Distance (Original) [Permanent Vacation | PERMVAC1362]
Andhim - Domplatte (Original) [Get Physical Music | GPM293]
Marc Prause - Casablanca (Omid 16B & Roland Klinkenberg Remix) [Alola Records | ALD050]
Mind Against & Locked Groove - Elysium (Original) [Hotflush Recordings | HFT040]
Rødhåd - Like Tears in the Rain (Original) [Dystopian | DYSTOPIAN010]

I'd want that confirmed by LVG and his 2 pages of a4 colour print before I'm convinced BF

That Black Russian track is a firm fav.

jamie wrote:
simonr wrote:

Ibe did well and Moreno keeps developing & Studga coming back should help Ballo.

such potential.

next year could be 'your year'


We'll "Do It For Stevie™"