Sweet FA off Mac Pros. 6% corporate discount the best they can do.

Just saw I can upgrade previous DLs to AIFF for £0.75 and then apply the discount. That's not too bad for some of my favs.

Nice. That 50% Level 3 discount hits December time too.

No decent trabbs deals ?

Daso - Ashvem Beach (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records | Beddigi72]
Ryan Davis & Microtrauma - Calendula (Dubspeeka Remix) [Traum | Traum V194]
Clarian - Ver (11am Mix) [Kompakt | KOM 347]
Whitesquare - Heartbeat (Original Mix) [Lyase Recordings | LYASE003]
Aaryon & Animal Picnic - Calathea (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [Parquet Recordings | PARQUET120]

Not even Sacred is ...

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:
Pricer wrote:

This is the stuff.

T.E. has a new 4 track Poker Flat EP due out 11 Dec .. €2.99 for the aiffs here smile

https://pokerflatrecordings.bandcamp.co … enigmatism

Should I change his user name to Sulking Fella ?

Daso opener on this weeks show is a tidy little number:

https://soundcloud.com/bedrock_rec/bedd … ld-preview

YokoO & Morgan - Spiraling (Original Mix) [Kindisch | KD092]
Dave Angel - Orion (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records | Beddigi71]
Blue Hour - Moments (Steffi Remix) [Blue Hour | BLUEHOURMX001]
Jobe - Law Of Entropy (Cristoph Remix) [Selador Recordings | SEL034]
Polar Inertia - Floating Away Fire (Original Mix) [Dement3d | DM3D011]


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Fur Coat - Kick Your Smile ft. Bon Homme:

https://soundcloud.com/furcoatmusic/fur … -bon-homme


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Could have been from 2 and a half men.

Must have caught something from all that tiger blood

.... or hookers

smallman1 wrote:

Not a patch on Innervisions.

Have your played the latest IV release Ed ?

From T585, brilliant and incoming on My Favorite Robot 30 November (which may mean a Beatport exclusive Monday) :


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benson wrote:

Early night Saturday.

doing a ...

Reset Robot - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Original Mix) [Truesoul | TRUE1269]
Kiasmos - Swept (Tale of Us Remix) [Erased Tapes Records | ERATP078LP]
Alex Niggemann - Luminance (Original Mix) [Aeon | AEON018]
The 2 Bears - Run Run Run (Martin Buttrich Remix) [Southern Fried Records | ECB410]
Bambounou - See You Soon (Original Mix) [50 Weapons | 50WEAPONS044]

Kumquat wrote:

Bedouin - Hologram [Cityfox]

I've been playing this and 'Real Lies' from the EP .. lovely vocal.

Sorting through January track in Rekordbox to start trimming down to 2015's finest. Not an easy task. Tonnes of great music, incl. the two Phantasy Sound remix EPs.

Forgot what a stunner this is:

'Sub Concious' was originally conceived as the exclusive track for Erol Alkan's 'FabricLive 77' mix, which was released to major critical acclaim back in August. A highlight track within the mix, 'Sub Conscious' has now been remixed by Tin Man and new Phantasy signing Kamera. In his remix of ‘Sub Conscious’, Tin Man drapes Alkan's celestial strings and piano stabs over his own bassline to blissful, rousing effect.

On repeat.

Jurgen will now work out that a proportion of the squad are brittle or absolute pony.

German Brigante - So Good (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [Get Physical Music | GPM324]
Martin Kohlstedt - ELL (Christian Löffler Rework) [Edition Kohlstedt | MK004XCHL]
Rafael Da Cruz - Rex (André Lodemann Remix) [Compost Black Label | CPT4751]
Joy Wellboy - The Magic (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix) [Bpitch Control | BPC317]
Kenton Slash Daemon - Syko (Round's 'Slow Response' Remix) [Future Classic | FCL155B]

steelydan wrote:

Suitably epic when JD played at Stereo smile

Diggers played Sasha's Rmx of Chem Bro's in Glasgow a couple of years back and plays the quality LNOE music (Alex Niggemann's Virgo).

Sasha was playing JDNM's Satellite / Meteor a while back. Can recall him playing the recent Argy EP this summer too ,, missed out of he didn't.