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Some of the sounds on 'My Heart' is just sublime : nice to have the aiff file now.

Cattaneo played an edit (possibly his own) w. Diddy removed on the Woodstock beach a few weeks back smile


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Really enjoying this one : it was never going to be straight forward with PD involved .. but Gerber's range of sounds across this are fantastic.

Hopefully some nice rmx's and edits come out.


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Continued stay of execution BF : provided behaviour stays on point and more robust moderation works.

Little under-whelmed by this one.

Already got the best track "The Field - No No No (John Tejada Remix)" .. which is amazing plus 'Cassiopeia'. Pallmaille was out last summer ?

"Heuriga" sounds like a German umpah band.

Which other tracks impressed you H ? Will check out longer clips.

Big Fella wrote:

I would be Cesc Flabbergast if we sign those four players simon.

Get Hannu  ..  quick.

BF has been hacked by Matt Black.

Those Total's have some great tracks on them.

Koze's Mariposa being the best of the lot.

Grant wrote:

That Schurrle goal was something else heh?

Looking very strong ... Fabregas has been excellent.

Big Fella wrote:

I hope we don't play Chelsea soon.

Think there will be a late shopping spree at OT BF ?


shaunstrudwick wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Another striker is needed desperately

still after Falcao on loan according to reports

We'll fuck that one up trying to haggle and push down the wages, either waiting til 10pm on deadline day to push it through or letting another club get him.

The trick is to steam in if he's even remotely interested and agree to the £200k a week : which is just a swap for Suarez's wage and the going rate.

Failing that the Yanks just need to admit they have no ambition aside from hoping to do an Athletico.


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Diggers in the bombed out church next Saturday ... afternoon set.

Although a brolly may be needed.

Just ignore them instead. Best way.

Probably going to be true !

Nowt BR can do.

It's up to the owners and Ayre to get him the players he needs.

Hopefully he can scrap with Luis van Lol for Vidal.

S/ton deserved to win on chances.

Lucas and Johnson poor ..... Moreno, Lallana & Markovic to come in so we'll improve.

Toure being on a below average bench is, frankly, depressing. Think we could go 3 x CDs at times using either Agger or Coates.

If we don't buy a decent striker I expect little from us this season.

Skankeys the night before.


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Maffa wrote:

dunno about Brixton boys im down to Liverpool at the bombed out church though
hopefully get simonr to buy a pint?????

See you there. Is karl going ?

Heard it was a really god night Al.

This place is decent for ADE time


Grant wrote:

A woollen hat in a kitchen strikes me as unnecessary


the advantage of Troxler in print is you don't have to hear him blab in real life:

Really nice guitarist that really has his own sound - Oct tickets booked.

Like the Electronic stuff from the early 90s even if Sumner sings out of tune.

Hope J_Wink is on warmup duty.

Big Fella wrote:

What happens at a pre-party?

Will Simonr be there?

For sure BF.


Some great Sasha annexe nights around 98. Cattaneo and Kleinenberg excellent when they started to player Cream from 99.