Bought that a few weeks back. Random placing in this mix.

2nd track is a new sasha remix of this ditty

Not quite like remixing the  Chems.

steelydan wrote:

Good result for Villa today at Anfield.

We were shite and lacking ideas .. other players lacked sharpness.

Thought we got our formation and tactics wrong too against villa ... yet again.

Aguero and Dzeko would have scored from the DW chance.

You can only advance music so far, after that its a matter of refinement and compositional ideas.

Each genre reaches a point where thing plateaus .. jazz has gone through it and rock music has gone through it. Electronic music is no different. Many tracks are produced in limited studio, with limited kit compared and analogue capability, and working of similar equipment.

With drums, synths, guitars, bass, samples ... there's going to be limitations unless you can add live strings and other elements if you've got no budgetry constraints. Plus the old guard have all moved on and many have retired or changed style

On the other hand the choice/range of music is so diverse and accessible these days you never get bored and always finds new things and plenty of producers coming up with fresh ideas.

Gerber always impresses me + just unearthed a fine Conforce EP on Delsin along with some older Vince Watson tracks, so its been a good day for music.

Peach of a goal

Enjoyed the game. Ozil was awful though.

Only the soundcloud rip for part 2.

2010 was the last time he's truly smashed it, was his best set in years.

The crowdless ibiza sonica sets always turned out ok.

you can grab the hour here for those that want to grade the mixing.

Changed the format, it's now free and in WAV format smile

Latest is from some resident bloke called Ryan Elliott. … ama-bar-06

enjoy !

Big Fella wrote:

£500 PER MONTH, i have the best money can buy.

That must include global porn on a gargantuan scale BF.

Here's that 1994 NE set from Rhumba. … Part+1.mp3 … Part+2.mp3


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Roland Kilnkenberg - Construct #1 [Green | GR18]
Ripperton - Wet Dreams [Cocoon Recordings | CORLP036]
Nick Dow - Armour Plated (Soulspace Remix) [Traum Schallplatten | TRAUMV180]
7A - John Digweed & Nick Muir - Gridlock (Jimmy Van M & Sabb 7AM Remix) [Bedrock Records | BEDDIGI53]
Ben Klock - Subzero (Sandwell District Remix) [Osgut Ton | o-ton26]

ha ha .. sounds like a bonfire well & truly pissed on !

Sbando wrote:

Is this about NE2, Si?

Yeh, but its the JJJ mix story at least.

Think I have an old '94 NE set from Scotland somewhere ... not the best quality.

Phil Opian wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Still love this mix and the story how to was put together smile

What was that then dan?

"These two are no strangers to Australian shores, of course, either individually or as a team – and so it should come as no surprise that the two have their fair share of amusing stories and anecdotes from having crawled so thoroughly through Australian clubland. Their favourite?

“We did a Northern Exposure tour – 1997 I think? – and we had to do a mix for triple J,” John recounts. “We were supposed to get this mix done, but we got delayed, and then something else came up, and we finally ended up going into this club in Perth on a Wednesday night that was having an 80s night and asked if we could record our set. It was one of the most surreal things.”

“It was this really cheesy bar,” Sasha adds. “But they had this little DJ setup in the corner, and so we asked if we could borrow it to record our set.”

And so, on a weekday evening at a small hotel bar in Perth, twenty-odd punters were treated to a blistering three hour set from two of the biggest names in dance music.

Their reaction?

“Kind of mixed,” John says with a laugh. “Here was this little group of people in there expecting 80s music, and there’s Sasha and myself up there in the booth churning out the most banging upfront tunes at the time. Some people were coming up asking why we weren’t playing 80s records, while the other half of the room knew who we were and were standing there in disbelief going ‘what on earth are you two doing in here on a Wednesday night?’ ”

“Yeah, it was a real banging techno mix,” Sasha recalls, “much to the amusement of the cleaning staff.”

Stone & Delph starting .. Europe will be quaking in its boots.

10/10 Review. … n-cattaneo


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Are we going to set up Mexican style borders ?

I bought 136 tracks (although across a range of years) .. and that was after a lot of whittling down.

+ another 2 full EPs (incl. the LNoE Allstars) and Destination Unknown.

Plus got some great promos in my inbox too.


SEPTMXMG for 10%

The recording of John's Stereo set went wrong Gus : so there is no recording to release.

Occasionally these things fuck up, or the wires or recorder get knocked .. big shame sad

So hopefully Octobers gets recorded ok ... then we can ask for a 7 CD xmas Live In.

See you there smile


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Skydney wrote:

1. Mike Griego & Stas Drive - Mocca Sunset

Bosh !

Can't wait for that 'Sofia' Mike Griego track on PlattenBank Records.