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Vic going into complete meltdown lol


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seanc80 wrote:

Talabot was outstanding however I felt he could have turned the screw a little more. Some of the tracks he played were fantastic but the set itself was a little flat because of the lack of aggression at times. He's playing a track with an orchestral choir sample in it which is phenomenal

https://soundcloud.com/carharttwip/carh … ember-2016

The track is at 43 mins

Sounds like on Oakey track from 1999.


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Dan Harwood wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Wenger is not leaving Arsenal in a better state than when Fergie left.

For starters Fergie left with Utd as champions, Wenger hasn't won the title in 15 or so years.

Fergie was also a perennial winner whereas Arsene is a "specialist in failure."

Hmm... Anyone taking the Utd job inherits a poison chalice and the expectation of titles. Anyone who inherits the Arsenal job only has to reach the dizzy heights of fourth place to be a success. Would any right-minded manager want United Squad circa 2013/14 over Arsenal's 2017/18?

So Arsenal are being left in a better state by Wenger because they finish lower than United under Fergie ?

Fergie left United with a decent squad and shed load of money to spend. Moyes didn't have the know how to buy the right players and LVGs recruitment was also poor with the likes of Di Maria not panning out (or just not knowing where to play him).


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Best of the music sites + even some of the Beatport exclusives are released on there same day.

More and more labels appearing on there too e.g. Poker Flat, KX, Permanent Vacation, Get Physical, Hivern Disc, SoHaSo, Pets, Cadenza

Just annoying that the cost of music in euros is now up post brexit.

Looking forward to Vic's analysis of Pogba's positioning for the Kante goal.

Looking forward to Creepy's 800 word update on José being a top top manager. I'm expecting cross references to the FAI coaching manual and heat maps.

Remix is ace - been getting repeat plays. By contrast original is nice breezy disco house with a chic guitar chords smile


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The C-Jay release should be blinding.

He's described it as even more epic and mystical with balls smile

C-Jay played a top warm up in Rotterdam in August ~ check out his Transitions mix if you get the chance.

Creepy wrote:

If Zlatan scores that goal, which again he should have, then it goes down as a great result, outfoxed Pool etc etc. On the face of it, yeah, a shit game but more than happy to have every Pool fan on the planet biting their pillow last night. Result. We were just missing Jose beating his chest down the line is all, maybe in January we will see some of that. We'll also see how many men Jurgen puts behind the ball like they usually do at OT.

Oh do behave: should have scored - he was miles off target. Can was nearer to slipping his shot slightly wider of De Gea, Coutinho clipping his shot a little higher, or Firminho getting a marginally better 1st touch and angle on goal than ol' Zlat was of getting that one on target.

United spent £155m more than Liverpool and got one of the world's best strikers and emerging midfielders. Just to lump it up to the big man. Playing negative football is the sign of a bottler. Jose didn't have the courage to try and win or to be more attack minded and go for more possession. Herrera, Valencia and De Gea were Utd's best players. All defensive minded. 

Laughing at Creepy being all billy big bollocks with a 0-0 and the obscene spend of his team to play outdated regressive football.

Visions of Creepy on a darkened room reciting and mumbling his essay to himself over and over again.

Typical Jose tactics. I have no complaints about his approach. As for a masterclass - bollocks of the highest order.

3lias & Ali Ajami – Bring It Back (OC & Verde) – Bedrock

charted by hernan smile

Sputs got away with the onside Mane goal getting chalked off.

Sasha destroying the old terrace, then playing Holden's Sky Was Pink Rmx and the Britney tracks inside.

ricky b wrote:

Only went twice – Summer 06.

And then a few days later, back for the Essential Mix with Diggers & Cox.

Oh yes oh yes.

Good times.

That was a great night

This a year later when John played Discoteca then Terrace for Carl.


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Marc Romboy - The Voyager [LNoE]
Eagles & Butterflies - Experiment A [AIL001]
Christian Löffler - Lid [Ki Records]
Undercatt - Juno [Diynamic]
Sam Paganini - Surrender [DC162]

He's in Uruguay ... so hopefully a Punto Del Este gig.

smallman1 wrote:

This is tops -

Robag's been well on form this year.



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Still on 29th over in the UK.

Honestly, what's the point of having a music site that's not even open for business at 14:28 on release day. BP lives off those bloody exclusives.


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jamie wrote:

Nice one Hannu! Thanks smile

Is it me or have there been no midweek releases on beatport this week?

I went and checked 'My Beatport - Latest Tracks' and there's nothing there since Monday? Usually there are a few bits and bobs released midweek?

Kompakt often do Tuesday's and Souvenir do Thursday's. Innervisions also did recent Thu releases - but most mid-weeks are compilations.

BP is annoying with times : their new tracks appear after 1.30pm UK time and cost more with VAT added at the end.

What People Play release at midnight Euro time (so 11pm the night before UK) and do a discount if you buy the full EP / better priced AIFFs. So e.g. new Superlounge on Get Weird was a bargain and out early for 2 great tracks.

Batch of tracks from Christian Löffler 'Mare' [Ki Records]

Lid is amazing ..

https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/new-mu … offler-lid

That chest infection sounds rough .. at least JD didn't end up stranded in Russia unable to fly home.

Like the Lars Von opener, the D Palese Rmx on the B-side is shorter and a bit techier