CD's have arrived - on release day smile

Good start !!


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Great finish !!!

Wonder if Froome can make that back in a time trial or lose even more in remaining mountains incl. any time bonuses.

Trikk dub on repeat ... Played the others once and that was more enough.

Still no ID on the Rosario track before Scene 1.

Defo need another hour or two from that night.

Outstanding, 'November Clouds' on repeat : … la/2053297

"Lopezhouse, the Spanish duo of David Lopez and Carlos Cruz from La Mancha has been steadily gaining respect since they debuted on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird label in 2015. Their melody rich, deeply creative sound (often combined with sultry vocals courtesy of Angela Sevilla Marquez) has also graced the Kittball, Plattenbank, Exploited, and Diynamic labels. Lopezhouse first came to the attention of Bedrock fans when John Digweed included Guy J’s excellent dub remix of ‘Crosses & Angels’ on his recent ‘Live in Brooklyn’ opus.

The Spanish duo’s esoteric, organic attitude shines through ‘November Clouds’, where a sparsely arranged, hip-swinging brooding groove is overlaid with subtle melodic flourishes and lever use of controlled feedback motifs. ‘Otsaila’ continues to plough a similarly deep furrow, as the electronic overlays take the track on a more intense, glitchy, experimental trip with elongated breakdowns and twists galore. As creative reference points think the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Depeche Mode. The Lopezhouse sound is vibrant, distinctive and different, and Bedrock is always committed to introducing its audience to interesting experimentalists of the highest order."


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That descent on the first climb caused some damage.


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steelydan wrote:

Clubbing in Berlin is overrated.

Really ??

Do tell.

Lots to pick from, the Fideles tracks are great ('Flying Dishes' especially). Also the Nakadia/LVD cut and Money Safari, the 'Frequencies' track + nice to see Lehar debut.

Plus loads of other little remixes (Satoshi Fumi) and little gems like the cool Lily Pita track smile

Files up on Beatport and include 3 x continuous mix versions. … es/2054480

Evertonians are unhappy they aren't getting £100m

smallman1 wrote:

Looks like Toni Rudiger's en route, an absolute beast, cracking signing.

Looks assured .....

Has had a cruciate injury previously and costs 150% of his Transfer Market valuation (£34m vs. £21m). Shows the Premier League premium being added following the TV money influx.

smallman1 wrote:

My lunch spot as have moved offices - … gland.html


Daily helping of double sausage Ed ?

Very nice remix from the late Trevino. Out on the 21st … ix/9497383

"Such a highly respected figure in the industry, many have been shaken by Marcus' passing and in his honor all profits from his remix will be donated to the charity of his family's choice."

One for Hannu


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Broken kneecap for Valverde - surely they can design some better barriers on corners if that's where the impact was into the metal.

seanc80 wrote:

Whadabout dat drop doe … nref=story

What about the shorts and trabs ... MLT would get rinsed royally on here.

For some reason Traxsource lets me buy tracks early on Promo and keeps sending me 20% off vouchers !

Even with the crap exchange rate - just got the Morales album for £5.19 smile

Dermatron wrote:

Yeh agree. Its like he just picked up the pieces from 93 and carried on but updated it all. Immense. Be surprised is sasha and Digweed arent all over it.

John played one of the later tunes on Transitions about 3 weeks ago.

Cocoon Comp Q


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Played this am. JD on it from the start.

No fluffy vox. Really enjoyed, especially for a festival set.

smallman1 wrote:

Not denying Salah has talent, he just didn't display any of it at Chelsea.

Neither did De Bruyne, Lukaku or Matip who were all sold.

steelydan wrote:

A solid 5 pager.




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Had the 1994 EM on earlier - first part in particular still sounds great.

Epic 95-er on next smile


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Confirmed. 1.5 hours on next weekend.


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2010 the last one ! … 2010-05-29