He's in Uruguay ... so hopefully a Punto Del Este gig.

smallman1 wrote:

This is tops -

Robag's been well on form this year.



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Still on 29th over in the UK.

Honestly, what's the point of having a music site that's not even open for business at 14:28 on release day. BP lives off those bloody exclusives.


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jamie wrote:

Nice one Hannu! Thanks smile

Is it me or have there been no midweek releases on beatport this week?

I went and checked 'My Beatport - Latest Tracks' and there's nothing there since Monday? Usually there are a few bits and bobs released midweek?

Kompakt often do Tuesday's and Souvenir do Thursday's. Innervisions also did recent Thu releases - but most mid-weeks are compilations.

BP is annoying with times : their new tracks appear after 1.30pm UK time and cost more with VAT added at the end.

What People Play release at midnight Euro time (so 11pm the night before UK) and do a discount if you buy the full EP / better priced AIFFs. So e.g. new Superlounge on Get Weird was a bargain and out early for 2 great tracks.

Batch of tracks from Christian Löffler 'Mare' [Ki Records]

Lid is amazing ..

https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/new-mu … offler-lid

That chest infection sounds rough .. at least JD didn't end up stranded in Russia unable to fly home.

Like the Lars Von opener, the D Palese Rmx on the B-side is shorter and a bit techier

steelydan wrote:

  This is just a cash cow isn't it?

Aren't most things.


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At least your 'from' title still applies smile

Boring wrote:

Surely Gerrard is the most overrated footballer of your lifetime?

You know fuck all about football clearly.

The complete midfielder.

Dermatron wrote:

Two great remixes of the same track.

Needs that wailing vocal taken off, sounds like Mrs Rhouses in a bollywood movie telling him his tiffin is ready for delivery with an extra portion of the lime pickle he adores added as a treat.

Venezuela seems a dangerous place to visit presently.


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Yes, makes it more of an intro track. Hoping something else happens with it : had Jupiter Sunrise been on their own label perhaps we'd have got a Live Version too.


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Jacob Korn - You Fill Me [Cocoon Recordings | CORLP039]
Superlounge - Leichtigkeit des Seins [Get Weird | GW006]
Kamera - Ventoux (Throwing Snow Remix) [Phantasy Sound | PH49RMX2]
Mdali Wethu (Dj Micks Remix) [Sci-Fi Productions | BLV115826]
Moderat(or) - Eating Hooks (Siriusmo Remix - Solomun Edit) [Monkeytown Records | MTR067SLM]

So its a main room set from a big London club main room then.


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Ed is presently meeting a Mr Ponzi to devise their next scheme.

Previous investors take priority (natch) and get first pick of the exciting opportunity .. rumored to by flying Dermo business to meet doggy at MoS in November.

He got one. Just the wrong end.

Henry nailed this one - been on repeat and actually clocks in at 11 min 18. Up there for top 10 rmxs of 2016 in my book.


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Have a good'un Ed.

Boring wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

De Bruyne - Rolls Royce

Pogba - Media hyped waste of money

Pogba's got a touch of a big time charlie about him. If there was ever a player that needed to play under Fergie...

Keep up Boring, he was under fergie .. that's why he left. No game time.

Jose's charisma, and a huge fuck off weekly pay cheque brought him back to the theatre of dreams ... with his agents porky fingers counting that lovely commission after hyping him up.

PP doesn't strike me as much of a team player, unlike De Bruyne who looks the £50m bargain.

Pogba may come good. Even Henderson is justifying his £16m price tag now he's learning that deeper role.

Boring wrote:

And another reason I hate Jurgen Klopp is this fake anger at the fans for singing before the final whistle as if affects the fuckwits on the pitch.

Fuck off you prick. There are plenty more valid reasons to hate your fans.

Klopp is a shrewd cookie ... unlike the un-shrewd prick #justsaying


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See you all there !


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Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Jupiter Sunrise [Diynamic Music | DIYNAMICLP16]
Yousef & Reboot - Frankfurt [Circus Recordings | CIRCUS067]
Mathimidori - Ongaku (Dub Version) [Mule Musiq | MM205]
Jos & Eli - 2 Sides Of The Coin [Sudbeat Music | SB099]
Jeremy Olander - Roots (Henry Saiz Remix) [Vivrant | VIV004]


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benson wrote:
furry wrote:

Why not just buy a refurbished one from their webpage and have it shipped? Or Amazon? There's no reason to have to go into some stores nowadays.

I am in the middle of a shit load of work which I need a computer for. Otherwise I have no desire to interact with an apple employee ever

Buy online and pick up in store. Did that using my corporate discount.

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