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Strange biz from LFC : getting rid of 3 x CDs (incl. Agger on the cheap) that are all less of a liability than Toure, who we were trying to sell for €2m.

Selling a strikers means we don't have the 4 on our books needed to keep us going on all fronts. Sell Reina to go for Valdes who won't be fit to December.

Our strategy is all over the shop.

Arrived today .. stunning.

Hola Mr Mod

Long live the forum and the trab thread !!

Is it only on vinyl at the mo Henry, couldn't see a d/l version so may buy the 2x12".

Josh is excellent and love his radio show which is always educative. Should play a blinder and win over a few new fans.

Been giving this a blast of late.

Belter of a CD, pretty tough but some nice tracks in there and well structured with Answer Code Request - Transit 0.2 and
Vril - Torus XXXII being real standouts in the mix.


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Cocoon tent a few years back was actually not audible at all ... think the rain may have caused some sort of fault

Bedrock Tent last year was nice & loud (far end of the Site) : I'd expect them to be able to be louder in the tents based on the covering absorbing a lot of the sound ?

1 hr 10 mins per set is just daft, surely they just need to reduce the no. DJs as the festival sells out anyway and they'd save a few bob.

Four-kin hell.

Big Fella wrote:

Lol at Herrera being out of his depth when he hasn't played in the Prem yet.

He did spend 67 mins on the OT turf though no ?

Appreciate that it may not have been notable BF.


He'll prob opt for leafy Woolton Village or the Formby Riviera Dermy.


Was previewing the Talabot 'Rain' remix here http://aboveboarddist.co.uk/feel-my-bicep/FMB003

So this one is a great add-on.

I think Cattaneo's very under-rated. Have had the pleasure of seeing him play extended sets the past few years and Hernan puts many other DJs that fail to hook things up well over far shorter sets to shame.

Really looking forward to this one.

smallman1 wrote:

What I like about Hernan is that you know exactly what you're going to get from him.


British Standard Pipe Fittings ?

MattBlack wrote:
Sbando wrote:

Strike one was from Sasha's camp because of some Ivolv3r track, of all things.

I did some homework, it was one of these (Transitions 479 - 7 MONTHS after my post):

01. Shall Ocin - Blind To The Truth (Jozif Blinded Remix) [Leftroom]
02. Viadrina - Lush Hour [Promo]
03. Jamie Stevens - The Wonder Of You
04. Stt - Unknown (John Debo Remix) [Promo]
05. I Like That Freq ( Alexander Lissau Freq In Space Remix) [promo]
06. Pig&dan & Rachel Lyn - This Is Not Love [Terminal M]
07. Plastic Service Broadcasting - Nights Mai (Ben Gomori Redux) [Test Card]
08. Carlo Lio & Harvey Mckay - Droid Decay [Bedrock]
09. Denis A - Untitled [Dar]

It may not have been anyone from this list, could've just been someone who just wanted to be a spiteful cunt, anyone can report you for copyright infringement they don't have to prove it

Sure it wasn't a guest mix at all Sbando ? I got a mediafire infringement for one of them.


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Standard lol !!!

Will tune in.


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Not at Saved this year I'm afraid.

Was there when John and Coxy played last year - great little event though.

Have fun smile


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nitron wrote:

The ONLY reason he's worked with Gerber is because of the EDM explosion - he's chosen Guy to distance himself from the cheeseboard crew and because he wants to break somebody less well known and, you guessed it, take all the credit for being 'visionary'. Twat.

He was listening to Gerber's music before then and from the Late Bloomers LP for Cocoon [2007].


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Would have gone if Diggers was playing Saved afterwards. So its just the Bomber Out Church this weekend.

Have a great b-day Ed !

Looking forward to the arrival of Super Mario's squeeze:


.. peachy


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Some of the sounds on 'My Heart' is just sublime : nice to have the aiff file now.

Cattaneo played an edit (possibly his own) w. Diddy removed on the Woodstock beach a few weeks back smile


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Really enjoying this one : it was never going to be straight forward with PD involved .. but Gerber's range of sounds across this are fantastic.

Hopefully some nice rmx's and edits come out.

Continued stay of execution BF : provided behaviour stays on point and more robust moderation works.

Little under-whelmed by this one.

Already got the best track "The Field - No No No (John Tejada Remix)" .. which is amazing plus 'Cassiopeia'. Pallmaille was out last summer ?

"Heuriga" sounds like a German umpah band.

Which other tracks impressed you H ? Will check out longer clips.

Big Fella wrote:

I would be Cesc Flabbergast if we sign those four players simon.

Get Hannu  ..  quick.

BF has been hacked by Matt Black.

Those Total's have some great tracks on them.

Koze's Mariposa being the best of the lot.