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That's then probably the heaviest track to come out of that label since Enoi. … nervisions

Is it just me getting old or is that just an unstructured cluster of noise? I really dont get this producers music at all. Never have done. Same with Japanese popstars. Diggers seems fond of both of them mind so i'm guessing i'm out the loop..

First heard it at treehouse in March, great track. E&B been on form for me, definitely stands out. Kind of that Lossless / SoHaSo sound. It's great live - percussive and builds the tension.

Big difference between a club and home be@tv listening. This will have been awesome on that Space sound system.

La Nausee wrote:

2nd series of Gomorrah was immense. Grim as fuck but excellent. Naples has been added to Turkey as a place never to visit.

Naples is alright - lovely historic centre, great seafood restaurants, and amazing pizza. Although does look rough in the station area and some districts. But I liked the place.

Also the women seem to have bigger boobs than in most other places in italy for some reason. Been a few times on my way to the amalfi coast or ferry to Sardinia.

Gomorrah 1 was epic : have to wait for 2 on Amazon.

Yant wrote:

Dier, Walker, Rose are probably the only players to come out of this farce with any credit mate.

So up ye bollix.

Kane and Alli didn't play well.  At all.  Granted.

Rose was awful, Dier ok, Walker a headless chicken.


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Grant wrote:

You registered in Sep 2006 and your first post was May 2016. From what I can see anyway. Which one is wrong?


Are you a moderator?  Why are you interested?

I am.

Arsenal's new £35m buy is deadly from the spot. Bayern may want their money back on Sanchez.


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Thread was deleted so I didn't read it. Perhaps an ill advised oversight ?

Whatever it was, no need for anyone to repeat.

Everyone, please keep things respectful. Thanks.


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I've not seen what was posted but have read reports else where. Waiting to catch up with Hannu.

But homophobia and rascism will not be tolerated here. End of.

And if the horrific events over the weekend have been used to make jokes, that is deplorable and abhorrent behaviour. Show some support, empathy and care for clubbers that went to enjoy their night and didn't make it home.

Warnings and bans will follow where appropriate.


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Go to person for the united team xmas gang bang apparently.


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Never really saw the appeal of Sainsbury's vastly over-rated. M&S far better. Their meal deal with a chicken, bottle of grog and dessert is great.

Funniest read in ages. Top marks.


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Legend of legends.

This one sounded great on T612, out 17 June.


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Injecting ket is a bit extreme. Luckily EM got to rehab before he got hooked on the crocodile.

Did Pizza Expresss ever save Venice and build some flood gates ?

Also, is broccoli and cheddar calzone now on the menu Ed ?

seanc80 wrote:

You probably will get in.

My mate was there a few weeks ago and the first thing he saw was this fat bloke in a 'love swing' completely starkers aside from a padlock around his balls.

Wondered what BF was up to these days !

seanc80 wrote:

Watergate is a great club to be fair. Saw Talabot, SB & Patlac there a few months ago.

I'm sure john can play a bit of Berlin friendly house to keep the locals happy. Hopefully an Irish pub nearby for a warmup.

Q. what trabbs did you wear for the failed attempted entry to Berghain ?

May see you there Ed. Fancy a bit of BA and Sth America.

erik.b wrote:

More importantly, are there luggage tags?

Included in the package will be a stunning 116 page hard back Toronto Travelogue Book, Limited Edition GU Postcards, GU Luggage Tag and a 24 page “Book Pack” Deluxe Version of the CD all housed in a beautiful bespoke red GU Box.

I thought Levendowski looked crap in the CL when it mattered and Bayern too big a club to leave.

Happy with Liverpool's progress. Should have seen out the first 10 mins of the 2nd half - paid the price.

Well played Sevilla .. showed their experience and never panicked.

Thread name change the only consolation.

What does the money get you for £129 as VIP ?

This review isn't selling it :

"Having enjoyed Secret Cinema four times in the past, I was surprised to leave the latest event feeling very disappointed. 28 Days Later was not a good choice and the performance was not remotely worth the money. It was more like a Haunted House than an actual performance. The food was bad (way too salty). I understand that you're not going to enjoy every performance you ever attend so I was ready to just chalk this up as a loss. But what drove me to write this comment was the end of the show, where we watched the movie in a room that was so cold we couldn't even focus on the film (seriously like 15 degrees - colder than outside). We ended up leaving early because we were so freezing and miserable. We were not the only ones - I overheard several other guests complaining about the extreme cold.

Given we missed part of the performance, I requested a 50% refund, which Secret Cinema have flatly refused, claiming that they said to wore protective layers, referencing an email they had sent prior to the event. The email reads: "You must wear layers of dark clothes you don't mind being scuffed or soiled." This implies the layers had nothing to do with keeping warm. In fact, the image showing the dress code depicts someone in short sleeves: I would recommend a parka!

I have now filed a dispute with Paypal and I would encourage you to do the same if you had a similar experience."

Summer holiday c/o her majesty

From the comments 50% of the staff have gone and Aboveboard distribution looking to snap up some of the label business.

Maybe Hawtin will buy BP back on the cheap with his chunk of the $50m sale.

I still love the Bandcamp way. They seem to have a good rep.

Hard to assess how good or bad the United players are while LVG is in charge and making most look shite.

Wicker Man is a great film + bonus marks for a bit of Britt Ekland.