Homegrove wrote:

I should think the booth has a toilet adjacent. Or then these old school djs have some might big bladders.

But then again Digweed's not chugging down beers as he plays.

Executive washroom is close by.

Corrected ... Morel rmx

j.p sykes wrote:

Apparently only a depeche mode track couldn't be licensed. Which one I wonder?

https://geo-news.beatport.com/en/how-jo … ting-more/

Morel 'Dream On' Remix


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mr rossi wrote:

We've lost so many already this year sad

If Liverpool win the Europa Cup will he be allowed back Simon?

24 hour respite.


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simeon79 wrote:

finally....Stelios Vassiloudis - Riding The Gravy Train

Monster opener. Always a great night at Kristal + smoking ban now in effect too.

liquitech1 wrote:

..take smallman's advice then head straight to the Deuce on South Beach. Take it from there.

Great little bar and ace jukebox. Chisel was top notch too this year .. so I'm told.

Nice guest mix from BOg this week.

That thread can be deleted in a nano-second. So will post where I like smile

That was some game !!

Klopp proving that he can work with players and instill belief. V happy.

Dortmund excellent. Reus is some player.

Connect to the wifi in the Club and order an Uber.

It's the 21st Century after all.


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Eds Nike marathon boots ?

Bit of Glamping Dan ?

Sbando wrote:

An "I'm doing a benson @ Bedrock" tee, I'd buy that.

8 am

6 am

3 am

Benson am

smashdad wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

lol @ mono. Prog poetry.

There was a young DJ from Wales,
Whose career was a series of fails,
He called on his mate,
And agreed on a date,
To impress a bunch of 40-something males.

Yay - limericks, let's go...

There once was a poster called Dermo
He thought his opinions were firm-o
In fact they were shit
And not just a bit
It's actually the whole fucking lot-o


There's a poster who thinks he's a rock
Claims he worked Manchester's Eastern Bloc
Dermot makes lots of noise
Tries to impress the boys
In reality he's just a cock

*edit 2*

Comes across as a bit of a brat
It's a shame 'cos I don't believe that
Whilst he sounds like a tit
He cannot be that shit
Is Big Fella actually a twat?

Smashdad : please kindly put a sock in it and stop trying to cause fights.

The post is clearly aimed at provoking a response.

Otherwise I will have to ban you-o ... Which I actually don't want to do.

Take that as a warning.

Parts 3 & 4 are my favs smile

BedRob wrote:

defo think the two full backs deserve their place, Monreal for me has been 7/8 out of 10 every game this season,

Cech maybe contraversial but i couldn't have too many fucking spurs players

Your best team has a fullback averaging 7.5 / 10 + Vardy benched lol

DuFunk wrote:

One thing you can say about hernan he has always stuck to his roots in his music never got taken by any trends,  one true prog dj left from the older sound.  Not so sure on Saiz nowadays some of the sets I heard are hit and miss.

Was playing South America this weekend ... immense.

HC is superb - his day/night sets at Woodstock have been spot on each and every year. 7 hours gone in the blink of an eye.

nickgartland wrote:

Will be a boss night this, apartment already booked.....

Alright Nick !

Dermatron wrote:

Have to admit I was slightly miffed when I read they had indeed reunited for Bedrock. At first I touched myself inappropriately and seamlessly blended into a mix of erection and tears really. The only thing that made it some what bearable is a couple of mates who went said Sasha did indeed give it a bit of buzzkill. Ie the pace dropped off and the prog train vibe ebbed. Props to diggers I suppose for his relentless pace.

Sasha changed the pace a little, melodic but driving .. but no wishy washy house. So fefo no buzzkill (although could have done without the irish jig track late on). They honestly worked well together. Makes you realise how great the blend of the two is, and thats without getting to know each others music. So of they were rusty, both will be bloody good come the tour. So get your arse over to UK or US smile

New anti pooch protocol required.

Welcome aboard Helen. Nice to see you at MOS smile

smallman1 wrote:

This is very enjoyable!

First time I've heard a clucking hen on a track .. won't be buying that one on BP.

But enjoying this all the same.

If you skip the first 7 or 8 mins.

Kleinenberg's still a great benchmark.

The manc jealously is hilarious !! You'd <3 to have JK and his teeth.