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smallman1 wrote:

Think I spotted 8 dorises which is the most I've ever seen at a Bedrock do.

Some bloke with Roy bans on going all ibiza style I remember too.

That was Simonr.

Busted .... Had my slogan ice cream vest top on too for full effect + shorts ... as was only end of November.

emailed a couple of people for some scintillating final posts (rules out Ed) ... watch this space !

Top night. Grant definitely enjoyed himself and great to see Ed and H out and catch up. Night went too quick ! WHP later smile


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Homegrove wrote:

We'll be landing at 6:45 to Gatwick, doubt that leaves a lot of wiggle room for a real meal, or preparty drinks if I want to be in when XOYO opens. Would be nice to hear the whole 5 hours.

6.45 pm H ?

Defo not time for food, will give you a shout around 9-ish to check progress.

Beijing Dave wrote:

gREGory Peck aka Lemony Thicket aka Cerebral Smallsy aka Mr Scruff (of the neck) aka the Isthmus of Babble-on.

Regory Neck ?


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Congrats !!!!!

We'll get Ed to organise a collection smile

Trev when he was having one of his better days.

"Kamixlo’s DJ sets and mixes blend warped reggaeton sounds with supercharged pop edits and caustic streaks of nu-metal. Ignore at your peril."

Sounds awful.

choo choo

Have you upset Morata Ed ? … -exit.html


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smallman1 wrote:

Henry Poole on Savile Row also knock out a top whistle.

Is yours front row 2nd from the left Ed ?

2026 will be England's year


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Like my new MacPro aside from the ridiculous lack of ports. Far better value than changing phones every few years.

Dusted off -  still sounds great !

Grant wrote:

Don’t forget my birthday present, H

Homegrove wrote:

Might need to do some "extra favors" but I'm willing to try some new things

Think he's already got that one covered Grant wink

Would have meant venturing to our box though Fads.

Lukaku was woeful, not a big match player.

Missed the post.

Dermo - warning ... stop being a cunt to Ahad.

Thanks smile

Forgot Mkhitaryan was even on the pitch. Top save from De Gea.

DuFunk wrote:

I think most neutral fans are dreading England fans going to Russia lets be honest as they cant drink soup and get involved in the crack, pack of knuckle draggers.


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Re-live his top comments


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""Anytime you have several firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition in a vehicle, that always causes a concern," said Michael Knight, spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives."

... no shit.


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smallman1 wrote:

I'll ask Zackster to get me a Kalashnikov.

2 x stonking remixes, been waiting nearly 12 months for the E Top one !

Out today >> … es/2100530

A slow burning anthem: the holy grail of all producers. A tune that keeps building and building momentum gradually and naturally To the point crowds singing the bassline back when you drop it. This is the case with Gregor Treshers Goliath. Released February 2015 on Bedrock, its been smouldering ever since. The Frankfurt DJ considers it up there with A Thousand Nights and About A Good Place as one of his most successful tunes in his career so far; its distinctive hooky bass riff capturing moments and imaginations as more and more DJs exploited its unifying charm. Over two years later, Gregor and Bedrock present two precision-tailored remixes that add to the Goliath story.

French techno OG Emmanuel Top, a man whose records inspired Gregor to produce in the first place, takes the lead with a 10 minute monolith that doesnt even hint at the riff for the first four minutes. Focusing on the machine funk rhythm of the original and turning it inside out, Top lets it sizzle for as long as possible before suddenly dropping the full musical scope of Goliath on us mid way.

Alan Fitzpatrick, a man who doesnt need much of an introduction to fans of mordern Techno, also subverts the original in an equally remarkable way. Allowing himself to be taken in a whole new direction by the pads, a new topline and is added to create an entirely new experience that still instantly brings home the original tones and feels of Goliath. Remixes that build on the original and take it to entirely new pastures: The momentum continues.

Announcement hopefully next week.