Most kids in Europe in the late 80s / early 90s who got into house I bet also liked some cheesy shit. I certainly did. True I had Mayday, Juan Atkins and the like...but also some proper turd in there too like Trip to Trumpton.

I see the long term benefits of EDM as its an entry point for many. Difference is some of the old school hate the money these guys who have broken the US are making. Plus social media makes it easier to diss these genres than the early 90s.....

God, if l listen to some of the trance/hard house/techno that was around in the 90s my generation doesn't have a leg to stand on I'm afraid.

A high tide lifts many ships.......

Just over a week to go. PM me if you want any more details

Saw Jeff Mills at the Verboten boat party this past July 4th.  Nice sunny day, happy atmosphere .......then Jeff Mills came on playing music sounding like a ball bearing bouncing down a steel drain. No idea why they booked him on the same bill as Sasha / Ejeca.

A complete legend of techno and immensely talented, but a bit too hard for moi.

So what do you think has upped the standard? Just a rich vien of talent coming through? Easier technology to get ideas into tracks? More people into the scene therefore law of averages meaning more likelihood of better tracks coming to the fore?

shaunstrudwick wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

I agree, then along comes Hot Since 82 hmm

haha - i like the everybody track

Have to say I like it too. The chords at the end are a bit lame, but remember the orig when it came out so brings back memories of Royal Dutch 4 packs, lambert an butler ciggies and Sanyo stereos blasting out tracks down the park when I was 17 .......classy lad as you can see! Take the guy out of Essex....

Unbroken1 wrote:

..S8 anybody?

Nice. Using a an x1 and f1 at the moment with my xone 62

. Need to get a decent 8 out soundcard as my traktor audio 2 is pants and I'm having to combine remix and track decks per channel


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liquitech1 wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Whilst I like Ripperton I think that 'Why Don't You' tune is massively overrated.

Yeah, got boring really quickly, especially when it featured in almost every mix last year too..

Agree. By the time that came out was bored to death of it.

I have to agree. Seems like some producers are getting to grips with their studios/set ups and introducing elements such are outboard synths and better mastering. Long may it continue !

liquitech1 wrote:

I've used the S4 on a F1 sound system next to CDJs & 1210s and the sound wasn't compromised in any way.

..My mate was using an S4 after me the same gig I used the T1 - sound on the S4 was much better. Think thats 96Khz / 24 bit isn't it?

T1 is limited to 16/48 if I remember correctly

I had one of these for about a year. Great out the box all in 1 solution for traktor. Issue I found with it was the sound quality when comparing to CDJs or even the native instruments controllers . On a massive system sounded tinny. I ditched it in the end for CDJs .

Recommend it though as a home solution .

We are back again at The Kolo Klub, Hoboken NJ if any of you Tri-State peeps are around.

Here are the promotional links FYI. PM me if you need any more info


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Remember reading some article at the time of the re release with SnD. Aparently they put in for the tracks they wanted to include in the mix expecting half to get knocked back due to licensing, but only a couple got vetoed.


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Phil Opian wrote:

No you're right Damo. It was BIR production.

It must have been on tests or similar coz Sasha used to drop it out and there was no accapella released of til we meet again.

It appeared on a booty but it wasn't the real deal it was a botched and edited attempt of it by someone.  The sound quality was also shite.

Remember many a time trying to re create the mix to calamitous results....


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Amps wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I heard it for the first time around the year 2000. I'm so sorry…

Yeah, didn't hear it until about 98, in JPs house if I remember correctly. Fell in love with CD2 straight away.

This....the Fluke tracks into Trust....still sends a shiver down my neck.


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Remember the local record shop owners in total awe of the packaging and mixing. It was like alchemy of something. I was such a vinyl snob in those days I refused to buy it, but always nicked my mates copy to have a listen when I had the chance .

Still listen to it now. Perfection IMHO


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Good old Chelmsford. Always last to the party. Just when the rest of the UK has had it's fill of bottle service, they move in that direction.

Lived there from 83 until Uni in 92

Good schools, easy commute, but a souless chasm. Caught in that middle ground of too far away from London to be culturally influenced, but not far away enough to form it's own identity.

Loving this. Alex Niggemann such a class producer

I suppose they made the efforts on Ren 1 thinking a higher likelihood of recouping the money. From my perspective there would still be a decent enough market / demand for these comps, especially with oldies like me. I remember those Retrospective of house comps too.

So something like Slacker Scared will never see the light of day on a comp now due to the guy passing away and the rights with him? Or you reckon the rights were passed to next of kin?

Been wondering why certain compilations never got a digital release, especially some older ones. Probably to do with rights management, but as they were released previously on vinyl and/or CD I don't see the difference .

Some that spring to mind are.

Renaissance 2 - the full bifta with Castle Trancelot and Compass error on. Renaissance 1 you can get on Itunes, but not 2 . Very odd.

Ministry of Sound Vol 1 . One with Black Sky and The Question . Some crackers on that. Considering MOS are churning out mixes right left and center odd this never got a digital release at some time.

Decent post by Ralph Lawson about when he went in 2012. Reckon if you get a nice comfy RV and "keep it real" sounds like you can get a bit out of BM. … g-man.html

Got ya thinking though......

Just seen this on Face Gash … =702093814

Maybe a wind up or old photo. Anyone else heard rumors of Panasonic cranking up the old presses again????

Jesus Christ Zackster...........sorry but that just sounds awful. Maybe uber clever production but sounds like shoving turd in a hair dryer

Amazes me someone who wrote SAWV1 has never revisited that genre enough but instead banged out industrial ear rape. Hopefully this might be more accessible

Stoked to say the least........