Tickets purchased for me and the better half. Anyone else planning on going? Be good to organize a meetup if so

New Cid Inc set.... first 40 mins or so top notch


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Only mates of mine back home who frequented things like this never stepped foot in a decent club in the 90s/00s, only the local Ritzy or Chasers. Banging on about it ever since.

Lost Desert & Lee Burridge - Loopyness

No idea when its out. Starts at around 45min on the Lost Desert podcast below … ost-desert

Watching the Sasha set now - loving Eats Everything doing shots, getting hammered and larking around in the booth.

The open your mind remix is tasty … teca/sasha

New Gerber EP rather tasty. … ost-desert

Track starting at around 44mins has been haunting me since this ADID podcast was out up. Groover~

I was going to get tickets for the game but realised it would be the only time to catch up with my mates back home, so a pub with the game on would be the best bet. Mate back home is trying to source a location around the Lpool st area to watch it. Snedds- you know anywhere?

Squarepusher gig looks superb. 808 state too......

Some jester on Discogs selling Corrado - Trust for 200 notes


Fair play Flares

Will be back in the old country Sat Oct 24th staying in a windowless room in Shoreditch prior to my semi annual trip to the Isle of Wight to see the folks.

Arrive early and plan to watch the Hammers/  Chelsea game in some hole playing dodgy Nigerian TV

Im way too old and US assimilated to comprehend what is half decent to go out to after that. As I'm out east are there any decent boozers /club/bars that would tickle my fancy? Anyone playing out in the vicinity ? ALFOS ?

Any recommendations would be appreciated

Was listening to Ren 2 in the car last weekend. Still quality IMO.

Fathers of Sound certainly had a peachy period around '95. Some of those remixes, like the Justine mix, are utter class

Very true......the 7 yrs I've been here i have seen the difference.

This sums it up … -york-city


You guys have kept the colonies tip top ........

Impromptu live stream from the studio.....


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Quality thread. This and the Rugby WC making me thoroughly homesick today.

The boozer in Drury Lane near where Plastic Fantastic was a fave of mine. Sat afternoon post covent garden pints. Perusing my power prog purchases. Some great boozers in central London

Fave of mine is the Timber Bats in the depths of rural Kent. Middle of fucking nowhere. Many a post club Sunday lunch was had there during my Uni days. Proper country pub

Went to the night Mica Paris destroyed Great Gig in the Sky....never forget the crowd reaction of polite horror. Poor cow just ran off stage. Tough tune to pull off that one. Quality gig apart from that. Shame I missed the Bowie appearance .

Echoes on LIG is fooking amazing. Have to have another watch of that now you reminded me.

It's tough listening to what Gilmour puts out now. The last Floyd album was one too many IMO. Perhaps closure on the debate of what got left off TDB, but pretty tough to digest. I thought the out takes from TDB would be more Orb esque, plus with Youth producing thought it would be more palatial.

I liked RTN and saw Gilmour at the Royal Albert Hall during that tour. Was bloody great. Played Echoes which blew me away. Fair play he is touring again and doing MSG here in New York for a few nights which will be pretty amazing, plus fuel the debate if Waters will rock up as he lives in the Hamptons .


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I do agree that the producer element of DJing can get rather overly complicated and end up compromising the basics of the tracks played. A producer friend of mine always winces when he hears DJs screwing around too much with tracks as the original artist wanted a track a certain way.

For that reason I never liked sample decks and triggering beats/samples in that manner. Seemed more focussed  on hip hop that house. Stems does interest me more depending on what is available . Early days but fuck all out there are the moment so investing in another F1 might be a bit premature . Agree the accapella side if things would be interesting


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Judging by what I've seen so far and the tutorials......affirmative.

Never got on with Remix decks in Traktor so never really used the F1, but Stems seems a bit more condusive for house DJs as essentially its just stripping the track into 4 parts you can dick around with using just 2 decks, rather than 4.

Looks like Stems are a bit pricier also - $5 here for the latest Mobilee release. Plus interested to see how many tracks will off the Stem option


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Anyone getting involved? Just dowloaded Traktor 2.9 and messing around aimlessly......this new fangled technology!

Beijing Dave wrote:
Pumper&Dumper wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

I always thought Gurnmills was a fucking great club, genuinely sad when I heard that place was closing.

Probably my fave big club in London along with Fabric and The Cross.

Never liked The End at all.

Never liked turnmills, thought the sound system was dog shit it just sounded like a your local DJ Daves sound set up. It just seemed uneven to me too with the DJ booth at the side of the dance floor and enough steps and hidden level changes to fucking kill you when coming up off a double drop

Yeah, I'm just going on the quality of nights I had there, not the set-up really. Went to the Heavenly Jukebox when it was there, which was great (a spin off night of the Heavenly Social IIRC) and they were the only ones banging out pure energy e-trance when the Ministry and all the other London clubs were being ridiculously snooty about playing trance in 98 and 99, I think I even read online at the time that Palombo or one of his cronies dismissed Cream and Gatecrasher as 'provincial' as though booking Seamus Haji and some Defected twats somehow made you cutting edge. LOL.

The End - I never really got on with this place simply because it seemed so moody the times I've been and about a 99:1 bloke:bird ratio, admittedly Fabric can be like that especially after it got taken over by all the Mediterranean-type wands but it makes the grade on the soundsystem alone, best I've heard. I'm sure if Smallman had ever invited me and seen to my hospitality in there it would be a different story though.

Turnmills was like a faithful old lab. Never let you down. Variety of nights like the gallery and jukebox . Always busy. For that era exactly what you wanted to hear off ya box. Major Lazers in there too ...

In the noughties when peoples tastes got a bit more discerning its popularity waned, but for a period of time it ticked all my boxes

Bagleys was grim. Tons of rooms, sound clashes, club of last resorts.

Bonds in Brum I remember being turd. All very neon. Reminded me of a shopping mall. Julesy on the ones and twos, probably banging out a ton of Tidy trax or Hooj. Mate from Uni dragged us along one night. Never went along with any of his recommendations after that cluster fuck

By all accounts sounds like a boot off at the Dave Swindells exhibition last night between Mr and Mrs Rampling and Steve Proctor. Loads all over Steve's  FBpage. Sounds like Mr Rampling is not all peace and love. His pre '88 lifestyle was a bit of a shock based on comments left. Then his new wife booted off on FB to Jenni Rampling .....oh the drama !

First 30 min or so at the Orlando Hard Rock gig to me is warm up perfetion.... … ed-live-at


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PMs answered. Cheers everyone.