millsy23 wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

The PMC03A Dan?

I learned to mix on that as it happens

I had that one also. Shiny faceplate. Sound quality was poop, but only 100 quid if I remember. Got a djm600 after and still use it to this day.......makes sense why they went bust

MattBlack wrote:

I didn't even know Solar stone were still around

Solar Stone??? WTF are they doing on this

Seen two. Oaks and Hawtin. Majority of the rest have no clue who they are or what hey play. A good barometer what the Selfie gen are tuning into.....

Just downloaded the remaster. Bloody hell i'd forgotten how good this album was.......crikey


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kiz wrote:

Sad news..LFO was one of those tracks which introduced me to acid house. I actually remember this when I was around 15 and in my back garden in North London hearing this from an illegal rave not far off...completely mesmerised and like WTF. . hooked to electronic music ever since.


Totally this.

Call me an old fart but hopefully they videod the show and a dvd will follow

shaunstrudwick wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:

Highly controversial statement.

For me it was actually a renaissance of club music.  A period which gave us Trentemøller at his finest and finally saw the end of the "deep dark tribal" prog bore-off ...

Was also the era of Mick Burns and Matthew Dekay

2003 & 2004 was a great time for melodic prog imo

I remember this era being when I first got my CDJs, started buying WAVs and Eggs are Cute being one of my early  digital purchases.

Living in Essex at the time i had to venture into town to the escape the hell that was the Trevor Nelson / Dream Team inspired early noughies urban/RnB nightmare. I remember the Sasha RA interview discussing this era and the fear it was going to kill the prog/tech scene. Kudos to us we fought through and came back tougher ....Essex bells now dancing to "deep house"....

Recording from their Radio 6 takeover .....some utter tunage here folks … 014-10-10/


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

he's West Ham so he's fine by me


Plus he does talk sense on occasion, especially recently against Fox and ISIS

Phonica looks worth checking out.

Will be working from our London office Oct 15 through to 19th. Looking at visiting some of the new record shops that have opened up since my settlement in the 13 colonies. Love Vinyl looks worth a visit. Anyone been/can suggest any others in the Hipster golden triangle that is hackney / dalton / the ditch ?

Plus anything decent going on around that way on Oct 17th. Any venues that are decent for after bar antics.

First few tracks sound very good, but anything 141 to 163 BPM IMHO is taking the piss, or for Dutch/German gabba heads

Saw it in vinyl in my local Hipster record shop in Jersey City so will nab a copy

liquitech1 wrote:
DocWho wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

He played 4 till just after 8 and was utter shit apparently.  Train wrecking all over the gaff. Guess he had a good night after Sankeys.

Nonsense. He did play 4 til 8 but he absolutely smashed it...some proper dark prog moments from 5 til 7 laced with killer breaks and dirty infectious house grooves thrown in for good measure. I was very happy with what i heard, solid mixing all the way through. Every bit as classic as i've come to expect from the man like... over the years, no complaints here, especially when he dropped this...

Completely agree...whoever gave you that report Dutchy is either dead inside or wasn't at Fabric because that was nothing short of top class, probably one of the best sets I've heard in about 10 years...the music he was playing around 5.30 was incredible, the Sasha of old...the programming and mixing was as good as it gets. If somebody was expecting better then I think a serious case of bitterness is involved, he was relentless and over the course of the whole set the groove he created was amazing. I'd advise anyone who is thinking of seeing him to buy tickets as he's in right form..

Good to hear . Think Sasha plays very different sets depending on location / venue. The big festivals he tends to play more vocally/commercial stuff and this is what gives him the bad press from Prog die hards. Also in the US his gigs here are more on the commercial side as the audience he now targets is very different that say the UK. Sure Fabric at 5am he was going balls out driving prog......

smallman1 wrote:

Mono's critique of MarcusR's "sounds like shoving turd in a hair dryer" is still making me laugh!

RJ actually knicked my idea and sampled shoving his own turd into a hairdryer on the track Produk 29. Hopefully will get some royalty kick back

Had a listen on the walk to work today. I think what has helped its longevity is the vocal elements, plus the respectable BPM. Listening to some CDs I loved in the late 90s / early noughties are nearly unlistenable now due to their speed and the current drop in BPMs generally within the scene.

Just so many quality tracks from a quality era of house . Stars aligned big time and this was the result......

I've had a few examples recently where I've bought tracks off beatport and can hear pops/clicks etc.

Basically some gimp at beatport is just recording a record and putting up as a DL. Surely they should be getting the DAT version or original master rather than doing this? Seems very odd to me. Maybe it's the label/artist doing the ripping. Bizarre

Anyone else noticed this?

Most kids in Europe in the late 80s / early 90s who got into house I bet also liked some cheesy shit. I certainly did. True I had Mayday, Juan Atkins and the like...but also some proper turd in there too like Trip to Trumpton.

I see the long term benefits of EDM as its an entry point for many. Difference is some of the old school hate the money these guys who have broken the US are making. Plus social media makes it easier to diss these genres than the early 90s.....

God, if l listen to some of the trance/hard house/techno that was around in the 90s my generation doesn't have a leg to stand on I'm afraid.

A high tide lifts many ships.......

Just over a week to go. PM me if you want any more details

Saw Jeff Mills at the Verboten boat party this past July 4th.  Nice sunny day, happy atmosphere .......then Jeff Mills came on playing music sounding like a ball bearing bouncing down a steel drain. No idea why they booked him on the same bill as Sasha / Ejeca.

A complete legend of techno and immensely talented, but a bit too hard for moi.

So what do you think has upped the standard? Just a rich vien of talent coming through? Easier technology to get ideas into tracks? More people into the scene therefore law of averages meaning more likelihood of better tracks coming to the fore?

shaunstrudwick wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

I agree, then along comes Hot Since 82 hmm

haha - i like the everybody track

Have to say I like it too. The chords at the end are a bit lame, but remember the orig when it came out so brings back memories of Royal Dutch 4 packs, lambert an butler ciggies and Sanyo stereos blasting out tracks down the park when I was 17 .......classy lad as you can see! Take the guy out of Essex....


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..S8 anybody?

Nice. Using a an x1 and f1 at the moment with my xone 62

. Need to get a decent 8 out soundcard as my traktor audio 2 is pants and I'm having to combine remix and track decks per channel


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liquitech1 wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Whilst I like Ripperton I think that 'Why Don't You' tune is massively overrated.

Yeah, got boring really quickly, especially when it featured in almost every mix last year too..

Agree. By the time that came out was bored to death of it.

I have to agree. Seems like some producers are getting to grips with their studios/set ups and introducing elements such are outboard synths and better mastering. Long may it continue !

liquitech1 wrote:

I've used the S4 on a F1 sound system next to CDJs & 1210s and the sound wasn't compromised in any way.

..My mate was using an S4 after me the same gig I used the T1 - sound on the S4 was much better. Think thats 96Khz / 24 bit isn't it?

T1 is limited to 16/48 if I remember correctly

I had one of these for about a year. Great out the box all in 1 solution for traktor. Issue I found with it was the sound quality when comparing to CDJs or even the native instruments controllers . On a massive system sounded tinny. I ditched it in the end for CDJs .

Recommend it though as a home solution .