Nice setup. Met BalEric a couple of times. Nice chap. Did some tracks with another buddy Vadim.

Ordered an EFX 500, taking delivery Friday. Will let you know how I get on. Interested in the drum machine functionality and syncing that into my setup.

What sort of bell has an air horn in the first place? A manager too.....utter egg

Ordered one of these bad boys.  Massive price drop considering how much they were a couple of years ago. No bells and whistles but Denon have a good rep quality and sound wise … B001S0NTZE


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jamie wrote:

quick question for traktor users - what do you currently have your sound settings set to?

I listen to a lot of mixes posted and feel that I am losing some sound quality somewhere? I am recording straight from traktor to my hardrive (internal mixing) and am wondering if I need to change a setting somewhere?

any tips for places to look for the loss? thanks

What htz do you have your soundcard set to ? I've found its a tough ask on the CPU when recording a mix internally and have the htz set at 96 rather than 44 or 48. Plus are you using remix decks? That maxes out your ram.

MattBlack wrote:
Odo wrote:
jamie wrote:

took my first pill at peach at cafe de paris

Not the only one  smile

Cafe de Paris, now there's a blast from the past!

Is Cafe De Paris still an open venue? Used to go there a bit back in the day. Proper old dance hall with viewing from the top floor. Interesting to know how many of the old venues are still open.....

Heaven......obviously, opened in late70s I think.
SW1/Pascha....really old dancehall even my olds used to frequent back in the 60s
Camden palace/koko .....

Any other original venues from back in the day still going?

Still avin it at 60.......hope for me yet!

Peach/Clockwork/Culture Shock and The Gallery was where I cut my clubbing teeth in the mid 90s . Post early prog scene / pre The Cross days. Pumping house , piano breakdowns, rolling bass , mint beans. In essence the height of 90s mainstream house clubbing. Seemed like everyone was going out and getting on it big time. Lots of tracks on Ouch and Cleveland City/consolidated.

All went a bit neo and trancey by the late 90s, but by then had discovered Plastic Fantastic ........

Gold always came across as a genuinely nice bloke. Think he got clobbered by the tax man, hence his expat status


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Now look at much for the acid house revolution … redentials


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Didn't Johnathan Lisle use that sample on his bedrock comp back in the day, showcasing the Denon CDJ Magic ? May have to dig that out again. Liked that if I remember correctly

Loved all the visuals at Heaven . Big blinking eye i recall also ....


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Tried very hard to get into the game since I've lived out here. Was well into NFL when I was a kid with the Ch 4 exposure it got back in the day, but that waned when I started going to see footy when I was about 15

Problem with American football is the length and constant start / stop. Watching highlights works but spending 3 hrs watching a game at home is like pulling you teeth out. Just bores me to death.

In a bar its a different matter as its ADD compliant, bit of chat-beer-30secs of action- chat-piss- beer-15 secs of action- etc etc

Problem with that is games are mostly on a Sunday afternoon, and go all day, so boozing it up every Sunday would land me in divorce court/Betty Ford... Hence why I've never got into the NFL

Been messing around with my new F1 at the weekend and wondered if anyone can recommend some sample packs. Looks like loop masters - not loopy - do quite a few. Some by Sasha too - involver oddments by the look of them. Fancy a few old school acid/roland bits also. Anyone bought any decent loop packs they can recommend?

smashdad wrote:


Never tire of Ren 2... total quality

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Any mix that states its vinyl only, I bypass it as can only imagine they are trying to compensate for the quality of it somehow. it also irks me as a lot of people, yanks especially, think you either play vinyl or you use the sync button excessively


Massive hipster vinyl obsession over here Sneds. For the last party I threw in December we did a vinyl only night to mix things up a bit. Was a bloody nightmare setting everything up, lugging records to the venue, decks, better PA etc. Forgotten those days and now spoilt turning up to a gig with a SD card.

That said was a bloody laugh DJing on vinyl again and going back to back. Once you have done a couple of decent mixes you are happy handing over to the next guy as its more of an achievement vs a rekordbox'd track through a CDJ. It was classics only which added to the fun, mainly because none of us had bought a new tune on vinyl for a decade.

Was also interesting to delve into the vinyl collections of my US buddies to see what they were buying around the same time period. Surprisingly similar . Lots of yoshitoshi, shinchi etc. lexington ave mix of loose myself by DM.  PQM are you sleeping got played ........was good fun

Going back to the original post I can only see vinyl as being a niche market unless production costs reduce and distribution methods change. 3d printing vinyl?? No doubt it sounds better and is more fun to DJ with ....

His Mrs was on Come Dine With Me the other day. Nice gaff. My flux capacitor streaming vehicle crashed before I saw any of her flans


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The tune that opened up this crazy world of repetitive beats for me....

S8 plus cdjs in the pic. 6 deck wizardry?

Seems like she stuck Velcro on herself and ran through Digital Villiage in Chadwell Heath ( if that's even there anymore)

Random moonflower lighting effect too. She has probably been up for weeks trying to get the sync button to work on that..... Meow

How did you guys start off learning Ableton? Attend a course or just self taught? What would you recommend? I have the lite version but since my aforementioned cubase nightmare in the early noughties I have shuddered at the thought of learning music production, but things seem to have moved in a more user friendly direction.

Would Push be a good entry point?

To me this makes perfect sense. I never really got DJing with CDs. I was vinyl up until about 2003 when all the record shops started shutting, then went digital. Bought a cdj 1000 and never understood the whole waste of time that was buying wavs then burning onto a CD. Pain in the arse. Plus I found dubious quality . Had some pretty embarrassing skip incidents I can tell you.

In my opinion the most logical product on the market at present is the xdj aero. Can be used with a host of DJ software, usb and record box. Even your iPhone. Problem is it doesn't have the kudos of stand along players, that's why this is a canny move by pioneer introducing the single xdj player- needs traktor hid support though


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Saw him play about 2 yrs ago in some crappy club in New York just when he was breaking through over here. About the same time as the "Don't weigh me down" remix he did.

The night was interesting to say the least. Club was some hip hop joint near Port Authority. Metal detector at the entrance I recall. Crowd totally not into it...note when I say crowd I mean about 50 people. Me and my mate loved it and got battered on overpriced vodka and bowled around the gaff going crackers.

We felt a bit sorry for Guy J. He had the horror of the venue/crowd plus the state of us two dancing around like loons. Poor chap.

My impression was he wasn't the greatest DJ but his productions in his set carried him through. Sure he has progressed a lot now though.

Felch Aid wrote:

Interstellar - almost perfect. Some of the blurb was a bit intense and the ending dragged but cinematography at the imax leathering the sound system was awesome. Shat me kecks at that bit with Mr Damon.

Docking scene near the end when MM had to go for it and dock at full speed was amazing. Proper nail biting.

Saw Interstellar last night. Epic movie but ending IMO just lost me slightly. So close to being utterly superb but a tough subject to really nail everyone who watches it. Looks amazing and the soundtrack top notch.

May go and see it again at an IMAX without the mrs and see if it all sinks in sans her fidgeting

It's intersting to hear how Americans got into the scene with little or no mainstream support during the late 80s/early 90s.

As I alluded to in my piece, a lot of my generation in the UK grew up with the folk lore of US clubs/ DJs, but the reality in much of American was house was scorned upon.

Below is an interesting commentary from this period that shows the skepticism of the US towards a scene with heavy drug connotations post the crack epidemic in the country.  Over to Keith Allen and Tony Wilson

I doth my cap to anyone who works with outboard gear and actually produces anything.

I remember in the early noughies spending my hard earned bonus on a novation bass station , yamaha csx2, roland d5 and cubase- plus assorted midi bridges etc. spent about a year achieving fuck all, spending most of my time just trying to get cubase to link with the gear properly. Ended up selling it all at a massive loss. Think my mum got the CSx2 for her choir practices...

In my limited experience master one thing and actually get something done start to finish.

Apologies for the KLANG fest, more "it's a small world" vibe than intentional.

We had a few trips up to the Hippadrome Colchester in my 6th form. Think we got a chinning from a bunch of squadies when we tried to pull some birds and they found out where we were from. Par for the course in Essex back then.

Send Tom my regards if you see him up the pool hall. Mention the drummer out of Sub Zero....that will give him a giggle