Went to secondary school in Essex and lived in "the golden triangle" for a bit after Uni/before coming out to NY.

Brentwood was voted most boring town in the country in the 90s. Now I hear bus loads of stag and hen parties go out along the "strip". Essex has always been a characterless heap. Basically a breeding ground for the city . Good grammar schools, good transport links. That's about it.

The whole TOWIE vibe Is the spoilt offspring of former Eastenders made good.....someone once said to me Eastenders either do well and get out via the a12, or do badly and end up along the a13.


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Ben Wand wrote:

Anybody who moves to New York is just acting like a diva in my opinion. Disgusted that he abandoned the green lanes of Henley for that shithole.

Sasha moves in the Brooklyn hipster circles here in NY. Lots of low neck T shirts, tats, and limited knowledge of house music pre 2010…….


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There are many theories regarding why electronic music never took off in the US when everyone in Europe was jumping on the scene.

I arrived here in New York in 2008 and couldn't believe the apathy towards house music amongst the mainstream crowd . True there were niches but by the time I arrived the whole west 27th scene had died . Ironically house was seen as European , and the majority I knew gravitated towards homegrown rappers, RnB artists, country and rock. House was seen as somewhat seedy, druggie, foreign and artificial. There are a lot of legacy issues with house musics links with disco, the gay scene and unfortunately minorities that affected it's ascendance into the mainstream here . Put it this way, I thought I was pretty right wing when I came to the US. After a few months here I realized I was basically a socialist liberal here!

EDM is mainstream Americas version of the house vibe. Stadiums, focal point dj heroes, mass marketing. It is what bands like Kiss and Motely Crüe did to rock music.

The positive hope is that when the kids get tired of going to these massive EDM parties they may seek out events at Output or Vetboten and progress.


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aural wrote:

One of the big differences is the sheer size of the US vs the UK. The US has had much more regional impacts in culture - Look at the electronic music scenes in Chicago and Florida for examples. They both have extremely developed and diverse electronic music cultures (and have since the late 80s) - but they are largely isolated by region.

for example

In contrast, a cultural shift in the UK has much less distance to travel and, as with many things, Intensity = Power/unit area (I=P/A)

Disagree size has that much to do with it. So why does the majority of the US like commercial RnB/Rap then? I think if a scene is pushed by radio and media it does spread across the country like wildfire due to cable TV etc. MTV sponsored 90s drab rap and the rest is history.

Watching "Paris Is Burning" and reading articles like this (http://www.dewit.ca/archs/JD/New_York_Story.html) give a good reflection of how House was perceived in mainstream America around the time it was exploding in the UK/Europe.


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I watched that Music Nation documentary about the Egham/Windsor Balearic network and how the scene went from football hooliganism to hands in the air in the space of a summer. I thought the documentary showed some pretty cool footage of Farley et al bowling around at raves and at Full Circle which was good. Content a bit lightweight though.

Did bring up one interesting concept that may explain why there is so much difference between the perception of dance music in the UK vs say the US. It's pretty apparent the whole rave/acid house reveloution changed the UK as much as the summer of 67. The concept of people being pre/post rave was mentioned in the program and I think it's pretty true .

The US for example didn't have this massive cultural shift that we had in the UK, therefore have just bastardized house music to fit in with their corporate culture. I used to get a bit piseed of living over here and seeing what they were doing with EDM, but now I just think it's so far away from what true electronic music is all about it's now irrelevant. Bit like gabba.

For a lot of people who started going out in the late 80s/90s the scene is very personal. I remember going to crappy ritzy type clubs at 16/17 and nearly getting the shit kicked out if me and my mates . Standard fare for provincial england. Then we got into house and started going out in London and people actually spoke to you! Plus the music sounded like it was from another planet compared to what was being played at the ritzy.

The UK both structuraly and people wise changed so much for the better in the 90s due to in part the whole acid house ethos.  That is sometimes either misunderstood or forgotten by many commentators but good it was brought up in this documentary.

Surprised to hear there is VIP/bottle service at Verboten. Thought they marketed themselves as anti VIP, alongside Output. Anyway, there are plenty of trust fund hipsters in Brooklyn to compensate for the loss of this client base......until electronic music falls out of favor again in the US.

Would like to have seen Burridge. That burning man mix from last year was pretty amazing.


..as in Joey Deacon..."Don't be a Joey ......" Still remember day after that documentary was on the whole school was going mental. Emergency assembly called at school to halt the distasteful name calling.

Bundle....as in someone shouts bundle in the direction of an unfortunate person and everyone steams in.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
zackster wrote:

not sure, hank. RDJ has made a wide array of styles in his day, so it could sound like almost anything. i hate to hurt my noise cred, but i must confess that i am not a huge fan of RJD's noisier side. hangable audio bulb and what not. i am hoping this will be closer to his ambient and house monikers.

This album is already out there….

The Selected Ambient Works are absolute masterpieces. But to go from those to what can only be described a fucking racket is completely unforgivable. Honestly, if I filled up my dishwasher with a load of pans and cutlery and 4 hours previously had eaten a phall strength Aloo Gobi knocked back with 4 pints of Carlsberg Jacobsen beer. I could then hook up a mic next to the dishwasher and another next to arsehole and record something infinitely more melodic and interesting than most of those later efforts.

Second that.

Remember some of the guys from school getting into all that "intelligent Techno" post selected ambient works. Labels like Rephlex. Sounds like a total din to me. Just heavy noise. Awful .

Dermo wrote:
MarcusR wrote:

I'm dumbfounded how many people here in the US have no clue who he was.

No surprise to me.

Fcking terrible . Realy got my goat today .... No mention on any mainstream media chanel here in the US apart from in Chicago . Was out with some American mates tonight and they were giving it large he invented house music etc etc. When I conveyed to them no one in the US knew about him because the US media's vetoing of anything linked to black people/gay people/ counter culture they shut the f up. Totally clueless .

I'm dumbfounded how many people here in the US have no clue who he was. In the UK it's front page news on the BBC website. CNN aren't even reporting it. Very sad he never got the true recognition he deserved by the mainstream US. Utter legend.

Advantage of traktor with the CDJs is the fact you dont have to go through the rekordbox analysis and exporting , plus with traktor you have added effects that you may want to use. Cdj 2000s have a bigger screen so navigating through tracks is easier if you have loads on your usb. The 900s have a crappier screen that I hate navigating through .

Is there any benefit sound wise using USB sticks vs CD vs using as soundcards(traktor) ?

Heard a mix back when I was using them with traktor and the guy after me was using tracks off USB sticks and it sounded a lot better.

Surely everything still goes through the same DACs?

Probably said before but all this Towie, Joey Essex , Essex thing.

Having lived in the area I can tell your they are all a bunch of spoilt dumb rich  kids living off mum and dad. Problem is people must be lapping it up for all these shit shows to be aired.

True we always had entertainers like this from the days of court jesters, but this has to stop for Christs sake.......

We are back at the Koloklub, Hoboken on April 11th for another installment of Industry Standard.

No Cover

8pm until late

PM me if you need any more info, or fancy playing this year at one of our gigs



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flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

You could be the next David Mancuso if you invited all your neighbours, plied them with drugs and dried fruit and paid off the local sheriff.

Endless possibilities.

More like Peter Stringfellow......

Went once in 2009. Really enjoyed it but was only there for 3 days and did other touristy things as well as the conference. Went to a Ben Watt pool party and Sasha and Digweed at Mansion.

Keep to the decent daytime pool parties and away from Ultra and you will be fine.


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flares_and_an_anorak wrote:
MarcusR wrote:

[I'd rather have 3 people dancing all night and going for it

Couldn't you do that in your lounge? Be a lot cheaper and less effort than hiring a club.

Could do but the downstairs neighbors are light sleepers........

In all seriousness we don't pay anything for the venue we do our parties in. When I first came to the US we did some things in NY but the venues wanted so much up front and a say in the music gave up in the end. What we do here in Hoboken doesn't bankrupt us and we can do what we want music wise. Ben going about 18mnths and slowly building a decent enough crowd.

Lot tougher than what I did in the UK though due to the whole musical upbringing of the majority of the US.


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zackster wrote:
MarcusR wrote:

yanks not known for dancing, especially the blokes. Just stand there. Birds just on the prowl for rich men

Looks to morgue that gaff.

so what goes on at your night in nj again?

Less people and obviously less polished, but I'd rather have 3 people dancing all night and going for it rather than a crowd just standing there doing nothing. Problem with this type of clubbing in NY is people go to be seen, not participate. Loads of good smaller events happening though, just this type of event/venue attracts the above sterotype.


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yanks not known for dancing, especially the blokes. Just stand there. Birds just on the prowl for rich men

Looks to morgue that gaff.


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What sums up the big club scene in NY happened to me last night.

Was out in the west village with the mrs having a nice meal. Warren and Hernan were playing at that gaff. Off the cuff we thought of going along. Looked into the door price and it was 50 bucks a pop.....100 bucks to just walk in the door....fucking crazy. No wonder everyone looks as miserable as sin in there if they have spent that much just to get in or had to book tickets 8 weeks in advance to get a decent price.....impromptu clubbing ???? Not likely

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Floyd aren't a band, they're a way of life. Only a complete clownshoe wouldn't know this.

Massive + 1 on that....

Growing up in the early 90s bands like the Roses and Mondays were an enormous cultural shift from the standard rock and pop fodder. I probably see them through roses tinted glasses as musically not the greatest, but as a point in time highly influential and therefore rightfully should be up on a pedestal .

Floyd over rated? Get a grip FFS.........

sladek wrote:

The Stone Roses are one of the most overrated bands in English history IMO. Second only to Pink Floyd.
podium finish.

Do you have ears?


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True it's a great city, but the reality of clubland here is somewhat different to the image  I grew up on living in the uk. Clubland in the UK since 88 has wiped NY of the map

Don't give up. Keep the home fires burning!