Like the look of Mixify. No adverts , quality video stream plus IOS integration . The pro plan at $9.99 a month I could stomach ...

Seem to be a lot of options for audio only, not too much for Video and audio- unless you want to pay wedge every month

Looking to start a bi weekly audio/video stream out of my studio rather than doing nights at bars. Last few gigs I have done have been an utter ball ache with punters just not into it and crappy promotion by the bar owner.

I've used the free ustream service before. I'm prepared to pay a bit for an improved serice but not hundreds a month like some packages I've seen

Anyone have any experience of using other streaming services and can recommend any? Need to be iOS and android friendly. Cheers

Any idea what the track is on the Howells warm up set coming in around the 9 min mark is? Utter tunage

Loving the whole mix tbh.

Not read one dud report. Gutted beyond belief I missed this, but living in US limits my trips back to the old country .

Anyone else heard the rumors of the monthly night returning? Is London ready?


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Love the classic Leftfield story of putting a if in the lunch at the Leftism album launch party at the old GLC building in London. Still remember the mixmag article on it.

Shame I won't be around for the live gigs. Seems like I've mused a lot of dad tech gigs being in the US, what with this and Underworld. Need Spooky to do set of gigs now,,,

It's been a go to mix for me since it was stuck on soundcloud. Total quality. First two or three tracks set the tone for the rest.

Compared the DJ Three's effort last year it's incomparable. Some of that is unlistenable. That human traffic sample.....dear oh dear

I get the impression a lot of people were in the right place at the right time and milked it for years. Throughout the 90s all these guys were getting the tracks before us mugs at the local store and coining it.

FRampling, holloway, proctor , Jules et al had a massive influence on the scene, but was it more by circumstance than talent?

Wierd continental type doing a superb live PA upstairs . Finished to rapturous applause only for some posho from the rugger club to start hekeling him about what his name was. Odd ending to a superb set. Wondered what happened to him....WCT I mean, not the rugger bugger

Meeting up with the lads from Plastic Fantasic and having a top laugh...

Great times indeed. Beats the work trip I'm on at the moment in Nashville anyway....

Seeking a bit of advice from our American cousins on the board, who obviously have decent taste in music being active on this board.

Ive been living in the US for 6 years now, doing nights off and on, and am becoming more and more exasperated by the standard punter who turns up at our gigs. We have a good following of people into our music, but am dumbfounded by some of the observations/feedback I get from standard types. For example......

-American men don't dance apart from ironic/piss taking "hot stepping". A kind of Hot Prince of Bel Air type move.  I've been told by various people that this is because men dancing is either "faggy" or "for minorities". Really? In 2015 people still think like this? And people saying this are not old biggest, but twenty/thirty year olds.

-Cultural Ghetto's - seems like there is a real divide amongst what people are into and where they live. People who like dance music live in Williamsburg, Jocks/Fratt boys live in Hoboken, arty hipster types live in Jersey City etc etc. and there is very little cross pollenation, even with kids in their 20's. The twenty something Jocks are into Journey/Bon Jovi and aspirational Rap/RnB. Its crazy how formulaic it is.

-Attention span - think this is more of a generational thing, but people tend to turn up at gigs, take a bunch of photos, post a FB message, then bugger off. All night there is a flow of the same behavior .

I put a ton of effort into my nights on the production from, lighting, sound, visuals, promotion etc and the last couple I get the feeling after the gigs I'm flogging a dead horse due to the mindset of where I live.

Hoboken is a very young socially active town right opposite Manhattan, but has a very preppy/jock reputation. Whereas in the UK your average guy may not know about Dixon's latest remix, he/she knows how to get tanked up and dance to repetitive beats. I once had a guy who worked for me in London who was a real indie kid, always taking the piss out of "boom boom" music, but on a night out he would always report to the dance floor and get involved. Just doesn't seem to happen here.

Is the "field of dreams" concept of build it and they shall come pointless in mainstream Americana? I could move the night to another venue or maybe start a podcast/radio show to build up more audience. Thoughts....


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Was a period when everything on Hook was amazing. Big label around my Uni days and all the outdoor parties we did around Kent.

Shit they were i ever managed to dance that fast god only knows!

Bedrock at Heaven was a great period both for the scene and me personally. Was working right near Blackfriars which meant Thursday night at Heaven was a quick change after work in the gym, a few liveners around Fleet St then bowling into the venue.

Once in Heaven milling around the side of the dance floor grooving to this beast with an air of anticipation for the upcoming onslaught. Taking in the history of the venue, the eclectic mix of people and the quality production aesthetics on show. Great, great times.

Gutted i won't be along to this in April, as I'm across the pond nowadays. Enjoy boys and girls, enjoy!

''Twas me.

Bit of a generalization to get my point across, but not really my cup of tea post Nirvana US rock/Grunde/indie.

IMO there should be more UK bands taking the key slots at  Glasto, both dance and rock.


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I had the misfortune of seeing Dave Growls Sonic Highways documentary on HBO. First city was Chicago and Detroit. Not one mention of house/techno or disco.

Just banging on about loud grunge wonder most of mainstream America has such a blinkered exposure to electronic music when one of its music poster boys omits it from one of dance musics birth places.



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Seems like Glasto is getting a bit obsessed with US rockers - Metallica....Foo Fighters....filed under post Nirvana US grunge bollocks like Pearl Jam and the like. Surely there are UK artists that should be headlining.

Just stick The Orb, Progidy, Underworld, Chems and Orbital on rotation. Job done !

Very consistent producer of quality "building block" chuggers/groovers. Bought a ton of his stuff over the past year or so.

In my experience.

-Watch out for guaranteed spend/fee. Some places I found wanted 2 or 3 grand up front before you get started. Having a good relationship with the owner/manager is key.

-passing trade . Doing a night on the field of dreams ethos of "build it and they will come " is a dangerous game. A venue with a reputation and/or in an area where people are already out  and about helps massively.

-make an effort on the production. Visuals/lighting/ sound. Try to differentiate

Good luck ! Keep us posted as to how it goes.....

Latest John Tejada EP...whole thing top drawer. … ns/1455379

I reckon. Remember stuff like The Wooden Tops and Finitribe were classed as Balearic back on the day. Above track is a stomping beast...

Smashdad....loving the festive mix swap outing. Just what the doctor ordered...

Its Sunday, its grim outside, i'm progged out........time for some Balearia.

Here is one for starters...

From about 03m we're talking!

Nice setup. Met BalEric a couple of times. Nice chap. Did some tracks with another buddy Vadim.

Ordered an EFX 500, taking delivery Friday. Will let you know how I get on. Interested in the drum machine functionality and syncing that into my setup.

What sort of bell has an air horn in the first place? A manager too.....utter egg

Ordered one of these bad boys.  Massive price drop considering how much they were a couple of years ago. No bells and whistles but Denon have a good rep quality and sound wise … B001S0NTZE


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jamie wrote:

quick question for traktor users - what do you currently have your sound settings set to?

I listen to a lot of mixes posted and feel that I am losing some sound quality somewhere? I am recording straight from traktor to my hardrive (internal mixing) and am wondering if I need to change a setting somewhere?

any tips for places to look for the loss? thanks

What htz do you have your soundcard set to ? I've found its a tough ask on the CPU when recording a mix internally and have the htz set at 96 rather than 44 or 48. Plus are you using remix decks? That maxes out your ram.


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MattBlack wrote:
Odo wrote:
jamie wrote:

took my first pill at peach at cafe de paris

Not the only one  smile

Cafe de Paris, now there's a blast from the past!

Is Cafe De Paris still an open venue? Used to go there a bit back in the day. Proper old dance hall with viewing from the top floor. Interesting to know how many of the old venues are still open.....

Heaven......obviously, opened in late70s I think.
SW1/Pascha....really old dancehall even my olds used to frequent back in the 60s
Camden palace/koko .....

Any other original venues from back in the day still going?