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My generation had cheesy crap, 2 Unlimited, Rozzalla etc etc.

True, but as a veteran of the old hardcore scene - which boasted loud clothes, masks and whistles as standard - I remember some of that music was dark. Where's the edge to any of this? Life isn't all happy, happy, happy feel good all the time. There's no balance. The day destroys the night. Night divides the day. None of the tracks sound in any way organic either. It's all just power riffs, like the electronic equivalent of Whitesnake.

Very true. All very Whitesnake.

Personally I would get a 2nd hand technics  then either get a mixer or phono pre amp into your laptop/computer. The record using something like Audacity, which is free.

The USB decks I've seen look very moody

Here are some alternatives to Technics if they are too pricey

Not one shot of them attempting to DJ. Basically just playing turd and hollowering into the microphone.

Look, lets face it. Its music for the LOL/Selfie generation to do their first beans to. My generation had cheesy crap, 2 Unlimited, Rozzalla etc etc. The difference now is the American corporates and mass market have got involved, pumped steroids into it and created a sort of Glam Rock for for these times. 

This is what the American yoof market wants and boy are they getting it. Music and culture for the ADD generation.

Its good, and his his selection of tracks are good....but I'm sure you or I would put something together pretty fancy of we got the latest pre release promos  that have been tested out on multiple dance floors around the world.

I just think he is a bit too posey. He does a residency here in NY at Marquee with a load of jellyfish in the DJ booth and birds swinging around in swings. Then there's him in the booth just looking at his Mac Book.

Dunno...... just something not quite right......doesn't float my boat

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Keen to have a demo on these when they come out. I sold my 1210's 5 years ago because I was skint. Terrible decision upon reflection.

That's the one skint decision I've thankfully never made.  I sold off a TB-303, a mint condition blue Roland SH-101, etc., but my decks have always and will always remain.  I've had mine for over 25 years.

Amazing the longevity of Technics decks. Im 40 and bought mine pretty late in the day around 1997....still going strong. One was down in my basement when Hurricane Sandy hit Hoboken. It was under water for 2 days. Dried it out, took it in for a service to clean up the insides. Thing bloody worked. Unbelievable.

Be hard pressed to find another consumer product that has reached such a pinnacle, influenced generations etc etc..... Fender Strat maybe?

What's the best solution to have one Itunes and IPhoto library over multiple Macs?

I could stick them on my network drive but in the past accessing tracks has been laggey.  Some suggest using Home Sharing and copy to computer, but apparently no meta data is synced.  I use ratings a comments a lot on itunes regarding playlists .

Gerber is a master of marketing. Take away his well manicured hair, latest promo bombs, tasteful clothes, painfully trendy following and funny jellyfish and he is basically the guy who turns up at the pub with his laptop and presses the space bar.

Claire was a great track but think he is all a bit posey for me.

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I can tell you, from personal experience, that David Gilmour is a complete bellend.

Pray tell

Ran into him in Brighton? He lives in Hove now I believe

......just read Youth is helping produce. Could be interesting ....

I went along and it was a good laugh. Better crowd than expected going for it on the dance floor . Lots if youngsters and women, making a change from the usual prog fest.

Sasha has perfected his set for this new crowd he attracts, especially here in the US. Tracks vary from dreamy, pumping, winey male hipster vocal through to Techno. A real scatter gun approach but judging by the crowd reaction Sunday works to a tee.....

Carl Craig plays hard a nails......fucking hell. 4pm in the afternoon, lovely sunshine over the Hudson River....Craig playing nosebleed Techno......ooooooffffffter

Would love this to be a decent album but not sure it will. Am a massive Floyd fan, seeing both Waters and Gilmour in compncert numerous times, but dubious a cast offs album with revamped bits an pieces will be that much kop.

Was interested with the ambient side projects from TDB but Metallic Spheres didn't push any buttons with me so not sure if The Floyd are cut out for that direction either.

Rest on your laurels I say.......Echoes all the way!

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"He who controls the spice controls the universe……BOOM…."

The sound of my 6th form, along with Dominator and Mentasm…...

Its been an eventful decade being on this forum and hearing the daily banter . Will be sorely missed - the tales of old, swapping tuneage, Sasha love ins, Mumford bashing......

But seriously, its been a blast. Some threads hit close to the mark but that's what happens without a moderator. Surely the appointment of one with suspension rights would solve the issue. Im sure many of us would accept Bedrock promos as payment for services rendered.....

Getting back on topic, its been an eventful decade being on this forum and hearing the daily banter . Will be sorely missed - the tales of old, swapping tuneage, Sasha love ins, Mumford bashing......

But seriously, its been a blast. Some threads hit close to the mark but that's what happens without a moderator. Surely the appointment of one with suspension rights would solve the issue. Im sure many of us would accept Bedrock promos as payment for services rendered.....


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Would have liked to have seen Robert Plant. Lana Del Ray was supposed to be good too judging by all the FB posts I keep reading.

Watched a bit more of Metallica. Clearly superb musicians but still not convinced the right place for them at still an almighty racket. Put it this way, would Donnington invite The Mumfords along.....though I'd love to see a load of meatless smash their banjos and penny whistles over their mugs!

Glastonbury, though vastly different now to what it was, still has hippy roots and I just think metal doesn't sit too kindly with that vibe IMO.


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Looking forward to the tales of Glastoites returning to work/the real world circa Tues/Wed. Had some bloke work for me come in on the Tue still off his box. Was totally all over the place so gave him some work in another building for a couple of days so no one else cottoned on/saw him.

Wondering if anyone has been to Burning Man. Was listening to last years Burridge mix and got a pang to go. A week in the desert devoid of any creature comforts having to barter for survival like a medieval peasant maybe a tall order for a 40yr old softie like myself.....but from an experience perspective looks like nothing comes close .


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Just scanning through the highlights. What a racket ....can't fault Metalica for effort and mastery of the axe, but ffs what a din...

Don't the metalers have "monsters of rock" at Donnington for this tom foolery?

I remember reading an interview with Damon Albern in the early 90's when he was talking about the Americanisation of the UK, with shopping malls popping up and media/culture starting to go nuts with celebrity obsession. Basically he was saying our culture was being eroded rather than enriched. I feel similar now with what's happening to House music. It's basically following the same US model they do with everything to rape as much money out of the scene as possible.

I loved the fact that a bunch of black and gay disenfranchised Americans invented house music, the rest of the world took on the baton and kept it away from mainstream America . It was fantastic. Now Brad and Chuck from the frat house are in on the act and want it on their terms, loud, obnoxious and disposable . Also trying to add all this seminar shit is basically trying to turn festivals into bloody Coders conventions.

Gets on my tits......

Not sure if the effects are being felt in the rest of the world scenes

Big Fella wrote:

Marcus needs to get back to Blighty toot sweet, he's starting to sound like Dermo moaning about his lot.

Beginning to think so more and more....being on the frontline of EDM is doing my head in. Need a ALFOS party to sort me out .

For fucks sake...this is dance music....a release from the mundane hum drum of 9 to 5 life. Not a bloody work offsite. What is this growing obsession with forums, panels and the like. Interviewing Avinci, Q & A with some plank with a hitler hairstyle and a low neck? Plus the whole associated media circus that now is getting involved . Troxler trolling at some event this much coverage did that get? Plus it was hardly jaw dropping like he floored the geezer.

Seems like the scene is getting more like a corporate monster every day.....but the players still pretending they are true to the underground. As soon as the big bucks start coming in ( note $, not GBP or EUR ), so do the MBA business models by the suits. Just keep to rap/RnB boys...leave us alone!

Lived my formative years over there up until age 11.  Loved growing up there, open fields, beaches, etc etc. Parents kept the house on and now retired over there. Still go over a lot to see them and love the place.

Think teenage years over there would have been rough, but there seems a good festival scene there and that has fed into the yoof culture. Quite a lot of old money, sailing crew around Cowes/Seaview / Bembridge. Newport a bit chavvy. Old Victoriana of shanklin and Ventor very nice. West wight is very rural but scenery is breathtaking

Not sure about the prog scene on IOW though..

Brutal read all this. Utter c@nt of the highest order . A suspended sentence hardly sends out the right signals. Should have been put away at least for a bit. Plus deport the fucker

Oh, proper ugly twat as well.

You can get hold of this all over the place now, but took me ages at the time. Especially the Gary D remix. On Ren 2.

Right......rules are

- Track must have been on a widely available compilation. No obscure Richard James B side crap.
- Track must be hard as hell to get hold of legally and/or expensive.
- Track must have been released, either retail or promo. No acetate only.

Here is one for starters. On Ren 1. Over 100 quid on Discogs