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Saw some pics on Instagram. Looked pretty amazing

smashdad wrote:

This. On repeat. Proper House

An ice cream high point that was cut short in its prime


Where's Anklepants when you need him...


New Jamie XX album. Best electronic album I've heard for a very long time.


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Agree with bring back Zig and Zag . Pete Waderman Classic


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Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, apart from the Lewis Hamilton interview. True to say I watched it through nostalgia tinted eyes, but better than most of the turd on TV at the moment.

Wonder what the millennial's thought of it all?? Probably couldn't follow what was going on without the post break summaries most TV shows have now for the ADHD generation.

Boss....whole EP is superb


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. Most of the clubs are shocking bling (ideal for a load of lads on a football tour, I might add), .

Absolutely sums it up. Well pressed shirts and far too much concern about how one looks rather than how one feels.

Sounds like Essex


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

Human Traffic is an abomination

I remember commenting at the time it was hackneyed, cliched bullshit and I was called cynical and a miserable git. With the benefit of a few years grace I think most people would agree I was on point.

Never liked it, made clubbers looks like complete cretins – so I guess it was ahead of its time in some way

Remember when it came out there was so much hype in Mixmag what with Coxy, Howard Marx and all the like being in it. At the time I was rather meh about it, as I was going through my too cool for school prog perfectionist phase.

Watched it a few times since and it does capture the utter euphoria and enthusiasm of the 90s scene pretty well, and never comes over as a morality tale. If you want to go out and do beans every weekend, fair play to you. It's all good...your call

After party round the house with the Star Wars discussion and subsequent come down conversation nightmare is priceless imo.


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What CDJs do you have? Do you have a Mac ? If you have 900s/2000s then download the cdj aggregator from the pioneer website to merge the sound cards on the CDJs into a 4 out- make sure you have the CDJs connected via USB first to your Mac

One done, load up traktor and select the aggregate device as your sound card. On the CDJs it will tell you to connect via HID and you should be all set.....simples

Not sure if 850s are HID compliant yet

I first of all thought this was a piss take, then it would be so awful that it would be funny but came to the conclusion the general EDM populous that would watch this WOULD class this as their Human traffic/Requim for a dream. A very sad state of affairs.

Then within a few minutes of seeing the trailer I read this article linking the rise of EDM and the similarities with Disco....and its ultimate destruction in mainstream America with the Disco Sucks movement.

https://boilerroom.tv/i-predict-a-riot- … crackdown/

Parallel was interesting.Not sure the blatant bigotry would happen again in 2015 but crazy the champions of the EDM scene have no interest in the U.S. Originators and show no respect at all to their own. Begs the question raised in the article .......


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He did some retrospective cd in the 90s where he included this bad boy....



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Quality .


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Fuck knows why we all bowled down to that hell hole  to see him play then.....maybe he did an essential mix or a mixmag cover CD. 'Twas the 90s .. All a bit of s blur !


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Remember him playing at Club XS circa 1995. I was at Uni down in Kent and we all bowled down there for some chav action. Seb turned up wearing a white fluffy jacket like Cruella DeVille. The locals weren't too impressed an gave him verbal most of the night. Poor chap. This was when he was on Radio 1 too.....fuck knows why he took a gig down there.

After that the only way was up and he was pretty much everywhere in from 95 to the early noughties....The Gallery, clockwork,  type etc. banged em out pretty well if I remember correctly

One of the few over this side of the pond that was into the scene pretty much from the late 80s. Seen him a few times here and has been hit and miss to be honest. Didn't like his burning man set with the human traffic sample in it. Was good at the Sasha boat party July 4th a few years back mind, but Zabs stole the show that gig I can tell you . Amazballs

Really nice chap too that Mr 3

It's 1991, I'm 17 yrs old, all this house and rave malarkey is blowing up all around us, getting ready for parties, raves in school halls, learning to DJ and buying tunes, pulling birds, Royal Dutch down the park listening to tracks like this......bloody lovely!

Like the look of Mixify. No adverts , quality video stream plus IOS integration . The pro plan at $9.99 a month I could stomach ...

Seem to be a lot of options for audio only, not too much for Video and audio- unless you want to pay wedge every month

Looking to start a bi weekly audio/video stream out of my studio rather than doing nights at bars. Last few gigs I have done have been an utter ball ache with punters just not into it and crappy promotion by the bar owner.

I've used the free ustream service before. I'm prepared to pay a bit for an improved serice but not hundreds a month like some packages I've seen

Anyone have any experience of using other streaming services and can recommend any? Need to be iOS and android friendly. Cheers

Any idea what the track is on the Howells warm up set coming in around the 9 min mark is? Utter tunage

Loving the whole mix tbh.

Not read one dud report. Gutted beyond belief I missed this, but living in US limits my trips back to the old country .

Anyone else heard the rumors of the monthly night returning? Is London ready?


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Love the classic Leftfield story of putting a if in the lunch at the Leftism album launch party at the old GLC building in London. Still remember the mixmag article on it.

Shame I won't be around for the live gigs. Seems like I've mused a lot of dad tech gigs being in the US, what with this and Underworld. Need Spooky to do set of gigs now,,,