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Brave lad!

MattBlack wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

Playing Beijing soon.

Here's the details if anyone wants to urge them to cancel.
http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/beijing/e … toko-chus/
http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/signin/?n … _at_migas/

I thought he wouldn't be able to get a visa with a criminal record

He'll probably just be on a tourist visa, which doesnt require a criminal background check as far as I recall.

He's the owner, not the chef..;)


Eat here, close thread...

millsy23 wrote:

Ah.....memories. Smashdad may appreciate as he's the only person on here with a taste for prog breaks IIRC.

au contraire...I was all over that stuff in 2004/5..not main room fodder, granted, but had its place...most of these got some action from gerrard or lisle in the  upstairs room..

https://soundcloud.com/katakana/quivver … -the-days/

https://soundcloud.com/katakana/micah-t … as-worldly

https://soundcloud.com/katakana/ultravi … -katakanas

https://soundcloud.com/katakana/christi … coded-love


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good news chief!

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thats ETC's saturday night sorted then....

been racking my brains for the name of this for a while, it just came back to me..

mr rossi wrote:

Matt Blacks to busy on Twitter

making a fool of himself trying to flirt with that 'quimsy' sort you mean, lol?

matt black

agree totally on the restructuring...lose breaks / balance, split the the main area into 'moderated' music and an 'everything else 'area with less strict rules

in the same veign as the above..(same producer)

BedRob wrote:

ETC, please write a book, i would buy it.......in hardback


If we're going out, lets go out with a bang! 

whilst I havent been the most frequent poster, I will sorely miss this board if it does go..

Thanks for all the laughs, tunes etc everyone..fingers crossed John reconsiders and the naughty boys wind their necks in a bit

another Hamel belter..


topical, and one for ETC too I would imagine..

furry wrote:

The whole Ep is wicked

Mr Boring wrote:


As Dermo, Kumquat and a few other veterans will testify, Sue Pollard used to frequent Renaissance in Mansfield in 92 /93..



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id have to be like that hobo on the simpsons on the goods train , exchanging my tales for a good sponge down from strangers



bit of a mish mash of stuff on there, mainly unreleased breaks tracks but some prog, and lots of old mixes..these should find favour in the iron age settlement on a sunny afternoon...

https://soundcloud.com/katakana/jools-t … -adventure
https://soundcloud.com/katakana/jools-t … dventure-1



Lex - 'Vertical Horizon'...should be right up the ETC strasse...

I did a remix of this for Barracuda but it , like the original, never came out..

Barracuda records (which put out 'nautical bodies') was run by none other than our very own Wiggy...trufax

from that to MBB in a few short years wink