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it would have to be GU25 for me, both CDs i think are amazing and right up my street

anyone got it?, i can only recognise one track on it

when when when?? big_smile

yeah thats what i thought too

looking at various forums i know sasha and digweed did a gig for MTV2 on NYE 2002, and looking at the t/l it has papua new guinea just after the half way mark so i reckon you've hit the nail on the head

cheers mate

what time is the night meant to be on then?
is laurent garnier gonna be on for the whole night then?

hi guys, i have a set of my HD which says sasha and digweed live at fabric, its 2 hrs long and 109 mb big. however theres no date, but i reckon its prob late 2001/early 2002 or before

it has the satoshi tomiie mix of papua new guinea about the 78 min mark
anyone know what im talking about?
if you know the date post that too


this tune was played by digweed in mexico in aug 2003
proggy tune, with a male vocoder saying "deep voice telescopic probe"

many thanks, im new to this board so dont flame me big_smile