That worked far better than I hoped it would...

I'd say most people on here couldn't give a fuck about Bedrock and the dull music it releases, what they do care about is passing time whilst they're in work.

That is, without doubt, one of the worst sets I've ever heard.

And I've not even listened to it yet.

Big Fella wrote:

Wasn't Paul the chap who amusingly replied 'I would love to lick her pussy' all the time?

Lol. Nah, that was that looper Todd Solondz.

Mohn - Eberplatz 2020 - Wolfgang Voigt Hard Trance AtlanticXS Mix


Is Dave refering to Paul De Aragon? Yer man who had a massive meltdown on GU years ago? Maybe I'm confusing him with someone else as there were so many meltdowns on there over the years.

There was an Aphex Twin tune that had that "We are the music makers" (that was actually what it was called) sample in it. I doubt that cunt Kleinenberg even knows who Aphex is.


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Windows always goes through a pattern of a shit release followed by a good one; Windows 7 was great so I'll be giving 8 a swerve.

Reckon there's much better house DJs out there but sure whatever floats your boat.

As someone who is inherently racist, I know one when I see one and Terry is without doubt a massive racist. A sexual racist.

Why on Earth would you still listen to a DJ who plays music you don't like? There's hundreds of others out there that probably play great stuff you do like.

The best description of Di Matteo I saw was 'a particularly stylish turtle'. Lol.

Maybe I shouldn't have been soquick to dismiss the posters on David Icke's forums. I wonde what else they could be right about?

It's hardly news that Fadas is a paedophile apologist, now is it?

Piers Morgan 2009:

Piers Morgan 2012:

For anyone who wants a summary of Presto's post:


Do two grams of ket as penance.

You said government jobs and didn't specify, I'm not a mind reader. And given the complex links between state and federal funding it's disingenuous to separate them out like that. Anyway federal jobs have increased by 1 per cent under Obama which is hardly 'huge'.

a huge increase in government jobs

This is totally untrue but why let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy...

DuFunk wrote:

Diving wee prick really can't stand him with his fkn stupid goal celebration, id be ripping if i was a scotland fan he tripped over his own feet the other night.

Shaun Maloney said Bale didn't dive for the penalty.

I'll be disappointed if Zackster doesn't love rape.

Tbh I am so angered and disgusted by this that I am leaving the thread before I say something I really regret.

Over and fucking out.


If it has to be explained to you, you're part of the problem. … h-big.html

Gallactico knows what he's done. It's sickening.