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And mournfully happy to do so...

millsy23 wrote:

Took the whole brief on face value and strayed way off script.

That's the spirit.

4 or 5 days after the draw, how's everyone getting on with contacting each other?

Any suspected aliases proving difficult to get hold of?!

^^^  That's got me right in the mood for album that has...

Nice one.

Massive who...?!

Not necessarily my ten absolute favourite tracks of the year 'cos I've used some of those in other mixes and I don't like using tunes more than once in an uploaded mix - and I find it next to impossible to come up with a definitive 'Top Ten', it changes every day!  And I wanted to make them into a mix so those chosen had to vaguely work together!

So here's ten of my favourite tunes of 2014 (with a hastily dubbed intro from my favourite film of the year)...



01 Factory Floor - How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)
02 Tronik Youth - Zulu Whiskey Hotel (Gemini Brothers Mix)
03 Lord Of The Isles - Co2o (6 minutes version)
04 Austin Cesear - 1 Year
05 Tony Lionni feat Maria Marcial - Do You Believe (Funk D'Void Remix)
06 Clarian - Unrest
07 Bicep - NRG106
08 Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp (Lord Of The Isles Remix)
09 Solee - Offspring
10 Maceo Plex - Conjure Dreams

Classic tune - been reworked countless times but rarely as well as this...

zackster wrote:

awesome graphic, smashy.

The credit is all MarcusGraham's - you're right though, it is top drawer

4000th reply

Unbroken1 wrote:

..& Maceo just released 3 of 'em! The Royksopp remix is one of my favourites of the year too and only dropped last week.

Great production as the new Conjure is, think I prefer the other one released today:

Shit, that IS good isn't it...

shaunstrudwick wrote:
smashdad wrote:

loving this smile

Good innit...

Bitch of it is though it's only out today and I'm sat here pulling tunes together for my 'best of 2014' mix and this has thrown me a bit...  Do I just like it today or will I still like it in a few weeks time when it'll all be too late - can't include it in a 'best of 2015' mix can I?  What sort of selfish cunt releases a bit of a banger with only two weeks of the fucking year left eh?

Yeah, enjoyed that as well - thanks.

Any chance of an id on the tune at 50 mins?

I quite like the Anjunadeep label - I've bought a few bits by Vincenzo - I love the original song by The Cure - but what the blathering fuck is this shit...?

MarcusGraham wrote:

Festive innit!

How do you upload images by the way?

I think it's great Marcus - thank you.

Images - they have to be hosted somewhere online (I just stuck a copy of your file in one of my Dropbox folders - it uploaded - right click on it and 'copy public link'), then you paste the hosted URL into the "img" option from above the text box when you're posting on here.

MarcusGraham wrote:
smashdad wrote:
MarcusGraham wrote:

Smashdad, I've emailed you a picture, it's nice.

Nothing received this end Marcus...

What's best to send it to? I used the email address on your profile.

Apologies - forgot I even had a Hotmail account!

Received and replied - good work fella...



MarcusGraham wrote:

Smashdad, I've emailed you a picture, it's nice.

Nothing received this end Marcus...

... for those that have agreed that they're happy to have their mix(es) shared publically then stick your stuff up here - and, if it's on Soundcloud, feel free to link it to the dedicated group here,

https://soundcloud.com/groups/bedrock-f … -swap-2014


dutchy101 wrote:

It's a fix.

Going to make the odd number even again dutchy...?

Here you go then...

Hop_Head & bfchunk
mark cooney & DuFunk
Skydney & shaunstrudwick
zackster & Mickyd
Homegrove & MG
erik.b & G...
vinnyt77 & NCable
fletcher & simeon79
303 abuser & Unbroken1
khankra & MarcusGraham
Jamie & loopdokter
millsy23 & 0Greeny0
j.p sykes & faible

There was an odd number of names but based on last year there's bound to be someone who wants to join in after this draw's been made (or who drops out), so I've kept my name back and will pair with anybody else joining in - if that doesn't happen I'll jump in with one of the pairs...

As per last year it is suggested that you;
- make contact with your 'buddy'
- get your mix done
- swap whatever details you need to get your mixes swapped
- listen to what you've been sent
- decide between yourselves whether you want your mix shared onwards or kept private

I've set up a Soundcloud Group for those mixes for which it is agreed they're going to be more widely shared - everyone should feel free to 'subscribe' but again, to stress, mixes should only get linked there if both 'partners' are happy...
Bedrock Forum Festive Mix Swap 2014 Group  (If anyone wants to come up with a suitable 'image' to be uploaded to/for the Soundcloud Group then whack it up here and/or send it to me and I'll add it to the page.)

There you go - enjoy putting the mixes together and appreciate what you're sent.  Feel free to keep using this thread for dropping a public note of appreciation and/or chasing up your tardy 'partner'...


(Last year's method of matching pairs wouldn't work for this year's numbers so in an attempt to ensure as much 'randomness' as possible 26 of the 27 names were loaded into the spreadsheet utility downloaded from http://www.excel-pratique.com/en/downlo … .php?id=69 - my daughter then picked 13 names from the list to form 'column A' and the other 13 names were then added to column B (see link 1 below*) - then the spreadsheet scrambled the pairings (see link 2 below**))

* link 1
** link 2

Homegrove wrote:

I also really hope I get paired up with someone who likes prog...

You've done a prog mix?!

*gets knocked down with a feather*

erik.b wrote:

If it's still at 37 when you do the draw then drop me

No need to drop anyone mate - if it stays at an odd number there'll just be one three-way-share, as there was last year from memory...  If you want to drop out that's another matter but no-one needs to do so just because of an odd number.

24 hours till the entry window 'slams shut' - so far I make it 27 of us - an awkward number but we can make it work if we need to - ideal opportunity though for 1 (or 3?!) more people to put their hand up...

303 abuser
j.p sykes
mark cooney

... either way I'll have the pairings drawn and posted tomorrow...

zackster wrote:

shit or get off of the pot, smashy. when are you pairing this thing?

This weekend zack - as originally posted