Another belter from Locked Groove...

Saw a tweet earlier that said, "new photo of Kim Kardashian's massive arse..." attached to a photo of Kanye West from last night - that's fucking comedy right there...

Lionel Richie bashing out 'All Night Long' was most enjoyable - clearly not the best Rock Star on the planet but he seemed to go down rather well.

Two nil up early doors - set it up perfectly to 'snatch' defeat from the jaws of victory

£1m right now for the 'crane' operator to just take the keys out and go home...

Japan beat Australia...


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Go on zackster - post something up - I double dare you...


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... possibly the most slippery 'genre' of music ever, still yet to be definitively distilled - what are your favourites?

I'll kick it off with a couple...


Watched it from the dryness of my sofa but fuck me ragged Mary J Blige nailed 'No Drama' yesterday afternoon at Glastonbury.


More breaking news as it happens...


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Big Fella wrote:

Let us look at the fahcts regarding Firmino, he has played 140 times for Hoffenheim with 35 goals, a goal every 4 games.

For a team that are mid-table Bundesliga, he is not on the radar of Bayern or Dortmund.

Coming to a country where none of his previous fellow countrymen have really made a massive impact.

So if he keeps up his average he will score 10 goals if he plays in every single Prem game.

Good luck with that Liverpool.

Saw this elsewhere earlier - doesn't prove a damn thing but made me smile nonetheless...

£10.7m vs £28m


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jules72 wrote:

Find it hard to believe that a lot worse isnt coming at somepoint with ISIS running around... A 9-11 type event

Nah, next logical step for Islamic State is a premium online streaming service that doesn't cater for none of that infidel shit feel me.

Fucked up rabbits with no ears innit...

*swoons all over again*




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poirot wrote:

Haha you'd never get into Australia smashy. FYI I've never owned and never will own a man-bag. They are for complete gayers and hipsters. I'm sensing that you have been heavily involved in the practice though.

Closest I can get is luggage mate.

As for me gaining access to Australia - I'm sure you're right...

*twirls index finger next to temple*


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poirot wrote:

Not everyone is as aggressive as you smashy. We will simply have a sit down, a coffee maybe, then he will explain to me all his feelings. Then we will come to a mutual agreement of who is right and who is wrong.

poirot wrote:

Oh and your answer should have been 'No you're right, its none of my business".


For what it's worth I reckon you had the Prada bag back in about 2004 but in vinyl, not leather, and blue as opposed to black - and with 'CUNT' embossed where the Prada version actually has 'PRADA' and no actual strap for carrying.  Or buckles for fastening.  But otherwise, essentially, the same damn bag.

Pay for my travel and I'll happily meet you for a coffee to establish mutual agreement about whether that is right or wrong...

djdiggers wrote:

Interested to get your thoughts on the latest in the series



Only had it four days - will let you know when I get round to listening...


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poirot wrote:

Who mentioned a fight? Not really any of your business is it anyway, Buzzkill?

I did - I presumed that was the only way a man with your impeccable man-bag credentials would follow through after the otherwise laughable rhetoric you employed.  What else were you going to do to Hop Head after having paid his transit to repeat his assertions to your face - kiss him?


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poirot wrote:

Tell you what tough lad. Meet up with me and say all that to my face. Ill even pay for you to come from your poorer outer suburb. Pm me with a time place. Lets see how vocal you are then.

pm sent

On a small music message board you've just offered to pay someone to travel and fight you based on posts exchanged on a thread about Man Bags.

Get a fucking grip of yourself.

MattBlack wrote:
smashdad wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:

Current faves: Bronson (or it's derivative – Charles), Beak (a.k.a Beaker), Bugle, Chang, Blow, Nosebag.

I've always enjoyed 'Columbian Marching Powder' as a longer, more expressive terminology.

Gianluca, Salvadore or Boutrous.

Terry Farley


Although, as indicated by the necessity for 'Farley' to be included, that usage tends to be more esoteric than the world famous footballer, historically significant artist and globally respected politician...