Jnr's been playing the new Jessie Ware album last couple of times I've seen her - nowhere near as good as the first album in my humble but I've heard Jnr play worse...

And last week she drove me home with an MoS style 'old skool hip hop' compilation by (?) Grandmaster Flash (?) - fuck knows - absolutely spot on though - my own child is now reminding me of tunes I used to play when I was younger than she is now...

*fucks it all off*

Who brings light in?

... You bring light in...


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smashdad wrote:

Fir fuck's Oak...


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Hop_Head wrote:

I'm the one pulling down $70K a year.

Crikey - you da man...


... Kate Tempest for me - didn't hear all of them but her's is a mile beyond those I did hear...



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Papering over treacle's cracks? 


Waiting with bated curiosity to see who gets picked for the remix package this would benefit from...

Fir fuck's Oak...


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smallman1 wrote:

... I can't lie!

Should we hold tight for confirmation of that...

Used to know a fella who took one of these with him when he went second hand record shopping in town - he bought it from Juno...


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Having to pay for a landline in order to get broadband/fibre.*

So I have to pay £18pm for something that I'm not even going to plug in let alone ever use.

Fucking cunts.

* yes I know Virgin Media will do a standalone fibre-optic deal but not in my block of flats they fucking won't


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Big Fella wrote:
steelydan wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Has this turned into a nice holiday thread.

Have been to Praslin in Seychelles, that was really nice.


Scuba dived off Anse Lasio beach Daniel.

PADI Open Water BF?  Or Advanced?

Or Dive Master?!


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Anything with that Lord of the Isles tune in it has to be worth a listen...


Went to a Sasha night in Windsor once called 'House of Windsor' - somewhere around '94 - can't remember the name of the club but it was as poor as he was good.  Friday night from memory and loads of actual female group dancing around handbags.  Seem to remember having an absolutely HUGE 'coming-up' shit in a khasi with no door and 'sobering up' in the car afterwards at 1am whilst a fight broke out and a copper had a pissed up punter bent face down on my bonnet - none of which is a euphemism...

... funny old world - I always had you down as clean shaven...


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dogmanstar888 wrote:
nitron wrote:

Going to be interesting to compare the scoring return of Balotelli with Welbeck at the end of this season, as long as they're played in their preferred positions. Same transfer fee by all accounts. Lets see who gets the most out of their player, Wenger or Rodgers.

Almost 3 months in, there's no contest so far.

Got very fucking little to do with Wenger or Rodgers - Welbeck was/is the better player and he's slotting into a better team.

Apart from which it's comparing apples with oranges - one of them is a quality finisher who also has plenty other, admirable, aspects to his game - the other is one of the most fortunate cunts currently wearing boots.


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Yant wrote:

Back in the day I always liked Lupus.



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Struggle to think of a Sasha track I like less to be honest - it's ok but 'ok' doesn't get played out.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

We'd turn both of those clubs over.

Even without Costa? Im not so sure

+1 Nick.  +1 BIG time

Chelsea look like walking this Premiership and they'll do it with or without Costa but they'll need him playing and scoring to get anywhere in Europe.


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Yant wrote:

Smashy needed all 9, i didn't.

I didn't 'need' a single one of them mate to be fair - I put £1 of my money where your mouth was - simple as that.

steelydan wrote:
jamie wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Talk Talk its my life is a wonderful, wonderful tune.

I seem to remember Danny Howells dropping a bootleg of it at one of the early Bedrock in one of his warm ups. one of my fondest bedrock memories.

16b edit

Almost certainly.

Been another couple of decent edits of it much more recently...

It's been a long night - one last can from the fridge whilst this plays and then I'm to bed...

... very, VERY little gets close to that in my humble/drunken opinion.


Hodgson - check your Spotify notifications - it's probably all shit but I've sent some stuff to browse through.

You fucking great puddle...

*bumped* - given the appetite on here for retro-based stuff...


Good work Millsy - lovely to have someone else into the whole, let's face it - absurd, 'edit scene' - most heartening...

Currently only got as far as the Neneh Cherry but there's a good few on there I know and/or am looking forward to - although I suspect we'd fall out over the John Farnham - happy to concede that that might be my loss but it's just never worked well with me... hmm

Flock of Seagulls and Edit Service 8 however... smile