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More than happy to say that;
- my first 'gig' was a party in '85
- I've never, ever, advertised as a DJ
- I reckon I've done somewhere around 200 parties since then
- the majority of my gigs have been done for free
- I reckon the average 'fee' that I have received has been roughly six pints and a cab home
- the most I've ever pocketed from a gig - twice - was £250, a free bar, one wrap of bugle and driven home from the afters
- to be honest I felt uncomfortable taking £250+ for those two gigs
- I've never understood how lads are taking £000s in cash and £000s more in flights, accommodation and 'hospitality' for playing other people's music to crowds they've never met before - I don't blame them I just know it was never for me even if I'd been good enough to be given the chance

If I was putting on night for Squaddies coming to the end of their shift abroad, to be honest I'd do some fucking research and find two or three 'local' DJs who broadly fit the bill - get in touch, check their mixes and then cover their costs and their piss and spend the rest on my colleagues and producing the night.

I'd rather send a crowd away talking about how a DJ they'd never heard of has blown them away rather than pulling the bones out of Big Name DJ's set and wondering whether they couldn't have fucking done better themselves for £3k.


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From a purely cynical 'PR perspective' the time has come for Palestinians to call the Knesset's bluff and get Hamas to stop firing whatever missiles it undoubtedly still is towards Israel.

Palestinians have almost unprecedented global support and it would put intense focus on whether Israel is doing this because they are being fired upon, as they claim, or whether Israel would continue because they've actually always been operating to a different agenda...

So, 'TLDR'...

97+% of the Bedrock board are incredibly fucking lightweight.

*recoils in mock horror*

And somewhere around 50% of them have sanctimoniously given the rest of us the benefit of their wisdom having cut-down/given up/kept it to a minimum/what-the-fuck-ever...

Real men couldn't give a shit that they haven't got the faintest fucking idea how much alcohol they drink in a week.


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Having enjoyed it very much last summer, this evening I took a couple of family types to see 'Limbo' at London Wonderground on the Southbank - happy to report all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Beguiling blend of beatboxing, brass band, funk bass, fire-eating, illusions, acrobatics and fit Dorises gyrating so close you can see the stubble rash...


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Big Fella wrote:

September 2007?

Pretty sure that was on its fourth iteration in 2007 wasn't it?!

My favourite was the guy with the nunchuckas who wielded them impressively around his equally impressive torso for a few seconds before fucking the whole thing up and battering his own face with them.

That and the guy who tried to do a standing somersault and landed on his nose...

And that circular email about 'The Male Rules' - wherein we all got a chance to print off some gospel truths and magnet them to our fridge doors for the Dorises to get taught important lessons about leaving the toilet seat up and not asking if we think they're fat if they can't handle the truthful reply...

munkyn wrote:

I've just posted a mix (dark progressive) and got some snot face soundcloud take down labelling it as some top 40 pop chart track

Without wishing to overstate the fucking obvious just reply to SoundCloud and tell them that they have made a mistake - the tune they say you have used is not included in your upload so kindly request them to stop fucking around and provide you with the services you're (presumably) paying for.

They've sent me that email twice - making ludicrous errors on both occasions - seriously, the tunes they claimed I'd opened a mix with (HUGE EDM sounding tracks) were nothing whatsoever like those I'd actually used.

steelydan wrote:

Has anyone on here ever got a gig from soundcloud?

Can only speak for myself on that obviously - no, I haven't - but then I've never, even remotely, aggressively used it as a tool to market myself for gigs - to be honest I'm not really interested in 'playing out' anymore - the small, select, appreciative online audience opportunities, like mixlr, appeal much MUCH more to me.

I know for an absolute fucking cast iron fact though that people have spent money at Beatport/Juno/Boomkat/Traxsource/etc as a result of listening to the mixes I've posted - and I have spent £000s as a result of music I've first heard on SoundCloud.

Yet again *faints in mock astonishment* the 'major' record industry is fucking itself up the arse with this SoundCloud 'takedown' horseshit...

marcus wrote:

I don't know why you're getting upset with Soundcloud when you've posted a mix that's compiled entirely of music you don't own the copyright for or, I assume, have licensed or got permission to use. I know it's a pisser, but Soundcloud are technically in the right here.

People get 'upset' because of the dual-level inconsistency;
i - those of us who've been with SoundCloud for 6+ years have posted gazillions of hours of mixes and never had one single problem until a year or so ago...
ii - since the first 'takedowns' occurred, to many people there still doesn't appear - I do understand why but many don't - to be any consistency in why most mixes can be uploaded without takedown but some cant

marcus wrote:

There was another thread on this not so long back and the safest answer is simple: distribute privately by way of your own links and avoid public facing sites with social aspects to them which a lot of labels, majors and indies, are clearly waking up to. This problem isn't going to go away, quite the opposite in fact.

I don't know about 'safest', but by far the most effective answer is to simply overdub literally anything over the first 30 odd seconds of your mix - their (not really overly capable) recognition software will be comprehensively fucked over and bingo, your mix is hosted...

marcus wrote:

I know it may not help the amateur enthusiast who wants to distribute their mix, but there may be a silver lining in the near future as it could give rise to the return of properly released professional DJ mixes. If the loophole of distributing unlicensed mixes by any DJ, amateur or pro, closes demand for product of that nature can only increase.

That would be a silver lining?!  Seriously?!  Fuck that...

And, you seriously think that SoundCloud taking down anything amounts to a heap of shit?  If it disappears then everyone just uploads to mixcloud/what-the-fuck-ever and kids will use stream rips to download from there...

SoundCloud has been fucking outstanding for most of its 6+ years - the, recent, big website update was bollocks but aside from that they've opened a door that will NEVER be closed again and personally I don't see one single ounce of harm in it.  They should stand up to the majors who are muscling in and initiating all the takedowns of their precious material.  They won't of course - they'll cave in and sell out for $0,000,000s (and fair play to them) but if you seriously think that 'the return of the properly released professional DJ mix' is the future for the myriad of small, wonderful, independently supported, promoted and advertised, labels that have sprung up since the old status quo/cabal collapsed then you're bonkers...


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dutchy101 wrote:

Quite liked Flares when he first joined. He turned out to be an awful bollix, altogether.

He was an obnoxious git* from the absolute get-go - turned up almost 18 months ago, involved himself in the Involv3r discussions at the time and, truth be told, had umpteen folk on here fawning over a mystery 'prog-celeb' in our midst - he played to it and people were all over him until the truth eventually transpired that he was 50% of a nominally successful production duo 12+ years ago.

The Involver 3 thread still holds my first ever interaction with him - albeit that he's deleted much of his early shite - and HG has deleted loads of his recent spew...

smashdad wrote:
flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Sorry to be a terrible bore but...

flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

... if you can guess who I am you can win my entire back catalogue, which should be enough to put anyone into a deep depression, if not borderline suicidal.

I shouldn't imagine that anybody gives even the tiniest shit who the fuck you think you might be.

... and it/he/this board went rapidly and massively downhill from there.

Be interesting to see if a recently registered new member pops by this thread to give the benefit of their mentalism...

* = cunt

Beijing Dave wrote:

So we've determined Bazza is a squaddie.

Or, more precisely, we've determined that Bazza says he is a squaddie...

jamie wrote:

There's so much music out there these days that it's very rare I listen to a commercial release more than once but I was pleasantly surprised by the recent Fancuilli Defected comp. I've never liked any of his comps before and bought the digital release of this as it had a few separate tracks on that I wanted and it worked out cheaper buying the album.

I have listened to the mixes a few times now and am really liking them - a nice mixture of older and newer stuff. I get the impression that he put a fair bit of time into that mix.

Unmixed digi DJ compilations are the way forward in my humble - can't remember the last time I bought a physical mixed CD - like most other people there's more than enough, quantity AND quality, mixes available online.

Anjuna Deep pump out loads of comps - quite a bit of overlap with some tracks but there's some value purchases every now and then.  The Ten Years of Phonica compilation earlier this year is fantastic.  The recent Midnight Riot, Black Lace and Horse Meat Disco compilations also really good on the disco/edit side of things.

Wally wrote:

Any decent albums out? Last year we got Moderat II, Ulrich Snauss' new one and Boards of Canada Tomorrow Harvest (best album of last year) - can't think of any released this year.

Maybe not so many from The Big Names this year but I've enjoyed albums from;
Throwing Snow
Faze Action
Mark E
Paul Kalkbrenner (remix album)
Jokers Of The Scene
Todd Terje
Je Couleur

Bill Brewster's new effort is good if you can handle things a bit slower and more eclectic...

https://soundcloud.com/latenighttales/l … ft-sampler


oh, and this...


http://www.juno.co.uk/products/prins-th … 529614-01/


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MattBlack wrote:

http://www.itv.com/sport/football/artic … neiderlin/

At this rate they really will have no players left

They've just unloaded another youngster to Arsenal as well.

New manager who's never managed in the Premiership before, umpteen of last season's first XI gone and the bookies are still offering a bigger price against them being relegated than West Ham!!


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Dorises who not only do their make-up on the train but pull ridiculous faces whilst doing so.  Blokes don't shave on the bus do they?  No, so don't leave the house in the morning until you're all slapped up and if you need to re-do it during the day take yourself off to a khasi somewhere ya daft orange bint...

Make her squirt.

She'll change her attitude on the spot.

Thank me later.


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Amps wrote:

Interesting read all this gents.

If we assume that both sides are as bad as each other, or that one side is worse than the other, or that both have a right or that only one does... I still feel that the bigger of the two sides needs to bring more to the table and lead the way to peace. If you are bigger, stronger, more resourceful, better connected, better educated, better equipped etc. then the onus is on you to do more than your fair share of the work.

By and large, staunch religious views are seldom overturned - but until such time as either, ideally both (!), side(s) have a genuine, religious and political majority that is invested in social pragmatism, as opposed to ancient doctrines, then the status quo will, unfortunately, continue and more than likely, over time, worsen.

jamie wrote:
smashdad wrote:
munkyn wrote:

Yes mate...you can't buy calibre or history and MOS have shit all

Not denying that they've gone to shit now but MoS were putting out TOP quality mixed comps 3 or 4 years before GU even started...

Those early sessions CD's were amazing. Had a lot of love for the Clivilles and Cole mix.

Not to mention the Northern Exposures...


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MattBlack wrote:

When Chelsea signed him they called him the new Drogba as he had similar physical attributes, ie big, strong and quick but hes never quite hit the heights expected which is why they keep loaning him out

Lukaku needs to work on throwing himself to the ground and rolling around like a gigantic cheating cunt - training with Drogba can only help him.

munkyn wrote:
erik.b wrote:
munkyn wrote:

depending on this release feedback will prolong or kill off the GU brand forever, personally they should of let it be and like previous comments, let us bask in the good old days of GU releases not flog the MOS dead horse that it may become

Like Renaissance you mean?

Yes mate...you can't buy calibre or history and MOS have shit all

Not denying that they've gone to shit now but MoS were putting out TOP quality mixed comps 3 or 4 years before GU even started...

This is as good as anything I've heard this year...


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liquitech1 wrote:

... for me it's the whitewash from Cameron, Obama etc thats sickening.  There's no other conflict on the planet right now that Western media distorts as much.

Jewish money and the influence it brings have been an integral part of the UK & US for far longer than the State of Israel has existed - rightly or wrongly 'the West' always sides with Israel although Netanyahu currently gives the impression he's taking that support for granted...

jamie wrote:
smashdad wrote:

this is on the other side to autobahna? I always preferred this over the other side. reminds me of an old Fluke track - it's got the Fugler / Bryant sound about it. I remember I always found it a complete bastard to mix smile

Yeah, flip-side of Autobahnana - that's my knackered old copy you can hear in the YT link - I'd love a good quality digi of it but never seen one...


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drwho13 wrote:

What's going on in Gaza is terrible, but it's not genocide. What's going on in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Congo and Somalia are examples of genocide.

There's no excuse for the deaths of this many civilians, but it's not as if Israel has unilaterally decided it's time go on a murderous rampage. Unless I'm mistaken the current framework for the ceasefire that Egypt proposed stipulates that if Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel with the express purpose of killing civilians, all hostilities would stop?

There are clearly underlying issues which need to be addressed, the least of which are the blockades, but if all I have to do to stop the deaths of this many people is to lay down my weapons and accept a ceasefire, what reasons would I have not to?

smashdad wrote:

Devotion to ancient monotheistic doctrines and the politics/bitterness/vicious circles that result...

... and like I suggested this specific Israel/Gaza issue, and umpteen similar others of varying seriousness around the world, are very unlikely to get resolved until such time as the peoples involved somehow evolve themselves out of umpteen centuries of 'faith' and all the fucking bullshit that entails. 

It's been centuries in the making and it's not going to get solved quickly but once all peoples involved care more about their fellow humans than they do their 'God(s)' then progress could be made.