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There is no 'Atletico'.

I'm English and to me it's Athletico

Thierry Henry or Terry Henry?


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Ok - had this on again in the car this morning - skipped through it last night and only listened to the 'big' collaborations - as for the rest of it;

The opening track with Rone is decent - I actually really like it.  And the second track is a continuation of the first but with JMJ on his own - and it's not bad either.  Both definitely worth a listen when it hits your streaming site of choice (just checked Spotify and the album's not there yet).

The Julia Holter track is ok - worth a listen.

I like the Gary Numan track but then I like Gary Numan.

The Hans Zimmer track has grown on me a lot - it is just an arpeggio build but the strings are lush.

Not sure who Sirius is, or Christophe for that matter - but I don't like their work - not with JMJ anyway.

Album closes out with a couple of solo JMJ tracks - not bad but not brilliant.

And I hate to come back to it but the Primal Scream nonsense is worse this morning than it was on first listen last night - what the fuck everyone involved was thinking I cannot begin to fathom - absolute fucking rubbish.

If you were buying tracks separately then you could probably make yourself a half decent mini-album of six or seven tracks and give it a 7/10


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So, Part One of JMJ's 'Electronica' project last autumn was 25% shit and 75% absolute shit - and now Part Two, 'The Heart Of Noise', is out...

As with the previous effort this one is pretty much entirely a collaboration album - Pet Shop Boys, Primal Scream, Gary Numan, Jeff Mills, Hans Zimmer, The Orb, Yello, Sebastien Tellier, Cyndi Lauper and Edward fucking Snowden, amongst others...

The PSB track is like a track the PSBs didn't consider anywhere near good enough to go on their recent, surprisingly enjoyable, album.

The Gary Numan track is interesting - but probably only for Gary Numan fans.

The Hans Zimmer track is ok - as ok as a very simple arpeggio build can get anyway...

The Jeff Mills track gets better the longer it goes on but it does need some perseverance to get there and even then it feels like it would massively benefit from a Jeff Mills remix.

The Snowden track is utter shit - listen to it but never listen to it again.

The Sebastien Tellier track sounds like an authentic but bog-standard Tellier song - ok but so what...

The track with The Orb is rather nice on a first listen.  After a second listen I'm prepared to say it's comfortably the best thing on offer.  The Yello track is my choice for second place after the initial listen.  However, the Cyndi Lauper track somehow manages to be dreadful...

Finally - avoid the Primal Scream track like the fucking plague - I assure you that you would rather listen to a recording of your mother being beasted by the devil.

Overall - it's tricky 'cos I'm disappointed (again) - but being as objective as possible maybe a 3/10...?  Although frankly any album that includes that fucking Primal Scream disaster doesn't really deserve any mark...

Klartraum - new album again...


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It's a shame that America's genuine achievement of having a woman elected as a viable Presidential candidate is massively cheapened by the fact she's only there because she's an ex-President's Doris who chooses to ignore her old man's numerous and blatant philanderings because her career means more to her than her husband's fidelity.

Reminds me of something Christopher Hitchens used to write/speak about at length - Obama broke the perceived glass ceiling with regard to race, Hilary Clinton could well break the perceived glass ceiling for women - the biggest glass ceiling remaining in place will only be broken when America elects a President who is openly non-religious - to which end it will be interesting to watch the extent to which Trump now strokes the shaft of the religious right...


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Kasich gone now too. 

Trump's won - although I wouldn't be surprised to see some more mayhem before the Convention in mid July.

I like 'chuggy' - the word, 'the sound' (at least as it exists in my mind) and the fact that it's becoming A Thing is hilarious.

I didn't think it was a new term - Hodgy and I used to refer to 'chuggy' tracks years and years ago - 'chuggy disco', 'chuggy house' - got loads of unfinished 'chuggy mixes' that we'd half-compile and I'd never get round to finishing.

Can't be long till Beatport co-opt it as a genre and ruin the whole fucking thing...


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Trump, Clinton or even possibly Sanders - don't think it matters - Putin, China, Saudi et al will be chuckling under their breath and plotting their next moves with barely concealed contempt.

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Great game last night. Makes the prem look like div 3 that kind of football does.

Was thinking exactly the same while watching  it, the prem just seems to be being left behind in quality

It's a weird one isn't it - growing up as a lad in the late '70s/'80's and then into the 90's all we ever heard was how English football wasn't as technically competent as the continental game and the success achieved at club level by English clubs was attributed to the tempo we English played the game at.  Now, the English game is absolutely packed full of foreign players and the best football is being played at a terrific pace by the best Spanish/German clubs.

Is Guardiola's reputation slightly tarnished after three consecutive semi-final exits with Bayern?


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That's it then - Trump is presumptive nominee - fucking hell...

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jellé boufon - hope (hold my hand) {stay placion interpretation mix} [perfecto]


Folder Struds...

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Scratch btw

Scratch or Scratch Live?  Pretty sure latest versions of Scratch Live cope with FLACs...

I'm being daft. My folders/crates are set up using itunes which doesn't accept flac, but I can navigate to my classics folder sure enough.

Fucking iTunes...



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Almost an old-school game that one - some proper challenges flying in - Spurs overheated though and what the fuck was Dembélé  playing at?!


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Dermatron wrote:

its how bantdad copes with his anger issues.

This 'bantdad' cunt sounds like he needs to loosen up a bit Derms - let's hope he more closely follows your posting profile - you're the shining example we all try to emulate after all eh...


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Grant wrote:

Snooker final is a cracker. I went large on Selby when he was 6-0 up and have been shitting myself ever since.

Mate of mine had £25 on Ding last night when he was six nil down - won't tell me what odds he got on it unless it comes in - I'm guessing it was around 8/1...?


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Big LOL at the Germans taking this England Legends v Germany Legends thing so seriously - stereotypes eh...?!

Lads, lads, lads...


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

If Arsenal beat them next weekend, we can win our remaining games and finish 4th. if.

... plus Chelsea's injury time 'penalty' at The Bridge, plus two subsequently rescinded red cards when West Ham were wining and went on to draw, plus the farce at Leicester two weeks ago - add those eight points on and not only is Bob your Aunty's shag-piece but loads of people will now be up in arms at my very suggestion...

Squidgy wrote:

Scratch btw

Scratch or Scratch Live?  Pretty sure latest versions of Scratch Live cope with FLACs...

Squidgy wrote:

Anyone got any flac to wav or mp3 software recommendations? Can't play flac in Serato.

What version of Serato have you got - I've got Serato DJ and it plays FLACs just fine...

Conversion software - you want dBpoweramp if you're a windows user(?)

keep forgetting there's now a Mac version of dBpoweramp - either way, find both here...


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Couple of pointless but illuminating stats from today - it's apparently now over 21 years since Man City won a PL game that they were trailing at half time and Man City have only won once this season, home or away, against any of the current PL top 8 clubs.


Dermatron wrote:

Well cheers for that Swansea. Should be the final nail in the dipper coffin of any European football what so ever next season.

Man Utd win the FA Cup and I believe Europa Cup goes down to 7th place...

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This is excellent.

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Thanks for the download smile

You're welcome - link's dead now after 49 downloads...