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seanc80 wrote:

The acting in Game of Thrones is top notch.

Eh?  Is my sarcasm meter on the blink again...

Anybody actually paying to watch this?!


It's ok - truth be told I actually quite enjoyed it - not a superhero in sight and no CGI - I am fucking astonished it won the Oscar though - it's almost as if the awards panel felt some sort of obligation to over compensate for previous omissions...


Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Blast from the past. Such an amazing album. Not sure why old Pete went MIA?

Bless you Henry - you have done a great thing posting that...

Anyone dropping 80 notes on a fucking omelette needs cunting in the bastard...


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Homegrove wrote:

The police were expectational yesterday.

Predictive text eh...


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universoGus wrote:


tai chi

and wu shu, which i think tai chi also involves wu shu,

is the farthest shit for sure



Excellent.  That precludes NSFWally's participation.  You really should post an awful lot more than you do Gus...


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People Just Do Nothing

It's not the funniest thing you've ever seen but it's the funniest thing I've seen on the BBC for just about as long as I can remember.


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World class cuntery from Arnautović yesterday - goes down after a challenge claiming he's been whacked and then moments later plants his forearm into an opponents neck with literally no subtlety and in full view of the ref.  Apparently he's apologised on social media though so I guess we're golden... roll

Cosmic Baby session...



... fucking big day for you on Saturday mate - try and get all that nuptials business wrapped up quick and early so you can enjoy your guest-mix-appearance on JPS's 'Conversations'...

All the best fella - I shall be raising a glass to you and zackette.

*pint drinking smiley*

Only had time for one listen through so far but initial reaction has me preferring the 'down-tempo' first half of it to the more dancefloor oriented second half but there are some great tracks scattered throughout and the whole lot sounds amazing.


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Homegrove wrote:

What's the other one?

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/ … ris-france

To be honest I've never seen the point of 'spinning' decks on a CDJ and/or controller - Technics tried it, Denon's CD decks had it for a while and various Serato/Traktor controllers feature spinning platters - every single one I've tried I haven't liked - they feel weird - AND I simply don't see the point when you're playing digital music - I get that some people miss the 'one-two-three-wrist-flick' thing when cueing up but seriously, spinning (digital) platters are shit.

steelydan wrote:

Did anyone ever own a pair?

No, but I did get to play with a pair for about 20 minutes in a shop around the time they were launched - I think the fact I never bought them nor knew anyone who ever did and never saw a pair installed in any 'professional' set-up is all I need to add.

Any love for the new Oliver Lieb album?

Kind of goes without saying but quality of the production/sound on it is phenomenal - I think there's lots of good stuff on there and could well spawn some interesting remixes...


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Just watched Man Utd v West Ham for a second time - a few thoughts...

The general feeling is that West Ham have had a good transfer window - hmmmmmmmm... 

No idea why West Ham loaned Joe Hart - he wasn't needed - a vanity signing by the The Two Daves - Adrian's an international goalkeeper and whilst it wouldn't have made any difference to the result I think Adrian saves at least the last one today... 

And then there's a decent, but old, full-back - a record signing from Stoke that I'm a long way from understanding - Hernandez, who will only be effective if the team plays to his strengths and a couple of promising teenage kids from the continent...

On the other hand, Matic is an absolutely outstanding footballer - what the fuck Chelsea have done letting him go they may not fully appreciate for another 37 games.

Bottom of the league after first weekend, it can only get better.


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loopdokter wrote:

Also, frankly the quality of mastering has gone to non-existent on some tracks.

Yeah, ok - I get that - but, by and large - like zackster suggested, when you're putting a mix together you play tracks at a level where they're not individually distorting and keep an eye on the overall 'output' level - keep both levels just south of the red-lights and you're golden...

Surely if you get those two steps right then any/all subsequent processing steps should be unnecessary?

steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:
dubman2 wrote:

Red Axes - The Beach Goths..new LP...its really good if you like a mixture Rock,house & psychedelia

Sounds horrific.

you like the ALFOS sound. It's pretty much what they play there.

This is what they're playing at ALFOS now...?

smallman1 wrote:

We're both a buying and a selling club.

At least you acknowledge it - unlike the 'mystery-mentalists'...


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Most penalties denied - Paul Pogba


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Lukaku scores against West Ham - well I fucking never...