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On the off chance you need another remix of 'Blue Monday'...

https://soundcloud.com/alkalino/new-ord … scription/


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To a very real extent it's a crying shame they can't just give this fella another four years and Democratic control of both houses and let him get on with it.

Everyone knows Trump's a cunt but watching this man in full rhetorical flow simply hammers home what a pathetic figure Trump truly is...


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roberto wrote:

Bedrock Board Big Guns


kiz wrote:

Looking forward to this. Judging by all the comments my expectations are sure to be superceded.

'Exceeded' Kiz old boy, exceeded...

I've just added my one hour guest mix for JP Sykes' show last Saturday evening on Saturo Sounds to my HearThis page...

01 Ruede Hagelstein - Footprints (Can Love Be Synth remix) [Watergate 2016]
02 Adam Port feat. Jennifer Touch - Working For It [Keinemusik 2016]
03 Aril Brikha & Chymera - Nihari [Connaisseur 2016]
04 CamelPhat - The Quad [Glasgow Underground 2016]
05 dubspeeka - DroneDs7 [Senso Sounds 2016]
06 Einmusik- Glimmer [Deeplomatic 2016]
07 Hannes Rasmus - Kleinste Teilchen [Traum 2015]
08 Public Service Broadcasting - Tomorrow (Copy Paste Soul remix) [Test Card 2016]
09 Locked Groove - Emeralds [Afterlife 2016]
10 Balthazar & JackRock - Tribo [Toolroom 2016]
11 Slick Mick - Spectral Analysis [HS Records 1998]

The whole show, including JP's response mix, can be heard on his Soundcloud page...


Enjoyed the fuck out of that...

Link above - NOW!!

shaunstrudwick wrote:

we have 2 great hours of tunes on before JP's tonight as well smile

http://mixlr.com/saturo-sounds-20/event … ror-vol-3/

On it...


terrific stuff from Mark Webster to start the evening off

smashdad wrote:


Click here from 9pm BST tonight...



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Hop_Head wrote:


Is that Doris in the middle wearing the worst fucking tights known to humanity or suffering from a very peculiar form of psoriasis...?


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roberto wrote:

yooooouuuuu what??!?!?!?!? The bloke absolutely nails it in the individual time trail, against the best in the world, no team help, no nothing - just him against the hill and you call it a snoozefest? What do you want from a TT? Sagan style endos?

Personally, I'm well chuffed to see our lad dominate. He has that aura now, people know they can't beat him. As strong as Sky* are, Froome has proven several times this tour that he is the daddy-i-oh. Immense rider. I dread to think the level of pain he spends most of his day in, I reckon I give up at about 1% of his tolerance.

* Other teams are more than welcome to up their game and make a fight of it. This is professional sport, get the right people in. If paint on the bike can be thinner / less layers, do it. If carting around the rider's mattresses means they have the best possible sleep and recovery each night, do it. If they've got individual feeding profiles, do it. All these tiny gains that Sky go after; for instance, no one used to warm down - they did it and everyone laughed, now they all follow - mean they are the most efficient team at getting their man to the front and keeping him there. Froome has proven several times that he's ruthless and concentrating 100% on where he can gain an advantage. Check out his attack up and over Col de P-whatever (name escapes me, bout stage 8 or 9) - everyone thought he was having a wee tickle at the mountain points yet he just fucking slammed it leaving everyone sucking in lung-fulls and patting themselves on the back for getting up the climb. Before you know it he's off and descending like a loon. People took ages to react! That's what Sky have brought - you race and concentrate 100% for 80-90 hours over 3 weeks.

Anyway, it's the fucking tour de france and we've had Cav win 4, Froome 2 and Cummings once? What the hell do you want? Genuine question? Yates is in White and running 3rd, maybe 2nd soon? I don't think you know what you're talking about.....

<sponsored by a bottle of red>

Yes mate - couldn't agree more.

Has it been the most exciting TdF ever - maybe not - has it been one of the most impressive ever - yeah...

*hat's off*

Grant wrote:

Doesn't look like he spent much money mind.

£70 million net in four years!?!

http://www.transferleague.co.uk/west-ha … -transfers

Not to mention that by far and away the best signings the club made during Allardyce's tenure were actually made by the Chairmen!

Grant wrote:

... West Ham [Allardyce] wasn't given the funds (maybe the WH contingent can verify that) and basically did what was asked of him.

On the contrary Grant - the owners backed Allardyce to an extraordinary degree - the cunt signed 18 strikers in four years for a start, not to mention Nolan, Downing, O'Brien, Faye, Taylor, McCartney, Diop, Bentley, Demel, Maynard, Vaz Te, Morrison, Diame, Collins, Diarra, Jarvis, Benayoun, Adrian, Cresswell, Jenkinson, Song, Sakho, Zarate, Amalfitano, Kouyate, Valencia and I could go on...

Allardyce's 18 strikers in four years (as at Aug.2014)

Strikers in summer 2011 –
Sam Baldock from MK Dons – 23 apps, 5 goals -
Brian Montenegro from Deportivo Maldonado – 0 apps, 0 goals (loan)

Strikers in January 2012-
Joe Dixon on a free transfer (unattached) – 0 apps, 0 goals
Ricardo Vaz Te from Barnsley – 48 apps, 15 goals
Nicky Maynard from Bristol City – 14 apps, 2 goals

Strikers in summer 2012-
Modibo Maïga from Sochaux – 31 apps, 3 goals
Andy Carroll from Liverpool (loan) – 24 apps, 7 goals

Strikers in January 2013-
Sean Maguire from Waterford United – 0 apps, 0 goals
Marouane Chamakh from Arsenal (loan) – 3 apps, 0 goals
Wellington Paulista from Cruziero  (loan) – 0 apps, 0 goals

Strikers in summer 2013 –
Andy Carroll from Liverpool – 15 apps, 2 goals
Mladen Petrić on a free transfer (unattached) – 3 apps, 0 goals
Carlton Cole on a free transfer (unattached) – 26 apps, 6 goals (second stint)

Strikers in January 2014 –
Marco Borriello from Roma (loan) – 2 apps, 0 goals
Jaanai Gordon from Peterborough – 0 apps, 0 goals

Strikers in summer 2014-
Mauro Zárate from Valez Sersfield – 0 apps, 0 goals
Enner Valencia from Pachuca 1 app, 0 goals
Diafra Sakho from Metz – 0 apps, 0 goals


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fadass wrote:

Is there any truth in the gag of "how do make a small fortune in business? Give Donald Trump a large fortune & let him invest it."???

Washington Post wrote:

Business Week estimated Trump’s (inherited) net worth at $100 million in 1978. If Trump had merely put that money in an index fund based on the Standard & Poor's 500 index — the kind many Americans use to save for retirement — he would be worth $6 billion today.  Bloomberg News has estimated Trump's net worth at only $2.9 billion, while Forbes put it at $4.1 billion. Since Trump’s businesses aren’t public, the true figure isn’t clear.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/won … ss-empire/

jules72 wrote:

My most vivid memory of Sam Allardyce was when he was being interviewed on Match of the Day once. His face was diagonal towards the camera, and sprouting out of his noz (against a bright background) was the biggest and thickest barb wire of a nasal hair anyone has ever seen. Cant believe this man is England manager wtf!

Mine would be when he had the arrogance to cup-his-ear to the thousands of West Ham supporters who'd seen through his one-dimensional regime at the club - who'd had enough of the fact he only stumbled across a successful formation when he was forced to pick players he hadn't wanted to buy (after Nolan got injured and Noble got suspended) but then junked the successful formation in favour of his default modus-operandi as soon as Nolan and Carroll were available again and consequently turned in the 19th worst points total in the PL for the second half of that season.

Either that or when he sacrificed the reputations and careers of a whole bunch of West Ham youngsters by throwing them in completely blind to a 3rd round FA Cup tie away at Nottingham Forrest and sat there for 90 minutes doing absolutely nothing while the kids got hammered by five ALL so he could save the senior players for a League Cup semi final against Man City that West Ham lost NINE v NIL.

Although, despite all that, he did beat Spurs three times in one season so YAY - all hail King Sam...


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Would've loved to see Cavendish smash out another final stage win in Paris on Sunday but he's ducked it - I hope he gets what he wants in the Olympics 'cos I'm not sure whether maybe he'll just regret that decision...

Landed at Muscat airport in Oman at midnight a couple of years back with Junior for a homeward bound stopover en-route from Zanzibar - it was 1am by the time the cunt in a cab who was supposed to meet us inside eventually turned up 200 yards down from the airport's exit onto the street - it took all of a minute to get from the air-conditioned airport entrance to his car but both Jnr and I were drenched - the cab's interactive-techy-bollocks said it was 41.5 degrees outside.

And I've got a photo somewhere of a digital thermometer reading over 50 degrees in the direct sunshine of a Maldivian beach.

Gold-mine for cunts who 'speculate'...

Number of times I've seen a 500 print-run of vinyl disappear on the morning it's released only for dozens of them to surface on Discogs within days for two or three times the release price.

Thought it was an appropriate time to resuscitate an old, OLD, thread - a few folk on here might remember some half-decent chat-room banter sessions whilst listening to decent music on mixlr.com a few years back - well, John Paul Sykes has very generously asked me to take up half of his two hour session for Saturo Sounds on mixlr.com this coming Saturday evening from 9pm - seemed like a good enough reason to drag this sorry old thread back to the surface and invite all and sundry to click the link below and join in...


Click here from 9pm GMT on Saturday...

afeworki helen wrote:

Not sure why France is getting the brunt of this shit.

Maybe because, as hard as it is for plenty of chest-puffed-out-Brits to accept, the UK isn't necessarily the automatic focus of the attention of the rest of the world...

shaunstrudwick wrote:

thought it was ETC who had the Cara obsession

Aye - one step down from Sutcliffe's obsession about Yorkie whores.  But with more humour.


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Sunday Sport wrote:

... several cow sex apps...


I'm always amazed by anybody that can make 19 records in less than one hour work - fair play!

Enjoyed your hour too mate - nice idea to use the first hour as the inspiration for yours.

Good stuff.