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Squidgy wrote:

Just don't understand why she didn't sort those figs out after the pasting she got on SP for not knowing her stuff.

I don't either - but one explanation might be that you can't 'sort' figures that you've made up...

To build 500,000 homes, from scratch - let's assume the land, labour and materials were all absurdly cheap - say £5k average per property for the land, £60k for the labour to throw it up and £15k for all materials and averaged ground works (all of which I'd suggest conservative estimates) - that gives us...

500,000 x £80k = £40 BILLION

And if you don't like my estimates, halve them all = £20 BILLION

All paid for by taxing second home owners...

Anyone voting green should ask themselves whether they deserve the right to vote at all.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Great work from Allardyce right at the beginning of the window - Andy Caroll, who's not been rested at all since returning from a million years out with injury has finally had it catch up with him - unfit to play yesterday.  Sakho's off to the AFCoN or not 'cos he's got a back injury that'll stop him playing depending on where you read and Sam's never fancied Zarate so he threw him out almost literally the minute the window opened, leaving West Ham with Valencia and Cole.  Inspired...

Innit. Im still absolutely baffled by whats gone on with this boy, hes made a massive impact whenever hes played, has got a great eye for goal and we’re a bit short of firepower what with injuries to 2 of our favoured forwards. So we loan him out. Bizarre. I hope he bangs them in for the next few months and we get him back at the end of the season with a new manager that may see sense…..

One win in ten with Chelsea and Arsenal up next... hmm


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loopdokter wrote:

It's an internationally redundant, asinine, language.

... there you go...


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millsy23 wrote:

that Green Party LBC interview is absolute GOLD!!!

Just heard it - would make a fabulous Soundcloud copyright-masking intro to an hilariously badly mixed compilation of utter, UTTER, shit.


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jamie wrote:

Danny's warm ups were amazing. I was pretty much a 'train spotter extraordinaire' back then but I never had any idea what he played. He had an amazing ability to create a groove and then up the energy levels and fill the dance floor with just one mix. Extraordinarily stuff.

smashdad wrote:

Looks like three mixes in the pipeline so far off the back of this - massive smile

Fuck it - I'm (currently) running Ableton 8 and can't open Ableton 9 files, which limits the possibilities somewhat...

Anybody else running Ableton Live 8 (Mac or Windows) and fancy a collaborative mix?!  I can genuinely say it's fun and instructive...!!!


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The original Bedrock forum 14 odd years ago...


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smallman1 wrote:

No one kills the bants quite like Smashy.

Got a real knack for it.

Says the Stamford Bridge season ticket holder...


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Beijing Dave wrote:


No badly imposed white lettering?

"BF models the new bow from Claire's Accessories", or some such...


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Big Fella wrote:

That's not 'bantz' though BF is it...

It's a clip from a professionally written and oft-performed comedy routine that people have paid to watch - there's a massive difference between professionally performed comedy and 'banter'.  Isn't there?!

And professionally written comedy doesn't magically become 'banta' when it is repeated verbatim by pillocks who've heard it and aren't capable of any original thought - you know the sort - the insufferable cunts who stand around 'wherever' repeating what they heard Russell Fucking Howard say on BBC3 18 hours earlier...


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smallman1 wrote:

They're also massive racists.

Says the Stamford Bridge season ticket holder...


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I'd never been to Heaven before the second Bedrock there (was on holiday for the first one) - but was aware of it as a venue and it's reputation for hosting some of London's best nights, gay and straight...  After a couple of years (maybe three?) of continuous monthly attendance I found myself on a May Bank Holiday, alcohol soaked, Friday evening alighting at The Embankment from a company sponsored four hour, target celebrating, piss-up of a Thames riverboat cruise - I was pissed/sniffed out of my chops and about 400 yards from Heaven which I'd walked out of only about 20 hours earlier - 80% of colleagues and invited hangers-on bolted for the coaches that had been laid on to get 'us' home - of the 20% that remained I persuaded at least 50% that Heaven was literally a stone's throw away and would be a good idea...

Of those that followed me to the queue in Villiers Street, several walked away before we got to the door - I was busy telling everyone what an amazing club it was and how to find all the rooms - I didn't even remotely notice how gay Heaven was/is on a Friday night - suffice to say that of the original 'posse' that were in the queue there were only two left twenty minutes after going in...  She was game though - bless her - and, to this day, it's still the only time I've ever heard Xpander on that system - once she and I realised everyone else had fucked off we had a blast - stayed a couple of fairly hazy hours before I ended up fingering her on the pavement of Craven Street whilst waiting for a cab.

Styled it out once back in the office the following Tuesday...


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Demi and that bloody horn...

Rabbit In The Moon

Vaguely remember what I think is the first time I went in Black Market - would've been '96/'97 and, on a musical level, I was genuinely terrified walking in there - I'd never heard a fucking noise anything like what was tearing out of their speakers - more ferocious d'n'b/jungle than I'd ever imagined could exist - skittled me completely - managed about ten minutes in the shop but was back about three hours later for some more!

First Soho record shop I ever went to was Groove Records in 84/85 - Black Market was the last one I went in about three years ago maybe.  Some fabulous record shops came and went over the years - their demise has been inevitable but respect to them for carrying on as long as they did and a couple of generations of dedicated customers will never forget any of them.


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spinnerlg wrote:

Is that a Newland I spy on the left of that pic?



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steelydan wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I like her stuff Dave. That must be even more depressing then the other reactions in this thread.

This has been a hit at my indie gigs:

nice tune that Hannu

I've heard jnr playing that - there's a lot worse stuff she could be playing to be fair


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Ncable wrote:
smashdad wrote:

I plough through a load of techno

You don't 'plough' through techno SD, you 'sift'. Kind of like panning for gold...

It had felt like ploughing but, taking your analogy on board, I can see where I was going wrong - I am now sifting like a motherfucker.  Any insight as to how many golden nuggets I should expect to find per hundred-weight of sifted techno?!


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Your first reply was good bants.

And the next one was the answer your original post sought - can't see the problem Babe...


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Do you ever think you might turn your undoubted knowledge and single-minded pursuit of what is right to a purpose that benefits mankind Smashy?

Such as as a Fire Safety Officer, a web site content checker or a CCP Propaganda Secretary?

No mate - I'm content with my lot - answering questions for numpties on music forums, who clearly hadn't thought of Googling the answer to their own straightforward question, while I plough through a load of techno trying to find some music to use in the mix zackster and I are putting together.

All just banter though isn't it...


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Beijing Dave wrote:

It's you lot who have shit taste btw...

Au contraire Davey-boy and, in answer to your original question - it seems that even she acknowledges her music is shit...

While early headlines reported that Grimes scrapped her entire follow-up to the 2012 breakout, Visions, as a result of [that] criticism, she cited a different reason.  "It sucked, so I threw it out and started again," she said.

http://www.spin.com/articles/grimes-scr … ction-als/


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Maybe I'll just alert people to the latest BSPF Hernan Cattaneo mix comps in future.

Why not do both Dave - you could carve out a niche as the board's go-to-guy for alerts to shit music - an invaluable service.  Couple that with your hilarious pictures with white writing on them and official big-hitter status surely can't be far away.