Dermo wrote:

Thanks for that fascinating update pube. It was better when you were away.

Got my bike chain fixed in Nantwich on a ride to North Wales in other news Dermo. £3 - bargain, & a lovely man as well.

Well, what a time to log back on after a few weeks away. The timing is purely coincidental of course. lol

Not taking anything for granted at this end after last time. Been an interesting week back at work though. A lot of heartache in South Liverpool this week.

I was in attendance for my annual night out. I thought it was one of Sasha's better sets. You are right about the stand out moments, except towards the end, but i actually thought he got a real good flow. Enjoyed the rolling basslines. I too was happy.

Liked the venue but the usual WHP over the top security. A few scallies in there but the clout count was exceptional. Always a bonus.

Can the dippers actually win 14 on the bike & win it that easily?

Presto wrote:

Citeh have fucked this one right up. Title decider may well be on the 27th with Liverpool vs Chelsea.

Shows we are a million miles away without Silva which just isnt good enough. The fact we were missing Toure as well just compounds the issue.

Fucking Andy Burnham as well. Some Bandwagon to jump on tbf.


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Lest we forget Mike Kampf


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Big Fella wrote:

4. His dj career in Sydney, obv complete nonsense as he is on here 24/7.

Reckon he's still in Nantwich myself.

Big Fella wrote:

The Prince Of Drugs, as i used to say when i had a life.

The drug of Champions eh Biggs. And some.

Fair play to Utd. At least they looked like Utd should look tonight.

Big Fella wrote:

Cannot say i am looking forward to my team being taken apart tonight.

Moyes presser just proves how deluded he is. 'On our day we are as good as anyone, we just havent shown it'. Righto.

That's outrageous Matt Black. Its essential transport when coming back from the pub. Also, the poser in Chorlton are big into their push irons. Fuck walking as well!

Presto wrote:

Excellent header from Terry to stick it in the back of the net.

Sounds like Palace should be further ahead

Presto wrote:

Still don't see us winning today. Only seem to put in a performance against the top sides.

Nice start though.....


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They've only gone & opened a fucking E Cigarette shop on the high street where i live. I was even approached for a free trial by some bint. Jokers.

starcreeper wrote:
La Nausee wrote:
starcreeper wrote:

Im glad its just a couple hundred wankers getting that plane in the air tomorrow and that the club arent involved.

That would have been about 60% less embarrassing than the t-shirts debacle, if they were.

Green and gold til the club is sold.

The Glazers never got a plane, does this mean Moyes is even lower in their estimation? Jesus.

Because the damage is being done on the pitch & by default on the league table.

Sounding fucking great this. Proper builder.

Have a bottle of clean piss with you at the start line of the shirt lifters marathon Eduardo. Don't want you all over the back papers on Monday with your head hung in shame.


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flares_and_an_anorak wrote:

Sladek = Ed Smallman

His autistic half brother. Smallman Snr got mixed up with some crack whores down the east end & there was this big cover up. What a way to come back into the family.


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The bummers marathon. One for Phil to get his teeth into, as it were.

...just to add to mono's point, get schwalbe durano plus if you have a road bike. Same tyre for 23/25mm wheel.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Newland, Steve-o and a few others were in Miami for this

the c*nts

simonr is there the lucky cunt.

I'd say the point has been made already MB. You wont see it from the ground, but there will be video galore & it will be all over the news.

benson wrote:
sladek wrote:

What is it with these people, do they feel that they are obliged to be offensive and aggressive when donning Lycra?

I crossed the road and nipped between a gap in the traffic. Two cyclists peddling down the road, they didn't need to slow or alter their course but felt it necessary to yell abuse at me for daring to cross the road without permission from the green man.

Utter twats

I get at least one near death experience when i cycle each week i cycle. I do about 70 miles a week from mitcham to central london.

Cars overtaking way too close, pulling out without seeing you, or caring you are there.

The only people I have actually hit on my bike so far are pedestrians who stepped out in the rod in front of me when I was on a boris bike.

There is a certain irony about cyclists protesting about the colour of the lights though.

London has improved massively in the 6 months I've been there.

Agreed benson. Fucking HGVs are the worse. Way too close for comfort. Thinking they can squeeze past with oncoming traffic making the gap too close to call. The number of time i get 'oh, sorry mate, i didnt see you'. Fuck of twat.

'Wrong One - Moyes Out': United fans pay £840 to fly message over Old Trafford
A group of United supporters have put the money together to hire plane
It will bear the message: 'Wrong One: Moyes Out' during Saturday's Barclays Premier League match against Aston Villa
The decision is a challenge to Stretford End Flags' 'Chosen One' banner

Read more: … z2xEsKWJch