Just skipped through Cox and Fanciulli's b2b set and Fanciulli plays Jamiroquai return of the space cowboy David morales mix as the last tune...cloak room and lets beat the end of the night rush sort of tune. Absolutely shite. As bad as Scuba finishing off with Madonna - Vogue. few years back at Zoo Project.

Vids look good. Some serious tunage by the sounds of it. Good to see them back in the mix. That curtain effect looked good. Made them quite imposing an looks to have added to the atmosphere.

Anyone  got a decent review of s & d?

Talks a lot of sense does John. And the passion he's still got. Refreshing.

Judy Cheeks - So In Love (The Real Deal) (Sasha's Qat Mix) 
M83  Couleurs (Sasha Invol2ver Remix)
the xx chained (sasha involv3r remix)

Can't think of a 5th that stands out like the above

sylvianorth wrote:

Proper fit on this vid

This is an absolute beauty posted by Sasha a few weeks back.

Quite a few power e mixes from Sasha in his 90's pomp.

Sasha looked like a Man back in the zone at BPM. Good to see him back playing a proper set and absolutely hammering it.

Goes to show he can still do it when he feels like it.


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I am open minded and open to opinions but if you seriously think Hawtin is garbage then you have problems. He is up there with a few select people.

Music and technicality he is on a different level.


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Hawtin is shite...are you having a laugh?

Cheers Joey some decent shouts there.

Stopped looking in the prog section years ago. I don't have the patience to sift through all the shite these days just to find two decent tracks on BP so just want to collate a steady list of good labels/artists.

Any recommendations on consistently good labels and artists, apart from the usual suspects. Setting up a new BP account. Is there any prog about these days? Cheers.

Nani has to be up there in the biggest flop list.

Titus Bramble has always been high on my list, absolute waste of space he is who you can always count on to drop a clanger.

The Sasha and Tonge effort was pretty pants as expected. Tonge seemed a lot more happier than Sasha and Sasha seemed like he was there just for the party....Richie Hawtin on the other hand absolutely pummelled it the previous night, a lot less minimal and more towards banging techno. Looking forward to the warehouse project night indeed.

Had hit and miss nights at all venues the WHP has been held at. Store street is the best venue for the sound and space so I am very much looking forward to going to the Chemical Brothers (they smashed it last time and I expect nothing less this time) and Hawtin's Enter night.

The last venue was a bit of a faff to get around but I must say at the front in that main room was pretty amazing.

Norman Nodge

Thought he was good. Very good music all night. Shite recording but this track went down well, an ID would be welcome.



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Been out the loop for a while music wise, any recomendations on labels?


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chuffer wrote:

Anybody from round there or lived there before?

Looking to relocate to that area and we're trying to find a decent town/village......been looking at Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale. The missus likes Hayfield but it looks a bit posh and boring, plus there's no train line that I'd need to get into Manchestohhh.

trouble is every time we've drove round there it's been raining and so everywhere looks a bit miserable with the grey stone buildings and what have yer.

Any recommendations welcome

Just moved to Glossop from Chorlton great location nice and civalised, has a nice high street with decent pubs etc. Regular train to Manchester (25 minutes) Not great for after the pubs shut, one night club which is something you went to when 17) however Manchester isn't far if you want after hours fun. On the door step of the peak district if you enjoy out door fun. All in all great place to settle once past 30 and still like to dabble a bit or too.

Good job Moyes is a Bedrock board member. He should take note and try a differant aproach once he has seen this.

Beijing Dave wrote:


1. Your fans aren't that loyal. They all fucking hate you but they are putting on an admirable show of pretending to back you because Fergie asked them to.
2. A 'difficult' season? Well, difficult in the sense that you don't know how to devise a training programme for an ageing striker with a history of injuries and it's been difficult to turn him into Mick Harford. Also difficult to make a 45 year old run up and down the left wing like someone much younger. Also difficult to turn Kagawa into a winger, and Valencia into a right back, and Cleverly into a footballer, you stupid fucking cunt.
3. I also have little doubt that there will be winning sides on show at Old Trafford again. But not under you, you stupid fucking bug-eyed cunt.

He is up there on the utter cnut list along with Kanye West.

Homegrove wrote:


It's not even that good, IMO of course, but to me it sounds like bog standard Matthew Dekay-record from 2003.

Wow, that's a statement. Dekay stuff from 03 was absolutley brilliant.