Does anybody know WHEN or If Sasha and Digweed are coming out with another full mixed album....for example like Communicate.

I know their extremely busy with their own works, but there is nothing out there like them two gettin together.
Please let me know

Im VERY can i find u on e-bay..or u sellin them as a pack..or indiv?

There all great and out of this world! The only was the 1st one i listened to was back in like 98, Sasha San Fran. Wha an amzin! CD, so that would be my 1st choice. Tho, i learned to find out....its not there actual mix of that night in that city and they use pro-tools to put it together, so i wasnt too thrilled, i love live mixs, espeically the essential mixs.<--Those are all amazin...Tho, i always wanted Sandra Collins to do an GU

i thought ive seen it other places, but im not 100% sure...its basically exactly the same...just different bass line..tho, i belive orginal is flawless.

Other than the orginal sasha remix is good, and also Yunus Guvenen is underrated and never really seen, excellent remix

Hi Everypne. Im new here. Decided to start writing in the forum, get new ideas, meet new people, and learn more bout the world of Bedrock and other very talented Producers, besides the crap thats on the radio in the states.  Bedrock is one of the greatest labels every made up.  Their tons more..but i feel anything that nick and john come near is just flawless music. They have come a long way in the industry and still mange to amaze me everytime. Ive seen them countless numbers of times, i wish i could see more...but nobody really comes to the states, or its just a night..once a year..BLAH! ANyways...Hello everyone..please feel free to help guide me around, im still learning everything here and what goes where..sorry if this is in the wrong place, cant wait to hear feedbak.

(Alex Coe)<--genius @ work