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Fabregas is a sneaky little shit, got in a cheeky slap on Fernandinho so he flipped his lid and went for him. Sort of thing Dennis Wise would do in his prime

Dermatron wrote:

Which rock have you been under for the last god knows how long, yant? Nick Muir.

So you're saying a few weeks back when Nick Muir did the guest mix that Nick actually did Johns mix too?

For those that were there (and those who weren't) here is Steve Parry's warm up from Diggers at Gorilla

https://soundcloud.com/steveparrydj/ste … manchester


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303 abuser wrote:

i've been lucky enough to see danny howells twice, the first time he played about 4 hours.  i'd kill to see him play for 12 hours though.  easily my favorite dj.

I heard Danny play a six hour set at a charity gig, he played everything from old funk to house and even a few old rave tunes, really nice guy too


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Been watching the new series of Black Mirror and though the first two were a bit weak the third one Shut and Dance really hits home, it has a real sting in the tail which Black Mirror is well known for, they're like Tales of the unexpected for the digital generation


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dutchy101 wrote:

Dermo always perferred the black size 12 plimsole

Our old headmistress used to enjoy giving you the slipper a little too much

zackster wrote:

pretty cool dude. a tad slow for me, but that can be easily remedied. i like that toms. would defo play this.

The original was 86bpm so i had to speed it up a bit, tried it at 120 but that sounded ridiculous so i went for 110 as it seemed to work at that


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Bukem was great in the early 90's, had some of his tapes from around 92-93 when he was changing his sound from that dark hardcore that people like Doc Scott used to make to the more jazzy sounds he became better known for, no idea what he's like now though

John Wick was alright, certainly not going to win any awards but it was an enjoyable watch. Agree on Keanu being wooden as fuck, but then he's like that in pretty much everything. Speaking of overrated movies I tried watching The big short but only managed about 30 mins as I had to switch it off as it was sending me to sleep, I did enjoy seeing Margot Robbie in a bathtub though

Heres a little something i made earlier, feel free to download and enjoy

https://soundcloud.com/djmattblack/stra … rpretation

Homegrove wrote:

The sample?

Yep think so, probably won't get an "official" release as such

Homegrove wrote:

I bet he's doing a Track 10 with it and only releasing when nobody wants to buy it anymore. That said somehow this mix was the first time I'd ever heard it.

Don't forget that track he was playing in all his sets at the beginning of the year which still hast been identified and Trigonometry. At least theres a reason why he hasn't released track 10 yet

steelydan wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

That Cosmonauts-track is boss.

I've asked Paul when it's coming out, but it's being held back as an exclusive.


smallman1 wrote:

The best comedy duo this board has ever seen, without a shadow of a doubt was me and Big Fella.

Proper gen lol-athon.

Little and Large?


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Yant wrote:

The latest series (3) of The Fall was complete wank.

Yep, should've killed him off at the end of the second series, apart from the last episode this season has been dull as fuck


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Murray played well yesterday and deserved to win but what the fuck has happened to Djokovic, he was missing shots yesterday he'd normally hit in his sleep, he hit one shot straight into the net and the court was wide open. It was like Ronny Rosenthal missing that open goal

This guy

https://soundcloud.com/rec-ire/rec-bedr … ember-2016


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kiz wrote:

Wow...he was relentless and quite brutal. There were moments in there but that was a hard night and I left at 430am.
Haven't heard Digweed like that in a long long while.

He was like that in Manchester as well, relentless


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jamie wrote:

does anyone know how to remove the orange 'Upcoming' tracks from your 'My Beatport' page?

I want to see music that I can buy from other websites now, rather than in a few weeks...

I dont think you can, its quite annoying though having to scroll through all the tunes you cant buy to get to the ones that you can, hopefully they will change it so its a separate feature


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It seems Labour have their own secret "weapon"

http://order-order.com/2016/11/14/labou … ine-trump/


That Marc Romboy remix of Fanfare is quite nice, incidentally i found out the other day that Marc Romboy is actually Marc from Marc et Claude

The version in that video sounds really pitched up so I'm guessing the original was much slower, plus if you've done the pitch adjustment to -16 then you could still pitch it down quite a bit

seanc80 wrote:

Good ep that, love the old Praga Khan samples in Generation nostalgia


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Ill be at Gorilla the night before, know a few people doing both though