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http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014 … CMP=twt_gu

Soldier Lee Rigby's killers were given more than £200,000 in taxpayer-funded financial support to pay their legal bills.

Fusilier Rigby's murder sparked shock across the country after he was mowed down with a car and then hacked to death by British Muslim converts Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale in Woolwich, south-east London, on 22 May last year.

A freedom of information request by the Sun revealed that the pair received a combined £212,613.32 in legal aid to cover solicitors' and advocates' fees and other disbursements.

The figures emerged as Adebolajo lost the first stage of his bid to challenge his conviction and sentence.

The Judicial Office confirmed that permission to appeal was refused by a judge who considered the case on the papers, but that Adebolajo has renewed both applications. This means that his applications will now be aired before a panel of court of appeal judges at a hearing in London.

Adebolajo, who was sentenced in February to a whole-life term received £138,803.96 in legal aid, according to Ministry of Justice figures.

Adebowale, 23, who was jailed for life with a minimum term of 45 years for his role in the murder, received £73,809.36. He has been given the go-ahead to challenge his sentence before court of appeal judges.

Adebolajo and Adebowale ran 25-year-old Fusilier Rigby down in a car before attacking him with a meat cleaver and knives in a frenzied attack.

The pair lay in wait near Woolwich Barracks and picked Fusilier Rigby to kill after assuming he was a soldier because he was wearing a Help for Heroes hooded top and carrying a camouflage rucksack.

After driving into him, the killers – who had armed themselves with eight knives, including a meat cleaver and a five-piece set bought by Adebolajo the previous day – butchered him in the street in broad daylight in front of horrified onlookers.

Both men were shot by police in dramatic scenes captured by CCTV.

They claimed they were "soldiers of Allah" and were motivated by the plight of Muslims abroad to carry out the killing.

Explaining his decision to give Adebolajo a whole-life term, trial judge Mr Justice Sweeney said the married 29-year-old, who has two children and four stepchildren, was the leader of the murderous plot and had "no real prospect of rehabilitation".

No date has yet been fixed for the hearing of Adebowale's appeal bid or the renewed applications by Adebolajo.

Mr Boring wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Has anybody noticed Sabotini has gone missing since Dermo outed him?

Dermo just asked me to add that Kovy and Furry have fucked off too.

Furry is still posting, i also notice Chuffer has returned, all we need now is for Chunky to come back

Mr Boring wrote:

Dermot was Dermopian and the Indian fella Matt Black had a go at.

The rest were (and still are) Flares circumventing bans.

And Grayson Shipley


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Even the manager is getting in on the joke

https://twitter.com/Koeman1963/status/4 … 80/photo/1


A rather tasty mix by Jimmy Van M

https://soundcloud.com/jimmyvanm/change … -and-3lias


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BREAKING: Southampton have announced a 5-a-side friendly with Blackpool.


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http://www.itv.com/sport/football/artic … neiderlin/

At this rate they really will have no players left


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furry wrote:

Just noticed the Duet has a breakout cable for monitors. Not a bad looking kit. Looks like the Focusrite Forte.

They're very similar, in fact the main difference us the Duet is Mac only while the Forte is Mac or PC

Everytime someone mentions Net mums all I can think if is the Penis beaker thread

I'm probably getting a Motu to replace my old Focusrite Saphire but it's served me well

drwho13 wrote:

I've been using my Z1 as an interface for my monitors for a few months now.

Not a perma-solution but it certainly gets the job done and the price is right.

You plug your monitors straight into your Z1?


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millsy23 wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I was more shocked when I found out Betoko was getting nearly 20 grand a set, he's not even what I'd consider a big name

He's a big hitter nowadays Matt.



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I was more shocked when I found out Betoko was getting nearly 20 grand a set, he's not even what I'd consider a big name

I'm sorry to say this Bazza and I don't want to break up your family but it sounds to me like she ain't going to change, you could always say ill go down on you if you'll do the same and try getting her in a 69 but if that doesn't work you may have to resign yourself to the fact that this is what your sex life is

You can download the ambient mix of the Bedrock Ibiza cd from Soundcloud which is rather nice

New Balance Tenaglia cd looks tasty, also new GU in August


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They must have realised he wasn't a Southampton player

GU in August now this in September, looks like the mix cd is making a comeback

millsy23 wrote:

Honestly, what's the point in a Doris that doesn't smoke bloke? Absolutely part and parcel of being female and should be taught to them in schools when they go off for their 'women's issues' lessons. We don't ask them to take the bins out ffs.

Fucking hell Millsy, this is why your the Christian Grey of the Bedrock board

Mr Boring wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

Sorry Dave, im happy now, i wasnt really before, so i dont really give a fuck

So Matt, what did you do with the old one? A few of us might be looking for tips.

Bin liner and a trip to the canal?

Left her to rot in her own misery

Sorry Dave, im happy now, i wasnt really before, so i dont really give a fuck

Beijing Dave wrote:

Was this woman of 12 years H Just H?

All of us over on GU could have told you she was a mentaller. After 2 posts.

Lol, i should have listened to you lot then!

I feel your pain Bazza, i was with the same woman for 12 years and in the end it nearly destroyed me, i became withdrawn, lost a lot of friends and although the sex was ok at first it soon deteriorated and became all about her and i just put up with it. Now i have met someone new and its like being awoken from a coma, i have realised that it wasnt my fault and that it was just that relationship wasnt the right one, i feel totally different now and meeting someone who really gets me and likes me for me has given me a whole new outlook.
Bottom line is this, shes not going to change, thats how she likes sex and if you dont like it that way then you going to have to find someone that likes it the way you do, so you either just put up with it and spend most of your life wanking off to porn or you find a new partner

strummerjones wrote:

The Raid. Cops v Gang,excellent.8/10.

Raid 2 is very good too, Hammer girl is just sick