Enjoyed this Marcus, nice selection


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erik.b wrote:

The worst possible scenario is a Labour/SNP coalition resulting in Scotland getting even more free shit and us having to pay for it.

Millibland is so desperate for votes hell even team up with the Sinn Fein, the slimy mong faced cunt

smashdad wrote:
Presto wrote:

Still think those CDless whatever-ever-they-are (they're not CD players, Hannu, obviously) are a silly idea. I see no reason not to include CD provisioning, especially when it can't cost all that much to include. It's not as if they've had a radical redesign without a CD slot.

I think vegetarian bacon is 'a silly idea' but that doesn't stop people spending their money on it...

I actually went through a vegetarian phase in my teens and pretty much all i ate was vegi sausages that were bacon flavour, as you can imagine that phase did not last long

jamie wrote:
Sbando wrote:

The Forum is indeed nicer after the big scare. Still..

"Weirdos", "Fat losers", "Not a Heavy Hitter". People who want to discuss music are ridiculed (and that the whole point, huh, John, Hannu, Kelly?).

The Forum is little more than a chat room for a score of grown men and their "banter" -and other grown men business.

Why not create a section for the general talk (the banter section)? So that the people you lot drove away from here can come back without tainting the HHs' sacred blood.

It's been asked before. Why not, seriously?

Old GU board was GU Life and GU Music and it worked pretty well - I do think it is a good idea. I think the issue is that people may worry that there wouldn't be enough traffic on sub forums if they are split out?

Like BMM said there is much less traffic on message boards, there were a lkot more people on the GU board and you had people who pretty much just posted in GU life and then you had the music mob who mainly posted mixes, tracks etc, there were a few people who frequented both but im not sure a Bedrock life forum would work in the same way


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Im sure if Roman could buy their history he would though

Cundy gives it to Liverpool fans

http://talksport.com/football/chelsea-h … 0127134115


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Costa has one of those "lived in" faces, looks like its been lived in by the cast of Benefit street


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MarcusGraham wrote:

The problem is, every 5 years, we have a few months of auditions from 4, 5 or 6 people we don't know, spouting a load of rehearsed bullshit, they know their voters want to hear. So, the majority of the public go out and vote for a local man who wears the same colour as their favourite person they've seen in the auditions.

The winner, gets to choose his best mates, who wear the same colour, to join him round a table, to make decisions on important things, the winner decides what he thinks his mates will be good at, even though they've absolutely no relevant experience or qualification... they're just good at shouting, agreeing with him and talking shit.

Any other, less important job, requires qualifications, relevant experience and a thorough application and interview process. Elections are either fucking insane, or just a show to make us think we live in a democratic world.

I'm voting green.

I agree with pretty much everything you say, apart from that last bit


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smashdad wrote:
Grant wrote:

So what do you think the alternative is SD? Honestly, just curious.

Mate, it's a question WAY too broad for a simple cunt like me to present anything like a comprehensive alternative but a couple of 'small' changes would incline me back towards voting...

- abolish the 'party whip'

- utterly change the way election candidates are selected...
i.e. - The last 30 odd years of career politicians joining Central Office fresh from University with their PPE degree have helped lead us where we are, so anyone actively seeking a career in politics should be automatically discounted from being selected.  I'd suggest potential MPs should have 30+ years of entirely unrelated working experience on their CV, be financially successful AND secure, and should be selected by their local community and invited to take up the honour of being the representative.  (For which I'd have no problem remunerating them accordingly - no problem paying, say, £150k pa for the right individuals to comprise our Parliament.  And absolutely no fucking need to have 650 of the cunts for fuck's sake...

This. Too many public school boys getting a degree in sociology and thinking they can run the country


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smallman1 wrote:

Plastic flag at the ready.

We hate scousers.

"Were going to smash the oiks"



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smallman1 wrote:

Winners vote Tory.



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I am the res-erection


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More empty Labour promises?

http://www.theguardian.com/politics/201 … hs-milburn


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smallman1 wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

have just found 'its always sunny in Philadelphia' on Netflix

it's pretty funny if you like idiots doing stupid stuff

Ed Smallman is Dennis imo

Is he the one nailing all the dorises and generally ledging it?

He likes to think he is


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Yant wrote:

Anyone but Labour.

Or the Greens, theyre even worse


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

have just found 'its always sunny in Philadelphia' on Netflix

it's pretty funny if you like idiots doing stupid stuff

Ed Smallman is Dennis imo

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

And Strudders. If you post any links to the theme from Airwolf, I'll be coming down there to pot all your greenhouse windows in.

Didn't they do Street Hawk as well?

steelydan wrote:

has anyone got a link for the Sasha mix? it'll prob be on MS

This one?

https://soundcloud.com/wantstobethedj/k … 2003-12-26

fletcher wrote:

Probably get shot down for saying this on here, but I never really got into Tangerine Dream, and I can't say i'm really familiar with any of their tunes. 

Still, thoughts and prayers.

They were pioneers of ambient music, in a lot of dance music especially you can hear their influences

Power of love for me is on par with this monstrosity

Although Bryan did do a few good tunes as well

smallman1 wrote:

Strudders saw my last 3 efforts, thought "I've got to go big here" and ended up posting 'the power of love'

Filed under absolute reg.

Yes, bloody awful record

loopdokter wrote:

Great acting though.

By who?

Taken 3. Actually not as bad as i thought and a lot better than 2, Neeson is getting a bit too old for this stuff now and the action is not as bloody as the first one but at least its not just a rehash like Taken 2 was, a decent enough pop corn flick. 6/10


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erik.b wrote:



I always thought he was a little Hitler