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Wally wrote:

Metal Gear Solid Online is out now Grant - might be more your thing.


Cheers Wally!  I haven't touched it since I bought it - need to get on it.


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Ncable wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

Will he get Top 4? Its a possibility.

You're kidding, right? Chelsea have already lost SIX matches. They'd have to go on the most amazing run and not lose another game to even contemplate it. No team in PL history has started this badly and finished above fifth place. He's been told no transfers will happen in January so has to galvanise what he's got. If they don't get CL this season Jose is finished at the club and will look like an absolute buffoon. Where would he go from there? Spain and Italy have all but washed their hands of him and I doubt he'd bother with another English team unless it was United, who I can't see touching him with a barge pole. Only France would be left, since his attitude and reputation doesn't sit well with the ethos of German football.

He's almost at shit-or-bust. Running out of time and options.

Need some actual facts here my old son.

Chelsea have lost 4 league games this season.  Arsenal lost 10 matches and finished 4th in 11/12.  Man United lost 8 last year and only got 70 points.  I think everyone's going far too early here.

I dunno Strudders, I think he might thrive at a proper club.


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That looks more of a drabb colorway there Strudders...


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ukhursty wrote:

Not the case for Liverpool, but FSG must have had their reasons.

I think most people would've had their reasons. I can think of three:

1. He's shit
2. He bought shit players
3. He got shit results

I can come up with some more.

What did you love about Lost or Heroes Rhouses?

Total fucking garbage, the lot.  Apart from a fit bird in Heroes.

Absolutely cracking night, Bedrock just seems better on Thursdays.

I've had a cold all weekend and feel a bit tired still, but that was some night.

One of the updsides to watching the dreadful This is England 90, is discovering some fella called Ludovico Einaudi - he's classified as classical music.  Here's my favourite to date:

"Heave!" makes me cringe

And shit jokes

England are brilliant at social inequality. And music.

I don't like rugby, but I'd like England to win. Ultimately though, I just don't care, so won't lose any sleep.

thenatural wrote:
Grant wrote:
thenatural wrote:

Cheer up, another bad day?

Answering the same post twice Doggy?

Lol, have you banged your head?

You're having a fuckin mare mate.

You're having posts deleted along with your tedious aliases. It's like you're banging your head against a brick wall.

thenatural wrote:

No I didn't get your PM Grant you cock.  Why don't you post it publicly.

I didn't send one, I didn't send one to Rossi either. I was pulling your leg.

andrew bagchi wrote:
Grant wrote:

What shall we do Doggy?

In your case, keep acting like it's wrong when people you have a problem with do it, but keep turning a blind eye to it when cunts like Dermo do it.

As one of the biggest moaners about aliases - your fuckbuddy Mr Rossi turned out to be one.  Not circumventing a ban, but doing it to say things he was too scared to say under his 'real' ID.   "Sick and tired of it all" was your words in defence of Rossi.  You fucking twat.

I don't remember Rossi's aliases and didn't recognise them as such at the time. Naturally, I'm disappointed with him to discover this is the case, but like a grown-up, I took it to PM and it's all been sorted out.

Did you get my PM Doggy?  It's quite rude.

smallman1 wrote:

12 hours sleep and a 13k run.

Sorts any come down out.

Not for everyone I know.

I raced 42km today in 61 minutes. It was a doddle, got blocked in the sprint and just missed out on points.

I'm similar to Presto, I never get midweek blues or moody Tuesdays - everything sorted out after a good night's sleep.

Chelsea get a LOL from my sofa. Fucking hell, they're shit.

Omar Little


I can't listen to any music whatsoever. I can't even be arsed to turn the tele on.

Diggers smashed it to bits.

Great night. I feel absolutely fucking horrendous.

Ncable wrote:

Remember the once-a-month shindigs at Heaven? Never seemed to come around quick enough. I often wonder how many chaps from here I'd stood next to at the bar or in the bogs, or whooping it up with on the dancefloor.

Great times.

I'm in!


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I like being on the road to be honest, even in shit weather


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loopdokter wrote:
Grant wrote:

New Order's album is shit.  I couldn't even say that some of the tracks are crying out for a remix - awful.

I disagree. I think it's the best thing they've done in two decades.   I think it's very good.

New Order been on your radar for a while then Loops?!