I was surprised to discover that he's had no connection to Chelsea whatsoever

dutchy101 wrote:

Anyone read The Second Coming by John Niven? A great book which will pretty much offend every religious person of every religion.

Yeah, read that.  It's a bit soppy in parts, but nicely offensive in many others.

If this is a massive game of Civilisation, whoever's got the US is having an absolute shocker.  Mind you, with these types of games, you only get out what you put in.

It is, yes Nick.

Homegrove wrote:

Finally got around to watching Spotlight. Jesus what a great movie.

You're coming round slowly, H!

That happened with the last one. Really good mate of mine lives there - it's pretty backwards - almost all the electricity on the island is carried to buildings via pylons - cable everywhere. Even a crap storm knocks power out.



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Best bits?
The wedding
Never having to clean, iron or cook

Worst bits?
The constant mithering and not getting to do what you want all the time.

Is it worth it overall?
Yes, but definitely depends on the bird.

When those vocals From Shed My Skin came in, I was nearly sick. I love that tune and haven't heard it for a long time.

Shame the world can't set him on fire.  The thick merking cunt.

We were absolutely fucking shite against West Ham last night - could've easily lost that 6-0.  I left 20 minutes from the end - I never do that.

The London Stadium was miles better than I was expecting - the bits around the big screens are awful, but barely noticed the big gap between the stands and the pitch.  I'll bet it's a good atmosphere when it's full in there and West Ham are playing well.

Fair play to West Ham, it wasn't a sellout by any stretch, but it was a good turn-out for a pretty shit game.

smallman1 wrote:

Hitachi starts the worst thread in message board history and then brings it back by chopping me off at the knees.

Cap doffed.


smashdad wrote:

My very short answer would be none and no*.

My longer answer would involve a largely oblivious childhood during which my parents were distantly but nonetheless involved in not one but two, cultish, communal living, evangelical Christian movements in the late seventies and early eighties which both ended in varying combinations of nationally exposed (adult) sex scandal, all manner of financial impropriety and eventually the break up of their marriage.

* Albeit that to this day I can still recite the first twenty odd books of the Old Testament without thinking about it, have been baptised twice and received the laying on of 'healing-hands prayer' from two of America's leading evangelists (on both occasions, astonishingly, to no healing effect whatsoever...)

Of all the undoubtedly intelligent, wildly charismatic, incredibly well-read men I've ever heard talk on the subject, the best (by FAR) is the late Christopher Hitchens...

... (his comparison to the current North Korea and Christianity is incredibly apposite given the current stance of the USA as propped up by its Bible-thumping heartlands)

*raises a glass*

Great video, enjoyed that Kev. His brother is a proper cunt mind, Daily Mail columnist.


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Terrific mix, Andy. Cheers mate.

Christ almighty.

In shoes?

Do you exercise Dan?


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Looks like another shit NFC East...

I dunno what you'd make of it!  It's silly, but loved it when I was a kid - I'm not sure how well it would translate to any other country, let alone the US.  Genuinely be interested what you think.  Carry on Camping and Carry on Doctor are two of my favourites.

Off to see West Ham versus Bolton tonight.  Good to tick off another ground, but not looking forward to it in the slightest.

Better Off Dead's alright, but I haven't seen that since I was a kid.  I don't especially like Slapstick - I'll watch a Carry on Film every now and again, but that's more because I loved them when I was a kid.

How can Weekend at Bernies 2 be worse than the original - the first one is an abomination of a film

Maybe it'll come with a download code or something. You got a PS3 or 4 or an Xbox One?

I've got to go to the cinema to watch that with the missus this week.  Kermode's fault.  The cunt.

Incest and voodoo...