It's definitely Flares. BW reeks of it.


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Matt's pulling Boring's penis Miss!

You believe all sorts of shit on the flimsiest of evidence, I don't know what this should be any different, if anything the evidence appears to be pretty solid.



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Ahad Adump wrote:

Thanks lads, appreciate it. Shazam shite as usual. It's not primero though.

Shazam isn't shite, there isn't a audio watermark in the track - that's what Shazam is listening for.  It can generally only detect commercially released tracks.

Ahad Adump wrote:

the denialists are out in force this morning


zackster wrote:
Ahad Adump wrote:

I smell a cover up here.

Ahad Adump wrote:

I'm pretty sure what bought down that plane was Lithium batteries.

Ahad Adump wrote:

I still maintain the thing was probably shot down and they're keeping it quite.


You can have my reservations for Clancy's and GW Fins then...

DuFunk wrote:
BedRob wrote:

Always had a cracking night in Belfast when i travelled up from Dublin

Couldn't understand a fucking word anyone said mind

Are you for real! West of dublin you need subtitles known a few people from tralee who used to rave in derry sound people but the english wouldnt have a hope of understanding them.

BF portrush is abit of a dump tbh much nicer wee places in that area portballintrae, bushmills on route to causeway worth checking out and its all about the golf courses,  if your there until monday why not make the short trip to derry/donegal to see sasha!

Fucking hell DuFunk, you criticise the accent of West Dubliners and talk about subtitles and then scramble that abomination from your keyboard?

I was meant to be going to New Orleans tomorrow morning, but the wife's mum is properly ill and it's just had to be cancelled.

I couldn't give a fuck about the weekend now.

smallman1 wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

to be clear:

1. Liverpool fans were the ones that charged the Juve fans and it is therefore the fault lies with those Liverpool fans

2. the club should have done MORE to apologise for the behaviour of their fans and to pay respect to those Juve fans that died

And yet no mention of Hillsborough in the above diatribe.

Get out.

3. Hillsborough was the fault of literally every one except Liverpool fans.

MattBlack wrote:
Grant wrote:

I thought the ending was a bit flat to be honest.

A lot of people said that, i dont know what they were expecting tbh

Something better, something different, something clever?


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Fuck me, that looks absolutely horrendous.


then mrs putting a packet of crisps in my lunch box , that are at least 500 years past their sell by date. they taste like beetroot and should have been eaten before the battle of agincourt.  moreover, the only ingredients listed are tree bark, sulphur and beetroot flavouring.

perhaps she found them down the back of the fridge. should have filed them with that packet of iron age jammy dodgers* i found building my fort last week(they were found to be soft).

*if customers are not satisfied with product , the entire packet, with contents should be returned stating which historical period they were bought in.

Your Mrs making your lunchbox?

I don't want anyone to win it.

I thought the ending was a bit flat to be honest.

Mystic Meg really going out on a limb there

Ben Wand wrote:

I'm sure he would much rather his team is amongst the Champions League elite, Grunt.

I'm sure he would, but that's not without it's own risks given Arsenal are currently 5th, is it bell-end?

Who's just gone in the water.

I've been spraying my bets around like a porn star in the money shot.

Stupid. Got Blixt at 14/1 mind

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
zackster wrote:

not sure, hank. RDJ has made a wide array of styles in his day, so it could sound like almost anything. i hate to hurt my noise cred, but i must confess that i am not a huge fan of RJD's noisier side. hangable audio bulb and what not. i am hoping this will be closer to his ambient and house monikers.

This album is already out there….

The Selected Ambient Works are absolute masterpieces. But to go from those to what can only be described a fucking racket is completely unforgivable. Honestly, if I filled up my dishwasher with a load of pans and cutlery and 4 hours previously had eaten a phall strength Aloo Gobi knocked back with 4 pints of Carlsberg Jacobsen beer. I could then hook up a mic next to the dishwasher and another next to arsehole and record something infinitely more melodic and interesting than most of those later efforts.

This. Fuck me, he's released some utter shit. Selected Ambient Works is beyond superb.


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seanc80 wrote:

Front and centre in black t-shirt.

What a staggering cunt. Rarely seen anything that bad.

Plucky Arsenal into the FA Cup final. They'd already won it at the semi stage to be fair.

God knows what Flares' thinks what with potentially winning a trophy and the potential meaning of it ie meaningless.

MattBlack wrote:
Grant wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

T mobile, yet another fucking price rise when it seems like only a few months ago since the last one, cunts

There's a fair amount of competition in the network provider sector Matt, it might be useful to look around.

Except I've only recently upgraded so ill have to wait another 18 months before I can change providers

How do they put the price up when you've signed an 18 month contract?


MattBlack wrote:

T mobile, yet another fucking price rise when it seems like only a few months ago since the last one, cunts

There's a fair amount of competition in the network provider sector Matt, it might be useful to look around.