I can't wait for Giggs to fail. Doing a Barnes at Celtic would be perfect.

Arsenal really do have to take their chance this season...

chuffer wrote:
smashdad wrote:

I couldn't care less about the look of them tbh - it's the sound that rules those Beats 'phones out for me though - far, FAR, too much bottom end

yup that was my experience too......listened to several pairs all playing the same material, the Beats ones were the only ones were the bass was jumping out and distorting like fuck (maybe the kids would call it "phat bass").....fair play if you like heavy bass but I'd rather have an honest representation of the material and turn the bass EQ up when I want it for a sound like that

Fair dos, I've not experienced the distortion.

Do you work for Sky?

They won't be sorry to see me go, they'll send me a ton of bollocks through the post and phone me up all the time with deals.

If Terry joins Sky's pundit team, I'll cancel my sport subscription - it's bad enough as it is without that total fucking cunt of a man talking on my tele every weekend.

They sound very good and they do a good job of blocking out other sound. To be fair, they probably don't sound very good, maybe just good, but they're just way better than I was expecting - they were free too. They look totally fucking shit.

I hope Terry goes into management. He will totally and utterly fuck it up, like Neville, but probably not as bad a Giggs when he rather ridiculously eventually gets the job at Manchester United.

You're better than that Dan, surely?

I got given some new Beats Pro headphone, I've said it before on here, they really are very good, but I just can't bring myself to play out with them as is rightfully look like a right cunt.

I've replaced them with HDJ200-Ks as I've got a couple of shows coming up

Murray's stunning return to form in the tie-break. LOL

LOL, a new low at The Macron.

Terry Wogan has died this morning after a short battle with _________ blank


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My post seems to have fallen on death ears.

LOL Millsy


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I fell asleep 10 minutes in and missed the bastard.  I'll have to get enraged on iPlayer a little later.

LOLz fellas

There's no way West Ham will sell out their new stadium week in week out - they'll do well in the first season as they'll be a curiosity for away fans, but that'll be it.


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Any mixes planned at all Simon?!

Last one was in November



Let's hope so, eh?

edm.com?  Jesus wept, the mind boggles.

God, it's great to have you back BF.

Thought the same Ed.  I want that track, I don't suppose there's even a vague ID on it?

That brunch menu looks pretty special.

Congrats Rhouses.

I don't care what anyone says about Millsy, this is a top mix. Cracking stuff

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I'd heard good things about this film from a trusted source and it hasn't disappointed. I could only last 7 minutes before the suspense of the hostage scene got too much for me. The opening car chase scene was reminiscent of Coppola's and Puzo's finest work - easily the best gangster film of its generation.

What were you thinking? Should've watched Animal Kingdom.