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iPod? Is it 2004 again?


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You'll okay in any of the ones I mentioned.

If you've never been to Argentiere, don't leave it til the last day - brilliant terrain. Get there early if it snows. Après ski there is absolutely shit-house mind.


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Ncable wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

the arse raping we gave them at Anfield. What a pasting. Could have been 7-0 up in 25 minutes.

What a difference a year makes. Suarez gone, European football gone, Gerrard about to be gone, Rodgers clueless, club floundering in 8th place...

Fabulous entertainment. God bless the Premier League.

And a 0-0 home tie with Bolton.  We'll be well up for it at The Macron.  How shit does that sound?  The Macron, fucking hell.


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Are you in Chamonix town proper rather than one of the resorts like Argentiere?

If you're in Chamonix proper, it's all a bit samey wherever you go to be honest. Moo is the fashionable/cool place to go, but I've never been - Chambre 9 is always packed, Elevation 1904 and South Bar are probably the best of an average bunch. Bar du Moulin is often talked about, but I think it's a bit poncy.

Fucking love boarding in Chamonix, especially the Grand Montets (Argentiere) and especially when there's been heavy snow.

Jimmy Van M in 2000. Can't find a link for love nor money though.


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I'm a Redskins fan, I fucking hate the Eagles.  Not as much the Cowboys mind.

I love pork scratchings, I don't know whether I surprised or not that they haven't been mentioned yet. I particularly like the ones in the clear bags and don't look like they pass a health and safety test.

Cracking stuff.


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Presto wrote:

As for playing games at Wembley. Just fuck the fuck off.

I wouldn't mind if the games weren't so shit.


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Yant wrote:

College football is where its at apparently.

As is fap.

Too many mismatches.


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smallman1 wrote:

CJ is officially banned from the afters.


He's made a good call there!


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You see last night's NFC Championship game?  Seattle were 16 points behind with 4 minutes to go - fake field goal for a TD, two point conversion, onside kick recovery, TD and then Green Bay tied it with a FG only for Seattle to score a TD in the first possession in OT.  Fucking brilliant game.

I don't like the faux-American shit either Dave - tends to be pretty geeky people too.

The Double.  Looks great, but what a load of old fucking shite - 3/10


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Anyone remotely interested in this?

Last night's NFC Championship games was one of the best I've ever seen - I nearly turned the tele off.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

...lol at 'boring' & 'desperately unfunny', relative to you two he's a fucking comedy god.

As Millsy points out, clearly some folk on this thread still bitter from him having bent them over and shoving it up them dry

This. Stefano was quality too.

Big Fella wrote:

Has anybody mentioned Chipsticks?

Only salt and vinegar though...

steelydan wrote:

Tayto's cheese & onion flavour


Pickled onion monster much

Walkers sweet chilli sensations

I've always found Doritos to be the crack of the crisp range. Utter muck

I do like Tayto's cheese and onion.  They just about pip KP Crisps as the best cheese and onion on the market.

I respect what they do, just don't like them.  I saw them at Snowbombing a few years ago and it's was just a massive racket with a lot of shouting and swearing which made my ears hurt quite a bit.

Walkers Chicken Sensations
Walkers Smoky Bacon
Ringos Cheese and Onion

I love pickled onion crisps, but they make my mouth taste like shit all day.

smashdad wrote:

Tangentially related - what's the most you've ever dropped on a single vinyl release?

Don't think mine's very exorbitant at all - think I did about £30 each on the NE1 & NE2 vinyls and £20 odd on RitM's OOBE - I reckon it's odds on folk on here have dropped a ton on something...

I paid £40 for promo of Tilt's Headstrong.  Got bored of it very quickly.

Also paid around the same amount for Heaven Scent.  My wife snapped it during a row and it took me years to find another one.

I used to spend a fortune on CDs, now spend about £50 a month.  Plus £20 for Tidal.


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millsy23 wrote:

ask yourself what you are doing to make a difference


quite right millsy. I did consider making sandcastles of the engineers from 'promethius ' on my desk this morning, like that gagde in nigera , only i didnt have any sand, and i couldnt be bothered really,i was wondering about what ive got for me dinner tonight .plus ive got some cunt coming in to tell me why he cant be bothered to go to his job but would prefer to deal drugs with impunity using his housing benefit money while having the temerity to cut me out of the loop.

i have made a small effigy of javid miandad ,the great pakistani cricketer of the seventies, who i think is a muslim, out of paperclips  and blu tak to show my support and turn back the tides of radical fundermentalisim in stratford.

who can do more?

LOL again!

erik.b wrote:

Ive got one Shaun ill pop in in your dropbox when i get home later

Can I get a slice of that Erik?