What did he say?

steelydan wrote:

Golden hosted the dance tent at the V Festival in Chelmsford one year. Nice to hear Junkie XL, Hybrid, Sasha and Sander K banging out muscular Prog.

I was there - I was running late for Sasha and couldn't get near the tent, let alone in it.


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DuFunk wrote:

Green and white army BF.  See you's in france!

Plymouth Argyle?

Ahad Adump wrote:

The selfie stick = The stick of narcism

I could barely believe it when I saw one for the first time. I went into central London yesterday for the first time in a while - loads of them

A crumb of comfort here is what sort of state that bellend will look like in 25 years.


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MattBlack wrote:

Have you seen the new MacBook, apparently it has no USB and you have to buy an adaptor to get a USB port, what's the point of that

It's faster. I'd pay more for that.


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Unbroken1 wrote:


No doubting that.  I fucking love him.


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I'd grow it back if I were him.

We need #teamtruth on the case.

Awful business all round whatever the outcome.


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LOLs for ETC and Millsy. Quality.

Not if it was a rhetorical question.

Asking. Let's make it more interesting.

747man wrote:
poirot wrote:
747man wrote:

You forgot to add 'imo', Big Fella.

I'm starting to recall you from the GU board now ...btw, what happened to the other regular GU folk ... guys like Fadas, Aaron Littles, Ultra Marine Blue and the guy who had the 3-legged spinning thing from Super Mario as his avatar?

Do you remember Perry the sex case/ sex tourist? He was an arsenal fan.

Oh and you called me Phil a week or so ago just incase you forgot. Phil left the board mid last year or did you remember that from GU too?


Well, I saw people calling you Dermo - then saw a hugely amusing thread where the mod here called you out for having dual personalities - one of which was called Phil.  You're clearly lost in a whole world of alias Hercule :-)

You've been goin through old threads and dug that one up specifically? I wonder what the chances of that are?

Eleven Maddison Park is by far the most expensive restaurant I've ever eaten in.

DuFunk wrote:


Been there, great to see it it real life.

I don't think Van Gaal is as clever as even he thinks, certainly not as clever as you think he is.

Van Gaal wasn't great in Europe, Ferguson wasn't either, but he's won more pots.

747man wrote:
Ncable wrote:

a Ferguson-era team assembled for peanuts would have ripped that Pool side apart and scored 5 or 6, and that's being kind. A measure of how far the club has fallen in my opinion.


Although I think the one area Van Gaal will easily outstrip Ferguson is on the European stage where Ferguson continually failed.

If they ever play in Europe again, that is ...

Van Gaal has only won the European Cup once.  Ferguson has won more European Silverware.

Unbroken1 wrote:

...something about the key-change in this makes me think if it was released in 1998, it would be nailed-on to have a Brother's in Rhythm remix

I hate Noel Gallagher, but that song is a belter.


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Instead of "a pittance", they put in "£35,000" - have they taken a liberty here Glenn?


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to:    letters@standard.co.uk
date:    Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 8:32 AM
re 'cara delevingie wants your job' rosamund urwin article

"Cara Delevinge probably wants your job!" screams your headline

excellent , im a probation officer dealing with violent drug addicts, alcoholics and post code gangs for a pittance in east london, if she can pop down to show my lads and lassies the correct manner to wear a john galliano tifter at a jaunty angle , it would be much appreciated.

when can she start?

north chingford

to:    letters@standard.co.uk
date:    Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 8:40 AM
subject:    Cara delvinge and the general election

With 47 days to the general election , i have a proposition for you ..

in keeping with your daily mantra, can you print a picture of cara delevingie every day until then??.

if so, i'll tear up my UKIP membership and vote for ed milliband.


north chingford


The first one is in today!  Maybe they're saving the second one for tomorrow.

Great work ETC!


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I used a colander to view the eclipse on Friday. 

I think I've strained my eyes.

That genuinely made me laugh.

747man wrote:

I'm not an alias you pair of dopes, I was on the GU board years back.

I'm not saying you're an alias.

He's not Flares, just a similar Arenal fan.

There's a whiff of Flares about him

Manchester United?