Films on the plane home:

Straw Dogs. Sweet fucking mother of god that was a shit film - I'm certain someone on here recommended it, but nothing came up when I searched for the culprit. I can't believe someone backed it and made a film of it. Total bollocks. 0/10

Jacob's Ladder. First watch since I saw it at the cinema in 1990. Had no idea Tim Robbins was in it - his bird in it was fit enough for me to investigate on Google - time has not been kind to her, I'm sorry to report. Cracking film - 8/10

shaunstrudwick wrote:

could not give 2 shits about Dunkirk - knew all the 'serious' film bluffs on here would be creaming their pants over it tho

LOL Strudders, it's one of those rare things - a blockbuster with mass appeal. See it an an IMAX. It's far from a 'serious' 'film'.

It was really weird watching them all stand up and give a round of applause in the cinema.

Nick Sneddon wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Justice League looks all kind of amaze. Batman, wonder woman, the flash, sea man, cool ninja nunchucks man, barman and binman all teaming up to defeat an awesome foe with cool powers? Yes please. Roll on the sequel. Actually, is this a sequel? I forget. What happened in the last one? Is that the one where batman and superman fight? Which one was the one where wolverine fights Dr Zhivago? I love the one with all the cool transformers where he-man makes a cameo and Stan Lee plays a drag queen.

hows the new Star Wars looking?

I think I'd rather watch Justice League.

Homegrove wrote:
Grant wrote:

Tom Hardy flying his Spitfire for a few hours without any fuel - what was that about?

Few minutes. The whole of Tom Hardy's timeline in the story happened within an hour.

The plane was very low when it glided past the beach, but then heroically turns around around to take out a bomber? Do me a favour.

It doesn't ruin the film mind, it's just a bit silly and I'll give Nolan some artistic licence. I'm kind like that.

Squidgy wrote:

Snowman looks like it could be a BBC crime drama...


The cinema I was in was packed at 1pm on a Monday and everyone gave a massive round of applause at the end.

Fuck me, the trailers were awful - Justice League (Jesus), the new Star Wars (bollocks) and the new Bladerunner (Harrison Ford should retire, or at the very least refuse to do any scenes that require him to run).

Dunkirk is an excellent film. Saw it at that IMAX in NYC which was the biggest screen I've ever seen - massive. Made it a right spectacle - especially the dog fights, they were superb.

Some annoying bits in it mind, when they were sat in the hull of that boat getting shot at and all the whimsical pensiveness, but worst of all was Tom Hardy flying his Spitfire for a few hours without any fuel - what was that about? There are also only so many sinking boats and tension-based scenes you can take though.

Normally, that's the sort of film that would be three hours long and bore the living shit out of you, but Nolan got it right - great cinematography, brilliant score and was mostly entertained for the two hours. 8/10.

Xone 4D

Nice one fellas!

Jamie, I've PM'd and emailed you - I need you address to send this mixer. I'm leaving first thing tomorrow, so need it today.


Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Grant, are you still in NYC? If your missus gives her permission, I recommend seeking out Dunkirk on one of the IMAXs out there

I am, Henry. The missus has been anti, but the weather has been awful today and is worse tomorrow, so I persuaded her to let me book a lunchtime slot at the AMC Lincoln which has the best IMAX screen in NYC. Happy days.

Trespass Against Us - pretty grim film, but superbly acted by Fassbender. Didn't get especially good reviews, but enjoyed it - 7/10

Might try and catch Dunkirk whilst I'm in NYC.

Saw two films in the flight over. First one was Moonlight - not a particularly pleasant film to watch, but a very good one 8/10. Against my better judgement, my missus wanted to watch a comedy, so we went for Mindhorn - Jonathan Ross recommended it and it got 90% on RT - what an utter load of fucking shit - worst film I've seen in ages - has anyone else seen it?! 0/10

You're an idiot.

Lukaku is an amazing signing for Man Utd.


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60g of carbs an hour.  I have half a banana, a gel and third of a bottle of glucose-based drink over the course of every hour - mind you, I very rarely ride over 4 hours.

The food stops are good on the Etape mind, aren't they?


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I've already lost a fair chunk of cash after promising myself no more golf betting.  Clown.

You were half a mile from my house, Dan.

I do get the odd takeaway from there to be fair.  Not the bender mind.

Tramp trabbs, White Replay jeans and a t-shirt with a fucking ice-cream cone on it and you'll be beating them off with a shitty stick, P&D


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benson wrote:
ukhursty wrote:

Amazing to see kwiakovski literally stop dead after his turn on the front.

He stopped and unclipped didn't he. He must have been fucking spent.

Col D'Izoard for me: 2 hrs 10!! Average power 172W (2W / kg), average heart rate 168 (max 187)

i was absolutely fucking spent. Plius I had a broken spoke and wobbly wheel.

But based on that I am about 1/3 of a tour rider. And they were on day 19.

It's fukcing nuts how good they are

172W, Benson? Hang your head in shame!!


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Nice one mate, cheers


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I actually believe you now Fads

Be great if you could post that podcast


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Those approval ratings look like fake news to me Zach.

Homegrove wrote:

The one track I keep coming back to is Lehar's BOg-remix. Jesus that is something else, one of the best tunes of the year.

Same here