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Or simply "Club Reg"


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smallman1 wrote:

Happy 48th birthday Grant.

HAGO chief.

45th chief!


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Birthday weekend. A Leo in Hampstead on Saturday with afters at a friend of mine's. Monday off.

Kitchen sink hidden in the sock-drawer for a little over a week. That is discipline.

poirot wrote:

Innit. Where is the dribbling fuck hole nowadays anyway? Haven't seen his unhinged spastic ramblings for ages.


I have a slight preference to pay top-whack and avoid getting something a year or older that retailers are desperate to get shot of.

Fair play LT!

delged wrote:

Why don't you sent you send each other texts? As apposed too this site/ thread.

This has got Dogshit written all over it

liquitech1 wrote:
Grant wrote:
Wally wrote:

The fucking postman took my battlefront:SW back to the fucking postal depot instead of putting it through the door the useless cunt.

Can't pick it up until tomorrow earliest.

I'm rather unhappy at this.


Mine's at home on the side and I can't play the cunt until Saturday morning at the absolute earliest.

What's the verdict then, Grant? I've 70 sheets burning a hole in my pocket and might bite the bullet

I was gonna post on this earlier, but forgot.  Swerve it.

Enjoyed the first few games for the novelty - didn't play anything on Hoth which annoyed the shit out of me. 

It's too simple, even for my tastes.  No reloads, gun over-heats instead is the worst gimmick of the lot.

I can send you my copy for a few weeks?  The kids will want to play it at some point, but they aren't bothered at the moment

Excellent Millsy - Abbey Road all day long for me.  LOLz

Boring wrote:

Millsy's walking a tight rope by not mentioning The Wire in the same breath as The Sopranos - it's a sacred cow round these parts.

I stand by my criticism of Dominic West - atrocious accent.

LOL, I spotted that too!

My first thought was Larry Grayson.

There must be some terrific CGI in it to get Hannu frothing.

Boring wrote:

It's a weird one, it's awful to watch but dominating possession is a good platform upon which to develop a great team. I'm just not convinced LvG will get there - when he does leave United would be crazy to pick a coach who doesn't build upon LvG's work. Going back to square one would be a waste of three years.

Would be interested to read Vic's thoughts but we need one of the Arsenal fans to say something stupid to lure him out.

I can go for Giggs, that'll smoke him out for sure.

Giggs will never be a good manager, let alone a great one. No gravitas you see.

LOL Smashy!

I don't like his religion bollocks and everything he's done since Batman has been poor, but he's got a lot of belting albums in his locker

I reckon he hates Man Utd and is destroying from the inside. He's living the dream in my opinion.


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Did a sub-6min up Box Hill today. Was properly cold.


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I haven't found a decent pair of trabs for months.


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I went Heliboarding in Greenland about ten years ago - one of the most outstanding things I've ever done - there was some scenery.  Saw an avalanche from about 500m away, boarded down to it and the devastation was incredible.



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I've got three trips booked this winter. 

Currently rocking this, 164, natch:



Wally wrote:

I really think MP games need optional age filters so people can play with others who aren't going to spoil the experience for them.

I think that too, it's odd they haven't sorted that out.  I can hold my own in MP games, but my skills have definitely been on the slide over the last ten years or so - I'd be a daddy on that.


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I've got to go and see that fucking Bond film tomorrow evening.  Very unhappy.

Monday off, so may (will) get leathered on Sunday.


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I only listened to part one once before getting gripped by part two - part one knocks the shit out of an already excellent part two.


Any news on November Simon?!

LOL Henry