Leon is the only good one he's done.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
benson wrote:
fletcher wrote:

Who would you prefer was in charge at a time like this?

Clegg / Farron

Clegg seems to talk a good talk but he's got no minerals when push comes to shove

He's also not a Tory.


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fletcher wrote:
benson wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

I happen to think she's navigating the choppy waters well.

Would rather no one else at the helm.

She's an intellectual vacuum devoid of any powers of critical appraisal whatsoever.

She has no idea how to broker political deals, and sounds like an exasperated middle class mother telling everyone to be nice for the sake of the visiting grandparents.

And she wasn't passed this job. She fucking planned it for her own gain.

She's worse than Gordon brown.

Who would you prefer was in charge at a time like this?

Winston Churchill would be handy.


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She didn't get handed a hospital pass.  The ball was stationary, on the ground and she picked the cunt up.


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smallman1 wrote:

What an idiot.

She's been handled a hospital pass.

You're having a laugh


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The modern game is brutal on running backs.


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According to some business leaders on the BBC News last night, there hasn't been any Brexit effect to the vast majority of businesses.

We haven't left yet, you thick cunts.

It's full of arseholes.


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dutchy101 wrote:

The thing with Rambo is I think you need to see it when you are 12-14 to appreciate it. If you saw it then, you will have probably thought it was the besterest film of all time and you carry some of that sentiment / romantic nostalgia through to your adult years.

Similarly, I also missed watching Eddie Murphy Raw when I was around the same age. I tried to watch it in my late 20s and thought it was a load of shite. I'm sure had I have seen it when I was younger I'd have felt differently about it, but I think I've missed the boat.

I'll live.

You're probably right.  If I saw the Empire Strikes Back in my 20s, I'd think that was shite


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I think Rambo's awful

DuFunk wrote:

Once Upon A Time In America
A Bronx Tale
State of Grace
Mystic River
Glengarry Glen Ross
Donnie Brasco
Matchstick Men

Seen all those apart from Matchstick Men - all the other films are excellent, so will check.

seanc80 wrote:

True Romance.

My favourite film of all time.

There's a great shout, not seen that since it came out.

The Walking Dead is so fucking shit

Cheers fellas, a ton of great stuff there.

Seen it often, love that film.

Seen it, great film.

I'm flying to the Maldives to go diving Ed, these are mainly for the flight - I like to have a wide selection to choose from - I won't be watching anywhere near that number of films.

I'll be on a small island too, there won't be any locals on it.

A good mate of mine who knows his films said that John Wick was really good.  I might do some more digging on that.

Saw Angel Heart a little while ago - Jacobs Ladder is a great shout, seen it once at the cinema when it was released.

Seen all those on repeat viewings in the last year or so Jamie, all great films (Aliens has dated badly in my view mind).  Kill List was great - I had to drive 10 miles to see that at the cinema - never heard of Funny Games - described as "Blood Curdling" online - it's on the list.

Even cricket?

Boring wrote:

No mention of the Third Man? Heathens the lot of you!

Grant - where are you going? What are you doing? Missus in tow?  I'll try think of some films that may suit.

Diving in the Maldives again - missus in tow.

This is my download list for this week so far:

Straw Dogs
Dog Soldiers (re-watching)
Mulholland Drive (re-watching)
Rules of the Game
The Game
12 Angry Men
Green Room
Nocturnal Animals
Inherent Vice
John Wick
Blue Ruin

I've seen most of the half-decent films on the plane, there are only a couple I actually want to watch - Manchester By the Sea being one of them.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

The LOTR films are fantastic – cant comment on Harry Potter as haven’t seen them

I saw them all at the cinema with my kids.  I was bored half to death and by the end, like all shit films, I wanted everyone in it dead, especially those two little cunts at the end fighting over the ring for what felt like an entire afternoon.

Dermatron wrote:

Never seen any of the Harry Potter shite. Or Lord of the rings.

I wish I could say the same.

Dukes Nightclub, Chelmsford

The Voice
Geordie Shore
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
ITV News


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I was bored to tears watching it yesterday