The Big Short is better than anything this year - if you've not watched it, it's essential in my view. Great film, well shot.

The Big Short is fantastic - best film of last year that. Acting in that and Spotlight is amazing.

Spotlight is my favourite film so far this year. High Rise is worth a watch, slightly disappointing as I had high expectations, but worth a watch.


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Good old MattBlack wishing it was like the old day.

Failures the were far bigger of course, you know that of course...


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This is the best thing that's happened this year.

Hello Glenn! Glad all is good.


LOL at reach for the razors


MattBlack wrote:

17.5 million people voted to leave the EU Dave and I'm sure they weren't all thickets like me as so so eloquently put it and besides, we haven't left yet so I'm not saying anything until we actually do

Is that a promise Matt?


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The new user interface in iOS 10 looks like it's been made by a child.  It's basic and looks massively shit.

Annoyingly, they've upgraded and changed a lot on Apple Music, but they haven't introduced lossless - thought that would be a given when they took out the headphone jack.

I hate Spotify

I think I initially said that Loops could keep it to use on a future trip, but now I'm not so sure.  I get the feeling it's been spunked up the wall.


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I don't think so when it comes to the national team. 

I don't care that much though to be fair.

Just finished it - brilliant that Jamie.

The Guardian has been a steaming pile of shit for at least five years.

LOL, I've only ever argued on behalf of his management skills, he's always been bent, just didn't realise he was so fucking thick

I'm gutted he can't prove you wrong Dermo, he's made such a fuck up, it's not a problem to deal with.


Well, I hope England get Pardew and get fucked.

Sam is a thick twat - imagine fucking that up?

Allardyce has received his punishment from the FA; he must remain England manager until 2032.


He's fucked, the stupid twat.

He is a fucking idiot, no question.

England's shame eh?

Does this come as any kind of surprise and does anyone actually care?

Malcolm Tucker and David Brent for me.


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Fuck me, the Eagles looked good last night.  Wentz might be the real deal.

Boring wrote:

West Ham regressing to their mean?

I can't see Lady Brady and the porn barons putting up with that for too much longer. That stadium looked very empty in the last 10 minutes.

Wonder what Payet must be thinking.

It's the West Ham way, you see.

Bit too quick to boot out Allardyce...