chromosome_junction wrote:

Does anyone remember the Drunken Bakers fro Viz? Utter genius that was.

They are still very much active in Viz.

Big Fella wrote:

Always thought it is weird drinking heavily at an afters.

Used to be my favourite bit.  I tend to swerve afters these days though for a variety of reasons.

I drink a lot, but am currently experimenting with cutting back.

Four or five bottles of wine over a weekend and am usually out a couple of times midweek with work and those are usually heavy nights.

I don't often get hangovers, but know I need to cut back - not drinking at home Mon-Thursday sounds like a step in the right direction, but out getting pissed almost every Thursday for starters.


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Big Fella wrote:

I must admit to absolutely loving the musical Oliver!

Made a stand when the missus took my lad to The Lion King, something like 75 notes per ticket and no concessions for kids, all to see a bloke running around with a lion mask on. Not on my watch.

And it lasts for three hours.  I nearly passed out when I read that in the programme after being curious at how long the first ten minutes appeared to last.  Terrible.

Big Fella wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

before he read.

So he says.

No, i was on-line at the time and monitored it myself.

What happened BF?


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The theatre is shit.  I've seen the odd thing which has been quite good, but sitting in a dark, warm place after a few drinks after work is a recipe for sleep, not entertainment.  I've been bored to tears far too many times to give it any serious consideration.  I'm not including musicals in this, they're worse.

Why go to a theatre when you can go to the cinema?

I think Dermo should come back a-sap.


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Always gave Ukraine a massive swerve when I played Risk.  And Asia for that matter.


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An ad on a lorry? Fucking hell, that's got to be a #teamtruth new low?


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Big Fella wrote:

Why did it move from Heaven?

They already have night on Fridays and Saturdays that have gone on for ever.


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Fuck me.

steelydan wrote:

loved this London Venue

http://history-is-made-at-night.blogspo … d.html?m=1

and Sabresonic@happy jacks

Club UK, The Leisure Lounge, SW1, The Cross, The End and Fabric were ace, ace clubs.

La Nausee wrote:
Dr Gonzo wrote:

The Tour has been fantastic this year. Its impossible to equate a marathon against cycling unless there was a comparable distance. What a stupid bloody thing to say though.  People dressed as Fred Flintstone run marathons.

How many marathon runners keep bags of their own blood in their fridge, or have to set their alarm clocks for 3am so they can get up and go on a treadmill to stop their blood congealing? Maybe a quick transfusion around the 15km mark to get them the rest of the way? Maybe they all do.
The TDF is the most drug-addled and corrupted sporting event outside of the Olympics.

True, but it's getting better. Still miles away from athletics.

I think the original point was non-pro though. In my very recent experience, that Etape was harder than the marathon I did.

BedRob wrote:

you have to be on fucking drugs to watch it, let alone take part in it

So what Rob? What's your point?

Between 18-24 degrees - warmer in Pau and then cooled.

Broom wagon was 10 hours.

Strava Suffer Score was 278 - Epic

Sorry, fucked up the time, 6:57

Big Fella wrote:

What are the deets on that Grant?

148km, 3,300m of climbing. Took me 5:57 and burnt 4,800 calories

The weather was biblical after about 70km, the temperature at the top of the Tourmalet was 2 degrees - the descent was horrendous - brakes on the whole way down and loads of accidents. It was murder, especially that climb at Hautacam.

Two cat 3 and two HC climbs. The Tourmalet was a constant 1,700-odd metre climb

smallman1 wrote:

I'd like to see an amateur cyclist try and run a marathon.

I did the Etape on Sunday Ed and can confirm that, having done both, it's harder than a marathon.

Give it a go.

Out of 13,000, 4,500 didn't finish.

Homegrove wrote:

Got to watch Sexy Beast again asap. And that reminds, as it had Ian McShane in it too... Al Swearagen in Deadwood. True it's a tv show, but worth a mention.

He's also in a delightful TV series called 'Lovejoy' - check it out.

Excellent, I'll give that a whirl

jamie wrote:

I found these two genuinely disturbing.

What's that?

millsy23 wrote:

Great shout.

dutchy101 wrote:

Up there

Being the best actor in an abomination of a film doesn't mean he's good.

Javier Bardem - No Country For old Men
De Niro - Taxi Driver
Billy Zane - Dead Calm
Nicholson - The Shining / Cuckoo's Nest
Pyle - Full Metal Jacket

Spacey in Seven is a good one BF

Beijing Dave wrote:
Grant wrote:

I've just landed after a two hour flight and had a 4AD orgy with some Smiths thrown in for good measure.

Being from Bolton and being old, that will be the Thomson flight that just arrived at Manchester from Lanzarote or Tenerife,

If you were younger, Magaluf.

BA, Toulouse to Heathrow. I've been gentrified I'm afraid.