I think he's done Get the Message at previous gigs, but he only seems to do one Electronic tune.

I wonder what Ahad does?

millsy23 wrote:

Begbie throwing the pint glass over his shoulder.

"That lassie got glassed, and no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it..."

The wanking scene and getting bollocked by his wife is priceless

Johnny Marr was terrific tonight at Brixton Academy.

Didn't buy his new album, but will, there were a couple of cracking tracks in there.

Did a handful of brilliant Smiths tracks - Panic, Stop Me, There Is a Light, Still Ill (brilliant), Bigmouth, How Soon Is Now. The highlight though was Electronic's Getting Away With It - absolutely sublime.

Lot of old grippers not acting their ages and a lot of kids running around absolutely twatted.

Almost didn't go as worked late and going on holiday tomorrow, but it was ace and well worth the effort.


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Teamtruth will start with the lack of number plates.  Menezes stole them in 2005, just days before he spotted Jesus H Christ planting bombs on tube tracks in Stockwell.


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What time have you got at your end Loopy?  Up very early, or up very late...


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Rude was an awesome night.

millsy23 wrote:

I like to imagine Glen in a certain way. I find it adds even more humour to his aleady humourous postings. I imagine him as a slightly plump balding man in a tweed suit and spectacles. He smells a little bit of malt vingar, like he's been pickling onions from his smallholding all weekend.

He has the air of a Mr Chips or Higgins from Magnum. He is methodical in his daily routine. He wakes, he showers, he packs two rounds of cheese and homemade pickle sandwiches into his lunchbox and listens to the Today programme. He drives his ageing Volvo to the Probation Ofice where he has a desk, piled high with papers and with 'Glen Linghorn: Probation Officer' on a small plaque atteched to the side of his cubicle. 

All the local criminals know Glen. He's the Probation officer they want. He's soft as shite and good for a chat. He cares. He makes them tea. He hugs them when they cry. He's like the father they never had.

But underneath this shallow facade is the Glen of the Bedrock Board. The beast of the Captain's Wheel, of Vi's drinks cabinet. The schemer, the debaser, the demon on a knife edge, the green man.

All it's going to take is a someone from HR to ask him why he's filled in his timesheet wrong and he's going to go postal.

Fucking LOL!

Big Fella wrote:

Has anybody else noticed if you drink a pint of beer and a pint of wine, the wine makes you more tipsy?

Depends on which way round you drink them.

Definitely worth posting again, bravo Glenn!

Irony in action.



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There's probably something about it on zerohedge, Matt.

Jim-bob wrote:

There are a few on here making shit jobs sound a lot better than they are with a fancy title.

Is answering phones IT now?

What's your job again?


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5 fucking years?  What a spawny little cunt.

I don't look at the Premier League table that much and was quite surprised to see that Manchester United are ahead of Arsenal and with a game in hand.

You couldn't make it up.

erik.b wrote:

Master carpenter

A proper job!

You can get some fantastic red wine in Italy. Tuscan Super Reds does sound like a supporters' club, but there are some amazing wines in that lot. You also have to be pretty careful with the vintage, but some Chianti Classicos are amazing.


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Jesus, that fucking YouTube clip is horrendous, miles worse than I was expecting.


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Makes sense to me.

It's always better to ensure you are financially secure and don't have a bullying manager who can't be considered one of the best ever.  It's definitely better than titles.


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Big Fella wrote:

Looks like Doggy has been hoist by his own alias petard.

dogmanstar888 wrote:

It looks a lot more like BF has written an incomprehensible one-liner.

Didn't you study Shakespeare at school?  It's a well known quote.

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Grant wrote:

Where is Mr Boring?

Mr. Boring = Vic [Starcreeper]

I find that hard to believe.

Where is Mr Boring?