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erik.b wrote:

XOYO 1st October

Thursday? Is that definite? Be brilliant that.


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Happy birthday Flaresy!


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Ncable wrote:
poirot wrote:

you've done over  a thousand in less than a year you thicket. Not counting all your aliases.

Firstly, dummkopf, I've made it absolutely clear on several occasions that I do not require an alias. I am The Ncable and have solely been since I registered with the forum. Moderator analysis of IP habits can confirm this.

Regarding post counts, my current average is 29 a week, not bad when put up against hopeless obsessives like yourself and BF, who would crumble without the pseudo-status this forum offers you. In fact, I was hardly contributing for months, but I've posted a lot more since my recent promotion, which allows me lots more time and space to get paid well for spending hours on here every day owning you like the little bitch tits that you are.

A very pleasing upswing in fortunes, I'm sure you'll agree.

Is your definition of 'owning' from the same reference book you get your definition of 'bulling' and 'trolling'?  If so, we can all relax and think you're just trying to be clever (but not funny) again.


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smallman1 wrote:

The European Cup holders disposed.

Next up Arsenal.

From sublime to ridiculous!


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I thoroughly enjoyed them.

What was the row about?

How did you get on with the dog-murdering spade man this morning?

monostereo wrote:
Ahad Adump wrote:

Used to work for Ryanair Millsy on the 737-800, based down in Charleroi initially which was a dump, Liverpool and finally Stansted. Always windy up in Prestwick, so much so that I landed on the short runway once as the crosswind was out of limits on the ILS on 13. Think it was runway 21 if I'm not mistaken.

The life of a pilot must be an interesting one. Lots of crusty old minge I would imagine.

Prior to getting your leg over with a slightly weathered stewardess, do you ever feel the urge to say something like  "Good news smile We’re just finishing up some last minute paperwork and should be underway shortly…” ?

A cheeky "Cross-check and doors to manual" wouldn't go amiss either

poirot wrote:

Noticed you left out Gamboccini

And Daniels.

millsy23 wrote:

but i'm 37 and from Surrey/Hants.

Can you bake?

Big Fella wrote:

Stu, 35, Surrey - a professional musician who has toured the world as lead singer of his band, Stu started baking at a young age. He used to watch his parents in the restaurant kitchen they owned and was always amazed by the magic of the oven and "how something liquid could go in and out would come this fluffed-up awesomeness".

Fucking hell.

Ive missed a flight home once.  Awful business.


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only just caught up with this story after a long weekend in stasis , care of me ma's guest house in  frinton on sea .

absolutely fantastic.  I shall be starting a petition on change.org today highlighting the plight of gone to seed Lords , finding themselves in reduced circumstances , slumming it with £200 a night whores covered in  vellus hairs  gagging on petrol  washed heavily cut kib .


sickens me to the core of my very being to see the custodians of this once great nation, which ruled sundry 3rd world shithouses and brown people with an iron fist and senseless brutality, having to sing for their brass supper in this manner

from today, this Englishman  , sick to death of labour and tories and spitting upon the name of oliver cromwell,  will be calling for The lords to augment their megre incomes by implementing the old 'beer bottle return collection depoist system , so loved by the leg 'o' muttons alpha male of the 1970's.


The Lord , suddenly finding himself bereft of fiscal funds at 9.30 am after a hard night fucking to spasam the arseholes of various  sweet meats on the top tray of the meat rack , simply  has no means of buying his passage to the house of commons to collect his £300 daily allowance for 30 mins spent in trap 3 of the commons thunderbox networking on his grindr app and timidly complaining to his dealer as to the quality of his merchandise before placing an order for more as he has an important meeting with prospective members of the lord baden powell association in some stockwell crack den that very evening , after recording 'desert island' discs.

to remedy this Embarrassing situation for all concerned , not least the very sanctuary of english democracy,  our lord Returns his empty bottles of jungle juice to the strip curtained sex shop with his empty bottles of 'Rave', 'liquid gold' , 'Reds' and if really desperate , ' Rush' to collect his deposit.

Thus our hardworking peer continues his important work, The fragile eco system is supported, The boys  on the meat rack continue to keep a small portion of their fees to reinvest in skag to block out their painful childhood, their pimps are happy and only gently chide them with bass guitar stings , the sex shop owners are happy as their mode of business has had a sheen of respectability added to it by the degenerate captains of industry, commerce and democracy ..the cycle of life continues.

What a terrific read


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It's like counting Superbowls. Wouldn't mind seeing this looser get a drivel score of 'L'

Ncable wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

My philosophy on here is to ignore anything Ncable puts about football, it's a big hitter philosophy that has stood me in good stead.

You're not a big hitter BF, more like a barnacle that clings to the bottom of a ship. Crusty, unremarkable and tough to dislodge, although recently you have been showing signs of growing a set, as your recent bans have signified.

Like Junior Smallman, you have plenty of work to do if you're going to gain any sort of recognition in here. I'm not talking about entry level impress-the-newbies-with-my-12000-posts status - I mean a real legacy, the kind where board members are still obsessing over you long after you've left the forum.

PM me for me more tips on winning, and winning big.

You forgot to put a hook on your line, Flares.

Top 5 for me this season:


Bolton are currently 3rd in Championship on an alphabetical basis.  That is as good as it'll get for us.

Ncable wrote:

All this 'philosophy' rubbish makes my ears bleed. Pretentious bollocks - it's a bunch of blokes kicking a football around, not the collected works of John Locke.

Pass to feet, defend as a unit, play to the whistle etc. Easy fuckin' peasy.

LOL, tru dat

Ncable wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Old Trafford is not in Salford Matty, nor do they have an underground car-park.

Newton Heath isn't in Salford either, just for the record.

It's spitting distance BF, stop splitting hairs. Newton Heath was the original name for the club.

Thought you'd have known that.

Did someone mention Woolwich Arsenal?

monostereo wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

Loopy, why have you never nameKLANGED Paul Ince (3rd photo)?

He's black, therefore he's Paul Ince? FFS.  Consider yourself Reported Dave. 

Did you actually DJ with Carl Cox then? He looks quite personable in that photo?


Fair play Loops!

I don't think that's true.

Loopy, you deserve all you get from here on in.



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smashdad wrote:
poirot wrote:

Hope Froom and Quintana have a come together leaving Nibali to romp it.

Lovely that after he attacked Froome yesterday when Froome had to briefly stop for a mechanical Nibali got his comeuppance with a puncture at the very foot of Alpe d'Huez today...

Fantastic stage today - epic stuff.

Turns out Froome won it on the flat and for that he owes a huge debt to his team all of whom were fantastic with Thomas and Porte better than most other team's leaders.  Quintana is clearly the best climber in the world right now.

And if social media has ever been good for anything let's hope the images of the cunts who spat on Froome over the last couple of days come back to haunt them massively.  Fucking despicable.

The French are thick. Froome has won because of Thomas and Porte and the wider team - Froome's been exposed the last couple of races and struggled a bit - Quintana won't have any accusations of cheating despite beating an accused drug cheat with reasonable comfort.

It's pathetic. The spitting and piss throwing is just fucking mental.

Glenn, you should definitely write a book

Ncable wrote:

I only seek to educate those on here whose appreciation and knowledge of the beautiful game is sadly lacking. Sometimes I can do that with a single line, often a more rigorous examination is required. Either way, my input is thoughtful and always, always based on facts, not speculation.

Happy to help you out Boredom, when you find yourself lagging behind.

<click fingers> "And sleep..."


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I had a massive crash on the last lap of my race today, I am absolutely fucked to bits.

I really enjoyed The Glandon, it was Alpe d'Huez that fucked me.