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smallman1 wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

I just don't understand why Dermo keeps getting let back on here.  He's like a kleptomaniac who keeps promising not to steal, then gets thrown back into jail when he does.

Throw away the key.  This place is happier without him.  It only takes a bit of time before his 'reform' goes back to his old ways.

Best post you've ever written Loops.

100% correct.

Yep, totally agree too.


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jamie wrote:

just listened to that iffy remix of Ohmna for the first time.

what a load of old gash. awful, awful track.

the original is probably my favourite sasha track and the remix does absolutely nothing with it.

That's exactly what I think too. He ruined one of my all time fave tracks.
There's no backstory for this from me, I just think he ruined a great track with piss poor production and I don't know why everyone jumped all over this. The levels are all over the place, the samples are shit, everything just seems like it was done by Sasa Savic using ejay or something like that.

I'll try an dig out those Simon Firth Sasha mixes for you, but he's on here and on soundcloud, so I'm sure if you drop him a message he'll hook you up.


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Have to say, Ima, ESCM, and Seven Ways all have dated well, great albums and can still listen to them today. Airdrawndagger hasn't dated that well, apart from one or two of the tracks on it, the rest just sound a bit bland now.

And I think I must be the only person who thinks that nomad in the dark so called mix of ohmna is a fucking atrocity.
Simon firth did quality mixes of arkham asylum and belfunk that were worth a listen. He was going to do a mix of ohmna too, but didn't because it was around the time of the shit iffy remix was floating about.

matttymm wrote:

Here you go!!!

Fill your boots.


BTW - the Sasha set sounds all washed out

Yeah, sounds a bit crap. And the balance is off too in parts.
Just had a look at my copy and it's the same. If anyone else has a decent rip of this set, hook us up!

Ten times better then vapourspace, I liked it.
Still wouldn't think it was a typical Sasha track if it didn't have his name on it, sounds just like your usual beatport tech house chart track.

Sbando wrote:

Appreciated, Gerald.

No probs, enjoy wink

I managed to buy a copy of the cd for a few quid and I've ripped it to 320 with cue file and beefed up the audio a bit too, seeing as some of the tracks on the mix are quite low.

Here it is if anyone wants a copy...


Or if that link dies, here's another one...


Just been checking out mixmeister studio v7 and it seems ok so far.
Question though, any idea how to set the master tempo for the mix?

Loaded in a track and its 129bpm and the next track is 125bpm, and when it's mixing into the next track the 129bpm slows down to match the 125bpm track that's mixing in.

Any idea if you can set the master tempo to 126 or whatever and have all the tracks stick to that set master bpm?

Yeah Foobar2000 is a decent music player for windows, look into it.

smashdad wrote:


01 –Lustral Everytime (Red Jerry Mix) 6:39 
02 –Energy 52 Café Del Mar (Three 'N One Mix) 9:08 
03 –Solar Stone* The Calling (Inner Peace Mix)  4:46 
04 –Nalin & Kane Beachball (Original Club Mix)  5:45 
05 –Viper T. Twister (Terry Francis Dub) 4:30 
06 –Sil Windows (Original First Take)  3:12 
07 –Saints & Sinners Peace (Original Mix)  5:41 
08 –Rodd-Y-Ler Lifesigns  5:57 
09 –JX There's Nothing I Won't Do (JX & Red Jerry Dub)6:56 
10 –L.S.G. Netherworld (Terry's Patchwork Mix)  3:29 
11 –Marmion Schöneberg (Man With No Name Remix) 6:44 
12 –JX Son Of A Gun ('95 Mix)  6:50 

Re-ripped as a one-track 320k mp3

Here you go - link is good till my Dropbox bandwidth gets limited...

Nice one mate, good stuff.
Did you rip that again straight from the cd?

Appreciate it wink

smashdad wrote:

Yeah - got it ripped as (lossless) component tracks - happy to send it like that now or, if you give me a while, I'll play it through the soundcard and save it as one (lossless or 320kbs mp3) file - choice is yours...?

Thanks man, if benson doesn't come through with his rips then I'll give you a shout.

benson wrote:

Sadly I still have a lot of these CDs. If someone can tell me where to put them up I'll rip them

Sendspace is the one I use, free and easy.

After reading the hooj choons thread on here a while back, someone reminded me about the free cd that came with ministry mag that was mixed by judge jules.

http://www.discogs.com/Judge-Jules-Mini … ase/107744

Wasn't a bad cd at all, considering it's judge jules.

Someone on here said they had a copy and would rip it and upload it, but never happened.
Anyone got this cd lying around and can rip it as one long file and share the wealth?


Yeah, just wondering if he's any use as a dj.
Don't really mind him on the telly, apart from the sky ads!

What's this all about then? Seen his name on a few of the festival posters that are coming up over the summer.


Nick Sneddon wrote:

Im the only person on the world that thought Man Of Steel was brilliant so looking forward to this

Nah, your the second. I thought man of steel was well good too wink


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Homegrove wrote:

Quivver remix on it's way most likely.

There's a new quivver track on this mix starting at 34 mins, wonder is it a remix of one of the tracks from the new album?

https://soundcloud.com/quivver_john_gra … london2014


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poirot wrote:

Its just UNKLE though aint it?

I wouldn't say UNKLE, I get more of an Ian Brown solo stuff vibe off it.

I'm looking forward to this one...


Roll the Dice - 1st June, remixes by The Time and Space Machine and General MIDI/Chris Carter as "Hat"
Cold Sun - 29th June

And some other bits from the album too...
https://soundcloud.com/quivver_john_gra … -fall-down


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Squidgy wrote:

Thought you would mean this one Ger_Stokes....

I actually prefer the album version over this and the extended ver, with this coming second

Yep, that's the one in the vid I posted there, the only mix of song for life. Legendary.


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I'll never forgive them for putting the shit mix of song for life on leftism and leaving out the classic original mix. And then playing the shit leftism version when I saw them live a few years ago.
Shower of bastads.

This is a masterpiece...


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Just had a proper listen to vapourspace now, fuck me that's bland.

He needs to take a long hard look at himself and start making tunes like this again...

shaunstrudwick wrote:

I'm probably gonna get caned for this but i quite like some 'trancier' sounds now and then

Not the worst that, bit Prydz like.

roberto wrote:

sat at home with this belting out the speakers behind my head.... very nice, cheers! I hadn't been that impressed when I first heard the clip on the video from a while back. Shows how you can't trust a tinny clip init!

Same here, didn't think much of the video clip that was posted a while back, but just had a proper listen to this now and it does the job!


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MattBlack wrote:
Unbroken1 wrote:

..Rob Babicz tours and plays live off the little 13" one, more than capable of Traktor action

Is it the MacBook Pro 13" he uses, that's the one most DJ's use

More then likely, at lot of heads us the 13" MacBook Pro for djing. Bit more oomph than the MacBook Air.