ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Just went to see 'Life'.  If you're looking for hammer house horror time - this nails it.  15 minutes in, and no taking your foot off the gas.  This is a fantastic horror/sci-fi film that is well scripted, plausible, and well acted.  If you felt 'Arrival' was too slow and contemplative, this film is the antithesis of it.  No spoilers, it's a must see.  8.5/10

Going to check it out during the week, I like the look of the trailers. Didn't like Arrival at all, so will probably love this.


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liquitech1 wrote:

..if ever there was a thread worthy of this pic

That pic reminds me of the headcases on the old global underground board.
Someone posted it there, and taking the piss I said it looked like Danny Howells was having a bit of a bad day in that one, knowing it was Ricardo Villawhatshisname in the pic.
They went absolutely off, lost it altogether! Thought they were going to hound me down and burn my gaf to the ground.
It could have been Mulligan before he calmed down a bit these days, but could have been someone else, can't remember exactly, so many nut jobs.
The good ol GU board days, some proper headcases on there!

Grant wrote:

Get Out in cinemas now, looks pretty good.  Gonna try and see it next week.

Went to see it the other night, was quality.


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This is the only mix of his I've heard... … ase/472361

Just listened to it again recently, pretty decent.


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j.p sykes wrote:

Classics-wise, he played platform - freaky chakra and the gai barone remix of push - universal nation.

He also played trigonometry, don't think he did track 10 thank god

That new mix of push is a monster. Would have loved to been there for that.

Yep, I thought it was by Atlantic Ocean when I heard it first. They certainly nicked the beats from them.

Went to see Get Out last night, verdy gud indeed.

The only bad thing I can say about it was the 37 trailers before it for all those new poxy marvel movies coming out in the summer. But the movie itself was quality.

smashdad wrote:
Ger_Stokes wrote:

I got the name of the 2nd one anyway, just 2 left now.

Out of interest, what was it - sounded vaguely like a remix of something by K-Klass or Sunscream...

It's P-C-L - When You're Moving.

smashdad wrote:

I'm shit at that type of thing - sorry.

Spotlight on Dermy - it's what he's on here for isn't it...

No worries, asked him already and he didn't know. I got the name of the 2nd one anyway, just 2 left now.

Don't think the last one has that hook records sound, sounds more like something off eye-q.

Need some help from the board clubbing veterans id'ing these tracks, all I know is they're from '93-'94 era. I've uploaded a sample of them to see if any of them rings a bell...



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steelydan wrote:

proper dump

Gen lol

Always liked this....

smashdad wrote:

'Be As One' wasn't the classic on the 12" - Heart Of Imagination was...

But everyone is perfectly within their rights to agree or disagree and/or detest or adore and/or take it calmly or get all fucking aerated about it...

Great thread this.

Monster track that, still love it today.
Remember buying it on vinyl back in the day and never even playing "be as one" once, it was this that got worn out playing.

Been using this for a few years now, dogs bollox.


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Anything that Quivver does. Always been consistent over the years.

Like a bit of Evil Nine too.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
Odo wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

i have 'Show Box' on my phone

And Chromecast? Both work well together.

need to look into setting Show Box up on my laptop - is it easy?

Can be done, but you need to run it through an android emulator...

Or you could try popcorn time, it's the same as showbox but can run directly on pc and android.


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Homegrove wrote:

Well the design, locales and cinematography at least seems to be fucking spectacular again.

Looks quality, bring it on.


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steelydan wrote:

Most of Ridley's recent efforts have sucked. I'm dubious about this one.


Sound quality is grand, unless you're talking about the file quality. If it's after been ripped from the YouTube vid then it's only going to be around 128kps.

Is there talking and jingles / voiceovers all through this?
Got about 5 mins in and had to turn it off, they were doing my nut in.

Wouldn't mind checking it out otherwise.

Nice one H, I'll give Sbando a shout and may hit you up too for some.


I'm looking for a few old essential mixes, anyone know somewhere that has a good archive of them in decent quality?



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Yant wrote:

The Walking Dead season 7 premier.

Now that's some fucked up shit.

Agreed. The most intense episode of waking dead I think so far.

strummerjones wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Howells mix of Donna Summer I Feel Love anyone?

Anyone have this ?

I don't think that was ever finished? I heard years ago that it was more of a work in progress version that was given to zabiela. He put it on his first "four" mix series.
I could be wrong though, but that's what the story was a few years ago.