Is there talking and jingles / voiceovers all through this?
Got about 5 mins in and had to turn it off, they were doing my nut in.

Wouldn't mind checking it out otherwise.

Nice one H, I'll give Sbando a shout and may hit you up too for some.


I'm looking for a few old essential mixes, anyone know somewhere that has a good archive of them in decent quality?



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Yant wrote:

The Walking Dead season 7 premier.

Now that's some fucked up shit.

Agreed. The most intense episode of waking dead I think so far.

strummerjones wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

Howells mix of Donna Summer I Feel Love anyone?

Anyone have this ?

I don't think that was ever finished? I heard years ago that it was more of a work in progress version that was given to zabiela. He put it on his first "four" mix series.
I could be wrong though, but that's what the story was a few years ago.

Been listening to all his sets over the last while, top class.
Will be checking this one defo.

They'll be edited, but trafik usually put a mix together well.
I enjoyed their GU10 3 x cd comp from a few years back, that was quality.

smashdad wrote:
Ger_Stokes wrote:

Anyone got deeper shades of hooj cd, the first one? … lease/6621

Can't seem to find it anywhere now, for a decent price.

If anyone has it and can rip it for me to a single file flac or wav, let me know and I'll throw you a few quid.

Mate - I'll be back near my hard-drive in a couple of hours and will ping you a PM with a link.

Nice one man, legend.

Anyone got deeper shades of hooj cd, the first one? … lease/6621

Can't seem to find it anywhere now, for a decent price.

If anyone has it and can rip it for me to a single file flac or wav, let me know and I'll throw you a few quid.

Anyone got a 320 copy of the James Lavelle mix of The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather.
Been after that for years and wasn't released anywhere, don't think it's coming out anytime soon.


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fletcher wrote:

This came out last year on my "mate" Armin van Buuren's label.
Pretty powerful stuff and nice to see a mix from Dave surface again. … se/7919637

There was also a King Unique mix in the same series - … se/7077884

The king unique one is good, not heard the seaman one.

And on topic of gym mixes, my go to ones were Quivver - Transport 5 and Van Dyk's Vorsprung Dyk Technik album.

Have a few faves. Always came back to this one, listened to it over and over for years.
Why, just a good time for tunes, wanted to stick them all together on a mix for ages. You'll know them all on it. … 21st-2005/

1-Yoshimoto-Do What You Do-Trentemoller Mix
2-Infusion-Girls Can Be Cruel
3-New Order-Blue Monday-Rouge Audio Mix
4-Rockwell Vs Medway-Somebody's Watching Me
5-Will Saul-Cliff-Infusion Mix
6-Phil Keiran-Voices In My Head-Plastic Perverts Mix
7-Kraftwerk-Aerodynamik-Etienne de Crecy Mix
8-Unkle-Reign-False Prophet Mix
9-Unknown-Left Of Life
12-The Killers-Mr Brightside-Thin White Duke Mix


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liquitech1 wrote:

...delayed reaction here for Al Murray too, jesus christ.

Apparently, Al Murray is the reason ISIS hate the Brits and what all the terrify attacks are for.

tribal_goose wrote:

So is this any cop? It doesn't seem to be available through Juno anyway, I'd been keen to pick up a flac version without Beatport raping my wallet.

Don't know if that's any use to you? … 17%2C9%2C2


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iTunes is a pox. I barely use it, just have to because I've an iPhone and iPad.

But for playing my music library on my desktop, I use foobar2000 like someone also said.
And I ditched the stock music player on iOS for years now, had too many bugs and gapless playback wasn't working properly for me.

I use neutron music player as my main music player on my iPhone now, doesn't need iTunes to transfer music to and from the phone, can be done via ftp. Plays all file types too, I know a lot on here love a good flac file. Gapless playback is 100% too, I split up all mixes in seperate tracks instead of having one large file.

So yeah, you don't have to strictly use iTunes and apples music player, there's less annoying alternatives out there.


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Boring wrote:

What did he die of?

Broke his back sucking his own mickey.

Homegrove wrote:

Buick Project's Chancer is a beast of a track.

And buick project mix of Timo Maas - First Day was well good too.
The skylark mix of chiapet - westworld is a classic, so he ain't done too bad.

Never rated him as a dj, but has turned out some decent remixes in his day.


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Defo both pipes for Nina, bleedin ride.

She ain't got the moves like this yoke though...


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tribal_goose wrote:

Any decent quality (e.g. 320 kbps) jingle free versions of essential mixes released direct by the dis knocking about?

I rediscovered the original verion of Zabiela's EM from 2010 which is superb. Also found Greg Wilson's effort for the right mood.

They rarely put out the jingle free versions. You might get lucky and a few of the djs put them up for dl, but not so often.


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erik.b wrote:

That was excellent, anyone seen a download for it yet?

Not my link, but here it is...

Wally wrote:

Cool. These are usually done by Trafik aren't they? There's been a couple of decent cds and more chill out albums are always welcome.

Yeah, trafik do the rest of the global underground mix albums. They're usually well put together, still listen to the GU10 triple album they did.

Their stargazing mixes they used to do for frisky radio were quality, they haven't don't one in a while though.

They played a few new tunes at the bbc 6 festival there a few weeks back, sounded decent.
The full 90 mins gig should be up on YouTube and mixcloud.


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Anyone rip the audio from the underworld gig yet?

MattBlack wrote:
Ger_Stokes wrote:

Matt, clean your ears out. You can hear him barely able to hold the first mix together at 6:20 onwards. The beats are all over the place.
If he is using ableton or traktor, then someone needs to teach him how to warp a track and use the fucking sync button.

Oh come on, a little bit of beat flamming when he brings Dark and long in is hardly desperately trying to hold the mix together, admittedly there is some clashing when he brings in Papua New Guinea but even Sasha struggled to mix that one in his new year set. Ive heard Nick play live in Manchester a few years back and there were no obvious clashes and all his Sound garden and Delta FM shows are pretty flawless. Whilst i admit some of his early GU's particularly Brazil had a few dodgy mixes on them that was a long time ago and since moving to technology his mixes have improved a lot

Any mixes I've heard from him has been shite, just playing the similar style to sasha and digweed, but no clue about being able to hold a mix together or when to count bars and bring them in on time. Even in the GU days, when everything was mixed with pro tools, he still couldn't get his shit together.
There's plenty of the big dj's that have been around for as long as warren and are able to beatmatch and program a set, and been like that since day one and still can do it today.
You have all the likes of sasha, digweed, hernan, seaman, always been top drawer at mixing their sets.
And I don't get how 99% of the people on here listen to digweed every week and buy the "live in" comps and can say warrens sets are decent compared to digweed who rarely misses a beat when mixing. Selectively hearing at its finest.