… 6-11-2010/

I really don't understand why he didn't decide to mix this comp. If you don't jockey then its just a collective bunch of single tracks, when half the compilation to me is the mixing. Which is obviously has none of, if i had know it wasn't mixed i probably still would have bought it but wouldn't have been too disappointed. But because i didn't know i nearly threw my ipod down the train carriage this morning in shear disappointment.


Only £6.75 for the original version by ordering through GU using discount code "DAVE" as well. smile

The fabric first cards do let you queue jump along with one other guest. Although you get a subsidised entry the other person has to pay full price. Just go to the front and wave it at one of the bouncers. I never had any issues with getting in late either.

epicly annoying that the vagabond mix is only available seperately with the online version. This will eventually end up online for download due to people getting the CD copy and not getting the flexibility of buying the online version.

Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot.


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Nadal for the mens, Kim Clijster's for the womens.

If you could go for a 2.1 system i couldn't recommend these enough: … amp;sr=1-1

Charlie May's Triple J mix from Jan this year.

Magda. nuff said.

jackdaniels wrote:

^ not forgetting xpander.

Kevin Bridges.

Whats this new Charlie May album?

They have a new album out on the 3rd according to their website. The gig is confirmed on their myspaz site.

Lindt or Green and Blacks 70%

Gui was on excellent form. Heidi agreed was a load of complete shite.

A & H Xone 3D
Traktor Pro


give this a try

I managed to recover loads of lost pictures using this. works for music too.

Criss Source ?

simonr wrote:

Looks like a very worthwhile cause - details announced on RA wink


Nick Jason wrote:

Just upgraded my 16GB 3G to a 16GB 3Gs.

Tied in for another 24 month contract.

3Gs cost me £87.

They bought my old 3G off of me for £148.50.

So i'm up £60.

Happy days.

You would have got another £100 at least on top if you sold it on ebay.

Doesn't he use the CDJ 2000's sync'd with the timecode in ableton though? So he gets the DJ 'feel' with the benefits of using technology?

The Hacienda - How not to run a club (Peter Hook)

Great read.

There is also Sasha - Mind over machine comp which was only released in japan

the wallpapers sections keeps on crashing on my phone.

Is it a Daytime event or Evening event?