it is a joke. I highly doubt he is going to post this mix.

thanks john. can't wait to hear this mix.

It is up now. I just d/l it last night.

Digweed's warehouse mix should win but I am sure it will some other mix that actually wins.

Deep Z wrote:

yes of course, all mixes are in my site here:

Part 3 will be on 31 December, Monday at 22:00 (GMT) on Pure.FM

Thanks will check it out tonight.

Will vol 1 & vol 2 be available to d/l somewhere. I would really like to hear these mixes.

please post the link. I would really like to hear this.

^ Jon,  can I please get a copy of that set as well.  I really want to hear a new set from you.

Have fun. I am sure it is going to be a slammin event. Can't wait to check some of this out on radio 1 when it airs on saturday.


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I have not been able to get on all day. Must be down for maintance  issues or something.

I hope I get a signed copy, I pre-ordered my copy in earlier august.

So when can we start pre-ordering this.  I would think it would be sometime soon. But if you click the banner on this site you can't find it anywhere to order.


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Would love to see more Bedrock comps come out. It has been a while since anything has been released. All three of the OS series cd were excellent. My personal favorite is the Lisle one though. Diggers needs to get on the ball and have people release some more cds for him.


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Good NewS. You just made my day. I can't wait to check this out.  So far this series is going to down to be one of the greatest ever released.

great set all around.


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part 2 is up now. Going to grab this when I get home.

check your email again goatboy.

^ resend your email to For some reason I did not get your 1st email.

use totalrecorder.

Goatboy wrote:

I can access the mix (Sounds good on first listen), but only via some 'fabricfirst player.'  Anyone know how to download it to iPod?

record the mix to an mp3 then transfer to your ipod. Can you by any chance upload this for me as well.


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Really hope I am able to get my hands on this issue. I have tried all the book store around here and can't find it yet.

Good set. Sounds like it was a great night.


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The only one I would be interested in hearing is the Goldie mix.

Finally got my cd on monday. What a great mix.  I was one of the lucky ones and got a signed copy. Keep up the good work Mr. Digweed.


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Wow Simon, I was wondering why you have not been on MS in a while. I can't believe  that Kamal would really do that.  I appreciated all the hard work you do recording those digweed sets and i know there are alot of other member on MS that appreciated just as much as well. Maybe one day everything will work out and MS will be back the way it used to be. Either way thanks for the hard work.