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millsy23 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

How Apple get away with selling anything with 16gb memory is beyond me, and they can fuck off with their oh you can extend its capacity with our expensive cloud bollocks.

Is that what they tell customers?


fucking hell, that's brilliant.

The thing is, most Apple customers would say that's cool and just adds to their seamless Apple experience.

The Kool Aid Apple sell is a load of shite... As I sit here typing away on my MacBook Pro that I had to upgrade to 16 GB RAM as a Chrimbo present just to get the fucking thing to work on their supposedly 'wonderful' Yosemite OSXpensive piece of shite.


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re: iPhone

Diminished Responsibility wrote:

seem to lack that sturdy build the iphone is famous for.

Say whaaaaaaaaaat?!


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millsy23 wrote:

Loops and his ecosystem gambit in 5....4....3....2...1

That particular rant is well wasted on you lot.  Quote me from any one of my musings in the past on this topic.

For what it's worth, BlackBerry's latest model 'The Classic' sold out on the day it was released.  Sure, it was only 10 handsets, but...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Oaky was a gateway DJ.  I first heard him when he was banging out BT, Hardfloor remixes of New Order and so forth... Basically championing Perfecto tunes in their prime circa 1993/4ish.  I thought he was fantastic then.  Fast forward five years later in 1999 in Miami at the height of trance and his Cream residency, and I thought he was completely shit.

He was good for introducing a crowd to a certain sound or certain records, but beyond that he wasn't very capable.  I'm with Damo on that one.


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9 pages in and I discover that Ed Smallman's got the minerals of a 6 year old girl, doesn't even go to the gig he's talked about for months on end that he's going to ledge up, then only to find out that there was no kitchen sink to be had or even an afters at his.

For shame Ed.

I nominate Eduardo as my Bedrock Board's Biggest Disappointment of 2014 award winner.


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furry wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

About the people wearing full length Canada Goose jackets?

Last time Ed takes clubbing advice from Loopy.

I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those things.  Worn by absolute wankers wanting to tell me they've spent $700 on a winter coat meant for Arctic exploration teams.


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smallman1 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

Lisa who? lol.


Loopy will defo know her!

No fucking clue who she is mate.  I know the name from perhaps a few tunes.


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j.p sykes wrote:

I am a massive basketball fan, so I also appreciate it Loopy - Nash is a ledge.

As far as international Canadian sporting icons - which are few and far in between perhaps outside of Wayne Gretzky - he's basically the shit.  He's also not 6'2.  I've got a pic of me standing beside him proving otherwise (I'm 6'1).  Not that it matters - 'cause he can dribble circles around me with his eyes closed and his hands bound and still probably find a way to shoot the lights out and rack up game-leading assists.

It actually wasn't our first time meeting.  I'd met him a couple of times before when he wasn't as well known and playing at UC Santa Clara and for the Canadian National Team in 1994 at the FIBA World Championships that Toronto hosted.  The Canadian team played a couple of exhibition games in Waterloo at the University of Waterloo.  They played against a Detlef Schrepf-less Germany and he scored something like 33 points from behind the 3 point line - basically single-handedly winning the game for us as a result.  I went up to him after the game to shake his hand and say I appreciated his play.  I knew he was going to go places after seeing a performance like that...

Fast forward a week later as my dad and I stood in the tunnel high-fiving the Canadian team as they were running out to the court to play Greece amidst a sea of boos (Toronto has a huge Greek population).  Nash came along and I said something like, 'Go get 'em Steve!'.  Nash looks at me, says, "Hey man, I remember you from last week!  Thanks!" and runs out to the court and lit Croatia up like a Christmas tree.  Sadly, Greece won by 3 playing in a stadium holding a largely Greek-supporting fan base.  Only in Canada can one of our own teams get booed by another country's fans that live here!

I reiterated that story to him after the DJ gig saying I doubted he'd recall us having met after all of the people he'd encountered over the years.  He laughed and said he did because I was the only fan who had come up to him after the game in Waterloo to congratulate him.

That's basically the best story I have to tell.

KLANG times 3.


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This one's largely for Millsy since he's the only one who cares about basketball on here...

I DJed for two time NBA MVP and Canadian basketball legend Steve Nash's Toronto International Film Festival party about 5 years back.  I got to schmooze with NBA All-Star DeMar Derozen and Toronto Raptors head coach (now Canadian National Team coach) Jay Triano.  DeMar was a rookie and hung out by the DJ booth all night, looking really out of place and shooting the shit here and there.  Afterwards I ate sushi with Nash.


What would be really cool is if we could somehow convince Diggers to air an hour of a mix he's really loved from the grouping on Transitions.  It might also drive some new traffic to the board as well.

jamie wrote:


pm on it's way Jay. have blocked out the whole of January to make sure I get a chance to listen to it smile

You might want to tack in at least part of February as 'potentially busy' as well.

I haven't been on here in about a week, so it's amusing I got paired up with the guy living in TORONTO.  I've replied to your PM mate.

Homegrove wrote:

Saturday morning, 8:55 AM, snow is falling outside, all still dark. And I'm recording my mix.


I had no idea it would be still dark in your part of the world at 8:55 AM.  And the Yanks say Canada is cold and north...

joeyp wrote:

Woman problems loopy? Calm those spuds Ma boy!

Nah.  I just wish for the love of Pete he'd type a proper sentence on here for once in his life.   I know it's possible.

Merry Christmas an' all tha'.

DuFunk wrote:

Question,  I'm using a mixtrack pro controller with virtual dj only records to 192kbps my tunes are 320kbps is there anyway i can convert to this on audacity or other software?  Can't be arsed subscribing to pro a monthly bill i don't need!

I'd try to help you out but I can't understand what the fuck you're on about without the use of proper punctuation, something called grammar and your Oirish accent.

Nearly at 100 tracks - and that's just the compiling.   I've yet to mix mine.


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Amps wrote:

This weeks purchase.


They wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the daft pink swoosh.


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Big Fella wrote:

Have you ever had any gay feelings Jase?

I used to DJ at a gay club.   There were lots of gay feelings there - mine excluded.


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He's certainly gone up in my estimations as well.   I used to think he was a smug, unfunny cunt.   A mate of mine said I was mistaken and that I should read 'My Wooky Book', but I've yet to do so.


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millsy23 wrote:

are you allowed to have children Loops?

The computer says no.


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Uplifting wrote:

Well, i say no for gay marriage...i cannot really think, they could do a proper family, with dad and dad.

Because so may families are 'proper' these days?   How many of the people on here are the products of divorce and single parents?   You're going to have to come up with something better than that.   Traditional family hasn't existed in the West in decades and the stats back it up.

Kids are a product of their parent's competence, not their sexual identity.


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liquitech1 wrote:

I think the Dokter sold this one a bit over the top by dedicating a whole thread to it...I'll be swerving also, just in case.

I couldn't find the Movies You've Recently Watched thread to be honest.


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jamie wrote:

this was the film that they funded via Kickstarter? Have to say that I'm intrigued - it had some great reviews.

That's the one, yes.

It's a quirky film, but if you're familiar with Zach Braff and his quirkiness, then it makes sense.  There aren't many people who write, direct and then act in their own films at the Hollywood level.

It's basically centres around Braff's character, who is a struggling actor that is in a funk and can't seem to get out of it.  It deals with his relationships with his wife, kids, brother and father.  I don't want to say much more beyond that.  Describing it sounds dull, but I assure you that it's not.  It's witty and very well written, as well as well-acted.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

just needs a little nudge I reckon

James used to play a lot of of my stuff, actually.


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I've seen it increasingly more and more of a big deal (forgive the pun) here over the years... To the point that when Canadian shoppers used to just cross the border to get the deals, Canadian retailers have now wised up and are pretty much offering the same deals here.

Frankly, most of the places will have enough stock to last out the week so I don't see the point.


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I own pretty much everything, everything, everything they've ever done.  To say that I'm a fan would be putting it mildly.  I'm even into their rock stuff as well.