jamie wrote:

america sniper - lots of mixed reviews so wasn't sure what to expect. Turned out to be a lot better than I expected and I enjoyed it. 3.5/5

I thought it was pretty good.   Apparently Chris Kyle tells some good tall tales though. He claimed to have shot and killed two guys at a gas station after they tried to steal his truck. The story goes that when the cops showed up and ran his info a Department of Defense number came up and the cops were told to call.   Once they did, the legal stuff mysteriously disappeared. 

A reporter has proven this to be complete bullshit.   Further to that, he also claimed to have punched out Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, who's also an ex-Navy SEAL, at a SEAL related gala.   Ventura sued him for defamation and won - which is a rarity in defamation suits.

Needless to say, he clearly liked to tell some tall tales.

I'd five the flick 7.5/10. 'merca fuck yeah!

The Drop.   Missus grabbed it from the library and it had good ratings, but I found the plot line didn't flow well and we were both left confused about a lot of stuff.   It's supposedly based upon a story that I reckon would make more sense, but it's also by the same lad who wrote the story.   I think this was James Gandalfini's last film before his death, so perhaps they had to cut around the scenes that were already filmed before his death.

6.5/10. I felt like it could have been more than it was.   Great acting though.

I'm currently on route to a cabin up north for four days with my missus' family.   Three screaming little ones all under the age of five, three passive aggressive sisters and a mother who can't make a decision amongst them, a screaming cat because it's deaf, a golden retriever  that annoys the shit out of me because his owners never trained him, a super stressed out mother-in-law and everyone wanting to play board games to pass the time because it's minus fucking twenty outside.

Welcome to my version of hell on earth!

Needless to say I'll be doing my best to spend most of my time there sequestered from everyone with noise canceling headphones on and Ableton loaded up. If I don't survive or you hear of a massive murder suicide in northern Ontario, Canada, tell my family I loved them dearly.

smashdad wrote:

Once I get settled somewhere the vinyl is out of the garage - I might even get the fucking (25+ year old) decks serviced...

I hear you on the decks.   Mine are roughly the same age less a few years. I had a go for several hours on my decks for the first time in years and they're in need of a general service.   They've been through a lot of abuse over the years.


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Yant wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Cant mix to save his life though

His programming sucks.

I'm not quite into what he's airing either. His set requires more imagination.

Amps wrote:

Statham to play the Amps role in said Bedrock/GU remake of The Great Escape/The Italian Job/Kelly's Heroes.

Tentative movie title of 'The Trainspotter'.

I'm alright with Greg Proops playing me.   He's probably found himself in various states of disarray enough times that it would at least be authentic.  I was gunning for Jude Law though.

Oh, and about 3 hours... 2.75 of which has been warp markering 1000 obscure Papua New Guinean tribes maternity ritual songs so that they snap in time to Rick Astley.

That's fucking brilliant!   Even with my levels of depravity I've never got to bring that far gone.   Fuck me!

smashdad wrote:

Looks very familiar - I had a half dozen blue ones but they all disintegrated - made the mistake of never replacing them and now all my vinyl is sitting in cardboard boxes in a damp garage and every time I think about them rotting there another small part of me dies...

I don't know how handy you are mate, but why not build a shelf for them and give them the love they deserve?   Of you're lucky and make it look nice enough, perhaps your missus will allow you bring them inside!?

Building a shelf is about as simple as things get in the way of carpentry.   I bet our man Eric could give you some pointers.   There's probably one already drawn up on Instructables. The nice thing is 30 inches is about waist height for most people, so you can then stack your DJ gear on top of it and keep it all looking tidy.

millsy23 wrote:

J. Hannu has released 15 mixes in that time. Socks up wink

Jamie and I are like Sasha completing an album.   Let us be and we'll make another Airdrawndagger. Whinge some more and that will immediately add on an additional 2 months of insecurity and perfectionism.

Danny Howells remixes of React 2 Rhythm's Intoxicate and Killahurtz - West On 27th too.   I can only imagine what else lies in there.

Presto wrote:

Not interested in a pair of these, Fletch?

https://www.decks.co.uk/products/decks/ … MJU80esV1Y

They probably only play flash drives though.

Yants taste in trabbs = Yants taste in actors.   Equally not worth paying attention.

Yant wrote:

Reminiscent of the departure of some former board members.

What a loon.

What in the bloody world?  I love how it's 'celebrity rehab' and I don't have a bloody clue who any of them are.

Tracks compiled.  Just finishing off some of the warping and then I'll throw this colossus together.  Jamie had a hiccup in his, so he's starting again - which suits me fine all things considering.


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Amps wrote:

You can even nail the Peterson account whilst your there.


You can have the dammed Peterson account. He's a right ole cunt.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Uncanny. Hahaha

I was thinking more like:

Sadly that reference I see.


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millsy23 wrote:

Ed was at the first Burning Man. Which was an actual burning man. He said to assembled hippies 'you should call this burning man' so they did. Then he rode off on a golden eagle.

Ed was at the first Love Parade too.  Dr. Motte was pushing him about in a stroller mind, but he was there.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Loopy morphing into Jeff Goldblum

Surprisingly not the first time I've heard that reference.  I don't see it personally, but then again I didn't see the resemblance to Jude Law either and I've gotten that one a few times as well.  Clearly you're off your head on some quality doves or something.


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smallman1 wrote:

Loopy rocking hair plugs!

Nah.  Balding not-so-gracefully at nearly 39.


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Yant wrote:

I'm willing to wager that he's also wearing trabbs.  Just to finish the look off.

Or shorts.

Full on suit with matching dress shoes.  It was a wedding. 

My missus snapped the shot.  She's quite handy with a camera, so that's why my mug which normally looks like that of Worf from Star Trek looks semi-decent.


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Psycho Killer
Qu'est-ce que c'est




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steelydan wrote:

I love Seth's Town Crier Look

Captain Obvious to the rescue here, but it's a gospel choir singer's gown.


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I have some mates who've gone for the last 10 years or so rather religiously and swear it's the best things since sliced bread.

To be honest, the thought of trying to sleep during the day in that kind of heat sounds bloody awful.  The sand gets everywhere too.  Best to RV it I'm told.