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smallman1 wrote:

If it wasn't for the knees Loopy, sounds like you could have made it to the Olympics.

Not.  A.  Fucking.  Chance.  In.  Hell.


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Big Fella wrote:

Left back.... In the dressing room.

Always loved that oldie.

Cross Country is a 'team' sport in terms of the way your team collects points in the way it finishes.  Arguably, while not the quickest runner out there, the 5th runner is the most important because it's his or her job to beat as many runners as possible in the pack to help the team standing in terms of placing.  It's possible to win medals in cross country as a team despite not placing in the top 3 as an individual.

Canada has never been known much for it's distance running prowess.  As far as runners go, I was at best decidedly average.  I think my best 800M time was something like 2:05.   At the time, breaking the 2 minute mark would have made you one of the better runners in Ontario for my age group.  Olympians run sub 1:45:60.  When I was high school, I was lapped by Canadian indoor 3000M record holder and former Olympian, Kevin Sullivan in a 3000M race - who was three years older than me at the time.  He finished 5th in the final 1500M at the Sydney Olympics.  That kind of gives you an idea of how 'fast' I was.  A couple of the guys I ran with in high school went on scholarships down to the States for smaller schools, but I wasn't that fast.


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Friday - Waxing philosophic about the 'good ole running days' on here.  In reality I'll probably try to finish off a tune in the studio and finally give my MS-20 a lethal workout.
Saturday - Dinner with my mom, sister, grandparents, gf, etc.
Sunday - Easter Brunch with my dad's extended family.
Monday - More studio time and hopefully knock out a mix.


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0Greeny0 wrote:

What kind of times did you run loopy?

Nothing fancy.  Good enough to be on a university cross country team that competed nation-wide, but in the 5th runner capacity.


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smallman1 wrote:

You raced competitively Loopy?

I ran the 800, 1500 and 3000 in high school, as well as cross country.  Since my uni didn't have a track team, I ran for their cross country team and busted up my knees pretty badly in second year from over training.  After spending a year in physiotherapy, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week trying to rehab them, I packed in running.  I never stopped behaving like a cunt though.


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The first time I ever heard Xpander was when Warren dropped it.  I was probably throwing shapes like that guy.


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smallman1 wrote:

Cheers BedRob, Loopy et al..

Good work Benson, well worth it when you cross the line though the training is a right ball ache at times!

I've toyed with training for one, but if I ever got back into racing competitively again I think I'd start off with a 5K and then work my way up.  Marathon's are a shit tonne of commitment in terms of time - especially when you're injury prone.


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Mr Boring wrote:

The far right nationalists in Ukraine are pretty scary but credit to them they've got some great haircuts.


I like to think Loopy has rocked that one at some point.

That's more a Richie Hawtin look. 

I'm thinking of rocking the hairstrap:

I recently tackled Douglas Coupland's "Worst.  Person.  Ever." 

Coupland's stunning displays of wit and dark humour are second to none.  Highly recommended reading.


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Big Fella wrote:

What sort of endurance record do you hold for the 'Poline?

Trade secret.


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Big Fella wrote:

Has Jase just made this thread about him?

I sure as hell hope not.  I was offering up anecdotal commentary about how I don't have 'the minerals' as Ed would put it and trying to applaud his efforts.


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smallman1 wrote:

It becomes a mental battle Creepy.

Like you say, physically you're gone, but you get in the trenches and try and grind it out.

Good on you guys.  I ran cross country for my uni and struggled to get beyond the 20 kilometre mark.  I guess I can say I've run a half marathon in theory, but it was really just a long training run.

My knees are shattered now (ironically from running), so I don't think I can do anything beyond 5 kilometres without falling to pieces.  I tip my hat to you.


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sabotini wrote:

I'd prefer to think of Ed being all a front for Canadian Sunita, a heavy hitter on the Quebec prog scene since the mid 90s.

Only in Trois Rivieres though.

He's here on Friday and I'm hoping to go.


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starcreeper wrote:

The health benefit studies cant be ignored anymore either.

The ones where they say weed turns you into a boring and unmotivated cunt who's eyes are always half shut, looking like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee's stoned bastard offspring?

Those ones?

I'm with Glenn on this one.   If you're going to act like a cunt, do it by the means being launched into the next stratosphere and bankrupting your soul and life at the same time.   All in or go home.


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starcreeper wrote:

I bet if Loopy smoked a packed doobie he could bust out some top class cutting edge prog in the studio.

Another wasted talent on the prog heap.

I don't get wasted in the studio.  Bad idea.  The most I'll have is a glass of wine or a few beers.

If you get all mashed it just disintegrates into you turing the same knob over and over again going 'Phwoar, listen to THAT!', or repeatedly going to to the kitchen for packages of crisps.

That said, some absolutely fantastic music has been made by people in altered states.  I just can't do it.  Now DJing off my tits on the other hand....


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starcreeper wrote:

Heavy record box, yeah?

Ed E. Smallz carried them into the club for Frankie, natch.

Beesmunt Soundsystem just got on my radar.  I heard Shadow Child open with this lovely houser for his Mixmag Live set:

https://soundcloud.com/just-jack-record … stem-how-i

Vinyl only at first, drops late-May. sad


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Dermo wrote:

Loopy making another thread about someone elses remembrance all about himself for a change.

As with Damo, I was trying to state quite the opposite.  This isn't about me.  I was trying to point out just how huge the legacy is that he has left behind and how he helped influence an entire culture - especially in Europe.  His passing is a huge loss in my opinion because he was still relevant - which is hardly something that can be said for a lot of people who were there 'in the beginning' of a genre.

I'm not afraid to admit I'm gutted I will never get to see him DJ in person.


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chuffer wrote:

the trouble is with people who have bad experiences on pills/mushrooms/LSD etc etc is that either they're rubbish at drugs, they're doing it wrong or do not have respect for the required dosage

I firmly believe there are good drugs and bad drugs.  Ket would certainly qualify as one that's bad.  It can be a frightening experience, dosage is difficult to get right because of quality issues and it turns you into a boring cunt slumped over in a corner staring at your thumb.  The same could be said for GHB - another equally as shit drug.

The point of drugs for me when I was doing them, was to get off my tits, pehaps talk a lot more gibberish than usual whilst having a proper laugh and doing something that made me feel like a million bucks - not something that made me think I was going to die or meet my father in the afterlife.

I see smoking dope as equally as boring.  I never saw or understood the fuss.


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smashdad wrote:

Azuli did a compilation series a while back - 'Choices' - Danny Tenaglia did one, as did Tony Humphries, Derrick Carter, Jeff Mills, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Roger Sanchez and even good old Digweed and Danny Howells - the whole idea was to pick records that were important to them as individuals and had shaped their career - guess who they asked to do the first one...

http://www.discogs.com/Frankie-Knuckles … ase/173167

*pint drinking smiley*

That's a quality series through and through.


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I quite like Grum.  Some of it is pretty poppy, but it's 'good' pop.


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The one and only time I've taken the stuff when I was half pissed - which I've since been told is not the best approach.  I managed to find myself in a rather deep k-hole, that was a long and dark tunnel with a bit of light at the end thinking death was imminent - all whilst puking my guts up as my mates laughed at me hysterically. 

Haven't touched it since and won't go even near it. 

Minimal techno happened because of ket.  Lets leave it at that.  Shite drug.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..it was the more percussive, b-side dubs from the likes of Kenny Dope/Strictly etc. that was played alongside the early UK progressive stuff, not the big vocal tracks.

The US jocks that best crossed-over into this scene were probably Morales and Tony Humphries, the former for his Red Zone stuff and the latter because he was probably the only US DJ getting booked to play early UK progressive nights like Full Circle (because he played a much wider range, including some of the new UK stuff) as well as all-out garage nights such as Saturdays at MOS.

I hadn't actually realised Knuckles had played in Mansfield and was actually quite surprised, up North he'd normally have been much more likely to be playing somewhere like alongside Parky at The Hacienda.

That's not to say something like 'Where Love Lives' wouldn't have been a big end-of-the-night tune, but that style generally wasn't played alongside the early UK prog.

If you're talking about the epic, drawn-out productions of the likes of Brothers In Rhythm, I wouldn't necessarily put in that bracket of early UK progressive.. that came later. Yes those tracks were long and had lots of melody but derived more from the prog that came before it than melodic US house IMO

I'm not going to disagree with you because you lived through it.

My thinking was that a lot of that overpowered production, 'big wall of sound/epic journey' was very much a part of Def Mix and the like.  They always did dubs as well - and I would think the dubs were were things that the UK guys would have picked up on.  From the sets I've heard of Sasha at Shelley's and early Renaissance parties, including the time I heard him play for the first time in 1994, he was certainly dabbling with some of that sound.

I also think stuff like early Angel Moreas had a huge part in the evolution of progressive house... As with any genre as a whole, it's just not one place or sound, but many that shaped the genre.  I just hear a lot of bastardized similarities of early prog house productions that I hear in a lot of the epic New York house productions of the same time - even though I was always more into the UK sound.  When it came to straight up house, I always liked it more raw and tracky like DJ Pierre, DJ Hyperactive, early Cajmere, etc.  Chicago was where my heart laid for that sound if I was buying straight up house.  Of course, at the same time I was also into early German trance too, so go figure...

Regardless of all of that, Knuckles was a huge influence upon my tastes in music in a more indirect manner.  I tended to dig his dubs.  There's a dub remix of his of Janet Jackson's 'Always' or something along those lines that I absolutely love.


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ExTractorFan wrote:

Loopys Insightful Pearl of Wisdom #6071

Call it what you will, but I speaketh the truth.  #TeamTruth