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So does this finally mean I can call my cheeses Cheddar and Stilton and my pudding Devon pudding?

What a shitshow for your country.


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joeyp wrote:

Filling in my visa application for Canada as we speak. Vancouver here I come. .

You won't be able to afford a teepee, let alone proper housing with the state of the UKP and the housing market in Vancouver.  It's one of the world's most expensive cities in the West.

Toronto, Canada and football are some of the topics I'd like to continue winding you up about.


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millsy23 wrote:


Loops. As a football player of some note yourself, what advice would you give old Wobbly Woy with the face of an owl?

Quit. Then get the English FA to hire Klinsmann or Klopp and do what Germany did when they started sucking at major tournaments and losing to England in Munich (queue WWII jokes).


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chromosome_junction wrote:

Jay, I hope this doesn't sound disrespectful but as a Canadian basketball player your opinions on soccer could only be of less relevance if you had a pair of tits and a hair vag mate.

I'm an accredited football referee and will be running the line for a U21 Men's Ontario Cup game on Saturday. I play as well.   I've brought this up in the past, but dismissing someone's passion for a game they love and are actively involved with because of where they live is ludicrous.   

But once again, that old smugness I shining through and is exactly the reason the English will be going nowhere. 

As an aside, Millsy plays netball, err I mean basketball too.   Should I discount his opinions on basketball because he can't identify a charge from a blocking foul and lives in the UK?


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chromosome_junction wrote:

England are not a poor side, they are a team who suffer from being too good to benefit from low expectations (such as, say, Wales) and not good enough to win stuff with their B game (Germany, Spain)

I think if England can click, and function at their best, they can win this tournament in style, but they need to get that delicate balance right between the reliable guys and the more mercurial talents.

*runs and hides*

Which English side have you been watching, because that's not the one being shown live from France on my TV?


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mr rossi wrote:

Big bag of mushys should also be packed

I'm guessing you don't mean peas?


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La Nausee wrote:

The chances of Sean actually seeing the inside of that tent are slim to none. Two hours trying to figure out the zip, sobbing uncontrollably.

I reckon he'd get stuck on the tent pegs and trying to figure out where to put them.  Promptly give up after three hours and then roll out the tent and sleep atop it all weekend, after getting a far too excited the first night after a few too many tins of Magners and those dodgy yokes he purchases from Vlatas The Lithuanian Builder.

As an aside, festival camping is shit.  Do it one of three ways:
1. Rent accommodation offsite that's nearby and have a place you can retreat to in order to get some actual quiet and sleep.

2. Stay up the entire weekend on a combination of drugs and alcohol that will fuel you through and make you feel like death the weeks and months following. 

Many a festival I've pitched a tent and been too mullered the entire weekend to use it.  Take that as you will.

3. Cosey on up to the promoter of the festival and/or one of their artists and offer to be their manservant/driver.  Reap the rewards of a hotel room to call your own for the cost of a bit of petrol and a trip or two to the local airport/train station.  Also luck out on all access passes that allow you to get anywhere that the average attendee cannot.  Avoid the festival during the hours when it's shit and rains the most or is too hot to stay in your tent.

There is the 4th option of renting a camper van as Snedders and Erick have suggested, but that's admitting defeat and you may as well go with your family to the Cotswolds in said van/caravan.


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liquitech1 wrote:

..Cenk is great, Jamie. The girl he has on his news show is great also, helps that she's a little minx. YoungTurks is probably the best news source from over there.

btw, some thoughts from Jeremy Scahill on G4S. Think there was trouble with that company either during the building of the Olympic stadium in London or during the olympics. Pretty sure it's them.

Scahill - “Re Omar Mateen and G4S: Let's assume what we know is the full story (which may be the truth): He worked low-level private security. Staff at these posts often are lead to believe that they are bad asses with a ton of authority. It's embedded in the culture. My friend's son was strangled to death by a rent-a-cop at Best Buy in the 90s. G4S tells its employees they are part of this epic global firm, that they have a real mandate.

G4S were also the company this lunatic worked for when he shot and killed 3 of his co-workers, and then stole the remains of the money they were depositing in bank machines that night:
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/ … -1.1703929


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Lallana was decent i thought - we have loads of players who could play the 3rd midfield role tho

we must play 2 strikers with Ali behind - Vardy & Sturridge to start against the Slovaks

Please tell us that you went through all of this with your missus at the dinner table. Condiments all strategically lined up. A couple of bottles of of Big Daddy sauces up front. A jar of Haywards Pickles as the holding midfielder. Salt and pepper at the back. 5 bottles of Nando's sauces spread about the table. And a giant bottle of squeezy Hellman's in goal. Oh, and an irate missus trying to tuck into her fish fingers and threatening you that she'll leave you for big Winston from number 26 down the road, unless you shut the fuck up.

If only this could have been Harwood. The punchline would have been better since his missus is American.

BedRob wrote:

Does he sample that robotic voice thing he uses for seminars and such like?, that's really cool if he does

His Quantum Physics EP is a real slow burner that  takes some time to comprehend, but is cutting edge stuff once you come to terms with it.


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Could be worse off for him I suppose.   He could be sent to the Guleg.


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I'm enjoying how most of this thread is about the brawls taking place instead of the footy being played.

Homegrove wrote:

I figured that would get Loopy jealous Dan. Glad to be right.

Jealous?   Haha. They play other people's music. They're not exactly Stephen Hawking!

Dan Harwood wrote:

Once bumped in to him at Space once as he was chatting to someone else and started asking how he was as I hadn't seen him for a while etc, interrupting the conversation he was already having. Only to realize mid flow that the person he was talking to was Sasha.

That's not just your average klang there. That's a fucking KER-KLANG.

I've met him on multiple occasions and he's been fine on some nights and an absolute miserable bastard on others.   That said, he was quite popular in Toronto for a while and held a residency, so I heard him smash it out a few times.  No idea what he's playing these days though.


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Maybe they could extend his cell by a couple of feet?


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I wonder if Dermo argues with himself when he wakes up in the morning, because he seems to want to have a go with all and sundry.   I don't think I've ever seen him agree to anything. Must be a real pick me up to be around with all that positivity!

I'm anxious to see Wales roll over England. I'm not saying it will happen, but I'd certainly love to see it! Then I can enjoy the rest of the Euros with significantly less whinging.


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Yant wrote:

Does anyone?

Greedy as fuck.  Not surprised they don't want to give him the ball.  He thinks he's Messi.

Just hazarding a guess, eh Yant?


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Yant wrote:

what makes it so brilliant is that you are 100% serious.

Actually... Forget it.  It's not worth explaining if you didn't see the humour in comparing myself to anyone remotely good at soccerball.


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fadass wrote:

You must have been proper journeymen... I'd have buried that German goal. Fucks sake, few yards out, perfect cross, keeper diving out of the way... Thank you very much, 2 zip & we'll all hit Pulse for a boogie after.

Celebrate like it's the last day of your life, huh?


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seanc80 wrote:

It was superbly taken. Made it look easy imo.


The bounce it took and the way it came up when he was mid-stride made that a very difficult ball to strike and adjust, let alone score.  Obviously I'm not a professional or anywhere near that calibre, but I'd have flubbed that cross spectacularly in my pub league. Haha.

Rave Lizard wrote:

Have you ever met a DJ that doesn't believe that you are a total cunt Loops?

Quite a few actually. smile

The feeling's mutual.

I bumped into Lawler at the Hope party in Miami in 1999 during WMC.  He pulled the whole 'Don't you know who I am?' in his best Brummie thing on me.  I told him no since it was the truth.  He didn't have much to say after that.  He certainly acted like he thought he was important though.  Clearly a short man's complex.

afeworki helen wrote:

Your ex sounds like a proper bitch

Mentally ill more like.