Big Fella wrote:

I started to watch on the iplayer last night and found it a bit nauseating, what was the conductor doing with headphones, also what was Tongy doing with his cdj set-up?

Thought it was all about recreating dance music by orchestra (fair enough) so were props really necessary?

The earphones on the conductor were likely so he could monitor the drums without interfering with the orchestra.   Since its the job of the conductor to keep the orchestra in time, my guess is that he used them so that the orchestra didn't have to monitor themselves.

steelydan wrote:

You mean Jamie Principle?

I was referring to the very popular bootleg. Jamie Principle would have been just as good.

There were parts that is was clear they were playing to a pre-recorded backing track.   Some things in dance music are just too hard to reproduce completely off the cuff and live.

Regardless, the conductor of the orchestra is apparently well known for working with electronic music.

Hearing a live string section in dance music still sends shivers up my spine. I got goosebumps a few times watching this.   So good, even if there Singers may have been a tad out of their depth.   I honestly wish I could say that dance music had as much of a cultural influence here as it did in the UK and Europe in particular.   Here they'd be more likely to have something similar celebrating hip hop or grunge.

steelydan wrote:

They've  butchered 'your love'.  Having said that...I did like the arrangements on Robert Miles.

Yeah. Why in earth they didn't get Candy Staton in is beyond me.


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smallman1 wrote:

London awaits Loops.

Yeah, but then I have to pay three million quid a month to live in a closet. I'd rather live in Berlin where rent is feasible and it's well, Berlin.

The Beeb has uploaded it onto YouTube in part of its wonderful glory in full HD:

Did he convince you to finally call it all off and bin it on life?

He's the most depressed living person out there.  And he's shit.  The only reason The Smiths got rated was because of the rest of the band.


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Boring wrote:

Loopy, just how many jobs have you had?

A bunch.  Stability in my field isn't something that happens with the current job market in my area.  Lots of contract work and then you move on.  It's the new full time.  It's the reason I'm considering changing careers.

This one is the best of the lot - and it's even relevant to the board too! … le-ole-fsc


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Amps wrote:

Working for women is fine, but never, ever work for a homosexual.

I had a brief stint working for an events design company off the back of my DJing and their owner/boss was gay.  If it wasn't for the fact that he was off his head on oxycontin all the time, then he'd have probably been alright.


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MattBlack wrote:

I reckon Rhouses is an Old spice man

Far too sophisticted.  He's a Brut man no doubt.  Or Aqua Velva.


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millsy23 wrote:

I've had a horror show of a female boss before. I loved the job I was doing yet she made it a living hell. Literally nothing I did was ever good enough. We're married now.... oh lol, not really! No seriously, she was a fucking cunt and I wish she was dead.

My sympathies and I know that feeling.

I've had a good female boss, and another absolutely terrible one.  From my experience with women in management, they tend to overcompensate and want to appear 'tough' like the men, but fail miserably and come across as absolute cunts.  I'm not saying this is all women.  The bad one would micromanage the shit out of everything and was a classic workaholic.  She lasted 6 months before she had to go on stress leave... Largely because of the stress she created on her employees and as a result, on herself.  She said she was open to input and change, but took those suggestions as a threat to her position and started to issue warnings to employess who spoke up against her.  It was bonkers.

My good female boss just let me do my thing and let me know when something was needed or if I'd fucked up, then leave me to my own devices to fix things if needed. 

I've had my fair share of absolute shitshow male bosses too.  Generally people in management in my experience are really terrible at managing people.  Often they've just been promoted because there's no other logical steps for them to advance up the chain.

I lived with a guy who'd steal my car while I was asleep.  Once I learned of that, my keys stayed in my bedroom.

I had another bird who rented a room from me that decided it was cool to pour candle wax all over her bedroom carpet because she thought we weren't respecting her.  We'd constantly ask her to clean up after herself and she wouldn't.  My missus at the time, bless her soul, absolutely lost it on here and threatened to physically kick her out if she didn't leave at that moment.  I was sitting there with a massive grin on my face while my missus tore a strip off of her something fierce.

Another nutter I lived with was a coke addict and threatened me with a shovel.  He'd annoyed me so much that I goaded him on and said he shoud do it, because if he had actually tried I'd have beat him so badly he'd be coughing up his teeth.  He saw the glint in my eye and realised that perhaps he should retreat.

The absolute worst however, was the most seemingly mundane thing... A roomie had his gf over all the time.  As in she pretty much lived there - meaning she wasn't paying rent or utilities, but would take hour long showers, use the bathroom for extended periods of time and have ridiculously loud sex with her bf.  Like, "Ooooh laaawd, Jeeeeesus!  Fuck me, fuck me!" screaming at the top of her lungs.  It was like going to a Southern Baptist church that had somehow started to worship porn.  It got to the point where I'd see them retreat into his bedroom and I'd immediately crank up some very loud house music to counteract having to put up with their grunting and groaning. 

Having lived with my fair share of people in my younger years, I can say that usually it's the mundane little things that usually add up to become a massive problem.  I'm glad it's only my gf and I now.  Now it's just me who pisses her off! wink


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I didn't get one all winter either...

I play footie, basketball, ref, etc. and am in reasonably good shape. I don't get sick.   Then these little shits come along, manage to pick up the the black death from crawling around on the floor like they're lost in a swamp in the dark, and/or licking little Tommy the neighbour's snot off his face as a game and suddenly it's the next breakout of the bubonic plague.

The little cunts.   Behind all of that cuteness is the disease ridden devil.   I'm on to them!


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Colds in the middle of the summer. I've already had one about a month back and it rendered me even more useless than usual.   Now I have another... All courtesy of my missus' ankle biting niece and nephews.   The little disease infested shits!

Gertcha indeed!


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I've ordered the deluxe limited edition vinyl box set of this.   Only cost me $130.   That's a right ole bargain, innit?

You might say I'm a fan of the band with about as much sense as a rock.


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what have i missed?... i thought i was banned this morning as i couldnt post, i went radge and had a spell  regulating my  heartbeat rate to 26 beats per minute under the watchful gaze of my brazilian  sensi ,Rickson Gracie

I was with you there in spirit, Glen. 

I thought I'd received my first ever slap on the wrist instead of getting away with it for so bloody long.

Yant wrote:

It's on the BBC iPlayer Radio App, Loopster.

I know, but I was hoping to have a high quality 1080p rip and the equivalent in audio.

I wish we had these sorts of things over here.  I listened to about half of the show and the first bit was absolutely epic. 

I'd love to get a proper recording of the show itself and the audio as well if anyone can point me in the right direction.

poirot wrote:

Well done Loopy. That's exactly right.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

poirot wrote:

This can also be said of Aussies omitting the Seals and Moose.

Yet you moved to live there and your best mate is Canadian.

I honestly couldn't make this up.

monostereo wrote:

I beg your pardon?

It was directed towards the muted racism displayed by some in this thread and said in jest.  I don't think that way and believe it to be the case.


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Dog Man Star XXXXV wrote:

I am a complete tool.

This is kind of like the word you couldn't say on GU (I forget what it was), which would be replaced by something asinine (which I also forget).


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I can't fault his enthusiasm or his bank account for someone who has solely stuck to techno.

For something no one cares about, I've managed to pull off a three pager.

I must have hit some nerve. smile