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fadass wrote:

Lol - I love jay. I would never have known this.

I'm aware it was a Captain Obvious statement.

I've got Irvine Welsh's new one lined up in the waiting, but before that I'm going to read Marcus Lattrell's book 'Lone Survivor', which also the movie of the same is based upon.


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makes major norths 'annhilate' sound like bach's unfinished cello number 3(third movement)

My pal Timo dropped Major North's 'Annhilate' at a rave he played during his first ever visit to Canada - which is how we met.  Anyway, he filled in for Commander Tom (who was off shooting a video for the recent chart success of Are Em Eye).  No one had a clue who Timo was and he was still recording for Noom and making hard trance, so this was long before his alliance with Martin Buttrich and his rise to fame in the UK. 

Anyway, I'd done enough mushrooms to make the entire room feel like it was a fishing bowl and was tripping something fantastic when that pad sound come bashing into the mix.  Bliss doesn't describe it.  Total E tune, that.  By the time he got to dropping Jason Nevins' remix of 'It's Like That' (long before it took off chart-wise), 3000 people dancing in a drained ice hockey rink was a throbbing mess completely under his witch-doctor-like control and we all became dancing robots screaming in the right places.  It was one of the best parties I've ever been to and the reason I'm still a huge Timo Maas fan.

Dan Harwood wrote:

"Sooooooo, how about it then? Let's slip off somewhere a little quieter. Fancy a line?"

Sounds about right.


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My haunt in Toronto was The Pit, which was owned by a moodiest of the moody Belgian by the name of Paul Van Toss.  It was called Tranceatlantic before that, but basically he was the only shop that had a solid connection with Intergroove, Unique, Prime, etc. and would get their stuff in directly - unlike most other Toronto shops who would get their stuff through another North American-based distributor like Watts who would resell the European imports.  He'd frequently keep a bottle of whisky on hand underneath the counter and offer me up a snifter whilst I shopped, while unknown punters were unceremoniously ejected from the premises for not having good tastes in music or accidentally scratching a record.  Although he was never a cunt to me, I saw him behave as such to loads of others and later found out that his slapped his missus about for years.

Later on Mitch Winthrop would work for him and man the progressive house section, so when The Pit closed and he moved on to Release, that's where I'd drop a fair penny too.  They were pretty much the shop for prog when it came to North America and did mailouts to a lot of the big North American-based jocks.  Release was a great shop with an amazing selection.

Reading this makes me miss going in to the shops when the imports came in on Thursdays or even just walking into random shops and doing some crate-digging.  There's something lost shopping online for mp3s or even vinyl.

Err, they have one for Android so surely they have one for iOS too?


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Grant wrote:

This might shock you to your core Loopy, but plain running shoes are widely available in a whole host of different brands. You'd look like a spastic in black running shoes, by the way.

Agreed.  I was referring more about basketball shoes and football boots.  I own a pair of Saucony's for running.  Shoe design for actual athletic shoes has gone to the dogs.  Everything looks like a Jackson Pollock painting with neon colours on acid.


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Squidgy wrote:

Great book. Differs from the film a fair bit.

I found them quite similar actually - outside of the name changes given to certain people.

Phil Opian wrote:

if youre on about fusion it was on all the versions.

That's the one.


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monostereo wrote:

Tried on a pair of the asics last week but ended up with some equivalent by saucony. 

Incredible how vulgar nearly all men's running trainers are? One can only assume they're all designed by Australians?

It's as if Steve Cram's just regurgitated the contents of a glow stick over his own fucking shoes, live on grandstand.  Remarkable.

Running shoes are pretty terrible, but not even close to basketball shoes or football boots.  How hard can it be to make a pair of black sports shoes?!


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Speaking of Spooky, is Charlie May still kicking about?

What's Duncan Forbes up to?


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smallman1 wrote:

This is what happens when the wing wang isn't available!

It's why you stumbled and fell.  The chang keeps your balance for you and keeps you talking incessantly about yourself, whilst hitting on the bride.

Not that I speak from experience...

The US version has Speedy J on it, which I can't recall being on the UK version.  I had the record, but upon hearing it in that context I nearly shat myself.  Such a great set.  I saw them DJ together for the first time in 1994 in the lead-up to the release of that album.

We're on 'unlimited' 5 meg down, 1.5 meg up DSL for $45/month.  Since I live in a small town, a cable connection is available, but it's metered and they charge the fuck out of you if you go over your allotted bandwidth for the month. 

Here in Canada there is basically a duopoly when it comes to ISPs and then there's what we call resellers, who typically rent large chunks of the big two's network and undersell the big two in the Canadian government's efforts to create competition.  That is slowly changing and luckily the ISP we're with is laying fibre throughout our entire town and delivering TV, phone, Internet, etc. through it starting in 2015 for $60 a month for all three.  That's a fucking steal at the speeds they're offering.

When I lived in a city I paid $75/month for 30 meg down unlimited.  Canada has some of the highest rates per capita in the world and slowest speeds for broadband in the world.

I own this bad boy on slab of limited release white vinyl: http://www.discogs.com/KOD-Not-Me/master/196639

It survived many culls of my collection because it's a good tune, but in culling my collection I discovered that it was a Dave Clarke record that I'd bought unwittingly because I thought it looked cool.


sorry gents, but i love it.....

(didnt mind 'forever in love'either)

Nowt wrong with Pet Shop Boys and their output in the 1980s... In fact, they're still one of my favourite bands to this day despite being more camp than a pitched tent.

The stuff being mentioned here is what got me into house music.  That and Stock, Aitken and Waterman productions that came out on PWL.

I love synth pop.


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I never set foot in the shop due to geography, but I'm a fan as you well know ETC.  I own a fair chunk of the Choci's Chewns back catalogue on vinyl, but stopped gaining interest in his stuff when it started getting a tad too Nu NRG-ish and less acid techno with releases from Pendragon and the like.  I do belleve it was around the time he started caning loads of speed and acid at the same time, because the labels output suggested as such.

Wasn't Choci a bit of a hardened character and spent some time in prison?  Regardless, his label introduced me to the Liberators before Stay Up Forever launched.


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Good shout on that Oakey record.

Here's another with a proper title that suggests how it made me feel each time upon hearing it:

And people wonder why others commit mass murder?  My missus went to Cuba and said this was a big 'hit' at the resort.  I'd rather get eaten by sharks!

Pretty much, yes as long as I don't have to hear this shite:

If I do, will it shut you up?

Homegrove wrote:

iTunes offers 128 AAC as their standard, which is pretty much the same as 320 kbps mp3. I would think their store had an option for AIFF too though.

Haven't they done something about that though?  I don't purchase via iTunes, but last I'd heard they'd put together some 'encoded for iTunes AAC' format that's supposed to be better than mp3.

Howells did one around 2001is/2ish? that's really incredible and ends in an edits he did of The Clash's 'Rock The Casbah' and Ringo Starr drumming.

Also, Evil 9 did an incredible mix around the release of their 'You Can Be Special Too' album that gets frequent listens.


....fack me this is good.

Free to those that can afford it, very expensive to those that can't.

All right, as its monday morning, this is the plan. We get in there and get wrecked, then we'll eat a pork pie, then we'll drop a couple of Surmontil-50's each. That means we'll miss out Monday but come up smiling Tuesday morning.

I didn't listen to the link, but they put out two stellar Essential Mixes around 2000 and 2001.  They used to frequent Toronto quite a bit and every time I went to see them they were stellar.  Top lads too [klang].  They've reformed as Parks & Wilson and Tilt are producing new tracks and an album.


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Just finished The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort - the book that inspired the movie.  It's a load of self-serving egotistical tripe of the highest order - which is why it's a worthwhile read.  This guy is a cunt of the highest order and seems to realize he got off with behaving as such (and apparently continues to do so) for the majority of the 1990s.

Recommended shitter reading.


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ukhursty wrote:

Where has he gone off soundcloud?

Pretty much got all my transitions mixes off there.

Lorenzo, AKA Sbando on here got wiped off the map by the (ahem) kind people over at Soundcloud due to copyright claims, but he's moved his stuff over to hearthis.at as mentioned.


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I've never heard it.  Or perhaps I have?  Smashy sent me a link to an early Diggers mix a while back that I casually listened to whilst at work.

For me it was Northern Exposure that really set things off.  I was fortunate enough to have heard Sasha and Digweed play together in 1994 and was well aware of who they were, but mix comps weren't the thing that they were in the UK until around the 1990s.  For me I was all about the Volume series - which had their fair share of prog on them.

liquitech1 wrote:

Anyone manage to catch him & Kraviz at Fabric over the weekend?

Did she DJ from a bathtub?

dogmanstar888 wrote:

Was he sporting a Weller-esque mod hairdo?

The guy was a genius on all the Smiths gear.

Just saw Paul Weller play yesterday, along with The Cure, The Flaming Lips, AWOL Nation and Death From Above 1979.

To keep this relevant, I don't give a shit about The Smiths, but I dig Johnny Marr as a guitarist and his work with Electronic as well.