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Dermatron wrote:

LOL Would you loops? Aaaw lovely. You'd be happy seeing money that wasnt yours in the first place being used in a way of your choice. Just like it was yours.
Superb. Would you like to see anything else that isnt yours donated anywhere?

You can try to wind me up all you wish.  You'll always be a cunt so at least you're consistent.  For me and probably a shed-load of others, your participation here has driven me away from posting.

The final note on your made-up scandal, is that I've more than once offered to refund those who sent me the funds.  As noted before, you never contributed a dime so your uproar is like someone who doesn't vote.  Your voice doesn't count mate. 

Thankfully the new board allows me to put you on ignore.

Homegrove wrote:

Yeah, he's always played techno.

Played techno about six months ago when I caught him and ended with Track 10.

This is a thread for the brave who wish to share their real names that haven't already and wish to connect outside of this forum on social media.  Post your name and social media links if you wish.

I've got a few people on Facebook from here, but don't know everyone's true names and I know not everyone is that active on those either, but it's worth a shot. 

Obviously I'm Jay Kaufman.  Easily found if you want to find me on nearly all social media. smile  Feel free to connect if you wish.


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Mine is so old I can't even find a pic of it, but it was made by effects processor company ART I believe.  My first DJ mixer that I had a crack on was one of these:


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JamesLawrence wrote:

What about using the Loopy to London funds????

I was just going to suggest this.  Ed Smallman has remaining funds and I'd be happy to see them go towards the on-going upkeep of a great community.  Just that act alone to try and bring me to London to see Diggers is worthy of showing how great this place can be. 

If I weren't knee-deep in piss, shit and lack of sleep, I'd happily help contribute to a technical solution of a replacement.  That said, I can probably find us some free web hosting.  My friend owns a hosting company and I occasionally work with/for him.


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Generally have been a fan of his production work for some time.  I can't say I've ever heard him DJ.

The geezer has the audacity to talk about fashion and is walking about in road works trousers.


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His latest production efforts seem to be in the nu disco vein, which I'm strangely not digging too much even though I love that genre.


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I was at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester when the Sex Pistols played in June 1976.  Never told a soul... Until now.


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A bit late on the reply here, but thanks fellas on the congrats.  I've been up to my eyeballs in shite, screaming and moving house, so haven't had much time for myself lately.  Things are settling in now and the little one is finally discovering the word 'sleep' and how great it is... Thank fuck.

Congrats on your new guy as well Dutchy!


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Amps wrote:

And Dutchy too!

As long as he doesn't have your taste in trabbs I should be alright.   But yes, mum's former Suicide Girl fashion should be a real inspiration for him.   Haha.


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Not exclusively a thread for myself, but for those of us who have brand new kids and wish to announce it to the Bedrock Board world and show off a little...

So I'll start.  Jakob MacKenzie John Kaufman was born today at 9:35 AM EST at Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Cambridge, ON, Canada weighing in at 8 lbs., 1 ounce.  The birth itself was hell... 3 solid days of labour that resulted in a Caesarian section.  The little fella and missus are doing well despite the hardship.

There's now a Jay Jr. on the loose.  Run for your lives!



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One of my favourite bands of all time.

Wasn't the last time Ed was in NYC 'kitchen sinking it' he spent most of his days in with his mum at the hotel?


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3rd day in a row spent at the hospital waiting for this little fella to be born after trying all sorts of things to get him to come out of the womb... Including yodelling, devil worship and all sorts of other trickery.  I'm about sick of the drab beige and muted pastel tones, elevator Muzak and the constant smell of disinfectant.

Baby Watch 2017.

seanc80 wrote:
La Nausee wrote:

Any bloke anywhere who wears boots is a cunt


Perhaps in the rainy confines of the UK, but in a country like Canada, they're pretty much essential winter clobber.  I have a nice pair of Timberland's that hip hop types wore in the 1990s.  They're not high fashion, but they do the job when it's so cold out that -10 feels like a tropical holiday.

I work in tech and have no fucking clue what this post is about.   Chew on that for a bit!

I was raised Catholic and forces to go to Mass until I was 18 - at which point I promptly stuck my two fingers up and didn't go back unless for weddings, funerals or Christmas.   Well into my thirties I still struggled saying things like 'Jesus' as a form of expression of shock, or 'God damned it'. My indoctrination into the Church had been that thorough. I still feel permanently guilty for just about any form of pleasurable act because we are all sinners after all - or at least if you were raised Catholic you are.

I haven't been to Mass in five years and only used to go on Christmas Eve because they did a pagent and it felt 'Christmas-y'. Recent gf's have all been intelligent and aren't into religion.

The back story is that my dad taught for the Catholic school system here in Canada and that we had to go to Mass in order to keep up appearances.   Both sets of my grandparents came from very devout German Catholic families. 

I always hated church, yet would still strangely consider myself Catholic.    I want my little fella to attend a Catholic school so he'll receive the same perpetual guilt complex I did.   I'd also like to get married in a church, but merely because it feels 'right' and that they're very pretty structures.

That said, the most damning thing I took in school was my world regions course in grade 11 - which thoroughly confirmed to me that humans are whacko when it comes to religion and that Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all the same religions going about it differently. 

The irony?   I'd have never taken that course if I'd have attended a public school.   In a way, being spoon fed and indoctrinated helped me open my mind and discover other insights into religions and thoughts.   I was also perpetually in conflict with the teachings of my 'faith' when my dad was a chemistry teacher who firmly believed in science and scientific method.

I've been told I echo sentiments of B'haism.   I just say I'm not religious - which is true - even though I'd still strangely consider myself Catholic.


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Dermatron wrote:

Yeh like Richard Branson and countless other successful people. Just admit you're wrong and stop insisting on being a twat.

Rather rich coming from you.


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Seems like a strange place for this sort of thing to happen.  Doesn't Finland have a ridiculously low crime rate?

Seems like the police handled it well.  Glad they have the person in custody.


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Also, frankly the quality of mastering has gone to non-existent on some tracks.  With the advent of the Internet, a lot of smaller labels throw a limiter on the master and consider it done.  Sound quality in tracks has really suffered a lot in the past 10 years.


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303 abuser wrote:

i stopped at moog the last time i was in montreal, great shop, i was like a kid in a candy store there.

I've been to the one in Montreal with my gf at the time... Luckily she was there or it may have been a bankrupting experience.  I've never been to the one in Toronto and fear what it would do to my bank account, so I stay away.  The website is taunting enough.  Haha.

It's a dangerous store for someone like me.  A store largely focused on synths and related hardware?  Yes please!


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I do. 

Especially if there's unmastered tunes in there. 

Also to keep in mind that if you're still using mp3s, they're missing a bunch of audio data due to the horrible compression they have. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because the tracks are mastered, doesn't mean they're all of the same standard.  I tend to EQ, mildly compress and then limit things so they're all of equal volume.  Mind you, I do all of my mixes in Ableton and don't really mix my mixes live anymore.

smallman1 wrote:

Does she play in Russia regularly?

If yes, I Moscow.


Watch your drug intake Ed, or you might be Russian too hard.


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Amps wrote:

Out of idle interest, for the average bedroom producer, is there any general advantage of physical synths over software ones?

As someone who's done both and been at this for over 25 years, I have to say that a good mix of the two is ideal.  There's some things the computer does a lot better - like arrangement in my opinion.  You can get a lot more microscopic.  I also do all of my drum programming in a computer.  It's fun jamming on drum machines and such, but for ease of use and layering, you can't beat a computer.

As for what *sounds* better?  I'll go with hardware.  You can get some great sounds and even make great music solely inside the box, but after working solid in the box for ten years and then switching back to hardware again, I've noticed my stuff sounds like it has more breadth, depth and warmth.  It also packs more oomph.

Frankly, with the cost of analogue synths these days being what they are, you can basically get a really decent brand new analogue synth for the cost of a really good soft synth plugin - and that will be something you can touch and play with instead of clicking about with a mouse.


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303 abuser wrote:

i managed to sell my ddj-sx for $800, which will conveniently fund the digitakt.  now i just have to find stock somewhere in canada.

Look at Moog Music in Toronto/Montreal.  Free shipping and price matching.  I only buy from them.  They're synth people too.  Their site is nice and easy to use.