Homegrove wrote:

His American accent is amazing too...

He seems to go for a weird combination of the Midwest and the South - and he does it in his new movie too.  It's not very regionally accurate, but it's a far cry better than American actors trying to do English accents.


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millsy23 wrote:

Is Jase working for them now then?

I've only ever owned one and didn't see the need for a mobile until going to Miami for WMC in 2004.  The best ever pre-smartphone handset I had was a Siemans A56 or something like that.  It was small, monochromatic screen and did texting and phone calls well. 

Seeing as I grew up in Waterloo, BlackBerry was pretty much the handset that most people had back then and that still remains somewhat true.

While weights like that tend not to be cheap because they have to be carved out of a big block of aluminum or steel, Fabric are taking the piss.


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smallman1 wrote:

I would have loved to have been at the Miami Winter Music conference with Loopy, Lawler and Timo Mass I can't lie!

Not too much of a fan of Lawler, but Timo is a really nice guy.   I was more there at that party for seeing him and the Hope Recordings guys - who managed Timo at the time. Lawler wasn't quite the name back then that he has become.

I assure you my tales are all past glory now.   I'm lucky to get our five times a year, if that.   I suspect you have nothing to envy Eduardo.


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There is no pitch.  People are invested in their ecosystems.  I get it.   What I don't get is people seemingly wanting to slag something they clearly haven't used. 

For the record, I've tried everything except Windows Phone and have arrived at the conclusion I still prefer BlackBerry.  Horses for courses.


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smallman1 wrote:

Loopy is the boards resident Hunter S Thompson.

And I bloody love him for it.

One of my favourite authors.  Nothing wrong with a bit of gonzo...


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liquitech1 wrote:

Did you manage to get the drugs and trash your hotel room?..

One can only wish.  I awoke the next day wondering where the fuck I was, feeling as though Satan himself had shot me in the head and a hangover was actually something that would have been desirable  to have at that point.  Then I stepped out into the festival grounds and I learned of my antics the night before.  I knew something was up when none of my fellow Djs would talk to me and all looked as though they wanted to shoot me... Punters kept pointing at me and saying, "Look, there's the asshooe from last night!". I soon learned that yelling 'You Americans suck! You don't know how to party!!!!" at the top of one's lungs in a gun-toting Republican state, no matter how drunk you are, was perhaps not good for one's wish of wanting to survive in Montana.   To say they didn't take to it too well would be an understatement!

I did manage to ruin a brand new Rane mixer after spilled water on it whilst tripping my arse off on mushrooms and trying to 'DJ' at an afterparty.  I also managed shag a rather fetching college girl who against all odds, somehow fell in love with me over the course of the weekend.

For some reason I can't figure out why I no longer have a DJ career when this kind of behavior was common place for me at gigs.   Any clues as to why?


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millsy23 wrote:

Alive and well? Toasting the competition with its 1.8% market share?

Well, when you consider in what country of which you're speaking... Meh.  They have an image issue that's related to a whole slew of things I could get into with you, but it's pointless.  Having been employed by them, my eyes were opened to some of the shit that goes on in that market sector - including stock manipulation.

One thing I will say is that a lot of people judge them based off of their old operating system.   Sadly, most people haven't tried the 'new' one.  I'll still take my BlackBerry 10 phone over an iPhone 6 or Android device any day.  (shrug)

For what it's worth, HTC and Motorola aren't exactly doing well either.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Did you go to Glacier, Dan? amazing spot....there are plenty of sawdust joints Loopdokter could have played at. The thought of Rabbitweed getting blasted out of red neck bar in Billings Montana by Loopdokter makes me smile, good on ya mate smile

Ta, fella.  I played twice that weekend... Once on a big rig/stage setup and another in exactly the type of place you describe.  It literally had the words 'Saloon' right above it and the owner proceeded to feed me doubles all night until I could barely stand...  Actually I couldn't.  I had to be carried off kicking and screaming to my hotel room, but not before demanding drugs and saying the Yanks didn't know how to party.

That's only part of the story.   I could write a book on that weekend alone.  The absolute best and worst weekend of my life all rolled up in one wild west adventure not for the faint of heart.


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liquitech1 wrote:

I thought they were dead as disco too until I saw Piers Morgan posting pics of some Porsche version that he uses....maybe they should change their target market

That's actually an older phone.   www.blackberry.com will show you their latest lineup.


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steelydan wrote:

Really? I've been to Montana and it's pretty much a red neck joint. Mostly line dancing/strip clubs.

Montana is a beautiful place.  The people in it are not.   I was lucky to get booked at a festival in the mountains at a place called Seeley Lake outside of Missoula.  There's quite a story to that weekend, but I got to share the bill with Supa DJ Dimitri from Dee-Lite and Joeski so that was cool.

That said, if any of you ever have the chance to go to Montana, and especially Seeley Lake, Missoula and Glacier National Park, do it.  Missoula is a pretty hip and liberal college town.  Nearly everyone there was smashed on one thing or another.


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smallman1 wrote:

How did you know it was Xpander Loops?

I'd read about it and heard it described to me, plus Nick (klang) confirmed it to me afterwards.


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smallman1 wrote:

Can't remember the last time I saw a Blackberry phone in the UK.

I haven't checked market stats as of late, but the UK was one of their strongest markets two years ago... Spain too.   Granted, they have nothing on the numbers they're doing in Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Venezuela, Colombia, etc. 

The new OS is pretty slick, but they were way too late to the market most people in the West moved on as a result.


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steelydan wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Not a big fan of xpander or scorchio, the sander k mix is dece.

Belfunk was proper though.

Still love Xpander…rather large E-Tune

It was quite slow for that time and now it sounds blazingly fast.  I remember Nick Warren played it on a Thursday night at Guvernment.  I hadn't heard it yet and he was one of the select few that had a copy of Xpander.   He didn't even mix it in and let the whole track ride out as his last tune.  I somehow knew it was Xpander.

The best track of that era for me from Sasha was the dark and twisted Rabbitweed.   I played that at a gig in Montana and it threw them for a serious loop.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

Thought BlackBerry was dead in the water?

Alive and well.  It hey just released a new phone not too long ago called the Passport and have gone back to targeting their original enterprise market.


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MattBlack wrote:

Is there a Blackberry one yet?

I knew that was coming.   BlackBerry 10 runs Android apps as well as native BlackBerry 10 apps, so unlikely.  I haven't checked.   About the only apps I use consistently on my phone are the weather, local newspaper and Instagram so I can ogle at girls in their twenties making duck faces.


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Yant wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

There's now an official iPhone-app, Android-app probably isn't long to come either.

The iPhone App is total shit.

I've been trying to use it this week and it's fucking useless.

The Android one is no better.

It's nice to see everyone's come and made a stand here with the puns and even branched out with a few others.


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If I were a fit 20-smething bird, the last thing that would make me want to get sexy and sensual is a long-haired middle-aged Frenchman who just winked at me.

He had me at 'ello.


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I honestly never understood the fuss over this tune and always found it to be dull as dishwater.


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smashdad wrote:

Crime does tend to do that when you relax certain laws AND reduce numbers of police - not a Canada specific issue I can only hope to assure you...

The opposite has been true here.  They've instituted things like manditory minimums for drugs offences, more police on the ground and less civil liberties all in the name of fighting crime that doesn't exist.  The Conservatives here have a 'tough on crime' agenda.  Amusing though, since they also scrapped the long gun registry that was supported by police forces all over the country.  When the shooting took place last week at Parliament, they were going to further modify the gun laws to make it even easier to obtain a gun.  Luckily that won't likely happen now.

Of course, long before they came into power crime rates were still going down. [shrug]


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He's very tall.

He plays in Toronto quite frequently, but I've always managed to miss him actually playing.  His latest album isn't quite as good as his previous double album.


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Some interesting points from our friend on The Trews:


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smallman1 wrote:

Think the last 48 hours has proved that not only is Canada not one of the best places to live, it's one of the more dangerous.

The media and Stephen Harper and his croonies would have you believe that, but crime has been consistently going down in this country for over a decade.


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303 abuser wrote:

this is the excuse that harper has been waiting for.  welcome to american-style increased mass surveillance and privacy invasions.  you basically have a poorly planned act by a single person with no real affiliation to any group and it's being called a terrorist plot by the media.

Wait, you live in Alberta right?  I thought all Albertans were gun-toting Harper supporters?  What's going on here?!  I'm surprised they haven't thrown you to the wolves yet with opinions like that.

You're absolutely right though.  After watching some of the news that's come out today, it's sounding more and more like this guy was just a whackjob with mental issues than someone doing something completely coherent.  Of course the party in power isn't spinning it that way.  It's appearing as though his ISIS connections, if there were any, were slim to none.  He was a lone wolf.

It's still shocking.  Video has been released of him charging down the front lawn of Parliament and it apparently took him 90 seconds to reach the doors of Parliament.  That's a long time to try and put a stop to a guy running down the road with gun - especially when it's security footage that they've released.

I feel like the RCMP weren't doing their jobs.