liquitech1 wrote:

..there's plenty of good lineups and locations to see good DJs doing their thing. It's not an EDM festival.

Are you referring to Ultra or are you referring to Miami Music Week or whatever it's called now?

Whilst not one and exclusively the same, there is a certain demographic that are in heavy attendance during this time of the year there that isn't for me seeing as I'm a middle-aged cunt.  A lot of US colleges have their spring breaks around that time and it's full of 'bro's' and frat/sorority types.

South Beach is pretty horrid of a place in my opinion too.  It's very Barbie & Ken, plastic, very expensive and full of Yanks.  There's better places in the world to check out week-long electronic music focused events.  ADE, BPM, Croatia, etc.  There are far better American cities too - New York for instance.

'The' party in Miami used to be the Sasha & Digweed boat cruise, but even that got very commercial.

There's very little that's endearing to me about that city.  I can only imagine what it's like now around that time with EDM now being a thing.


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Best site for purchasing music hands down.  They're fair to the artists and basically allow artists to sell direct without middlemen.

I frequently buy stuff on there - often physical things like CDs and vinyl because it's the label or artist themselves selling it, not some third party.

I've also discovered many an artist on there as well.

He's a great DJ as well.  I caught him DJ in (where else) Toronto a few years back and he had the floor rammed and in the palm of his hand the entire time.  After bashing it out properly for three hours solid, he finished with Slam - Positive Education and people started speaking in tongues.

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:


Not recommended.  Their set will be short, the cost will be absurd and the people surrounding you will want to make you commit mass murder.

That's coming from the guy who DJed at the thing once.

millsy23 wrote:

To clarify, those monstrosities are equally horrific both on and off the basketball court. Just inconceivably bad.

If someone showed up wearing those Asics in the basketball circles I play in, they'd get a right slap and be told to come back on the nights the gym is closed.

millsy23 wrote:

Lol. Think Loopy designed them on Disney Paint on his Amiga500 before printing them on a 3D printer

Fat fucking chance.  Those are uglier than your mum and your jump shot.

Sbando wrote:


If you mean me, thanks.

If not, I'll go back to my cave and stay in it.

smashdad wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:
steelydan wrote:

still after

LaTour - Blue (hermes trance mix)

Think I might have that, ill check when im home

If not I've got a half decent vinyl rip...

Internet connection is down, so can't do data without my mobile bill going and having a right old shit, so I'll upload it to the appropriate place when I have data back.  It's a digital copy.  I have several mixes.

Homegrove wrote:

If you have the money and a better shelf go with the Rokits. Always.

Actually don't.  There are many better monitors for the price of the Rokits.  Rokits are absolutely horrible.  When you take a look inside of them it's laughable.


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Sbando wrote:

No money left to burn smile.

I've read somewhere that they also destroyed the master tapes to avoid reprints and remasters (so to stick it to the Man).

They had their back catalogue deleted, which in the music world is basically killing yourself.

I know of someone who has been recreating one of their tracks bit for bit, including the original rapper and the only way he was able to do so was not sample any of the original track because of this exact reason. 

Drummond has written a few books which are apparently quite good.

The KLF for me were basically techno gods.  They didn't take what they did overly serious and basically broke every mould they could and still were successful.


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jamie wrote:

Anyone wants to head over for a visit let me know and it will be the kick up the arse that I need to get me up there.

Count me in for that road trip.  Montreal isn't too bad of a drive if you split up the drive and stop in say, Kingston or Prince Edward County.  Besides Jamie, you've been here long enough to know that long distances shouldn't bother you that much when it comes to driving.

Rhouses, et. al.

First, like I've said if anyone wants their money back feel free to PM me to make arrangements. My PM box has remained empty since offering.   

I was going through and still am going through some rather shit stuff.   That said, last year around this time I was in the midst of what equated a divorce, a massive bout of crippling depression and financial difficulties.   I thought I was pretty open to those who passed on cash to me as to the reasons I couldn't come.   Ed is still sitting on it.   I never once solicited people for cash and was and still remain eternally grateful to those who had the bollocks to throw into the pot.   

Demo can fuck right off.   That's me done with this board. I have better things to do.   I'll be checking PMs but Demo is the sole reason I've been largely absent over the past while.   I've got enough shit to deal with than some smug and bitter pissant.

Might I remind you that despite this current crusade, Dermo is owed nothing and did his best to derail people's efforts. The real person you should be upset with, if you indeed are, is him for ruining what was a genuinely honest and good thing.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Is there an option to take it out of your face, if they ever meet you?

It already looks as though someone has taken a sledgehammer to my chin.  Is there any point?

Yant wrote:

Can you use PayPal on Blackberries these days?

C'mon Yant!   There's shit jokes and then there's your shit jokes.  You can do better.

Homegrove wrote:

Yeah, you never contacted me about refunding my money...

If I didn't, my apologies. It was a pretty shitty time for me and life.  If you want me to get your cash back, send me your PayPal via PM.

I'd like to point out that I never asked, begged or anything of the sort for people to send me money.   This wasn't my idea.  I told people if they want to donate that I could offer up my PayPal.

If people seriously take issue with this and how things didn't happen, contact me via PM and I'll resolve it.

Homegrove wrote:

Again, Smalls did nothing wrong here, he just promised to be the organizer. He sent that money to Loopdokter as far as I know. Who didn't use it for what it was meant for (flying him to London).

Woah, hold up there.

Don't drag me down into this load of shit.  For the record, people who DIRECTLY sent me the funds I contacted and thanked and held the funds.  When I said I couldn't go and let people know directly as to why, the universal reply was to keep it and do with it what I saw fit - which was to invest in BlackBerry.  I offered to directly refund people. 

So Hannu, you've got this flat out wrong.

Beijing Dave wrote:

LOL. Even though you've been posting in all sorts of other threads, this is the first time you've noticed the one that has 'Jay Loopdokter' in the title?

Of course.


This is the first time I've been on here in 4, maybe 5 days?

Before that it had been around a month.  I don't sit in front of a computer like I used to.

Boring wrote:

Loops has had a tough year. It would be great if we could make this happen in time for Easter.

Thanks mate.  I'm genuinely touched by this sentiment.  I made it clear to those who contributed why I couldn't come and people were cool with that.  I will come over at some point and your money will be well spent.

The last court I'm going to sit in and be tried is one run by a keyboard warrior sitting in Sydney, who thinks that everything is wrong with the world when he says it is.

For those of you who felt they were ripped off, I'm more than happy to offer up a few of my tracks or one of the few remaining 12" promos I have of my track 'Fade To Black'.  They should total about 1/16th of your contribution, but...

Dermatron wrote:

So Loopdick has read the thread too. What a pair of unmitigated disgraceful fucking cunts they both are. Lovejoy is a fucking shambles and he knows it.

This is the first I've seen it.

Unlike you, I've got more important things to be doing than sitting on here screaming about this and that.  In fact, you're the sole reason I don't frequent here anymore.

You know, because the only real cunt here is you. smile

mr rossi wrote:

Canadians are used to the long game.Pretty sure Loops has bedded in for the winter with his supply of sauerkraut and his Degrassi Junior High box set ready for the hard slog ahead.Its Ed I'm worried about.

Genuinely chuckled at this.

His last few efforts have been VERY samey and lacklustre if you ask me.  I used to buy his stuff without listening, but I'll be checking this out beforehand.


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Do you guys celebrate Halloween in the UK, Canada, and Australia?

Seriously?  Haha.

It's huge in Canada and has been since the year dot... Although I don't quite think trick or treating is quite what it used to be in terms of popularity when I was a kid.  You see more adults these days dressing up and getting in on the fun as well.

jules72 wrote:

Got bored in the end of diving cos you dont see much on many dives. Always fancied diving the cocos islands though.

I can't recommend Roatan enough for this.  It's sort of a well known secret amongst divers.

liquitech1 wrote:

..I had an Israeli divemaster on a deep dive with me off the coast of Honduras years ago. We spotted a Black Tip over some coral and the guy just took off after it with his camera. I left him to it thinking I would get a great view of a live kill. Never materialised.

A dive master I hung out with a fair bit in Honduras saw a great white and did his best to get the fuck out of the water quick fast.  Haha.