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Generally speaking I love anything that comes out on Ghostly International.   It's a fantastic label.


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Grant wrote:

Spotify pay artists next to nothing.



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Just thought some of you guys might be interested in checking this out:

https://soundcloud.com/jaykaufman/jay-k … arage-city

Bass house/prog house combo.


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Grant wrote:

The people that work for them are bellends. They pay new artists next to nothing.

Tidal or Spotify?  Spotify pays appalling rates - but so do all of the streaming services that I'm aware of.

I'm kind of curious what the pay model for artist royalties is for Tidal.  To be honest this is the first I've heard of it, but based on the names associated with it via that video, they've already made their money from the old music distribution model (perhaps not Calvin Harris) and are properly minted.  Very few of them are nouveau riche as far as music is concerned.

I don't know Bryan Adams personally.  My dad never managed a who's who of the British music world.  I don't describe my home as 'Casa _____'.  I don't support Chelsea.  My partying days are pretty tame by comparison to my former antics and I have no requirements for a kitchen sink at them.  I no longer run.

I like house music.  I have stories from my former 'glory days' that make a bigger klanging sound than a church bell.

I'm probably -3 out of 10.


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Millsy pictured earlier, during his brief stint playing an exhibition game with the LA Lakers:


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For a band that's only ever released two albums, the legacy that Leftfield hold is pretty amazing.

I love them all of the same, but very few can hold to that!

Homegrove wrote:

Only in America at the moment. I think that'll change now though.

That was mmediately brought into effect here in Canada after the news came out that the co-pilot brought this plane down. 

The sad irony of all of this is the doors that have been installed on commercial airlines to prevent passengers from getting into the cockpit is exactly what brought this plane down.  It kind of blows my mind that the pilot doesn't have some sort of external access through biometrics or something, but I also understand why that wasn't put in place.


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My mum has the Air and it's lack of peripheral ports is a bit of a pain.  I suppose it depends what you plan to do with it.  I have a 2012 Macbook Pro pre-Retina that only has 2 USB ports and it's an eternal pain in the arse - especially as I use it to play out with once every two years.


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Big Fella wrote:

Did Loopy mention he was mates with Bob?



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Unbroken1 wrote:

..one year anniversary coming up, interesting article here, curious to hear this Underworld cover:

http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/m … elton-john

I'm just waiting for my copy to arrive.

What Zackster is really trying to say Smashdad, is that he'd happily ply Smashdaughter with a shedload of drugs and take her to see his favourite techno act, Noise-bleeding Toxic Waste Posse play live at Output with nothing more than a 909, a distortion pedal and a dystipian attitude.   

She'd be the only girl there, mind. I suppose of you really wanted to you could tag along, but that would ruin his cred.

Fine Grant.

Trip Advisor has never let me down. (shrug)


Seeing that cunt makes me hate him all the more.  Cunt owes me money and got away with it.  The fucking cunt.


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To be fair, they'd been studying in Sudan - which isn't exactly a place full of roses and stability.

Big Fella wrote:

Also Manhattan is nowhere near as convenient to get about as somewhere like London, so to do touristy things then head for specific restaurants is very time and energy prohibitive.

Cabs are cheap as chips and they have one of the largest subway systems in the world, so say what?!

Frankly when I was there last we did a fair amount of walking because it was quite convenient to get around.

Smashy, not sure if you've been before or not but you'll have to grab tickets for this:  http://www.nywatertaxi.com/  Get a day pass and it's a pretty cool way to see the skyline and get about as well.

TripAdvisor is pretty invaluable for finding good places to eat.

Beijing Dave wrote:

Discuss the latest Zackster top 10? Fuck off.

Zackster's 'Keep It Techno' March 2015 Top 10:
1.  Scoop neck t-shirts in black.
2.  Roland TR-909
3.  Roland TB-303
4.  Christian Vogel's 'Live In Antwerp' mix (date unspecified)
5.  No mates
6.  A love for Aldous Huxley
7.  Every Tresor record ever released
8.  Melody is for girls/bitches
9.  Real DJs only play vinyl
10.  Chris Liebing on speed dial


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steelydan wrote:

is there no PRS in Canada?

There's SOCAN, of which I'm a member.   Collecting from an insolvent company is pretty hard though.   Ahead went 'broke' leaving a who's who of progressive house artists and labels as creditors.   Meanwhile, Scott Bond was still throwing events in the Midlands using the Ahead name.   From what I gather it's quite easy to buy back your brand name in the UK.

Also collecting mechanical royalties isn't something SOCAN does.   They only collect on media stream revenue like radio, TV, etc.


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MattBlack wrote:
katakana wrote:

-ran the 'sonambulist' label..yes, then one that signed loopy wink

You just had to ruin it lol

I seem to recall you posting an entire thread just about that track Matt and how you liked it. wink

The Fear did quite well for a first release.   It got heavy support from Graham Gold on his KISS FM show, which was appreciated and guys like Anthony Pappa, Danny Howells, Parks & Wilson, James Zabeila, etc. all supported it too.  It remains to this day my 'pinnacle' track.  Nothing since then has sold more units - not that it's exactly easy to do that anyway in today's digital age.

I'm eternally grateful for Jools and his hard work with my release and patiently dealing with my first time artist 'ridiculousness'.  Sonambulist was the first to discover Trafik before they were actually Trafik (they called themselves Cartouche back then).  He also paid me (and on time without having to invoice) - which is a far cry more than some other dodgy dealings I've had with labels like Ahead Music, who signed a remix I did on my label for the Slinky Trans:Atlantik compilation that charted in the UK Top 40 and I never saw a cent in royalties owed.  The cunts.


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https://soundcloud.com/feelmybicep/ebon … ove-myself


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smallman1 wrote:

Stand back ladies.

Someone's bound to blow a pec or deltoid with all of this heavyweight prog house flexing.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Sbando, who in actual fuck are you?

No one even noticed your presence until just now.

Has your post count been rigged?

What rock you been hiding under in China?   Sbando is a proper prog muscle builder that dates back to the GU days.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

a bit late but


Strudders finally figured out how to put a picture on the Internet!


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Homegrove wrote:

This guy keeps putting stellar remixes.

New album is good too.


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poirot wrote:


Fuck me.  Sasha hasn't turned up. AGAIN!