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Ace wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Ah, the only way Buffalo, New York will ever be in the news or on any front page - extreme snowfall. Dreadful place.

I'll fucking second that.  Buffa-hole. 

I used to live across the border in an equally shithole place called St. Catharines when I went to uni and played upstate New York and Buffalo lots.  It's the place God forgot and makes Detroit look pretty.

Buffalo always gets dumped on in the winter months and always gets more snowfall than Toronto.

furry wrote:

Ill just be honest and say that Immunity was a big let down for me. I just couldn't "get" it. Jon is obviously a massively talented musician and I own a few other things by him but...

It's certainly not his best album.


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furry wrote:

Just a few tracks Loopy?

Just a few.  ...For now.


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smallman1 wrote:

Or just get an iPhone.

Not a solution if your employer tells you what phone you have to use because security on iPhones and Android is a stinking pile of shite, is it Eduardo?


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smashdad wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

Err, the very first mix listed there as 'Jay Kaufman's Christmas Mix-Tape' is not I?

Is it perchance the mix done 'for you' by the person you were paired with?


Yes.  Duh.  I'm a muppet.  My formerly drug-addled brain is showing the effects of 'caning it' and my memory isn't quite as sharp as it once was.  Put simply, I forgot about that aspect of the deal.

I've already got a few tracks bookmarked for this.  I reckon I'll go down a similar route as last year, but perhaps not quite as long.


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jamie wrote:

Looking at the list I am thinking about tracks for this already.

What's 80's poptastic edits do I have should I get Millsy, what 'random abstract' tracks have I got if I get Zackster, do I have enough time to prepare a tracklist long enough if I get Jay?


Don't you dare wipe your feet on my front porch like that.  The three day journey mix is solely my domain and I don't need your dirt on my carpet. wink

MarcusR wrote:

How did you guys start off learning Ableton? Attend a course or just self taught? What would you recommend? I have the lite version but since my aforementioned cubase nightmare in the early noughties I have shuddered at the thought of learning music production, but things seem to have moved in a more user friendly direction.

Would Push be a good entry point?

Frankly I just threw myself into it and did a bit of Googling.  From a GUI standpoint compared to other DAWs, Ableton looks really basic and not quite right (that's obviously not the case). 

Honestly now there's so much free stuff available in the way of tutorials on YouTube that learning any DAW is a piece of piss.  The hard part is getting it all to come together and sound good.  Even 20-some-odd years in I listen back to my production back when I was putting out records and think how shit it sounds compared to my skills today.  That's something you absolutely cannot teach and is arguably why the art of production has been lost.


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Pingu71 wrote:

I am forced to use a BB10 (Q10) for work. It's not a bad phone per se, but it's woefully undersupported.

No way I'd give up my Android personal phone for it though. Not a chance.

Look into how to side loading Snap to give you access to the Google Play store.   Otherwise, you can grab the Amazon App Store and get access to some of your favourite Android apps without having to side load Snap (Google Play for BlackBerry 10).

smashdad wrote:

Soundcloud Group with some of last year's offerings gathered together - https://soundcloud.com/groups/bedrock-festive-mix-swap - if you did a mix for last year's Swap and want it included then link it up!

Obviously we'll pull a 2014 version together once the mixes start materialising...

Err, the very first mix listed there as 'Jay Kaufman's Christmas Mix-Tape' is not I?   

I tried posting mine on Soundcloud but it wouldn't let me due to copyright issues, so perhaps create groupings on Mixcloud and hearthis.at too.


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I'm in. 

Translation: I'm unemployed at the moment, so that means it will be 8 hours long and come around June this time instead of February and mastered of course.

I kid.


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Big Fella wrote:

I can honestly say i have never had any decent kib, have said it before and will say it again but cannot beat a touch of pink champagne speed to start off proceedings then get on the pills.

Recipe of champions.

Craziest stuff I've ever done was called 'Peruvian pink flake' by the guy who gave it to me.  I don't know if it's tinge of pink was down to it's purity, but considering it came off of a half kilo he was carrying about.  He funded a lot of the raves at the time, getting a kickback by having his dealers do their thing whilst my mate used him as one of his main fund contributors.  We called this drug lord geezer 'Mad Ron' and he was every bit of it.  Basically he was in and out of jail and importing large quantities of drugs into Canada, then burying the profits into various businesses - one of which happened to be his funding dodgy raves.  Anyway, he whacked out two fat lines and 45 minutes later I realized I'd be rambling straight about how fantastic I was, do you know how fantfuckingtastic I am?!  Fuck me!  My face!   My face... Where is my fucking face?!  I couldn't feel it.  Lets run a race!

Of course by the end of that night it was just us Johnny Two-Coke Mates, 'cause no one wanted to tolerate the utter shite, smugness and egotistical prick-like tales emanating from our teeth grinding gobs.  That didn't stop us from continuing, of course.

Cocaine.  It's one hell of a drug!


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steelydan wrote:

Feeling guilty about my weekend  sad

I'm guilty as well, but considering the amount of murder, environmental damage it causes, and average people who get caught up in it and get tossed into jails where the keys are thrown away, I dare say it's probably one of the worst things out there you can get a lift from in the name of having a good time.  Of course, if people actually gave a shit about that there wouldn't be a market for it.


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Nick Sneddon wrote:

When are you gonna stop all this nonsense

Acting like a complete tit in public?  That's not likely to stop I'm afraid.


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Frankly I'm with Dr. Who on this one though.  Outside of a laptop and DJ mixer, I don't see the point with CDJs at all to be honest.

I went straight from vinyl and skipped CDs entirely and have been using Ableton to play out since 2005.  Replace Traktor with my controller-based setup and it's the same idea.


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smallman1 wrote:

Two decks and a mixer.

The key to the heart of a doris who likes prog.

Which would explain why you're still single at 35, Ed? wink

I know exactly one bird who's into prog and she's a lovely lass.  Lets just leave it at that.

Odo wrote:

Good shout on that one Odo.  I remember first hearing Oxygene as and album and thinking, 'It can't get better than this.  This IS electronic music at it's best."  At the time I didn't realize the album was as old as me and at what great lengths Jarre had to go through to make that album with such primitive machines and pre-MIDI.

I was reading about this some more and it's pretty amazing they managed to get the thing to land.  Nuts, actually.


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http://thump.vice.com/en_ca/words/what- … its-future

Apparently Soundcloud has secured a deal with Warner.  To use an old model, we all saw what happened to Napster when the major labels got involved. sad


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Possible that one of their gateways is down in the London area and not elsewhere.   If you want to delve further Damo, I can give you a few things to try.

Clear your browser caches for starters.

smallman1 wrote:

I was absolutely on the floor when The End closed down.

Doesn't sound like you were throwing the kitchen sink at it well enough then.

smallman1 wrote:

Loopy's dream compilation is his own compilation.

Cannot argue with that.

Considering I'm one of the many DJs here, I'm surprised I'm the only one who's admitted that I know my own tastes the best.

smashdad wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

Honestly you couldn't fit mine on a CD - which is why my Bedrock Board mix last year was over 6 hours long.

Let yourself go mate - the rules count for shit - take as many CDs as you want to get the job done...

Not to get self-indulgent, but my Bedrock board mix would pretty much fit the bill.  Basically a musical history of my upbringing with some proper shape-throwing moments chucked in for good measure.


Honestly you couldn't fit mine on a CD - which is why my Bedrock Board mix last year was over 6 hours long.


mmmmmm, he Did claim to be at the first ever sex pistols gig at the free trade hall in 1976, apparently there were 25O,000 there..

I believe it's been confirmed he was there.  Tony Wilson's attendance, despite his frequent claims of being there, have been put into doubt by multiple attendees.  I'm reading the latter's biography and it's amusing to what great lengths the author goes to disprove Wilson's claims that he was there.