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Wally wrote:

There's mutterings that Hilliary is going to get indited for the emails thing but even if it happens the DNC are going to block Sanders anyway and give all her delegates to Joe Biden to get him to run.

I doubt Biden will ever run.   He's got family issues that he's been having to deal with.

furry wrote:

Manhattan--Psychomanteum (The Chemical Dangers Mix)

Any idea where I can find this? Cheers

I think i have this.  I'll double check.  I have a lot of stuff on Capital Heaven.


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Grant wrote:

Everywhere abroad seems shit to you Loops!

I never said it was shit.  On the contrary.

I had the opportunity to go for free a few year's back, but had just started a new job and couldn't pull it off.  There aren't currently a lot of opportunities for hotels (mainly all-inclusive resorts) and staying in Air BnB-like places and the concept of resorts doesn't appeal to me.  I'd much rather hop around the country itself on my own.  My sister and her fiancee looked into doing this last year and the cost of doing so was pretty extreme due to the way things are currently set up there.  That of course will change with American investment.  Hopefully the Cubans are smart with that investment and don't turn it into another Miami Beach.


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Dermatron wrote:

My dear boy. Care to name anyone else other than you who finds the need to post their dozy fizog ? Its not a prerequisite of the board to do so you speng.  Rather than post just your glasses you had to stick your daft looking face in there too. Expect the worst.

Why bother Googling for them when I have a pic of myself wearing them at the ready.  It was a time saving thing, but as usual you'll try to find something in nothing.


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Grant wrote:

Google has been kinder to you this time!!

I'm actually a WWII history buff.  It was a poor analogy.  My apologies.


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Grant wrote:

I genuinely can't be bothered to point out that the Polish didn't retreat in WWII, they were invaded.

I'm aware but fine.

Like the Allies at Dunkirk then...


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It's been a hotspot for Canadians on a cheap holiday for decades now. 

I've not been myself, but know a fair number who have including the ex; and everyone's mentioned Havana is beautiful but sadly not very well taken care of.  The food supposedly lacks something to be desired for due to all of the restrictions the US has placed on them that have since been lifted, but most people I know who have been say that they lack a lot of the spices and such to make it tasty.

Make sure you come back with the obligatory Che t-shirt.

You can hire a local 1950s car to tour you around Havana and parts of the island for a reasonable sum.


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smallman1 wrote:

Fair play to Loopy for having a hair transplant too.

Whilst my hairline may be retreating faster than the Polish in World War Two, I assure you that my barnet is all mine and has never been messed with.


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Dermatron wrote:

Armani do so many great sunglasses yet you managed to pick some absolute shockers circa 1990. Might as well saved some money and bought some Oakleys that look exactly the same. Heavy contender for worst pair posted. Battling it out with Erik B.
Extra marks for that Gregory and Toby jugs.

Until you have the bollocks to post your mug up here and not hide beyond your keyboard, your opinion is worth about as much as a Nepalese rupee on the global finance market.


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Nothing a nice pair of Armani's doesn't solve:

Grant wrote:

Have you read The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins?

Quality book.


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Dermatron wrote:

Glad we managed to get Toronto in the thread.

Kisses sweetheart.


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Yant wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

My sister saw him play in Toronto recently and he came out and did 5 (!) encores.  The concert ended up being 3.5 hours long.

A legend and a musical hero of mine.  May he rest in peace.

pretty sure this is a cut and paste from the David Bowie thread.

No sir. Whilst my sister is the concert goer in the family, she has never seen Bowie live, let alone in TORONTO!

benson wrote:

South beach from tomorrow for a week.


Tedious and offensive place that's all that's wrong with America in several square blocks. I won't mourn when the ocean claims this plastic Barbie and Ken paradise in the coming decades.  I've been three times due to the misfortune of WMC being there and it being hard to avoid as a result, but I recommend you bypass it completely and head the three or so hours south to the Keys.

I would be absolutely fine with never having to visit SoBe ever again in my lifetime.

Pro tip: avoid purchasing absolutely anything within a block radius of the beach.   They take the piss out of you in the greediest of ways on prices.  Don't bother trying to grab a cab.   They won't stop for you anyway. Lastly, don't eat anywhere on Collins Ave.  Ever.   You'll experience completely shite service with many places adding (technically illegal) 'compulsary' tip surcharges onto the bill, with a bland meal and a server expecting a tip on top of the one added into the bill - despite the fact it took an hour for your order to show and your server fucking off for the entirety of your meal, only to mysteriously reappear to hand you your bill.

On the up, DO visit Pizza Rustica at one of their several locations.  Reasonably priced pizza that's some of the best I've ever had.

Otherwise the entire place can get fucked!


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My sister saw him play in Toronto recently and he came out and did 5 (!) encores.  The concert ended up being 3.5 hours long.

A legend and a musical hero of mine.  May he rest in peace.


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simeon79 wrote:


As stated before, I keep close to my German ancestors when it comes to trainers, but fuck me those are horrific!

Velcro on shoes are for kids who can't tie their shoes, prisoners and pensioners with bad backs/hips/knees.

Just no.

Get down to the Keys. Avoid Miami Beach like the plague.

seanc80 wrote:

Puma trainers are absolutely unacceptable Loopy. There was one pair of velcros with gold detail that I nearly like once but I instantly slapped myself full force in the face, weakened with unspeakable shame. Get help.

I've posted mine on here before.   They're simple, not over the top and I love 'em so you lot can all do one and go play in traffic if you don't like them. smile ...Especially considering no one said anything about them upon my posting.

liquitech1 wrote:

..red tracksuit, gold chain and cigar to complete the ensemble. wink

You'd need a few children under 13 in the crowd to leer at as well.

Dermatron wrote:

Eh? My trabs are bomb proof Edward. I suspect thats why you posted them instead of yours. Yours are specials you would expect to see on a market stall for 30 quid. Or worn by loopy.

I don't wear Nike except for basketball.  Not my thing.  I'm an Adidas and Puma nut.

Hop_Head wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

I could have proudly said I was the first to ever book Art Department.

You could have been the first to book half of Art Department.

Nah. Kenny is a legend in Toronto.  He's been at it since the mid-1980s when he was throwing warehouse parties playing early house. He's always had a stellar DJ career in Toronto and surrounding areas and even released a mix CD for Tiga's Turbo Recordings, but Art Department is what made him blow up internationally when his career was waining. He used to make garage-y house in the early 1990s for labels like M1's Jinxx Records. Obviously he's moved on a ways from that sound.  Jonny White was the big marketing guy and Kenny was the real talent.

this love wrote:

they were amazing in NYC 2010/11, but ironically it only ever seemed to be jonny DJing, whilst kenny clowned around in the background.

He's a serious DJ when he wants to be. 

I'm still kicking myself for booking him on NYE just as he was unknowingly working on the Art Department stuff.  We weren't able to book him under his Kenny Glasgow name because he was playing another club earlier in the night.  If we had used Art Department though, I could have proudly said I was the first to ever book Art Department.  It wasn't meant to be!  Three months later they blew up.

Just had a listen and enjoyed track 2 and the vocal tracks the most... I suspect those will likely get dancefloor remixes. 

It's a solid effort and much better than anything he's done in years in the studio - although this is more of a collection of chilled tracks he's done over the years and might explain both Charlie May's and Barry Jamieson's involvement.

Solid 8/10.


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God Bless Frankie Boyle, not 'Murica.


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Alright Jeremy!  Nice to see your name around these parts!