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No doubt Tom Frederikse is very single.




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I wish Cameron would turn it in.

His  Pro EU musings On the TV in perpetuity Have as much chance of success with me, as me enticing an Only way is Essex-Big titted-Sugar Hut-Creosote Baboon into bed with a Wilfred Owen poem book, Who has previously spent her entire life being reared on Gangster cock, Krug, Charlie and Fisher price Generic house music with some cnt playing the bongos over it.

Just Piss off.

"Live percussion and sax!" on a flyer is akin to advertising you worked for Merck in WWII developing 'shower rinse for non-Aryans' in front of a bunch of armed Jews. Best avoided.

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millsy23 wrote:

Usually quite like My Favourite Robot stuff, but that track is indeed absolute khazi.

LNOE can be very hit and miss

but yeh whoever thought that MFR track sounded worthy of releasing needs to get his head tested

I haven't heard it, but despite where they're from (the city I don't need to mention), I've never been much into their stuff.   I tend to dig No. 19 more.

I have it. I honestly don't use much, if any of the sounds, but that's not to say you wouldn't. The sounds are largely geared towards the electronic musician anyway.

Dermatron wrote:

My Favorite Robot - Wallow In The Spark (LNOE)

Holy shit. Absolutely fucking dreadful. One of the worst tracks ive ever heard. Seriously shit.

Probably has something to do with where they're from, huh?

millsy23 wrote:

So he plied you with fortified wine and then told you both to have at it?

Was a VHS camera involved?

It's disturbing you'd want to see that sort of thing Millsy!

Can't drink port to this day though.

millsy23 wrote:

Jamie, FYI. the position of flag-waving Canadaphile has been filled already.

Twice the C-word has been dropped and it wasn't by me!

Dermatron wrote:


Yeh get yourself to Kalingrad. But only in the fucking summer. Coz it's great that time of year.

Sarcasm seems to go amiss with you.

Probably around 13 or so.  Mate of mine was a first generation Canadian, whilst his parents were from Portugal.  Portugese love to make their own wine and it's usually strong and equally as shit.  Needless to say, the Portugese don't see drinking (or at least his parents didn't) as taboo, so gave my friend and I a bottle and said have at it.

That was a fun ride home on my bike.  Hic.

Homegrove wrote:

As for what I'm doing in my holidays is probably not much. I'm booked most weekends (#humblebrag), so that only leaves the weekdays free, 4 days in a row max. Were thinking about a city holiday somewhere in the old eastern block, as it's pretty cheap there, yet the cities are absolutely beautiful.

I hear Kalingrad is absolutely stunning in the summer.

smashdad wrote:

Thank you to those who empathise and offered sympathy - unfortunately for me the insurance company don't share your generosity - the, secured, lock-up garage that they were stolen from is covered for up to £3.5k of contents insurance but, as it subsequently transpires, only if the items stolen belong to the policy holder.  I am not the policy holder so there will be no insurance pay out.

Small print eh...

Absolutely unreal.  And insurance companies wonder why people commit insurance fraud.

millsy23 wrote:

Which Heat/Raptors game was it mate? Well jel. Wade turning back the clock but Raptors will win series I reckon.

I sure as fuck hope so.

My name's Jay and I'm NOT from Toronto.  Radiohead are shite and anyone who admits to liking them probably owns dad jeans and a woolly cardigan.


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smashdad wrote:

Went round my old girl's this morning to get one of my decks out of storage in her garage along with some vinyl I want to rip for a mix and some fucker's burgled it - both my decks gone, my mixer gone, somewhere around 80% of my vinyl gone along with several hundred CDs and my entire DVD collection such as it was.  Fuck knows what else is gone - I couldn't bear to stay in there and find out.

I don't know about a 'gertcha' but I'm fucking heartbroken...

Gutted for you mate. That's horrible.


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smallman1 wrote:

Love how Rhouses is still giving them cash money even though they're plummeting like a stone.

Do rupees really count as cash though?


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smallman1 wrote:

Are you owed any money from record sales from Beatport Loops?

Likely, but they're not paying out at the moment. It's likely not a significant sum anyway.   Probably $30 or so. Selling music is completely fucked!


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Well as recently as last week they were sending out receivership letters to labels. Since they're a private company, the only people who really know what their books look like is the people handling them being in receivership.   They can say pretty near anything they want to try and bolster consumer confidence, but my friends owning labels aren't hopeful based upon the amount of money owed. Companies in good standing don't send out receivership letters to their creditors.


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At this point Beatport is doing their best to just keep the lights on. They're under receivership due to SFX going tits up and them being listed as a sister company under the SFX umbrella.   Whoever was SFX's corporate lawyers did a terrible job at protecting the companies that worked under them. Any decent lawyer would have found a way to protect those properties should the parent company fall under hard times.

Right now Beatport is sending in our letters telling labels what's owed to larger creditors and have blacked out what's owed to labels.   Beatport is in SERIOUS trouble of going tits up and being sold for parts, if anything at all.

This is just further evidence that going for the big cheque isn't always the best for the business.   You see this time and time again in the tech world.

smashdad wrote:

Sean Cusick - really? - what a fucking unremarkable cunt if true...


Yes, quite true. That's just a small sampling of the sort of shit that would come through my email inbox.

fadass wrote:

Jay, Cusick won't see the dawn.

He liked Radiohead, so there you go.


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Yant wrote:

Yeah 200MB makes all the difference.

That's a few albums in mp3 or a small one in FLAC, so it's handy to have it back.

Hop_Head wrote:

Something just occurred to me, who posted the video if not Loopy?  I mean is there a genuine Loopy fan out there?  We must meet this person!

It wasn't me. I've had several people contact me over the years because of that show. It was quite popular here for around 15 years and it's how I learned how to beatmix... They always had quality guest DJs on and then I turned up...

Yes Dermo. You've finally got me sussed! It's my jealousy for an utter loon.

Band Of Horses - Funeral.


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40,000 hectare fire.

Unreal.  Somehow though, there are still people out there who deny that climate change is real.