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furry wrote:

Thanks for the re-post Strudders.......https://soundcloud.com/spacebeat1/age-o … eat-reboot smile

The download is failing for me.  Has anyone got it to work?

poirot wrote:

Your bio ? LOL

We all get it Dermo.   You don't like my posts.   The feeling is mutual.   Let's move on with life, yeah?

Glen wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

The Kaufmiester in action

They should get you to do a Boiler room Jay

That interviewer... bit agressive no? Did she smack you around in the dressing rooms Jay?

She was an idiot. She pretty much went verbatim off of my bio and had no clue about house music. Another hostess they had was much better when I had been on before when Britney Spears was on the same show (klang).

Yant wrote:

I reckon Jay is 'The Sherminator' equivalent in Canada.

Confidence is high. Repeat, confidence IS high.

That gave me a genuine chuckle. And yes, that release did quite well thanks to katakana.

Hop_Head wrote:

How come the film never saw a release?

Err, the track didn't come out.  As for why?  I suppose I'm my own worst enemy in terms of my business dealings with music.  I'd much rather create and leave the signing of my tracks to labels up to managers and the like - but you've got to be doing well for that happen and need releases out.  I've probably got 100 unreleased tracks - of which a good chunk were of release quality at the time they were written. [shrug]

The film however, is available on Netflix I'm told in various parts of the world and also on DVD.  It's nothing special and relies heavily upon some rather overzealous rave stereotypes.  It's sort of like Groove.

staygold wrote:

What's stopping you from releasing it now Jay? You can put any old shit out now digitally.

I just upped it on SoundCloud.   It's up for grabs.

Frankly, having seen the sales on some of my own releases as of late, it's pretty fucking grim even bothering to shop it around or trying to go through the hassle of doing it myself.   I'm about to do everything through Bandcamp with a pay what you will model methinks.

poirot wrote:


Nice to see you're able to do simple math, Dermo.   How's that mix getting on?

MattBlack wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

So Dominion was really the engineer behind Nigel Dawson and he only got his name on the sleeve for the craic...hmmm

Nics studio The Cable chambers was used by tons of prog acts in the 90's, Tilt, Quivver and Whoop records all made tunes there, if you look on some record sleeves from some of the big tunes of the 90's a lot of them were made in there

I didn't realise he was behind The Cable Chambers. I thought that was a Tarrantalla and Redanka business.   Baroque also recorded out of there too.   I sold a synth to Keith McDonnel and Andy Moore for their use there.   I wish I never had and then I'd still be able to make Belgian rave hoover noises with that Alpha Juno-1.

millsy23 wrote:

The level of restraint Dermo is showing here is nothing short of breathtaking.

The mods have probably banned him already in an Israel-like preemptive strike against Ham as until this dies down.

liquitech1 wrote:

So Dominion was really the engineer behind Nigel Dawson and he only got his name on the sleeve for the craic...hmmm

I was actually always under the impression Nigel produced his own stuff, but maybe Nic was his Barry Jamieson/Charlie May.

jamie wrote:

fair play to you Jay - congrats on getting a track in a film

Living here has clearly softened your Englishness, Jamie! If you've stopped whinging altogether you're due to renounce your UK passport. wink

But thanks!

At the very least I'd have expected Yant to bang on about his customised chartreuse Nike Air Max's with his name on them... Or Nick to talk about his collection of shirts so loud that looking at them causes most people to go deaf, but instead I get nada.   You disappoint me Bedrock!

Yant wrote:

You're an absolute weapon, Loopy.

At least that can be used to cause some damage, eh Jason?

Fuck humility! Celebrate your accomplishments!

Unbroken1 wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

...a track I'd totally forgotten about...

...since the last time you posted that clip on here you mean?

Had I?   It just goes to show you how short my memory is then!

This for once, isn't all about me. It's the 'toot your own horn' thread.

And HH, the English are some of the most smug and condescending bastards I know. Not even Yanks can top them. I reckon it's why I generally get on with Brits. wink

That's why I figured this thread would have legs...

House Harkonnen wrote:

Would be great if he is, talented guy for sure.  His Dominion stuff spanked ass ...

I meant Nic Britton. As far as I'm aware he was always the main engineer for Tilt.

As for Nigel Dawson, last I spoke to him about four years ago, he was working for Plastic - the site Fantastic Plastic had morphed into 'hawking DJ gear to a bunch of suckers'. He'd long since laid down his headphones and had a family.   He told me his studio sat dark and was taking up an extra room in his house that was likely going to another child. It didn't sound promising - although he said he'd played a few classics nights but didn't want to get stuck in that mould.

Ian Ossia is very much still rocking it and also is an app developer. I wish he'd start producing again though. He frequently does gigs with Lee Softly since they're both Leeds lads.

House Harkonnen wrote:

Nigel Dawson was superb in his day - he'd reliably bang it out at the cross ... the prog house sound of Whoop! was amazing from 96-98 or so.  11 Hours was his last good one as I remember ... there was something under the name Osiris he did, but with a different engineer - the original engineer he used (Nic Britton) became a heroin addict.  It was all downhill from there sadly.

I think he's back doing stuff as Tilt with Mick Parks if I'm not mistaken?

I got a random Facebook message a few weeks ago about a track I'd totally forgotten about that I produced years ago called 'ARP'.  It just so happens it was placed in a movie called Rolling, but the track never got a physical release:

Me aul mucka Kazell just happened to be music supervisor for the film.  I nearly fell over when I saw the above scene.  He wouldn't tell me where he placed the two tracks he licensed and it happens to be the peak of the movie.  It still gives me shivers seeing that and sets my ego to 'stun'.

Your turn for what gives your ego morning wood...

Dan Harwood wrote:

He's actually been doing that for years. Proper House head too.

I thought he was more known as a hip hop and R&B producer/DJ?


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You're all a bunch of peasants.


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For now I'm a premium member of both. Mixcloud is usually an afterthought for me because of the lack of download functionality.


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Is this thread Stilton going?

fletcher wrote:
roberto wrote:

seems to me like you can vote for the ones that fucked the arse out of the economy or the ones that, whisper it, have fixed it.

Pretty much this.
Life has been alright round these parts for the last 5 years, so I'll probably stick with voting for what has been working.

And yes, this is Tory heartland, full of rich twits in big houses. But let's be fair to them, rich people do spend money and it does filter down to the rest of the locale. If they can just close a few of the offshore accounts, I'm pretty sure we can have this country fixed in time for Polo at the weekend.

Don't forget the weekly fox hunt.  I'll be damned if it's banned.


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Just a sure sign we're getting ripe with age.


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This thread is up to no gouda.


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jules72 wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Murphy has gone on to producing Arcade Fire and setting up Despacio. Living the dream!

Despacio sound pretty interesting - theyre at Lovebox this summer... Might have to give it a try.

My sister's boyfriend went to the one they had on at Sonar in Barcelona and said it was immense.