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dutchy101 wrote:

Is Kung-Fu a real martial art? Always assumed it was a Sepo term for Karate.

Karate = Japanese.  Kung-fu = Chinese.

Similar, but inherently different.

munkyn wrote:

yep...mixes all deleted...account removed...move over hearthis

You can use the JustGo social app to migrate them too.

I had them once tell me that their 'content protection system' or whatever it's called had detected that I was using Jay Kaufman - Foreshadows in a mix and that they were claiming copyright on behalf of the label.  I own the bloody tune and was the author, but they wouldn't take it down until I had the label tell them they were out to lunch!


Frankly, the way I see they get around this is to only issue these to people who are offering up downloads.  Streaming should be fine and as long as they pay GEMA the rights to do so, should be a non-issue.

The problem lies in the fact that the majors have seriously suffered at the hands of technology and it's wondrous ways to 'democratize' music and put the content control back into the hands of the people.  The problem with that is that no one gets paid anymore, so the majors are going after every possible revenue stream they see fit and sending their lawyers into the mix.  It's a lost battle, but each time they succeed that's just extra cash they wouldn't have had otherwise.  They wouldn't do it if it weren't profitable.

As an artist, the amount of money that streaming services pay is terrible when you consider that these companies take subscription fees and the like.  The system is broken, but the fix is nowhere to be found.  Everyone is chomping at the bit for a smaller piece of the pie.   

All I know is that I've sure as fuck given up on trying to expect money out of making a track and selling it.  That's not even a viable option to the seasoned mainstream artist.


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I had a brief flirtation with the dark arts when I was around 12/13 and was pretty heavily into it for a couple of years.  I probably watched too many dodgy Hong Kong kung-fu flicks as my inspiration. 

With that said, my uncle was just shy of earning his black belt in kung-fu when he was in high school, when some 'wise' kids got wind that he was quite an accomplished martial artist.  They decided to jump him on the way home from school from behind a hedge row and 'surprise him'.  The end result was not pretty.  He put the pair of them in the hospital and promptly gave up on kung-fu after that.


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erik.b wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Flares has brought much to the board.

people listened to communicate again for the first time in a decade

i'll admit to that actually... thought it sounded a bit dated tbh

some of the tracks on it are terrible.... the drugs must have been good back then

Trisco - Muzak is still an absolute belter of a tune though.  Works every time even all of these years later.


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Lando Calrission endorsing Colt 45 malt liquor - an inexpensive and terrible tasting concoction made from the dregs of actual beer brewing that gets you royally wasted and is popular with poor people in the US due it's cost:

I don't think the UK has an equivalent?

This is a fantastic album I've recently discovered.  It can be heard in full via Soundcloud:



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chromosome_junction wrote:

Religion is what stops more wars. Before religion, there was only war.

Eh?  Did you mean 'starts' instead of 'stops'?


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303 abuser wrote:

the fact is that none of this will ever be resolved until people stop believing in fairy tales.  as socially complex as the problems may be, religion is the root.

Always one of the major causes of war, that.  Nationalism too.


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chromosome_junction wrote:

Why didn't the fight end years ago, in that case? Because Goliath doesn't really want to fight perhaps?

Shall I start counting off the wars and incursions into other territories?  Israel has hardly ever been shy to go to war.  They are the most heavily armed nation per capita on this planet.  Everyone outside of Israeli Arabs are a part of the IDF at some point in their lives, and you run the risk (no matter how unlikely) of being called out of reserves should the country see fit at nearly any moment. 

I get the mentality.... Lets get them before they get us.  I just don't agree with it.

erik.b wrote:

my old man started off on a few pints a day, ended up on 2+ bottles of vodka a day for 10 years.

buried him 2 weeks ago.

i now rarely drink.

My condolences Erik.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Scum who should be paraded at the Hague.

I`m not sure I`d go that far, but he`s certainly a mouthpiece for inaccuracy from what I`ve seen.  He`s not the one actually committing these acts, he`s the one pushing the propaganda war and providing the media spin on things.  The media here in Canada have been about as neutral as you can be without indicting anyone, but the tone is most certainly becoming more and more `pro-Gaza`and pointing out how gruesome these attacks are.

The thing that bothers me about the IDF`s current tactics is that these people are penned in with nowhere to go.  Gaza is a strip of land that`s 362 km squared, with over 1.8 million people living in it.  There are very few places in Gaza where people don`t live and it`s effectively blockaded by both Israel and Egypt.  Palestinians don`t typically hold passports unless they`re an Israeli citizen (of which most aren`t in Gaza since they`re nation-less), so their ability to travel out of the area is controlled.  They have no where to go.  So when the IDF drops leaflets stating that they`re going to shell or raize an area and tell the local population to get out, they are still condemning them to death because there isn`t anywhere safe to go.  Hamas are scummy enough that they do use people as human shields, so that only further complicates the issue.

If Israel or Egypt were willing to have a mass influx of refugees inside their borders (which Gaza effectively became) and administer to that zone without prejudice, we might have a different story on our hands.  Instead Israel builds fences and things to pen these people in, isolating them further and further alienating them.   If they worked harder at integrating these people into regular society, perhaps things would change.

The sad thing is that this isn`t all of Israel who supports this thought process.  There is a very vocal and powerful conservative Jewish population in Israel that drive these policies because of their interpretations of the Torah. 

Hamas are fighting Goliath, but Goliath is better armed, better equipped, have more money and are equally driven by political and religious idealism that`s well funded by the West.  This is a no win situation until you take away the arms and ideology and actually start working on solutions instead of accusations and fear mongering.


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millsy23 wrote:

I still reckon you've got a legitimate rights violation against that Aoki sham for using a trampoline Jase.

I think we've got a better chance of sending him to The Hague on charges of war crimes or human rights abuses.   The trampoline theiving shtick idea has no spring left.


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dutchy101 wrote:

LOL! That's brilliant!

I took some artistic license in that reply for comedic effect.   He lived in Hamilton which is about 45 minutes away from where I was living at the time.  As such, since it was for his school project on learning the use of Adobe After Effects, he technically did it for free but it cost me the gas money to drive there and back twice... not to mention the shame of having it forever associated to my name.

But hey, at least the birds in it were fit!


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liquitech1 wrote:

Was it Peter Lerner? He's a vile piece of work that guy, it's a tie between him and Mark Regev for the title of 'slimiest rat bastard'..

That would be the fella.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Appearance fee in 'that' music video?

He charged me.  The cunt.


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Big Fella wrote:

What was your biggest earner Loopy?

Not worth enough to brag, but good enough to make a living out of it for a while. smile  Again, it varied on venue, day of the week, capacity and the like.  The rave scene back then in the US and Canada was similar in scope to what`s going on with EDM in terms of popularity, but with more of an underground feel.  300 DJs on one bill, all with ten minute slots.  Haha.

furry wrote:

My condolences Erik.

My grandfather had a bottle of Jack a day. He drove the pumper for the the CFD(crazy). Anyway..descended into heavier daily use. Poor man died young. Be careful people.

The love of drink runs in my family as well.  Luckily no recent generation has had their lives shortened as a result, but there have certainly been other forms of casualties. 

When my mum`s side of the family (the Wunder`s) gets together, it`s always a good ole fashioned besäufnis (piss-up).


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This Lt. Colonol for the IDF that`s got a snarky English accent and is doing all of their PR for them comes across as a complete smug snot.

”They lobbed a rocket at us, missed and it hit an olive tree in Israeli territory.  This is completely unacceptable behaviour.  We lobbed a missle at a UN sanctuary zone (again) and killed 16 kids.  The IDF doesn`t intentionally do this, but we will not bow to international pressure to protect our territory (from wildly inaccurate rocket strikes).”

What an utter cunt.

Speaking of cunts, after this happened yesterday our PM, Stephen Harper, got up in front of the Canadian national media and actually had the audacity to defend the Israeli stance.  Obscene!


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I`ve never managed to pocket the numbers mentioned here, but back in the late 90s I had a pretty decent run of getting paid well to DJ and behave poorly.  Now I just behave poorly.

Frankly, if people are willing to pay it, take it.  The hot DJ this year could be as popular as butterfly collars next year, so  you may as well rake it in while you can so you can set up your retirement fund.  Mind you, some of these EDM lads are taking the piss.  But then again, people are willing to pay it...

Amps wrote:

I don't need gear to do that.

Likewise, so you can only imagine when I combine the two. wink

Don't drink too much these days, although over the past few weeks I've been out to see Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo, a wedding and spent time with my missus and her best mate, so getting pissed was in order.

Generally-speaking I'll usually have a pint or three after footie on Mondays at my local - which is a dangerous local due to it being just ten strides away.  Outside of that, I'll maybe have four bottles over the course of the week and maybe a glass or two of white zinfandel.


one of the many nuances with the chisel is that you can drink and drink  and drink and have the capacity of geoff capes . its when you stop, thats the problem.

boredom and then something to replace it with.

One of it's 'charms', as it were.  You can drink and drink and turn into even a bigger cunt than you were from doing enough chang to hire out a Chinese restaurant, except you're also pissed too.  Quality combo that quickly separates the cunts from normal people.

"Did I tell you about myself by the way?  DID I?!  No?!  Lets talk about meeeeee some more!"

millsy23 wrote:

Think we should all just hit the theatre.

As long as it's done by 9 Millsy.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Surely you don't know those guys as well, Jay. Did you ever get the pointy finger from the booth, from any DJ?

Mike's from Kitchener originally, so I know him well enough.  Jeremy is someone I used to book frequently as well, so again well enough.

Good DJs and producers that are worth checking out if you haven't heard of them. smile

Unbroken1 wrote:

..can you fucking imagine what that must be like loopy, eh?

No bloody clue what that's like.  Dance like no one's watching Damo.  Dance like no one's watching...