erik.b wrote:

managing his music career, what chopping his lines and holding him up when he's hammered?

Well he does have a reputation to uphold after all!

Rave Lizard wrote:

Loopy on top of the problem, as usual. Not a fucking clue. Sasha spends his working weeks away from Mrs Coe. He has more opportunities to take more drugs, bang more quim than most bedrockers will get in a lifetime.

Cause you know, taking drugs has never encouraged artsy types to be inspired.

I also suspect you've never dealt with the wrath of a woman after coming home from being on tour and her asking what you did, whilst she tended to two screaming kids.   "Oh you know, I necked a bunch of Es, played a few tunes, after partied with fit birds half my age throwing themselves at my balding middle-aged self begging to be shagged, slept briefly in a closet with my underwear on my head and snorted the powder form of Peru's annual GDP.". That tends to go down quite well with your missus.

I know a few DJ types who've behaved as such and ended up paying child support and very single or with a fit bird who's half their age that now serves as arm candy that have an IQ of 50.

The other less sarcastic comment I can make is that being older, the road takes more of a toll on your body. I don't know how guys like Nick Warren, Carl Cox, François K, etc. do it week in and week out and keep sane. The road is a right old unforgiving bastard.


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After looking into this a bit more, I'm convinced these guys are your standard 'I've been wronged by the opposite sex, therefore I'm going to forever carry a chip on my shoulder and find excuses to perpetuate that belief' types that exist the world over for both sexes. These guys just sound like dickheads and are perpetuating gender stereotypes to the nth degree. Good luck getting laid with attitudes such as these!


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I want to execute this guy for the cadence of his speaking voice in the vid above.

He's trying to sound smart.  He's not.

smallman1 wrote:

One of the more senior members would have been there surely?

My hard earned is on Dermo.

I'm surprised you weren't Eduardo?

poirot wrote:

Incidentally just to shoehorn a speaker recommendation in there, a friend of mine has a pair of floor standing Tannoy Revolutions and its like being in a cinema or nightclub. Immense.

Cripes.  I've quoted you twice in one thread.  What is this world coming to?

Anyway, a lot of the older Tannoy consumer model speakers are pretty fantastic if you can find them.  The problem however, is that most of the audio world has them sussed and has driven their resale value up.  If you find a pair for a reasonable rate, scoop them up.  Tannoy's speaker designs are some of the best in the world. 

Personally speaking, I'd look at some of the higher end consumer model manufacturers of loudspeakers like say, B&W.  I'm not saying them specifically, but I'm using them as a name that's one of the better known.  Speaker sizes have decreased a lot over the years but still manage to pack quite the wallop.  Monitors aren't really meant to do the job you guys seem to be seeking.  There's nothing wrong with having a good set of 'listening' (versus studio) speakers colour the sound when that's what you'd expect to hear elsewhere for the purpose of DJing.

I have nearfield monitors (nothing fancy with the original unpowered Tannoy Reveals) and a pair of customized cabinet speakers that are meant for living room listening to add some proper 12" subs to my mixdowns.  Needless to say, it can get very fucking loud but the Reveals make shit DJ monitors.

poirot wrote:

I can only imagine what your neighbours think of you Zackster. (and your music)

That's what you call that racket?

zackster wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Anyway, can't wait to get an invitation to my first gay wedding, I bet it'll be fabulous.

i've only been to one gay wedding, but it was among the best weddings i've attended. removing a diva cunt bride from the affair alleviates all potential drama and hysterics.

Because y'know, gay people aren't known for drama and hysterics!

(I'm stereotyping of course)

Here's the problem.

Sasha is a family man now.  I reckon he probably doesn't get off his box often enough to become as creative as he used to be.  Do you hear stories about him showing up at a club dribbling out of the side of his mouth, being barely able to stand, yet still managing to knock out a perfect set? 

It comes down to the lack of drugs in his life and down him now changing nappies instead.

You heard it hear first.

For fuck's sake... Three pages of middle aged men talking about a DJ from their yout'.


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Like I said, Calgary is a great place to get out of and explore what's nearby - like Banff.


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Nice spot Matt.  Framewerk is one half Alec Millner of Capital Heaven fame for those devoted prog heads on here.

zackster wrote:

i will say i do like the volca beats with my 606 (an actual garage sale style synth bf). they go great together, all four toms, the vocal kick and clap, along side the 606 cymbals makes for creative live programming.

No doubt you put it all through a distortion pedal or something similar and it still comes out sounding like a racket. wink

zackster wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

The Volcas are fun. I like the Beats one the best.

really???? i have the beats, and i'm not overly fond of it. the voice volumes are all over the place, and the snare and hats go to shit when you adjust the "grain" and "snappy" knobs. its not the worst thing ever, and defo has some merit (like that beast 808 kick and cool toms, claves, and claps), but that said i'd still gladly trade it for the volca sample.

The voice volumes are a bit wonky, but consider the price.   I forgot how much I enjoyed sequencer styled drum programming. There are hacks out there for the Beats if you're crafty with a soldering iron BTW.   Multiple outs, MIDI In and a 'fix' for the distorted snare.

sylvianorth wrote:

Loopy, get much success chaining the volca to the MS20? I'd imagine they'd play quite well with each other, that filter is fairly unique imo

To be honest, I haven't tried but it wouldn't be that hard.   There's a port for putting things through the filter if you wish.   

The Volcas are fun. I like the Beats one the best.   The other two are okay, but great for instant jamming satisfaction.


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smashdad wrote:

Surprise, surprise - turns out that the vast majority of the £millions that Spotify is paying out never leaves the record label bank accounts.  Artists moaning about streaming pay rates need to ask their rights-holders, i.e. their label, how much the label has received... … y-contract

They still pay poorly.

BedRob wrote:

Looks like Bletchley Park.

I wish it looked more like the BBC Radiphonic Workshop, but Bletchley is equally as cool.

Big Fella wrote:

Wonder if Loopy has any recent/up to date gear, all that stuff looks like a garage sale.

All of it is less than two years old and your lack of synth knowledge is showing greatly here.

Here's a little corner of my studio:


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snowstorm wrote:

yeah, the smog is that bad where you are.

i forgot

I assume you meant the smoked meat and poutine smog that blows west from Quebec?


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snowstorm wrote:

plus we have banned loopy so that is an added bonus

Pfft.   As if I'd want to hang out with a bunch of old world French speaking separatists who smoke like chimneys.  Tabernacle! Corlisse!

There is no need to see the rest of this great country when you come from Ontario. It's an exercise in futility.


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smallman1 wrote:

Go to America DuFunk.

That's your first mistake.

To be honest, the best thing about Calgary is what's outside of it.   It's a great place to get the fuck out of and explore the Rocky Mountains that surround it... Maybe battle a mountain goat or two and do some grizzly bear wrastlin'.   Tourists always seem to want to pet the things anyway, but never oddly enough end up being able to talk about it afterwards.


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DuFunk wrote:

Is there no Chinook wind in Edmonton? Heading to Calgary in mid September for 2 weeks what will the weather be like? Also is there any kind of club scene?

They wear cowboy hats there and you're asking if there's a club scene... You'll be missing the biggest festival in Alberta with the Calgary Stampede.


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Beijing Dave wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Nowadays I only double drop just before I read Loopy's posts.

That's my current Saturday night in, double drop and pm the Loopmeister.

That might explain why I've stopped checking my PMs then.

millsy23 wrote:

has he mentioned his many, many Irish friends yet?

Nope. Don't know anyone who's Irish off the top of my head other than the lads on here like Comer.

liquitech1 wrote:

let me make it clearer for you then son, I wont be listening to this in the car with the mother in law but if I was on the dancefloor of some club and it got dropped I think it would sound fine whether you, Sasha, Loopdokter or Scooter was behind the production... #peace

I'd like to think the stuff I produce is more interesting than this.

There, I said it. By no means do I think I'm Sasha BTW.