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stylustrouble wrote:

Vice Magazine always has been a reprehensible publication/website.

I disagree.  They've always been rather raw and nervy, but they do have a certain amount of moral compass to them.  Frankly, they report on a lot of stuff the 'mainstream' (not in a #teamtruth kind of way) news outlets do not or at the very least, sugar coat.


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smashdad wrote:

Got my 1200 Mk1s second hand in '92 - geezer had had them from new in '88 - if they're not the single best thing I ever bought then I don't know what is - rock fucking solid and give every impression they still will be in another 25 years.  Amazing really...

Back in the days when a lot of clubs didn't supply their own decks (kind of like now if you play vinyl, come to think of it), I'd cart mine around with me to gigs.  At one particular gig I threw, this girl was completely wasted and was trying to make a request.  She completely misjudged the height of the step up into the DJ booth as she was trying to step up.  In the process, she caught the tonearm on the left deck with her shirt and took it with her as she drunkenly tumbled into the booth - ripping it clean off in the process as it skated across the record like Toller Cranston.  I had to finish off the night playing with one deck and swapping on tunes as quickly as possible.  A memorable moment to say the least!

Anyway, she ended up being underage and I was smart enough to threaten to get the fuzz involved, so I was able to get her phone number and have her parents cough up for the repair.  That was in the mid-1990s and I haven't had to do anything with them since outside of some soldering on a dying RCA cable. [edit] I only grabbed her number for getting the repair done, you sick fucks! [/edit]

Any deck that can play nearly sideways or that you can do handstands on (a la DJ David from Germany via DMC competition) is one tough bastard.  Nothing I've ever touched even comes close to durability or feel.  There's a reason they're the standard and I believe everything will be judged against.

I never caught onto the whole CD thing.  CDJs don't interest me whatsoever because basically, they're trying to mimic Technics 1200s/1210s and in my opinion, don't even come close.


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He also did a couple of Fade Records mixes that were quite good and another one that was US-only called 'Trance America' that was fantastic. He got me into the Capital Heaven label at the time - who are now back releasing stuff.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

But I did invest in an AirPort Extreme

Just the fact that they name their products something like that deserves for them to be drawn and quartered.


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Skydney wrote:

Keen to have a demo on these when they come out. I sold my 1210's 5 years ago because I was skint. Terrible decision upon reflection.

That's the one skint decision I've thankfully never made.  I sold off a TB-303, a mint condition blue Roland SH-101, etc., but my decks have always and will always remain.  I've had mine for over 25 years.


Clarissssssssssssssssssse. [shudders]


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Although I wasn't a Balance Promote Group pool member back in the day, he'd always go out of his way to send me any of the extras promos they had - and that was without my blagging too. [klang]

As far as 'prog' DJs go, he's certainly one of the first and his involvement in the Gainsville/Orlando, Florida scenes was certainly key in bringing the progressive house sound to North America as a whole.   New York was all David Morales type house at the time and he helped influence and change that - to the point of actually moving to NYC and playing frequently at Twilo. There's a reason Uncle John frequently asks him to open for him when touring North America.


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MarcusGraham wrote:

Just have to say what a decent guy!
I've just recieved an exclusive two hour mix of tripped-out Balearic classics and special re-edits for my Just Add Sunshine series... The effort he's put in is way beyond my expectations!
I'll share it before the weekend, I just need to get it jingled up.

One of the nicest guys in dance music full stop.

rabbitweed wrote:

Sad times.... have been a member since day one, though I rarely post anymore but I do read regularly. sad

A girl just posted!



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drwho13 wrote:

all respect to charles bradley and sharon jones but stevie wonder is in another class

They don't quite have the output he's had.  My point was that there's good soul music still being made and to be discovered since someone was complaining about 'the lack of good black music about'.


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Big Fella wrote:

Did he get his money back Jase?

I believe she Mummy Mau5 threatened all sorts of ill-thought out things while ranting on their doorstep, so yes.

munkyn wrote:

Prefer to start afresh..happy to.work with bedrock techies on this...website name, server setup, db build and migration

As previously mentioned, my hosting package is pretty decent, so I'd be happy to assist.  I'm not a web admin though...

snowstorm wrote:

There is always Herf's Cigar Board

I'm surprised it's still going and that all of it's users haven't died yet from lung cancer.

A true breakup tune if there ever was one:


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Ben Wand wrote:

Last of the greats. When he goes black music is well and truly fucked. Who's left? Is Curtis Mayfield still alive?

Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and a few others like them have sort of made a resurgence in soul music that's actually quite good.


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MattBlack wrote:

Its Jay Kaufman

The closest I have to that is that he pulled a bit of a dodgy move with a couple of my mates when he was still a bedroom producer living with his mum in St. Catharines.  Said friends of mine sold him a synth in person.  I think it was a Korg W5 or something like that.  Anyway, two weeks later he decided he didn't like the synth and came to get his money back.  Of course my friends told him to stick it and that he'd have to pawn it off himself, so the cheeky bastard comes back two hours later with his mum in tow demanding they refund the money to her poor son because it didn't have the sounds he wanted.

Bill Hamel is still too busy having lunch with BT to be bothered with you minions.


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Presto wrote:

£50 for the CD5 version. As much as I love Underworld, are they having a giraffe?

Might get the vinyl.

I'm a part of the zoo, unfortunately.  I went all in on all accounts.  I pretty much own everything they've ever done - even their 1980s New Romatic rock band phase. sad


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Clearly he's a knob-end.

He did this mad techno bootleg that I have that's on a white label that samples The Doors and is called 'Close Your Eyes' or something along those lines. 

I caught him DJ years ago and he was fantastic.


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steelydan wrote:

Possibly a few litres of white lightening?

He's a handyman after all...


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Discogs is a wonderful thing ETC: http://www.discogs.com/artist/5537-Nuclear-Hyde


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Talk about taking the job into your own hands.  I'm just going out on a limb here, but you'd think he'd at least medicated himself...

One of the best concerts I've ever seen was Depeche Mode about five years ago - and that was out of their heyday too.  Mind you, Dave Gahan is no longer a smackhead so that probably had something to do with it.

I'm still partial the the version of Somebody they did live on their '101' album.  It reeks of pre-pubescent dances with that girl you've had a crush on for two weeks in grade 6, after you've finally worked up the nerve to ask her to dance and the song is just ending.


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Mogsy wrote:

Not mixed by John?? For real? I'm  so glad I didn't buy it now. Is there any foundation to that statement?  That John didn't mix it?

God forbid another DJ might have a go.   I can't live with myself now that I know John didn't mix it.  I'm going to neck a bottle of paracetemol and jump out of my one-story window in a cry for help.