millsy23 wrote:

Can't think of a more apt place for Smalls to holiday in than Regello. Maybe Regina?

Haha.  Worthy of a chuckle.  Surprising you'd know where that was Millsy.  I barely fucking know where it is.  I guess you passed your A Levels Geography course, huh?

Dave famously pairs them with this snazzy shirt...

You know, because as a foreigner in China he doesn't already stand out enough.

Yant wrote:

Fucking hell, then!



Just to clarify, Beijing Dave bought these whoppers:

They look like your grey & beige trainers had a tragic meeting in between a two year old child and McDonald's infamous 'orange drink' throwing a temper tantrum.

nadia1x wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Ive got mates

No you haven't.

But you've made up various lives and friends to try to gain self-esteem online though. 

Let's see now ... you've lied about working in Eastern Bloc, being a tobacco salesman, wiring up the Shard and Leadenhall buildings as well as being a practicing accountant (with no qualifications) - and even a fashion show DJ all while purporting to being a stay-at-home husband doing a mature student degree.  At home.

Weirdly nobody has ever seen you and you've never revealed anything, including never posting a mix.  On a message board that's all about music.

Why so secretive?


This is where I come in and do my regular [klang] thing, right?  Back in/around 2002 I was selling a  rare as hens teeth mint condition blue Roland SH-101 synthesizer with the modulation grip?  Why I'll never know, because it's worth at least 1.5K now and I probably bought a bunch of shite prog house records with the proceeds.

Anyway, Danny Teneglia tried to buy it but I'd literally just sold it as I got the email.

millsy23 wrote:

They're rancid Rhouses, throw them in the canal and let's not speak of them again.

That's no way to talk about the servants Rhouses has shagged, Millsy.

BedRob wrote:

Like the top pair amps, how much did they set you back ?

Can see Jay shooting some hoops in the bottom pair

Not bloody likely.  I've never owned a pair of Jordans and never intend to either.

I reckon I'd get into Berghain... Not because I'm suave or deserving, but more likely because I'd start into one of my many stories of clubbing days of yore and boring the tits off of the doorman, so the only choice would be to let me through so as not to disturb the equilibrium of stories yet to come.

Dermatron wrote:

A perma-banned remward with mental problems who comes on here, shits everywhere, gets banned, then repeats it over and over like Rainman.

How black is that kettle, pot?

I've seen him play once in the late 1990s in Toronto - where he was quite popular for a time.  He didn't do much for me personally.  Uninspired house is how I'd label his sound at the time, but obviously a lot of other people thought otherwise.


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La Nausee wrote:

Fadas has a similar shrine to Andy Bell from Erasure. Resplendent in stone wash jeans (with turn ups) and a nipple-showing white tee-shirt with a polkadot cravat.
And Bell is dressed as a complete mincer too.

Frankly I thought he was more of a Bros kind of lad.

Frankly I see a lot of indie labels reverting to using Bandcamp because they 'get it'.


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I'm surprised Strudders managed his way out of the car park to let everyone know the big news...   With that giant parking gate and the slot for his credit card causing a massive amount of technophobic panic - when all he had was a crisp twenty pound note, a cup of lukewarm infirmary instant coffee and a cranky missus wanting to get away from the sterile confines of his local NHS hospital.   All that stress must have been something else, eh Strudders?

Congrats though!   I'm glad you made it through the gate on to the other side. I'm not sure what the NHS will think of their now sheared off parking gate and your mashed up car bonnet, but in sure it was worth it in the end?


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Even by your rather low standards that was a shit retort Dermo.


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Dermatron wrote:

I didn't even know women played fucking Rugby. Cant imagine anything worse.

I can.   It includes being in the same room as you and you opening your mouth as two main factors.


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Dermatron wrote:

Following the rise of the Canadian womens Rugby side must have been a real treat.

Let's face it, when it comes to Canada's prowess as a sporting nation, there's not much to boast about beyond ice hockey, so I'll take the small victories thank you very much!


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liquitech1 wrote:

...important to remember too, in Central & SA crime against tourists is extremely rare as the punishment can literally be death or locked up for good. They don't like banditos messing with the industry.

Michael Palin's series on Brazil is a worthy watch if you're into the culture and such.   There's a good section on Salvador.

And you're bang on the money there. Honduras - which on the mainland makes Brazil look like a poodle in terms of crime and gun violence - has their own special branch of 'tourist police' in places like Roatan so the locals don't fuck with that vital economy.


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steelydan wrote:

Rather enjoyed the women's rugby last night.

I'm disappointed the Canadian women didn't manage their way into the final and ended up with the bronze.   I've kind of been following their rise over the past couple of years.

The plus for my country was seeing our men's volleyball side hand it to the Yanks and a 16 year old 'unknown' female swimmer win a silver in the 100 metre butterfly and a bronze yesterday.   She's apparently made another final and has a chance to medal again today.

Homegrove wrote:

WOT on Firefox is a must, and has probably saved my ass several times.

I do suppose Finnish elven porn is a tad niche, eh Hannu?


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I've not been but one of my best mates is from Sao Paulo and I have several friends who lived there currently or have in the past.

They've told me it's like any other place in the world where there's poverty and crime.  You need to be aware of your surroundings, not flash about your wealth and don't carry anything on you of any worth in high traffic areas.  A lot of the crime you get in Rio towards tourists is pick pockets and similar schemes going after gringos walking around with all their wealth for everyone to see on their wrists, ears and necks.  Even some of the favelas can be safe if you keep your wits about you and go with someone who knows the area and the people in it. 

That said, some of the favelas are so dangerous even the cops stay out of them.  The drug gangs are armed to the tits.  They actually have a special police task force called BOPE that goes into these neighbourhoods and tears them the fuck up committing all sorts of dodgy/grey area tactics against the locals.  These guys don't fuck about.

Brazilians as a people are boss and the women can be spectacular.  They love a good party.  I've wanted to go there for a long time.  Caparinha will get you absolutely annihilated in a hurry for something that's so delicious.

smashdad wrote:
Grant wrote:

They were losing a lot of money even then though weren't they Kev?

I really don't know to be honest mate - but yeah, I'd guess so - they'd've spent a lot on starting up so yeah, they'd be in the hole for a while.

That link MattBlack posted is jokes (one of his better ones in fact) - $1b!? - not in a million years I'd suggest...

Sadly it's fact.  They've been trying to sell it off for a while.

It's still the premier audio service that most people resort to for music discovery.  The problem they and nearly everyone else is having, is finding a way to monetize it.

Anytime I ref or play on turf it absolutely fucking annihilates my body. Not sure what it's like in the UK, but because grass is so expensive to maintain, a lot of pitches over here are turf.  It's shit. The ball plays more like a tennis match than footy.

smallman1 wrote:

I retired in 2007.

If I hadn't I'd be rocking these though fo sure -

Can't go wrong with a decent pair of Mundial's for indoor footy or playing on turf.  I have a pair of Adidas that are electro-shock orange and yellow and are synthetic materials.  I should have gone for leather.  Won't be making that mistake again.  The colours of course, are totally fine as per Wally.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Lol. A lot of truth there. It seems that a lot of people are just getting bored, tired, fed up of the whole fucking thing. Money has ruined the beautiful game really. When that cunt Raheem Sterling is earning 190k a week you know its well and truly fucked.

I'm going to get heckled and booed out of here for saying this (so par for the course), but football leagues the world over could learn a thing or two about salary caps. It's the one thing from North American professional sports leagues that's worth emulating in the rest of the world.

No player is worth 190K per week - especially one as shit as Raheem Sterling.   That's insane.

Homegrove wrote:

Finally saw Whiplash. Fucking hell that was intense.... yikes

The Q&A portion of the DVD reveals just how much of that story was based upon the writer's actual experience in jazz drumming. Nucking futs!