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Presto wrote:

Everybody likes Jay, I thought. Always took a good ribbing on the chin (Matron!) and sends himself up often enough.

If you can't take the piss out of oneself, what right do you have to take the piss out of others?  I'm well aware I'm an absurd person.  There's plenty to laugh at. smile

It's licensing issues.  The comps have outlived the licensing rights the labels have to individual tracks.  Basically Renaissance would have to turn around and re-license the tracks from their respective copyright owners - which might be next to impossible since some of the producers have flat out stopped making music and/or 'disappeared' from the world.  Even back then labels would have only typically held the copyright for no more than 5 years or so.

stylustrouble wrote:

It's amusing seeing Mateo's (Bufi) work pop up in here.  His production has come a long way.


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nitron wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

I nearly flat out fell off my fucking chair reading that retort! Solid work, Smashy!

Showing your true colours I see Kaufman. Rather than form a constructive response to my previous in our 'origins of house' discussion, you choose to lick the arse of someone whose intellectual glass ceiling stops at calling someone a cock-womble, which is incidentally one of the lamest put-downs I've ever seen on the internet.

As you were.

There's no point debating.  You've made your mind up.  I disagree.  That's that.


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smashdad wrote:

Dictionary definition shit-cuntery.

You absolute cock-womble.

At this point, debating with Nitron has become moot, because he's clearly willing to debate that the Pope is technically Jewish because Jesus was.

With that said, I nearly flat out fell off my fucking chair reading that retort!  Solid work, Smashy!

nitron wrote:

She sort of looks how I imagine Adele would look if she lost twenty stone.

You're even more sick and twisted than I had imagined.


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zackster wrote:
Henry Rindhoops wrote:

one of Zackster's Eps has made its way into his record box.

loopy  preorders all of my releases.

Not since you sampled my voice without permission.  You'll be hearing from my lawyers.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

It's decent, you massive helmet.

Oh, hang on. It's you isn't it. The man who tries cueing in a slip mat and then scratches his head thinking that one of Zackster's Eps has made its way into his record box.

Easy there, tiger.

Perhaps travesty is the wrong word.  I don't think it flows very well even though I generally like Osgut Ton as a label.  Better?  Better.

Big Fella wrote:

Do you know Hernan personally, Matt?

One of the nicest people in the biz.  [klang]


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His Fabric mix is an absolute travesty.  A few great tracks with no amount of flow.


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Quite sad now that he's Ghandi.


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nitron wrote:

Loopy, babes, step back and get a hold of yourself. Start acting like a proper Canadian for God's sakes, you're letting the side down.

You're falling for the oldest myth in the book: Americans 'invented' house music. They didn't. They came up with the name, yes, but the genesis of the musical form is far more widespread than that. Levan and his bath house crowd were a small offshoot of the big disco club scene in which the main players were almost exclusively Latinos and Italian-Americans, but make no mistake it was disco.

If that's your argument, then we could go on forever.  Dubstep wouldn't exist without reggae and hip hop.  R&B wouldn't exist without boogie woogie.  Dance music wouldn't exist without some cave people banging about on an improvised drum...

House music in it's current incarnation comes from Chicago, Detroit and New York.  You can argue all you want otherwise.  Disco was definitely the basis for which it was founded, but house holds different identifiers to disco.  Disco isn't what outright influenced the UK Summer of Love - that was most definitely house music being imported from the good ole U S of A.  Now if you want to get really particular, the UK has always had very strong dance cultures that pre-date house music... Northern Soul being one of them.

Carry on trolling though.  That's not going work with me. [shrug]

And for what it's worth, Solomun's remix of Lana Del Ray's 'West Coast' is simply sublime:


i wish i would have been there loopy.

For the depravity alone, you'd have fit right in.

Phil Opian wrote:

He doesn't need encouragement. You could hide the word Toronto in any thread and he would find it. Like a blind pig grunting round for truffles.

Did you just say Toronto?  Boy, have I got a story for you!

jamie wrote:

I went up to a place just south of Bancroft.

Still undecided about Guv.

I am pretty sure that Coda will have him at some point in the not to distant future so I think I may hold out.

Haha.  Cool!  My cottage is just west of Bancroft near Cardiff/Harcourt on a lake called Monck Lake. smile  Beautiful area.

I've yet to check out Coda, but they do seem to have the good names coming through - in keeping with the tradition of Footwork.  I may check out Estroe tonight at Cabal.

jamie wrote:

the thing is Jay, is that I had absolutely no idea that that's what people in Canada did during the summer before I moved here. the whole decamping at the weekend thing is superb - I love cottage life. just got back from a week up north that was spent chilling with the kids, waterskiing / tubing on a lake with hardly anyone else around. big thumbs up from me.

Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish culture are very similar in that regard.  I think that's pretty common in more northern climates?

Where did you head up to get away?

And lastly, are you gonna actually go see Diggers at Guv? wink

303 abuser wrote:

for sure there are other decent places, but as a life-long edmontonian, i can tell you edmonton and calgary are crap cities.

Other than the obvious beauty of the place, Alberta is generally shit. wink  The Texas of Canada.

My condolences to you and living in Edmonton for so long.  Haha.  We probably know a few of the same people.  I know a few DJ types out there who have lived here and hated there so much, yet oddly moved back - Eddy Santini and Adam Nics.

DuFunk wrote:

Having to travel at least 8 hour drive to see a landmark or even a full day to see the coasts of canada is a major put off yes it has its beauty around alberta and vancouver and better summers than here but at least in the uk and ireland maybe england excluded you are always within one hour or two of a coast and world class natural beauty.

Say what?!

You can drive pretty much an hour or two anywhere in Canada (outside of the Prairies) and be in the wilderness near beautiful pristine lakes, mountains, beaches and so much more. 

Mind you I cannot be exactly sure that's what you're trying to say, because you've got a mouth full of marbles and type like you're a grade three spelling bee and running out of breath.

nitron wrote:

Well I never, the idea of sharing things out of the goodness of your heart. Who ever heard of anything so preposterous.

It'll never catch on.

When can we go in business together?!  I can't wait!

Grant wrote:

How do you expect them to make money Loopy?  Clearly, not enough people are paying for the premium service and they are losing money - have you got any other options for them?

I don't have a fix to the problem they're experiencing.  Everyone involved in music these days is trying to scrape the scraps of crumbs of profit from a decimated industry.  Honestly, I don't think there's one solution to that problem.  It doesn't surprise me that ads are coming.  Clearly they need to generate more revenue.

The risk however, is alienating your users in the process of trying to grow monetization.  Companies, especially tech-based ones, can go dark pretty quickly when they don't approach it the 'right' (whatever that way may be) way.

Presto wrote:

HearThis can be the next Facebook of music?

Oh.... yippee..... what a lovely thought.


I meant in terms of popularity and trumping their competition.  Facebook became popular because it did things better than the other social networks out there.  Whether or not you like how they did those things is moot.


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Grant wrote:

Next you'll be telling us that Techno wasn't invented in East London.

It was his 'being an American' comment that set me off.  Believe or not, the English can come across as a bit pompous when it comes to music they've taken from America, re-packaged and become more successful at creating entire sub-cultures surrounding that music.

Just because someone is from a certain place doesn't mean they're clueless.  That's a ridiculous statement to make.


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Presto wrote:

So what we saying here, Jay? Puff Daddy = good bloke, yeah?

I have no clue to be honest.


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nitron wrote:

The ONLY reason he's worked with Gerber is because of the EDM explosion - he's chosen Guy to distance himself from the cheeseboard crew and because he wants to break somebody less well known and, you guessed it, take all the credit for being 'visionary'. Twat.

I think you're partially right, but I also do genuinely believe he has a love for the music too.  I've heard him talk about it in various interviews.

Sometimes I find the attitudes of the UK to be amusing when it comes to house music.  It's as though you created the genre.  A lot of Brits often forget that house came out of the US.  It was black music that became appropriated by Brits visiting largely black (and gay) venues like the Paradise Garage in the 1980s.  If you go to Chicago to the annual Chosen Few Picnic, it's largely black people (of a certain age, mind you) attending.  The producers and DJs are largely black as well.  Even in the 1980s Todd Terry was doing hip hop alongside house music and there was the whole hip house movement with groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Brothers actively making house tracks.  Garage owes it's roots to soul music and disco.  The list goes on.  The first wave of travelling DJs were largely American coming over to the UK, not the other way around.

Puffy is old enough to have lived through that first wave of house and hip hop genre-mating, so I dare say it's not a stretch for it to be feasible that he does genuinely love the music.  For what it's worth, one of the places I 'bumped' into Combs was at Bed for Danny Howells' night - where he danced the whole night away.  He was there to dance and have a good time, not to be seen. 

Sure, he's a businessman and a smart one at that.  But I doubt he's trying to gain any credibility here by teaming up with Gerber.  He's already made his millions and there's no need to make more off an album that's realistically going to sell nothing anyway, because most people haven't the foggiest who Gerber is compared to Combs.  I imagine that's part of the reason it's been released for free.  Gerber has more to gain from this collaboration than Combs.

As for what Gerber has to do with the whole 'EDM explosion' as you put it, I'm totally dumbfounded?  He's nothing like the stuff that guys like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Guetta, etc. are pushing.  I mean fuck, Gerber puts out records on Cocoon.

Your argument is dead to me.