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Some interesting points from our friend on The Trews:


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smallman1 wrote:

Think the last 48 hours has proved that not only is Canada not one of the best places to live, it's one of the more dangerous.

The media and Stephen Harper and his croonies would have you believe that, but crime has been consistently going down in this country for over a decade.


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303 abuser wrote:

this is the excuse that harper has been waiting for.  welcome to american-style increased mass surveillance and privacy invasions.  you basically have a poorly planned act by a single person with no real affiliation to any group and it's being called a terrorist plot by the media.

Wait, you live in Alberta right?  I thought all Albertans were gun-toting Harper supporters?  What's going on here?!  I'm surprised they haven't thrown you to the wolves yet with opinions like that.

You're absolutely right though.  After watching some of the news that's come out today, it's sounding more and more like this guy was just a whackjob with mental issues than someone doing something completely coherent.  Of course the party in power isn't spinning it that way.  It's appearing as though his ISIS connections, if there were any, were slim to none.  He was a lone wolf.

It's still shocking.  Video has been released of him charging down the front lawn of Parliament and it apparently took him 90 seconds to reach the doors of Parliament.  That's a long time to try and put a stop to a guy running down the road with gun - especially when it's security footage that they've released.

I feel like the RCMP weren't doing their jobs.


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Do you allow her cane to be by the bedside, or do you take it home with you so she has an excuse for you to come 'round again?


we have much in common you and i..

only you go to better parties

If you consider having a massive row with your missus about talking about going out, 'cause the last time you did, it ended in you shoving a bunch of Bolivia's finest marching material up your septum, all whilst highly annoying Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo while they DJed (double klang), then lying about being 'totally fine' when you arrived home at 5 PM the next afternoon after having shagged a one-legged midget who may or may not have been female, then yes we have much in common.

Strangely, I haven't gone out since and cry myself to sleep every night - if I sleep at all.


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Grant wrote:

Teamtruth will start with the lack of number plates.  Menezes stole them in 2005, just days before he spotted Jesus H Christ planting bombs on tube tracks in Stockwell.

Custom plates no doubt, that read 111m1nat1.

Passport?  Why would I require such a thing?  That would imply I might want to travel outside of the greatest place on earth.  Have I told you all about Canada yet?

In all seriousness, mine has gone from looking like a skeletal surprised and skinny skaghead, to a fat and frowning skaghead with no chin whose 3 wives have left him after the bender he was on and is still on for the last 13 years.  It's a wonder I get stopped at the border every time.  I personally don't see why.

Thank fuck for 10 year passports now.


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Millsy, I'll ghost write you a custom-made drop sampled from me and my successful trampoline bouncing, mixed in with a snare roll that will have you running out of breath it's so long and sick, bro.  I have to forewarn you though, the rave stabs are gonna be extra ca$h bro, but they'll be totally worth it.  I guarantee you'll see Beatport Top 500 if you buy now, bro!  I'll make your electronic dance music EXTREME DANCE MUSIC!

Vi, recounting later in the Daily Mail: "He was always a nice young fella.  He'd come 'round at least once a week to say hi and check in.  After Charlie passed - I don't have much family y'see - he was all there was left.  Sure, there was a couple of quid missing from my wallet each time he dropped by, but he assured me it was going to charity that benefited underprivileged children in Essex.  He never once mentioned his cavorting with drugs and alcohol.  He wasn't that man anymore anyway.  Now he's going to spend the rest of his life in HMP Belmarsh to live out his remaining years.   I just don't understand!  He was so kind and such a dear!"


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Did she wake up in good spirits, or were they bad spirits?


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dutchy101 wrote:

Ahad's alarm has just gone off....

Oh I'm sure #teamtruth would love to say it was allowed to happen to instill wider sweeping legislation (which ironically was actually going to be tabled in the House of Commons yesterday) that will further revoke our Charter Rights and Freedoms, along with justifying even more spending on false security, the war on terror and the military.

Okay, I know full well that will happen but I think those things aren't one and the same.  Our current PM thinks Thatcher was too left-leaning.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Just a guess smile

All joking aside, what ever happened to Al Qaeda and all their sleeper cells?

The thing is, you have the freedom to walk about, but eye witnesses have stated that this guy:
1.  Sped down Wellington Street, which runs right in front of the Parliament Buildings and came to a sudden halt, where he got out with a long gun.
2.  The car he was driving had no license plates.  You are not allowed to drive without them on both the front and back of a vehicle in Ontario.
3.  Shot the soldier at the National War Monument - which albeit close to the entrance of Parliament (and closer to Wellington Street), is probably about 500 metres away.  Parliament has a massive front lawn and walkway.
4.  He managed to shoot a security guard in the leg, whilst getting up to the second floor of Parliament and within mere feet of the Prime Minister and the official opposition's caucus offices - which were both in session.
5.  He was only shot dead when he happened to reload and was caught by the Parliament's Sargent-At-Arms as the SAA ran out to join the 'security' forces (which is his job) shooting at this guy.
6.  He had his passport revoked.  CSIS and the RCMP knew about him.
7.  On Monday, another attacker bowled down two people, one of whom was wearing a military uniform at a military office in suburban Montreal, leading to the eventual death of the soldier and the attacker.

So that leads me to question:
1.  How come Parliament wasn't under a heightened security level after Monday, and considering we'd been warned this might happen?
2.  How did someone driving car without plates even manage to arrive at a place crawling with so many cops and cameras that he wasn't simply stopped for being in violation of traffic laws?
3.  How did someone clearly carrying a fucking GUN get to the War Memorial on foot, let alone through and up the stairs of Parliament?  How come security was so slow to try and take him down?  What the hell happened?
4.  How was he even able to get nearby Parliament without a red flag being raised, considering he was already on a watch list of potential threats to the country?

This guy had one gun.  Reports are he was well armed in terms of ammo, but AR-15s aren't the sort of thing you come by as a citizen of this country.  It was a high powered hunting rifle.  Machine guns are banned and not easy to come by - even on the streets.


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Grant wrote:

What time have you got at your end Loopy?  Up very early, or up very late...

4:13 AM.  I'm up late.  I've been reading all night about what happened in Ottawa.  It's very disturbing.  It's a tad cliche, but this kind of shit doesn't happen in Canada.  The Brits and Yanks are used to it, but as a nation we're not.  I don't think we're naive enough to believe that it couldn't have happened here due to our recent involvement in wars abroad, but our innocence has finally been shattered. 

To see a massive police response with all of their sidearms drawn is bizarre, let alone what happened and how it happened.  Despite what I mention below, there's CCTV and RCMP (cops) everywhere on Parliament Hill.  Most cops here never draw their weapon once in their entire career; yet here there were the full brunt of national, provincial and city police agencies waving their guns (and machine guns at that) about like it was a Hollywood movie.  It's fucking surreal! 

Everyone from all over the world, including Canadian citizens have had the right to walk around Parliament Hill and inside Parliament without so much as being frisked.  I know Ottawa well and have DJed there many times and was only there recently.  It's a beautiful place.  I remember taking an American DJ and Scottish DJ to the Hill and they were amazed that we could walk around so freely.  The American commented on how it was incredible that we had that right.  Heck, there was a bunch of DJs playing music on Parliament's front lawn that day 'protesting' our involvement with NATO bombings in Serbia.  That right to move around freely at the heart of our democracy will all change because of this cowardly act. 

The soldier the shooter shot killed was guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and was unarmed.  He was 24 and not even full-time military.


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smallman1 wrote:

Glad you're safe Loopy.

One of the benefits of living in a small town is that the only terror I have to deal with is a drunken redneck threatening to glass me at the pub after identifying him as such, then realizing his inbred buddies may join in the process.


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Jim-bob wrote:

No I've been living in cave for the last two decades. Not interested in Australia.

The joke's on you then.


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http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ottawa- … -1.2808710



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mr rossi wrote:

In Canada at the mo.
Hope our very own Bedrock Canadians are safe.

There aren't any Canadian Bedrockers living in Ottawa as far as I'm aware.


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This is pretty serious shit.

There's a lot of questions being asked at the moment.  The car the shooter was driving, had no plates and apparently screeched up the street and came to a sudden halt, where the shooter-to-be got out of his car with a shotgun at the ready.  From there, he proceeded to the National War Memorial and shot an unarmed reservist army corporal standing guard.  At that point, he was STILL able to get into Parliament, through metal detectors and up to the second floor before he was shot dead by the Sargent-At-Arms, a former RCMP/Mountie.  The amazing thing is that the Sargent-At-Arms is meant to protect Parliament and he did just that, but not before the RCMP and CSIS (our CIA/MI5) were seemingly asleep at the job.

How did he get that far?!  There's cops and cameras all over that area of Ottawa.  How on earth did the car driving without license plates not get pulled over?  How did that sudden movement not draw attention?

On top of that, the shooter had recently had his passport suspended by the Canadian government was on their watch list.  All of this happens after another recent 'convert' to 'Islam' bowled over two guys in Montreal at a military office, who in turn was chased by police and then when he rolled his car, came at a cop with a knife who shot him dead.

Both the shooter and the other killer were 24 and 25 respectively and were recent 'converts' to what they interpreted to be Islam.  What the fuck is going on with this world?!

Parliament is a pretty open place.  Unlike the White House, you're able to walk around the grounds openly and freely all under the watchful eye of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  My hope is that that doesn't change and they find a way to beef up security, but not remove the right to be able to visit the heart of our democracy. 

I'm sure the #teamtruth lot will pipe in here to suggest this was done in an effort to further draw back the rights and freedoms of Canadians.


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Jim-bob wrote:

Sounds like he knows where his bread is buttered to me. There is nowhere better to be rich than in London and nowhere worse to be poor than London. I would still take it over Canada though. Full of incredibly thick people.

You're not familiar with Bry's output, are you 'Jim'?


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smallman1 wrote:

Bry loves Canada so much he lives in Holland Park.

Hearing that cuts like a knife.  Sounds a tad reckless if you ask me.

IT journeyman.


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smallman1 wrote:

This thread has put me off Canada for life.

You should ask Bry about Vancouver next time you're sat together at the Bridge.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Yeah I met a couple of lads in Australia who sounded like they were from the Clare/Galway area but they were from the east coast somewhere. Nice place to see during the summer months but I'd say it's fairly grim there during the winter..

Parts of Newfoundland are even thicker. Outside of Quebec, eastern Canada is the only place you can find a discernable accent from the rest of the average Canadian population.   Well, perhaps some of the native populations as well.   The Canadian accent is pretty homogeneous otherwise.

One of the last places I'd want to live in the winter would be there.

If quaint is your thing though...


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liquitech1 wrote:

What's the Nova Scotia area like, Loopdokter?...I've always wanted to check out that part of Canada

Beautiful and small-townish.   Cabot's Trail is a must see and do. You may find it resembles parts of coastal Ireland.   Halifax, the main city is relatively small with only 300,000 people and half a million in its metropolitan total. 

There's also parts where the accent heavily resembles an Irish one - like Cape Breton.


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GregWhelan wrote:

Spent the summer in the Toronto area (Oshawa? Loopy can confirm how close that is to the city?) in 1995, loved it but have been warned that the winters are no fun.

Ahh, the 'Shwa.  A gaping shitehole of a place occupied by a massive GM plant.  I feel your pain all the way across the Atlantic.  I think I'd rather live in nuclear waste.

It's about 30-40 minutes away from Toronto.