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Jim-bob wrote:

Sounds like he knows where his bread is buttered to me. There is nowhere better to be rich than in London and nowhere worse to be poor than London. I would still take it over Canada though. Full of incredibly thick people.

You're not familiar with Bry's output, are you 'Jim'?


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smallman1 wrote:

Bry loves Canada so much he lives in Holland Park.

Hearing that cuts like a knife.  Sounds a tad reckless if you ask me.

IT journeyman.


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smallman1 wrote:

This thread has put me off Canada for life.

You should ask Bry about Vancouver next time you're sat together at the Bridge.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Yeah I met a couple of lads in Australia who sounded like they were from the Clare/Galway area but they were from the east coast somewhere. Nice place to see during the summer months but I'd say it's fairly grim there during the winter..

Parts of Newfoundland are even thicker. Outside of Quebec, eastern Canada is the only place you can find a discernable accent from the rest of the average Canadian population.   Well, perhaps some of the native populations as well.   The Canadian accent is pretty homogeneous otherwise.

One of the last places I'd want to live in the winter would be there.

If quaint is your thing though...


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liquitech1 wrote:

What's the Nova Scotia area like, Loopdokter?...I've always wanted to check out that part of Canada

Beautiful and small-townish.   Cabot's Trail is a must see and do. You may find it resembles parts of coastal Ireland.   Halifax, the main city is relatively small with only 300,000 people and half a million in its metropolitan total. 

There's also parts where the accent heavily resembles an Irish one - like Cape Breton.


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GregWhelan wrote:

Spent the summer in the Toronto area (Oshawa? Loopy can confirm how close that is to the city?) in 1995, loved it but have been warned that the winters are no fun.

Ahh, the 'Shwa.  A gaping shitehole of a place occupied by a massive GM plant.  I feel your pain all the way across the Atlantic.  I think I'd rather live in nuclear waste.

It's about 30-40 minutes away from Toronto.


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simonr wrote:

Only one visit, but Stereo is on par with, or even ahead of fabric ... sorry smalls.

Overall imprsessed and will be back.

Guv has always been a shithole in my opinion, but it's a storied one.   People seem to love it or hate it.   I think Toronto has always had better venues than that, but for some reason Guv is well known.

I've never been to Stereo but it's definitely a clubbing institution. Everyone I know who's been can't say enough about the place.   There's also Salon, which is smaller and caters to more techno, but I've also heard great things.   Circus too.

Montreal's sketchiest areas are safe as they come.   Place D'Arts used to be the red light district and it's ten times more safe than say, Jane and Finch in Toronto.   Comparatively speaking though, even the worst parts of Winnipeg (Winnipeg is a giant wasteland and the murder capital of Canada for something like 15 years running) are safe compared to major US cities.


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mr rossi wrote:

North Americans can't handle a decent booze up.

Yanks perhaps.   What do you think we do during the cold winter months?!  All Nordic people the world over have big drinking cultures... Perhaps not in the UK pub sense, but I dare say that we like our drink.


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simonr wrote:

We couldn't get a decent drink before Stereo + didn't have the forethought to grab a bottle and mixers beforehand.

You clearly weren't looking in the right place.   Quebec allows the sale of alcohol in grocery and corner stores.   The provinces here regulate the licensing laws, not the federal government.   You should have got your feet wet in a traditional French Canadian chicoutarie.   Meat and booze... It's a French Canadian take on a pub.

For what it's worth, I like Montreal a lot more than Toronto even though they typically loathe people from Ontario.   I think it's because the history behind it (and it being a far older city) and the food culture is immense. There's a mystique about the place that I can't quite put my finger on.   For all of my teasing about French Canada, it's actually a really unique part of the world that is like a little slice of Europe in North America.   I could certainly live there.


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jamie wrote:

no such thing as a decent wine merchant here (as such) as the sale of all booze controlled by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and they sell through their own retail sites. No chance of a late night bottle of vodka from Abdul in the corner shop here or 3 slabs of lager for 20 quid from tesco's here. As impressive as their shops are (The Beer Store has a massive, massive selection of beer available), it's a ball ache for sure.

Not entirely true.   You can get the wine stores and the like in the grocery stores and malls and the like, bit they're usually vineyard owned and only carry their product... The same goes for buying directly from the breweries like Mill Street and Steamwhistle (being two of the bigger ones in T Dot).   

The LCBO is the largest importer of wine, spirits and beer in the world.   I dare say their selection is the best I've seen out of any place I've ever been.   When they don't have it on the shelves, they'll happily bring in for you provided it's within their distribution network - which is huge.   I have a mate who works for a brewery in Bath and he's been trying for years to get the LCBO to buy their stuff because of how much business it would bring in to them.

Granted, you can't get a proper drink in the city legally after 2 AM, but there's services and booze cans that circumvent that.   Our licensing laws are based upon Puritanism in Ontario and are some of the most strict in Canada.   That's my main beef.

Have you been out to Niagara yet, Jamie?   I'd strongly encourage you to go if you're a wine buff.   this time of the year is great to go.   Jump on WagJag or Groupon and grab a weekend getaway deal in Niagara-On-The-Lake and drop the kids off at the grandparents. I think you'd be impressed with some of the quality of product on display - although they tend to be better at whites than reds.


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millsy23 wrote:

The fact I would be closer to Jase is the icing on the cake.

You'd be welcome to play on my basketball team if you're half decent.   That's one thing you can find a lot of over here.

I will say about the Brits I know that have moved here is that they'd never go back.   There seems to be a general consensus amongst them that the UK has turned to shit.   I'm in no position to agree or disagree since I've never lived there, but that does seem to be a theme.   Mind you, they're mostly English and the English love to whinge as we full well know.   

The other thing that's often mentioned is that the standard of living is better over here for both themselves and their kids.   You can get more for less and have room leftover to enjoy life instead of stressing about real estate prices... Unless you live in Vancouver of course.   Then you're liable to pay out the arse.

Where does your family live Millsy? 

And yes, bossing it by the lake in the summer months is pretty special.   I know Jamie and I agree upon that one.   There's so much nature within an hour or two of driving that getting away isn't hard... And most Canadians live in the southern reaches of the country.


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jamie wrote:

cultural diversity? what a load of bollocks wink I can't find a decent curry house or kebab anywhere near me. In London there was one on every street corner (or two in most cases). buying a decent bottle of italian red is a ball ache too big_smile  there are a lot of immigrants in the city but my experience is that they don't really intergrate too much and have their own communities. Culture is pretty much no existent unless you really go and look for it and generally their sports teams have huge support but are totally shit (On comparison with being a Spurs fan IMO). It's not famous for anything apart from a great big tower that you can see from miles away that you kids can shout 'CN Tower!!!' every fucking time they see it.


The reason that Toronto is a better place to live than London (IMO) isn't anything to do with cultural diversity - I lived in some fairly decent places in England - Epsom, Canterbury, Guildford, Leicestershire and (er) Brixton so I'm pretty middle-england with a touch of 'South of the River Wanker' and I fucking love it here.

I love how I've been somewhat vindicated by your retort yet at the same time shot down!   How very English of you. wink

As for curry, you need to head to the outer suburbs mate.   You won't find a decent curry in Downtown because the South Asian populations live largely in Brampton (AKA Bramledesh) or Mississauga.

In some ways I agree with you about the way Toronto is diverse.   There are massive self-contained ethnic communities that have lived there for over 100 years and have people within them that have never found a need to learn English or French (mind you who would want to learn French?).   I think a lot of the immigration London has experienced was from colonies, where English was forced as the language of getting anything done.    The Canadian way isn't like that... We will speak in whatever language that person uses to accommodate them.   It's just a different mentality.   Neither one is right or wrong.

Speaking of Edmonton/Calgary, the Canadian model of multiculturalism has become an issue due to the fact that these cities have bred Canadian citizens that are fighting for ISIS.   

And Jamie, just sort yourself out with BBC Canada and Netflix and you'll get most of what you want.   Canadian content is generally shit, but I'd still take what we get over the Yanks.   Their TV is just a constant shouting match.

My main complaint about the footy is that GolTV doesn't broadcast in HD, which is a royal pain when they own the Bundesliga rights and I'm a Bayern fan.


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And for fuck's sake, I'm surprised Berlin hasn't received a mention.  Cheap rent, great music and arts scene and enough people speaking the Queens to keep all and sundry happy... Except it's full of zee Germans - of whom I quite like but many of the English seem to not.


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DuFunk wrote:

Toronto is famous for fuck all as with many canadian cities apart from snow sports!  I'm not the biggest fan of london but when it comes to culture, architecture, social scenes, music, film, creative arts you will struggle to beat it.  Ireland kicks well above it weight in those too.

Didn't you once openly admit to me that you've never been and were stuck in Calgary/Edmonton?


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steelydan wrote:

I've been to Canada. Nothing to write home about tbh. I
Thought the Rockies were impressive, and Montana was fun, but that's it.

Montana is in Canada?  News to me since I've been there as well and they all wanted to kill me...  Mind you, that seems to happen wherever I go.

I love how this has turned into the 'slag Canada' thread.  Haha.

He's making money off of royalties from radio play and the like, but a number one single isn't even close to the number of sales one had to have say, 10 years ago.  It's a far cry more than your average underground producer, but even to have a Beatport Top 50 track is a surprisingly low number of units.

Banking on music sales these days is not a wise thing.


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Big Fella wrote:

Can imagine a weekend in Bangalore with Rhouses as your wing (wang) man is up there as well, if i'm honest.

I can just see it now... Rhouses strolling through the Bangalore streets, wearing his Asics custom Travesties, mowing down on a sandwich being fed to him by the Brahman as they all struggle to eat the crumbs that fall below his mouth.   Not that he'd notice, mind you.   He's too busy adjusting his Ray Ban mirrored aviators at the local art college, trying to seduce unsuspecting 18 year old daughters of the ruling classes that he's well-versed in gouache and oils (snicker). 

This of course all coincides with Bangalore Nights by Rhouses... His forthcoming cologne for sex pests as funded by his father and advertised on the radio station he used to work at.


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smashdad wrote:

I found 'Torontons' (?!)

Torontonians - or 'those assholes' if you're from the rest of English-speaking Canada. wink


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smashdad wrote:

No, it doesn't - as would be obvious to anyone who's spent time in the margins of both cities recently...


http://www.examiner.com/article/toronto … -the-world

I know you like a good debate, but if you want to quote me something more than an article from that blog piece of reputable  journalism versus the stats numbers that are drawn from census data that I've quoted, feel free.

Until then, I'm having a complete reg, yeah?


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smashdad wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

London's numbers are comparatively small in terms of multiculuralism.

You haven't been over recently then...

It's a tough analogy to argue because the population of London makes Toronto and Melbourne look like chumps, but on a per capita basis the census numbers prove me correct.  Even outside of that it would be hard to make a case.  [shrug]

I am not in any way saying that it isn't a great place to live or a great city for that matter. 

Toronto is full of cold, stuck-up people who think they're the centre of the universe and would not be seen showing any form of emotion in a club, for fear of it looking uncool.  The rest of Canada (rightfully) hates them as a population. 

Oddly enough, I find New Yorkers more friendly and they're not known for their charm.


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smashdad wrote:

Sorry Loops but London had been sacked, pillaged, burnt down and built back up again umpteen times before Toronto was even 'invented'...

There are very, very, few major cities in the world that come close to London - I've been to Toronto (three times) and just... no, sorry, you're wrong on that one fella...

I wasn't debating which was a better place to live.  Horses for courses on that one.  I personally wouldn't ever live in either city.

However, on the subject of 'multiculturalism' Toronto outshines London - and so does Melbourne.


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Beijing Dave wrote:

So does London you complete rem.

And you don't have to be near anywhere near as many Canadians if you live there which is a bonus in anyone's book.

For what it's worth, I would never live in Toronto, but you sir are wrong.  London may be the larger city, but even mathematically-speaking that's not the case.  The big one being that half of Toronto's population (1,237,720) was born outside of Canada, up from 48 per cent in 1996. 

http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/conte … d60f89RCRD


London's numbers are comparatively small in terms of multiculuralism.  The only other city of which I'm aware that rivals Toronto in that area is Melbourne.


And for what it's worth, the 3rd largest population of Canadians living outside of Canada other than the US/L.A. is in the UK/London.  1 Trafalgar Square is a pretty popular place for our kind on July 1st.  Strangely Hong Kong is second.


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smallman1 wrote:

The best place to live in the world is London.

That's if you like enriching yourself culturally.

Sorry, but Toronto takes the cake on that one.  It holds many of the largest populations of people from outside of their respective countries. 

Jamie will back me up on that one - especially when you consider he's proof of that being an Englishman and all.


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Yant wrote:

Ebola was brilliant for Real Madrid.

He wasn't as good as Sars, who played briefly for Toronto FC.