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303 abuser wrote:
smashdad wrote:

April '95 ...

best story ever. hahaha

my wife would've killed me.

That would have resulted in an immediate annulment for me with my current beau.  Strictly a drug free zone.


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MattBlack wrote:

He certainly knew how to do that

Considering his profession now, I'll just agree in a place where I'd normally tell a story. [minor klang]

Great lad though.   I'm sure quite a few of you lot got to know him.


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Mine won't fill in properly so I look like a dishevelled vagrant hobo on the run from life.  If I were to try now it would be all salt and pepper and make me look 10 years older.   With that said, women either seem to love facial hair or hate it.  Luckily my missus insists I stay clean shaven.

For a few years I rocked the good ole boy band soul patch... Except I wasn't in a boy band and looked like a cunt.  Some may argue that still hasn't changed.


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smashdad wrote:

Genuinely extraordinary how much one can drink on acid.

I find the same on the marching powder... It's fucking dangerous as all hell mixing an upper like that with a depressant, but blimey it's good.

I had an ex-missus who was an absolute slag.  She was absolute filth in bed.  Of course, she also had mental health issues as well (the sane ones never seem to have the same fire in the sack).  Anyway, at the time I'd be struggling with a bout of rather nasty depression and my doc had prescribed me Zoloft or something like that because my Wellbutrin was no longer working and I felt like death.  The side effect of a lot of these meds is they absolutely kill your sex drive to the point of it not even being pleasurable...  So here I have this minx who's willing to do just about anything with me in the boudoir, and all I could think about was 'when is this bloody going to stop, I want to sleep' while she was riding me into oblivion, moaning, screaming, talking filth, etc. 

I got off of those pretty quick after realizing what it was that was killing my sex drive.


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Not that this is really new, but Rock And Roll Part 2 is still heavily played in sporting venues in North America.  I've always found that sad since this isn't a new thing.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Is that Jonathan Lisle down the front too?..

That's Jon alright.  Enjoying himself too.  Haha.

Wait until you start putting that cutoff filter to work.

303 abuser wrote:

after some procrastination, i'm a proud owner of the korg ms-20 mini.  now to figure out what to do with it ...

Choice well made!

I absolutely love my Korg MS-20 Mini and it's a great place to start to learn the inner workings of synthesis.  If you are able to understand the routing and everything, it will be a piece of piss to learn anything else (except FM synthesis - which still confuses the shit out of most people).

The sounds that synth makes are obscene and amazing.  I love it!

As an aside, I just recently picked up the whole Volca line as an addition to my set up.  I didn't grab the sampler though.  Korg can do absolutely no wrong at this point it seems.  I've also got the SQ-1 sequencer too - which is something I'd recommend grabbing if you've got the MS-20 Mini.  $119!


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I don't play out much these days (regrettably), but when I do I have a bit of an ADD methodology.  In the week leading up to the gig I'll usually go through the promos I've neglected to check out.  From that I'll grab the ones that sound interesting and cull them further down.  Usually I'll do this up until a few hours before the gig with a bit of Beatport thrown in for good measure.  After mad dashing it to the gig, I'll then set up Ableton and my controllers to the mixer, etc. and grab the tunes I want to play from my hard drive with no particular order.  I'll typically grab a few 'classics' thrown in for good measure and possibly mix a few tunes that I know go well together.   Then I'll get blattered and forget to play the ones I wanted to play.

The last comment is probably why DJ career never did quite last as long as I'd have liked.

I like working on the fly.  I may know my opening record, but from there it's just as much of a surprise to me as everyone else.  With digital DJing it's so easy to change pace if things aren't working out.

I seem to recall him having done a remix of Voodoo Ray that's pretty sensational.  Also, his collaboration with Shamen on Boss Drum is the business/bees knees/cats gnats/dogs bollocks, etc.

Strudders, I need some help hooking up my iRiver to my Macbook.  Do you think you can give us a hand, yeah?

Happy Birthday fella.


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erik.b wrote:

managed it occasionally on coke and pills.... speed was the real killer tho.. no life + shrinkage

Shagged an old missus of mine after her first pill because she was quite literally feeling very loved up.   I had no problems getting things to function, but it took forever to get the deed done.  I would hardly classify it as enjoyable.

As for the chang, I've never had any problems there either... Generally speaking though in a session of that stuff you're usually looking for where you can get your next line in both physically and verbally.  No time for sex.


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Unbroken1 wrote:

..he's no Charlie Chester

...Or Dave Beer.


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steelydan wrote:


Nothing beats The Man Like in his prime.


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zackster wrote:

has it? i would have to have agreed with your analogy to have rubber stamped it.

comparison denied!

I have this image of you sat in your basement, playing Basic Channel/Maurizio records - all alone of course - with your eyes closed during the right bits, whilst wearing a black turtleneck, waxing philosophic on some techno message board called something like 'Machin3 C0d3' about how the rest of the world just doesn't get the space in between the kicks and hats and how only Basic Channel can do that.  Of course, it would only be you replying to the thread as you come up with further analysis of each record in their catalogue.

smashdad wrote:

Anyone who needs to ask who the big hitters are, or tell people they are a big hitter, clearly isn't one.  Big hitters need to neither ask or tell - they just are...

I think Bazza is driving at wanting to know what the application/vetting process may be, in order to prepare himself.  If only it were so simple...

jules72 wrote:

The new beatport format is bloody dreadful thats all i know....

I love how the site is still coded in Flash when the rest of the modern world has moved on to HTML5.

Ncable wrote:

Loopy most certainly a big hitter. Any argument to the contrary is invalid.

I wouldn't admit yes or no if I am or not, but I will say this... This.

Uncle Bazza wrote:

still no closer to finding out who they are. is anyone putting their hand up? or is it an unwritten rule?

It's like Skull & Bones mate.  If you're a member, you know.  If you're not, you're none the wiser.  It's all very much about the Illuminati 'round these parts.


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smallman1 wrote:

Australian 'soccer'


Though you can drink at your seat and leave the ground at half time for a cigarette.

Still though, gertcha.

You can drink in the stands at BMO Field in Toronto, Ed.  I imagine the quality of the football is a just a tad (but only 'just') better.  It's normal in places where people don't batter the shit out of each other over a game.  All pro sports are like that here.


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liquitech1 wrote:

Nigella, Vorderman and yourself, 6am in the kitchen, you're the only 3 left, there's a bag of yayo on the table and the neighbours have gone away for the weekend, the 2 girls vibrating with horniness....a recurring dream I have

Sounds like a nosedownhill skiiing holiday mixed in with a Penthouse Letter.


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zackster wrote:

disagree. i'm a massive maurizio and bassic channel fan.

My point has been made then.

As long as the labels get a decent revenue share out of the whole scheme, I don't care.

Somehow I doubt that will happen though. 

Further to that, there's so many streaming services out there now that it seems kind of moot.

millsy23 wrote:

Once you've made it to big hitter, you'll know.

The appropriate 'x' in the 'Big Hitter' column of The Spreadsheet (TM) mysteriously appears as well.


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zackster wrote:

my ten gallon hat and cowboy boots ensure that there is no mistake.

As 303Abuser will attest, that will merely make you look like you're from Calgary.