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I remember when the US got the World Cup in '94 and they were trying to figure out how to advertise since there's only one stoppage of the game at half time. The Yank network that had the rights got some insurance company or something similar to 'sponsor' the matches.

I think a lot of it is due to the fact that they're not required to pay for a TV licence like in the UK...

Baseball *can* be exciting, but not for all of it.   It's great live and is a giant piss up - much like cricket.

poirot wrote:

Lupus has no concept of whats funny and what isn't. Goes with the territory.

I've been called witty, funny, etc. many a time over. I don't need your approval regardless. 

For once, I'd love to see you post something constructive instead of putting someone down. If you think my jokes are old...

Ncable wrote:

I went to a house party last New Years which involved lines

Must have been a rather small house then?

Whilst a shit joke, I've just realised that may not translate too well since you lot tend to say 'queue' instead of line.

smallman1 wrote:

Ticket confirmed.

Afters back at mine, natch.

Just don't invite Benson 'round.  He'll be looking for a lie down instead of a rave up.

millsy23 wrote:

I picked up one of their cards that they have for app of the week/tune of the week. Apparently 'Happy' by Pharell is going to blow up.


Pharell has been on my radar for a while now...

Presto wrote:

And that is why, chaps, you never ever tell your missus the monetary value of something.

Sadly mine does the banking in the relationship, so I just shift it over to a credit card she doesn't have access to.  She can't quite seem to figure out why my balance is so high... Music/kit. 

If I'd only spend that much on a ring... If only.

303 abuser wrote:

how much to put them on a boat to canada? wink

If cross-Atlantic shipping rates weren't so exorbitant, I'd be in.  Mind you, my missus might be out but at least vinyl doesn't whinge and give me shit when I haven't done the washing up.

Hmm.  This has actually got me thinking now.  My mate is back in the UK for a bit...


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Not sure why I'm reminded of this, but I spent all of NYE Y2K scrounging a rave for drugs and somehow not finding any... Until I got to the after party and managed to source an eight ball.  As you do with chang, I proceeded to stay up for the rest of the day hoovering it up and then coming down like no other on the back side of doing most of it myself.

The soundtrack?  A mix CD (name escapes me, but it was a commercial release) with Innate's 'Odessi' on it - on repeat for 8 hours.  Not exactly comedown music, but I'll forever associate that track with it.


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All kinds of stuff here.  Justin Strauss has been active since the mid-1980s and has nearly all of his remixes up for grabs, plus several re-edits.

Worth trawling through.



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Grant wrote:

I like being on the road to be honest, even in shit weather

So when you're lying down taking up space and people are yelling at you, does that bring you to some kind of zen? Frankly it sounds uncomfortable.


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Grant wrote:

New Order been on your radar for a while then Loops?!

Well played.  Just 30 odd years or so.


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I ripped my vinyl of it a few years ago for my Bedrock mix, but if this is digital I'd love a copy please and thanks. The One Dove album is fantastic as well.


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Grant wrote:

New Order's album is shit.  I couldn't even say that some of the tracks are crying out for a remix - awful.

I disagree. I think it's the best thing they've done in two decades.   I think it's very good.


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millsy23 wrote:
loopdokter wrote:

Apparently there's a legitimate term for this

bell end?



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303 abuser wrote:

yeah, that sounds great.  all the winter with even less culture (if that's possible).

the only places in canada i'd consider would be vancouver, ottawa, and montreal.  realistically, until i decide to pack it up and retire, i'm staying here.  the only good thing about this city is that it lends itself very well for what i do.

Snow themed midget porn?


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benson wrote:

When you say "slapped her about" do you say in a Canadian accent? I reckon it loses some of its affect.

Quasi-English. I develop an odd 'English' accent around English people... So much so that I've had English people ask where I was from in the UK because they couldn't quite place it, or made the assumption that my parents were English.   Apparently there's a legitimate term for this, because I do this with American accents to an extent as well.

Regardless, I'm aware that I sound like a complete tosser. Further to that point, it's only compounded by my frequent usage of English slang and knowledge of the vernacular.

My mate from Suffolk has never known for me to have a 'Canadian' accent because I unintentionally affect his.

I'm bet you're glad you asked, eh?

smallman1 wrote:

10 pager?

Welcome to the club Wally.

Seriously Ed, this self-congratulatory shite has become a bit much and is wearing thin.


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Big Fellaa wrote:

Big Ronnie lol


I love how his missus is just sat there, completely complacent the whole time. Good ole Ronnie's probably slapped her about enough times for her to know better than to interfere.

Ger_Stokes wrote:

If this is a thread about shite remixes...

That's actually a masterpiece compared to the nomad in the dark so called abomination of sasha - ohmna.

I couldn't disagree more on that one.


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303 abuser wrote:

not yet, but it's rained all month.  we'll be pushing the envelope on the weekend though.  more rain and lows around zero.  i hate this place.  hmm

Pull the trigger already (and move)!

The idea of living in Alberta makes me shudder. Haha.

I reckon my ranking has increased because of Diggers posting in my Women's World Cup thread.   Benson's has shot down due his street cred for being a caner in complete shatters, whilst ETC has shot up to be this month's heavy hitter by having Diggers invite him out personally in his Pascha thread.   Haircut be damned!


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Grant wrote:

What happened Ed?

They had an argument over spandex and it got ugly.


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Has anyone latched on to Tyrant? If you're up on the current geopolitical climate, especially in the Arab world, it is certainly interesting. It was developed by the same guy behind Homeland, but he has since stepped away and is possibly more kitschy as a result.


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

Doing the rounds again at the moment. Was on here a few year's back, but worth posting for those who missed it:

My old friend M-Zone was responsible for that. UK44 Records in the house!


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smashdad wrote:

shut this shit down...

Good shout Smashy!