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zackster wrote:

i loath anderson cooper. he's a vanderbilt ffs. he's an elitist pig. ooh he is such a strong journalist. he's a liberal voice. fuck that. he is a lizard faced creep. his life story is nauseating, and the fact that he tried to tout his lack of inheritance is an insult to 99% of all americans.


shaunstrudwick wrote:

Benz & MD remix of 'BT - Remember' if anyone has it?

I seem to recall having it around somewhere but the drive it's on is wonky and I may not be able to recover it.   I'll try though.


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simonr wrote:

Canadians from Montreal and Vancouver made it over Jay.

Were you demanding passports whilst standing there? Hehe.

I've seen them enough times together in various places.   I'm glad they were good, but they'll surely play closer to home together in the future.

Dan Harwood wrote:

Loopy, is it the same as in the UK that you can only be promoted one level per season?

If by session, you mean season then yes.   I'm moving up from a regional to district.   Next step would be provincial and then national (AKA FIFA). At District level I can AR for semi-pro and ref university/college.   I've been reffing a provincial development league all summer in the hopes of getting noticed.   I've had a few call ups, so the keys blunder is worrisome. sad

Still though, this board being what it is, I still don't know shit about football because of where I live! wink

Hell yes I get paid for it.   I thought it was well known on here that I reffed footy (and basketball as well).   I've been doing footy for the last five years.

I'm hoping to become a proper national ref in five years time.   It's going to be tough due to my age, but *is* theoretically possible. I'm pretty damned fit thanks to it.

Started arrangement on new tune on Friday.

Reffed two U14 cup games Saturday here in town.

Locked myself out of my car like the muppet I am.

Was late for second cup game by 20 minutes as a result because all of my kit was in the car - despite it normally being a five minute drive from my flat.  Discipline forthcoming as a result.

Came home and slept.

Reffed a men's SWRSA District Premier League promotion game whilst being assessed to move up to next level (from 'you're shite' to 'you're less shite').  Assessment went well, but a tad worried I may be held back by 'locking myself out of the car blunder 2016'.

Watched 8th season of Weeds.



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liquitech1 wrote:

..fair play to the lads over from the other side of the pond. Although the least they could've done was pick up the Dokter on the way.

Too far north for them and they wouldn't have been able to figure out where Canada was anyway.

erik.b wrote:

is Loopy coming over for this one?

I'm in, it's the weekend before my birthday

Nope.  Looking at ADE for a business thing I'm involved with, but even that's unlikely at this rate.


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I guess I won't be making it over to see Diggers play there ever again.

Possible ADE appearance this year however.

millsy23 wrote:

lol. Get security to put warning cones around your feet when dancing mate.

Where will Ed put his handbag then, Millsy?

liquitech1 wrote:

...is that Ed on the tongue?

In a round about way.  It's just him dragging it behind him.


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Hannu's joined Islington Council, hasn't he?


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Homegrove wrote:

Yep. Still this makes sense for me. Should've been done earlier.

Next you're going to tell me that you're closing Fabric too.

Oh, wait a minute...

millsy23 wrote:

Can't think of a more apt place for Smalls to holiday in than Regello. Maybe Regina?

Haha.  Worthy of a chuckle.  Surprising you'd know where that was Millsy.  I barely fucking know where it is.  I guess you passed your A Levels Geography course, huh?

Dave famously pairs them with this snazzy shirt... 


You know, because as a foreigner in China he doesn't already stand out enough.

Yant wrote:

Fucking hell, then!



Just to clarify, Beijing Dave bought these whoppers:

They look like your grey & beige trainers had a tragic meeting in between a two year old child and McDonald's infamous 'orange drink' throwing a temper tantrum.

nadia1x wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

Ive got mates

No you haven't.

But you've made up various lives and friends to try to gain self-esteem online though. 

Let's see now ... you've lied about working in Eastern Bloc, being a tobacco salesman, wiring up the Shard and Leadenhall buildings as well as being a practicing accountant (with no qualifications) - and even a fashion show DJ all while purporting to being a stay-at-home husband doing a mature student degree.  At home.

Weirdly nobody has ever seen you and you've never revealed anything, including never posting a mix.  On a message board that's all about music.

Why so secretive?


This is where I come in and do my regular [klang] thing, right?  Back in/around 2002 I was selling a  rare as hens teeth mint condition blue Roland SH-101 synthesizer with the modulation grip?  Why I'll never know, because it's worth at least 1.5K now and I probably bought a bunch of shite prog house records with the proceeds.

Anyway, Danny Teneglia tried to buy it but I'd literally just sold it as I got the email.

millsy23 wrote:

They're rancid Rhouses, throw them in the canal and let's not speak of them again.

That's no way to talk about the servants Rhouses has shagged, Millsy.

BedRob wrote:

Like the top pair amps, how much did they set you back ?

Can see Jay shooting some hoops in the bottom pair

Not bloody likely.  I've never owned a pair of Jordans and never intend to either.

I reckon I'd get into Berghain... Not because I'm suave or deserving, but more likely because I'd start into one of my many stories of clubbing days of yore and boring the tits off of the doorman, so the only choice would be to let me through so as not to disturb the equilibrium of stories yet to come.

Dermatron wrote:

A perma-banned remward with mental problems who comes on here, shits everywhere, gets banned, then repeats it over and over like Rainman.

How black is that kettle, pot?

I've seen him play once in the late 1990s in Toronto - where he was quite popular for a time.  He didn't do much for me personally.  Uninspired house is how I'd label his sound at the time, but obviously a lot of other people thought otherwise.


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La Nausee wrote:

Fadas has a similar shrine to Andy Bell from Erasure. Resplendent in stone wash jeans (with turn ups) and a nipple-showing white tee-shirt with a polkadot cravat.
And Bell is dressed as a complete mincer too.

Frankly I thought he was more of a Bros kind of lad.

Frankly I see a lot of indie labels reverting to using Bandcamp because they 'get it'.