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Can you imagine the poor cunt who got to model that thing? 

"So what's the job then?"

"You're going to be the face for a new vibrator that you wear around your head."

j.p sykes wrote:

Good idea that the mix should somehow reflect the persons taste, otherwise it's just yet another standard mix. It's effectively making a 'Xmas present' for the other person. How festive!

Or in my case, a no show to the Christmas goose/turkey dinner.

poirot wrote:

Digweed? What the blithering fuck are you on about? Geoff Oakes gave him his break. Anyhow he'd have made it himself probably anyway. He already had his night well and truly running in Hastings off his own steam.

I thought it was Sasha who passed along one of John's tapes. 

As for Zabs, I'm aware he won a Muzik Bedroom Bedlam, but Sasha had him as his opener for a good while and exposed him to a bigger audience across the world.

But whatever mate. You'll take any opportunity to behave poorly. I did take the piss out of myself and Rathsman.


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Boring wrote:

Hannu thinks it is.

He's Finnish. Finns aren't exactly known for their sense of humour. Suicide, death metal and F1 however...

Related but not... Several years ago, one of Toronto's SWAT teams was called to an incident with a guy wielding a knife to a woman's throat standing right outside Union Station.  This is one of the busiest hubs for transit in the country.  They put police sharpshooters on top of surrounding buildings and after trying to talk him away from his victim, they shot him dead in plain view of at least 10,000 people on their morning commute into work.

That's certainly not something you see every day on your commute to work.

I'm enjoying the recent and more active participation from Uncle John.  It seems only logical since he pays for the ability for us to act act like snide teenagers. wink

erik.b wrote:

When has Sasha ever done anything with out having someone helping out?


I suppose he gave Diggers and Zabbers their big breaks.

erik.b wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Jonas Rathsman is joining Sasha on NYE.

I'll get shit for this but who?

I believe he's American (so that probably means he's Dutch).   He started out on the French Express label out of NYC and makes fantastic bassy house. Worth checking.   Not sure what he's like as a DJ mind you!


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I'm having visions of Rhouses 'knowing' what North Dakota actually looks like, as he stands around trying to page his manservant to hand him an elephant gun and fetch his tea boy after taking daddy's McLaren Mercedes out for a spin.  Those poor downtrodden North Dakotans, eh Rhouses?


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Liquidtech, might I recommend a good lashing of the Top Gun soundtrack whilst trying to fondle your missus through the three feet of protective wooly mammoth skin those jackets provide? I find Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone' to be a good starter and Berlin as the cool down helps with the post-coital glow.

No update needed Dermo. You're still a complete fucking cunt.

I'm in guys.   Just haven't had a chance to connect with Ed to transfer over the funds.

I don't understand why the people who haven't contributed are the ones calling for refunds.   Go rain on someone else's parade.

I'll try to keep mine simple this year.

jamie wrote:

Am in as long as I'm not paired with Loopy again smile


I did manage to get 82 minutes done Jamie.  I just have to upload it, so give me another six months. wink


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Squidgy wrote:
loopdokter wrote:
poirot wrote:

Are Germans from there? Is anyone from ?  Other than American Indians?

Think about the statement you just gave in saying 'American Indians' about Native people in Canada.

What do you call them Loops? I mean the collective you.

Native Canadians or just Natives.  They're about as Indian as you and I.   Thanks to Colombus, that name unfortunately stuck.   It's not considered a nice term for aboriginal people here.   Sort of like the n word for black people.

steelydan wrote:

bit like a Sasha set this thread....started off well and went rapidly downhill.

It's only like Sasha if I don't turn up and pull a No-Show-Coe.


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benson wrote:
seanc80 wrote:

Are you a homosexual Benson?

not last time I checked. Sorry.

He might be gay though.


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I reckon Dermo hammers the fuck out of Luther Vandross' 'One Shining Moment' for the slow motion video montage showing sporting adversity after said event.


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It does seem that a lot of these people aren't that devout really. A common theme seems to be having a past of being in trouble with the law for petty crimes.


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poirot wrote:

Are Germans from there? Is anyone from ?  Other than American Indians?

Think about the statement you just gave in saying 'American Indians' about Native people in Canada.

poirot wrote:

Lack of commitment - tick
Shortage of mineral's - tick
Taking the piss - tick
Mrs calling he shots - tick
Found out  - tick

Dermo an absolute dickhead?  Tick!


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So some numpty(ies?) threw a bunch of rocks through a Hindu temple in Kitchener where I grew up - clearly knowing the difference in between Hindus and Muslims, or possibly not even caring because they're both 'not from here'.   A mosque was fire bombed on Sunday and on Tuesday, two thugs jumped a woman wearing a hijab from behind who was picking her kids up at school.   They proceeded to tell her to go back to her country (she was born here) and called her a terrorist. Then they kicked her repeatedly while she was on the ground after ripping off her hijab and nicking her mobile phone.  This was in Toronto.  Classy.

Oh, and some people in Toronto put a sign on their front lawn saying all Muslims should apologise for Paris.

Really been a great week to be Canadian in a country that prides itself as a multicultural melting pot. sad

The amount of ignorant, xenophobic and outright racist comments I've seen from people on Facebook saddens me.   I'll take Syrian refugees over these types of people any day. In fact, Bashir Al Assad can have them instead.

poirot wrote:

Glad I'm not the only one to see that minor element. The whole thing has been a complete and utter waste of time. Props to smalls for making a go. Loopy needs to fkin man up. Shambles.

Will you please, for the love of Pete shut up already!?

Cripes you're a broken bloody record.

I'm able to go. Just crunching some numbers to see if it's in my budget. It's a tough time of year.

Unbroken1 wrote:


Genuine lol there Damo.

zackster wrote:

fear not. in standard fashion, smallman snr will step in and clean things up.

I expect chauffeured Rolls Royce treatment to and from the airport with the finest champers and Iranian beluga caviar on hand.

#JeSuisEdward #NothingButTheBest