This one still scares the shit out of me...

jamie wrote:

really enjoyed this mix - proper thumping tunes from Erik and no nonense tuneage from JP.

cheers gents!

Thanks Jamie, glad you enjoyed it

shaunstrudwick wrote:

you both played the same Phil Martyn track/remix?!

is that allowed lol

there are 3 other pretty great tracks on that EP btw

anyway - what i heard was good so defo gonna listen again

Not usually, but I'll make an exception for that track - it's electric!

Cheers for listening matey

Here's my latest 'Conversations' show on Saturo Sounds radio, featuring a great guest mix from the board's very own Erik B... … turosounds


with Erik Bruce

01. Christian Smith - Destination Unknown (Original mix) [Tronic]
02. Phil Martyn - Midnight (Petar Dundov remix) [Perspectives Digital]
03. Animal Picnic - Calathea (D-Nox & Beckers remix) [PMT Records]
04. Stephan Bodzin - Tron (Original mix) [Systematic Recordings]
05. Gardens of God - Ghost (Original mix) [Sodai]
06. Oliver Giacomotto & Noir - Reste (Raxon remix) [Tronic]
07. Citizen Kain - Low Blow (Original mix) [BluFin]
08. Matthias Springer - District 303 (Original mix) [Diametral]
09. Specifica - Tatanka (Erik's Memories of Lakota remix) [WLR] {unreleased}
10. Brain Zoo - Eclipse (Original mix) [Octopus Records]
11. Patrice Baumel - Surge (Original mix) [Armada Music]

and John-Paul Sykes

01. ’Sfire 3 (John Talabot’s warehouse dub)’ – Sfire
02. ‘Are you trending? (Hunter/Game remix)’ – Vessels
03. ‘KIR’ – Kolsch
04. ‘Gumball (Dario D’Attis remix)’ – Dave Seaman
05. ‘Boris (Guy Mantzur remix)’ – Monkey safari
06. ‘Unleashed’ – Josh & Eli
07. ‘Midnight (Petar Dundov remix)’ – Phil Martyn
08. ‘Fanfare (Darren Emerson tokyo remix)’ – Emerson, Muir, Digweed
09. ’Solace (BOg remix)’ – Dee Montero
10. ‘Rakinu’ – Ejeca

dutchy101 wrote:

Sweet, cheers bud

No worries it's in there now.

dutchy101 wrote:

Howells mix of Donna Summer I Feel Love anyone?

Yep, I'll put it in my folder on the shared drive … 16-talion/

Pional – The Way You Like It [Counter Records]
Tycho – Epoch [Ghostly International]
Kornél Kovács – The Bells [Studio Barnhaus]
Ingrid Lukas – We Are (Manuel Tur Remix) [Ronin Rhythm Records]
DJ Tennis – Convex [Omnidisc Polyester Series]
Benedikt Frey – Out Of Here (Roman Flugel’s Cosmic Disco Drama Rework) [Hivern Discs]
Peggy Gou – Gou Talk [Technicolour]
youANDme – Reflection (Hyenah Remix) (feat. Black Soda) [Poker Flat Recordings]
Sfire – Sfire 3 (John Talabot’s Warehouse Dub) [Muting The Noise]
Double K – Beatless Reprise [Baobab Secret]
Double K – Main Reprise [Baobab Secret]
Erosion Flow – Syvv [3024]
Ripperton – I’m Gonna Make U Love Me [Character]
Neville Watson – Head First [Riverette]
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – The Soft Bounce (Daniel Avery Rework) [Phantasy Records]
Eagles & Butterflies – Experiment C [Art Imitating Life]
Bufi – Apocalipstick
Marquis Hawkes – Doornroosje [Aus Music]
Sasha – Trigonometry [Unreleased]
Humate – East (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) [Superstition]
Billy Hendrix – Body Shine [King Size Records]


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Yeah I went – very odd day all in all.

Seem to remember Sasha playing Yeke Yeke?

I quite enjoyed a bit of nostalgia from the man who 'doesn't like playing classics'...

Download link here: … a-oct-2016

Attempt at a pieced together tracklisting:

01. 'Sacred cycles' – Pete Lazonby
02. 'Moonrocks' – Enrico Sanguiliano
03. 'Ghost' – Gardens of God
04. 'Mongrel' – Undercatt
05. 'Butterfly effect' – Skober
06. 'Destroyer' – Audion
06. 'Open your mind (Sleeperhold remix)' – U.S.U.R.A
07. 'Roaches (Peace Division remix)' – Trancesetters
08. 'Body shine' – Billy Hendrix
09. 'Take me with you' – Cosmos
10. 'The Saint (Job san) (Lee Van Dowski remix)' – Pig & Dan


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Superb mix as always Simon - top work fella

Lots of classics in there, sacred cycles, roaches, body shine, open your mind remix etc … teca/sasha … -oct-2016/

Nice mix.

I believe the track after Trigonometry is 'butterfly effect' by Skober

This is absolute class Damo, if you don't win there is something wrong with the world.



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I saw the Tebow baseball tryouts - hilarious.

Imagine that as your depth chart – Manziel, Tebow, Vick.

Jesus save us...


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Players dropping like flies everywhere.

Teams now playing 3rd string QB's – at this rate even Johnny Manziel might get another chance...

shaunstrudwick wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

I have a complaint that this is on too early.Who do I send a strongly worded email to at Saturo HQ?

To be fair, Strudders did offer me a later slot...

I'll bear that in mind next month!

can be as late as you want JP smile

they way things have worked out this Sat night is now all yours and any newcommers will have to work around you

Nice one, cheers Shaun

mr rossi wrote:

I have a complaint that this is on too early.Who do I send a strongly worded email to at Saturo HQ?

To be fair, Strudders did offer me a later slot...

I'll bear that in mind next month!

smashdad wrote:

I was sorry not to be able to make this last night - I'll be doing the SC business shortly...

No worries at all mate, hope you enjoy the mixes smile

For my fourth 'Conversations' show on Saturo Sounds, we had an awesome guest mix from the Board's very own Jamie Nowell.
Massive thanks to Jamie for getting involved. smile

Here's the link – get on it: … turosounds



with Jamie Nowell

01. Doomwork - ‘In the End’
02. Love Over Entropy - ‘Worth While’
03. Clode - ‘Infinite Love’
04. Retza - ‘Projections’
05. Sounum - ‘Aerodynamica’
06. Following Light - ‘Oracle (Demian Moreno Mix)’
07. Jelly for the Babies - ‘Banff’
08. Muui & Marc Poppcke - ‘Anyone There?’
09. King Brit - ‘Uzoamaka (SBTH Mix)’
10. Patlac - ‘Velox’
11. Moosefly (feat Iain Howie) - ‘Damage’
12. Butch - ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’

and John-Paul Sykes

01. 'Kaya ' - Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan
02. 'Leonidas' - Ruede Hagelstein
03. 'Perpetual' - Martin Buttrich, DJ Tennis
04. 'Plexus (Digweed & Muir remix)' - Monkey Safari
05. 'Siberia (Ian Dillon remix)' - Jorgio Kioris
06. 'Under control (Petar Dundov remix)' - Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan
07. 'Elle' - Lee Van Dowski
08. 'Nightfalls (Lee Van Dowski zero dark forty remix)' - Dave Seaman
09. 'The Saint (Lee Van Dowski remix)' - Pig & Dan

Traktor with the S2 is my current preference.


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All over this like cheap suit.

Ticket purchased.

roberto wrote:

Can we plonk it in the shared folder? Or a pm and I will

I'd also like to dedicate this mix to Dermo for his recent scoop smile

Yep it's in my folder now.



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For those that would like to hear another cracking set from Jamie, tune in to my 'Conversations' radio show on Saturday at 7pm for a wicked guest mix from the man himself.

Tune in here: … ations-04/


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The intro in full - all sorts of northern exposure samples in here

steelydan wrote:

Fucking belter of a mix.


Ps. any chance of a copy of that JT Company tune?

Cheers mate!

Check your PM's...