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smallman1 wrote:

Let Zackster go after Damo.

He can play his distinctive brand of working mans techno and lose the entire audience of 8 people.

The world's your oyster after that.

Well, Zach is doing a guest mix* on my radio show on Saturday night, so we shall see!

*It's a cracking mix btw...

As a counterpoint to my monthly 'Conversations' shows, here is my second 'Monologue' – an extended 2 hour set from me, exclusively on Saturo Sounds radio. 

https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/monolog … turosounds

01. ‘M-theory’ – Hand
02. ‘Batbayar (Lupine remix)’ – Franck Dona, David Serrano
03. ‘The outsider’ – BOg
04. ‘Goliath (Brassica remix)’ – Tentacle
05. ‘In a different plane’ – Uner
06. ‘Aron Habrit’ – Ruede Hagelstein
07. ‘Fetzo’ – Ruede Hagelstein
08. ‘0901 (Lehar remix)’ – BOg
09. ‘Gahalowood’ – Sebastopol
10. ‘Hyemalis (YouandMe remix)’ – DJ Le Roi
11. ‘Skylon’ – Uner
12. ‘Be there’ – Cristoph
13. ‘Evolve or die (Matthias Tanzamann remix)’ – Hot since 82
14. ‘Madeleine (BVision, Dmitri Nakov remix)’ – Gorkiz, Ultravoid
15. ‘The upside down’ – Cristoph
16. ‘Sons of god’ – The Element MT
17. ‘Time for change (Lonya remix)’ – Cristoph
18. ‘The train fantastic’ – Marvin & Guy
19. ‘Spiricom (Hal Incadenzaa remix)’ – Henry Saiz


smallman1 wrote:

Finally got round to listening to your mix JP, top stuff brother, reet enjoyed it.

Nice one bruvva

1. Seventh Sense - Get The Music (Himalayan Dub) "enjoy yourself"
2. The Age of Love - The Age of Love (Sign Of The Times Mix)
3. Frontier Man - Express-It Thru The Dance "let my body jack, time to move your stuff" male
4. Fire Island - Fire Island (male rap)
5. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (K-Klass Stripped Down Mix) "come on" male / samples Plez strings
6. East 17 - House Of Love (Wet Nose Dub)
7. Mombassa - Cry Freedom
8. Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Original Mix)
9. Kym Sims - A Little Bit More (Uncle Bob's Full Pounder) [DMC 7/92] "i need a little bit more, keep it comin" female
10. Erasure - Take A Chance On Me (Take A Trance On Me Mix)

11. En Masse - Feel The Mantra (Vox Mix) "chant om on exhale" female
12. Zener - My Vision Is "my vision is clear"
13. Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Jane) (Dubwash Mix)
14. The Drum Club - U Make Me Feel So Good (The Deep 'n' Hard Mix) "feel so orbid" female
15. Double FM - The Sound Of Amnesia (Original Dub Mix) "music & emotions of life" male / piano
16. Havanna - Schtoom [Limbo]
17. The African Juice - Love Me [Media] "tell me you love me" (has the bassline from rickster)
18. Slackjaw - Drive My Body (Maserati Mix) "like a maserati"
19. Space Master - I Need You (Master Mix)
20. Ramirez - Hablando (Accordeon Mix)
21. Eagles Prey - Tontos Drum (briefly)

Ticket purchased - still some on resident advisor

joeyp wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:

The Lehar remix of Bog sound's wicked

It's a tune.

Some decent stuff on this. The mixing feels weird mind. It's like it is but it's not.

Yeah agreed – either mix it or don't...

zackster wrote:

very good mix, h. listened to it twice yesterday. i'm a big fan of that truncate record. mixing and style reminded me of gary beck.

gave jp's mix a whirl too. nice cool down after the first hour of sub techno. so when a i being invited to do a conversation mix?

I'm up for it if you are!

Homegrove wrote:

I'm biting my nails wondering what Zach will think. hmm

Well I thought it was awesome – how you managed to get 16 tunes in an hour is pretty impressive!

Here’s my latest ‘Conversations’ radio show from last weekend on Saturo Sounds. This month we have a banging guest mix from the board's very own mighty mod – Homegrove.

https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … -homegrove


with Homegrove

1. H.O.S.H. Standing Still Is Moving Backwards [fryhide]
2. Audion - Starfucker (Ian Pooley Remix) [Hot Creations]
3. dubspeeka - Mod1 [Skeleton]
4. Whitesquare - Formation [Mobilee]
5. Stanny Fransen - What's This (Kristian Heikkilä Remix) [Ohn Cet]
6. The Preventer - Rip Submarine [The Preventer]
7. Gary Beck - ST11 [BEK Audio]
8. John Digweed, Nick Muir & Darren Emerson - Tracer (Darren Emerson Womb Mix) [Bedrock]
9. Eric Sneo - Zissle (Lee Van Dowski Remix) [Tronic]
10. Introversion - Dystopia [Arts]
11. DJ Deep - Stressin' (Ben Sims Remix) [Deeply Rooted House]
12. Radio Slave - Don't Stop No Sleep (Robert Hood Remix) [Rekids]
13. Truncate - Terminal 5 [Blueprint]
14. Radio Slave - Children of the E (KiNK SP122 Mix) [Rekids]
15. Dave Clarke - The Wolf (Marcel Fengler Remix) [Skint]
16. Max Cooper - Chromos (Cosmin TGR's Mutation) [Mesh]

and John-Paul Sykes

01. Rampa – ‘Fluke’ [Innervisions]
02. Rampa – ‘Hall of violence’ [Innervisions]
03. Dusty kid – ‘Jknoussa’ [Techno rythmn]
04. Laurent Garnier – ‘1-4 Doctor C’est Chouette’ [Kompakt]
05. Timo Maas – ‘Creation’ [Silver lines]
06. Reiner Zonneveld – ‘Transelement’ [Suara]
07. Ian Dillon – ‘Gargantua’
08. Slam – ’Eterna (Inland remix)’ [Soma]
09. Umek – ’Shadow tactics (Mar-T remix)’ [Form]
10. Reset Robot – ‘The mask of sanity’ [TrueSoul]


smallman1 wrote:

Damo - Your mix is absolutely brilliant chief, one of your best I reckon.

JP - Have just started yours..

Cheers Ed – I'm holding tight for feedback...  smile

The Lehar remix of Bog sound's wicked


All over it like a cheap suit

Looks immense - all over it


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All over this Simon, nice one mate

Cheers lads!

Millsy - pics please...

I would agree with you there Damo! smile

Smalls – Don't be shy, give it a try!

Nice one fellas - enjoy!

Here’s my latest ‘Conversations’ radio show from last night on Saturo Sounds. This month we have a stunning guest mix from the board's own, uber talented Damien Unbroken.

https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … turosounds


with Damien Unbroken

01. Luis Junior “Chicago Rain” (Original Mix) [Best Works Recordings]
02. Maya Jane Coles “Cherry Bomb” (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
03. Motte "To The Rhythm" (12" Mix) [Soundcloud]
04. Catz 'n Dogz "Fire Burning When We Are" (Original Mix) [Watergate Records]
05. Tim Engelhardt "When The Distance Disappears" (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
06. Qbical "Present Day" (Original Mix) [Manual Music]
07. Felix Fischer "Changeline" (Original Mix) [Best Works Recordings]
08. Early Morning "Moan" (Original Mix) [Flymusik Records]
09. Yoram "Nocturne" (Modd Remix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
10. Gacha Bakradze "Mapping" (Original Mix) [Cin Cin]
11. Lee Burridge & Lost Desert "Botanic" (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]
12. Archie Hamilton "Driven To Distraction" (Original Mix) [Fuse London]

and John-Paul Sykes

01. Flowers & sea creatures – ‘Blades nokturne’ [Selador]
02. Lost desert – ‘Nepal sunrise’ [Shanti radio moscow]
03. 12cc feat. JuniorAkwety ‘Loopyness’ [All day I dream]
04. Sahar Z, Navar – ‘Reality check’ [Lost & found]
05. Lessovsky – ‘Packed the world in boxes (Dub mix)’ [Audiophile Deep]
06. Paul Hazendonk, Amber Long – ‘Closer’ [Modern agenda]
07. Nhar – ‘Unkindled’ [Tenampa Recordings]
08. Jamie Stevens – ‘Seven ways’ [Selador]
09. Jeremy Olander, Cristoph – ‘Last dance’ [Bedrock]


Cheers matey - great to have you on the show, superb mix!

All over this - looks immense.

Love that Howling track

Here’s my latest ‘Conversations’ radio show from last weekend on Saturo Sounds.

This month is our first birthday celebrations, and who better to mark the event than the man who first gave me a guest mix on Saturo – Quarks & Qualudes head honcho, the board's very own Shaun Strudwick...

https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … turosounds


with Shaun Strudwick

01. sYnus - ‘Crystal Fountain’ [Stellar Fountain]
02. Subconscious Tales - ‘Dopa Mine (SEQU3I remix)’ [Balkan Connection]
03. SEQU3i - ‘Timelapse (Matter remix)’ [Juicebox Music]
04. Christian R - ‘Beach Rainbows (Matter's Eternal Sunshine remix)’ [Proton Music]
05. Peter Corvaia - ‘Dilate Your Heart (Nicholas Van Orton remix)’ [Rezongar Music]
06. Chris Sterio & Jarius Miller - ‘Darkwaves (Matt Black remix)’ [Mistique Music]
07. Nocturna - ‘Pigmental (GMJ remix)’ [Proton Music]
08. Tim Penner - ‘Lost Again’ [Proton Music]
09. Dale Middleton - ‘Neleh’ [Plattenbank Records]

and John-Paul Sykes

01. Benwaa – ‘La Douleur Exquise Pt. 2 (Ambient stripdown)’
02. Nishan Lee – ‘Sona’
03. Namatjira – ‘Mandika’
04. Verve – ‘Foundations (Namatjira remix)’
05. Jobe – ‘Eunis’
06. Emi Galvan – ‘Nothing less (Quivver remix)’
07. T. Raumschmiere – ‘Jaguar’
08. Howling – ‘Phases (Toto Chiavetta colour zero remix)’
09. Osunlade, Pastaboys – ‘Deep musique (Rampa remix)’
10. Rob Hes – ‘The solution’



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Was at the saturday show, thought it was great. the scene delete stuff in the first half was ok, but the second half was immense.

hearing burma, belfunk, xpander etc live, with those acoustics was pretty special


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smallman1 wrote:


Let's meet here, its next door to the Barbican -


Sort out timings nearer the time..

I'll be there Eduardo - let me know what time you're arriving

Wally wrote:

Not after the IDs this time but there's some monster tuneage in this one.

Yep, absolutely stomping music. I remember the first track, right in the middle of the ol' vortex...

BTW, I would love the ID's if anyone has any clue!

shaunstrudwick wrote:

cracking stuff JP smile

Cheers mate!

Andy's guest mix is superb, loved it