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Chugtastic as always Mr. Mills

smallman1 wrote:

Top mix this JP.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cheers Eduardo

This was a great set, really set the tone for the night

https://soundcloud.com/microcastle/micr … e-24032016

Tickets purchased, as it's a mates 40th celebrations.

Do we really think it's a midnight finish anyone?

Cheers all, much appreciated


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cool, danke


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All over this like a cheap suit.

D/L option?

Nice "chug" mix this – loving his remix of 'sad robot' on here.

https://soundcloud.com/rich-lane-2/the- … -rich-lane

Intro - Random radio tuning onto cassette, 1988 - Rich Lane (aged 15)
Y Llwynog - The Long Champs / (tici taci)
Corrupto (Duncan Gray Remix) - Los Fugazzi / (Wonder Stories)
Kuku (Did Virgo Remix)- Up Pa Gaz / (tici taci)
My Mind (Ivan De La Rouch Remix) - Sara Zinger & Alda / (Logical Records)
Sad Robot (Rich Lane Remix) - Nick Warren & Guy Mantzur / (Bedrock)
Steady State (Rich Lane Remix) - Reset The Day (Sub:Sonic)
Red Wasps (Future Bones ft. Romin Remix) - Somerville & Wilson / (tici taci)
Since We’re Here For The Night (Rich Lane Deep Chug) - Duncan Gray / (La dame Noir)
Discopolis (Rich Lane A&E Cotton Dub) - Lifelike & Kris Menace / (Defected)
Enjoy The Silence (Rich Lane A&E Cotton Dub) - Depeche Mode / (Mute)
People Power (Heretic Remix) - A Best Man Dead / (Sub:Sonic)
Wolf in Shell Toes (DaWad Remix) - Chug Norris feat. Nicole Simone / (Cotton Bud)
Audio Mechanic - ADJD / (Poker Flat)
Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix - Rich Lane Cotton Dub) - Nneka / (Yo Mama)
Hera - Vitor Munhoz, Mario Capatto & Snem K / (Bandcamp)
El Ciego - K.A.O.S / (Melomana)
Big Fuck Day - Cannibal Ink / (Tom Tom Disco)

Beats'N'Pieces wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

thanks for a great mix JP big_smile

My pleasure mate, cheers for having me on the show

As I mentioned on Soundcloud it's self - absolute treat this.

Cheers J.P/Shaun.

Cheers mate, much appreciated

Terrific mix Shaun, loved it. The Brian Cid tracks are especially epic.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

thanks for a great mix JP big_smile

My pleasure mate, cheers for having me on the show

Here is my guest mix for Saturo Sounds, on Shaun Strudwick's 'Quarks & Quaaludes' show broadcast on April 29th. Many thanks to Strudder's for having me on.

https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/saturo- … ykes-april

01. ‘Heartless city’ – BOg
02. ‘Reflecting lights’ – The Field
03. ‘Lately’ – Fort Romeau
04. ‘Memento’ – Visnadi, Matteo Bruscagin
05. ‘Dubby downer’ – Nature of music
06. ‘Divisions (Roman Flugel remix)’ – DJ Tennis
07. ‘Cuaba (Babicz Style in full Efx)’ – Pierce, Twirdy
08. ‘Yto (Ruede Hagelstein remix)’ – Namito, Brams
09. ‘Everything remains the same’ – Quivver
10. ‘Makore 7’ – Lonya
11. ‘Synchron’ – Rafael Cerato, Moonwalk
12. ‘Those grooves’ – Steve Bug
13. ‘Untold stories’ – Dosem
14. ‘Ten (Petar Dundov remix) – Solee
15. ‘The Arsonist (Part 1)’ – Dusty Kid


smashdad wrote:

Cracking little mix JP - really enjoy these sort of slightly more eclectic selections - quality stuff, and a perky little tune in there from yourself as well - great stuff.

Cheers Smashy, thanks for the feedback mate.

If you (or anyone else!) want a copy of my track drop me a PM!

jamie wrote:

It's as good as any warm up I have ever heard.

reminds me of howells at the early bedrocks. some blinding tracks on here.

Agreed. I think he is right up there with the Howler when it comes to warm up sets.

This is an absolute masterclass, loved it. T/L below:

1. AN:TI - Search System - Dihanie
2. Plusculaar - Smells Like Hope - Binaural Arts
3. Deepchild - Gnade Und Vergessen (Echologist tool) - Affin
4. DJ Phlowgod - Three - Echovolt
5. Vincent Casanova - 365 - Archipel
6. Lake People - The 1st Day - Permanent Vacation
7. Gacha Bakradze - Tiresome Walk - Best Works
8. Tenderheart - Deeper Ping (Anton Kubikov remix) - Escapism Musique
9. Giash - Gloom - Perception Dub
10. Manuel Moreno, Mario Aureo - Collapse - Ritter Butzke Studio
11. Ost and Kjex - Honky Tonk (Rampa remix) - Pampa
12. Lake People - You Take Another Place With You - Permanent Vacation
13. Bedouin - Hologram - Cityfox
14. Martin M - Drumtalk - Body Parts
15. Carreno is LB - Curtains in Nature - My Favorite Robot
16. Audiofly, Dance Spirit - Angel Eyes - Mobilee
17. Zoo Brazil - Peak (Chaim remix) - Saved
18. Mario Aureo - Gloaming - Ritter Butzke Studio
19. Brett Johnson - The Mission - Legwork
20. Freestyle Man - Kaiku - Moodmusic
21. Deneha, Animalist - Diskrepanz - Inyan Music
22. Juzz vs Richard Sen - Morning Groove of Pressure (Acca Dub - Naveen G edit)
23. Adriatique - Undrstnd - Cityfox
24. Kadebostan - O Fantasma (Tigercity remix 3) - Freude am Tanzen
25. Mikhail Kobzar, Bungalowa - Trip or Trip (Khristian K remix) - Conceptual
26. Inxec, Gil Montiel - Dolphins (Dance Spirit remix) - Extravaganza
27. Bar Za - Valea Seaca - Quanticman Records
28. Mikey V - Illusions (Bas Ibellini remix) - Classic Music Company
29. Giash - Baby Baby - Archipel
30. e!t - Close Distance - Conceptual
31. Doubtingthomas - Gesallschaftliche Erwartungen - Serialism
32. Oskar Offerman - So Close -White music

simonr wrote:

Corrected ... Morel rmx

Lovely tune

Apparently only a depeche mode track couldn't be licensed. Which one I wonder?

https://geo-news.beatport.com/en/how-jo … ting-more/

Homegrove wrote:

Then it turns out that it was Mouth to Mouth after all.

Interesting. It's on the new Alan Fitzpatrick Fabric cd too.

Superb – this one is an absolute belter:

Even Uncle John is doing the old 'don't give out the track listing, so you can bump it later'....

disgraceful tactics smile


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Apparently Prince didn't allow YouTube to put his videos up.

Musical genius IMO

Many thanks Iffy, very nice rework

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Nice one JP enjoyed it smile

Cheers mate!


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I miss the days I could just wear these every day. None of this 'work shoes / going out shoes / sports shoes' rubbish...


This is fantastic. Loving part 3 especially, sounds great in his transitions mix.

The C-Jay mix this week is excellent, very northern exposure-esque...

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/transitions … 016-04-08/