Amps wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:

Now your talking - always loved this absolute beast back in the day:

Would you have had that back at uni?

Yes mate, I'm sure it got whacked on the old turntables a few times...


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Nick Sneddon wrote:
erik.b wrote:

didnt he own Cheeky?

he was also part of Huff and Puff and Dusted iirc

yep - basically anything on that label was his. Went under loads of other names too, most of his 'Rollo Goes' stuff is great

Now your talking - always loved this absolute beast back in the day:

smallman1 wrote:

Here's my review - It's fcuking mustard.

Thread closed!

Looks top notch as per.

I'll be giving it the proverbial whirl later

Cheers Matt.

Yeah I love 'Flesh', it just seemed to fit with the weird vibe!

cheers chaps.

Da Millz - yes, the 'manifesto' tune is a belter...

jules72 wrote:

Sounds good JP

Cheers mate, I was quite pleased with it

Here's my entry for the Decoded Magazine Mix of The Month for July.

I tried to find the weirdest, trippiest tracks i could, but still keep a groove going. Hope you enjoy the trip down Fury road...

01. ‘Fury road’ – Sample from Mad Max
02. ‘A thought in mind (intro mix)’ – Danny Olivera
03. ‘Danza inquieta’ – Taster Peter
04. ‘Papageno 30 years later’ – Kolsch, War industry
05. ‘Everything we lost (Eric Volta’s doldinger’s revenge mix)’ – BOg
06. ‘Rekonektion’ – Danny Olivera
07. ‘Manifesto’ – My favourite robot
08. ‘Lost taxi (Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit remix)’ – Dosem
09. ’Stardust’ – BOg
10. ‘Ramesses’ – Shai T
11. ’Stabs’ – Leo Janeiro, Sonic Future
12. 'Flesh' – Rich Lane
13. ‘Fury road’ – Sample from Mad Max


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MattBlack wrote:

No Manchester shows, disappointed in that

apart from the one on december 5th/6th?

would be well up for that - waiting for ticket details...

All three CDs are top quality, but as mentioned the third one is absolutely bang on.

Funnily enough I bought the package and listened to all the tracks individually first, and thought it sounded a bit monotonous. How wrong was I. There's the mark of a great dj right there - the mix is much more than the sum of its parts. The digweed magic touch does it again.

erik.b wrote:

Cracking  mix JP

Many thanks mate, much appreciated

cheers shaun.

and yes, big up to erik – top job!

“Heat” – Summer 2015 mixed by J.P Sykes

The weather is certainly hotting up, and so is the music that’s around at the moment. Here’s some of my favourite tunes of the summer so far, including a remix of a track that is appropriately from the classic film ‘Heat’, and a great remix from the board's own Erik B. Enjoy…

01. ‘Anatomic’ – Max Cooper
02. ‘Force marker (Jaap Lightart unofficial remix)’ – Brian Eno
03. ‘Shaeen’ – Lahar
04. ‘Bla’ – Finnebassen
05. ‘The big beach’ – LaPietra, Micah
06. ‘Osiris’ – Marc Romboy
07. ‘Reflections’ – La Fleur
08. ‘Rising tide’ – Black 8
09. ‘Julia’ – Bruno Caro
10. ’Down for whatever’ – Citizenn
11. ’You are’ – Citizenn
12. ‘4th bell (Henry Saiz remix)’ – Eekoo, Flowers & sea creatures
13. ‘Can heaven wait ((Jaap Lightart edit)’ – Luther Vandross vs MK
14. ‘Dancing in the rain’ – Lonya
15. ‘Venus (Erik Bruce remix)’ – Silinder
16. ‘Northland (Analog edit)’ – Microtrauma
17. ‘Bassporn (Guy Mantzur remix)’ – Robert Babicz
18. ‘Let’s prance (Art dept & Blud remix)’ – Aprohead
19. ‘The good way’ – Dosem, Supernova
20. ‘The border’ – Ian O’Donovan
21. ‘Buffalo’ – Robert Babicz


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Chemmies currently smashing it. Visuals are great too, imagine being off your box in that crowd


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An 8 pager on Man bags.

Uncle John will be proud...


Current faves: Bronson (or it's derivative – Charles), Beak (a.k.a Beaker), Bugle, Chang, Blow, Nosebag.

I've always enjoyed 'Columbian Marching Powder' as a longer, more expressive terminology.


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This clip sounds pretty 'avin' it...

too late - it's gone!


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roberto wrote:

Going in for one.... hold tight for feedback.

They're actually drinkable. And cheap. Which is nice.


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Yes – Jaeger it is, love it.

I haven't got round to the 'bord mix yet, its next on my list. If the rest of it is anything like that Posthuman track i'm in for a right royal treat!


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another cracking mix Mr. Mills, top show.

what's the track around 25 mins? 'kin storming...

You're right, festival sets are normally gash – full of 'party' tunes. This one is no exception.

Couldn't agree more Dermo, it's absolutely shocking.

RIP groove? Come on chaps, now you're just taking the piss...


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Just had an 'interesting' pint of 'born to die' in brewdog, in Bristol. Usually hit the kronenberg at home for a standard cooking lager, but it's impossible to get pissed no matter how many you have. Usually have Peroni when it's on tap, Star at a push.