Yep, I'm in.

Great idea, really enjoyed it last year, there were some cracking mixes.

Unbroken1 wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

They keep them in their mums garage, eh Jim wink wink.

..sad but true.

Folks always seem to bleat about how vinyl should never be sold etc., and yet I'll bet most don't have any records, or a means to play them anywhere nearby.. all are in boxes in Mum's spare room/loft/garage etc.

He's said he's keeping the ones that are important to him... he's presumably lived without the rest of the collection for a while without pining for them, let someone else enjoy 'em IMO.

Ha ha – spot on, all my vinyl is in my mother's garage in Yorkshire!

My exclusive set for Old Skool Radio's Halloween house party, a suitably dark progressive classics mix... … n-darkprog

01. 'My love (ambient drops)' - collapse
02. 'Love me now' - secret knowledge
03. 'Crazyman' - blast
04. 'Change (fathers of sound sunset vocal remix)’ - daphne
05. 'A prayer to the music (cecere reconstruction)’ - Marco Polo
06. 'Bullet (bitten)’ - fluke
07. '36 (tilt's hydravox mix)' - tilt
08. 'Panoramic shuffle (who gotcha car mix)' - deep piece
09. 'I can't stop (parrot trance)’ - mellow mellow
10. 'Fluid (108 grand, mad and messy mix)' - marine boy
11. 'Discorder' - Havana
12. 'Phoenix’ - Evolution
13. 'Sacred cycles' - pete lazonby


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smallman1 wrote:

JP I shall be giving this a whirl fo shizzle.

Hold tight for feedback!

Oh I will be holding tighter than a gnats chuff Smalls!


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cheers lads, enjoy.

Smashy - it was your recommendation on the the lord of the isles track, cheers for that!


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nice one chief, will hold tight for feedback smile


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Lots of quality music out there at the moment, here's a mix from me featuring the likes of John Digweed, Guy J and Henry Saiz. Enjoy...

01. 'Am I awake?' - John digweed & nick muir
02. 'Moon observations (Henry saiz remix)' - David Douglas
03. 'Blue shadow (guy gerber remix)' - chaim
04. 'Anubis (tentacle remix)' - Henry saiz
05. 'Tempus' - Mano le tough
06. 'A call from within (sub-ann remix)' - Maher Daniel
07. 'A call from within (Martin buttrich remix)' - Maher Daniel
08. 'Co2o (6 mins)' - lord of the isles
09. 'Contemplation' - ejeca
10. 'Kettle ' - ejeca
11. 'Lonely colour' - guy j
12. 'Paradise' - Vince Watson
13. 'Sky (Daniel avery remix)' - audion
14. 'First line' - John digweed & nick muir
15. 'Metanoia (pig & dan remix)' - Eric sneo
16. 'Imaginarium' - Herban catteneo & guy j
17. 'Tunnels (bicep remix)' - sisterhood
18. 'Phoenix' - evolution

One of my (and Amps') good friend from uni is on here, Nick Craddock. Very we'll deserved, top quality dj

Cracking mix, a lovely smooth ride down memory lane...

smashdad wrote:

Enjoyed that mate - thank you for sharing.

No worries, cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it

millsy23 wrote:

Have to say that Marcus, Kev and J.P have excelled themselves this week on here. All three of their retrospective mixes have been out of the top drawer and won't be leaving my phone's music folder for a very long time. Thanks for the trips down memory lane chaps.

Cheers Millsy, glad you enjoyed it. I will deffo check out Marcus and kev's mixes too.

'Thanks for the memories' would be a good name for a mix though!

Ha ha - cheers mate!

They really don't make 'em like that any more!

Cheers chaps, hope you enjoy smile

Here's my first exclusive mix for my residency on Old Skool Radio - … -september

I've pulled out all my old favourites from back in the day, loads of great memories from Ark, Bowlers, Back 2 Basics, Renaissance, Hard Times... those were the days. Very nice of Sir John to warm up for me! smile

Tune in on Halloween night for exclusive mixes from all the residents:

01. ‘Water from a vine leaf (Tripswitch remix, intro)’ - William Orbit
02. ‘Feel what you want' – Kristine W
03. 'Let your body be free' - Volcano

04. 'The mighty ming' - Brothers love dubs

05. 'De Niro' – Disco evangelists

06. 'Heartbreaker' - Key largo

07. 'My dance' - Ransom

08. 'Skelph' - Harri

09. 'Advances' - Suggestive

10. 'Givin' you no rest' - E-lustrious

11. 'Slumberland' - Solitaire Gee

12. 'Ethic prayer' - Havana

13. 'Buruchaca' - Mukka

14. 'Buruchaca (Apollo 440 remix)' - Mukka

15. 'Blade runner' - Remake

16. 'Sugar daddy' - Secret knowledge

17. 'One earth beat (Dream of life mix)' - Dum dum

18. 'Dunne (Alternative mix)' - Espirial

19. 'Everybody is somebody(Just believe mix)' - Flipped out

20. 'Freeflow (Hit mix)' - Dreamhouse

Pm me for details...

stylustrouble wrote:

James Lavelle has been consistently awful over the years.

This. Saw Lavelle at Ultra @ winter music conference in Miami about 10 years ago, and he was utterly shocking. I had to wait for sasha and john, so was trapped in a horrific basketball arena with a load of 18 year old yanks with glow sticks. Awful.

Track list looks good, will give it a whirl

GregWhelan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

AC/DC at The O2 a few years ago.

Electronic wise - Daft Punk at Hyde Park.

Both tremenballs.

being the old fucker that i am i saw daft punk at the astoria in 1996.

orbital at the allly pally mount universe nye 1996 was a rum do.

but nothing beats lilo thomas at the hammesmith odeon 1986...except perhaps everything, everything everything .

i remember being at some do, fuck knows where, waiting for kraftwerk who hadnt played in the uk for about a thousand years...and being bored shitless...1997/8....mount universe/creamfields???

armand van heldon at the battersea power station was terrrible in about 97, he played the' funk phenomina 'for 2 and three quarter hours.

Didnt Kraftwerk play Tribal Gathering at Luton Hoo in 1996? Amazed theres been no other festivals there, its just as good as Knebworth IMO

Yes I was there, but it was 1997 - didn't listen to much of kraftwerk to be honest, you could hardly get in the tent.

Great festival though, sasha and john b2b, blue amazon live, orbital, daft punk, way out west, fluke, garnier etc.

Most of my mates ended up in the medical tent though, it was like Vietnam in there...

Hodgy wrote:

Must admit John Paul the bleepy section nearly lost me (as per Shaun's thoughts) but then you brought it back mate and there's some fucking superb music on this one.  Good work, will be giving it another go next week on the train.

Cheers 'Odgefather glad you enjoyed it. I'll stay away from bleeps next time... smile

Sounds like John saw the thread on Renaissance anniversary! Great commentary at the start from Sir John... … 9-09-2014/

Wow - cheers for the in-depth feedback Strudders, much appreciated!

The vocal track is Niconé & Sascha Braemer feat Limon - Tell Me, and the one at 1 hr 21 is probably one of my favourites tracks this year so far - Uner - undisclosed.

I appreciate not everyone is into the deeper stuff, but my tastes have mellowed a bit with old age! Good to bang it out a bit at the end too though! smile

Cheers again for the comments, nice one, and glad you enjoyed it. It's good to know some people do listen to my mixes apart from me!

shaunstrudwick wrote:

just started listening to this - liking what i'm hearing so far

Great stuff, cheers mate - much appreciated.


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Amps wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I heard it for the first time around the year 2000. I'm so sorry…

Yeah, didn't hear it until about 98, in JPs house if I remember correctly. Fell in love with CD2 straight away.

Yes mate, I think it was at my house - you introduced me to dj shadow and hardkiss, so I guess we're even!

Like many other people, I was into hardcore when it came out, so going to Bowlers and listening to Sy, Slipmatt etc. I went round my mates house one night and he had bought a new album, which he said was the best mix he'd ever heard.

I took one look at it and thought - firstly why is it on cd (we only listened to bootleg mixes on tape) and secondly why is he listening to pop music (it had m-people on it)

I generally took the piss out of him, but he sat me down, put cd1 on very loud and said "just listen". When "song of life" finally kicked in, that was pretty much it for me.

Haven't looked back since...

Nope, afraid not. I am here for prog credentials only...

It was heavy, I'll give you that. Only one arrest, so did quite well really...