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Grant wrote:

Denver's defence is pretty tasty mind. Having said that Newton and co battered Arizona's defence.

Denver are 2-1 on Betfair, might stick £20 on that to make it vaguely more interesting for me

True - Demarcus Ware annihilated Brady in the last game, but Cam is a different proposition entirely.

Should be a good match, looking forward to it


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This is Cam's year surely.

Check out the comments on FB, looks like Loopy is lining him up already...

poirot wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:
poirot wrote:

haha i cant understand what there's to make a doco about?

Also has anyone else noticed the entire thing has been deleted off the OP website?

Is this it?


Not your best work JP. What was it?

Yeah, fair enough! 'Searching for Sugarman' – good docu.

Unlike this one, which will consist of Barry Jamieson doing all the work whilst Alex watches on...

poirot wrote:

haha i cant understand what there's to make a doco about?

Also has anyone else noticed the entire thing has been deleted off the OP website?

Is this it?


They're not messing around with this release - £80 gets you:


MG wrote:

First up, apologies to JP Sykes for only just getting around to checking his mix at the weekend!

Some fantastic music on there - it says a lot that there was only one track on there that I didn't care for! Well put together too

Put in some storming laps on Forza 6 as a result!

Good opportunity to plug the 2015 page (my 'Mix Three' is on there as well, mid-2000's business!) - going to check some more over the coming days https://soundcloud.com/groups/bedrock-f … -swap-2015

No problem mate, glad it helped the lap times!

Cheers for the mix for me too, always nice to revisit some noughties muscular power prog...

Sounds interesting...

http://serialgk.com/2016/01/28/sasha-sc … ght-tales/

smashdad wrote:

That Naveen warm-up was ok - raises an mildly interesting point... (!)

In the same way that a bad warm-up can leave the headliner with a lot of work to do, a half-decent warm-up can be (almost by definition) 'retrospectively' turned into a great warm-up if the subsequent DJ builds on it and goes on to knock it out of the park.  Thus it's difficult to make a final judgement on this Naveen set without the context of how Digweed immediately followed it...

Very good point. You need to hear the finale to judge the warm up. I loved this set, could almost imagine where john took it, but the point is it was interesting enough without going too far.

Had this one of his on today, another effing superb set up for mr Howells this time
https://soundcloud.com/naveen-g/naveen- … e-dec-2015

Always appreciate a quality warm-up set, takes real skill and resisting temptation to go too much too soon. Danny Howells and Lee Burridge being masters of it.

Great example recently, Naveen G's warm up for Sir John at Output. Absolute masterclass and he obviously takes the job very seriously – quote and link below:

"There's a number of different approaches that i find effective when it comes to opening sets and my previous sets with Digweed have been more of maintaining a slow simmer in the crowd and having a push/pull feel with the energy of the room. I've always planned in a few longer stretches of ambience or musical interludes to provide contrast and to explore musical side routes that you don't get to hear in a typical set.

This set is none of that. Fully expecting a weeknight crowd to be amped and ready to go just two days before New Years, i gathered my chug-a-thon tracks (yes, thats my mp3 description), edited out most of the breakdowns, and tried to keep the music on an ever upwards climb without ever boiling over. And the Xone DB4, while it may have its own sound quality issues, is a beast of a creative tool. I can see why Digweed uses it, as it forces me to pull mine out of its case, and get deep into it."

https://soundcloud.com/naveen-g/naveen- … ember-2015

As an absolute polar opposite, I read about a chap 'warming up' for Diggers at an after party in Australia recently, who handed the hospital pass to John by finishing with the Bog remix of Emerald...

smashdad wrote:
Gillactico wrote:

Thanks for all the positive comments and feedback acknowledging the weeks of effort it took to carefully arrange and mix this by key to create a retrospective musical journey for your listening pleasure roll

Innit mate...

I couldn't agree more but be aware, based on my experience, there are some on here who may now attempt to ridicule you for posting that...

I would say if you're doing mixes to get feedback from this rabble you're doing them for the wrong reason - and expecting people to appreciate your mix's harmonic qualities is never going to happen, trust me. 

But collectively we've all become spoilt cunts - click a link, listen for two hours and move on - some people feel so fucking entitled they even moan if they can't download to listen as it suits them - and when it's heard and finished they move on - why else do you think my latest series of mixes is called 'Short Shelf Life' - I've posted nine of them on here in the last five months and I've had feedback from precisely four people!

There's half a dozen or so people who post mixes on here and seem to try and listen to others and feedback when they have - a small handful who don't post their own mixes but will listen and feedback and countless dozens of others who are serial hit-and-run merchants.

FWIW, I've enjoyed the first 20 minutes or so of your mix and I'll do the rest of it tomorrow...  smile

Amen to that brother!

I do try and comment on the mixes from here I listen to, as I know it can be a bit demoralising sticking a mix up and zero feedback whatsoever!

To be honest I listen to two new mixes every day from a variety of sources, quite a lot from here. It would be tricky commenting on everyones I suppose. Ones that blow me away I always try to – Millsy's for example.

Don't really mind who's on warm up duties - JD Easter bedrock - I'm in

smashdad wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:

My mix for MG... Thought i’d do something a bit different this year, so its a bit slower / funkier / vocally / weirder than my usual prog-a-thon. Merry xmas & happy new year one and all.


Quality mate - right up my alley - couple of lovely reminders and plenty more I need to track down - just what you want

Good stuff mate, glad you enjoyed.

I had yours on the other day, I haven't listened to a d&b mix for about 15 years and I loved it mate - quality.


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Best digweed mix cd?

Northern exposure of course


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dont know if this is legit, as it doesn't seem to be announced yet, but this is knocking around social media:


It’s apparently the most depressing day of the year, so thought i’d beat the Monday blues with a new mix. Bit of a banging club type set to blow the cobwebs off a bit. Enjoy…

’Blue Monday’ – January 2016 mix


01. ‘Teneramente’ – Nicolas Masseyeff
02. ‘Rotundo’ – Finnebassen
03. ‘Technicolour boogie’ – Carlo Lio
04. ‘Psyche’ – Wehbba
05. ‘Zulu (Pan Pot remix)’ – Stephan Bodzin
06. ‘IX (Victor Ruiz remix)’ – Stephan Bodzin
07. ‘Response tactic’ – Ramon Tapia
08. ‘Wir (Edu Imbernon & Coyu remix)’ – Stephan Bodzin
09. ‘Shaiva (Guy J remix)’ – DJ Nukem & Chab
10. ‘Twist & shout (Marc Mitchell remix)’ – Quivver
11. ‘Techno trance (Cid Inc remix)’ – D-Shake
12. ‘No judgement (Ian O’Donovan instrumental)’ – Fabrice Lig
13. ‘BBC’ – Nick Curly
14. ‘Exodus’ – Mark Reeve
15. ‘K185’ – Dubspeeka
16. ‘Aquatonic (Alberto Ruiz remix)’ – John Digweed & Nick Muir
17. ‘Harpe’ – Kenton Slash Demon



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MattBlack wrote:
steelydan wrote:
Homegrove wrote:


https://soundcloud.com/sasha-bpm-festiv … 016-mexico

Sound quality isn't the best, but the tunes actually sound pretty good. Expect it to be taken down soon, that usually happens to Sasha-sets in Soundcloud that weren't put up by him.

EDIT: This actually sounds like the best set I've heard from him since last year's BPM where he had to improvise.

best set I've heard from him in ages. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPower!!!

I read somewhere this set was recorded for a forthcoming LNOE podcast

I hope so, the sound quality is awful but it's a pretty banging set.

I think sasha is more suited to harder music, his deep sets just bore me rigid.

Diggers on the other hand is the master of keeping a deeper set interesting.


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He's done London so probably not fabric. Output maybe - Live in Brooklyn?


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Teaser on Sir John's Instagram:

It's got to be Stereo surely?

Absolute monster evening - 5th birthday. Best night I had in 3 years at uni I reckon.

Seen as we are doing this, here's the link for proof of the power:
https://soundcloud.com/shane-batt/john- … e-feel-5th

Amps wrote:

I've had a couple tonight J.P., so I'm going to go there...

j.p sykes wrote:

Spent most of my student evenings spangled in that place. The Diggers night being a particular highlight. The glory days...

Probably the greatest night out I've ever had. Proper menthol from start to finish.

I think I may have already said this...

I liked the booth at Feel at Preston Uni - it was an atrium, so the dj was high up and a few levels below was the dance floor.

Spent most of my student evenings spangled in that place. The Diggers night being a particular highlight. The glory days...

Yeah, really enjoyed this Zackster – lush techno

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
zackster wrote:

here you are boys. a very rare item indeed. being pared with a selector of millsy's quality forced me to dig into the archives for this long lost gem.

https://soundcloud.com/zacharymatthews/ … town-disk1

25 minutes in and this is boss. Really boss. Although, I've had to turn it off because I'm in season and I need to attend to the missus. Ah em.

Yeah, my first decks were Technics belt drives – had a tiny wheel for pitch control. Almost impossible to beat match with, but directs seemed like a breeze after that.

erik.b wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:
Ger_Stokes wrote:

My first setup, made 2 fade mixer and a set of jd systems belt drives.

Learning to beat mix the hard way on those decks. Nightmare.


my Soundlabs were belt drives as well iirc

Technics felt like 'sync' after those - lol

My first pair were Ariston 1200's. Belt drives with a rotary pitch control +/- 5%...... awful turntables but taught me lots

poirot wrote:

Got a few stories myself from after parties and sasha having his bottom lip out.

I'll always remember Tyrant at Fabric years ago, Sasha gets on the decks after Craig and takes it up a few notches. They have a massive visible argument in the booth and Sasha storms off. I think that was the end of Sasha's involvement with Tyrant.

I was well pissed off, I'd been looking forward to the gig for months.


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Lost my mind first time I heard this on gu: Ibiza