roberto wrote:

Thanks lads, enjoyed this yesterday...

Cheers Roberto!

smashdad wrote:

Listened last night - thoroughly enjoyed both hours

Nice one mate, thank very much!

simeon79 wrote:

Amazing mixes... Well done guys:-)

Many thanks mate


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Few more ID's coming through now, added to ones earlier mentioned:

Can't find a Youtube link for this one: … -earth-010

liquitech1 wrote:

..thanks for having me, JP. Just resurfacing properly after a heavy weekend. Will get on the full show this evening cool

No worries at all mate, massive thanks for the cracking guest mix...

shaunstrudwick wrote:

nice that Saraga freebie smile

defo gonna check the show out again in full JP

It is mate!

Thanks for tuning in the other night, glad you enjoyed it

Here’s my latest ‘Conversations’ radio show from last weekend on Saturo Sounds, featuring a superb guest mix from the board's very own Liquitech. … turosounds


with Liquitech

01. James Hadfield, Danny Linton – ‘Soak (Axel Boman Dubb)’
02. Crowdkillers – ‘Night (Philipp Ort Remix)’
03. Paul Hardy – ‘Ninja Slipper (Sasse Remix)’
04. Guy Gerber, Deniz Kurtel – ‘Here Comes The Rain’
05. Way Out West – ‘Tuesday Maybe (I:Cube's Sunrise Remix)’
06. Aril Brikha, Chymera – ‘Nihari’
07. Martinet – ‘Tumble Down (ThermalBear Remix)’
08. Ataneus – ‘Aquamarine (Aike Remix)’
09. Valano, George Absent – ‘Thunderball’
10. Gonzalo – ‘Lines & Curves (Moonface Remix)’
11. The Shamen – ‘Boss Drum (The Shamen 12' Mix)’

and John-Paul Sykes

01. ’It happened one night (intro mix)’ – Chicola & Sahar Z
02. ‘Rain’ – Quentin, John Talabot, Marc Pinol
03. ‘Lust is zonde’ – Namajarita
04. ‘A headphone odyssee (Pedrada edit)’ – Stephan Bodzin vs Henrik Schwarz vs Dixon
05. ‘Odisea 2444’ – Dee Montero
06. ‘A kind of light’ – BOg
07. ‘X & Y’ – Navar & Mononoid
08. ‘Alba’ – Dimitri Nakov & Dee Montero
09. ’Til the end’ – Saraga


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Classics-wise, he played platform - freaky chakra and the gai barone remix of push - universal nation.

He also played trigonometry, don't think he did track 10 thank god


Geoff has now swiftly deleted his post, funnily enough.

He also chimed in on a thread started by a mate of mine:

" just for the record guys it wasn't sour grapes... simply an opinion expressed that it could have been stronger had it been renaissance... i spoke to sasha about this yesterday and wish them the best of luck... and happily offered my thoughts on how to make it a success with Ultra..."

Looks like it's a global tour...

"We are thrilled to announce Sasha & John Digweed for the RESISTANCE Ultra Worldwide Tour, spanning eleven countries this year!

Including their 6-week exclusive RESISTANCE Ibiza summer residency at PRIVILEGE IBIZA..."

Well hello there...

Superb. I'm all over this - always look forward to an unbroken mix … stoph-edit … love-nic-1

looks great, will get on this ASAP

There's a pre-party at The Old Red Bus Station down the road, 6-10pm. Thermal Bear & Ian Dillon on the decks...

Nice one, me too – should be a good do

Anyone going to this? … /12881326/

Here’s my latest ‘Conversations’ radio show on Saturo Sounds, featuring a cracking guest mix from the DJ, Producer & Co Founder of Hush Hush – In the Mix Since 76. … turosounds


with In the Mix Since 76

No t/l yet...

and John-Paul Sykes

01. ’Heal’ – Third Son
02. ‘She’s bitter’ – Chaim
03. ‘Rita’s E (Elliot Adamson remix)’ – Eats Everything
04. ‘Ocean’ – 2 Rare People
05. ‘Get real (Robot ’84 main mix)’ – Paul Rutherford
06. ‘Luna’ – Steve Parry
07. ’Trigonal (SEQU3I remix)’ – Third Son
08. ‘Secret door (Cid Inc. remix)’ – Peter Martin
09. ‘Unite (Feed on digital remix)’ – Blue Amazon
10. ‘Gatex (Balthazar & JackRock edit)’ – Umek

cracking show as always, some great music played by all

smallman1 wrote:

An hour and 15 mins in and this is superb.

Really great stuff.

Cheers Smalls!

cheers chaps, much appreciated

smallman1 wrote:

Is this show a combo of top top bants and chug?

Indeed – a winning combo...

feelikaspew miteneedaputu wrote:

good stuff jp - both t/l's look tasty

Nice one, cheers mate