smashdad wrote:

Thought it was an appropriate time to resuscitate an old, OLD, thread - a few folk on here might remember some half-decent chat-room banter sessions whilst listening to decent music on a few years back - well, John Paul Sykes has very generously asked me to take up half of his two hour session for Saturo Sounds on this coming Saturday evening from 9pm - seemed like a good enough reason to drag this sorry old thread back to the surface and invite all and sundry to click the link below and join in...

Click here from 9pm GMT on Saturday...

Nice work Kev and massive thanks for the guest mix.

Should be a great evening of beats & bantz so get involved people...

Cheers mate - Nick's hero is Jeff Mills, so you can see the influence!

For anyone who is interested - I have a feeling this months 'conversation' is going to be pretty special too... It's on next Saturday 23rd July here:

Hard to find a favourite scene, I could have posted the entire film, but here we go. Chevy - legend.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

was a good couple of hours this chief - thanks smile

cheers mate, thanks for the support!

Nice one mate – sounded great on the night, so will be d/loading for sure!

‘Conversations’ 01 with John-Paul Sykes and Nick Craddock

'Conversations' is my new monthly radio slot for Saturo Sounds radio. The idea behind the show is to ask one of my favourite DJ’s to do a guest mix, which I use as inspiration for my set. For my first Conversation, the name at the top of my list of people to ask was an old friend of mine and Gateway to Zen resident, Nick Craddock.

Here's Nick's techno-tastic guest mix: … ock-saturo

01. Nick Rapaccioli 'Panna'
02. Ric Y Martin 'Sini Est'
03. Question '6th Question'
04. Plastic 'Most Unusual (Inner State)'
05. Planetary Assault Systems 'Twelve'
06. The Parallel 'Interface'
07. Stanislav Tolkachev 'Simple As A Miracle'
08. Four Legs 'Aguirre'
09. Jeff Mills 'Fly Guy'
10. Bandulu 'Serial Operations'
11. Steve O'Sullivan 'Special Edition'
12. Octave One 'Modernism'
13. Chris McCormack 'One Day I'll Fly Away'
14. Dorisburg 'Splade'
15. Mark Broom 'Lost Message'
16. Carsten Jost 'Pink'
17. Ryan James Ford 'Lidya Birkett'
18. Efdemin 'Decay'
19. Roman Flugel 'Occult Levitation'

This is my 'reply' to Nick's fantastic mix: … kes-saturo

01. ‘Psika (Alva Noto remodel)’ – Dusty Kid
02. ‘Eago’ – Ruede Hagelstein
03. ‘Moments (Ruede Hagelstein remix) – Flo MRZDK, Disha
04. ’Sun’ – Eagles & Butterflies
05. ‘Mustafa’ – Luna Semera
06. ’Trouble at the seance (Kolsch remix)’ – Damien Lazurus & the ancient moons
07. ‘Overflow (Diego Tuazon & Jimmy Van M experimental remix)’ – Revy
08. ‘The end’ – Len Faki, Regal
09. ‘Mouth to mouth (C2’s ending credits remix)’ – Audion
10. ‘The end’ – Len Faki, Regal (Outro)

dutchy101 wrote:

On a second listen again now. Same scenario but can have it a bit louder this time. Ace

Nice one - pump it up homeboy!

dutchy101 wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:

Always been an old favourite of mine, probably most of my favourite tunes of all time in here: … thms-by-jp

“Fascinating rhythms” mixed by J.P Sykes
1. “Little Bullet (Dum dum mix)” – Spooky
2. “Little Bullet (Part 1)” – Spooky
3. “Little Bullet (High velocity mix)” – Spooky
4. “Talk to me (sasha’s full music master remix)” – Hysterix
5. “Are you satisfied? (The tao of def remix)” – The Daou
6. “Higher ground” – Sasha
7. “I’m free (Leftfield dub)” – Morgan King
8. “Groovy beat” – D.O.P
9. “High & dry” – Havanna
10. “Eterna” – Slam
11. “Want me, love me (F.O.S love guitar mix)” – Justine
12. “Direct me (Sasha’s 3am drop mix)” – The Reese Project
13. “Tranceillusion” – VFR
14. “Love stimulation” – Humate

Listening to this right now with a massive Hendricks and tonic overlooking the pool at my apartment complex in Mallorca. Briliant, brilliant mix mate. Tipping a generous gin your way.

Marvellous work chap. Exactly the way this mix should be heard.

Henry Rindhoops wrote:

A trip down memory lane for me at work tomorrow morning then. Ta JP.

I will also tabulate this euphoric journey by means of an Excel spreadsheet, with minutes along the top and BPM down the side. Anything less than an ascent from an equivalent mean sea level to the summit of Everest, and I will be very disappointed. You have been warned, JP.

I hope I can live up to your high expectations. If I fail, I will banish myself to the Orkney islands for some pretty heavy reflection...

As I recently hit 10,000 plays on Soundcloud, thought I would dig out some classic tracks from my clubbing heyday... A sort of progressive / trance fusion, these tunes bring back great memories from cream, renaissance, bedrock, feel and gatecrasher. … s-jp-sykes

01. ‘Seven cities (Solarstone’s ambient dub mix)’ – Solarstone
02. ‘At Les’ – Carl Craig
03. ‘At Les (Christian Smith’s tronic treatment remix)’ – Carl Craig
04. ‘Ocean Wave (Expressive Club Mix)’ – Aurosonic, Marcie, Morphing Shadows
05. ‘Eugina (Pacific diva)’ – Salt tank
06. ‘Twelve (Dousk remix)’ – Tilt
07. ‘Love stimulation (Tom Middleton remix)’ – Humate
08. ‘Heaven to heaven (Nutribe delta dub)’ – Fade
09. ‘First light’ – Ogenki clinic
10. ‘Waah! (Evolution remix)’ – Pob
11. ‘Compass error’ – Atlas
12. ‘Seduction of Orpheus (Tarentella vs Redanka remix)’ – Tilt
13. ‘The Baguio track (Saeed & Palash remix)’ – Luzon
14. ‘FLOORI.D.A’ – Rabbit in the moon

had this on last night, it's superb


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Terrific mix, loved it

Proper belly laughs all round - thread of the year contender

Ok Loopy you win this thread.

I was going to tell the tale of my mental ex who after we split up, moved in to the house across the road and used to shine lasers into my window, but after that masterpiece I won't bother...




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all over this, looking forward to it

Self explanatory really...


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erik.b wrote:

Really good mix this JP, thoroughly enjoyed it

Cheers chief


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:
jules72 wrote:

JP up 3 places to number 7 after this mix smile

Very enjoyable mate.

Ha ha – cheers boss!

et tu, Brute?

Sorry Strudders – all is fair in love & war eh?

May the best DJ win! smile


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jules72 wrote:

JP up 3 places to number 7 after this mix smile

Very enjoyable mate.

Ha ha – cheers boss!

V. nice mix mate, really enjoyed that

simeon79 wrote:

my all time favourite breakbeat tracks....a tribute to the Northern Exposure sound. 2 decks and Denon DNS cd for feedback looping. … -of-sound/

1.The Mezzanine byTomas Dvorak
2.2 Bags Of Grass (Reprise) [Dorigen Rec] byLoway
3.Say Shhh! (Circles & Circles Of Sorrow/Intro Edit) [Classic] byOneiro
4.Pool 1 [Zoe Magik] byEssa 3
5.Chronoclasm (Nick Simpson's Portable Mix) [Warp] byRhythm Invention
6.Gently Shifting People (Relisys Mix) [Bedrock O.S 2] byHabersham
7.Acapulco (Q6 Remix) [Hooj Choons] byAphasia
8.These Waves [Zoe Magik] byYoung American Primitive
9.Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Remix) [Jumpin & Pumpin] byFuture Sound Of London
10.Infinite Gentle Blows (Aural Hallucination Mix) [Hardkiss] byGod Within
11.Raincry (Submerged) [Hardkiss] byGod Within
12.Phase 7 [Hardkiss] byRabbit In The Moon

Terrific mix mate, brightened up my morning no end...

Where might I be able to find that Chronoclasm remix? (Nudge nudge!)


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Michael of Norcross wrote:

Love a J.P. mix, some really good tracks on here.

01. ‘Ritual spirit (Motek music remix)’ – Massive Attack

Not heard this, great opening track.

Many thanks mate, much appreciated.

The massive attack remix is lovely – free download here: … ive-attack


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I went a couple of years ago, and it wasn't a patch on what it was like in the mid nineties.

Mind you, neither am I.

Coincidence? I think not


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millsy23 wrote:

The Follower....still gets a bosh from me.

Aye - The Field is top class