200 plays in 5 days is quite good for me, Mr. Dillon's fanbase helps i suppose!

Oh, wishful thinking...

Party at the MoS on October 28th with TBC guests - wasn't that the date Uncle John is apparently playing there?

shaunstrudwick wrote:

defo be downloading JP smile

Nice one, cheers mate

Conversations is my monthly radio slot for Saturo Sounds radio. The idea behind the show is to ask one of my favourite DJ’s to do a guest mix, which I use as inspiration for my set. For my third Conversation, I was delighted to have an exclusive mix from the highly respected up & coming DJ and producer Ian Dillon.

Link here – https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … turosounds

Ian Dillon is a UK based Dj & producer who’s approach to Djing has often been described amongst his peers as unique. A style forged by the influential boxed global underground series and of particular note sasha and john digweed. Ian’s style fuses both of these influences combining dark driving basslines with the ethereal melodies, soundscapes and atmospheric ambience textures. Host of Decoded Magazine's globally syndicated radio show sees Ian present exclusive new music and with guest mixes from the industrys elite. His djing has seen Ian play alongside John Digweed, Guy J, Dave Seaman, Dale Middleton, Ian Ossia, Steve Parry, Soulfinder to name just a few both in the UK & Abroad. His productions and remixes regularly gather support from Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Jimmy Van M, Dale Middleton Cid Inc, John OO Fleming Barry Jamieson. and more.

For more mixes by Ian go to: https://soundcloud.com/i-d-1  and by myself visit: https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes

Find out more: www.saturosounds.com


with Ian Dillon

01 Teho - Drunken Leads [Chapter 24]
02 Walking With Kings - Zart (Original Mix) [white]
03 Luke Santos & George Yammine - Pleasantly Painful (Original Mix) [Global Underground]
04 Third Son - Trigonal (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)  [Selador]
05 Dar & Dor - Zed (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Movement Recordings]
06 Nicko Izzo & Marcelo Vasami - Trigger (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]
07 Oliver Schories - Artik (Third Son Edition) [Chapter 24]
08 Kastis Torrau - Chasing You (Original Mix) [Plattenbank]
09 Anhauser - Tale (Original Mix) [Rules]

and John-Paul Sykes

01. ‘Acid revisited’ – Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan
02. ‘Saphinka (Reude Hagelstein remix)’ – Innellea
03. ’Shambhala’ – Kevin Di Serna
04. ‘Grey matter (Kris Davis remix)’ – Third son
05. ‘Veni, vidi, vici’ – Butch
06. ‘Her’ – Theo Kottis
07. ‘Ani (Dub mix)’ – Sasse
08. ’Soul redeemer (Ian Dillon’s ‘in search of redemption’ remix)’ – Martin Gardoqui, Paul Deep
09. ‘Fire on the moon (Agents of time remix)’ – Sailor & I
10. ‘Klin (Extended mix)’ – Dusty Kid


Looking forward to it mate!

If anyone is interested, my show has just kicked off on the same station - nice warm up for Strudders show!


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Well hello....



Can't wait...

Yant wrote:

Really enjoyed that.  Cheers!

Good stuff, many thanks mate

Finding Dory...


All kicks off at 8pm mate, looking forward to it

furry wrote:

I genuinely had a great time tuning in. Many thanks Jp and Kevin smile

Me too mate, many thanks for getting involved

Many thanks chaps

wrongun wrote:

All over this like a cheap suit

Nice one cartsy - bought my ticket last night

For what it's worth I thought Mark's set was excellent, the perfect warm up.

If you want to hear Smashy and my sets, check out the thread here:

http://www.bedrock.org.uk/socialise/vie … p?id=62548

I shall be there, can't miss Uncle John's return to Brighton

Many thanks Grant & Jamie.

August and September guest mixes are already lined up, theres going to be two cracking shows coming up...

cheers chaps, wicked time had by all. Looking forward to next month already... smile

Many thanks to everyone who tuned in to my 'Conversations' show on Saturo Sounds last night, and big thanks to Smashdad for the superb guest mix. The banter was in full effect, even got a guest appearance from the Hodgefather!

Here is the a link: https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … turosounds


with Kevin Sullivan

01 Ruede Hagelstein - Footprints (Can Love Be Synth remix) [Watergate 2016]
02 Adam Port feat. Jennifer Touch - Working For It [Keinemusik 2016]
03 Aril Brikha & Chymera - Nihari [Connaisseur 2016]
04 CamelPhat - The Quad [Glasgow Underground 2016]
05 dubspeeka - DroneDs7 [Senso Sounds 2016]
06 Einmusik- Glimmer [Deeplomatic 2016]
07 Hannes Rasmus - Kleinste Teilchen [Traum 2015]
08 Public Service Broadcasting - Tomorrow (Copy Paste Soul remix) [Test Card 2016]
09 Locked Groove - Emeralds [Afterlife 2016]
10 Balthazar & JackRock - Tribo [Toolroom 2016]
11 Slick Mick - Spectral Analysis [HS Records 1998]

and John-Paul Sykes

01. ‘Daydreaming (Stereo Underground remake)’ – Radiohead
02. ‘Higher level (Bicep remix)’ – Issac Tichauer
03. ‘Cassiopeia’ – Kolsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach
04. ‘Full circle (Bonobo remix)’ – George Fitzgerald feat. Boxed in
05. ‘Lines (George Fitzgerald remix)’ – Lil Silva
06. ‘Green mountains (Petar Dundov remix)’ – Mitrinique
07. ‘Hallucinate’ – Denney
08. ‘Episode’ – Chymera
09. ‘Chilling moments (Dark soul project remix)’ – Schmuel Flash v.s Robert R. Hardy
10. ‘Tempestad’ – Brian Cid


smashdad wrote:

Thought it was an appropriate time to resuscitate an old, OLD, thread - a few folk on here might remember some half-decent chat-room banter sessions whilst listening to decent music on mixlr.com a few years back - well, John Paul Sykes has very generously asked me to take up half of his two hour session for Saturo Sounds on mixlr.com this coming Saturday evening from 9pm - seemed like a good enough reason to drag this sorry old thread back to the surface and invite all and sundry to click the link below and join in...


Click here from 9pm GMT on Saturday...

Nice work Kev and massive thanks for the guest mix.

Should be a great evening of beats & bantz so get involved people...

Cheers mate - Nick's hero is Jeff Mills, so you can see the influence!

For anyone who is interested - I have a feeling this months 'conversation' is going to be pretty special too... It's on next Saturday 23rd July here:


Hard to find a favourite scene, I could have posted the entire film, but here we go. Chevy - legend.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

was a good couple of hours this chief - thanks smile

cheers mate, thanks for the support!

Nice one mate – sounded great on the night, so will be d/loading for sure!

‘Conversations’ 01 with John-Paul Sykes and Nick Craddock

'Conversations' is my new monthly radio slot for Saturo Sounds radio. The idea behind the show is to ask one of my favourite DJ’s to do a guest mix, which I use as inspiration for my set. For my first Conversation, the name at the top of my list of people to ask was an old friend of mine and Gateway to Zen resident, Nick Craddock.

Here's Nick's techno-tastic guest mix: https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … ock-saturo

01. Nick Rapaccioli 'Panna'
02. Ric Y Martin 'Sini Est'
03. Question '6th Question'
04. Plastic 'Most Unusual (Inner State)'
05. Planetary Assault Systems 'Twelve'
06. The Parallel 'Interface'
07. Stanislav Tolkachev 'Simple As A Miracle'
08. Four Legs 'Aguirre'
09. Jeff Mills 'Fly Guy'
10. Bandulu 'Serial Operations'
11. Steve O'Sullivan 'Special Edition'
12. Octave One 'Modernism'
13. Chris McCormack 'One Day I'll Fly Away'
14. Dorisburg 'Splade'
15. Mark Broom 'Lost Message'
16. Carsten Jost 'Pink'
17. Ryan James Ford 'Lidya Birkett'
18. Efdemin 'Decay'
19. Roman Flugel 'Occult Levitation'

This is my 'reply' to Nick's fantastic mix: https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/convers … kes-saturo

01. ‘Psika (Alva Noto remodel)’ – Dusty Kid
02. ‘Eago’ – Ruede Hagelstein
03. ‘Moments (Ruede Hagelstein remix) – Flo MRZDK, Disha
04. ’Sun’ – Eagles & Butterflies
05. ‘Mustafa’ – Luna Semera
06. ’Trouble at the seance (Kolsch remix)’ – Damien Lazurus & the ancient moons
07. ‘Overflow (Diego Tuazon & Jimmy Van M experimental remix)’ – Revy
08. ‘The end’ – Len Faki, Regal
09. ‘Mouth to mouth (C2’s ending credits remix)’ – Audion
10. ‘The end’ – Len Faki, Regal (Outro)