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Hodgy wrote:

Must admit John Paul the bleepy section nearly lost me (as per Shaun's thoughts) but then you brought it back mate and there's some fucking superb music on this one.  Good work, will be giving it another go next week on the train.

Cheers 'Odgefather glad you enjoyed it. I'll stay away from bleeps next time... smile

Sounds like John saw the thread on Renaissance anniversary! Great commentary at the start from Sir John...

http://mixing.dj/2014/livesets/sasha-jo … 9-09-2014/

Wow - cheers for the in-depth feedback Strudders, much appreciated!

The vocal track is Niconé & Sascha Braemer feat Limon - Tell Me, and the one at 1 hr 21 is probably one of my favourites tracks this year so far - Uner - undisclosed.

I appreciate not everyone is into the deeper stuff, but my tastes have mellowed a bit with old age! Good to bang it out a bit at the end too though! smile

Cheers again for the comments, nice one, and glad you enjoyed it. It's good to know some people do listen to my mixes apart from me!

shaunstrudwick wrote:

just started listening to this - liking what i'm hearing so far

Great stuff, cheers mate - much appreciated.


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Amps wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

I heard it for the first time around the year 2000. I'm so sorry…

Yeah, didn't hear it until about 98, in JPs house if I remember correctly. Fell in love with CD2 straight away.

Yes mate, I think it was at my house - you introduced me to dj shadow and hardkiss, so I guess we're even!

Like many other people, I was into hardcore when it came out, so going to Bowlers and listening to Sy, Slipmatt etc. I went round my mates house one night and he had bought a new album, which he said was the best mix he'd ever heard.

I took one look at it and thought - firstly why is it on cd (we only listened to bootleg mixes on tape) and secondly why is he listening to pop music (it had m-people on it)

I generally took the piss out of him, but he sat me down, put cd1 on very loud and said "just listen". When "song of life" finally kicked in, that was pretty much it for me.

Haven't looked back since...

Nope, afraid not. I am here for prog credentials only...

It was heavy, I'll give you that. Only one arrest, so did quite well really...

A new one from me, 2 hours of 'summer drops' to warm your cockles on this cold summers day...

Hope you enjoy, any comments / feedback welcome (Hodgy!)

Cheers, JP

Summer 2014 mixed by J.P Sykes


01. ‘Damage done (Silinder remix)’ – Moderat
02. ‘Ice’ – Hunter_Game
03. ‘Rose (Silinder remix)’ – Guy J
04. ‘Captain’ – Hosh & Andhim
05. ‘Joker (Dave DK mix)’ – Gui Boratto
06. ‘Tell me’ – Nicone & Sascha Braemer
07’. Scala’ – Agoria
08. ‘Earth symphony’ – Alex Niggemann
09. ‘Learn to fly (Maceo’s flight home)’ – Odd parents
10. ‘The fourth dimension’ – Mike Griego
11. ‘LFO’ – Uner, Piek
12. ‘Porchlight & rocking chairs (KiNK remix)’ – Jimpster
13. ‘Satisfy (John Talbot alt mix)’ – Bicep
14. ‘Undisclosed’ – Uner
15. 'Careless’ – Dusky
16. ‘Expectations’ – Dusky
17. ‘Love taking over’ – Dusky
18. ‘Materium (Brian Cid extinct private mix)’ – Alex Niggemann
19. ’Summer drops (Uner remix)’ – Monika Kruse
20. ‘Surrounded (Dosem remix)’ – Andre Sobota
21. ‘Chase the link’ – Dosem
22. ‘Conjure balearia’ – Maceo Plex
23. ‘Der late vs It’s you (Dan’s EE edit)’ – Kolsch vs FCL


I agree, great mix


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Cheers Hodgefather, as Smashy said you are one of the few who takes time to comment on mixes, so thanks mate!

This is my kind of thread...

Airwolf - awesome. I thought jane michael vincent was the coolest man on earth growing up:

The man, the machine, Streethawk  - immense firepower...


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Best piano tune of all time IMO - sasha classic...

simonr wrote:

Hope J_Wink is on warmup duty.

He is... guests just been announced:

Josh Wink
Pig & Dan
Spencer Parker
Soul of Noise
Neil Browne

Amps wrote:

Ticket purchased.

Rare outing to the big smoke, it's been a while... now then, drive, train or fly?

You'll certainly be flying later on the evening Coll!


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smallman1 wrote:

100% on chief.

Ed – I'll be at Bedrock with Adam, most likely Tasty will be there as well I imagine...

I would love to grace the Casa Smallman if thats on the cards?

Amps wrote:

Spewing that I didn't get tickets for this... not that any of my mates go clubbing now. Pure billy no mates on the dance floor me sad

Hello mate, I think me, rob and gareth are going - are you up for it? Still seem to be tickets on resident advisor...

Searched years for this tune from an old sasha tape, finally learnt the name and paid £50 off htfr


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Done a few weddings, mostly my clubbing mates. In fact, I djed at Wrongun's who posts on here...

I usually Manage to get a decent mix of classic prog and eighties nu wave and electro, combined with some of the usual cheese for the brides.

As long as you have a late license  you can really start banging it out when the kids / grandparents are tucked up in bed.

Make sure you have a good collection of oasis and shit like that for when everyone is wankered...

klooptheloop wrote:

Thanks for the support pal

Will d/l and have a listen big_smile

Always love your productions mate, hope you enjoy the mix

good stuff, thanks chaps. hope you enjoy...

Beautiful sunny bank holiday weekend, few beers, some great deep sexy grooves. May the 4th be with you...


"The deep" – mixed by JP Sykes

01. ‘In the end' - Drew Hill
02. 'Angels (Phonic Scoupe dub)' - The XX
03. ‘Self-propelled particles (Groj remix)’ – Luftchsloss
04. 'Love mythology (Silinder remix)' - Henry Saiz
05. 'Not over (Henry Saiz remix)' - Elroy
06. 'No other love (Silinder remix)' - Blue Amazon
07. 'Crossfade (Maceo Plex remix) - Gusgus
08. ‘Headlock’ – Terranova
09. ‘PSY’ – Recondite
10. ‘Perplexed (Rødhåd's extended mix)’ – A (Phase)
11. ‘Mama (La Fleur remix)’ – Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham
12. ‘Hours (Smak remix)’ – Tycho
13. ‘Mystery ocean’ – Marc Marzenit
14. ‘Dizzy moments’ – Guy J


I have to say, this is the best mix I've heard on this board for a long, long time.

Stellar work.


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Good man, get involved  and play it loud!

Did the last bedrock but going away at Easter unfortunately. Will have to do drinks soon though, hope all is good mate.


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With the sunny weather coming in, here’s a mix full of the joys of spring to warm your cockles… enjoy.

https://soundcloud.com/jp-sykes/spring- … x-jp-sykes


Spring 2014 mix – J.P Sykes

1. ‘Lonely stars in open skies (Luca Bacchetti endless remix)’ – Maher Daniel, Jon Charris
2. ‘Far north maps (Far south maps remix)’ – Igor Cold
3. ‘Feed (Russ Gabriel remix)’ – Astrid Suryanto, Stelios Vassiloudis
4. ‘Give it up (Alex Nagshineh remix)’ – Bambook
5. ‘Panic pot’ – Neil Browne
6. ‘Man on the moon’ – Florian Meindl
7. ‘Sensual poke (Omid 16b & Alex George rework)’ – Dousk, JMP
8. ‘Ringo (Praveen Achary carousel rework)’ – Joris Voorn
9. ‘Venus transit (Wehbba remix)’ – Robert Babicz
10. ‘Breathe’ – Yann, Madben
11. ‘Offspring (Hollen remix)’ – Solee
12. ‘Summertime sadness (acapella)’ – Lana del Ray
13. ‘Canonical waves’ – Petar Dundov

Amps wrote:
j.p sykes wrote:

no idea what they were, but proper driving, percussive prog.

Proper prog? Like prog used to be? We need IDs people!!!

It was mate, driving beats, intelligent synths - the lot. I thought I was dreaming... I do have video clips, so someone might be able to ID them.