Wow, loads of great feedback (surprise surprise presto chimes in) Not that I expected much else, but at the end of the day these are actually being sold as I have second copies of a lot of them.

I'm selling a chunk of my vinyl collection on ebay, approx 170. Mostly housey and prog from 99-2004ish. The majority is actually from the collection of Marcus James. … 1853081345

christ. talk about shooting youselves in the foot guys. well done


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well that came as a shock. surprised diggers let this carry on.

hopefully we will get some decent mods in but i nominate presto

I agree John - haven't been on here for a while now because of all the dickheads that flood this board. Kinda feel embarrassed you have to come on here and see it to be honest.

Roll on B16!

I see alot of banter here and no posts so im going to pull out one thats a winner i think:

NOT AVAILABLE - ANYWHERE - Never sold on discogs.

that is all.


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..this is so childish !!!, i mean , grown men slinging playground taunts at each other , as if we were back at balliol or Fettes !!!! tut tut !!..

is there really any necessity to mention randy lord Rennard ?, a high ranking party member of the SS lib dems, who does remind me of 'Jack' from 'on the buses' , chancing his arm with the mini skirted clippies, or lib dem female party activists, if you will. at least he has apologised for his 1970' style horseplay With a novelty  9" black rubber 'uber ' cock.

who can forget the gorgeous margret moran !!, lovingly installing her builder 'cum' gardener , Ramon , to tender her ahem, 'flowers' with latin spunk  for a mere £600 a week , kindly donated by the good will of the tax payer..

unfortunately ms moran is now suffering from agoraphobia but i hear manages to bravely face down her critics by getting on the piss everyday in the local pub, domiciled a mile away , alas 'Ramon' has done an anton rodgers and julia mcenzie I.E,   moved on to 'fresh fields',
probably to david laws, or perhaps ousting peter mandelson's Brazilian piece of fresh chicken, in or out of his fine fishnet stockings..

Indeed, thank the lord most high , that their spouses are above all reproach, particularly harriet harmans old man who has done his bit for racial integration by taking it upon himself to study , in depth ,an interracial 'cuckolding' documentary (certificate 18), via an adult entertainment channel in his hotel. I believe the tub of goose fat was on hand, as it were , for 'medicinal' purposes, he has 'hives'.

with some regret he had to charge it to the tax payer as harriet had'nt left him any shrapnel , as she was out at the time, at The P.I.E headquarter , removing the artex ceiling , under the dictate of kitty 'dilapidations' usher. Dilapidations !! Burnley!!!

Thats not to say that this humble poster does not support the empowerment of women in the workplace or in a 'seat of power'.. i often think of being under the jackboot and 'set to do a job of work' ie cleaning toilets or her boots by a catsuit clad caroline flint , with the spouse of harriet harmans medicinal  'patent pending' goose fat for 'hives'  close to (right) hand...

in any case farage's dad makes yours look like walters dad from dennis the menace.

Im sorry, what?

either im getting old or im just not digging this release. the only good track here is LGs 'acid eiffel'. the rest is all warmup! nothing like his easter Bedrock set any way which was just pure bosh!


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MarcusR wrote:

I watched that Music Nation documentary about the Egham/Windsor Balearic network and how the scene went from football hooliganism to hands in the air in the space of a summer. I thought the documentary showed some pretty cool footage of Farley et al bowling around at raves and at Full Circle which was good. Content a bit lightweight though.

Did bring up one interesting concept that may explain why there is so much difference between the perception of dance music in the UK vs say the US. It's pretty apparent the whole rave/acid house reveloution changed the UK as much as the summer of 67. The concept of people being pre/post rave was mentioned in the program and I think it's pretty true .

The US for example didn't have this massive cultural shift that we had in the UK, therefore have just bastardized house music to fit in with their corporate culture. I used to get a bit piseed of living over here and seeing what they were doing with EDM, but now I just think it's so far away from what true electronic music is all about it's now irrelevant. Bit like gabba.

For a lot of people who started going out in the late 80s/90s the scene is very personal. I remember going to crappy ritzy type clubs at 16/17 and nearly getting the shit kicked out if me and my mates . Standard fare for provincial england. Then we got into house and started going out in London and people actually spoke to you! Plus the music sounded like it was from another planet compared to what was being played at the ritzy.

The UK both structuraly and people wise changed so much for the better in the 90s due to in part the whole acid house ethos.  That is sometimes either misunderstood or forgotten by many commentators but good it was brought up in this documentary.

^ This


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i like him, sounds like a quality lad

right on diggers haha


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any clips from the last few tracks anyone?


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that 2nd track at 6 mins defo sound slike a Gregor Tresher track


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that smoke machine is proper amazing - it is the vortex for sure.
reports have been nothing short of crazy - really hope this comes out for the next live in.

proper unique sound that guy has - wish i could hear more of his stuff but bar 'funk malfunction' and 'time stand still' his opencloud stuff was a bit meh

been after this for ages - 10 years is it now since it appeared on JZ's Alive?
anyone got any leads? smile

2x 1210mk2
2x CDJ1000mk2
KRK Rokit 5s


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what a fucking tool. people want to watch something? anyone who wants to 'watch' a EDM Dj needs a lobotomy of whatever they have left in there

sabotini wrote:

Solarstone - Seven Cities. Maybe deemed credible as it was on Hooj but it was definitely cheese. Maybe on Lost Language first?

no - NOT cheese. this is pure


do we have another gus?

got the first white label copy of Origin 'Refined intricacy 99' sent to Marcus james

Steve Arnold wrote:

All over that Fabric date. Marcel Dettmann in room 2 as well. Nice.

yup. marcel definitely the next biggest on this bill!

wicked night - john played quite proggy i think?
definitely marked improvement in attendance of flange.
Im always trying to make time to go and see the other acts but im finding harder now to even stay in room1 between fag breaks.
roll on fabric and some techno bosh smile