All Tracks found on soundcloud and available on FREE download
Big thanks to all the artists and netlabels for shairing the music and their love.
Links below....


1. Sykopigeon - Sin Island (Twisted Chimp's sykopathic revisit)
2. h3lmet - Ich ficke die Zielgruppen expotiert
3. Ralph - Dienstag
4. Bootleg Ben - Prosthetic Brain
5. Fynn Callum - See the Run
6. Heimlich Pimmelter - nazis jagen
7. Vivenito - Constructions
8. Phunk Investigation vs. Celeda - My Underground Poltergeist (DJ Novva Bootleg_
9. Dimilive - Constructions
10. Tristan Fogel - En Desepoir (Colorytmo Bog room Remix)
11. Brett Johnson, Adam Freeland - We Want Your Gypsy Blue (Nelski Mashup)
12. Phunk Investigation - Dark Bass (DJ Kid Hype Vincent Price edit)
13. Punk Rolla - WAR
14. Hijack and Jeff Doubleu - What you talking about?!
15. Nico Pusch - A crazy dream(h3elmet remix)
(Funkwerk remix)
16. Hank & Mike - Liebe ist... (Tristan Fogel remix) … azy-h3lmet

Just wanted to spread the word about this group i started on soundcloud - mainly for house based genres but also any other quality electronic based music too!

Please share your tracks, the only other requirement is that they are minimum 320kbps bitrate or above, spread the music spread the love!!


Dropbox: … ly/dropbox

Ok so here's a preview of my forthcoming track on 1 5 9 13 Music! compilation "hearing test required" any comments and feedback is much appreciated smile

thanks in advance

Benwaa - Petri Dish

first off:

Out today (31 August 2010) on 1, 5, 9, 13 Music

Benwaa - Learn/Store192

A couple of New dancefloor hitting tracks that are sure to get any floor pounding from Benwaa, essential for your box

Available Here:


The ninth installment in the IDMf library is a journey through the techno inspired sounds of the IDMforums community, taking you from deep pulsating rhythms into twisted glitched out grooves and into deeper house influenced territory.

Showcasing electronic dance music produced by only a fraction of the talented artists that contribute to IDM Forums, IDMF009 highlights the open minds and open genres of IDMf’s vastly talented producers and artists.

We ask you to open your mind to the journey you are bound for with this album, featuring tracks from new and exclusive artists, this is certainly a release to be proud of having in your collection.

Also included is a non-stop DJ mix of the tracks featured on the album, so pick this up, drop those tracks and dance yourself alive.

Info page:

-->Download IDMf009 (FREE MP3 320kbps)<--


01 Abreaktor - anne4
02 b-me - Zombies
03 Sourone - Eeney Meeney Miney Mo
04 Kriss Sach - Mug
05 Phobik - Pressure Switch
06 Washwash - Pipeline (Coral Reef Injury Mix)
07 Evan Colbert - Amnesiac
08 Benwaa - Dance of the Faery LIwink (morning)
09 Biomimetic - True Orbit
10 IDMf009 - VA Continuous DJ mix - Mixed by Ben Walthew


Mastering: Ben Walthew (Benwaa)
Executive Producer: Ben Walthew (Benwaa)
Album art/Editing/Layout: Koneyn
IDMf managed by Nathan Schwartz and Wayne Baker

Info page:

MaLm up your Alley! 9 December 2008

This weeks show we present a very special special - SON OF AKIRA!!!
Showcasing his tracks and talents we bring you 9 of the finest Son Of Akira Tracks.
Check out his Myspace at the bottom of the post.
Also on another special - the second half is exclusively chosen entirely by Silent "McFly"! the silent one of theMaLm tongue , so enjoy these two very special specials Just as much as we have.


Part 1.   MaLm up your Alley! pres. a Very Special Special - Son of Akira

1. Glyder (Fukit Mix)
2. Gasp
3. Anteater
4. Sifting (Something Mix)
5. Your Gun
6. Camel's Back (Remix)
7. Evelon (No.2)
8. La naissaince
9. Misterpure (Son of theMaLm Remix)


Part 2. Exclusive Silent "McFly" selection - McFly up your Alley!

10. Ugress - Harukiri Martini
11. Kick Bong - A Fresh Air in My Head
12. Animals on Wheels - Soluble Ducks
13. Kabbage - Flip Hop
14. Shpongle - Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Alliance Mix)
15. Machine Drum - Thanks Very Much
16. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Anger (Rareforce 2 mix)
17. Override - Pac 3
18. The Go Find - Over the Edge
19. Wild Palms - Kickin' Back
20. Altered Tensions - Testarossa
21. Luke Vibert - Slipped Disk
22. Ulrich Schnauss vs Destiny's Child - Independant Knuddelmaus
23. Explosions in the Sky - Glittering Blackness
24. Telefon Tel Aviv - ttv
25. The Lovin' Spoonful - Coconut Grove

DOWNLOAD HERE: … r_2008.rar

Son of Akira:

Join theMaLm Group on Facebook

Myspace   -
E-Mail       -

Ben Walthew - DJ Hotmix - 4 December 2008

1. Peace Division - Gotta Have You (Rozzo Mix)
2. Chopstick & Jonjon - Birds (Afrilounge's Velvet Monkey Dub)
3. James Flavour - Tofino Grill
4. James Flavour - I Am Not Your Bro
5. Solomun - Woodstep
6. H.O.S.H. - Under A Fig Tree
7. Ost & Kjex, Solomun - Federgewicht (Oslo Version)


For Bookings & Remixes:


neither did mr marx - even more shame on me tongue

when was that and what for? email me rather than ruination as you intend this thread please smile

Ben Walthew - DJ Promo Mix - November 2008

1. Kerri Chandler - That's All I Needed
2. Kerri Chandler - The Machine
3. Jade & Diamond Setter - Get Together (Till von Sein Remix)
4. The Mountain People - Mountain 005.1
5. Ost & Kjex, Solomun - Federgewicht (Hamburg Version)
6. Til Von Sein & Chopstick - Come On (Hey Girl)
7. Milton Jackson & Sei A - Glasgow Kiss
8. Falko Brocksieper - Fresh 727
9. Riley Reinhold & Emmanuelle Geller - Men On Earth
10. Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia - Far Away (Jennifer Cardini & Shonky Remix)
11. Zeds Dead - Shonky
12. Kai Kurve - Peppermint Patty


For Bookings & Remixes:

that's it of an outdated format really man, sorry. You can download it though smile

Ben Walthew - DJ Promo Mix - October 2008

The end of a very busy month (last month) in the studio for Ben, remix projects and a couple of new tracks in the latter stages of production have kept him glued to the speakers and work station, so change being good as a rest he decided to take time out and do a special DJ mix for you all to enjoy.

The tracks start off in a minimal house vibe, keeping the pace but not too pounding Taking you through grooving basslines and quirky FX, noodling with you for a bit and then into a more upbeat and club friendly feeling of quality minimal techno - insisting and urging you on with the the need to groove your ass off. This mix is the perfect winter warmer to get you in a party mood well ahead of christmas(if you go in for that sort of thing ) and get the festivities started just in time for Halloween too.
So get your download finger pushing the button and get your techno head on!

Download here - … r_2008.rar

1. Der Fluch - Herr der Fliegen (Pelle Buys dark ambient rework)[extract]
2. Bjorn Schuermann - Musicmol
3. Johnny DJ - Chaotic Kitchen (Wolgast Remix)
4. Suedmilch - The Sun is burning on my desk (Wolgast edit)
5. Eff, lle & Jitzu - Lapsus (Wolgast edit)
6. Jitzu - Euclidean
7. Broombeck - The Clapper
8. Florian Meindl - Blast
9. Marco Dassi - Dump memory (Dandi & Ugo Remix)
10. Simone Tavazzi - Stealth (Joseph Capriati Remix)
11. Joseph Capriati - C'est la Vie
12. Simone Tavazzi - Microsopio (Gennaro Mastrantonio Remix)
13. Marco Dassi - Robocop (Jitzu Remix)
14. Der Fluch - Herr der Fliegen (Pelle Buys dark ambient rework)[extract]
15. Booka Shade - Sweet Lies (Patrice Baumel Remix)

Download here -

for bookings and remix work contact - Harrison A. Jones -

MaLm Up Your Alley Tues 25 Nov 2008

1.  Up, Bustle n Out  - Emerald Alley
2.  Modeselektor - Die Clubnummer
3.  Kabbage - Beatbox FM
4.  The Get - Soup of the Day
5.  Kick Bong - Magical Sense
6.  Koneyn - Farewell *
7.  The Album Leaf - Another Day
8.  Alpinestars - Burning Up
9.  Longview - Can't Explain (Ulrich Schnauss Instrumental)
10. Zoexenia - Into Deep *
11. Mike Monday - Bad Wind (with a touch of acid)
12. Kruder & Dorfmeister - Gotta Jazz
13. Lamb - Soulchild (radio mix)
------------------------------------Part 2----------------------------------------------------------
14. Two Culture Clash - .....and dance ft General Degree
15. Telepopmusik - Breath (Jori Hulkkonen mix)
16. MacroTeKZ - Enter the Mirror *
17. De La Soul - The Magic Number
18. Telephon Tel Aviv - Ttv
19. MC Hammer - Hammer Time (version)
20. Howie B ft Gavin Friday - Singing in the Rain
21. Machine Drum - Thanks Very Much (All Bitches and Wheels Remix)
22. Explosions in the Sky - Glittering Blackness
23. Modeselektor - The Rapanthem
24. Ugress - Autumn Colours
25. DNTEL - Fireworks
26. Lethem - Blix *
27. Halogen - Previous Future *

For bookings and remixes -

Featured Artists

*Koneyn       -
Zoexenia      -
MacroTekZ   -
Lethem        -
Halogen       -


A Quickie I just Banged out tongue enjoy - any comments and feedback most welcome!


Ben Walthew - 21st November DJ Hotmix

1. Silicone Soul - The Call of the Wild
2. The Mountain People - Mountain 004
3. TJ Kong - Diconnected
4. TJ Kong - Disco Necked It
5. Afrilounge & der Thal - Supafreak
6. Milton Jackson & Sei A - Glasgow Kiss
7. Solomun - Black Rose (Trickski Remix)

For Bookings and remixes -


cheers man smile

all the podcasts so far are still available for download - have a look RIGHT HERE to see all the previus shows tracklists and also links for gettin em too.
Oh, this week and last week are split ino hour long segments for easier listening smile


Malm Up Your Alley - PODCAST - 18th November 2008

1. Banco De Gaia - Mafich Arabi
2. Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Shashkin (Hefner Remix)
3. Excursions in Ambience - Track 1
4. Senor Coconut and His Orchestra - Around the World
5. Red Snapper - Odd Man Out
6. Blockhead - Nightlife
7. The Future Sound of London - Pulse State
8. Cathode - Be Red or Yellow
9. Halogen - Not the Remix*
10. Fridge - Five Combs
11. Richie Hawtin - Concept 1 - Track 1
12. Shpongle - Dorset Perception
13. Emiliana Torrini - Dead Duck
14. Hauschka - Zahnlucke
15. Melaaz - Non Non Non
16. MacroTeKZ - Bad Alice in WondaLand
17. Orlando Voom - Shine (Breathless Mix)
18. Boozou Bajou - Blast
19. Spacetime Continuum - Floatilla
20. New Order - Krafty (The Glimmers' 12" Extended)
21. Ono - Walking on Thin Ice (with Spiritualised)
22. Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime (ft Louis Armstrong)
23. Amon Tobim - Mighty Micro People

DOWNLAOD HERE: … r_2008.rar

For bookings and remixes -

*Halogen -


MaLm up your Alley! 11 November 2008 - PODCAST

MaLm Up Your Alley Tues 11 Nov 2008

1. Eyerer & Namito - Reel Thing (Orig Version)
2. Mr Scruff - Fish
3. Ras - Beat de la Romantique
4. Up, Bustle n Out - Coffee at Senor Rudi's
5. Phantom Ghost - Relax it's only a Ghost (album version)
6. Funki Porcini - Surge
7. Ono - You & I (with the Polyphonic Spree)
8. Umod - Rest with You
9. Yppah - Again With The Subtitles
10. Xdb - Sweet City
11. Macro TekZ - Mirror Land*
12. Wagon Christ - Ring Piece
13. The Notwist - Pilot (Console remix)
14. Elektrochemie - Pleasure Seeker (Earl Zingers' out in the barn Mix)
------------------------------------Part 2----------------------------------------------------------
15. Itty Minchester - A Boring Life
16. Kissogram - She's an Apple Pie
17. The Postal Service - We will become Silhouettes (The Shins cover)
18. Comfort Fit - Bit by Bit
19. Extended Spirit - Fadin' In
20. Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner (Brothomstates mix)
21. Andreas Tilliander - Bonnarock
22. Micatone - Quiet Boy
23. Autechre - Glitch
24. Glitch - Share it
25. Fat Freddys Drop - Flashback (Jazzanovas Mashed Bag)
26. Pyre Igniter - Cyan Stars**
27. Fairmont - Calm Before the Storm
28. Thievery Corporation - The Forgotten People
29. Matt McCormick - Refridgerator Dance Musics
-------------------------------------Part 3----------------------------------------------------------
30. Lamb - Trans Fatty Acids (Krueder + Dorfmeister Remix)
31. Detailes - Move On (Jonas Bering remix)
32. Hauscha - Sweet Spring Come
33. Metamatics - Man-q-Neons
34. Keinzweiter - Microobee
35. Yeti-Quest - Good Little Consumer***
36. Luke Vibert - Freak Time Baby
37. Burglar Tom - Snakes Crawl
38. Halogen - Manilla****
39. Matt McCormick - Oh Sunshine
40. Pier Bucci - Tita
41. theMaLm - Lift A (Podcast Version)

DOWNLOAD LINK: … r_2008.rar
For bookings and remixes -

Featured Artists
*Macro TekZ -
**Pyre Igniter -
***Yeti-Quest -
****Halogen -


This week the poadcast is split into 3 1 hour sections for easyier listening!  ENJOY!

MAlm uP YoUr aLLeY - Tues Nov 04 2008

1. Up Bustle n Out - Apple Strudle
2. DJ Mink - Hey Hey! Can you Relate (Luke Vibert Remix)
3. Metamatics - Mops
4. De La Soul - Stakes is High
5. Paul Weller vs Portishead - Wild Wood (Shearwood Mix)
6. Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries
7. Digitalism - Echoes
8. La Bionda - I've Got Your Number (BerlinMachine Remix)
9. Senor Coconut and His Orchestra - Pinball Chacha
10. Ryan Dvis - Zodiac (Somfay 'Candy Apple Kiss' 99 Remix
11. Telefon Tel Aviv - John Thomas on the inside is nothing but foam
12. Sub Sub - Past
------------------------------------Part 2--------------------------------------------------
13. The Thievery Corporation - Mandala
14. Nightmares On Wax - Playtime (John Mcintire Remix)
15. Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation (Deadhaus Mix)
16. Mr Sruff - Shrimp
17. Benwaa - Teabags & Ice-Creams
18. Xploding Plastix - Dizzy Blonde
19. Machine Drum - Def In It
20. Carl Craig - Einbahn
21. Cathode - Roxburgh
22. Essell - Daydream
23. Mike Monday - The Unanswered Question (Album Version)
24. Nightmares On Wax - da Feelin'
25. Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix)
-----------------------------------Part 3 --------------------------------------------------
26. KLF - Madrugada Eterna
27. Mum - Green Grass of Tunnel
28. Explosions in the Sky - Look into the Air
29. The Theme from Benny Hill
30. Youandewan - So Long
31. Boozoo Bajou - Keep Going
32. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop
33. Joseph Auer - Curvature (ambient mix)
34. Abfahrt Hinwill - Tech 7
35. The Theme from Benny Hill
36. Four Tet - Everything is Alright
37. Aqua - Barbie Girl (Thomas Fehlmann Mix)
38. The Postal Service - There's Never Enough Time
39. The Verve - Butterfly

Download link:- … ODCAST.rar

Tuesday 14 October sees the Return of our crazy series of MaLm up your Alley! Presented by Radio Mad Cunt. This week coming to you from Malm headquarters Zero Niner Four

Ben And Martin (MaLm) play a selection of music from all styles and genres, mixing the wierd and leftfield with more familiar tracks and classics. Everything from ambient, glitch to rock, grunge and funk and god knows what else! Check out previous traclistings and PODCAST downloads on this page:

Also included is now the fantastic weekly opportunity to win the coveted MaLmug, a signed copy of theMaLmness ep and a Cigar!!

If you have any tracks you would like to submit for the playlist, you're more than welcome, just message ben or martin.

So, be sure to tune in with your favourite media player that streams.(VLC/WMP/winamp etc etc)

Just insert this link:

we recommend VLC player due to WMP having some streaming issues

You can D/L free Here:

Running from 8pm (GMT) to 11pm(GMT) make sure you tune in! We hope you enjoy the show!

Be aware that the stream is not active until the show starts.

MaLm up your Alley! 16 September 2008 Tracklist

***Those marked are from the ablum - InDepthMelodics (An idmforums project)
Available FREE to download here: …

01. Carousel [Intro]
02. DJ T - Philly
03. M.A.N.D.Y. - Put Put Put
04. Digitalism - Echoes
05. Lopazz - Migracion (Fujiyama & Miyagi Remix)
06. Porter Ricks - Techno animal - Monosphate
07. Itty Minchesta - Checkin for u rmx
08. Michael Fakesch - Escalate
09. Jedi mind tricks - Dump the clip
10. Kloquewurk - Last Transmission***
11. Wozuberlin - u2 So Speak
12. Pest - Pat Pong (Solid groove mix)
13. Phonique ft. die Elfen - The Red Dress (Tiefshcwarz rmx)
14. Howie B ft. Gavin Friday - Singing in the rain
15. Sebastian Tellier - Fantino
16. KLF - Elvis on the radio, steel guitar in my
17. James - Sayonara
18. LoCHa - Clay Feet***
19. Kate Simko - Machine War
20. Manfred Huber & Siegfried Schwab - The six wisdoms of Aspasia
21. +++COMPETITION TIME (ft. Benny Hill theme)+++
22. Pole - Dusseldorf (The Mike Hukaby s y n t h remix)
23. Murcof - Unison
24. 4Pill ent - Casual Crimes (Benwaa Drifters on the Verge of Tired mix)
25. Alexkid - Fear in Flight
26. Apparat - Hailin from edge
27. Up Bustle & Out - Y Ahora Tu
28. Martian - Lost transmission from Earth
29. theMaLm - Atari Hate***
30. +++COMPETITON TIME (ft. Carousel)+++
31. ZXYZXY - Kmode***
32. Two Lone Swordsmen - Confessions of a Justified sinner
33. Elektrochemie - Pleasure seeker(Earl Zinger's Out in the Barn remix)
34. De La Soul ft. Mos Def - Big Brother Beat
35. Digitalism - Magnets
36. Royksopp - Sparks (Roni Size remix)
37. GBSR - G2 Cockboy (Mattt remix)***
38. Chris Fortier - As long as the moment exists
39. Spiritualised - Come Together
40. Rocky Lolo - Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver (Way Back When Remix)[Gotye]
41. Alexkid - I think (Dorfmeister & Alexkid remix)
42. Sunset people - Salty Dog
43. Unknown Artist - Falling
44. DJ T - Rising
45. Chloe - The Door

POPDCAST Download LINK - … t_2008.rar
contact at -

Presenting: InDepthMelodics: IDMF001

The premier of the artist label. Showcasing the amazing talent the forum holds within and has to offer. This is truly a ground breaking album of cross genre electronic styles. Taking you into the very heart of the forum artists, This release marks the sheer amount of talent & community that this forum represents.
From deep ambient, glitchy idm to dancefloor friendly 4/4 beats, breaks to Electro and beyond, the album really is a fresh look at modern day electronic music. To miss this opportunity to hear these artists would be a foolish move indeed.

Make sure you leave your thoughts here and on the forum too.

Grab this while you can and make sure you visit the forum here:


01: The Get - Perfect Union
02: ZXYZXY - Kmode
03: LoCHa - Clay Feet
04: GBSR - g2 Cockboy (Mattt Remix)
05: theMaLm - Atari Hate
06: Stuart McKeown - Subtle Blend
07: Binary Pulse - Symmetrical Tree
08: Altered Tensions - Testarossa
09: Evelon - Longing For Rain
10: Kloquewurk - Last Transmission
11: Fidelium - Ibix
12: Jwilson - Linear Inflation
13: Chaotic Pulse - November
14: Nathan Rain - Stars At Dawn
15: Synaecide - Sculpted Lens
16: Halogen - Redux

Download FREE here: …

Thanks to Nathan Rain (Permutated) for all his hard work & Altered Tensions for his exceptional mastering on the release, Stuart McKeown for running the most amazing forum on the net today & most importantly the artists for being a bunch of mad cunts.

roberto wrote:

ape tongue? gosh....that's a good one. So you're quite happy to lob insults around

Insults? my my, just a bit of "friendly" banter as you would put it my man, it seems  you say you ignore my posts yet you can't help but fap away and respond so eh? tut tut tut

roberto wrote:
benwaa wrote:

wot a bunch of tossers,

Mate - why do you have to wade in with comments like that? What is your problem? What is it about a bunch of 'mates' having a smutty chuckle that you find so wrong? Whoever this person is, they have done nothing but sign up to promote their stuff, no chat, no nothing just a "wahey, I'm a bird, 23 me" title, and as you would expect from a bunch of lads down the pub, gentle smut and inuendos ensued.... take a step back, calm down and have a fucking laugh - you might find you enjoy it! It's credit to this board that despite the shameless promotion that goes on people seem to be happy to check in now and again and drop the odd comment. Long may that continue.

And lets be honest, if it wasn't for the title leading to the chitchat then this wouldn't be up the top and so in a way we're all bigging it up and keeping it alive anyway.....

go on, surprise me and admit I've got it right.... you're probably only saying it to try to get some attention from a potential 23yo burd anyway

not at all going to say you've got it wrong, it just seemed to me bto be a shitty way to welcome a noob to the forum is all. I mean is this an exclusive club or are noobs actually welcomed here?
Not entirely the best way to welcome a few and far between girl to the board at all is it? sexist shit. I mean sure, the inuendo and smutty remarks i can get the joke of if the poor lass was a hardened member ;P but she isn't she's anoob looking for feedback on her mix and maybe if she was a bit more warmly welcomed then she would stick around for you to have a laugh with rather than at?

now you go on and tell me i'm wrong as you or some other narrow minded clique member will no doubt do so eloquently in their ape tongue?