Seen 18 of those unfortunately. From some misshap Gatecrasher days to going to a Sensation White party in Prague because my mate swung some tickets. Easily the worst collection of cunts i've ever seen in my life. Coxy doing well to hang in there. Driving techno across three decades


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Okay everyone. See-ya-later-bye


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Is it because I is Blat---ter

ryangibson wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

I had the Oakey remix of Mansun - Wide open space, that was quite sort after a few years back, probably worth fuck all now though

I think I parted with 20 sheets for a copy of that.

I got that too. Was disappointed how slow it was pitched at.

Reminds me of that cunt I ripped into on MS a few years back asking for funding to help his 'Art' exhibition. Arty twat


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Dave Seaman is a regular cock sucker of Dixon on his radio shows

Sorry it had vocal and piano but was a bit proggy

Back to vocal house respect

Yep Matt, it's a bit of a masterpiece that.

Remember is class too. BT was on the money with everything around this time


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Jesus the line up haven't done anything for the last 20 years. £200 and 4 stella's on the rider for this lot. I have a feeling it'll be quite chaotic


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It is however funny seeing my less internet savvy, married friends click on something which promises tits or ass but is really a spam post which kicks it out to everyone on their friends list. BUSTED


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I went last year for a 4 day blast. Obvs not a touch on the 90's.
Swerved Space because i didn't want to ruin the memories.
Went to Pasha which ruined that memory, was shit.
Went to a new club called Boom which was shit.
The only improvement was DC10, not for the crowd but the soundsystem in the old terrace room. I've never experienced anything so fucking loud but clear.
Missed Sasha's closing party at Urshuaia as I was in hospital thinking i was having a heart attack

pube85 wrote:

Not sure that filming was worth the effort P&D

Its not us. Just pulled for tinterweb

Went for a Stag there in Sept. Get a beer bike. You cant take your own tunes for the cd player. Basically you ride around on a mobile bar, taking in the sights of Berlin and getting pissed. You hire the bike and the driver. Best laugh i've had during the day on a stag


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Eton posh cunts
South Yorkshire
Yorkshire Asian - ya get mi
Chinese - can understand a word they say

^ lol

You can just see all the tree hugging scab clothed fucks, scribing their global warming 'i told you so' speeches

Turnmills was toss. Never had a good night there.

The Cross was always a pleasure. The closest you'd get to Warung outside of SA when the sun came up under the arches.

Had some great nights at the end also, although coming out of a club into central London bumping into eager shoppers didn't feel pretty.

La Nausee wrote:

Yer man Kebe is one of the worst footballers I've ever seen. And as a Leeds' fan, I've seen a lot.

He reminds me alot of Brian Deane.....on Ket

This massive shower will be made into a film one day. The supposed life long fan who was going to buy us is now suing us. Leeds United the club that just keeps on giving

Why don't you try and pork the tourettes girl?


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ive often thought about taking dj's out. Bringing them down with some kung fu shit for playing bad records. let the dancers have a voice. i like turtles


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I remember buying some records from Plastic fantastic one saturday, about £80 worth. Then getting straight on the lash and carrying them round all day with me. Ended up in fabric. Woke up in the morning, minus the records. Can't remember at what point i lost the fuckers. Bought them all again a few weeks later, Spastic Fan Tastic!

Dermo wrote:

what haha ???? That was late 80s

I've just had to google this to make sure i wasn't actually tripping out at the time.

Yeah he fought him late 80's but also on 16 March 1996