I can't go now and have been very lazy in trying to shift them so free to a good home. If you use them and want to donate anything to charity that would be a nice gesture. I have no charity affiliation but you may as well use this one https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dj-ez it's kind of relevant being a DJ and raising money for charity (although a year out of date). It'll still go to a good home.

Anyway, i'll send them in the post tomorrow if any of you want them.

Right i'm not off to this anymore.

I've got two tickets, £20 each if anyone wants them.


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Maybe people don't like to pay for a DJ and then have to watch them behind a bedsheet.

All the religions that you're allowed to get out of without having your head chopped off will disappear. All the religions that punish you for drawing a cartoon or treat women as 2nd class citizens will carry on being mentalists.

Victor Orta scouting the shit out of Europes less popular clubs.

Thanks for the advice.

I'm going to dress like Sasha.

Getting out for this.

What do people wear in clubs these days?

Last time i ventured into a night in Leeds a few months back, a load of kids had been transported from the 80's.


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I'd like to go one year and not get smashed for it's entirety.

Better than a weekend in Beffa, when it was good, Beffa that is.


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shaunstrudwick wrote:
jules72 wrote:

Best prog house Essential Mix ever?

https://soundcloud.com/sharatq/1995-09- … hn-digweed


True Dat. A favorite gym mix for me this.

668 First half John very tasty, 2nd half Louis Vega, quite possibly the worst set i've ever heard. Is he all there? Track starting 1.11 is absolute garbage.


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Felch Aid wrote:

Dermo did you go to Renaissance birthday at Colwick Hall Circa 96 when Diggers was on and  Miles did a PA? Fluffy bloody clouds and a bird I went with who enjoyed far too much of the columbian stuff.

I went to that one. Remember this was his first UK appearance of the track, just as it was taking hold of the underground and before chart success. He stood at the front with a Yamaha and played (probably mimed) it. Can't remember if he did any other track after. BT also did a medley of loving you more live amongst other tracks.

The guest mix by Christoph is how I wish Sasha would play sometime. Driving power prog with a touch of yesteryear.

Was in Mint last night. First time i've been in for years. Nice club still. Left after 20 minutes because I think it was some high school event. Felt like a right old cunt. Won't be going tonight as getting dragged to a Wedding with the misses tomorrow. Selfish bitch.

Man plays music on a hill... Groundbreaking.


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Any flying CD's?

To be fair, it sounded like we were getting raped all game but 5 mins into injury time feels like they slipped one up the ass too.

Might come out for this. I'll be the one at the back, nodding, wishing I could remember how to dance.

I do like Steve Parry, which is more than I can say for his voice

I remember being in Cream when Blesadale used to warm up and he dropped that Major North track 30 mins after he started. I just remember thinking it was a typical warm up boring track but when it all breaks back in on a big sound system, it is (was) pretty fucking uplifting. Peoples stashes were definitely taken early that night. In times when tracks were broken in clubs rather than on radio, certain tracks hold more status if they were experienced. I agree that if you'd not heard it out, it won't have the same resonance though.

I understand why he doesn't do classic sets. There's not much he can play now that doesn't sound aged on need a double drop to appreciate. I enjoyed it too though. Could place each track with a lot of memories.

Amazing set. Great bit of old power prog going on.

Many people on this board still think it's 1995


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Does anyone get excited by mixes any more? They generally get 2 to 3 plays and it's onto the next mix/radioshow/live set. I could probably think of 5 mix albums in the last 15 years i'd happily dust the CD player off for.


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Marks is the modern day Krays. Every fucker knew him by the sounds of it.


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Dan Harwood wrote:
Pumper&Dumper wrote:

Going to be a sausage-fest-aroony. Leeds Mint club on the 19th May and maybe do a 2 day special in ibiza. In an out before being dragged back into my 20's on a afters sesh.

My missus has said even she'd go to see them. And she hates Sasha!

She's obviously after more cock then big_smile


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j.p sykes wrote:

So apparently the September tour is legit and the link with all the dates over the summer is bollocks, unsurprisingly.