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12/13 hours at a houseparty a few years back, 5 hours in a bar on NYE, bar owner turned the rig off as i wouldnt stop.

shortest set... probably a night last year here, where the promoter told me that as the place was dead  (as he hadn't done his job) my first track was my last track.... i just turned the cdj off.... about 1 min into my first tune.


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30 years since Heysel today.


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Hot Chip are plop

he played one of your tunes once....

talks like he's having a stroke

managing his music career, what chopping his lines and holding him up when he's hammered?

Big Fella wrote:

Thanks Erik.

Eagle-eyed me BF

Homegrove wrote:

Also went missing, the baseball hat.

it appears at 2:00 mins then disappears again at 6:00 mins

Excellent mix JP.

This is superb.

Grant wrote:

I look forward to their response!

will do mate..i got a solicitors letter from them about 4 years ago for suggesting niel warnocks assistant kieth curle , is probably the only black man who raps worse than mark king in level 42's seminal..'living it up'


Ha ha ha ha! Outstanding

No worries dude smile


Literally 10's of people lining the streets for Chelsea's parade


Ncable wrote:

Theo Walcott playing out of his skin just as his contract is up for renewal, as per.


Liverpool, wtf???

MattBlack wrote:

Thanks Erik, will give that a blast as haven't heard it in years

my pleasure smile

here you go chaps

https://soundcloud.com/erik-b/john-digw … et/s-ZqmKQ

134bpm btw Squidgy

it's private but feel free to share, downloads available too

Happy Bank Holiday smile

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Kevin and Perry go Large yet



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*gets popcorn*

shaunstrudwick wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

In other news, Rafa to be the next manager at Real Madrid?


his dream job


just had a look on soundcloud for it as i was being lazy and couldn't be arsed to dig the cd out and it isnt there (well it is in individual tracks not the whole mix). Will upload it to soundcloud over the weekend...... see how quickly i can earn another strike on my account.....

great club, signed