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same here, only Police Commissioner voting.

i really dont like that they are affiliated to a political party. Policing and politics should be seperate entities. Therefore i voted for the independent candidate.

I dont know about anyone else, but we received absolutely no info on any of the candidates running for the Commissioner role, what bothers me is that the average knuckledragger will think it's a local election and vote as the for their policital party of choice (ie what the media has brainwashed them into believing is right.)

It's a lovely little bit of kit.

Have downloaded both for the drive back home Thursday night.

Hold tight for feedback

Thats a lot of knobs

Squidgy wrote:

Can someone lend me a spoon to gouge my eyes out please

What the fuck possessed you to even attempt to listen to that?

Boring wrote:

Genuine question for Erik and the two Dans - has the colour on all the empty seats at Highbury faded? Or are they supposed to look that shit?

Currently I'd rather watch the seats than the team.

Fucking joke. No disrespect to Leicester but we should have strolled it this year, more so than any other what with Chelsea, United, City all misfiring.

.......add to that, Spurs are going to finish above us for the first time and now we're never gonna hear the end of it. Ffs

Wenger sees out contracts too so we'll have to put up with this bollocks next year......... again

Dan Harwood wrote:

So being a Nazi sympathizer is a small story?? You do realise that by being a Livingstone apologist makes you the worst human imaginable, Erik?

Worse that Pol Pot? Or Idi Amin?

Where did i apologise for the comments? I didnt.

What i am saying is dont believe everything you read.

Recent Moonface mix

https://soundcloud.com/philmoonfacethom … -27th-2016

can't believe that people actually believe what the papers print ffs

dont you think it's funny how they are trying to smear Corbyn et al? What would they be trying to push from our minds? Cameron's offshore funds? Hunt fucking the NHS? Osborne's family paying no corporation tax for 7 years, no no we'll take a small story about Livingston and blow it out of all proportion

and they didnt mention you H, bastards


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sylvianorth wrote:

Orkidea - Unity (Alfonso Muchacho Rework) Free Download
https://soundcloud.com/alfonso-muchacho … cho-rework


liquitech1 wrote:
mr rossi wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

..how has Kiz not been outed as a massive piss taker alias yet?


Probs to Milky for not rising to it

..who's Milky?


awesome smile

Homegrove wrote:

That's 3 pm here. A bit late for lunch.

Do you not get a teabreak at 3pm?

In the 90s Hunt wrote a book on how to dismantle the NHS. He's been grinding this particular axe for a while.

He's a cunt and I fully support the strike.

Beijing Dave wrote:

You are all music fans.

Crushes happen at festivals and gigs sometimes. The Roskilde tragedy is the probably the biggest recent one. Nine people dead, crushed and suffocated in the front pen like Liverpool fans were in the Hillsborough pens.

No doubt the likes of Bernard Ingham could (and would) turn round and say "some people got in ticketless", people were misbehaving, taking drugs, being drunk, moshing, pushing forward to get a better view.

Would you accept this or would you rather those in charge of the venues, those who scrutinise the venues and the police just do their fucking jobs properly, improve and learn when they fuck up and not try to cover stuff up?

Im sure he had much the same opinion on Monsters of Rock where 2 people died in a crush.

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Any team with Giroud as their spearhead is never going to win much are they, lets be honest

Didnt Henry say that at the beginning of the year and Giroud's reply was 'I'll show you'

Yeah well, we're still waiting mush.

BedRob wrote:

I also hope the families of the Heysel 39 also take some solace in this ruling




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seanc80 wrote:

Im at a loss as to how people think its shit. Its a damn site better than the child-like Breaking Bad for example

They're all a bunch of wank.



Did they go b2b at Coachella on Saturday?


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Blimey, something Grant and i agree on


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I know a couple of people who went, they said it was a superb night

Great track

Some decent remixes, still prefer the Musumeci remix though