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millsy23 wrote:

What Hannu said. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are such fantastic resources.


Im in as long as it's not a 3 way again


joeyp wrote:

A snufter before you leave, mad dog when your out, a chuffer of Ket and a blowy of your soggy finger from the Doris you pulled upon retun.

That was how it used to be anyway. Not done a a jot in a long while.

In the early 90's a gram of pink and a trip would make a great start, beans when out and wingwag for the afters.

Big Fella wrote:

I can honestly say i have never had any decent kib, have said it before and will say it again but cannot beat a touch of pink champagne speed to start off proceedings then get on the pills.

Recipe of champions.

A great start to any evening


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drwho13 wrote:

dixon remix is better



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smallman1 wrote:

Saw him warm up for Diggers at Pulse (I think it was) a few years ago.

The room was so fcuking hot I was more concerned for my life than the middle of the road tackle that he was knocking out.

Wasnt that Arcadia?  I was one of the first in that night, I thought the first couple of hours were dull ad fuck but the last hour was bang on.

Ahad Adump wrote:

2. Frida - Julian Jeweil

Cracking tune

Kumquat wrote:
Yant wrote:
smashdad wrote:

Are they bruises on her breasts or is she rotting from the inside?

Fucking lol.

she's allegedly Betoko's new squeeze.


Ncable wrote:

Looks like Holly Willoughby after swallowing Levi Bellfield.


no sd cards?

Fucking boo

Sbando wrote:
Yant wrote:

Jimmy Bullard
Carl Fogarty
Melanie Sykes
Tinchy Stryder
Nadia Forde
Michael Buerk
Vicki Michelle
Kendra Wilkinson
Craig Charles
Gemma Collins

Is this a list of future RA Podcasters?

next years DJMag Top 100 probably

great mix Guy smile

Yant wrote:

Can't wait...


she's got a face like a bulldog licking piss of a nettle

Unbroken1 wrote:

..Nick Bracegirdle, think he was half of Espiritu also

steelydan wrote:

Disco Citizens! That's the one

and Chicane


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She looks like this guy


Religion is a pissing contest over who has the best imaginary friend.

Big Fella wrote:

Decent form on his daughter.

She looks like him in drag

Amps wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Brown and Blair fucked Labour

They fucked the whole country, especially Brown. I've said it before, but he should be locked up for what he did to the Bank of England.

And the sale of gold reserves.

Criminal negligence would be a good starting point.


Brown and Blair fucked Labour. New Labour was a joke and so out of touch with the 'working man' they are supposed to represent. About time someone put them out to pasture. 

Sadly with a 2 party system there's no hope for change. 

Millibland is a twat, loved the look on his face when he tried to give the homeless person money.... final nail in his coffin that

History wont be kind to him

Big Fella wrote:

You have to laugh at Arsenal, they have the only Oligarch who wont spend any money.

Or perhaps he is waiting for a wise man to spend it.

Actually we have 2, one being that yank prick who thinks that the club should be run like his NFL team. Ie underachievement is ok as long as there's a profit.

And then there's the Russian mush, who wants to see us do well, has mountains of money available to spend yet can grt a seat on the board.

The club is floundering. I would love to see Usmanov take control.

Monreal is utter shite.  Why do we persist with that cunt?

Chambers should play alongside Mert.


Morning Glenn.

What form will communion take in your brave new world?


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sylvianorth wrote:

Pure Power. My release was awesome as well.

Always prefered the Lexicon Avenue remix myself