PM sent to G...

Digging though some old records and found this.

furry wrote:


Progress Inn do some great work

Unbroken1 wrote:

The Royksopp remix is one of my favourites of the year too and only dropped last week.

a fantastic remix, sounds incredible

BedRob wrote:

Well shave my bollocks and call me Sandra, we got a half decent CL draw

Nice to get a decent draw for once

Diggin the pic. Nice touch smile

Presto wrote:

I got kicked out of that.


If it's still at 37 when you do the draw then drop me

Willy Eckerslyke wrote:

quite possibly the worst film ever made.

You've obviously never watched Napoleon Dynamite

Will check it out when I get home dude

DuFunk wrote:

Ok, Looks like my only option is to buy traktor pro to be able to record internally at 320kbps.  Audacity will only let you convert down to 192, 128 or wave once you record at highest output.

I use NCH's Wave Pad Editor to record mixes.  It lets you export as virtually any file type and its free.

Worth checking out

Presto wrote:

I imagine their higher amount of traffic come from all the downloads they have on there.

It was great back in the day. These days it appears to be the same 6 people arguing amongst themselves.

Wait a minute....

Beat me to it

shaunstrudwick wrote:
joeyp wrote:
shaunstrudwick wrote:

Simon R & Andy Newland were there

think the night was the best part of 6hrs in total - and we've got the middle 4hr section across the 3 disks

i believe

Where was the London one recorded from?

Fire or XOYO iirc


One of the XOYO sets was broadcast on the radio

Big Fella wrote:

Send it to me Erik...

haha! if you like... wait til the new year, if he gets more you can have the lot smile

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Big Fella wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Lego Pirate ship

lol, i've got my lad some snide (compatible with) Lego from China. Police station and cars etc, 700 odd pieces in a brown cardboard box for 15 notes.

He wont know the difference.

[boring]he patent on Lego has expired and so anyone can now bring out 'Lego-esque' kits without fear of being sued[/boring]

Luka knows the differnce, his uncle bought him some of the copy stuff last year and he looked at it and said, 'thats not lego'

it's still in the box......

Big Fella wrote:

FAO Dads

What present count are you going for this year for your child(ren)?

I was present for a convo the missus had with an associate of hers last weekend where this bint was worried as last year her brats present haul didn't match her mates on photos on Facebook.

Life Story

Lego Pirate ship
Skateboard (as he's starting to show some interest in it)
Random stocking fillers (my mrs dept so fuck knows what it'll be)


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smashdad wrote:

Do the 'roid crowd intentionally try to recreate the stereotypical gay muscle-Mary look or is it just an accidental by-product of their topless, shaved chest, incredibly tight shorts and waxed legs get up?


my New Year resolution is to stop making the bloody things, never follow them through so what's the point


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yep and their first incarnation/something similar about 10 years ago called 2ci.

quite nice from what i remember.


Good stuff squire!

3 done too

Easily the best Live in mix so far..... right up my street. Cordoba and London are poor compared with this.

Great stuff John, more like this please

Mix 2 is boss.

Now for 3

Mix 1 done,  so far so good.

Shaping up to be the best Live in yet

Still holding tight