MattBlack wrote:

The Kaufmiester in action

They should get you to do a Boiler room Jay

I never tire of this, if only Loopy had done a music video


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Happy birthday mate


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steelydan wrote:

Hopefully he'll get a great reception. He deserves it.



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smallman1 wrote:

Out of all the English teams who qualify regularly for the champions league, Arsenal are the biggest embarrassment.


fletcher wrote:
poirot wrote:


You are Belgian and have no say in the matter.

Happy St. Georges Day!


Nice one Loopy


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smallman1 wrote:

Glad no one's mentioned croissants.


Ncable wrote:

Except that Beckham has been gifted the visage of a Hollywood icon like Brando or Spencer Tracey, and Gerrard looks like his face was pummeled out of sourdough by a hyper-active 5 year old on LSD.

I lol'd at that

jamie wrote:


not nearly antogonistic / boring enough/

always thought this was mikemiller?

wasnt he ETF?

He used to play UKG way back iirc

Welcome back Mr B.

Hope you're well on the road to recovery.

Dan Harwood wrote:
roberto wrote:

seriously, letting the general population vote is a fucking catastrophe.

Last time I checked, the UK was a democracy?

I suppose you'd advocate living in a communist dictatorship instead?

In theory Communism is a great idea.

mr rossi wrote:
poirot wrote:

Are you Ahad now too, Doggy?

He does like a 747 tbf


I want a referendum on Europe and I want us out. Trade agreements are fine but being dictated to by some cunt in Brussels?  No ta


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roberto wrote:

A concerning lack of black pudding chat so far...

Love it with a cooked breakfast


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Yant wrote:

Has to be brown with bacon, right?

Red with Sausage.




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Weekdays: 3/4 shredded wheat (broken up) with fruit (strawberry/ banana) on it, Granary toast w/vegemite and tea

Weekend: Cooked breakfast

Grant wrote:
jules72 wrote:
roberto wrote:

I think the coalition works well. It's not ideal for either of them but it is good for the general public.

So true, yet the muppet electorate cant see it according to the polls. If Labour get in and SNP are kingmakers, the population will be spitting fire with a short space of time. And the way the polls are going this is what we are going to get as well - annoys the hell out of me to see us drifting to this disaster - a party that wants to leave the Union being kingmakers in parliament..... so utterly ridiculous.

The next government will be Tory / Lib Dem coalition.

Not even the average British electorate is that fucking stupid.

I wouldn't fucking bet on it.

Klopp has had a terrible season at Dortmund. His stats cant be much worse than Pelligrini.

Also I saw in the paper that Milner is being linked with Arsenal, cant see why we'd want him tbh its not like we need midfielders.  Strikers, defenders, another goalkeeper yes.


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dutchy101 wrote:

What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil? 

I wouldn't pay £50 to have a lentil on my face.

I know they're not vegetables,  but I wanted to use this joke again.



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roberto wrote:
Grant wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:

True Creeper, very true.

Hershey's is shit as well and now the cunts are setting about fucking up Dairy Milk.

Hershey's actually smells and tastes like shit to me. Revolting

plus one here - it's fucking grim,

edit - oops, punning! Let's try that again....

Totally agree Grant, end of argument, or, one might say, feta complis



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steelydan wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
poirot wrote:

Depends where they are planning on fucking it up. They can't fuck it up any more than it is in Australia as its already fucking horrible. If they get their mitts on the UK stuff that would be criminal.

I had a cream egg for the first time in ages the other day and the chocolate tasted really cheap, seems like the Kraft takeover has affected the quality already

it's all doom and gloom Matt

They changed the chocolate when they took over.

Made the news.

Dan Harwood wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

Last year i was living in a Labour borough and council tax went up nearly 4% while massive cuts were still made and it was frankly a bit of a shit hole, you could argue that they got a much worse council tax settlement than a Tory stronghold yet they still manage to squirrel money away and waste it on vanity projects like most Labour councils seem to do, Lambeth, Southwark and all the other labour councils are more interested in diversity training than actually serving the people who pay their wages so for that reason and the fact that Ed Millibland is wetter than a wet weekend in Manchester i hope the Tories stay in, but i think in some ways the Lib Dems have helped to water down some of their more harsh policies so i think maybe they need that influence still though im not sure id want the Lib Dems in government on their own

This is why Labour can never be trusted with the purse strings. Local labour-run councils have always mismanaged taxes and this has contributed, albeit it not to the level of other industries, to the financial problems the country has faced. Whilst some of the vanity projects are well meaning it has been abused by such ridiculous one-role jobs as Diversity Inclusion officers being paid stupid money for a local job. That is seen as more important than re-surfacing the roads or bin collections.

Exactly this.


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MattBlack wrote:

Those Kraft cheese slices don't toast at all, in fact theyre not even real cheese

people actually eat them?

great timing on that shot