Track; Yapacc & Ricky Erre Love - Jetstream (Sousk's Epic Encounter remix)


Comp; Balance - Stacey Pullen

Mix; Danny Howells Bedrock Resurrection set

Producer; Victor Ruiz/ Alberto Aguilera

Remix; PQM - You are sleeping (Matador remix)

Club gig; Jordan Peak @ Junk

Festival; Bestival

Film; Age of Ultron

Concert; 0

trabs lol

How many gigs  attended - U.K; 8

How many gigs  attended - Abroad; 0

Benson Award - Did you make it to the main act or leave early ? Behave, last man standing here.

outstanding as per Glenn

When has Sasha ever done anything with out having someone helping out?

smallman1 wrote:

Jonas Rathsman is joining Sasha on NYE.

I'll get shit for this but who?

smallman1 wrote:

It's like Club Tropicana but way straighter.

Are the drinks free?

Saw FM at the IOW festival in june. They were outstanding. The mrs then saw them at the o2 in London a few weeks later and said they were even better.

A truly great band imho

Squidgy wrote:

You're asking for trouble with those two posts... or should I say too?

did he sent or send them?

I'm confused

Theres only 3 white rhinos left, would be a shame to waste them on that

Just seen a post from Paul Nolan on facebook about one of his upcoming Chapter 24 gigs in London.

Apparently hes coming back from LA for it where hes been working on Sasha's new album

Beijing Dave wrote:
steelydan wrote:

aren't U2 touring next year?

I said 'credible'.

Prince is a decent suggestion.

Prodigy in their heyday were decent headliners IIRC (wasn't there, from what I saw on telly).

Seen them a few times over the years, they were excellent but i dont like their new stuff

Great stuff from us tonight

Any of you South Coast/Bournemouth based chaps for this on the 5th?

Always a good night out, and the music will be muscular smile

Facebook event:

poirot wrote:

Face Off.

0/10  utter shite.

It probably paid to fill up a few of his 10 planes though

steelydan wrote:

who's teaming up with Doggy?

He could do a b2b2b2b2b2b2b2b2b with his alisaes

dutchy101 wrote:

Keyser Soze in reverse. He started off this thread in great shape and has limped away with inverted ankles.

That'll be a lack of bone minerals


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Isis has consistently maintained that they reject all modern modalities,  but they use various avenues of modern and Western societies to promote their violence – that is my point.  If, so they say, they are so fundamentally pure and have such a purist approach and interpretation to their self righteous religion, then they should have no use for modern Enterprises.   I would have more respect for pitchfork and sickle wielding Amish.  At least they would be sticking to their guns, no pun intended.

yep but like you say they are cunts

Maybe all 3 are the same person.

If we allow Ed to organise it, it might give Loopy enough time to program and mix his opus

this: … -encounter

rather good squire

zackster wrote:

lol, loopy's already spent the money on plugins and dinner

Probably a new trampoline

Rumours of Brenda being lined up for QPR

Should please Glenn no end


mr rossi wrote:

Haha what a thread.
Smalls crumbling before our very eyes.

I see a change of custom title coming......

mr rossi wrote:

RIP The General RIP thread.What happened?.

Maybe Hannu shut it due to his outburst of Daily Fail type racism.