Happens a lot


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Grant wrote:
DuFunk wrote:

Green and white army BF.  See you's in france!

Plymouth Argyle?


Iced gem hair lol


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dutchy101 wrote:

DJTIPS25OFF worked for me last week. 25% off

This just worked for me. Cheers bud smile

joeyp wrote:

Scuba's new album. Much better than I thought it would be

'why you feel so low?' is excellent

Eric Sneo - X-Plain (Phuture Traxx Remix)    
Matador - Da Hussle
Oliver Berger - U R Dreaming (Stan Kolev Remix)    
Phunk Investigation - Dirty Is Better (Original Mix)    
Erik Bruce - Shuffle

anthemic stuff. Nice one smile

Great stuff mate smile

Cheers dude,  will give it a try


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anything current?

smallman1 wrote:

Not wanting to spoil the party or anything but these back and forth ding dongs were part of almost getting the board closed last year.

Prog, football and bants = all good.

Tit for tat personal abuse = not good.

That's my one sensible post for the year out of the way!

Thank you Ed.

Seriously lads, shut up or take it to pms.

djdiggers wrote:

Billie said when i met her

mein Gesang ist nicht laut genug

thats why it did not get released

seems loud enough to me


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The 3 of them will end up on Sky

MattBlack wrote:

You didn't need to be Poirot to figure it out tbf

I know I was being sarcastic Matt

That's cleared that up

747man wrote:


*Irony detector explodes*


747man wrote:

I actually quite liked the power and simplicity of the Forth remix or Libra at the time - I think that was Scott Dawson ...

The Forth is Scott, Libra is Brian Wayne Transeau

probably not to everyone's tastes

*puts hand up*

Nick Sneddon wrote:
Odo wrote:

I have this but for the life of me can't find it.

The Lion Tamer track?

I'm sure I've got a mp3 320 of this if you want it ETC

Amps wrote:

Consider the diversity seen in 80s and 90s pop... and now you have Ed Sheeran.

I read an article a few weeks back talking about the state of current 'pop' music. Apparently 80% of mainstream music is written by 10-15 songwriters. which is why there is so little diversity today.

I'm fairly sure the cure for everything is beheading over there.

If they go, don't let them back in. Simple.

Rarely listen to commercial music.  What I do hear is utter shite

Squidgy wrote:

I think he found the name when he listened to the mix, but good start Rave Lizard. You'll go far here.


j.p sykes wrote:


Had an old tape known as Sasha 12, last tune on it. Searched for years for its name. It was only when I found out it wasn't Sasha at all, it was DJ vertigo that I found a track list and found it was Esprial - Dunne. Bought the vinyl off Discogs for 40 notes.

Cheers JP, always wondered what that was