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This has been kicking around for a few years now.

can't believe you admit going to something like that......

That looks terrible tbh

Diminished Responsibility wrote:
seanc80 wrote:
Diminished Responsibility wrote:

Indeed, Taboo is quite good.

*Immediately stops watching*

Still need to see how the whole season plays out. Wouldn't go as far as saying this is The Wire, Sopranos level just yet.

It's only 8 episodes so you won't have long to wait

Grant wrote:

I'm sure even Strudders gets that his dad died.  How is the question, I suppose.

No spoilers please.


He was poisoned, again mentioned in episode 2........ Most probably by the EITC in an attempt to get the land they wanted

His father died...he was married to the actress who had his chest but his death was the reason James came back to England.  It's what the first episode was about.


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Just seen a mate post these on Facebook.

Dermatron wrote:

Taboo is mint.

Watched the first 5 episodes on Monday.  Thought it was excellent

fletcher wrote:

I predict a Friday night Fabric presents: Bedrock

He's playing in Leeds on the Friday isn't he?

I'm back at Terminal in Bournemouth at the start of Feb and they asked me to do a promo mix for them. So here it is.

https://soundcloud.com/erik-b/erik-bruc … x-jan-2017



Luna Semara - Mustafa (Original mix) [KNM]
Evolution - The Pheonix (Guy J remix)
Rick Pier ONeil & Oscar Vasquez - Inverse Reality (Original mix) [RPO Records]
CJ Jeff - Side Effects (Original mix) [Bedrock Records]
I Hate You - Fault Finder (Dousk remix) [Visceral]
Victor Ruiz - Nevermind (Oliver Huntemann remix) [Senso Sounds]
BP & Steve Slight - Access Too (Thrid Personality remix) [ICONYC]
Quivver - Light's Down part 2 (Original mix) [Selador]
Cherish v's Mark EG - Moonlight (Original mix) [Unreleased]
Luzon - The Bagio Track (Victor Ruiz remix)[Yoshitoshi Records]


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Evolution - Pheonix (Guy J remix)

https://soundcloud.com/guy-j/evolution- … uy-j-remix

Boring wrote:

Dan, that goal was a fluke.



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Playing at a friend's house party.


Does this mean that they will restore mixes already taken down?

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

New wettie & surfboard.

Top of my list


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Lols @ Dan and Beats n Pieces

Nice one Jamie, thank you smile

Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it.


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Dermatron wrote:

We put an air-bomb repeater in a lads parents glass front porch one night at about 7pm. Three massive explosions blew every pain out and set fire to the front door of the house and frame and roof of the porch. Fire brigade turned up to put it out as we were all watching it unfold from the safety of the field across the road through the hedge. Next day at morning assemble the head stood up and said the police and fire brigade were coming in to to explain the dangers of arson and to find out who did it and pulled the old 'anyone who knew anything should come forward now' before they came as they already knew who'd done it. They didn't obviously and the police fucked off with nothing.

Thinking about it now it must have been terrifying. Especially as they were sat right behind the front door in their living room LOL  You'd properly shit a brick. Those cunts were fucking loud. Banned now I believe too.

Happy days.


Ffs it's pane you fucking retard


Problem with this place is the same prick keeps getting let back in and ruining it for everyone else.

Dermatron wrote:

Erik. This is how thick you are. 1. You actually served up one of your idiotic unclever retorts right after i predicted it. 2. You tried to cover up a spelling mistake by saying it was deliberate 3. You have contributed and added to this thread several times yourself yet then call it embarrassing. 4. You are remedial.

Haven't you got some ironing to do house husband?


Did my deliberate typo make you feel like the big man?

Merely lowering myself to your level Derms, please keep believing you're smarter than me.

It can be your sustenance once you get this place shut down.