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Lols @ Dan and Beats n Pieces

Nice one Jamie, thank you smile

Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it.


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Dermatron wrote:

We put an air-bomb repeater in a lads parents glass front porch one night at about 7pm. Three massive explosions blew every pain out and set fire to the front door of the house and frame and roof of the porch. Fire brigade turned up to put it out as we were all watching it unfold from the safety of the field across the road through the hedge. Next day at morning assemble the head stood up and said the police and fire brigade were coming in to to explain the dangers of arson and to find out who did it and pulled the old 'anyone who knew anything should come forward now' before they came as they already knew who'd done it. They didn't obviously and the police fucked off with nothing.

Thinking about it now it must have been terrifying. Especially as they were sat right behind the front door in their living room LOL  You'd properly shit a brick. Those cunts were fucking loud. Banned now I believe too.

Happy days.


Ffs it's pane you fucking retard


Problem with this place is the same prick keeps getting let back in and ruining it for everyone else.

Dermatron wrote:

Erik. This is how thick you are. 1. You actually served up one of your idiotic unclever retorts right after i predicted it. 2. You tried to cover up a spelling mistake by saying it was deliberate 3. You have contributed and added to this thread several times yourself yet then call it embarrassing. 4. You are remedial.

Haven't you got some ironing to do house husband?


Did my deliberate typo make you feel like the big man?

Merely lowering myself to your level Derms, please keep believing you're smarter than me.

It can be your sustenance once you get this place shut down.


Change the record mush. Try not being a complete cunt for a change.

Like your mum then

Tbf Dermo this whole thread is embarrassing.


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Must have missed the posts on that.


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All this talk about clowns and I cant help wonder what we're being distracted from........


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ghostriddenhuffy wrote:

Do you guys celebrate Halloween in the UK, Canada, and Australia?

yes, sadly in the UK we do, and it's becoming more intolerable.


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smallman1 wrote:

Is anyone else confused?

just you, did it go over your head?

smallman1 wrote:

I just want you to know that all of the monies collected are safe, in tact and going to one of two places.

Returned to the contributor or continued to be held for when Loopy and or someone else wants to come over.

All gravy.

Someone else?

Dan Harwood wrote:
benson wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

How I survived the great storm of 1987 is beyond me.

I remember it well. Was living in Brighton at the time and my old man was on the council sorting out the mess.

Not sure it is on quite the same level.

Slept right through it.

And me, woke up to find all the trees at the end of the lane to our house down. Took 2 weeks to get the TPO lifted so we could cut them up. 2 weeks off school. Bonus


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fadass wrote:

If any of my fellow Bedrockers are disappointed not to get tickets for this, my mate is running a mod/2 Tone night in the very same venue... Gladly stick you on the GL, no tickets required amazingly & it's free in.

I'd know where I'd rather go

I can't wait to see Trumps hair blowing about.

^ exactly that

Dermatron wrote:

Day 8.

This is turning into a lot more exciting version of Big Brother.

Squidgy wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
erik.b wrote:

It's High Tide's Dan Reid under the alias Choke Hold i believe

I heard it was Alan Fiztpatricks

Lol at choke hold. It's the Sleeperhold remix

Hahaha!  Yeah that's it.

I thought it was superb personally