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Really good mix this JP, thoroughly enjoyed it

Shit hot this. Really enjoyed it. smile

Don't admit it ffs.

It's always them.

Fucking hell.


Tried to upgrade, turns out W10 isn't compatible with with my graphics card, new computer time.

La Nausee wrote:

Even the term "Street Food" makes me grind my fucking teeth. I'd rather eat at a fucking table, thanks. I don't live in Calcutta.


Boring wrote:
mr rossi wrote:
Boring wrote:

That curry chain is shit. As is Yo Sushi. There are no good tapas places outside of Spain. You're better off making your own pizza.

High streets just can't do foreign muck properly. They should stick to burgers and all day breakfasts.

Not enough chipies IMO Boring

I've had good chips but I've never had decent fish and chips. I don't care how much beer they put in the batter the fish is always rank.

You wont get decent fish and chips in London. Never found a good one in the years I lived there, you need to get out of the city to find them


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Dermatron wrote:

Cockring is a really nice drinking establishment.

Wearing leather gets you free entry

Coca Cola in all its forms is utter shite. Really bad for you too, it removes nutrients from your body and dehydrates you.

Dermatron wrote:

Nando's? Fucking Nando's? Absolute fucking rubbish. They've done an amazing job though. They've managed to make them rubbish all over the world.

Yep Nando's is gash

Homegrove wrote:

Never had a proper döner kebab before either.

You're not missing much tbh

Yant wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Nandos was bang on last night.

I'd wager it was more 'cheeky'.


ukhursty wrote:

Gutted. They might actually do well now, for a bit anyway.

Still, glad to see the special one plying his trade in the finest league in the world.

I thought he went to United?

BedRob wrote:
erik.b wrote:

Nice to see we've already made a decent signing in Granit Xhaka for £30M. Only a CB and a striker to go

Erik, Aside from Arteta and Rosicky, who else do you think will go ?


None of the above are good enough if we want to put an actual challenge in for the title this season

I also expect we will see more of these scattered around the squad


I thought Sanogo had gone to Marseille last season. Flamini, Chambers and Walcott can all fuck off. Make weights the pot of them. Campbell's ok, good impact sub as is Gibbs (except whem brought on and played on the wing as we lose cohesion. Id like to see more of Iwobi, hes got the makings of a good player for us.

Nice to see we've already made a decent signing in Granit Xhaka for £30M. Only a CB and a striker to go



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chuffer wrote:
simeon79 wrote:

episode 5 is amazing...

[Ho]l[d] the d[or]...


Apparently the guy who plays Hodor is a progressive house DJ from norn iron:


Im guessing its the shit Guetta/Beatport type not the good kind


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Dermatron wrote:

Thats what old Pat made it look like.

it was one of these cunts. The fucking hose weighed as much as the drill too.



Thats not heavy

ghostriddenhuffy wrote:
Dermatron wrote:

In her prime you'd have fucking ruined her wouldn't you just? And now to be fair.
She's doing a week slot as guest chef on Aussie Masterchef atm. Proper muck ridden innuendo all the time. Dirt, dirt, dirt. Hmmmm Slut..

I'd have a go today...


I've got Suite and yes you can pick and choose what you want


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shaunstrudwick wrote:

4 words:

3 at the back

Thats 3 words and a number wink

It's a 2 way tie for me, probably this one just pips the vinyl only tribal mix i did about 8 years ago (i'll upload it if anyone's interested)

Why? It was one of those mixes that just happened and I had a bad hangover this day too


Verche - Simple as (Ian O'Donovan remix) [System Recordings]
John Creamer and Stephan K - Wish you were here (Lonya remix) [Sex on Wax Records]
Dave Shtorn - Galaxy Rain (Ewan Rill remix) [Magic Room]
21 Street - Jakarta (Stan Kolev & Matan Caspi remix) [Sudbeat]
Loquai - Beast (Ewan Rill remix) [Outta Limits]
Gregor Tresher - Black Relief [Break New Soil]
Wehbba - Think Tank [Tronic]
Sam Paganini - Fire in my Arms [Bedrock Records]
Julius Geluk - The Shift [Indigo Recordings]
Reset Robot - False Widow [Truesoul]
Japanese Popstars - Disconnect/Reconnect (Proxy Remix) [Bedrock Records]

Smashdad by a country mile.

Nice one Matt.