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smashdad wrote:
Big Fella wrote:
Presto wrote:

I'd rather kids hear this sort of thing as a gateway to dance music than the shite Aoki/Guetta/SHM etc are peddling.

lol Presto, do you even think before you type?

For what it's worth I make Simon spot on...

I'd agree with that too...

Mogsy wrote:

Eric, you said you had left the board the other day??? Are you struggling on how to do it?

I never said I was leaving.


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Neko wrote:

your dreams have now been fulfilled



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loopdokter wrote:
Presto wrote:

And just what the fuck was wrong with Let's Get Ill?

It's got Puffy screaming over it.  Remove him and it's much better. smile




number 42 please 'burt renyolds in salt and chili pepper crab claws'

Just. Awesome.


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dogmanstar888 wrote:

the Maetrik gear still sounds brilliant

loved the remixes of Fever and Crossfade


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what browser you using?

Will check this out in a minute dude

steelydan wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

This is my favourite -


They've missed out cunt at the end


MattBlack wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Glennda's got cracking hair for a man of his age.

Hes waiting for the mullet to come back into fashion

Anyone else notice he's slowly turning into Gérard Depardieu?

303 abuser wrote:
nitron wrote:

Bad news but don't sweat it. Before EWTBTDJ there was another account I used religiously - can't remember the name, maybe MixingDJ or something like that. He had all the EM's up, Transitions and had live mixes from Sasha and John up before they'd even caught their flight home.

Someone will find a way to step into the breach.

was it rico_ or something like that?  i used to follow that one and it was fantastic for older mixes and em's.  i'll be sad to see ewtbthdj go, outside of this place, it's been one of my primary sources for new stuff.

That was him

simonr wrote:

Nowt BR can do.

It's up to the owners and Ayre to get him the players he needs.

Hopefully he can scrap with Luis van Lol for sixth.

Fixed that smile

Shit.  Not good.

Hopefully he decamps over to Hearthis.at and keeps on.


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Thanks for listening and all the great feedback Hodgy smile

nice one smile


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MattBlack wrote:
erik.b wrote:


Was a stalwart of the old GU board, posted some of the worst music known to man then used to create all those aliases who claimed they were "fans" of his music and supported his work, you think flares is a bit of a fruit loop, this guy was the whole fucking box!

Just what this place needs......

Another melter


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dogmanstar888 wrote:

Seeing as 100% of board members are male.

are they?

you sure?


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Rod Hull's Emu next then I'll be Zippy, George and Bungle

Yant wrote:


It's good to be back chaps, eh.

So let's just see who's on which side of the fence then;




Was going to say flaresy but i'm not sure how many multiple personalities i should list
Dan Harwood
Anyone not a cunt

Fixed that for you Yant

The cunts up the road

Mine  are on my soundcloud if you want them

No point in posting the videos again.

Mine were; Knight Rider/Airwolf/Streethawk.


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Hahahahahaha! Brilliant smile

Still possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen

Apologies if you've seen it before and if you haven't it's definitely worth a watch