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BedrockMysteryMod wrote:

Unusual activity and a potential sleeper ID has flashed up on my Bedrock pager.

this one's on the ball... can we keep him?


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nitron wrote:

How is that possible? My guess is he forgot his log in and just remembered it the other day. My biggest fear is that whoever it is has been using an alias to come on here in the meantime and wind people up.

Some people really are that twisted, you know.

people use aliases?

Here we go again.

Keep it to yourselves and use pm's if you can't agree to disagree.

Thank you all really. This is quite a cool place to find music, banter etc and you all contribute in some way.

Keep it up but put the handbags away.

GregWhelan wrote:

Found out this week that the word tip originated from 'To Insure Promptness' and was paid at the start of dining.

Another amazing fact for you all next week guys!


dogmanstar888 wrote:
erik.b wrote:
nitron wrote:

I might turn up in a shirt emblazoned with the words 'Phil Opian' just to see what happens...

Or a King of Spin tee

Erik at one point you were in the frame to be a mod.  Now you're baiting like the banned ....

Er......... I was  being sarcastic DMS wink

nitron wrote:

I might turn up in a shirt emblazoned with the words 'Phil Opian' just to see what happens...

Or a King of Spin tee

Couldn't they just have shortened the article to the last paragraph?

ffs... I nearly didnt make it to the end i was that bored


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This is getting ridiculous now.

MattBlack wrote:

Mandelson was a smarmy cunt, same with Alistair Campbell and the rest of Blairs cronys


The lot of them.

We're shit.

Cazorla and Ox have helped.


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Just seen this on Facebook     25% off with HELPMEDDJT

Not tried it yet but will later

steelydan wrote:
Phil Opian wrote:

1 Sasha 94
2 diggers 95

Ally pally was mint and so was the 95 Essential bday party from the Que club.

How Ian Ossia was never asked is beyond me. Shows what a tool Tong is.

I went to the Ally Pally one. Top night.

Me too, cracking night too...... I remember that Mono Culture track and Space Manoeuvres sounded incredible

This is good....  cheers for the heads up smile


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Big Fella wrote:

WAR! What is it good for....

Invading countries that have oil on the pretext they have WMD's or are harbouring terrorists?

dogmanstar888 wrote:
La Nausee wrote:
dogmanstar888 wrote:

Arsenal's 'problems' are indeed down to the manager, purely for his continuing disregard for the defensive side of the game.

But the great goals and exciting attacking football is also down to the manager.  The two goals yesterday were of the absolute highest caliber, the City winning goal was actually soft.

As for Ozil, it's up to Wenger to motivate him, if indeed it is a question of motivation - but either way I'd take Arsenal's squad over Manchester United's all day long.  With a net spend like theirs, anything less than the PL + CL final would be an absolute disaster for them, imo.

CL final for who?


If I let a manager blow 150 mill I'd be expecting the domestic league trophy + CL final in the same year.  LVG can't achieve that so the season is doomed to be an absolute disaster already.

Oh well.

LVG's brief is 3rd or better

http://musicfeeds.com.au/features/john- … time-soon/


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liquitech1 wrote:

Anyone know of a cartel or gun for hire who'll do work on short notice?..


Phil Opian wrote:

Flamini is done. Such a fcking boring player. Walcott would make a difference.

His absence is noticeable we're a lot slower going forward without him,  Sanchez has helped but the sooner he's back the better

Ozil needs to come good and soon. It seems like the only reason he's played is to justify his price tag.

Monreal is shocking

Unbroken1 wrote:


Comedy gold. Especially the quotes section.

fadass wrote:
JamesLawrence wrote:

That's how board I am today



simonr wrote:

Peach of a goal https://vine.co/v/Oa5j9aqbH9m

Enjoyed the game. Ozil was awful though.

Par for the course with Ozil

I'm playing here on the 4th October, it's always a good night with lots of muscular tunage being played, so if any of you South Coast chaps not going up for Bedrock fancy it let me know smile