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jamie wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

No one's got close to mine.

No surprise really, it's absolute genius.

it's not exactly original though? http://www.oxymoronlist.com/microsoft-works/




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Deafening silence
Resisting temptation


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Dermatron wrote:

I genuinely cant imagine living or wanting to live in America. I see guns, I see murder, i see police states, I see institutional racism, racism in the police and I see poverty and no health care. Is that the American dream? I fell out with England but i can still see good reasons to want to live there. i cant with America though. What a fucking mess, a horrible fucking ugly mess. I definitely think i live in one of the top 3 countries in the world. Watching American politics and its daily existence on the news makes me surmise its one of the worst places outside a war zone to live on the planet. You really are welcome to it.

Couldn't agree more. The American Dream looks more like a hideous fucking nightmare.

shaunstrudwick wrote:

Deadpool is great

after the recommendations in this thread i watched London Has Fallen last night

terrible acting and totally unbelievable but an acceptable waste of 90 mins on a Sunday night

No chance I'll watch London has Fallen. I watched the first 20 mins of Olympus has Fallen and I almost clawed my eyes out. Utter shite, made doubly unbearable by Gérard Butler. Hamster cheeked cunt.

I'll see if I can find it again later on

MattBlack wrote:
Nick Sneddon wrote:

you missed out the Wonder Woman one

The Wonder Woman one looks decent

Didn't see the WW trailer until after I'd posted.  Looks good though

Never really a DC fan but I could watch Gal all day long.

Excellent music all round last night chaps, had a kitchen full of people dancing.

Comic-Con trailers for Dr Strange and League of Justice, both looking fairly decent

Yeah the remix is the track from the Fabric video I'm guessing

Just seen on Twitter and Instagram this is getting a re-release on Bedrock with a Digweed and Muir remix.


Rocking mix Smashdad

Moyes at Sunderland seems like a decent match up and I see United got beaten 4-1 by Dortmund.



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Downloaded and finally got round to listening to this today.

Really enjoyed it sat on a roof in the sun. Nice one Millsy

john bon digweed wrote:
Grant wrote:

Allardyce has managed small, shit teams and got them to over-perform.

Perfect for the job, one might say. :-D

Beat me to it.

Grant wrote:

Why don't you all just wait and see what happens, eh?  I'm telling you, this is exactly what England needs right now. .

I happen to agree, he's probably the best man for the job

I'll be locked in


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Peanut butter Magnum


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Sounds riveting


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Henry Rindhoops wrote:

This: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/201 … cot-report

+ The Brexit + no jumbo sausage rolls at Greggs this morning = I no longer belong to this world.

Greggs?  Ffs

Who know Yant, they did the Traveller with John Twelve Hawks maybe their next one will be Sustainable Living with Kevin McCloud

Beijing Dave wrote:
erik.b wrote:

with current advances in technology it is more than achievable to live with almost no footprint.



Living off grid is wide of the mark as it's neigh on impossible. What is possible and admirable is living sustainably. Ground source heat pumps, rainwater filtration systems, reed beds for sewage filtration, solar panels etc etc all go a long way to making carbon neutral existence possible, with current advances in technology it is more than achievable to live with almost no footprint.


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dutchy101 wrote:

Forthcoming on Bedrock presumably?