Still play this a lot now. I used to frequent the Gardening Club in the early 90's, def one of my favourites even now.

James still djs but Chris doesnt sadly. … hris-james

1. Jonny Panic - "Johny Panic & The Bible Of Dreams" (Fontana)
2. Fools Paradise featuring Jay D - "Let Me Into Your Heart" (acetate)
3. Isha-D - "Stay" (Cleveland City)
4. Sain II - "It's Alright" (acetate)
5. artist unknown - "untitled" (white label)

6. My Friend Sam featuring Viol Wills - "It's My Pleasure" (US Ex-It)
7. Tranfiguration - "My Dreams" (Transfiguration)
8. Everything But The girl - "Missing (Chris & James Remix)" (Blanco Y Negro)
9. The Beat Syndicate - "Dancing Daffodils" (Equinox)
10. Woomera - "Retro-Curo-Vibe-Piece" (Indochina)
11. Energy 52 - "Cafe Del Mar" (Eye Q)
12. Age Of Love - "Age Of Love" (React)
13. Peter Tall - "A2 Is Love" (white label)
14. Outrage - "Tall & Handsome [Remix]" (Club 4 Life)
15. State Of Grace - "Not Over Yet" (Perfecto)
16. Electroset - "Sensation" (acetate)
17. Fleetwood Mac - "Big Love" (Warner Bros)

18. Talizman - "Only You" (Cowboy)
19. Jump - "Fankatarium" (Dark)
20. Liquid - "One Love Family" (acetate)
21. Billy Preston - "Heroes" (Italian Outer Space)
22. JT Company - "Don't Deal With Us" (Warner Bros)
23. Steve Winwood - "Higher Love" (Island)

Amps wrote:

Spewing that I didn't get asked to do this sad

I'd have liked to have been asked too.

hey ho

Made my week already and it's only Monday.

Cheers chaps


Must reboot my sense of humour

Like the tune but not so much the vocals. Would like to see a dub/instrumental version of it

Babicz mix is pretty good too

Grant wrote:


Yes I know,  it was an expression of disbelief

Mickyd wrote:

jesus, look at the price for this: … nderground

Wonder what my plastic wallet version will fetch??


How much?!?!

Im sure in the case of live mixes there are tracks that cant be licensed so have to be edited out but I dare say the kudos a label would get from having a track on a major compilation is enough to tip the scales

loopdokter wrote:
nitron wrote:

She sort of looks how I imagine Adele would look if she lost twenty stone.

You're even more sick and twisted than I had imagined.




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BedrockMysteryMod wrote:

Yep. Licence to Mod > delete > ban.

About time.


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BedrockMysteryMod wrote:

Agreed - that's why some of the posts were deleted.

Custom title... must be a Mod

you gonna knock this place into shape then?


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This thread is tedious

namistai wrote:

1. 3
2. 2
3. 5
4. 1
5. 4


john looks uncomfortable.... almost like he's thinking, who let that cake throwing, crowd surfing in a boat cunt up here....


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nitron wrote:
Mogsy wrote:


Only two people use that word regularly on here: ExTractorFan and Dermo.

Which one are you?

I actually thought Mogsy was Big Fella.


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smallman1 wrote:

Not a fan of Matador.

Too bullish.




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His early work was hit and miss, although Kinetic is a killer tune. He's just released a bunch of his own rerubs of a few tunes. The Koeing Cylinder and Vapourspace remixes are boss.... … ersions-ep


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zackster wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

What I meant to say is that if I wanted to go and hear a techno Dj, Richie Hawtin would be at the bottom of that list.

these days i couldn't agree more. minus and plus 8 have both become such awful labels. and that paco osuna dude  hawtin hangs around with has got to be one of the biggest hacks out there. in my well qualified opinion, the best techno jocks going are ben klock, robert hood, and dvs1. all three go about things the right way and can hold a clubs attention all evening.

Matador does a lot of stuff with Minus and he's spot on

Dan Harwood wrote:

17th successive season in the CL sorted and Sanchez' fee paid off in one fell swoop.

Fuck me that was close at the end!

Card happy ref too.

nitron wrote:

Neil Warnock back in the Premier League. Hold on to your hats.

Colin Wanker returns


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Brings a tear to the eye

shaunstrudwick wrote:
MattBlack wrote:
Yant wrote:

What kind of fucking bell end comes up with that idea in the first place.  Yeah, let's schedule 2 international matches only 2 weeks into the premier league season.


Blame Blatter

during the World Cup wasn't there talk of scrapping all friendlies and bringing in a new competition?

Surely that's no better?

Yeah, wasn't that his Christmas  mix swap mix?