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Good effort

Shades of Nick Warren@mos

He's got a new album coming out this year.

smashdad wrote:
feelikaspew miteneedaputu wrote:

Probably THE tune that turned me onto 'chuggy' four years ago - classic far as I'm concerned - along with this...

That Tetra track is mint (what's the sample from??). Whole EP is great Tbf.

roberto wrote:


Fucking ace....Phil Perry & Billy Nasty on the mix


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smashdad wrote:
Beijing Dave wrote:
smashdad wrote:

What percentage of the music Digweed plays would he/you classify as 'prog'?

Depends on which mindset you are of:
1) Progressive (like punk) is a definable genre.
2) Progressive (like punk) is an approach to music.

Your original post led me to believe that questions posted were to be answered by 'prog experts' - ne'er mind...  wink

For me 'progressive house' started not as a 'sound' but as an approach to DJing - New York 'garage' being mixed with Italian house and Belgian new-beat and the nascent UK 'house' sound - Hard Hands, Guerilla, etc - the individual sound of which somehow triumphed over the melange of everything, and the 'progressive' approach to DJing various genres of music together started to slowly become associated, through the DJs, to a single, initially British, sound. 

Around the same time the British dance media were looking, as they perpetually do, for a term to cover the sounds (the plural of soundS is important) being mixed together by all the names that don't need repeating here - their search for the term to use leant heavily on the early '70s when the adjective 'progressive' was first used to precede the noun 'rock' and with almost blistering insight they stuck the adjective 'progressive' in front of the noun 'house' and before you knew it you had Progressive House DJs.

Thus 'Progressive House' became anything that was being played by progressive house DJs - and from '95 onwards it was pretty much established that anything played by Sasha/Digweed (amongst others obvs) was 'prog' - see Renaissance 1 and the (relatively) broad cross-section of music it covers - by the time GU arrived a couple of years later 'prog' was broadened out to include trance elements - then there was confusion for a while from '99 to '02 when the SashWeed sound went very dark and increasingly tedious and 'prog' was dying on its arse - and then Beatport kicked in and started spraying genre classifications around like an old woman's piss and we've ended up where we are now.

So, to your question...

IMHO 'Prog' started out as an approach to DJing - then became a sound played by those early 'Prog' DJs - then became anything sounding similar to that played by 'Prog' DJs despite the fact pretty much all those DJs had themselves moved on.

And thus Digweed - a 'prog' DJ in the minds of many - tours the world smashing up clubs playing neither the 'progressive' style which birthed the original term, nor the specific, narrow, sound that many have come to accept as 'progressive house' - hence my question!

I'd still be interested in a prog expert's answer though...


I thought that it was excellent from 90-92, and then got it rebooted in 94/95 with the early BT stuff.


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loved involver 1 & 2

Thought fundacion wasn't all that, but I agree with Dave that it flows and goes somewhere.

Surprised he hasn't shoehorned in 3 pages of Luke Fair yarns.

seanc80 wrote:
Big_Fella wrote:

How does Dublin compete on the tourism front?

Is there a Bobby Sands museum or a Potato shrine?

The last/only time i was there its only feature was the pub opening early - i think Wetherspoons have that covered over here nowadays.

You should come back over and we'll show you around.

decent afternoon out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerscourt_Estate

I've had PM from a board member informing me He's now a porn historian.


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There's not much out there after a time in the shovel.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/peopl … 27882.html


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smallman1 wrote:

After Chelsea fans and scousers, cyclists are the most hated people in the country.

hang your head in shame, Edward.



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poirot wrote:

True, I thought that too. His t-shirt spoke volumes too. Unemployed wanker who's seen similar on the net.

prob owns one of these and has a history of mental illness.



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She dealt with it really well tbf.

warmed up for Fair@Turnmills on his Bedrock OS Tour

Class act.


Rich Lane's tongue in cheek take on the scene.

Long Good Friday is a decent film.

Big_Fella wrote:

That looks a horror show Glenn, it took a beating on Film 2016.

I know, I know..
its like having to state a case for the Gary webster Series of 'Minder',  to be every bit as good as the Dennis Waterman series.
You continue to do so as it holds such a special place in your heart , despite overwhelming evidence that it is , in fact , shit..... and deep down , you know it

don't do it Glenn...you'll be a broken afterwards.

this Chap was always a fave.


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top player

poirot wrote:

Smug house? The short of it for me is its fucking dull. 120bpm  Mention the word 'disco' in there and its even fucking duller. Cosmic disco? Disco at 120 bpm? Oh fuck off. Oooh Nick Warren will be playing a Cosmic disco set tonight! Whoopie fucking doo, cannot wait. Imagine having to fucking endure that in a club? Next thing you know every spacker and his dog are doing cosmic fucking disco sets on here like they've invented the wheel.

All the tunes posted in here imo are for being put down with ket. Balearic was similar BPM and that was 95% fucking dull too. For the life of me i cant get excited about a droning 120 bpm in any form let alone chug fucking house

that's a shame sad

I can recall you enjoying Ewan Pearson's Boiler Room set a few moons ago.

Dermo wrote:

There's some fine tunage on this set. A very similar sound to Avery.


I can remember Sasha's first ableton set at Fabric started with a Skylark mix of Kylie.

feelikaspew miteneedaputu wrote:

Great choices there smile

Phil McRrackin wrote:

Yep, maybe one day, my appreciation of the faster BPM has come down over the years but not to that level yet.

fair one Phil. Horses for courses.