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We also got X -Press 2's Diesel for £350


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MarcusGraham wrote:
steelydan wrote:

Last summer we booked Justin Robertson for £300

A total Legend smile

Now that is a good deal... must have had a fairly decent rider on top?

He wanted pioneer 2000's and to be kept in Gin and Tonics


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Last summer we booked Justin Robertson for £300

A total Legend smile


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Phil Opian wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

What I like about him and me is that we've both kept ourselves in triffic nick.

Totally agree. Aside of the fact Frank isn't in his mid 30’s sharing accommodation with another man and looking like he’s auto immune deficient, you're virtually indistinguishable.

For more cred I'd get a mortgage and sack the running


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I can't forgive him ruining that Micheal Mcdonald track

High-Soul Society Presents !!!

Down To Bethnal Green & Back…With Kelvin Andrews...

As we begin our “conscious uncoupling” with The Star of Bethnal Green (a relationship which has spawned no fewer than 24 cracking little parties) we have decided there was no better way to part company than to bring in someone who encapsulates the HSS musical ethos and is exactly the type of DJ who inspired the freestyle attitude of our parties in the 1st place… Mr Kelvin Andrews.
After a couple of failed attempts to get Kelvin involved we’ve finally secured his services, and to be honest there doesn’t seem to be a more fitting time to have this true gent of the scene in our own back yard for what will be our last party at The Star…

A DJ’s DJ, Producer, Electric Elephant Legend and with a pedigree as long as your arm (biog below) we know we’re going to be delivering the knockout blow for our final party in Bethnal Green…

Keep your ear to the ground in Autumn where we’ll be looking to make a typical heavyweight’s come-back (albeit leaner and meaner)…
But in the meantime we’d like to say a big thanks to our fabulous guest pugilists…

Luke Unabomber – Terry Farley – Leftside Wobble – Justin Robertson – Bill Brewster – Paulie (Cosmonaut) – Ray Mang – Balearic Mike – Dave Jarvis – Krysko – Diesel - Nancy Noise – Elliot Eastwick - Peter O – Ben Monk – Dan Beck & Matty S…you’ve all been great.

Thanks also goes out to Rob, Steve & (the lovely) Nadean at The Star.
And of course….Miles (we miss you man) who’s input was paramount in so many of our best nights…big love…x

Lastly….Huge thanks to you guys (the dancers) for your continued support…The smiling faces & you’re unquenchable thirst for disco action makes it all so worthwhile!!!!

See you for the Re-Match…
John & Danny X

A DJ since the beginning of time (1982) - A Producer since 92, Resident @ Golden 92-96, The Bomb 96-2000, regular guest at seminal club nights such as Back To Basics, Slam, Venus, Heavenly Social and all over the world ever since. Remixed with super talented brother Danny Mekanik as Sure Is Pure/Soul Mekanik seminal acts and tunes such as Aretha Franklin (Rock Steady), The Doobie Brothers (Long Train Running), Sister Sledge (We Are Family/Lost In Music), Sly & The Family Stone (Family Affair), Marvin Gaye (Got To Give It Up), Blue Boy (Remember Me), Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Welcome To The Pleasuredome), T-Coy (Carino), Mary J. Blige (Reminisce)… and dozens more. Producer of over 100 house records, famous for playing for 8hrs from Blissed out Balearic/Alternative sounds, through to underground disco and heads down spaced-out deep house. Label boss (Gem/Pharm/Creative Use/WoNk/ReVno) a connoisseur, a crate digger and an all-round musical gentleman…

Henry Dear Boy

The tracks are now listed on the link smile

jamie wrote:
millsy23 wrote:

Summer tune if I ever heard one.

https://soundcloud.com/fernando-2020/fe … ts/2014-04

like that alot.

His album from last year is the nuts

Tracklisting to follow

http://m.mixcloud.com/danieloliver72/ph … x-19-7-14/

Great to see Bob Carolgees fronting Toto


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For Gawd sake don't trot round Bolton with a sandwich board, with 'the end is nigh' daubed across it.


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Who knew that Celtic Park could host something more depressing than an SPL match.


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mr rossi wrote:
Yant wrote:
mr rossi wrote:

Just back from Tesco with a boot full of Spam.
I'll be OK.

Don't forget the tin opener mate.

Haha Shit.Do I have time to go back?

Maybe swing by the Army Surplus store for a respirator and filters ?


One of the first tunes I downloaded Millsy....got that off 3 beats store


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Arabs and Jews…the salt of the Earth

I went to last years closing party at EE with Carl Craig....This is good stuff mate with a few (not obvious) classics thrown in smile

I hope Justin Robertson's set surfaces


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One for Mills & Smashy

http://m.soundcloud.com/hardwaybros/sea … y-mix-2014

Cheers mate

I did....I'll upload it this week.

simeon79 wrote:

Played that Saturday.....proper banger Si

http://m.mixcloud.com/glyn-mitchell/jou … -rampling/

Beijing Dave wrote:

rampling played a fair bit of full on trance he had dj choci on his radio one show enough. think he mainly played it at festivals as i recall.

I remember his Radio 1 show being proper vocal house around then. He certainly wasn't playing the big trance nights at the time (The Gallery, GodsKitchen, Progress, Slinky, Passion, Gatecrasher etc).

But dates get hazy, it was a decade and a half ago. I may be wrong.

He used to do those mix CDs which kicked off with that tough US house, but CD2 used to be LSG &  banging Prokult stuff. He played loads of stuff like that at the Cross.

seek and ye shall find smile

http://m.mixcloud.com/philrenwick/danny … oom-tunes/