Missed out Lee Coombes and the Unabombers.....top lads and prob my favourite djing duo.

My memory is fading.

Ger_Stokes wrote:

Warmed up for Zabiela & Fanciuilli when they were doing their one + one thing, warmed up for Lee Coombs, and played on the same nights as Digweed and Timo Mass another night but didn't warm up for them.

Nice....totally forgot I warmed up for Timo Mass in 94. Proper caner smile

Dermo has warmed up for M People numerous times


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smallman1 wrote:

Hope it's this -



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Was this the night with Josif and Sasha?


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Had to be the piano line in this monster

warming up for Justin Robertson was an honour. Legend


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smallman1 wrote:

Brilliant Steely, just brilliant.

bog standard gag....taxi!


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Glen wrote:

I'd bet money on this being Dermo. Look at the perfuse sweating and tell tale sings of the beast.

is that Dermo bottom right snogging? I'm assuming they had a proper confectionary/snack shop set up there?


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More like a Toilet Chain

Always loved the Trance Euro Express Comp

http://www.discogs.com/Various-Trance-E … ease/85763

love that track

millsy23 wrote:
poirot wrote:

Listened to Blondish and Scuba's Boilerroom sets today whilst gardening. Thought they were both quite reasonable.

Yes gardening. You know your life's fucked when you're out gardening.

love a bit of Blond:Ish. Proper heads down tech.

That Wizard of Love EP that came out on Rebirth is class. Reminds me of the stuff Tenaglia used to play.


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Is that Doris picking your hooter Ed? love Dixon's shirt...

jamie wrote:

watched Drive again last night for the first time in ages

love it.

great soundtrack

Boring wrote:
zackster wrote:

hannu being pressured to give in to terrorism.

With his newly acquired super power Doggy has gone from a wacko terrorist to a nuclear threat.

You've got to admire his determination to liberate us from the perils of poor moderation. Modern day hero.

a legend in his own lunchtime is more fitting

This board has gone to the dogs

Homegrove wrote:

Saddest thing is he sees himself as the good guy fighting the bad guys. Delusional.

He's good at IT

he wants Dermo outted that's clear, but he's also demanded 2 million in a suitcase (used notes...natch) and a private jet to take him to his retreat.

matttymm wrote:
MattBlack wrote:

Maybe they could do a Dixon cd and it would come with a leather waistcoat to wear while you're listening to it

I laughed so hard at that the water I was drinking came out my nose.

I have no idea who Dixon is though


do people still buy CD's? is it really worth wasting all that wedge on Lavelle? surely they could had stuck their neck out and got Dixon/Talabot and move with the times?

Unbroken1 wrote:

...Jimmy Savile- Scarborough LOL!!!!111!



mr rossi wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Wasn't Sasha playing a Foals remix a couple of years back?

I have no idea what point i'm trying to make.

If its the Ewan Pearson mix of Olympic Airways then its a fuckin beaut.
Also if anyone has a digi of this and would like to hook a bruvva up I would be very grateful. smile

will sort

Catchy little number

Love his label, but his dress sense is truly awful.

erik.b wrote:
fletcher wrote:

Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard

Superb album.

no Rakim, Erik?