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Always loved Dick Emery and Richard Briers

simonr wrote:
Grant wrote:

Diggers smashed it to bits.

Absolutely flew by !!

Great night. Plus the new XOYO room lay out worked well.

It never quite worked with Jozif upstairs. Glad it was a belter.

Ncable wrote:

U.F Orb
DJ Shadow - Entroducing
Cymande - Dove

Great Choices

smallman1 wrote:

There were a few double nawty dorises in there last night.

Do like seeing a treacle throwing a few shapes to sten gun prog house.

Lol@sten gun....proper bit of sten gun on this one


It's all about Doom

love this set...proper club music

https://soundcloud.com/platform/craig-r … min-boiler

[00] Craig Richards - Sleeping Rough

[07] Jaime Read - Pleasure Principle [Recovery Tech]
[11] Robbie Hardkiss - Everything Is Changing (Hyena Stomp Mama Remix)[Classic - CMCD114]

[20] The Deal Seal - Bored Of The Future (40 Thieves Remix) [Smash Hit - SHMEP 06]
[26] LIT - Brown Dwarf (Hyena Stomp Red Giant Remix)[Classic - CMCD114]

[36] JTC - Through The Looking Glass [Creme Organization - CREMEJAK X03]
[40] Da Posse Featuring Martell - Searching Hard (House mix)[Dance Mania - DM 022 RX]
[45] Sleazy Mcqueen - Naked (Dub Dub) [Hairy Claw - HC 017]
[50] Diskokaine Pres. Transmania - Boing, Boom, Jack! (Robotnick Remix) [Gomma - 088]
[54] Coringa - Under The Globe [Rebolado - REB 004]
[61] ?
[66] Grizzle Hands - I'm A Hansa Dansa [Speak - SPK 0008D]
[71] Roboterwerke & Supersempfft - High On Tech (Loud-E Futurist Edit) [Wunderwerke - WWWW 001]

poirot wrote:

Kettering? I've heard of it but didn't believe any cunt would actually live there.

What a dive

millsy23 wrote:

Not heard this in tiiiiiiiiime. Love it

tune....you've not got a copy have you? love the Slam mix of this. It was on one of Sasha's Up Your Ronson sets from 93.

I was taking the piss. Fuck me....Farley would hunt the bloke down if he heard that.


Squidgy wrote:

It got a review from a magazine too I think. His message obviously went far and wide...

Terry Farley in the Faith Fanzine gave it 10/10


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is Tom touching that bloke up?

Gen lol@5 & 14

shaunstrudwick wrote:
Dan Harwood wrote:

Regardless of kids, NYE is a time for being with your loved ones. In other words Sasha is a cunt .....again.

clearly a bit of a statement of intent from the man like

a Fabric sesh pre-xmas would have been what the real fans wanted tho

Did fabric want him? I'm looking forward to Diggers at fabric

Unbroken1 wrote:

..haha, oh blimey Dan, I can sort you with a copy if you want? wink

some cunt has logged in as as me! it's not fair i tell you!!!!

I'm having a Benson here.............

can I still get a WAV/FLAC for this weekend?

millsy23 wrote:
Homegrove wrote:

Big Fella gathered enough complaints (from multiple users) to get another week off. Again.

lols. He's turning into Doggy.

gen lol

He'd get on well here then

Homegrove wrote:

Big Fella gathered enough complaints (from multiple users) to get another week off. Again.

Quite ironic as he was discussing holidays

great album that ^


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Ncable wrote:
joeyp wrote:

Keep Wenger on and that's what you'll get

Not necessarily. With his experience he'd have a better shot than most of challenging the Billionaire Toys Club monopoly in the Premier League. Wenger is still highly rated in world football and would easily make a top five list.

I can imagine the other four managers would have won the CL and regular domestic trophies.


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joeyp wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

At least we'll get out the group, unlike Arsenal.

Yes but think of all the interest from the money in the bank Ed

the sooner we get knocked out the better. We can then concentrate all our efforts towards the FA Cup - Again


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bring back Prison Hulks & Convict Gaols