zackster wrote:

best alias: the ponce of whales.

short lived, but i loled at that one.

He does have his moments.

I tell my kids not to use the hate word.

smashdad wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:

Quality 12" that - only weak mix on it was the original!

Quality breaks from Crystal Method...

... and a stomping (hard?!)house D'Still'D mix which I battered at the time...

Great record.

As featured on the Simpsons

Henry Rindhoops wrote:
chromosome_junction wrote:

I hate Henry Redhoops, I hate his obsequious, contrived shtick, I hate the fact that feckless, barely-sentient morons get to vote him into contention with the genuinely funny board members.

Haha. Let it all out CJ there's a good chap. And once you've calmed down take your ma down to the Holburn Bar for a 'slap up meal'. A cheese macaroni pie, with a deep fried Mars Bar for dessert. Treat yourself.

lighten up CJ.


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Bedrock Board Thread of The Year : Dixon's day out thread. The worst clothes known to Man.
Person you would most like to share an ale with : Henry or ETC
Best mix from a board member: I've enjoyed all Millsy's mixes.
Best photoshop : Smalls at Abbey Road.
Biggest reg: Loopy's inability to book/fork out for his flight.
Meltdown of the year: Dogmong
Weirdest stalker/obsessive : Dogmong
Funniest Bedrock Board member : ETC
Unfunniest Board Member : Bedrob
Board member who generally has the worst taste and in what : Rhouses....fucking dire
Meltcase of 2015 : Dogmong
The Bedrock Board's Best DJ (apart from John) : Kumquat
The Loopdokter award for biggest know-all who knows fuck all : Matt Black


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His early stuff was good. I can't tell him and Scuba apart? Both sound the same.


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City played some great football on Saturday. Their 3rd goal was class.

Think you might be right there Ed. All night listening to Sasha with various guests....or basically because he can't be arsed playing all night.

liquitech1 wrote:
loopdokter wrote:
erik.b wrote:

I'll get shit for this but who?

I believe he's American (so that probably means he's Dutch).   He started out on the French Express label out of NYC and makes fantastic bassy house. Worth checking.   Not sure what he's like as a DJ mind you!

the chap is a full blown Swede, dr jay


smallman1 wrote:

Any cop?

just press play >

the Pollyester track 27mins is class. Played it last night.


Classic Partridge


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Grant wrote:
Boring wrote:

Millsy's walking a tight rope by not mentioning The Wire in the same breath as The Sopranos - it's a sacred cow round these parts.

I stand by my criticism of Dominic West - atrocious accent.

LOL, I spotted that too!

Sopranos is probably the best program ever made imho. Brilliant in fact.

Your in for a treat

He was also playing in London for Steve Proctor's night.

loopdokter wrote:
erik.b wrote:

When has Sasha ever done anything with out having someone helping out?


I suppose he gave Diggers and Zabbers their big breaks.

Also Scarlet Etienne

some fucking Hipster who plays tech-house

Mostly all of those posts are comical.

quickme11 wrote:

His Mexico mix was superb.

He definitely has carved out a live sound and I think that's largely down to him playing some of his stock loops over the top of tracks which are more stripped down when you hear them 'raw'.

Just sounds like he's left the delay on


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smallman1 wrote:

It's like Club Tropicana but way straighter.



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have a belter Grant

one of the most icon clubland photos.

Keep up Matt FFS

fletcher wrote:
steelydan wrote:

got the tickets for Saturday

Didn't realise Saturday were on sale.
I can only see Thursday 24th and Friday 25th,,,