Please Kev!

ah, nice one Nick.


Great shout ^

been there done that

£27 Shpongle - Dorset Perception


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Just finished Fargo Season one 10/10

steelydan wrote:
Squidgy wrote:

Infini - sci fi horror. looks pretty good, acting is pretty bad and the plot has a shedload of holes... seems like it was appealing to the gamer audience with a mix of doom, dead space and aliens vibe linked with a bit of 28 days later. also, looks like they had a lot of ideas that they ditched as they went through the filming lol. still watched it to the end, though i had a ton of questions after it.

a very generous 7/10. i.e. it's not terrible, but it's not great.

I'll have a butchers at that.


That was awful...I'll never get that 45 mins back! Damn you Squidy!!!


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the Lads at work reckon it's a brilliant venue


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cap doffed

Because I thought you were a big bender.

smallman1 wrote:

Some bandwagon Freeland's jumped on.


It's alternative set tbf.

and a class one.


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Sunday night I'm there

saw him NYE

Love this

Ta Millsy


reluctantly sold both my tickets for £30.

loving this mix by Zac's Mate

Tank Top wrote:

Tbf to him he's on one the bleakest tours of all time taking in Aberdeen, Hull, Manchester and Colchester.

I should have asked if he was alright.

He's from Kiel in North He'll feel at home in those venues.




Who'd replace him?

certainly not Eddie Howe (Smalls obviously a Star reader) although I'd like Koeman to get the job as he'd be more ruthless.

Koeman to Barca?