Can someone help me locate Mark Farina set on Kiss FM John Digweed Guest Mix on (17.10.03). Thanks in advance.

Thanks WOW!


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1. Sasha - San Fran
2. Digweed - Hongkong
3. Tenaglia - Athens

I just ordered my copy (i know i am lil behind). looking forward to it.

Listenting to right now. Quality as Always!

Good Gene Pool. Runs in the family to be the best in what they do.


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I have been looking forward to this cd (along with T4) this month.
Sounds good, always love sean's style. so must be good.

a set from dc spring tour will do too. plz.

yes. i agree. it was a night of musical bliss.  i was there.


heard it last night. i like it a lot. it was such a teast, need my cd NOW! smile


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I look forward to this cd. Consistently good mix and programming. Awesome.


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This Q is directed to our parents to see how well they know their kids taste of music.

If it wasn't for a few djs (and producers) who are constantly working hard and pushing envelope, i would have retired from this scene by now.  i think most of the people in this forum can at least distinguish them.

His set was posted here i think a while back. now hook explains about it. wonder how many djs are getting away by fooling the crowd and pocketing a large sum of cash with their celebrity dj status. rather pathetic. … =351971986

Did I miss it or no one has posted this yet ?

sounds like its going to be a good night.  i heard nightmare stories about the door staff on MANDY night. has it been sorted out yet?

Congrats John. Thanks for your hard work. This is just an indicator that we support your hard work and always look forward to hear new sound from you.

received my signed copy. enjoying it thoroughly.

still waiting for my copy. hope i get it tomorrow

glad buzz is back in action again. although my clubbing days are rare these days, makes me happy to see it alive. i can pick and choose now which night i want to go out.

i was expecting transition tour to come to fur sad

i usually agree with 365 review. it gave 9 to luke fair mix. i thought it was a decent mix. lee got 9.5, can't wait to hear it. always liked lee's style. little funky, little techy, little housy, a lil bit of everything.

well.....i love DT and wanted to defend him.
i know writing a book is not going to help him but we should all support when a artist gets ripped up.

kickazz mix. loved every sec of it. i am craving to see Chloe peak hour set soon. hey how about working things out with buzzlife. they are reopening at a former venue of glow (Fur nightclub) smile

chloe when are you coming to dc again. will listen to the mix. thanks for sharing.

you guys are pathetic.  Respect and Unity is what has pushed the scene so far. DT was being disrespected and he has all the rights to complain about it.

Whoever is responsible should be punished.