Yep very true..SAW recordings knocked out a few good ones via Satoshie Tomiee

Bagleys at Kings Cross was fun...Additive Records used to hold their nights there and it was not bad circa '94
Lazerdrome in Peckham around the same time was drum and bass music

Club UK in Wandsworth was also okay - kinda like a rival to MOS

Ha ha....typo..had a few drinks

He's productions are damp good and his use of vocals are so well needed.

Yep he's playing at MOS just need some peeps to go with, all my mates are old now !

Pretty cool imo according to mix comp and live stream mixes heard.

Not heard live but considering seeing him at MOS In November.

What you guys reckon

The brother has soul.
He's a real soul brother.

Nice stuff, wasn't quite sure what to expect but it's deep, dream like and almost out of body type music !!
Awesome stuff here and has traction felt throughout most parts of this album.

Brave attempt here and I think it's worked pretty well.

Almost...just almost harks back to the times of Guerilla, Spooky etc etc


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Sad news..LFO was one of those tracks which introduced me to acid house. I actually remember this when I was around 15 and in my back garden in North London hearing this from an illegal rave not far off...completely mesmerised and like WTF. . hooked to electronic music ever since.


Here come the loners...

Definitely hypnotising !!

But his ability to do it with one tune okay fair enough....but tune after tune after tune without ruining a flow....!!

How does he command and magnetize a crowd of people so well ?  And no I don't mean just playing records one after the other.
He literally 'alters' a mood and atmosphere in a room and holds it.


Just heard this from all those years ago and sounds so fresh and uplifting!

23 years to be exact !

Caught it on a mix by Henry Saiz, Labrinth 20

Well I'm 39 !

Are you 8 years old?

Yep..heard it first on Transitions 513

Check it peeps

Superb track...builds and builds


Without Digweed we would be stuck with the like of Jon he please women

Let's hear it for our saviour.

He really is the Don

Yep yep.

Good to see there are still some long standing punters out there.

Special times eh..

Garden of club was not bad...just on the corner somewhere in Covent Garden right?

For me Heaven was the bees and sweaty but proper good times.

The track was Audion - Mouth to mouth.

Some of the best nights of my life...Top dog Digweed

Being an avid old Skool Digweed fan I found this video.

I was there somewhere in the crowd and can honestly say the roof lifted off at around 2 min mark..

8 years


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You know it makes sense

He's why your here...on this board


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He's our saviour.


We don't see it yet


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His warm ups and intros are more reflective of thUses lots of space and minimalist type approach....he's a band man. Selects things which compliment each other. Also leaves an effect like no other