Given into temptation and checked out the preview show on Transitions....sounding real good

It's oh so quiet

Horses for courses.
Plus each cd comp is a snapshot at that current point in time.
Keeps getting better and better.

Yeh perhaps we will get some info via the Transitions shows in the lead up..not too much to ruin it mind you

Release date of 26th Feb

This is going to be mammoth. He must be fairly confident that the entire set was SICK and all tracks are licence sorted etc

Super excited.

6 cds that's insane!!!!

How can anything in the series beat 6 cds?!

Great news....looking forward to this


I've yet to see a lady grace this board.

Simonr what the hell you on about being a loon?
I asked a simple question by putting a feeler out there as sometimes someone knows something before it comes on the fb twitter etc, which I don't use.

Stop being so arsey and lighten up.

Your quite offended I can tell. You took so much time and effort  to source that picture. Wow...that's seriously moving and a sincere reflection of what a sad old person you are deep down?

Deep down inside..yep. you have nothing better to do than chat shit ?
Go to sleep.

Milky...can't individually finish what you started?

Smak Dad.
Why come onto a message and deliberately stoke trouble ? ?
Is this an innate feature of your character ? Not very professional.
I'm telling you..your screw loose.

Now go and plug your cunt hole, tramp.


Oh leave it out Smak Dad.
Your one to talk with your double standards lol

Btw are you from the same class as Milky ? Or perhaps become molested as you've aged ?

Go back to the playground you chimp.


So, anyone know or hear anything ?

Let me know ASAP.

Kind regards

Milky23. Your good at deducing.
Did you sit in the low achievement class at school ?

Thats the problem, i seem to be away most Easter Bedrocks and need the 1st quarter gig. Desperate to see him man.



Anyone know if he's likely to be playing London early this year ?
I missed him last December as was on holiday with family and didn't see him ALL 2016 !!

Nice one Diggers. Have this app on my Android churning the latest and past favourites from yester-year.


Excellent!   Some extra info there
Nice one.

Boss track. BOSS.

Can't describe this tune other than its got some soulful sample running through it......absolute stormer of a track!!!

Anyone id this ?

Hooked on groove

Yep, thats right.
He will undoubtedly toy with us for a few hours and crank that pulsing sound system like no other can.

This is my only dose of Digweed the whole year believe it or not!!!

Saw this too but can't see any links for tickets online