Ha ha lol

Let's not lose focus.
The thread title says it all kids.

There is no need to be hasty. What's the rush to listen to it. It will be pleasurable when I hear the onslaught of gargantuan sounds.

Stop bullying.

Digweeds music is like a fine bottle of champers. It is to be enjoyed and savoured.

Long live the King.

This is unbelievable.
I haven't bought the 1st set yet but now have to get the last 3 as well. Great news !!!!!!!!
Cannot wait.

Yes some blinding news coming from the Messiah.

I'm excited already...not quite sure why


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To surreal for me. What is going on!!!

Gave so much.


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Not much can compete with him, pure musical genius.

This is wonderful news and we should celebrate.
Great stuff.

Wow...sounds awesome!!
Gutted I missed this.

Interesting to see what Diggers has planned for the next two years with Bedrock...am sure he has a plan in the lead up to Bedrock 20.

That 2nd video is awesome !!!  Didn't expect that MJ track

Really digging this Transitions mix cool

Digweed the magician.

Poirot..you dirty so and so. I'm not Doris ya pleb. Anyway you get your nips out. Cheeky so and so.

Machine gun highs rattling at circa 3 mins 30's on 1st video ...cracking intro

Given into temptation and checked out the preview show on Transitions....sounding real good

It's oh so quiet

Horses for courses.
Plus each cd comp is a snapshot at that current point in time.
Keeps getting better and better.

Yeh perhaps we will get some info via the Transitions shows in the lead up..not too much to ruin it mind you

Release date of 26th Feb

This is going to be mammoth. He must be fairly confident that the entire set was SICK and all tracks are licence sorted etc

Super excited.

6 cds that's insane!!!!

How can anything in the series beat 6 cds?!

Great news....looking forward to this


I've yet to see a lady grace this board.

Simonr what the hell you on about being a loon?
I asked a simple question by putting a feeler out there as sometimes someone knows something before it comes on the fb twitter etc, which I don't use.

Stop being so arsey and lighten up.