Just heard this from all those years ago and sounds so fresh and uplifting!

23 years to be exact !

Caught it on a mix by Henry Saiz, Labrinth 20

Well I'm 39 !

Are you 8 years old?

Yep..heard it first on Transitions 513

Check it peeps


Superb track...builds and builds


Without Digweed we would be stuck with the like of Jon he please women

Let's hear it for our saviour.

He really is the Don

Yep yep.

Good to see there are still some long standing punters out there.

Special times eh..

Garden of club was not bad...just on the corner somewhere in Covent Garden right?

For me Heaven was the bees knees...hot and sweaty but proper good times.

The track was Audion - Mouth to mouth.

Some of the best nights of my life...Top dog Digweed

Being an avid old Skool Digweed fan I found this video.

I was there somewhere in the crowd and can honestly say the roof lifted off at around 2 min mark..


8 years ago...wow


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You know it makes sense

He's why your here...on this board


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He's our saviour.


We don't see it yet


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His warm ups and intros are more reflective of thUses lots of space and minimalist type approach....he's a band man. Selects things which compliment each other. Also leaves an effect like no other


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Like he's playing in a band. But he's playing everything himself!


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Listening to live in Argentina cd 4, such smooth transitions. He uses space and pace so well.

Has soul, funk and pure drive to this 4 cd set

Love it

He's earned it even though he's still rocking it.

Can't make tonight as family duties beckon....enjoy !

Live in London and Slovenia have the best sound quality all over IMO.

True london is epic with some nice subtle touches of crowd noise.

Cordoba, London and Slovenia sounded perfect and not so over bearing with the crowd noises.

But Argentina kinda gets ruined slightly but the crowd noise....the mixes are otherwise superb and ever evolving

This track makes me wanna climb walls !!!

Nice usage in Digweed's Slovenia mix

Gutted, was just about to get a ticket as friend confirmed....now they're sold out

Check this part 1 mix.....at around 1 hour 9 mins and 30 seconds....sublime highs tweeting my ears

Chuffed you need to stop smoking the crack and getouta bit more..perhaps stop writing sarcastic riddles

That's s a bit ott...you know there's bad in all colours and creeds you fool..go up north England and you get the same but from white folk

Don't play the race stuff you knob

Beijing Dave wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

One less is one less.

Nig-nog is a countable noun.

'One fewer'.

Highly recommend this for old skool drum and bass heads out there.....absolutely brilliant...check it