looks tasty...he's got to follow up soon with a London night hopefully!!

Can't wait

Looking forward to this. Judging by all the comments my expectations are sure to be superceded.

Just got these and will be playing to see just how good they are!!
Incredible I am sure

Mos last Friday was damn good. They pulling me back there but only just. The venue is smart and they have the new Dolby Atmos system.

Though I would love to see Bedrock at Fabric..it's a small nudge but gives a bit of intimacy.

Hmm thats seems kind of close to the actual date of October ..let's see.

Trying to schedule my life around Diggers London date is all I'm doing ☺

Sounds great peeps...guess a date should come pretty soon

You don't say

Any early info or news about this..

Yep was a good night..main room was rocking.
Good stuff

This is pretty good ...some tunage from the pioneers.


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yep that's right..the EU wants the UK to fuk right off so they can stabilise and move forward themselves. Investor appetite for the EU is jittery and non forthoming. If shit hits the fan in a broken EU the world see's no short term benefit from investing there. Exchange rates will be low pegged against the US dollar and China / Japan proving huge implications for trade.
This ain't no Lehmans bros domino effect but is more political and longer term.

We should be learning from past lessons and not repeating failures that occurred last century.


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The opposition have a plan.
Don't they??

Ffs Boris is exactly that...a frigging Boris. Who looked like a deer in the headlights when exiting his home on the announcement day.
Let's see what their exit plan and policies will look like within the next few months and if they differ from what we had before the independence. This generation is gone. The old farts and Northern have nots have stuck their fingers up at London and the elitist few.

This political divide is national and before long will be toxic in Europe.



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If this is what the people want, then this is what will be sown.

Though imo it is appears narrow and inwards looking and regressive.

Power track with some serious groove.

V nice

There are dj's and then there are DJ's.

We are fortunate to have them. Without them the scene would not exist.

On the other hand most people don't get four to the floor music...we're the chosen ones. We're wired different

Looks good. Will def check.

There is only one NuBreed.

Let's see if the Master GU will take off again

Epic. It's bloody epic and nothing comes close to it nowadays. The path was set by this vibe and the pre cursor of acid house gave a great platform for the prog to follow.

Though there will be a vacuum one day.

This comp for me reflects the ability to drive but also reflect on each transition. The breaks part still sounds awesome.

Perfectly pitched to the heart beat

NE Expeditions sublime

Time and time again...year after year this mix always delivers. Doesn't seem to age.

I get lost in the music.

Deep Dish - Yoshiesque

Orbital - In Sides

Yep tickets bought.

Pretty good line up. Hope to hear some good mixing !!
Missed out on Diggers at MOS.