Looks like Monopoly money.
Petty cash.


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Thats the spirit, always lashing wink...I drink to that La Nausee.


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Nothings gonna change. The rich will get richer and more powerful...you and I will just be cogwheels supporting this milk machine. IMO I think the vote has put us back 30 years now, it's divisive but done intentionally to bring the power back to the old dogs, the establishment. Parliament knew this was gonna happen, they know that division and hatred will come but they still want it to happen. Fear of a black planet.

UK is a tiny tiny island but will become smaller when Scotland leaves. Who's left...Wales ??

Lets hope it all works out...it's all binary wink

Looks good...perhaps hear some of these during the Ministry night.


Had to post this...top 1st hour from Digs.
Not heard Emerson yet!

Yep..super track..just builds and builds.

It sounded superb.
I'm a veteren here smile but the energy still there.

It makes me think these top dogs are not letting up...at all !!

Am gonna plan to see either Digger's or Sasha next year in the balearic island.

Awesome video. It's difficult to watch for the majority but the tracks coming through that Box are like fireworks.

Just came across a video of bedrock easter with sasha as the  surprise guest.

"John Digweed surprise b2b Sasha Bedrock Easter 2016"
It's about 53 min's and 29 seconds long.

I missed a dammmmmn good night. Interesting to see how Diggers is perhaps making good use of the lovely wide main room. Different sonics and reverb's perhaps. Bring on the November gig !!!!

Yes yes yo!!

Looking forward to this night as Henry Saiz is playing...bonus with Nick Muir

2nd hour transitions 628 is tooooo good. Hard beats !!
We need a room like this at Bedrock...old skool Heaven

Just listening to Transitions 628 and 1st hour is damn good. Deep and driving.

Yep its now disappeared l.

Ticket bought !!

Anyone know what the access code is as the eventbrite ticketing site is asking for this when selextinguishers tickets?

Excellent stuff...just got my email for early bird tickets.

Sad sad news. A key London nightclub erased from the map. Takes away a place for like minded people to mix and embrace the magic of electronica. Where will the people go now? Underground?  Probably time will pass and new opportunities will open up but for now just damn good memories of Fabric and especially the Room 1 sound system..thunder and lightning.

And just for the record...it doesn't matter one bit if your listening to a mix from release date or several months later. Bonfide material is timeless.

Just....!!!!  Getting round to listening to this extraordinary extravaganza....and I'm only just 40 minutes into CD1. What a treat. Can't fault it from the track selection to magic mixing from JD. Im so excited just hearing first few tracks and looking forward to the mammoth hours ahead.

Coming from a long standing fan.
There is no other JD. He he plays from.the soul and taps the brain like a tribal ritual in the masai. Much of house music is based on our heart beats and tantric sounds.

Shake the mind body and soul people. Release!!!

Just started watching and is pretty good.
Disco, records, block parties and turntabalism !!

Amen. Please give us this our daily bread.

I live not far from Kingston and I can't see anything that decent round those ways.

That being said I used to go to The Ritzys and Zone in Tottenham when I lived them sides and the music was proper hardcore....know the score

I feel better now. The soul has returned.

I hope this is true as no Bedrock in October means I havent heard him live in over 18 months

Good spot Simon.