Now now now....just pushing the good word for the Main Man.
I shook his hand once outside the queues at Heaven when he used to peek at the length of queue.

Impressive as they stretched right round the block.

Much respect for my position within this chart. I feel honoured to be on here so high and owe it simply to the fact that Diggers powers that obsession. I really am old enough to remember house from its early manifestation but also enjoy the dancefloor with passion.

He understands our minds and manipulates sounds to trigger emotion and enlightenment within all of us. I don't do drugs just get high from the message he sends.

Roll on Xoyo.

Looking forward to this...hardly get to catch him here in London but should be a top night.

This has definitely grown on me and really enjoying CD1 and CD2. Different and added to the collection.

And bring on Xoyo !!!!

Bit late to listen to this but think it's slightly less pumping and more atmospheric style from Diggers. Cd1 and cd2 pretty good, cd3 picks up the pace somewhat.

Like being in a playground with some of you fools.


Lovely Bedrock showcase here....getting me ready for Xoyo

Music Power in Green Lanes word. I forgot about that place....up the road from my place and i used to occasionally go there. I frequented the more classy Plastic Fantastic and some recordstore on Beak Street along with Black Market.

Music tastes were so much more diverse and open.

Hard house
US Garage

Memories .....such good times and fond memories of happy times...usually ☺

Can't believe it, so young. Favor and Dale were the two who first introduced me to techno all those years ago on Kiss.

RIP brother

I suddenly feel like bringing my lino out

Cracking old skool business

fletcher wrote:

Enjoyed this mix, proper bangers with a Balearic twist.  Would love to hear the next hour.

Liked the chus and cebbalos mix too, even the Sam Smith remix wasn't too offensive.

Just got this on Pacha mix on right now - superb break beaty track by Skeleton Army - Madripoor!

Also that Chus & Cebellos opening track is top dog, loving the chugging tribal

Oh I get the push from Mixcloud a bit late then.

The mix is peak time material from the main man. Has some  pumping groove and soul to it. Rocking! … -ceballos/

Holy smoke....52 minutes in and this is an absolute belter !!!!!!!!  ! ! ! !

Just hearing this now on Mixcloud - AWESOME !!!!!!


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Ah brilliant - Jack your body ...what a top tune !!!

Hey hey hey !!! this is looking really good. Lovely dark club and top location.
Going for this rather than SW4


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I think Ima stands the test of time and doesn't sound dated at all...I find it quite refreshing.


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Yes sorry Ima

Top tracks on that.


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This is perfect summer soundtrack music.
All the full length versions are great listening and there is even a mix of all tracks by Sasha on the same compilation

Check it out and trip the light fantastic!


Youtube link ?

Letting all the buzz and hype die down...savouring the a fine glass of bubbly

Anyone got any "Youtube" vids of Digweed doing his magic transition from one track to next ?

And you know what I mean, the signature mix which sets him apart from the rest wink

Am really looking forward to this triple whammy....CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!!

He needs to come to Fabric at least once for the remainder of this year.