The genius returns.

Yep credit to the makers and believers. Piano house with a vocal similar to Taylor Dayne.

Can't believe these are nearly thirty years old...still sounds unique and fresh as ever.

Kariya - Let me love you. 1988

Patti Day - Right before my eyes. 1988

Wow...he was relentless and quite brutal. There were moments in there but that was a hard night and I left at 430am.
Haven't heard Digweed like that in a long long while.

smallman1 wrote:

Sasha's turning up again apparently.

Where is this info coming from ?

roberto wrote:

I'll be lording it in vip...catch me on the stairs yeh

Have seen the vip prices and it's not worth it for me and a mate. Would love to get in there as it's very nice.

Dan Harwood wrote:

No, a mark of respect would be playing every record from edge to edge and providing the punters with special punch.

and some scratching ?

Sad news but the seed planted has flourished.

In the beginning there was house music..

Looking to get there fairly early and get a drink or two in a bar around Elephant.

Digweeds early sets are lush slow grooves...great when the floor is hardly busy. … oneer-dies

Dj Three
Diggers you have to try and get DJ Three on the transitions show.

Looking forward to this as not seen him live year and half !!! FUK DAT

No doubt he'll bring the thunder


Who's in?
Who's in doubt ?

Tickets bought. They're almost sold out !!

Looks like Monopoly money.
Petty cash.


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Thats the spirit, always lashing wink...I drink to that La Nausee.


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Nothings gonna change. The rich will get richer and more and I will just be cogwheels supporting this milk machine. IMO I think the vote has put us back 30 years now, it's divisive but done intentionally to bring the power back to the old dogs, the establishment. Parliament knew this was gonna happen, they know that division and hatred will come but they still want it to happen. Fear of a black planet.

UK is a tiny tiny island but will become smaller when Scotland leaves. Who's left...Wales ??

Lets hope it all works's all binary wink

Looks good...perhaps hear some of these during the Ministry night.


Had to post 1st hour from Digs.
Not heard Emerson yet!

Yep..super track..just builds and builds.

It sounded superb.
I'm a veteren here smile but the energy still there.

It makes me think these top dogs are not letting all !!

Am gonna plan to see either Digger's or Sasha next year in the balearic island.

Awesome video. It's difficult to watch for the majority but the tracks coming through that Box are like fireworks.

Just came across a video of bedrock easter with sasha as the  surprise guest.

"John Digweed surprise b2b Sasha Bedrock Easter 2016"
It's about 53 min's and 29 seconds long.

I missed a dammmmmn good night. Interesting to see how Diggers is perhaps making good use of the lovely wide main room. Different sonics and reverb's perhaps. Bring on the November gig !!!!