Power track with some serious groove.

V nice

There are dj's and then there are DJ's.

We are fortunate to have them. Without them the scene would not exist.

On the other hand most people don't get four to the floor music...we're the chosen ones. We're wired different

Looks good. Will def check.

There is only one NuBreed.

Let's see if the Master GU will take off again

Epic. It's bloody epic and nothing comes close to it nowadays. The path was set by this vibe and the pre cursor of acid house gave a great platform for the prog to follow.

Though there will be a vacuum one day.

This comp for me reflects the ability to drive but also reflect on each transition. The breaks part still sounds awesome.

Perfectly pitched to the heart beat

NE Expeditions sublime

Time and time again...year after year this mix always delivers. Doesn't seem to age.

I get lost in the music.

Deep Dish - Yoshiesque

Orbital - In Sides

Yep tickets bought.

Pretty good line up. Hope to hear some good mixing !!
Missed out on Diggers at MOS.


This looks pretty good..

Danny Howells
Nick Warren
Jimmy van M
Dave Seaman

That track is the bomb. AWESOME stuff form the legend !!!!

Read he has a family issue to contend to. Wishing the man like the best.

Times like this..we need to give back and acknowledge. Not just take.

Ewan Pearson
Dj Three
François K
Danny Tenaglia
Andrew Weatherall
Richie Hawtin

Thank you

Yep this triple cd mix has stood the test of time, unique track selection and mixed superbly.

I've just dug these out to play:

Ewan Pearson -Sci.fi.hi.fi
Classic Acid - Mastercuts Vol 1
Jonathan Lisle - Original Series Bedrock
Paolo Mojo - Original Series Bedrock

Ha ha lol

Let's not lose focus.
The thread title says it all kids.

There is no need to be hasty. What's the rush to listen to it. It will be pleasurable when I hear the onslaught of gargantuan sounds.

Stop bullying.

Digweeds music is like a fine bottle of champers. It is to be enjoyed and savoured.

Long live the King.

This is unbelievable.
I haven't bought the 1st set yet but now have to get the last 3 as well. Great news !!!!!!!!
Cannot wait.

Yes some blinding news coming from the Messiah.

I'm excited already...not quite sure why


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To surreal for me. What is going on!!!

Gave so much.


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Not much can compete with him, pure musical genius.

This is wonderful news and we should celebrate.
Great stuff.