Live in London and Slovenia have the best sound quality all over IMO.

True london is epic with some nice subtle touches of crowd noise.

Cordoba, London and Slovenia sounded perfect and not so over bearing with the crowd noises.

But Argentina kinda gets ruined slightly but the crowd noise....the mixes are otherwise superb and ever evolving

This track makes me wanna climb walls !!!

Nice usage in Digweed's Slovenia mix

Gutted, was just about to get a ticket as friend they're sold out

Check this part 1 around 1 hour 9 mins and 30 seconds....sublime highs tweeting my ears

Chuffed you need to stop smoking the crack and getouta bit more..perhaps stop writing sarcastic riddles

That's s a bit know there's bad in all colours and creeds you fool..go up north England and you get the same but from white folk

Don't play the race stuff you knob

Beijing Dave wrote:
dutchy101 wrote:

One less is one less.

Nig-nog is a countable noun.

'One fewer'.

Highly recommend this for old skool drum and bass heads out there.....absolutely brilliant...check it

This is the bollox.....loving it....gutted I missed Saturday at fabric

Wow....thought this thread was about how amazing digweed is with his high hats

Listening to Versus for first time. Nice stuff

It's like being in a playground with you children

One love love

Shame I'm missing fabric

Your not really sad....just lonely.
It's ok.....I'll be your friend


Dermo.....wanking to a digweed cd and wearing white socks?

Your fantasy I guess?!
You have a somewhat twisted, perverted mind

Come on geez...snap out of it!

Anyway......back to the guys are proper not getting any?

Guessing demo longs to be abused

It's all coming out now

Seems as though a lot of people on here have hidden fantasies.

When I say te amo its in reference to a track digweed remixed in '93

Anyway he's top dog

Maybe one day he'll have a workshop for his anorak followers.......I'm there !

Been following him 23 years!
Te Amo diggers !  wink

An architect

Love it when he builds and withholds then drops therehigh hats.......fucking awesome !

Makes me bounce like crazy

Like a fine bottle of wine, his sets are to be savoured and looked forward too......exquisite.
When in the mood his cds always give that sense of excitement

It amazes me how digweed sets are simply a world apart from the norm....tonight I am sure is going to be a monster night....he'll tease you all that's for sure!

Gutted I can't make it so have a good time least for Heavens sake wink

Good to't realise that Pob was a part of union Jack

Good to see there's still folks out there who recognise the track..
Armageddon was a great album too.....

Gutted I can't make it to bedrock 15.... all the old gang I used to come with are busy !