Lovely lovely tune..nicely drawn out along the way

The music talks to me.

Yep I used to visit this recordstore after work early noughties.

Anyone know if the other one is still sure it was on Beak Street?

Nice stuff especially first hour track 2 and 3.

Soul Power....Digweed got Soul.


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Oh leave it out Stav 4 posts.


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Jack ja ja ja jack ya body

Wassup mf's

On a serious note..I think Digweed is son of God.

He talks to us......through the music.


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Digweed is like no other
Soul Brother.
Driving. Pummeling those senses.


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You are now enlightened. Very welcome.


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The fundamental principles on which something is based.


Still rocking this this day...awesome vibes

Nice stuff.

Underground ...roaches ..

Educating the kids wink

Nice track...can't believe I am missing Bedrocks Heavens Resurrection

Actually played all 3 now with no distractions and its really really good. Dreamy in the second cd but still drives well without that harder touch which is usual.

I think this Toronto comp is setting the pace for something to come in spring from Diggers.

4 hours a day usually
1 in the AM to work, 2nd for journey home and 2 hours in the evening solid.

there was a time when i had it playing all night whilst sleeping, either on headphones or hi fi. Its definitely part of me in a big way.
Think we pick up stuff subconciously without knowing.

Innate .

Like Baroque wink

Yep, there is a mix done by Diggers circa early noughties with this in it and a few tracks after has a blinding female vocal track. Beautifully crafted in and so out of the blue. Still can't figure out what the track is.

Holy shit..that's awesome.
Better get on checking Lost & Found tracks.

So what's his recording name now?

Nefes..I have that on vinyl.

His style was so weird, hauntingly melodic....if there is such a thing!

Yep different Yunus.

Awesome stuff early nineties..slightly similar in style to Guy J...moody deep chugging style.

What happened to this guy?

He released some solid material years back not heard anything since his Bedrock releases.


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Actually I don't miss cassettes. Too much fiddling.

RAW Power.


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Man I miss wavs the same way I miss vinyl.

Just dug out some old mixes I did around early nineties and the analogue wav sound is so dearly missed.

Sends tingles down my spine hearing wavs.

None of this pony mp3 lossy nonsense.

Heres a link … t-2-music/

Is quality

Holy smoke...just when you think Part 1 couldnt be bettered.

Rocking !!

Funk Power Bro

42 mins onwards

ukhurstyToday 12:33:27
Not sure if it's the same mix, but his 2hrs 2014 review mix is quality.
Top notch stuff all the way through.

Thats the mix.

jules72Today 20:39:52
Thought it was great although the quality of mixing and set construction is arguably better amongst the forum mixes. Dont think this was a mix that Uncle John spent that much time on at all.

Mmmm, yeh possibly but the track selection and flow is spot on.