Hey hey hey !!! this is looking really good. Lovely dark club and top location.
Going for this rather than SW4


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I think Ima stands the test of time and doesn't sound dated at all...I find it quite refreshing.


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Yes sorry Ima

Top tracks on that.

This is perfect summer soundtrack music.
All the full length versions are great listening and there is even a mix of all tracks by Sasha on the same compilation

Check it out and trip the light fantastic!


Youtube link ?

Letting all the buzz and hype die down...savouring the moment...like a fine glass of bubbly  ...lol

Anyone got any "Youtube" vids of Digweed doing his magic transition from one track to next ?

And you know what I mean, the signature mix which sets him apart from the rest wink

Am really looking forward to this triple whammy....CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!!

He needs to come to Fabric at least once for the remainder of this year.

His stuff awesome and dead funky !

Check it

Just played this again (been around since 2009) and its unbelievably sublime....go seek and enjoy this TOP Dubfire mix.

Would love to do Insane in the ibizan balearic island, however this doesn't coincide with my family trip to the same island.

I need to smash it here with Diggers in a low levelled ceiling place. I need to get lost in the music.

Sw4 doesn't cut it

Something earlier than October is needed

Nothing fishy

Just appreciation for unique talent. So long to hear him in my home town sad

Is he playing Fabric anytime soon ?

His music gives me inner strength I can't obtain in any other way.

Pummelling and pounding my senses into a maelstrom of terror and enlightenment at the same time.

There is no other.

Excellent news !!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for this

Liking this...love the nod to the slight warble or off key moment in these opening sounds.

Jez wrote:

Diggers also played Tijuana Groove is in the Air Moonface remix

Man I remember hearing Diggers play this early nineties and it was the original mix which I prefered.

This tune envelopes you.

Looks like it was a great night...had to miss this as was in Jamaica on holiday.
I'm hoping Bedrock returns to Heaven again this year as I don't get to see the main man much now i'm married kids etc

PLEASE !!!!!!!!

Lovely lovely tune..nicely drawn out along the way

The music talks to me.

Yep I used to visit this recordstore after work early noughties.

Anyone know if the other one is still around..am sure it was on Beak Street?

Nice stuff especially first hour track 2 and 3.

Soul Power....Digweed got Soul.


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Oh leave it out Stav 4 posts.


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Jack ja ja ja jack ya body

Wassup mf's

On a serious note..I think Digweed is son of God.

He talks to us......through the music.