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(2 replies, posted in Bedrock Records)

..Bedrock release are there? Just a few if im not mistaken?

Anyone got a list?

Of course there's Digweed's and I have the Bedrock Foundations disc.. I know Jimmy Van M has one.. who else is on the lable?




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Sasha's Ibiza gets my vote, disc 1.

..but Digweed's Los Angeles follows closly behind

..tough call actually haha



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For the best mixed CDs you cant beat Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo imo.

For me Digweed's Fabric release was amazing.. not to mention Los Angeles and his other GU releases.

I also really enjoyed Cattaneo's Perfecto realese South America (i know perfecto.. amagine that!) That is flawless mixing right there!

Another DJ that really stands out to me as far as mixing is concerned is Josh Wink. You should check out some of his mixed stuff (along with his produced stuff too, its all good). His Profound Sounds series was excellent imo.

And then of course you have all the other classics.. Northern Exposure, Rennanisance, GU, Fabric ect..