I was there and it was totally amazing.  Such a massive buzz around the room when they both came on.

It was also my birthday and special thanks to Digweed for taking the time to come and wish me a Happy Birthday.

Just a shame I was slightly (ahem) worse for wear and probably didn't give the best account of myself.

Digweed was utterly amazing and a truly wonderful night.

So nice of him to invite Sasha along to make my birthday night so special

Special thanks to all that were there making it such an unforgettable night.

millsy23 wrote:
smallman1 wrote:

Don't think I've ever heard a Dave Seaman set I've enjoyed.

The Morrisons of Prog.


Seaman's GU Buenos Aires mix is totally awesome - pure prog/prog-trance power throughout.  CD1 lifts off an just keeps going and going.  Up there with Digweed Los Angeles IMO.

Also Renaissance Awakenings, and The Silk Mix are pure class.

His Renaissance nights at the Cross were consistently awesome.

Seaman is much under rated IMO - although his Audio Therapy mixes didn't come up to scratch with his GU/Renaissance Work

millsy23 wrote:

is it any good for making love to?

Actually my Mrs caught a blast of it and actually voiced an opinion that wasn't the usual discontent.

Not sure I will be using it to lure her in for the yearly mating ritual, but definitely a mix that is more accessible to the fairer generation

MattBlack wrote:

You should review for Prog sounds Matty

Do you get the wondrous backlash of bantz if you voice an opinion on prog sounds ?

poirot wrote:

7/10 is a return to form?

Felix Da Housecat
Carl Cox
Adam Freeland

...no more to be said

So, I've given the whole mix a good blast for a week now.

I have to say that having received the deluxe edition, the packaging is for sure OTT.  The book with the photos is really good for anyone that enjoyed the imagery, the postcards are predictively useless and the luggage ties are too tacky to be of any use.  The whole box is massive though, much bigger than the GU 10 edition which makes it look a bit silly sat on the shelf.

The mix itself, I've detached my mind from thinking its James Lavelle to try and give it an unbiased assessment.  In short its much better than I thought it would be.

He starts CD1 much harder that anticipated with a mix up of dirty house, it makes you wonder how much faster/harder the mix would be and whether it would be an uncomfortable ride.  Luckily the mix settles down after this.  Vocals are in abundance with only a few tracks across the mix that don't have a vocal on it.  It gives the whole mix a feel of a producer that is showcasing his tracks in a mix.

The mixing is OK.  Good in places and less than desired in others.  The album does have a genuine flow and feel to it and CD2 picks up where CD1 left off, which was a nice touch to the very different sounds the Travelogue and Main Mix feel of the other GU releases.

There are a few quality tracks in there, and the mash up of primarily dirty house with elements of trance, breakbeat and more normal housier sounding tracks keep it varied and interesting. 

I really like the abundance of vocals which gave it a more album sounding feel than a true mix.  I think having songs to listen to and at time sing along to kept me interested than had it just been a beats album. There are a few tracks that are uncomfortable on the ears and distract the mix from being excellent.  Some of the vocals are a bit annoying and repetitive without be subtle.

Overall once you get over the fact you're buying a James Lavelle mix, the album is actually pretty good and I have to say a pleasantly surprising return to form for the label considering the poor standard of later releases in the series.

In summary and very enjoyable and varied listen for anyone that enjoy vocals and that UNKLE dirty house vibe.  Some excellent stand out tracks and only a few duffers.

7/10 for me.

Current world champs at Billiards and Darts.  Can't take that away from us.

Until next year that is

1. Bedrock Layered Sounds 1 and 2
2.  Afterhours Series Global Underground - the Ibiza one is very good.
3. Cafe del Mar - Dreams Series
4. Nick Warren Amsterdam CD 1
5. Hernan Cattaneo - Masters 17 CD1
6. Digweed Sasha - Northern Exposure
7. Nick Warren - Masters 18 CD 1
8.  Biosphere - Subsrata
9. Electric Calm Series - Global Underground
10.LSG - Into the deep
11. Global Communication - 76:14

Funny you should mention that, I also gave it a spin this weekend to see how bad my dementia was getting.

CD 1 was a mash up of dirty house with the exception of "The Baguio Track" which is pure 100% class.

CD 2 was much more closer to my tastes, although loses it way towards the end.  Worst remix of Heaven Scent that I know.

Fair play though, wasn't 100% correct with my original assessment, but did say its been a long while since it got a spin.

To your point though, its nowhere near San Francisco though for intensity or journey.

Has anyone out there got an unwanted copy or are willing to sell a copy of the following CDs/Mixes.

I'm after the original CD version, not a copy or MP3;


and also


Have been trying to find these for a while now.

Thanks to anyone that can help.


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Are you having a pop - tart!


Flake for me:


and that Boddington's one with Melanie Sykes



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All these puns are making this into a bit of a cereal.


(24 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion)

Maybe if it was Frosties and I really fancied a bowl.

Not if its just cornflakes though, even for the Kellogs ones.

Must be a big bowl you get though, not those kiddy packets you get.

Do you know whether milk is extra or not ?

This is as guilty a pleasure as I could confess to.

Already feeling the shame.

1. Moment Of My Life (Richie Jones Dub)-Bobby
2. Closer Than Close (Mentor Remake)-Rosie Gaines
3. "So Good (12"" Vocal Mix)-Juilet Roberts
4. Don't Give Up (M&S Epic Klub Mix)-Michelle Weeks
5. Something Goin' On (Loop Da Loop Uptown Mix)-Todd
6. Just Gets Better (TJR Dub)-TJR Feat Xavier
7. RIP Groove-Double 99
8. Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar)-Praxis Feat Kathy
9. Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)-Sneaker
10. Anytime (Original Mix)-Nu-Birth
11. Happiness (Extended Version)-Kamasutra Feat
12. Flylife (Extra Mix)-Basement Jaxx
13. Belo Horizonti (Dino Lenny HWW Mix)-The Heartists
14. Sunchyme (Original Mix)-Dario
15. Offshore '97-Chicane With Power Circle
16. Foundations II-Beat Foundation
17. Get Up! Go Insane! (Moonmen's Theme)-Stretch 'N'

Maybe it was Terry that did it and he just didn't like the atmosphere afterwards

The CD release was over 3 releases:

1st CD was a blissed out mix

2nd CD was live in Avalon

3rd CD was the DJ friendly with the full length version of tracks

Not sure if this helps, but that's what I got when I went "old school"

Beijing Dave wrote:

Heed the advice of ol' Ledgy Bants, Matttymm.

Being the music expert I am I would have said that Garage is actually an early 1970s precursor to punk, played by bands such as The Sonics and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Completely out my depth Dave, I know the Raiders play American football as well - does that count ?

smallman1 wrote:

Not at all chief.

But ledge bants is a necessity if one is to survive in the jungle environment of the Bedrock message board.

Essentially if you ledge the bants you survive and thrive.


I see - like the cataracts have been lifted from my eyes.

If it is a "jungle environment" though, I would observe when it comes to "bantz ledge" you are more Mowgli than Predator

I'm self acknowledged needing bantz improvements.

Are you picking on me because your team got dicked then ?

Ha - thanks for putting me straight.

The post still kinda applies equally to Lego.

Its Ninjango 24/7 in my house at the moment

The Lego games are class.

They are fun and are problem solving/beat them up based.

The Batman and Marvel ones are really good games, there's also Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Harry Potter.

For sure its aimed at a younger generation, but for anyone with kids, you can play co-op and its really enjoyable.

I would have thought "garage" to you Dave was where your dad keeps his sit down lawnmower that you go out for rides on ?

jamie wrote:

can't believe I forgot this -

https://soundcloud.com/jon-sa-trinxa/jo … -beach-mix

It put me onto Jon Sa Trincha and many many hours of chilling in the sunshine listening to his Beachlife / Salinas sessions CD's.

That's an awesome shout Jamie, have gone and bought this mix.  I'm a big fan of that chilled Ibiza sound.

As per my initial post I can highly recommend the DJ Kandi release that came with DJ Magazine. It was the first mixed Hed Kandi release:


I can also recommend the Chillhouse Mix collection by Bruno from Café Del Mar - there are 4 or 5 of them that are all good:

https://soundcloud.com/swis87/cafe-del- … ouse-mix-3

The remastered Halo on Xbox One is worth it on pure value alone