Current world champs at Billiards and Darts.  Can't take that away from us.

Until next year that is

1. Bedrock Layered Sounds 1 and 2
2.  Afterhours Series Global Underground - the Ibiza one is very good.
3. Cafe del Mar - Dreams Series
4. Nick Warren Amsterdam CD 1
5. Hernan Cattaneo - Masters 17 CD1
6. Digweed Sasha - Northern Exposure
7. Nick Warren - Masters 18 CD 1
8.  Biosphere - Subsrata
9. Electric Calm Series - Global Underground
10.LSG - Into the deep
11. Global Communication - 76:14

Funny you should mention that, I also gave it a spin this weekend to see how bad my dementia was getting.

CD 1 was a mash up of dirty house with the exception of "The Baguio Track" which is pure 100% class.

CD 2 was much more closer to my tastes, although loses it way towards the end.  Worst remix of Heaven Scent that I know.

Fair play though, wasn't 100% correct with my original assessment, but did say its been a long while since it got a spin.

To your point though, its nowhere near San Francisco though for intensity or journey.

Has anyone out there got an unwanted copy or are willing to sell a copy of the following CDs/Mixes.

I'm after the original CD version, not a copy or MP3;

and also

Have been trying to find these for a while now.

Thanks to anyone that can help.


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Are you having a pop - tart!


Flake for me:

and that Boddington's one with Melanie Sykes


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All these puns are making this into a bit of a cereal.


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Maybe if it was Frosties and I really fancied a bowl.

Not if its just cornflakes though, even for the Kellogs ones.

Must be a big bowl you get though, not those kiddy packets you get.

Do you know whether milk is extra or not ?

This is as guilty a pleasure as I could confess to.

Already feeling the shame.

1. Moment Of My Life (Richie Jones Dub)-Bobby
2. Closer Than Close (Mentor Remake)-Rosie Gaines
3. "So Good (12"" Vocal Mix)-Juilet Roberts
4. Don't Give Up (M&S Epic Klub Mix)-Michelle Weeks
5. Something Goin' On (Loop Da Loop Uptown Mix)-Todd
6. Just Gets Better (TJR Dub)-TJR Feat Xavier
7. RIP Groove-Double 99
8. Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar)-Praxis Feat Kathy
9. Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)-Sneaker
10. Anytime (Original Mix)-Nu-Birth
11. Happiness (Extended Version)-Kamasutra Feat
12. Flylife (Extra Mix)-Basement Jaxx
13. Belo Horizonti (Dino Lenny HWW Mix)-The Heartists
14. Sunchyme (Original Mix)-Dario
15. Offshore '97-Chicane With Power Circle
16. Foundations II-Beat Foundation
17. Get Up! Go Insane! (Moonmen's Theme)-Stretch 'N'

Maybe it was Terry that did it and he just didn't like the atmosphere afterwards

The CD release was over 3 releases:

1st CD was a blissed out mix

2nd CD was live in Avalon

3rd CD was the DJ friendly with the full length version of tracks

Not sure if this helps, but that's what I got when I went "old school"

Beijing Dave wrote:

Heed the advice of ol' Ledgy Bants, Matttymm.

Being the music expert I am I would have said that Garage is actually an early 1970s precursor to punk, played by bands such as The Sonics and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Completely out my depth Dave, I know the Raiders play American football as well - does that count ?

smallman1 wrote:

Not at all chief.

But ledge bants is a necessity if one is to survive in the jungle environment of the Bedrock message board.

Essentially if you ledge the bants you survive and thrive.


I see - like the cataracts have been lifted from my eyes.

If it is a "jungle environment" though, I would observe when it comes to "bantz ledge" you are more Mowgli than Predator

I'm self acknowledged needing bantz improvements.

Are you picking on me because your team got dicked then ?

Ha - thanks for putting me straight.

The post still kinda applies equally to Lego.

Its Ninjango 24/7 in my house at the moment

The Lego games are class.

They are fun and are problem solving/beat them up based.

The Batman and Marvel ones are really good games, there's also Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Harry Potter.

For sure its aimed at a younger generation, but for anyone with kids, you can play co-op and its really enjoyable.

I would have thought "garage" to you Dave was where your dad keeps his sit down lawnmower that you go out for rides on ?

jamie wrote:

can't believe I forgot this - … -beach-mix

It put me onto Jon Sa Trincha and many many hours of chilling in the sunshine listening to his Beachlife / Salinas sessions CD's.

That's an awesome shout Jamie, have gone and bought this mix.  I'm a big fan of that chilled Ibiza sound.

As per my initial post I can highly recommend the DJ Kandi release that came with DJ Magazine. It was the first mixed Hed Kandi release:

I can also recommend the Chillhouse Mix collection by Bruno from Café Del Mar - there are 4 or 5 of them that are all good: … ouse-mix-3

The remastered Halo on Xbox One is worth it on pure value alone


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Beijing Dave wrote:

Thought most deaths would be as the motorcyclist hit the ground or the windscreen of an oncoming bus i.e. not dying "on" a motorbike.

Ironic that its you of all people to be picking me up on my written English Dave.

Will give you a moment to look up "ironic" on wikipedia


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You are 3 times more likely to die on a motorbike than you are by either walking or cycling


vinnyt77 wrote:

Once saw a guy finish this on one credit on a trip up to the mountains in Cyprus.

There was nothing for miles around other than a café and this game.  One of those moments when people stand around watching.

WWF Wrestlefest
Kung Fu Master
Bubble Bobble

Mortal Kombat

Super Mario Kart on the SNES was the greatest.  The N64 was also excellent but had a handicap system that made it a bit too easy in places.

The haunted house track on the SNES is probably the greatest.

Later versions on the Wii are equally good for their time but I think the need for it to be all inclusive for all family members took away some of the skill element from it.

Mario Kart 8 is also very good, but feels like a reboot of the Wii edition.

Lost days and days on the SNES. 

Could also finish Super Mario 3 without losing a life or taking short cuts.

Thank f8ck girls came along at the right time otherwise I would be house bound from suffering extreme reactions to sunlight.

To be fair, that particular one if off the website I bought it from.

Mine is in less good condition having played multiple games of "do a line every time you win a round" on Ye Ah Kung Foo


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Beats'N'Pieces wrote:
matttymm wrote:
poirot wrote:

Dixon or the sheep that follow his Emperors clothes hipster shenanigans aren't welcome in here.

Looks like its just me and you left then

I saw Dixon in Leeds, the crowd was the worst I have ever experienced and in my opinion he wasn't all that - Midland was much better.

As for Moto GP, I'm more a BTCC man.

Accepting that I've only learned of his existence in the past few weeks, its a sad tale of how far dance has declined that he has any popularity of any significance.

Had it been 10 years ago he would be stacking shelves in Tesco by now