Thanks to those that have posted - unfortunately the versions posted are the same file.

Was hoping that someone out there might have a special copy tucked away somewhere.

Totally gutted to have damaged that disk - totally loving that 95/96 sound at the moment.

The essential mix from Dave Seaman in 1996 is pure class along with Digweed's 95 Essential Mix.

If there is anyone out there with Sasha 1995 please let me know - getting a bit down!!

Thanks all.

Enjoy the Jeremy Healey mix.

Da Da Da ..... Smooth Criminal

Here you go!!!

Fill your boots.!TYhVlBqR%21JQmJNH7--xaKmqIifr2JQA

BTW - the Sasha set sounds all washed out

Its this one:

Essential Mix (1995-05-21)

BT - Trippin [Perfecto]
New Order - Blue Monday [FFrr]
Spicelab - We got Spice [Harthouses]
Peter Lazonby - Sacred Cycles [Brainiak]
Dum dum - To The Rhythm of Love [Whoop]
Up Yer Ronson - Lost in Love [Hi-Life]
Hal 9000 - Stoopid [Fresh]
BT - Divinity [Perfecto]
Blue Amazon - Star of David [Jackpot]
Mozaic - Sing Hallelujah [acetate]
BT/Quat - untitled [deConstruction]
Billy Ray Martin - Put Your Lovin Arms [East West]
Shiva - Freedom [ffrr]
BT - Loving You More [Perfecto]

Wow, that's a lot of Michael Jackson.  Smooth Criminal was so good he played it twice, or maybe he was running out of records by then.

As tempted as I am to plug the gap I have with this, I'm hoping that someone can come to my rescue.!!!

Thanks anyway, and enjoy the listening


I've managed to damage my CD copy of Sasha's Essential Mix from 1995.

Does anyone have a high quality copy of this either on CD or MP3.

The versions on Soundcloud and other downloads all sound a bit washed out.

Any help would be grateful, its one of my favourite mixes of all time.

Thanks to anyone that can help

Anyone got anything constructive to say about the mix?

Nick Sneddon wrote:

Whos liking it to Northern Exposure ffs?

The Product Description on Amazon: … alance+024

I was reading some of the "reviews" on Amazon, and that prompted me to post my review.  Thought I would share it with you lot given the effort of cutting and pasting.

I was hoping that it might help inform those with an interest and in the potential of some interesting discussions

Given that most posts I read on here end up with someone slagging off someone's mum then I thought I would assert myself as a knowledge expert.

For the record though, my mum has slept with everyone and almost certainly most of you.

OK. First things first, the beauty of music is that it creates and divides opinion.

I have followed dance since the early days, and have in my CD collection over 600 CDs from the likes of Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Oakenfold, Steve Lawler. I have all the Balance CDs, all the Global Undergrounds, have all the Northern Exposures/Communicates etc. Point is I feel I have a position in which to gauge the overall standard of this mix.

Also worth noting that I have seen the man himself on a number of occasions, and I concur with others his energy, passion and knowledge are unquestionable.

To the mix itself. Personally I prefer the more progressive, deep side of house. I am not a fan at all of the minimalist electro sound that has graced much of the mix releases in the past few years. I am more Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo's latest Renaissance (uplifting progressive as well as the down tempo mixes on both discs).

Having listened to the Howells mix 3 times now, I have to say other than maybe one or two tracks on CD 2 I am left pretty underwhelmed. I too was looking forward to this with eager anticipation, however I find the mixes lacked any energy, depth, passion, substance. It all felt a little to over complicated and over thought.

Anyone liking this to Northern Exposure and the like is well off the mark. The first CD ambles along from electro to down beat house and minimalist house, and like most complilations these days I had this as the more chilled out mixes that accompany many double disk compilations.

Moving onto disc 2 I anticipated more energy, more substance, but frankly it was more of the same. It does begin to get going towards the end of disc 2, however by that stage after 2 hours of "build up" the set is over before it got going.

If you are reading this and are more into this sound than mine, I would suggest listening to Henry Saiz's efforts to get a good benchmark of the possibilities.

Personally, when I compare this to other Balance releases, such as Nick Warren's Nic Fancuilli's I find Danny's release as pale in comparison, which is a real real shame, as I have a massive amount of time for his DJ ing.


Yeah it feels like a sabatical AKA - Having children

Last clubbing night I went to was Cattaneo and Warren at MOS and Steve Lawler in Amsterdam

Closest I get to a good night out is closing my eyes while stuck in traffic with the stereo turned up


Ha Ha - Not that I like the big fluffy beats, just like things that have a melody.

I've found much that has been released recently fairly monotonos and lacking any real emotion.

I may be a little old school now, having been there when Oakenfold was in the courtyard, Steve Lawler was at Home, Digweed at Cream, Danny Howells at Sanky's I just find much of what's released commercially lacks any real soul and melody.

I think dance peaked for me in 1999/2000 when Oakenfold did his world tour and Digweed released Bedrock and Sahsa San Fransisco.  There have been some notable releases since then including dare I say some decent stuff from Dave Seaman and Hernan Cattaneo on Renaissance.

Since the minimalist electro revolution, I've only really liked Digweed and Nick Warren's sound.  Sasha's last Involver release was undercooked in my opinion and not worthy of the name.

Yeah, I've always had him down as being the harder side of house/trance whereby Nick Warren was more progressive.

That sais, his Anjunabeat stuff if a great mixture of deep house/progressive baselines and some uplifting trance moments and some decent volacl on his Trails We Blaze CD.

Manages to make it happy without the cheese element.

Been such a long time since I heard something that good - Maybe Hernana Cattaneo's last Renaissance being the exception

Thought his Anjunadeep mix and the album Trails We Blaze were both excellent.  A welcome diversion from the recent monotony.

Now that you can download virtually everything you want for free, is it a waste of money buying mix CDs??

I know its great to own a piece of music and read the boxes. sleeve notes whatever....

..but when I see the limited edition Global Underground CDs go for

Bought this on the back of Lights out and the first Viva CD.

Steve's really changed his sound and to be honest it was the poorest house set I've heard since James Holden's "At the Controls" mix cd.

Fan's of Steves rugged dark heavily based chugging house sets will be really disapointed.

He's revamped his sound with today's more electro sounding. techy sound and has such seems to have lost the flow of his sets. The mix seems to jump around and lacks any real inspiration in virtually the whole CD.

I am not sure whether this is truely representative of his new sound, but reminds me of a poor back room mix, that is intended to provide some restbite from the energy of the main room, but doesn't deliver much other than a damp squib.

For me the poorest set I have heard this year.

Hello Everyone

Used to post on this sight a long time ago when I was in a far less busy job.  Things changed and I got real busy and now I have changed again and things are nice a quiet - so a BIG HELLO to everyone reading this post.

I used to be into classic genre rock - Clapton, Hendrix, Dire Straits, Genesis.  My best mate was into early house in about 1992 but when I listened to it, it just sounded like a load of car alarms set on repeat.

Started going to clubs with real dance music in about 1994/1995 just to see what it was like.  One night Digweed was there and since then I was hooked.

Got into dance mostly through the Essential Mix and various old school mix tapes Rampling, Josh Wink, Carl Cox and Judge Jules - very embaressed about the last!!

Got more into Sasha and Digweed through Northern Exposure and then into Tony De Vit and Nick Warren through listening to Global Underground.

In 1999 Trance was at its peak and I still LOVE all of Oakenfolds Essential Mix world tour from that year.  Following that mix CDs like Euphoria and Trance Nation and Ministry of Sound killed off everything cool about Trance, which is when the likes of Digweed, Danny Howells, Sasha, Dave Seaman just to mention a few were pioneering the new Progressive.

Since then I haven't looked back. I think that 2004/2005 were probably the best years, and the few of you who remember my previous post will know that I really don't like this electro feel to house.

Favourite progressive CD is still Digweed's original Bedrock - absolute class!


(3 replies, posted in General Bedrock Discussion)

Is anyone out there listening to BBCs Essential Mix???

I still try and download the mixes I want, but don't know of any decent forums to discuss whether the mixes are any good or not.

I thought the CD was class.  Moody, broddy with some ass kicking tunes in it.

Was mildly electro while not being annoyingly so. Sasha's mixing and editing I thought were exceptional even with the sound out at the start of CD2.


My eagerly awaited Sasha CD arrived yesterday.

I have to said its been awesome.  The concept of it being recorded and burnt at the gig and handed to clubbers as they left for me is genius.

The set is mixed with the background noise to give you the "live feel"

Sasha plays a broody and moody set with sublime mixing and unique choice of tracks.

For me a real return to form after the disapointing GU releases.

This is a long way from Digweed's usual silky style and feel good groove.

This as close as a cd can get to the sound of digweed now

Totally agree!!

The last track.. Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn.. is an absolute gem!!  :shock:

Well had another listen to is last nigh and part way again this morning. Agreed that Macenroe is a class tune, but again the electro edgyness to it took away my usual enjoyment level that I have listening to the great man.

For sure will be one for the CD shelf and not the CD player.

Going to dig out Los Angeles and relive the old feel good memories

"For my Hong Kong was a strange mix, because it was clearly Digweed's programming and sequencing but it was as if it was not his record box. The whole mix just didn't have that Digweed trademark sound that Los Angeles and his Bedrock mix have. "

Sorry, but definitely do not agree with that... It was stuff like the first CD that got me hooked on Digweed... Loved it when he played that stuff at Bedrock...and 2nd CD is a belter!

Nope - totally disagree with you.  If you look back over Digweed's releases - Ren2 - JDJ - Bedrock - GU6 - and Los Angeles and any other mixes you have (I have a few bootleg), Digweed's style or "sound" has been defined by rolling baselines that kick and groove the listener.

Hong Kong had little of that.  I'm not saying that its a bad mix, its just not the usual sound.  In addition if you compare it to the KISS mixes in and around that time you will also notice the variation.

It is still a good mix, but from a personal level its not the sound that I was expecting.

Yeah well, I've lost track of his Kiss FM shows.

I just don't have the time to catch it every week.

If that's what he's playing then its probably good for me I'm not having to be disapointed every week.

I like most of you have eagerly awaited this CD like a paedophile in the park waiting for half term.

Digweed has been my top DJ ever since I discovered him in 1995, and I've always been an admirer of his consistency of quality and the deep groove and rolling baselines that have become his trademark sound.

Reading through your reviews I was a little nervous by remarks like "similar to Hong Kong" and "electro housey".

For my Hong Kong was a strange mix, because it was clearly Digweed's programming and sequencing but it was as if it was not his record box. The whole mix just didn't have that Digweed trademark sound that Los Angeles and his Bedrock mix have.

I didn't like the Fabric mix, but recognised it for what it was intened - a change of style to align with the Fabric sound and genre of complilations.

For me going back to Renaissance I hoped that Digweed would pick up the reigns of the class Dave Seaman and Cattaneo releases and underline his position as one of the worlds top DJs with a mix of epic class and a first calss display of Digweed's inevitable style. first impressions I have to say have been a massive disapointment. For a start I just don't get this trend for electro house.  The electro sound just doesn't sit well with me, its hard to explain but the endgy jumpy sounds remind me of when you are coming up in a club and you're a little paranoid and not too sure whether you're on a good one or not.

This is a long way from Digweed's usual silky style and feel good groove.

I can't fault the mixing, and I can't fault the style and nature of the set...

I just don't like the tunes.

Massive disapointment.  I think I am going to put Cattaneo's Renaissance back on.

sad    sad

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no stevie G?

I'd keep him on the bench is case he got injured - it was a World XI though

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