I appreciate this probably gets asked all the time... but I'll ask again anyway because the search didn't provide much.

Recently I fell asleep next to one of those little scented candles and my headphones very slowly had their lead burnt through. Can an informed individual recommend a decent pair? All I want is something that'll sound the bollocks using mp3s on my laptop with enough insulation to not annoy those around me, and ideally not be absurdly huge.

I can go up to

Yeah, unfortunately my new flat is in the pedestrianised part and I have to park around either Glenfern or up Madiera Road.  The multistorey behind my flat is

Brighton one was wicked! I was front row centre, got free water, good view of Norman and Johnny Ball, loads of space (ish) was great.

Can't speak for those further back, but hey, nevermind

I hear Ronaldo might be up for sale this summer.

That's if you want another out-of-condition has been living off a bygone reputation.

Could be the absolute bollox though.

Joaquin doesn't want to sign for you. A shame, but a fact. The right wing is perhaps the tweak that needs addressing almost as much as the strikers. Morientes is the biggest let down in Premiership history - so much hype, so little ability.

Crouch is still a bemusement to me, but I can see his appeal. To make him effective he desperately needs the right strike partner:

Morientes - too slow, seems to lack the belief that he can cut it here.

Cisse - confused, out of position, needs 10 consectutive games (which he'll never get)

Fowler - hmmmm, unlikely (I think he lost his career two or three years ago, and despite a rejuvination in enthusiasm in re-signing, physically it's probably come too late for him). Good luck to him though.

Crucially (apart from Robbie perhaps) they ALL lack confidence and so are failing their abilities. This is Rafa's problem, which a world class coach would sort out - it's not like they are as weak as they're appearing at the moment.

Would Baros have done worse than the above?
Would Sinama Pongolle have done worse than the above?
Would Mellor have done worse than the above?

Would Dean Ashton have done worse than the above?

Whatever character assination Liverpool fan's may throw at him, Michael Owen would have been perfect. Owen was a twat for leaving. Rafa was a twat for not re-signing him.


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I've changed my mind, Gerrard has to play, he just has to be frustratingly disciplined.

I'm still not convinced by past England performances.


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This is the team, and it will offend, but tough choices have to be made:

GK Robinson
DL Cole (hopefully)
DR Neville
DC Terry
DC Ferdinand
MR Beckham
ML Joey Cole
MC Carrick
MC Lampard
FC Owen
FC Rooney

The bombshells and justifications:

I am a massive fan of Gerrard, and I thought it an insult to him and the Liverpool side that the ponces that be didn't consider him worthy of an MBE for Liverpool's CL run last year, but...

Clearly him and Frankie don't go, and one must be sacrificed for the team as a whole. Frank's always been good for England whereas arguably Stevie's misrepresented himself somewhat. I was astounded to see that Carrick's made every England squad since his debut four years ago, but only has four caps (or something similar - don't quote me). Nonetheless he looked quite good the other night - it seems absurd that he only gets his chance in the final practice game before the World Cup, but that's Sven for you. His passing was quality, and he held his position well and proved himself a far, far, far better and more natural option than Ledley King. With a strong defence taken from Terry/Sol/Rio/Carra we don't need an overly defensive midfielder because they're strong enough in their own right. In an ideal world, Stevie would be in alongside Lampard, but how many times have we tried this and how many times have their duel talents failed to materialise? England would not be the first team to sacrifice a 'star' player for the sake of a tactical system.

In defence I'll go with Terry and Rio. Rio's a bit of a calamity at times but I'll stick with him because he compliments Terry better with his pace. Carragher's a great option too, but a tad slower. Sol would be my main man, but unless he sorts his bum troubles out it's not going to happen.

To be honest, defensively I don't think we can go wrong so I'm not that fussed. But Sven has to make a choice between Gerrard and Lampard.

Grudgingly accepting that Crouch will embarrass us in front of the world, so he'd better fucking keep scoring. I will also personally shoot the next commentator that utters the phrase

He's got a good touch for a big man

. I'm hoping it's Graeme Le Saux because it would be nice to have a motive.

Liverpools fans are going to slate me.

Mate you have my sympathies. Today is my birthday (  big_smile  ), but the significance of the date always serves as a reminder of when my puppy got run over outside my house ( on my 18th birthday  :cry:  ). He died in my arms as my mum tried to get him to the vet. I ended up carrying him in, covered in blood, like something out of Platoon.

Then about 4 hours later we all had to go out for a meal to 'celebrate' the day with some big family event. I can't say I still get sad about it 6 years on, but nonetheless, one of the first things I thought of when I got up today was 'todays the anniversary of when my little Murphy got run over'.

But life goes on...


so if he is the best #2 DJ, who is the worst #2 DJ? How many #2 DJs are there?

Where I'm from, a '#1' refers to having a p!ss. Therefore a '#2 ' is a good description for Tiesto. He is the world's best sh!t DJ.

Also, if he's over there, he won't be over here. Might get bird flu or something if we cross our fingers and collect leprichans.

Definately tragic: certainly the best shops I've frequented. Online stores have their advantages, but the very culture of record shopping is a huge part of why I'm into this stuff. I don't know of any other type of shop where you can walk in and genuinly talk with equal passion to someone who is essentially a shop assistant. The digital age has lost the personal touch where the guy behind the counter recognises you and knows exactly what you'd want to hear.

Good read though

The Sven case was horrific entrapment. May well ruin our WC chances.

The Prem footballer thing is just the worst kept secret ever. May also ruin our WC chances, not to mention the individual's life, but they don't give a toss. Seems absurd that no-one's got the guts to name names out of fear of being sued. Needless to say, he may have to see his faith healer again this week.

Publishing details of these Iraqi videos is downright irresponsible. As usual, falsely justified as being in 'the public interest', these stand a good chance of provoking something huge in retaliation. Could literally result in innocent lives being lost.

I know it's not the same paper, but the same attitudes apply: I always thought it unbelievably hypocritical that when the previous Iraqi beatings footage was proved to be fake, Piers Morgan got the slow hand-clap by his former colleagues as he left The Mirror. A sign of contempt having tarnished their 'proud' name. What the feck? Since when did the tabloid press have morals? They'd sooner take a picture of a burning man than piss the flames out if it meant getting a story.

Rant over.


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To be honest I was just answering your question. If you actually want some advice then I would suggest not using Garageband and download Audacity from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ its free and will do everything you want to do - and its pretty simple to understand.

Fair enough mate, got it sussed anyhow.

http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html … f1052.html


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Garage band will let you record a mix in.

Off the top of your head do you know how to do this?

What sort of line in do you use? Is it USB or the microphone one?

All I get is that bloody metronome

Cheers mate


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Is there any software with OSX able to record a mix onto? Can you use Garage Band?

I don't know but have been trying myself for a long time. Played around with Garage Band a bit but have yet to work out how to put a line in.

Just found this though:


I've also got something called 'Soundtrack' but I don't know what this actually does. Because I've never opened it till recently I no longer have my serial number so it won't let me use it. Curses, I'm legit dammit.

If you work something out please let me know, and vice versa


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Downloaded this when Morgan Page first posted the link up on here a few weeks back. Personally, I liked it a lot as I love that style of tunage.

Thought it may have been here at some point. Sorry I'm just a bit slow. Still waiting for my password verification to get on the site.

In my dream he'd just left spurs on a free and went to someone crap like the Baggies sh!te. I was calling him a short-arsed traitourous wanker for not re-joining Palace.

Nothing too eventful, no bum sex or anything of that variety, but random nonetheless.

Has anyone heard this from Morgan Page? I couldn't get the links to work but I'd be interested to hear what others think. Surprised no-one has done this before:


or sign up here:



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Played that with Danny Howells on iTunes in the background just as it got to a break.

Tripily hiarious.

What were they trying to prove anyway? Don't use LSD while firing rocket launchers?

Well no sh!t, who'd have thought such a thing?


After copying a mix compilation onto itunes, how do you make the tracks play immediately after one another? Whenever I play a mix compilation there is always an annoying gap. I have tried to edit the playback option to neither crossfade the track nor fade them instantly but nothing is working.

If I've understood you right, the best I've come up with is to set your crossfade playback to 2 or 3 seconds. It's nowhere near perfect but leaves the gap out.

iTunes obviously wasn't developed with mixes in mind.

Also, I have my tracks listed in artist alphabetical order. When I copied Chris Fortier Balance recently, the tracks dont stay in order (because i have them in artist alphabetical order).

Is there any way of keeping my tracks in artist alphabetical order and keeping all the fortier tracks together (if ya know what i mean?)


Under the album name, I assign mine as 'DJ name - Album', eg. Chris Fortier - Balance - CD1'

If you then sort your library by album name and you've got a few by the same person, the albums will appear like this:

Track 1 | Chris Fortier - Balance - CD1
Track 2 | Chris Fortier - Balance - CD1
Track 3 | Chris Fortier - Balance - CD1
Track 1 | Chris Fortier - Balance - CD2
Track 2 | Chris Fortier - Balance - CD2
Track 1 | Danny Howells etc


It's not artist alphabetical order though. Probably won't help you now I come to think of it

Off topic:

The other night I had a dream about Wayne Routldege. This worried me. Is this wrong?

There's loads but the main one I aspire to is:-


pure Class  wink

I paid a stupid amount of money for this and FOS just to get the whole collection. Should probably listen to them more to get value for money.

Contrasts with the Cass CD  free with Mixmag.

Bargain. Free stuff's great.

Other notable mentions I forgot:

Unklesounds: Do androids Dream Of Electric Beats? (Don't buy Big Brother is Watching though: they're all the same tracks which I think takes the piss a bit - but this is strong in it's own right.)

LTJ Bukem: Mixmag Live

stantons and ils are in bournemouth soon.... i'll be down for that 8)

There's actually a lot of good breaks stuff that occaisionally floats it's way down here:

Stantons cained it
Unkle always bring a mixed crowd
Hybrid, Evil Nine played a few times

But the best by a mile...

The almighty Meat Katie. Fucking awesome!

It's more trying to persuade the masses to listen to house music. Maison and Slinky dominate, so it's hard to bring in a proggier element. I used to live down the road from Slinky, so I went every week just to get wankered. But whenever Nick Warren or James Holden played it was half full. Which was fine by me, no-one needs a cyber kid gurning on about how boring it is ( roll the philistines). Leaves more room for me to dance like an epileptic monkey.

I'd love to see Pole Folder

not sure how i managed to send that twice


Stylish, love the loop of Set in Stone..?

**goes into seizure

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