Desyn Masiello did such a bang up job with Balance 008, they should just let him do them all from now on!  big_smile

*5 minute standing ovation*

agree 8)

Steve Porter IMHO

watch cartoons instead of spamming wink

what's so funny wannabe dj? roll

thanx m8 will trty it...
any other that doesn't ask for registration?

is it possible to transfer tunes from new nano ipod to pc, and how?

many thanx wink


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Am in Croatia for 3 weeks in September, the plan is to fly into Dubrovnik, get a coach up to Rijeka then go up to Porec and work my way down the coast towards Dubrovnik spending a few nights in Zadar, Split, Hvar...

Also want to check out the national park with the massive waterfalls, Cant remember the name of the place, its near Split and begins with P.........

Can you recommend any good places to vist / must do things in Croatia along the coast?

ok...if u are going from dubrovnik up to porec, u will need wit coach at least 9 hrs, which is a lot...
rather go 1st week south dalmacia, 2nd week middle-split, hvar, brac, zadar, sibenik, plitvice lakes, and save last week for northern part of coast line.i live in rijeka.north on coast line.
all the things are nice to see in summertime, cause it is full of tourist wink
as i said plitvice lakes, dubrovnik, isle vis, isle korcula, split-dioklecian palace, zadar st donat curch, sibenik-sibenik cathedral, trogir, upper pula-colloseum, rovinj-small city, inside istra-small villages...rijeka-my hometown big_smile


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Roleri, whats the public transport like on Monday morning getting back to Belgrade Airport?

Only direct flight to London on the Monday is at 14.10, say if we left when the festival finished, packed away the tent, would we be able to get to the airport for 12? Or are we cutting it fine?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

ok.i will try to help as much as i can..
exit festival is in city called novi sad which is a bit far away from belgrade.
not sure how far they are cause it is in serbia, and i live in croatia.
i think u will need a 1 hr, minimum from city to city..
here is a small map that i have found for u
hope it will help

@ roberto-summertime-next time 8)


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a must party for balkan places in europe.
couple of my friends went is very cool.
in summertime in croatia we had john playing with desyn on rabac summer festival in 2005 8)
desyn said he never seen diggers happier  8)
u can come with ryanair in trieste, than take bus for 10 pounds, and in 1-1.10 hrs u r there 8)
very nice fest as well

@roberto never said how was dubrovnik?

any idea where to find acapella hung up to dl??

gu steve porter-pula (croatia) next release

woehoeoe that is a beautifull idea

porter made set for party people over there 8)

the crowd went nuts

sorry for off..

ON-still no1 sasha-ibiza

grrreat your work wink

sasha was playng there couple days ago...  wink

a friend of mine went there.....crazy...




njoy wink

set is fantastic..

Danny Howells - Live @ Dance Tuning Disco Kiskunhalas, Hungary (4.03.2005)

looking for tl of this special set 8)

anyone help

zabi and futureshock for 5 pounds

:cry:  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

will waite till they come to croatia :cry:  :cry:

will waite for rew when u come back home wink

gu sasha-ibiza

gu nick warren-amsterdam

gu steve porter-pula (croatia) next release wink

feel free to discus with us on

we all speak english, and have international guest subforum, and music production forum where u can drop any mix, track...
c u

Beers are pretty cheap but it is worth buying wine cause it's normally not too bad and is really cheap.

u can find lot of good quality vines out there, and very affordable on dalmatian coast line, islands and istra specially..
just search for locals, where u can buy domestic wine from them..for couple of pounds u can get wine that people usually make for themselves, and ranking little bit for higher price than in shops..

You'll have to get used to ham and cheese cause you get it everywhere.

i would say pizza?s restaurants, or fish restaurants-i am on the coast line, so i know better wink

Worst thing is people hassling you at the bus stations, ferry stations to see if you want a room. But once you get use to them it is ok.

in summertime, old people are making good money renting rooms especially in split..while u r waiting for ferry boat to drop u on islands they r trying to sell u bed for 10-15 pounds cause they can make more money renting 3 months rooms, than they get pension for whole year

Girls are pretty nice.


cheers from croatia
i am watching this forum, since long time wink
been on 20 bedrock nights..
just some tips about scene zhere, and kuna`s exchange...
istra, pula and rijeka are very close to italian border..
scene that we have here is quite ok..
this year marasoundsystem, desyn masiello, digweed, james lavelle, hybryd, steve porter...
last year..hybryd, danny howells, adam freeland, mara, 16b, desyn masiello, just to name house, proggy and breax..
there is a very good techno scene in zagreb, split, rijeka, pula..
local names..petar dundov, mary, brothers yard, ogi, ivan komlinovic...
for 10 kuna`s u can get cheeseburger at mc..not enough for marlbo.o..20 kn`s..1/2 l coke 6 kunas..
summertime is the best time to spend over there
prepare yr self for dubrovnik as 1 of the most expencive cityes on dalmatian coast line
fell free to ask me anything, i will try to help u 8)