Well done!!! smile Nice picture too...

Happy Birthday. What age?? smile

Mateo Murphy - Steam
Undercatt - Camargo
Josh Wink - Denial Eyes (Closed Eyes Mix)
Christian Löffler     - Lhotse
Kolsh - DerDieDas

I feel you gus!! All excited to hear the news too smile wish I was there. Have a feeling it's a special one!


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PS Flow smile

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bPUaLp … e=youtu.be

1st hour wasn't great so I cut it. You can tell straight away when the switch. Will try hour 2+ today.

I would love to hear this if we are going through Bedrock collection.



May not be up long so grab while its hot! smile

https://soundcloud.com/nokturnalist/dub … 2014-12-05

01. [000] O [Phase] - Perplexed (Rodhad Extended Mix)
02. [007] ID
03. [014] Joel Mull - Sending Probe
04. [019] ID
05. [026] ID
06. [032] ID
07. [038] Nicolas Masseyeff - Len
08. [044] Hysteria feat. Black Soda - Hysteria (YouANDme Remix)
09. [053] Kerb Staller - Siren Song (Thugfucker's Lio's Wide Shut Rework)
10. [060] ID
11. [064] Recondite - Caldera
12. [068] Databox - Lost & Found
13. [077] ID
14. [086] ID
15. [091] ID
16. [102] ID
17. [108] Terranova - Headlock
18. [114] ID
19. [121] David Vunk - De Maas
20. [126] Maceo Plex - Conjure Dreams
21. [133] Eric Sneo - Move On (Mendo Remix)
22. [140] Plastikman - EXposed (Dubfire Remix)
23. [151] ID
24. [160] Richie Santana - Blaa Blaa
25. [164] The Model - Do It
26. [171] ID
27. [177] Macromism - Gabor (Original Mix)
28. [183] Christian Smith - The Urge (Harry Romero Remix)
29. [191] Sam Paganini - Another Chance (Original Mix)
30. [195] Maya Jane Coles feat.Moggli - From The Dark
31. [201] Vegim - Dehalcynate (Hefty "Hypnocil" Remix)
32. [206] ID
33. [212] Anna - Drum Machines Do Have Soul
34. [217] Agoria - Helice
35. [224] ID
36. [229] Paul Ritch - Pulse (Ron Costa Remix)
37. [236] Mantu - Artbridge (Cozzy D's 5am Remix)
38. [243] Frost - Drone
39. [254] ID
40. [260] ID
41. [267] ID
42. [273] ID
43. [278] ID
44. [284] Kaiserdisco - Twelve Monkeys (Original Mix)
45. [289] ID
46. [294] ID
47. [300] Maceo Plex - Conjure Floyd
48. [306] Clarian - Unrest
49. [312] Marc Romboy - Iceland (Laurent Garnier Babou Bigger Than Ever Remix)


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Yant wrote:

Well I really enjoyed it. Another mix that's got that Guy J groove.

I think that's it. His sets have a terrific groove to them.

Excellent - thank you!

Even better on a second listen.


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I agree with that.

Homegrove wrote:
mullykid wrote:

That Babicz tune towards the end of part 2 is very nice. I assume this wasn't released?

Sounds like the guy from Marillion (not Fish) on vocals. Steve something.

Robert Babicz - Sea of Colours EP

https://soundcloud.com/diez-mil-records … -colors-ep

1 year+ later smile

steelydan wrote:
mullykid wrote:


Right, hands up who is male!!!

Button Factory Dublin?

Yea, apparently it was top drawer. Couldn't make it though.


Right, hands up who is male!!!

Excellent EP! Did anyone see him at Albert Hall? Pictures look amazing!!!

It's hard to ignore this track this week!



simonr wrote:

Roman Flügel - Black Towers (Original) [Dial Records | DIAL69]
Beddermann & Dahlmann - Small Talk (Patlac Remix) [Ritter Butzke Studio | RBSLOST001]
Atelier Francesco - Akaino (Original) [BOSO | BOSO005]
Re.you & Ninetoes - Union (Original) [Mobilee Records | MOBILEECD019]
Trashlagoon - Ama Dablam (Parra For Cuva Remix) [Traum Schallplatten | TRAUMV186]

Black Towers is very good.

That Active Child remix is outstanding. Trying to find my download copy.

Did he play at Burning Man 2014? It was never released.

djdiggers wrote:
mullykid wrote:

Another highlight - Beacon Fault Lines (Dauwd remix). I was humming it all day today! smile

Sure you was at the same party - as I did not play this or for what you dream of on friday.

Top night for sure

Oh man - went bright red here in work when I read this. I was never the best train spotter but I can assure you I was there smile I got the last track correct though! smile

Another highlight - Beacon Fault Lines (Dauwd remix). I was humming it all day today! smile

John was outstanding! imo, better than last year, and that says something. The first hour had some amazing vocal tracks, which I hope are coming our direction soon! So many highlights. 'From what you dream of'!! Wow. Nick Muir's remix of 'I can't do without you' had half the floor slow dancing during his encore! Amazing. smile Come back soon!

Best mix I have heard this year! Just tops that Sasha BPM mix.

I agree with the Tale of Us EM. Boring. Their Timewarp one from last year was too.

This Voorn EM is outstanding. Really enjoying!!


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Any other 25% codes going? The 10% code barely covers my use effort of the new site sad