Homegrove wrote:

Last hour of Guy J's set.

I'm not a fan of his productions that much, sounds too much like Hernan Cattanoe-stuff, but he sometimes digs up some groove for his DJ sets. This seems like one of those cases.

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/transitions … 016-01-29/

Really enjoyed it too and a perfect final warmup hour.

Anyone pick this up? Wow! Sends folk into a right head spin. Superb!

Brilliant! The girls up the front didn't move throughout it appears.

This looks incredible!! Thank you. smile


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I can't get over that TL! I haven't heard of most those tracks, despite it been last Oct. It really highlights the mass volume of music John goes through, how he manges it etc.

Can't wait! smile


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ryangibson wrote:

6 CDs...bloody hell!

6! Wow!! This is a treat!


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Great news!! I wonder how many CDs?? smile

Skydney wrote:

Very much looking forward to the seeing John play this weekend. I have also been booked to play at After party that he is headlining so rather stoked about that too. Roll on Saturday.

Nice, I have a bunch of mates going to the festival Sat. Its been run by the SW4 crew if my information is correct. Where is the after party? I don't think they are aware of it.

That's very depressing to watch.


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Squidgy wrote:

So much for January sales

So true! Thanks for the code!


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Any codes going for January?


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What a sight!!

Have never been a fan of Kate Simko.


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poirot wrote:
smashdad wrote:
spinnerlg wrote:

I concur. Just hit the replay button!

Good shout...


The new Alan Fitzpatrick comes in on 72 minutes - and then the tune that follows it around 76m40s - WHAT IS IT...?!?!


That Lenny Pine track is unreal! Turning on Kollectiv Turmstrasse's mix now.

Well the one from last night is very good, so I'll assume the Tues one is crap then...

So, did Sasha play the festival twice? That's a bit odd.

Another LOL for Henry.

Those pictures look proper dodgy. Would still love to be there mind you.


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jamie wrote:

that soundcloud seems to be the rip from Sonica broadcast of the same set which is only 48 mins and has talking over it.

here is the ful 1 1/2 hours - https://soundcloud.com/edmliveset_com/j … ve-bedrock

the 21 minute tune is a new remix of Marc Romboy - Counting Comets. Not sure who though. No doubt it is forthcoming on Bedrock big_smile

loving the new BOg track towards the end as well.


They look very good though!!


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Done Canada also, but hard to rule out Montreal. We nearly always get this wrong though! smile NY is too recent I would say too.

Love the main room in MOS!


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John Digweed:

https://www.mixcloud.com/Chemicalgroove … uary-2016/

Check out the track around the 25 min. smile

Very nice indeed - the track i.e. smile

Some of the individual tracks are huge. It's hard to pick a favourite, but the Emerald remix by BOG and Joseki's remix of Santiago are very good indeed!!

Those videos are incredible! Well overdue a night out like that!!


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Latest offering smile


I See Myself in You (Original Mix) - Mano Le Tough
William Burroughs-Advice for Young People - William Burroughs
Triade (Original Mix) - Traumer
Independence (Architectural Remix) - Agoria
Same Place Same Time - Eagles & Butterflies
Winter Is Coming (Original Mix) - Kosmas Epsilon, dPen
The Magic (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Dub) - Joy Wellboy
Hippies (Original Mix) - Tigerskin
The Magical Party (Ben Watts Aka Blakwood Mix) - The Silent Ones
Quasar 27.3 (Original Mix) - Lee Van Dowski
People Can Fly (Marc DePulse Remix) - Tim Fishbeck
All I Got (Schlepp Geist Remix) - Patrick Chardronnet
Silent Space (Original Mix) - Tale Of Us
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Original Mix) - Reset Robot
If Only Jack Was Here (Original Mix) - Lee Van Dowski
Leather Face (Original Mix) - Odd Parents
Heroes (Original Mix) - Rafael Cerato
Glory (16Bit Lolitas Remix) - Jean-Michel Jarre & M83
Easy Feat. Jens Carelius (Undercatt Remix) - Ost & Kjex, Jens Carelius
Sounds Of Colours (Original Mix) - Eagles & Butterflies
Touch Me (feat. Liela Moss) (Original Mix) - UNKLE, Liela Moss