Received and listening now! smile

This is really great news! The TL looks fantastic too, with a couple of classic older tracks in there.

jules72 wrote:
liquitech1 wrote:
Beats'N'Pieces wrote:

This is absolutely top draw, Digweeds build up is class and C-Jays guest mix is one of the best in a long, long time it's got a real Digweed esque nature to it. Not just a load of half arsed, half decent tunes but a proper build. What a talent.

...I was wondering if we were listening to the same mix as it sounds like an hour of average trax smashed together and it feels even worse hearing it through the laptop than on the actual night itself, which was only alright. As Digweed mixes go this is massively average.

I'm with you here - a rare dull live mix from Diggers

Wow! Totally disagree. smile In fact I'm probably in the minority in thinking the CJ mix was overrated.

Final piece of Montreal was the best shout out.

Finally got around to listening to it and I really liked it. Some great music on it, and the mix is very well compiled. Listening again now.

Very harsh review btw!

Was hoping for a 2nd hour from Dublin! Doesn't appear to be the case this week either. sad

Nice!! 2nd of May I presume! Date looks odd in the flyer


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Those last few tracks would have sounded amazing live.


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Its actually a 2 hour recording. Full 2 hours here. Really enjoyed it too. … april-2016

Sounds mental!!

First track is Lorenzo Dada - Love Apparel. I think its the Bambook remix.

Some incredible Apache Indian cries in the background!

Excellent first hour. I hope he brings us more of this. Some amazing music on it. … 016-04-08/

Live from the Button Factory, Dublin this week!! smile

Homegrove wrote:

The next one looks fantastic too.

Hmm, how is this is related to the last one? Looking at the trailer it looks like a separate story line. It does look good though.

The 30 or so minutes from the hour mark is excellent! Some amazing music.


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Great news!!! smile

How long did he play for? 3 hours?

Wow. So, no afters going on?? smile

smallman1 wrote:

Top night, the highlight being Sasha and Digweed, an absolute treat that.

What time Sasha come on? What was John's set like?

They are both playing in Amsterdam tonight too, albeit separate gigs.

Yea, was jealous yesterday ... now I am in proper gutted. Delighted to see them play together again. Hope it was great!


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Very sad news! Did so much for the game.

elrobertos wrote:

I'm in for this.

I fully expect to be a regretful, walking shambles of a man tomorrow.

Have a beer - always works.

Very jealous guys! Have a great night.