Yea, very much so. Very impressive!!


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Lazy day of the season if I recall....

Massive lol!! Just watched motd. Worst premier league performance I have ever seen. The first own goal! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *hic*

Was disappointed in the tempo of this mix tbh. Never really got going. Maybe it was the venue


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1 pm finish. My God. That's dinner time wink

So, how long did he play?


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smallman1 wrote:
mullykid wrote:

That Saschienne tune is unreal. I assume he played that at Bedrock last week.

Which Saschienne track Mullykid?

Sorry, it's the next one in the mix

Fur - Pulp (Linkwood Remix)

2.5 hours! smile … ub-antwerp


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That Saschienne tune is unreal. I assume he played that at Bedrock last week.

One of the best mixes of the year? Stunned there was no mention of it. That 1 hour is as good as it gets listening to john over speakers! Amazing!

Looks class! Next 'live in' mix? smile

Quality mix!! Highly recommended. … ugh-djroom


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more addictions

cara delevingne...

front page of the standard monday

pictures on pages 3,15,29 last night.


writing letters of complaint  to the evening standard re the above.

to spice up my day at work while shredding documents i make pretend im a high ranking nazi, destroying evidence of war crimes, as the russians and the yanks close in.

i storm into the filling room sweating , frothing at the mouth  screaming actung hure!! and dispensing paracetomol to the secertarys informing them to bite down hard in case stalins dogs storm the building.

adds a certain frisson' to the day..

the girls adore me.

First time I saw digweed Dublin back in 01. Gorgeous bank holiday Sunday and his set went nowhere. The whole place was asleep. Since then, the man has never disappointed!

How was sankeys? Wish I was in fabric tonight. Enjoy all!!

Saw him last Nov and he just keeps you dancing, which is reflected in his sets too. As HG says, has a real knack for locking you in a groove, which is related to his mixing timing as much as track selection.

This set is very good. Wish it was longer.

Back in Dublin actually in Nov!!

Listened to it here. Its not bad to be fair. … wwmixingdj

From what I have heard this summer I'm sure he will be very good at Fabric.


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erik.b wrote:

Thoughts and.........

Actually fuck that


No I didn't. I'll see how this goes first.

Bought the SX and a flightcase! Really looking forward to getting back into it. Now I must tell my wife smile Joking aside I like the way this setup is smaller and more mobile/flexible to what I had. Gonna buy a small set of pluggable speakers that will have some decent boom. Beatport here I come. Oh Christ, what have I done!!

Any idea how long a set he is penciled in for?

Sound man! The kit looks much better alright, and sure I'm sure the s/w is fine too! smile On it!!!

Fuck, the DDJ-SX looks class!!! Serato better than Traktor, which i have only used a couple of times but liked.

Thanks! Yea, never used Serato - just Traktor.

Anyone have one of these? Thinking of getting one and rebooting my career after a 9 month break.