Looks promising!

https://soundcloud.com/microcastle/barr … son-tracks

Really nice mix from Sasha. Has a terrific flow to it.

https://soundcloud.com/sashaofficial/su … -007-sasha


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Pricer wrote:
Big Fella wrote:

What i don't get it why people would want to stream from apps such as CartoonHD when they are so unreliable and generally have shitty cam versions of films out in the cinema when you can wait til the Bluray version is out for download and stick it on a USB pen straight into your Sammy.

For me its about playing music. I use Netflix, ITunes etc for movies on Apple TV. Got a decent Soundbar for the TV so when I stream music it sounds decent.

How is your Airplay performance? Some times it is slow, and I'm not sure if its my broadband or wireless setup (i.e. router), or even the site itself.

simonr wrote:

Last years Burning Man set just released !!!!!!!!

https://soundcloud.com/guygerber/burnin … co-knights

Listend to the first hour and not impressed at all. His mixing for a digital DJ was awful.


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Ahad Adump wrote:

Music is the priority on this board. Hannu, thanks for your kind words and can I share this with everyone, I can't dj in Hong Kong much anymore but I hope the board enjoys this. Sorry I'm a bit drunk. Just find it frustrating when there is no outlet to share what is a passion to be quite frank.


Keep posting your 5 dude! Out of the game for the last few months so this sort of thread helps check out the latest & greatest.

Nice mate! Listening now! smile

Wow!! One of the tunes of the year for me. Amazing. smile

Loved the way John brought it in this week.



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>1800 plays Matt? What are you smoking? smile


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On it Matt! Thanks.


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simeon79 wrote:

top mix as always....kickin with Swayzak's classic brings great memories!

Actually, not a fan of that swayzak tune at all - nearly turned it off Millsy!! smile . Bloody brilliant after that. That Karmon tune is a beut. Such a musician!!


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Board is better already! Wow smile


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mr rossi wrote:

Any ideas on the Ingrid tracks on his boiler room and Innervisions downtempo mix.Also the JFK speech.Will these ever see the day?

Yea, cracking tune. On 2 of those mixes. Love the voice echo at the end!!!


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Really nice mix Millsy! Got me happily through a Friday morning!


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What kind of controller is he using in that Boiler Room video?


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Unbroken1 wrote:

...just listened to that set again, possibly the best I've heard this year

Agreed. Unreal, and I agree on the slow bass action comment. It is a great style, that is really effective, considering the LOW(ER) BPMs. He has a great knack in his productions of letting rip on that bass.


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alexbullen wrote:

baboop - such a good tune.

Yes it is!!


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Probably my favorite DJ now. His sets are simply pieces of art.

I highly recommend the following in case people haven't heard them.

https://soundcloud.com/groove-magazin/g … ons-50-mix
https://soundcloud.com/davidaugust/davi … namic-neon
https://soundcloud.com/evil_concussion/ … ugust-live

He is playing in Dublin the same weekend as Sasha.

I agree, shut it down. You would be doing a lot of people a kindness.

Going to miss the music discussions, but there are other boards.

Thanks to everyone for the memories. smile

Oh man, this is shit. lol.

Finishes really well

Class tune!!

That Daniel Avery tune is class!

Listening how HG. Great sound. What controller are you using with Traktor? Thinking of hitting this direction 6 months after selling my 2000 nexus decks.

Yea, loved that too.

Matthias Meyer - Becuz