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..not sure I agree about Vaughn's character being unnecessary, thought his and Farrell's relationship was pretty intriguing, but like I said, not sure what they were trying to achieve with Frank's stilted dialogue... he carried the role pretty well apart from a few completely cringey and unnecessary scenes (in the yard with the orphaned boy & the baseball springs to mind).

Woodrugh, the pretty-boy, in-the-closet motorcycle cop... now there was an unnecessary character.

Farrell is a whopper, but always been a decent actor IMO.

Totally agree regarding Farrell. Unless I am biased his accent was on the money, as well as his acting,
In summary, too many characters was its downfall but overall a very enjoyable series. The last 3 or 4 episodes were excellent. Took too long to get going though.... Didn't have that hidden 'evil' that series 1 had when it was slow.

I remember a very funny 'altered' image doing the rounds of that gig!!!

I'm in!!!! I think he has had a great year from what I have heard & seen in Dublin.

poirot wrote:

Mully find me one instance ever where you have said a Sasha set is no good. I dare you.

I thought the last one was very poor tongue

I think it's really good. Best of the LNOE podcasts.

That some list! 70 min mix?

Markkos wrote:


Missing the word 'NOT' I assume smile

Yippee!!! Another one!!!! smile

https://soundcloud.com/mercuryserver/tr … 2015-07-10

01. [00:00] Asadinho - Jaslemeré V1
02. [05:20] Tim Engelhardt - Everything Is All You Have (SHOW-B's Chord Dub)
03. [10:12] &ME - Woods
04. [14:59] ID - ID
05. [19:41] Andhim feat. Super Flu - Mr. Bass
06. [23:46] Jamie xx - Hold Tight (Nick Muir Edit)
07. [27:30] Tom Middleton - Heva
08. [34:09] Andhim - Boy Boy Boy (Joris Voorn Remix)
09. [39:15] Jimpster - English Rose
10. [42:14] KiNK - At Night
11. [47:00] Emanuel Satie feat. Forrest - On Repeat
12. [51:56] Hot Since 82 - Voices

MattBlack wrote:

Diggers gives Sasha a dig about always being late and Sasha obviously doesn't like it, beginning of the end imo

Yea, that scene always stayed in my head. John been really nice about it....

I have to say, Digweed is much the better DJ consistently but I would still love to see them play again. They (used to) inspire each other. Men don't fall out ... do they???

Ah, nice one! A chance to defend my title. wink

Outstanding 1 hour of music.


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I like it!

Wally wrote:

Since we've got no problems with spoilers in this thread, here's one for next weeks episode.


lol - glad his character isn't dead.
Now, I won't be tuning back into this thread until its over!!

benson wrote:

This mix is the business

It has echoes of that 2000 era proper prog

At times I felt like I was coming round out of some kind of trance and mesmerised. Really brought out memories of the good old days. Volkwein is a real standout for me.

I'm a wee bit jealous of Stevo, Andy, neil all being there.

Indeed! The crowd must have have been full retard during CD 3.

This mix is seriously good, and I agree that it's the best in the series! Every CD is great, but CD 3 is seriously sick. The tracks just melt together. Finding it hard to concentrate here in work.... smile

I thought it was ok. Reserving proper judgement for another while. Thought Farrell was good and was arguably in the best scenes. Vaughan was the poor one for me.

Wir is very good. A lot of the tracks sound very similar.

CHUS & CEBALLOS, Leonardo Gonnelli - Abisinia Feat GiGi (Uner Ancestral Remix)
Stefan Z - Removed For a Moment
Art Department - Walls (Dj Tennis Remix)
Love Over Entropy - Tucaroya Pt2
Noir, Chris James - Explode (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

Mateo Murphy - Steam! Can't stop playing it. Brilliant track.

I'm with Simon. I think Colombia from his 3 recent gigs there.

Well done!!! smile Nice picture too...

Happy Birthday. What age?? smile

Mateo Murphy - Steam
Undercatt - Camargo
Josh Wink - Denial Eyes (Closed Eyes Mix)
Christian Löffler     - Lhotse
Kolsh - DerDieDas

I feel you gus!! All excited to hear the news too smile wish I was there. Have a feeling it's a special one!


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PS Flow smile

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bPUaLp … e=youtu.be