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Nice wan!  Cracking tune.

Anyone know the track around min 23 from Digweed's set in Rosario last March?


Still available here

https://hearthis.at/ewtbtdj/sasha-live- … -2017/oIR/

and well worth it! Terrific stuff.

CD 1 is fantastic! I think maybe 'The Idea' was played a little early.

Got my copy today from the Bedrock store! Perfect timing. Plenty of room in the box too for the finale wink

Great videos.
Love the track before the Domino remix in the Rosario video!!

Great news! I wasn't expecting another instalment so soon. Looks terrific.


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djdiggers wrote:

Thought I was going to be toast when the lightning kicked off.


Not easy on your back I'd say from the clip you posted. smile

Wow! An excellent 2 hours from bedrock. I hope he goes again next week!

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Now for some actual spoilers....

That hallway scene at the end with the Vader murder spree was worth the money just in itself. Also really happy they killed off all the rebels, I've read a lot of rumors that the reshoots were actually there to do away with the original more happy ending (Jyn lived.)

I didn't like it - it was bolted on by Disney executives at the last minute and it completely clashed with Vader from the start of a ANH - where they send in the storm troopers first and vader comes in afterwards - why? Why not just send Vader in to destroy everyone since he was basically invincible. I'll have to check but I'm sure the whole thing was CGI and you could tell - Vader moved far too quickly for a giant tank character.

Jyn definitely lived in the original cut with everyone else dying but the reshoots were apparently about making her likeable and getting the audience to empathise with her. She was supposed to be quite a stand offish, unlikeable shit in the first cut.

Wally obviously isn't a Star Wars Fan

I think its a different scene Wally. I may be wrong, but at the end of this movie her ship escapes withe Leia on board, I guess only to be recaptured shortly afterwards, which then leads to the opening scene in EP 4.

I enjoyed this tbh. Some terrific scenes.

Shaded - Touchfade [SCI+TEC]  I believe!

eh, what? I think I was under the same rock. Nick Muir always mixes the 1st hour?

Brilliant mix! This and Burridge's ADE mix are on rotation! smile

Outstanding mix this!!

I see he played at The Gallery gig in London last summer. Heard that was a great night.


liquitech1 wrote:

...for any younguns needing a first listen. And Flares of course.

Terrific mix this! I enjoyed it more than his Balance at the time. I forgot he had a breakdown, which is a real shame as he was big business there for a while.

Outstanding isn't it, as is the Uner track.


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633 is very good also!! On repeat here...

Ace wrote:
jamie wrote:


I think this might be a partial airing of that mix on Kiss 100 - love this one.

https://www.mixriot.com/content/john-di … 2001-11-09

01. Marc Kelso - Half Lit World
02. Austin Leed vs Deep Funk Project - Sub Ritual [Zero Tolerance]
03. Lexicon Avenue - From DuskTill Dawn [Forensic]
04. Ashtrax - Digital Reason (Filterheadz Remix) [Deviant]
05. Flash Brothers - Protect The Senses [Agnosia]
06. Guy Garber & Sahar Z - Kennys Back [Whoop!]
07. Groove Juice Feat. Yamil Thian - Back To Africa (Little Green Men Remix)
08. Reach & Spin - Go Hyper [Go Beat]
09. PQM - You Are Sleeping [Yoshitoshi]

Always loved this mix! Quality.


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Lee Burridge tweeted that it was the best Burning Man ever.

How was SW4 etc this year? Any highlights?

His recent sunset sessions Ibiza set is very good!

https://www.mixcloud.com/YeahRadio/sash … 5-08-2016/

Always had the best of intentions of making the SW4 afterparty, but all day drinking etc in the SW4 sun left its toll! smile

Nice one!!! My music for the morning... What a TL!

Really enjoyed this too!