Yea. He was doing a few vocal tracks with B.James a year ago, so I wouldn't surprised if it were one of them.

That Babicz tune towards the end of part 2 is very nice. I assume this wasn't released?

Brilliant! roll on Dublin this night 2 weeks!! smile Back to the cold and rain john. It ain't that bad...

Classic film. Must give it another watch! smile

Great set. Some fantastic mixing too.

Wow!! Class.


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Wembley needs the money!


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MarcusR wrote:

Tried very hard to get into the game since I've lived out here. Was well into NFL when I was a kid with the Ch 4 exposure it got back in the day, but that waned when I started going to see footy when I was about 15

Problem with American football is the length and constant start / stop. Watching highlights works but spending 3 hrs watching a game at home is like pulling you teeth out. Just bores me to death.

In a bar its a different matter as its ADD compliant, bit of chat-beer-30secs of action- chat-piss- beer-15 secs of action- etc etc

Problem with that is games are mostly on a Sunday afternoon, and go all day, so boozing it up every Sunday would land me in divorce court/Betty Ford... Hence why I've never got into the NFL

I think Sky has excellent coverage Marcus, which helps during the breaks.


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Grant wrote:

You see last night's NFC Championship game?  Seattle were 16 points behind with 4 minutes to go - fake field goal for a TD, two point conversion, onside kick recovery, TD and then Green Bay tied it with a FG only for Seattle to score a TD in the first possession in OT.  Fucking brilliant game.

I don't like the faux-American shit either Dave - tends to be pretty geeky people too.

Yea I did. Again, great entertainment. Green Bay must be in the horrors today after leaving that game behind them.


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I really like the NFL. It's a game played on and off the pitch, so from a play/tactic point of view it can be really interesting. The Patriots Ravens game the previous week was pure entertainment.

After listening again, this is top quality. Fantastic mix.

I disagree. As dull as Melbourne was, this is very good. The mix has terrific pace and is something different from him.

Took a break from DJing for a year and it was well worth it! Started back mid Dec with the passion returned ,and this is my January 2015 offering, which I am very happy with! Happy new year!

ps. That Navid Mehr feat Amber Long - Gathas track is bloody good!

Penatotones - Karma Game (steve Bug remix)
Embassy of Joy - Addication (Patlac remix)
DJ Yellow, Flowes & Sea Creatures - Deep into Neon
Anton Dhouran - Mirage
The Tweaker - Easy Tiger
Neneh Cherry - Spit Three Times (Marlon Hoffstadt, HRRSN Remix)
Gabriel Ananda - Solitary Daze
Einmusik - Bisloa (Animal Trainer Remix)
Henry Saiz - We Drown Together
Denis Horvat - In My Mind Ft Daniel Wilde
Navid Mehr feat Amber Long - Gathas
Sisterhood - Tunnels (Bicep remix)
Decepticons - Eastern Promise (Guy J remix)
Adnon Olivier - Casa Bulga
Atapy, Bog - Despair
Kerb Staller - Four Fingers (Thugfucker remix)
Roman Fluegel - Wilkie
Guy J - CandyLand (King Unique remix)
Marc Marzenit - Theme for the End
KASPER BJORKE - Apart feat Sisy Ey (Michael Mayer Remix)


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Fault Lines - Beacon, Dauwd Remix

is a great track!!

Fantastic videos!! Playing in Dublin Feb 6th. Looking forward to it now.

Yea, unreal mix. Loving it more and more. Still needs that CD 4 for me though to have it number 1.

Turned it off after 20 mins. Awful start. I am in Sasha's corner, so I blame Jet lag for this one  ....cause he was very good 2014. His Dublin gig and Sunday Sessions mix was off the charts.

.... on Traum. Some terrific stuff. The guy vanished up his butt hole for most of last year, but this is very good. Back to what he does best!


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HugoP wrote:
Neko wrote:
HugoP wrote:

One of Diggers' last few tracks was something early Border Community-sounding, quite uplifting minimal trance/breaks, but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. Similar to Extrawelt 'Zu Fuss', but not...

James Holden - the wheel

Ha! Yes that would be it - thanks...

It was actually released on Cocoon, no wonder I couldn't find it.

What a great tune!! I love the way Diggers pulls these out of the bag every so often. Brilliant.


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Wow. Just read that post by John to my wife, who couldn't give a rats ass about dance music, and even she was impressed with the commitment! Believe me that's a compliment smile
You know you have it very bad when Nurofen Cold & flu barely makes a dent in relief.

DJ - Henry Saiz - John Digweed a close 2nd. smile
Producer - Maceo Plex
Film - Interstellar

Kumquat wrote:
fletcher wrote:

Kinda agree on CD3 not being the most entertaining for home listening, but in a club it would have been "heads down lads lets get on with it" followed by a "where the fuck did the last hour go?" moment.

That's because the last hour on CD3 sounds like the same record on repeat until the last track.

Surprised at this comment tbh. When was the last time you saw Digweed live? This is a live album! Lets not forget.

Also, I bet the final 2 hours (1 more cd?) would have given the mix closure. I know Slovenia kind of did this, but I think this series needs 4 CDS (why not start an hour in instead?) where you are left wanting to hug trees at the end. Each mix thus far takes you 3/4 of the way there and stops. Why not start from the end and work back?

This CD is amazing btw. I just feel its missing a disc 4 like London to finish it off.

Oh, that sounds interesting!! Where can I hear that?

Fantastic mix!!! Each CD brings something slightly different, with CD 1 being my favorite at the moment. 
Not sure where it ranks in the list, but its one of the best. Must listen again smile
Only gripe is that there isn't a CD 4 to finish it off. Said it before, but would love a start to (exact) finish Live In mix.